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Why is so much extreme chaos occurring in what was once a vibrant, unified, and essentially happy nation? Madalyn Murray O'Hair who opened wide the portals of hate and despair….an enormous uptick in all things Marxist….professors pushing their image of “real” transformers cum activists in part to shore up their pitiful empty lives, they turned four or five decades of heretofore colorful, playful and hardworking Americans into serfs/slaves.

Those teachers and the MSM’s editors, authors and "print seekers", romanticized "Che" Guevara inspite of the thousands he murdered or had murdered…..idealized Castro and Mao for their politics of oppression.

What were we thinking!? If you have been paying attention, Americans have been taught WHAT to think not HOW to think for themselves. Individuality has been replaced by collectivism, diversity all are driven by Political Correctness…rendering this “happy” nation, a nation of cowards whom we elect to govern us, politically left/communism professors etc. to teach our young.

Back to O’Hair…; out went honesty, integrity, your word on a hand shake. In came corruption and all the environs usually associated with a dishonest populace.

Maybe the Creator did or didn’t send us President Trump, a mirror of the Old America, a man with the cojones to turn this once vibrant and unified essentially happy and productive nation around. I am praying that is so, please join me.


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