Sid Galloway #fundie

Even more dangerous than trusting media bias is our greater tendency to believe what “science” authorities tell us. As a warning, I always tell my biology students at home and audiences when I travel and speak, “Don’t believe anything I say, unless you can find sufficient evidence to make it worthy of your trust.” <sup>5</sup>

As biblical creationists, we must exercise humble, logikos <sup>6</sup> thinking, especially if it involves the “science” of psychology (psyche = soul). Most psychologists are also evolutionists, therefore many foundational assumptions regarding the “why” of man’s behavior are rooted in evolutionary philosophy, which then produces “therapeutic” fruit leading to confusion and destruction. <sup>7</sup> In trying to discover natural causes for mankind’s behavior, there is a basic rejection of the biblical doctrine of sin and its consequences.

[No, the footnotes are not links to studies providing proof of his claims--they're bible verses. What, you were expecting, logic?]


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