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[About Zack Kopplin, an anti-Creationist activist from Louisiana.]

Hey Kopplin, you little faggot, how about we get rid of non-science text books like evolution and global warming in equal amounts as getting rid of creationism? So, your idea of 'science' we chuck in the same rate of speed & amount that we ditch any other to the point where we don't admit any viewpoints(counter or non) at all into the science classroom and instead just call it art or PE or social studies?

So, if you don't want intelligent design, then we don't want dumb design either. No retard design. I know you like retard design. But the only problem with it is that the dude with Downs Syndrome should be the smartest guy in the room. But... he's not. So, let's get rid of your precious 'science' as well dipshit, along with intelligent design.

The only thing allowed? It has to be immediately replicable. Until then F off.


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