Multan #fundie

What debate? What conversation? That's what progs call it when they lecture a deplorable on why he is so very deplorable. They are going to have to accept reality: equality is false, "equality" means abdicating the moral responsibility to judge what is better and what is worse, it means preferring the worse to the better, which is bad under every possible system of ethics. Treating unequal people equally is unjust. [edit cut...] Replacing the former nation with others will predictably lead to the US becoming as non-functional as Brazil, India, or South Africa. No amount of pretending equality is going to change the genetic facts.

[edit cut ...]. Non-whites were ~10% of the US in 1965, now ~40%. More than half the children under 10 are now non-white. That displacement will only accelerate as Whites are driven from power by the treason of their politicians, their academics, their clergy. Then Whites will be treated as they are in Zimbabwe or South Africa and civilization will sputter out.There is nothing to debate, our essential interests are irresolvably opposed.


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