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I have proof that God exist?
in evolution it says that all things came from hydrotion, but where did the hydrotion come from?

in thr big bang thoery, they say that all matter came from an explotion or it was balled-up in this little dot, but where did the little dot come from?

Now it comes down to God, now God did not come from anywhere because He can exist without time, space, and matter; and the reason He can exist without time, space, or matter because He created it.

So the only way that this universe could of came about is that there would have to be something or someone who can exist without space, time, and matter and have to power to create.

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1 hour ago
if you can't figure out where the energy came from then why even believe in the big bang theory?

If you can't find out where where the hydrotion came from, why even believe in evolution?


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