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NiggersAreSubhuman #racist

Dude, you are not crazy. Hating niggers is actually quite normal and has been done for thousands of years, even in the Bible. Only in the last 30 years suddenly we are told that niggers are just like us -- and that create conflicts within you because you know that they are not like us at all.

On the other hand, you feel guilty for hating niggers because you are decent person who was brought up to be good person and you don't understand where all this hate within you is coming from. Keep in mind I'm not a mental health professional and I use the term crazy loosely - if you believe you are really crazy see a doctor.

Did a nigger cause you any trauma?

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TrueAryan1939 #racist

So, I was sitting in math class about an hour ago and I was doing my work, after I finished my work I wanted to leave the classroom (I have a truancy problem and my math class is filled with niglets) I quietly walked up to the human math teacher to ask her if I could "go to the bathroom" however, in an environment with niggers you all already know that this did not go smoothly, a niglet noticed me and said "Ayo, why dis nigga always be leavin an sheeit?!"

I looked the niglet straight in its yellow eyes and said "mind your own fucking buisness" admittedly, I was trying to piss it off for self entertainment, it immediately got up and it adopted an aggressive fighting stance. Barely understandable Niggerbabble spewed from it's blimp lips, it did this for about 5 minutes and had a few fits even after that. It even said "my ancestaz wuz oppressed why de fuck did I let a whitey talk to me like that?

And stuff like this is why I'm a neonazi

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Various people #racist

[Talking about FSTDT]

[Tom Shelly] I could submit a copyright claim against them and have them take it all down but I think they're helping us promote our site and the truth about niggers.

[dave423] Default
They finally posted one of mine, about my recent library coontact. They huffed and puffed but didn't really understand the story. One claimed that the nigger must have been in the library to read, which of course is bullshit. Another claimed that no one pays niggers to move to Chicago, which wasn't my claim; rather, the state targeted my suburb for more "affordable housing" and Section Ape, which means "niggers." Another thought requiring a driver's licence for a library card was an unreasonable demand for niggers (though other documentation, gas bill, etc., would have worked).

Maybe I should pour out a fo'ty or something in celebration.

[Pooter] Some one was bitching in the comments of one of my posts that "he used the N word, with a hard r, nine times in four paragraphs." Lmao- I consider it a badge of honor.


The one post I was hoping to see on there was one of yours- the timeline of niggers fuxating the area near your store, and ultimately causing it's demise. I see no way one could argue in favor of the niggers on that one- pure tnb and sums up niggers in one post. Which is probably why they didn't post it over there- it was the unadulterated truth, completely the fault of niggers- and that doesn't fit their agenda.

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Search questions #racist

[Some identification questions from the Search bar on that website.]

The question has been added to make sure you're not a nigger. The reason for most people's lack of success is - H: They are lazy and did not make the right choices in life. OR G: Da white muthafuckas be keepin' dem down. Enter H or G as your answer

Why is Africa such a shit hole? 7: Because whitey came along and stole all it's brightest minds and made them slaves and brought them to America. 8: It's not a shit hole. It's full of beautiful people and thriving cities. 9. Because it's inhabited by niggers. Enter 7, 8, or 9 as your answer

If 12 niggers are sent off to pick cotton in the morning and only 9 come back at night, how many niggers are on the loose?

LaQueefa was taking a shit and heard a loud thump in the toilet. She looked down and saw a new nigglet. What would she most likely not say? J: What a wonderful gift. I'm going to raise this child to be successful and go on to college. K: Dayum, I gots me a new nigger dat come up from de shit bowl. L: Hell yeah, dat's another $1,000 welfare check each month! Enter J, K, or L as your answer.

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Marse Jim #racist

I visited my father his holiday season and we went to see "Vice" at the movie theater when it opened yesterday. He lives in a human town, but there was a nigger in the theater. After the movie started, it kept shouting at the screen, commenting and reacting to what was going on. It was very annoying and embarrassing to everyone there.

Driving back home, we realized that niggers probably don't know the difference between the screen and reality. My dad has three dogs, and one of them always jumps up and barks whenever another dog appears on the TV screen. The dog doesn't know the difference between TV and reality. We realized that's the same as the nigger in the audience that didn't know the difference.

I think this is why niggers shout at the movie screen and try to talk with the characters in the movie. They think they're talking with real people, and they think the images in front of them are real, like my dad's dogs.

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Input_Output #racist

I remember a few years ago on a visit home, we went to the old mall I'd hang out at as a teenager. It was Christmas time, and they had photo-ops with Santa. Or should I say, Niggerclaus... A fat nigger with unshaven pubic hair he calls a beard is sitting ooking and eeking at the "chirren" who came to sit in his lap. This is down south, and the area has become extremely niggerfuxated since I left. So this in itself didn't surprise me. There was probably a handful of human children and a vast swarm of non-humans standing in line.

Well, not long I heard a commotion in the back of the line. One of the non-human apelets started chimping out. The mammy tried it's best to keep it quiet. Eventually the little apelet calmed its uppity ass down and things went back to normal. I left after the little spectacle and sat down at the food court next to the photo-op. Nearing the end of my lunch, I hear an even bigger commotion with a nigger mammy yelling "YOU DON TUTSH MAH KEEED LIKE DAT!" followed by more ooking. The uppity niglet that was acting out earlier got it's turn to sit on Niggerclaus's lap but decided to chimpout. Niggerclaus got, you guessed it, violent and pushed the kid off.

This set the mammy into a rage, eventually more and more mammies started ooking at Niggerclaus. Security stepped in but really couldn't handle the situation so the police were called. Most mammies ran, the human mothers already left long ago. But a couple of mammies and Niggerclaus were verbally battling it out with niglets ooking and eeking at the top of their lungs. I have family that lives in that area, and I've talked them into moving with me when I return to a less niggerfuxated area. It's sad to see what the world is coming to.

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Rite White #racist

I work in a hospital and there are a lot of pedestrian pathways and indoor tunnels on campus. Designed with patients in mind, they are good for people who are in wheelchairs, on crutches, and in recovery from surgery. The idea is that patients can get out of their rooms, get some exercise, and socialize with other people while being shielded from inclement weather. Also employees can use them to get some exercise on breaks or at lunchtime by walking a few laps.

Of course, if you were a nigger jogger from work (curse THAT thought) you would decide that jogging down the hallways would be a good idea. Even better, you'd wear your faded Magic Johnson shirt from the '80's, red shorts over light blue sweatpants, a gray beanie, and you'd have a radio in a backpack blasting away at 100 decibels. At 6 AM. In a hospital. Yes that's right nigger, just run around and in between those sick, disabled, elderly patients. Be loud nigger, we're all looking at you.

As you run down the hall (BTW nigger, there are people walking faster than you are running) you would be shouting at people passing by "ah-hun, gud munnin', sor" as more and more white crap accumulates in the corner of your mud flap lips. You'd stink, you'd be wheezing for air so badly that it sounds as if you're about to have a cardiac event, and getting a whiff of your ape breath would be like walking by the morgue. No nigger, we're not impressed with your fitness. And if you collapse and fall down, well, my cellphone battery might be dead if you need 911; and I don't know CPR.....when it comes to you.

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ChimpAcoon #racist

Very good, and reflecting on your answer here, made me also realize that a group of niggers won't put their heads together and work as a team! You must have teamwork to make progress and unfortunately that won't happen with niggers.

First, they will have an argument, then one will have something the other will want, and there will be a theft. Next will come accusations, mostly false , and then the chimpouts start, which will go from level 1-5 in a hurry! So there goes the whole plan of accomplishment down the toilet, and your right back where you started from. Vicious circle, with dead niggers laying around! Kind of like why communism doesn't work!

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2 mini coons #racist

I recently had a good conversation with an elder gentleman who grew up in the 50's. He told me that niggers back in the 50's were docile and kept their mouths shut around whites. Niggers strolled with their heads down and would purposely walk across the street to AVOID whites! If a nigger had any reason to speak to you it would render necessary courtesies and call you "Sir", even if it was 50 years your senior.

In Middle and Northern America, Most white folks simply lived out their entire lives without ever seeing a nigger in their life. In fact, You had to really go searching to catch a glimpse of one. And then, He said "But all that changed in the mid 60's when I came back from vietnam, those fucking apes finally started talking back and popping their monkey mouths like we owed them something . Alot of fights broke out. Everything went to shit, Niggers started appearing in football commercials. Whites started listening to nigger funk. This country changed. Son, I'm telling you it was paradise back then."

Can any of the older niggermaniacs in this forum attest to these enchanting times before the nigger broke loose? Even if they're just fairy tale myths......

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GOTRUMP #racist

Yet again we have the sheboon species in a place made ONLY for humans. Yet again more of the ol so common sheboon disabled and elderly abuse chimpouts for literally no reasons other than acting primitive by nature and full of sub-human jealousy, rage, and racisim towards anything not shit color.

All the while faking to be humans in a human work enviroment. Here we have 5 demonic flat nosed ugly hateful niggers that never belonged in society in the first place that are caged for now. Niggers are a plague to mankind!!

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schmidie08 #racist

I live in an area hit by Florence. Roof work has started, repairing the damage. I notice the 3 man crew working today, as I walked by. 3 hard working Mexicans, busting their balls, and having fun while they're doing it. Know what I didn't see? not one whiny, lazy, goofing off, no good nigger! I'm so glad mexicans won't put up with their TNB. Also glad all the big bucks will go to the Mexicans, not a nigger. Had to give them a thumbs up. Hell, tomorrow, if I see them, i'll give them some cold bottled water.

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Laura #racist

You are less than me, worthless nigger what I wanted to say. I started work at a new job in my qualified field of expertise this week. 90% of said job is customer service. Yesterday was my 3rd day on the job. I had hoped the department was nigger free; alas I had the displeasure of working with a young nigger turdlet yesterday. I have 6+ years experience at my trade, the fucking worthless nigger has a month with no prior experience. This lazy piece of trash thought it could order me around by motioning to the service counter when a customer approached, so I could help the customer.

OH HELL NO! I said to it "You saw 'em first. Help them out." It made a face and ignored the human at the counter until it realized that...oh my goodness,dis white gurl gonna be dat way??? After it was made to do it's job, I told it/him that I will take direction from the department manager and the night time supervisor AND THAT'S IT!!! No way am I taking orders from a lazy inexperienced younger fucking NIGGER!'

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double o negro #racist

I lived in a high rise apartment for seven plus years in Denver with all Latinos. Every once in a while i had to pound on a door at 3 a.m. and scare some dumb ass kids into turning down the tunes and usually drink a shot with them so we didn't hate each other later. I lived in a rooming house in downtown Madison, Wisconsin for seven years or so and it was o.k. except when they'd bring in a random nigger or coal-burner who brought in niggers. I even had a wannabe pimp living across the hallway from me until i took care of that problem by putting signs all over the neighborhood advertising his business and he was evicted. I had to get rid of some drug dealers too by scaring them (can't talk about that) and doing stuff to their property with paint off a balcony. I even opened the front door once and dumped a garbage can full of water onto two niggers sitting on the steps who were bugging college girls walking by.

The worst part i think about living with niggers was watching the white people who basically became niggers too by associating with them, doing drugs they bought from them or traded sex for their addiction problems. One of my biggest pet peeves is listening to a cute white girl talking ghetto because they live around niggers and try to act like them. You know its going to end bad for them and they'll end up at the womens shelter down the block pushing a stroller around with a little halfroid whose life sucks from th3 beginning. This was a house that took in people on SSI but not old people, just shitheads and shitskins. I worked the nightshift so i missed out on all the nights activities. I was able to work three saturdays overtime each month to pay the rent and the rest went in the bank.

This whole thing ended when two different people brought in stuff off the street with bugs in them and i had to throw away stuff and move. I'm in a secure building with many requirements to get in and the few niggers in the building are lesbians and one old couple and he works nights so it's just magic niggers that don't want to live with niggers. I will work two jobs again or be homeless again just to avoid living with niggers. I have a friend who worked in the Chicago projects for years as a maintenance man and he has nothing but horror stories. Sorry about the random order of the paragraphs i was adding stuff in with my phone as i was writing this. Time for a nap and then some nigger-free night musky fishing.

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Inquisitor #racist

That is easy, Laura. I simply told my own children to watch and observe how niggers act, then come to me with their findings. I also told them to observe them only from afar, and to never associate with them. I do not permit my children to even speak to niggers, and I have twice spanked two of them for forgetting this order, and simply saying, "Hi" to one (classmate nig) that passed by our house. Whenever my children are bullied it is 99% of the time a NIGGER. Now they all have reported their findings to me, and they EXACTLY match my own, (i.e. Niggers are really animals and an invasive species). So I did NOT teach them to think this way, the niggers did.

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Tom Shelly #racist

They exist by manipulating white people to take care of them. If they appeared to be happy, that would dry up the free hand outs from white people. Therefore, they must continuously portray themselves as victims and blame all their problems on the racism of white people. Ironically, even millionaire nigger entertainers and athletes think this way.

As a whole, niggers are unable to properly care for themselves or manipulate their environment to better themselves. This is best evidenced by their squalid living conditions in Africa where they have lived a stone age existence for thousands of years. The only reason they enjoy modern luxuries is because of the generosity of white people.

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Weeaboo #racist

My place hired an actual Africoon. I'm enraged. The nignog speaks half broken english and whatever other jibberish comes out of the asshole on his face. He sucks ass at work and my boss asked me to train him on a commercial installation. I told him fuck no and that I work alone or not at all.

I don't want no shitskin in my van. I'm pissed we have the same job considering how much experience I have, the quality of my installations and my fluency in our language. Fucking hate "diversity".

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NAFBW #racist

I was going to bring up this exact point as I read until I saw that you brought it up yourself. There's a vocal minority of niggers who publicly state that they want to resegregate, but the truth of the matter is, it's happening on its own anyway. I'm seeing less and less social race mixing now than I did a decade ago. Honestly, I believe that Obama is to blame/thank for that. His time as HNIC drove an irrefutable, unretractable wedge between all sorts of races, not just between what nigger/human relations were prior. And things already weren't great prior to the 2008 election; the fact that this site existed prior to Obama's elevation and apparently only gained momentum in the interim speaks volumes to that fact. Obama woke a lot of people up. And those people don't want anything to do with niggers anymore.

So in that vein, I don't think it would take a lot to reinstate segregaton, socially speaking, since it's already happening. Legally, I think it would be a cinch to realign the schools, especially at the higher levels. In terms of education, just allow historically nigger college/universities to admit ONLY niggers. The rest can be open to humans of any other race who can act decently and follow the rules of society. Nigger colleges would therefore be allowed to teach the "we beez Egyptian" curriculum. In middle and high schools where humans are in the minority, simply extract the few remaining humans (teachers and students alike) and either build a new location or bus them to a safer district. Ensure they get funding and the proper curricula. In terms of sports and extracurricular activities, continue those, but under no circumstances should niggers and humans compete against one another. Humans vs. humans, niggers vs. niggers. (Imagine THOSE football games.)

Elementary school (K-4 in my state, your mileage may vary) is easy; take the above premise and implement it, but add segregation itself to the curriculum and expand that as they get older. As human children enter kindergarten, we begin lessons on exactly WHY we segregate, what happened when we desegregated, and why society has improved since we resegregated. Use facts, figures, IQ scores, studies, news articles (as they get older), prison statistics, and the like. It's neither racist nor propaganda if you can prove it. And that's just the education system, which I know a lot about, having formerly spent some time in it. There are all sorts of social norms we'd have to refine in many other aspects, but I think that moving forward, society would be better off. If this topic takes off, I'll try to write more on the subject. I've thought a lot about it.

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proudwhitewoman #racist

Today I happened to have to go to a store I rarely frequent in the city. There's road construction on the way. Well, the nig nog in front of me was hogging half of both lanes, so I can't go any faster or pass. A sheboon in a shitty car is right on my tail. I get off at the next exit and the sheboon os still behind me on my tail. I throw the wtf hands on the air and she starts yelling and chimping. We get onto the road where it's a 2 lane road off the highway and I get ready to turn while she's still on my tail.

I throw her the middle finger and say fucking nigger in my mirror. This elicits a huge major chimpout. I'm in the turn lane and she's screaming and yelling all the way through my turn. I could hear her as I went on through. Made my entire day just to slow down a nigger for once instead of the other way around. I hope it made her late for her food stamp appointment. Lol. I laughed all the way to my destination.

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Crazy welds #racist

Hey everyone,it's been awhile since I have shared so I thought you'd enjoy my latest adventure...I left my old welding job in negroid central for a much cozier and better paid position for another company in a (less) fuxxated part of the Birmingham area,where I am now not only a welder but a quality consultant as well,anyways part of my new job is watching over all of the buck "welders" and advising the coordinators on the performance of said coontractors...thankfully my employers are all human...and it looks like I'm going to be sharing some very nice chimpouts with you all once I start cracking the whip and firing some of these nignogs who clearly don't belong in this industry very soon,until then I wish y'all well and avoid the groid...wish me luck

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YooozMannnz #racist

When I was in high school, about 2 years ago when I was 17, I was in history class, and I was the only white human in there, all the niggers in there were dumb as rocks, literally all of them, they didn't know shit, So when I was getting better grades then all of them, and recomended for AP History (advanced placement) they all cried racism, and that I was only getting ahead because I was a whitezz boyz, when in reality, it was just because I actually paid attention, and kept to myself and did my work!

That was one of the moments in my life that made me start to realize, that all blacks are the same, all unintelligent apes, that will blame everyone else for their issues , instead of themselves, they act of their primal instincts, only thinkinz bout' fuckinz and drugs, and shitz, and when anyone else is doing better then them, they cry racism, or it's unfair, because they're dumb fucking animals... all of them.

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Pooter #racist

I was asked to work on my day off from my food delivery job by management, and I could use some overtime, so I obliged. I was informed that the workload was backing up, so I was paired with another driver to "knock a route out". Of course when I got there, they have me riding with a nigger delivery driver. As if being in close proximity to a sweaty nig is not torture enough, this fuckwad listens to a nigger radio station all day.

Here are some observations-

1. Starting with the talk portion in the morning, all these nigger DJ's talked about was race. "White man got away with..." "White police officer did this"... the whole fucking time. These niggers are the biggest race baiters of all, it was truly a biased, uneducated circus show, with the theme being white people get away with stuff niggers don't. The blatant bullshit they were spewing was truly disgusting. 2. Commercials- certain companies had ads on recruiting employees to work for their company, complete with rap in the background. These companies I have never heard recruiting on a non nig station. One that stood out in particular was Kroger.

3. One song was playing, and I was thinking to myself how exceptionally shitty the song is.. not normal rap shitty, but horrible singing, dumb music, and no taste or art at all. Then they announced the artist, and it was Mary J. Blige. Now I have heard the name before and know this is a mainstream famous nigger singer, and thought to myself, "For fuck's sake, this is a famous nigger, so this shit excuse for a song is supposed to be top shelf nigger music". It really sucked. 4. I counted at least four songs that mimicked or flat out stole melodies or lyrics, or both, from classic human songs. One was from The Police, and the others I can't remember at the moment, but will add them in when I do.

5. They don't really have lyrics, the niggers just repeat one or two lines over and over again. 6. The music is all computer generated, synthesized no talent complete and utter shit. 7. Nigger artists make a lot of vocal "sounds" in the songs, that I can't even begin to describe. I've heard similar noises at the zoo, seriously. Rap is complete shit... a 5 year old kid could do better on a Casio keyboard.

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Niggernest #racist

Where I work we have very few niggers, the ones we do hire we send almost all of them to the Gary office (why better place to put niggers than an all nigger area). However this one is staying in our office, it's well behaved and can speak like a human as well (a well trained one), however I have noticed how it acts towards me. At first I thought it was just me misinterpreting various things, but then a coworker said something to me and it confirmed what I had thought..... It has a crush on me.

I always try to follow rule number 1, but in a work environment you can't always follow it so I'm decent to the NAPAs (don't want to get fired for discrimination). So now I'm stuck with a nigger that's infatuated with me, luckily there's cameras everywhere so if it decided to pull some shit it's all on camera, I also make sure I stay in my area (nobody is allowed in my dept besides 3 people and we are behind a locked door) and don't interact with it much.

It just makes me uncomfortable knowing this nigger has a thing for me, can't really go to HR since it hasn't did anything yet (plus they are Union so near impossible to fire), so I just hide in my office and try not to interact too much. I wish I had a solution to this but there is none besides getting a new job, which I don't want to do because I get paid very well for what I do here and wouldn't find another job paying as much. Ugh.

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Rev90 #racist

This coontact happened about a month ago. I work as a software developer at a fairly small company (some 30 employees, 5 of them software developers and the rest are either technicians or administrators / sales stuff). Now, we are proud german company with some 30 years of history. We never ever hired a coon, but even in germany the urgency to hire coons is rising - what I mean by this is that the local government demands you to give the qualified sub-sarah immigrants a chance to get a workplace.

The particular coon I am talking of had a suspicious history in its application: It worked for some 4 years in cameroon as a software developer and then a few years in china for some company as a web developer. His skillset, if you can call it that, didn't really have any of the technologies or (programming) languages we needed, but a chance had to be given anyway. The first day for this coon came and my department and I hoped that this was a magical nigger. But it seemed like it didn't even understand the very basics. First off with body hygiene - but its a nigger, and niggers smell, nothing one could do, right? Well, next it went on with logging in: We work on servers, so you have to enter a server name, user name and a password. It fucked this step up and entered its coonword ("Waganda4Life") as server name. Well, after helping it logging in it got its first assignment, kind of a test to see what it can do.

It managed to completely destroy the testing Database, set up some 4 or 5 software projects all named "waganda" and some other words, it was just infuriating. It couldn't write the most simple codes or algorithms, always fucked stuff up, it even tried to use its personal laptop until it again realized it was at an office and had to use our hardware (which i later thoroughly disinfected). On its second day, at around 13:00 o' clock it wanted to pack its stuff and go home to work from its "home office", since it heard someone of us humans do that - but needless to say, that permit didn't apply to this shitstain.

It managed to break headphones which we gave to him (which he replaced with its own ghetto-style headphones, all taped together with duct tape), it always said that it understood the assignments and knew what it did and so on. It quit its old job as a janitor at a local super market because it couldn't talk with the people there about IT and such, which aperantely were its passion and all it loved doing. This coon was infuriating me so much, you couldn't even talk with it, it stunk together our building, it never succeeded in doing anything, it was just one of those "sheet, i beez a software developer n sheet" type of coons. This coon was sent home after just a week and a half - costing us enough time and nerves. This resulted in a tiny chimpout, where it slapped its paws together above its head and walked up and down the corridors. Me and my colleagues worked hard to make this coon getting fired again.

The best thing? One week ago we had to do another apefirmative hire: This time a technician. It didn't even know what a firewall is. Thankfully I don't have anything to do with it since I dont do things that technicians do, like installing servers and configuring networks - but I guess it wont stay long either.

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Alexandria #racist

Niggers wearing life jackets on boats and such are common here in Florida too. Though it's not often you see niggers in the water, on jet skies or even pleasure boats. Niggers are afraid of water. I think their extra thick ape skulls and heavier simian bones make them sink and drown. Thus we get rockfish.

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Carolina Tar Monster #racist

Niggers have no conception of time, except occasionally the concept of a week. That's why they want to pay their monthly bills in weekly installments. It's also how rent to own places rip them off. They can't add up the weekly payments and figure out that they'd actually be paying less if they bought it at Sears and payed by the month. African Niggers literally have no conception of time at all. Or quantities.

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GMT #racist

I guess the closest you can get to that is to find a country that doesn't offer free housing and endless benefits. Without that, a nigger is going to struggle to survive so I would guess countries with either no benefit system OR ones that offer VERY limited benefits to immigrants in general - would be pretty much nigger free.

On a slightly different level, it *could* at least be possible for a good number of NMs to club together to buy a small island. Build some homes and then everyone who owns a share of the island has in their contract of ownership something along the lines of "if the landowner wishes to sell their land, they must offer it first to all the other co-owners and at a price that is the same as was originally paid. Any NEW person wanting to come to the island would have to be voted for - and receive (for example) at least 90% approval to be allowed on the island. Clearly niggers are not going to get a look in.

I guess with a little island and a good number of NMs, such a project may not be utterly impossible - just think, living on a little island with perhaps 50 - 100 other NM families. A little pub / bar, a couple of shops and some basic medical facilities like a small surgery - and near enough to the mainland for emergencies etc but far enough to deter "niggers on a burgling mission".

A well sited mast with a microwave link back to someone on the coastline and you could have high speed web access and VOIP based phone systems delivered locally by WiFi. Brilliant for people who can "work from home". Find somewhere fairly sunny, everyone pitches in with a solar farm and some Nickle Iron batteries (last for DECADES) and use surplus power to get distilled water from the sea for drinking - or some other form of desalination.

Each house has a supply of pumped salt water to flush the WC - and then drinking water for showers and taps. Output from showers and taps used for the garden and output from the WC to septic tanks. Water, Power, Telecomms - all independently other than a single business class link back to the mainland to a fibre broadband connection. But of course, best of all - UTTERLY nigger free.

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Back in the early 1970s, I remember going with my family to north-eastern California to Lassen National Park; its a place well-forested and strewn with lava rocks and boulders that were once spewed all over the landscape by long-extinct Mount Lassen volcano....

We stayed at a moderate-sized motel with a pool with a scenic view, and there was horse-riding, hiking and campfire programs...I remember a campfire program that was hosted by a park ranger who looked just like howdy-doody...he played the ukelele and led us through a bunch of campfire somgs, showed a slideshow explaining the local wildlife, etc., and the evening campfire show was punctuated by his standup comedy routine, which “Park Ranger Howdy Doody” got us all laughing and having a good time...(for those not familiar with how Howdy Doody looked on TV, here’s a picture...the park ranger was the spitting image of Howdy Doody)

During his standup comedy bit, he cut a nigger joke...I think it was something like “How do ‘Blacks’ shop for a birthday present? They steal a bike!” — We were all knee-slapping and har-har-laughing at that one, but right then I was shocked to see that among the gathered campfire show audience was a “fambly” of niggers: a buck pappy, a sow mammy, and a niglet buck about my age and a little sister sow about age 5 or 6...the sow stood up and was irate at hearing Park Ranger Howdy Doody’s nigger joke, and basically the campfire show ground to an abrupt and awkward halt as the nigger sow chimped out and angrily waved her hands and wagged her head as she ooked at the park ranger...

At this time, other human families were put off by the nigger oooking, and started filing away, and the nigger sow had now made her way up to Park Ranger Howdy Doody at the campfire ring and was wagging her finger in his face and angrily chewing him out about the joke, flanked by the angry nigger pappy and two niglets, all scowling at him....Poor park ranger Howdy Doody was all sheepishly embarrassed and was nervously apologizing to the niggers as he clutched his ukelele to his chest as he endured the full verbal wrath of the nigger sow....that was the sad scene I saw over my shoulder as our family also exited the campfire program venue...

Next morning, I was enjoying a tall stack of pancakes for breakfast at the motel restaurant and we were excitedly talking over breakfast about the tongue-lashing that Park Ranger Howdy Doody suffered by the niggers that ended the evening campfire program too early. Just as we were talking about the niggers, as if right on cue, the nigger family entered the restaurant for breakfast...The whole restaurant went silent and all eyes were fixed staring at the niggers....The sow, conscious that all the humans were staring blankly at her and her nigger family, just held her head up haughtily and sat down and ordered breakfast....we finished eating quickly and left so we wouldn’t have to be in the same building as the niggers...

We still stayed at the motel for another two days there, and we didn’t the niggers at all since that breakfast encounter the morning after the campfire program, maybe the niggers moved on or cut their “vacation” short.....damn niggers really spoiled the fun for me, though...

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Jungle Plum #racist

I have been lucky. I haven’t had a coontact in quite a while, but today broke my lucky streak. I decided to ride along with some co-workers for lunch. We had to take a 4 lane highway in order to get to the restaurant. I was a rear seat passenger in the vehicle, enjoying the ride, when I noticed we were approaching a newer VW Jetta sedan in the right lane ahead. It had its left turn signal on, but it wasn’t merging into the left lane. It was just cruising up the road, slowing down traffic, left turn signal on for miles, confusing everyone who was passing it. I would guess, most people assumed it was going to come over into the left lane at any moment.

As we got closer, I noticed the left fender was crumpled in, as if it had sideswiped a guardrail or something. Being a newer car, most responsible humans with insurance get body damage fixed as soon as possible. I take pride in my vehicle’s appearance. It is over 15 years old, but I keep it repaired and clean. As we begin to pass the vehicle, it all made sense. I looked over and saw a coal black, skinny dreadlock nigger buck driving the car, oblivious to its surroundings. It had the driver seat reclined back to where the headrest was level with the bottom of the windows. It was talking on its sail foam, probably setting up its next dope deal or muh-dik. We passed it without issue. I continued to watch it. It never turned its signal off or merged into the left lane.

After we had passed it, I felt a profound sense of sorrow for the little car. When it rolled off the assembly line, it had dreams of being cared for and enjoyed by humans. Maybe a human couple would get it as their first car. Maybe a human parent would buy it for their child.

It did not know its lifespan was going to be cut short by it becoming a nigger’s hooptie. It will be the unwilling participant in many dope deals and drive bys. It will have to haul uncounted sheboons around the projects, have dozens of purple dranks, Hennessy, and malt likka spilled on its carpet, thousands of blunts smoked in it until the interior is stained brown, and endure endless trips to KFC and Red Lobster, with the greasy paws of nigglets and turdlers all over its seats, until finally, cruel fate finally grants it a merciful release from its horrible existence and it is either abandoned by the side of the road, or hauled off to the junkyard from the projects. Niggers don’t need to operate motor vehicles. It endangers everyone else on the road.

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niggasniggas #racist

My senior year of high school I got put into an elective I did not know of. The first week the teacher told our class that he would write us glowing letters of recommendation should we stay. It turned out the elective was teaching foreign children English. I was apprehensive but I still decided to stay. About a month goes by with only a middle eastern girl in our class. Nice and easy. I make good friends wit the other tutors. Then one day I walk into a zoo filled with monkeys!

This is not what I signed up for I thought. I looked at my teacher and he had a guilty look on his face. I was stuck with those apes all year. Mind you before this, I wasn't a proud white man. But after a year of attempting to teach those coons English I came to accept that not all races are equal. They threw shit around. When I scolded one, the other acted up. Eventually, I just decided to have fun with the situation.

We had a lesson on colors and I went "I am WHITE. You are BLACK. Repeat after me." They did and it was hilarious. I taught them all about Trump. When one of the coons asked me if I liked Trump I said "yes, i do." He looked pretty imitated and fucked with me less that semester. One day my teacher hired a mean white lady to help us tutor. She hated those niggers more than I did. After that class, I started visiting niggermania and less than a year later I would become a member. We need more young white racists.

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dave423 #racist

For several years now, the government has been shipping its pet niggers up to my still largely human suburb of Chicago. Of course, even a small concentration of niggers brings formerly unfamiliar forrms of oogah-boogah behavior in its wake.

Because I no longer do enough printing to own a printer, every once in a while I use the library computers to handle my printing needs. So there I was, at a library computer printing off a flash drive, when Shaniqua Q. Nigger shuffles up to the reference desk. Why was the nigger upset? Because someone at the circulation desk actually refused to issue the nigger a library card without an ID. The nigger flapped its flubber lips without ceasing for at least five minutes. What follows is a transcription from memory.

"Is you da supavisah? [nigger thought she was talking to the director] Dey insulting me! Ah gots a house and a job! Why dey disrespekkin me 'n' sheeit?" And on and on. I don't think those poor librarians got through the nigger's thick, apelike head, as it ooked off to look for someone else to screech at.

When I got my card some years ago, all it took was presenting a driver's license. But of course that's a tough, degrading ordeal for Shaniqua. Who knows why the nigger couldn't comply? In any case, it was nice to see some probably liberal humans exposed to TNB. Wonder what they told their families later.

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brack-0'bastard #racist

As a bastard sub Human species, the Bible was not written with niggers in mind nor was the Constitution of the United States written with niggers in mind. When the constitution was written our fore Fathers had very good fore sight, how ever they never saw the niggers even surviving in civilization. The biggest mistake was treating the niggers as equals, feeding them and letting them alongside Humans in the Military and every other aspect of life.

And it's all going to go down hill from here. The nigger was designed for africa and africa only. The nigger brain can not handle civilization, that's why all the chimp outs, rioting, Looting and all the other TNB. The jig brain just gets over loaded and it cannot handle it (civilization).

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STEMRealist #racist

Imagine that one day all humans get magically teleported to New Earth, leaving this planet to jigaboos. What will happen after that day (0 TH)? Within two years, most farms on this planet will be destroyed due to lack of management and because niggers will eat up all the seeds and not actually plant them at all. After that niggers will be back to eating whatever they can find in the wild. Computers and mobile phones will be useless within a short period of time due to extreme shortage of electricity.

Gas and heating oil will be swiftly used up because niggers really suck at refining crude oil and more importantly, maintaining their awful refineries and oil pipes. Planes and vehicles will be bricked within a short period of time due to absence of fuel and parts. Roads and railways will gradually be destroyed due to nigger inability and lack of supplies. Even the nig nations that used to be relatively rich such as barbados will be unable to fix their roads due to lack of supply. Modern buildings will gradually collapse because niggers won't have the appropriate supplies to maintain them.

Warfare will be funny. At first nigger nations will fight using planes and tanks. Then since niggers can't replace them they will resort to fighting using guns and grenades. Eventually niggers will run out of bullets..and then they will have to go back to using cold weapons exclusively.. Many nigger states will cease to exist simply because there will be no way to communicate between one end of a modern nig nation and another. Instead authority will be localized. What is now Congo may de facto become ten or more nations.

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Segregation Station #racist

Your whole post was interesting to read. I ultimately was not sure if niggers are the Canaanites or simply recorded as beasts in the Bible. The latter would mean that they are beneath the Canaanite on the earthly pecking order. This would make any claim of wrongdoing on the part of humans for enslaving them that much more unfounded.

The only "religion" that is organic to the negroid species is Voodoo. Yet they'll always try claiming that they're the "real Israelites" or that Christ was black or other such nonsense. Their knack for debasing Christianity should be noted too. Notice how in their churches they are mainly interested in worshipping their own vile image and enabling their species in human countries even further. They'll have pictures of Barry Obama and Morton Lucifer Koon.

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I. R. Coon #racist

I went with Mrs Coon to Indonesia, to visit the family, and because of some family matters she staid a little longer, so I flew back on my own with KLM, to Amsterdam, to visit my own folks before going back to the UK. Funny enough, my twin sister happened to do that flight, who works as a FA.

So for the flight from Singapore to Amsterdam, i made sure I got a nice seat, near the exit, with enough leg space. especially for the 13 hour flight. When I was boarding I walked to my seat, but than I saw it, this tall skinny nigger, one of the apefrican version, was standing near my seat. putting its garbage on my seat. so I walked up, dropped my bag in the overhead compartment and looked at it, it excused it self and removed its stuff. but the ordeal didn't stop there, it turned out that it was sitting beside me. My sister passed, and said that the flight was completely full, so I couldn't change seats. And she knows that I'm quite the niggermaniac.

So, it would be a long night flight, since I'm not going to sleep with that thing beside me. One thing, this one didn't smell as nauseating as usual. Watching it, I just notice it again, how can people think that niggers are related to us? I saw it's paws manipulating the in-flight entertainment system, and those paws don't look like human hands at all long fingers and how it worked, it really reminded me of the hands of a monkey. The worst thing, it tried to be helpful, I really thought Fuck off shitskin. And during the flight it was really was annoying, needing more space than it's seat, so when it was sleeping it would bump against me sometimes, so I cursed than.

And latter on I saw this nigger reporting to the immigration with a load of other niggers.. let me guess: other bunch of niggs, looking for hand outs in Europe..

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I had a friend over for dinner who shared a nigger coontact he had when he went to Vegas for a convention. This happened a few years ago, and while he wasn’t a niggermaniac at that time, it sure turned him into one afterward...He was working for a title company and the company had a convention in Vegas. It would be a 3-day event and he decided to drive there with a couple of co-worker friends who helped split the gas bill. He managed to book a nice room at a hotel and he was looking forward to the stay.

Just days before leaving, a recently-hired nigger in the company asked if he could join his carpool. My friend said sure, no problem, as he had one extra seat left, and he let the nigger know how much he would be expected to contribute for splitting the gas bill...the nigger looked relieved to find a ride and agreed. I’ll spare much of the long story, but the nigger wouldn’t shut up talking during the entire car trip to Vegas (which was several hours)..the nigger yammered on ad nauseum about this being its first trip to Vegas and how it was looking forward to the nightlife there and getting sum action etc...he had stinky breath which lingered in the air of the car, like bad body odor...pretty disgusting...he cranked up the air conditioning to mitigate the smell, and other car passengers offered him some chewing gum to help the nigger freshen its breath, but it didn’t help much.

My friend was glad to finally reach Vegas in the late evening and be done with listening to the nigger (who was west African with a thick African accent). They arrived at the hotel checkin desk and my friend was collecting his key and preparing to go to his room when his nigger coworker was heard loudly chimping out at the checkin manager (apparently the nigger’s reservation via the online booking system never went through properly and they didn’t have a room for him, even though the nigger had a reservation receipt) it was convention time in Vegas so everything was booked up solid. The checkin mgr apologized but offered to check with other hotels to find the nigger a vacancy elsewhere.

My friend turned away and went up to his room, glad to have some quiet downtime, and after the long drive he was looking forward to soaking in the tub and settling down for the night...about 30 mins later there was a knock at his room door, and it was the nigger co-worker, who coonplained about the hotel messing up his reservation and they could not find another hotel with a vacancy since it was during a peak in convention he pleaded with my friend if he could stay the night in his room until he could get things sorted out with the hotel the next morning. My sleepy friend reluctantly agreed...the nigger had to sleep on the floor.

Again, the nigger kept yammering and coonplaining about the hotel messing up his reservation, made lots of noise settling down for sleep, and my friend had a fitful night’s sleep because the nigger snored alot and also talked in its sleep...The next morning, the nigger took its sweet time getting showered and dressed to leave for the convention, making my friend late in the process, as he didn’t want to leave ahead and leave the nigger alone in his hotel room with his belongings and luggage there...

The nigger was able to secure another room for the following night, so the nigger moved out and my friend finally had the room to himself again, but he worried about having to give the nigger a ride back home in his car after the convention was over...he dodged the nigger throughout the convention, and managed to steer clear of the nigger so he would not feel compelled to give the nigger a ride back...he wasn’t sure how the nigger managed to get home from Vegas, but it probably sponged a ride home with some other coworker...That experience with the nigger helped turn him into more of a niggermaniac...

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TheyStink #racist

Living in San Diego, we have one of the best things ever, Roberto's Taco Shop. Folks, you have not experienced a taco until you had one of these amazing greasy cheese and beef filled gifts from heaven. No sit down restaurant can compare. It is the Mexican equivalent of your first Inn-N-Out burger experience. Roberto's Tacos is to Taco Bell is what Inn-N-Out is to McDonald's...I'll leave it at that.

One of the other benefits of a Roberto's Taco shop I have noticed is that niggers don't come in too often. Well unfortunately one came in yesterday. I am sitting down waiting for my food, and the knuckledragger came in. It ordered a taco, got it's receipt and stepped over to the drink fountain. It pulled out a solo cup from it's hoodie pocket and filled it up with a soda it did not pay for while it's taco was being cooked. I had to say something, and since I'm a regular I know the counter guy, Carlos, pretty well. I told him what the nigger did.

Well when it's taco was ready, Carlos called the number. When the nigger went up to get it's taco, Carlos said that will be $2.19. The nigger started ooking it already paid for the taco. Carlos told it, yes you did - but you are not getting it until you pay us $2.19 for the drink. It tried to tell Carlos it got water, which is when I chimed in "No you didn't. I watched you pour a Coke". I could tell it wanted to chimpout so I just stared it down. Carlos once again said "that will be $2.19, Sir". I would not have called it Sir, but Carlos is a gentleman I guess. Well the nigger said "I'z gots no mo money". Carlos said you should have thought about that before you stole the soda and told it to leave. It oooked and eeked about it paying for the taco again and Carlos just said, "I'll call the police and see what they say about this". It left right away without it's I'm sure it had warrants.

Carlos and I laughed and he gave me the taco the nigger paid for. I think that is the first time in my life I got something from a nigger. I took it and enjoyed it since it's paws never touched it....while I was eating it, I just thought who brings their own cup to fast food places to steal a $2 soda --- only niggers. Hopefully it will never come back.

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Reloader #racist

I live in a farming community and buy my produce at a farm store. On my way down the dirt path to the store I counted about 12 nigs working in the fields. Picking tomatoes, picking melons, picking squash, picking snap beans, the kind of work they are perfectly suited for. I get to the farm store and there's not a single nigger to be seen. Genteel southern charm exudes from the old lady working the counter, her granddaughter and son also work there.

Everything was yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, no sir. A nigger came up to the back door of the store with a basket full of cucumbers and waited there quietly, waiting to be recognized. It never knocked, or spoke. The son saw him, walks back to open the door and takes the basket, the nigger never uttered a word or attempted to enter the store. He returned back to the fields to continue his labor. I stood in utter amazement at how well trained their niggers were. If I closed my eyes I could just about imagine how life was on the plantation in the early 1800's. How can one yearn for a time they have never lived in? But I yearn, yearn for those genteel southern times of plantation life before the war of Northern aggression.

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Stankassnignog #racist

I took the day off to relax at the pool for a while at the apartments where I live. There is a really nice gas grill inside the pool area, and here comes a couple of niggers with 10 packs of buns, a couple of large coolers, and a stack of foam plates a foot and a half tall. Soon they were cooking burgers and chiggun wangs and legs like they were going to cater a large event. Not long afterwards about 30 or more niggers showed up for the big party. They must have put the word out on social media because it happened pretty quickly. I knew they didn't live there because I didn't recognize any of them, and even if there were a renter or two there, we are only allowed a couple of guests at the pool for each resident, and private parties aren't allowed there.

So I placed a call to my neighbor, who also lives there, and told him there were a lot of trespassers at the pool. He just happens to be a cop. In fifteen minutes time there were four police officers there. They couldn't have gotten there any faster if there were a major crime occurring. When the niggers saw the police they were shoving food down their greedy gullets like whales feeding on small fish and gathering to go plates as fast as they could go as the cops told them to get out.

They all filed out in a line like black ducklings, jumped into their hoopties and left the property, because of course they don't live there. That party would have gone all night without human intervention. There were no chimpouts though, and that was shocking, but I had just ruined about 30 niggers whole day with a phone call. That's about one of the most satisfying feelings I have had in a long time!

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Socks88 #racist

As the bus pulled up this human family lined up to get on the bus. This nigger yells "hell no get the fuck out of here u cut the line" i barge in and defend the humans (one of them was an elderly lady) I said don't worry about him just get on.

While he's walking on the bus and sitting down he's complaining to another buck the whole time how when he's a black guy and he cuts the line people say things to him right away but no one cares otherwise. He sat there seething with anger and kept repeating "I'm so angry right now!!!" Of course no one cares, you're a nigger. I thought to myself, I'm not afraid to stand up to them either, they act tough and aggressive sometimes but in reality they are stupid cowards

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STEMRealist #racist

Pickles are an important part of traditional human cuisines. Most niggermaniacs here are familiar with sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers. For some members especially those in China pickled radish and kimchi are well known. We all enjoy our pickles because we are humans and hence our ancestors stored food when there was plenty of food so that during winters they would have food to eat.

Well, not many nigger cultures have pickling. Why? Because niggers are lazy as fuck and have really short attention span and poor planning skills. They tend to be incapable of intensive agriculture and tend to have no concept of food storage or fertilizing. Hence niggers don't tend to have or need pickles. In the past they simply ate yet another mango on the tree or something if they had no food on the table. Right now they cry out to YT for food because their population is large now due to YT-donated medicine.


1. I love squirrels. Squirrels are more human-like than niggers for they store their food for winters. Animals that hibernate are more human-like than niggers too because they know the importance of planning.

2. Niggers and their apologists may claim that niggers don't pickle because da mudderland is hot. Well India is hot but Indians have tons of unique pickles. That's because they are people. Arabs have pickles too despite the fact that the Middle East is hot. That's because they are also people, not niggers.

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toomanyniggers2018 #racist

I've been very torn recently as I'm going through a mid life crisis and this has led me to a more spiritual outlook on life. Which then leads to the question: are we being unfair to niggers? Should we help them? This is how I have resolved it in my head today. I may need to continue to think more on this. You see, the conclusion I have come to is, you can only ask so much of a human being. It's not our job to "save" the world or "feed" the world or any such nonsense. If you are a spiritual person, then you do good in whatever capacity you can.

We were good. We were decent, we were charitable. We were hospitable. We worked, we took care of our families, we payed taxes, we gave to charity. And we were repayed with theft, muggings, rape, and murder. And for everyone to call us the bad guys and tell us to do more and more, even as they continue to call us the bad guys. I know of no religion, philosophy, or anything else in history that says we must subject ourselves to this. Do you? At that point it's not even religion, it's masochism. It's suicidal.

What this means is, we are fully justified in avoiding the groid, so we can protect our own existence, that of our families, and continue to be a force for good in this world. We do not need to commit suicide by groid. God does not ask that of us, do not ask that of yourself.

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clap #racist

I thought niggers oozed shit out of the pores of their skin. That would explain why they smell awful. It would also explain their Reverse-Midas touch.

The only reasons that niggers go to the bathroom is to do drugs, muh dik another buck on the down-low (in the case of the males), or give birff to a sprog (in the case of the females).

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Uncle Coz #racist

Talk about disgusting, I was at the grocery store this morning and, you guessed it, a nigger was behind me in the check out line. This creature looked as if it had some sort of skin (hide) disease with all the tattoos from its face all the way down every visible part of its body. It's actually funny to see a jig-a-boo with black ink over its dark shit colored hide, and the gold teeth rounded out the picture.

Then, the most disgusting part. The spook was buying shrimp and steaks and a big chocolate cake. It whips out a welfare food stamp card and gets all that shit for free. Now, I can only afford sandwich stuff and an occasional salad after working my whole life and trying to live on Social Security and this beast, who had to be around 30 years old, is getting free food that we humans cannot even afford on a good day. It just made me so sick that I couldn't even eat my lunch.

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Alexandria #racist

We have this uppity Cuban nigger at work that seems to think he's not a nigger. He works in admissions and he's always saying he's 100% Cuban. He says that with great pride too. Last night an 83 year old woman was in the ER because she had fainted. This was an old southern lady and was 100% a nigger maniac. Needless to say I liked her. So Hector the Cuban nigger comes to get her insurance info.

It was obvious she wasn't happy seeing him but she answered his questions, though very curtly. Hector looks like any bootlip nigger from the hood but he has the Cuban accent. So finally the lady says " what are you supposed to be anyway"? Hector replies proudly that he's 100% Cuban. Then the lady says " is that so? Well you could sing O Danny boy with an Irish accent. You're still nothing but a nigger". Hector just quickly walked away. I nearly died laughing! I love old niggermaniacs. They say whatever they think.

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STEMRealist #racist

I used to be a coddler. Saddened that niggers are left out of STEM and its fun I really tried to convince them that there is something outside their insular "culture".

Several years ago I worked at my college helping people and niggers who struggled with calculus. I know it's really unbelievable but niggers did sometimes show up.

I helped many different niggers, including a nigger who came from the richest communities in America and a nigger from a ghetto where its brother just got killed. However no matter where the niggers are from, they all shared an absolute lack of interest in anything intellectual. For example I encouraged a nigger to go to some physics talk for fun but it was absolutely not interested.

Niggers are stupid which is why none of my attempts to help niggers ever worked. But what is even more appalling than their stupidity is their absence of discipline. Teaching a nigger some knowledge isn't necessarily impossible. However the possibility of that nigger remembering it a week later is not much higher than zero. Hence niggers almost never progress.

P.S. Colleges still passed these niggers anyway..

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Niggernest #racist

So I'm a LARPer, for those of you that don't know what that is it stands for Live Action Role Playing. Basically it's D&D only you get dressed up in time/theme apparel and use foam weapons (swords staffs etc) to beat on each other with. It's truly a great time and an awesome way to spend time with kids. Since it requires a bit of money (most costumes with weapons will run $150+ per person and that's the very cheap side), imagination, a bit of acting, and basic human decency it's about 99% human that does it... Well my main LARP I go to had a nigger show up to one a couple of months ago. We will call him by his proper name in this story....nigger.

So I see it shuckin and jiving down the path heading up towards our campsite as I'm walking to my car to get something or smoke or whatever, I figure it's just there at another camp site so I just ignore it and go on my way (note EVERYONE else wears something that is period accurate). I come back and see the shitskin planted it's ass by the fire, I walk up to it and say "Who are you??? What are you doing here?" (I asked these questions because they are legit questions for any new character on field, however this was because it was a nigger) it ooked "I beez nigger,I'm a dark elf". At this point I almost start laughing at the irony of a bigger being a dark elf... most dark elfs are humans in black face.... But my character HATES dark elfs (My character is a light knight so that's total opposite of mine). So I say to it "Those are some strange garments for an elf where are you from and where did you get those garments?" (It was in a large white t shirt and some blue sweatpants hanging off it's ass which normally for first timers is fine).

So after giving it a good grilling I said "I'm no longer calling you nigger... you'll be known as darkie from now on by me and my KLAN". I spent the rest of the weekend calling him darkie, making it feel unwanted and uncomfortable to the point it went eeking saying I was being racist and picking on it which they said "It's all in game and this time period being racial is acceptable". Every chance I got I used my most powerful spells on it and would attack it even if it was on my team (keep in mind foam swords so nobody can get hurt). At the end of the game it knew it was unwanted by me (and many others) and hasn't been back since.

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Stinky_Nigger #racist

Me and Mrs SN was in Amsterdam last weekend buying diamonds for her ring finger, I also own an apartment out there (Which is Air B&B'd) so we pop out every so often, The Dutch don't stand niggers. The few they have are made to do menial dirty tasks.

Lots of Brits go over there for pot/weed because they think its legal. Its not, its only tolerated in certain areas. So me and Mrs SN are walking down Leidseplein and see some British porch monkeys swinging on lamp posts and on tram eletricity pylons. The police see this and go speak to them. The police speak Dutch and won't speak English to these monkeys. Now, Even though Mrs SN hates them, she tells me to be nice and translate. I offer, they accept.

The police ask the usual questions such "WHat the hell are you doing?" to which the niggers reply "We'z having da fun n sheit this is amsterdam why is the popo oppressin us". I translate it word for word to which the police reply "We are not, you are acting like idiots" this starts a mini chimpout. To which I said to the officers "Ze dragen veel illegale drugs meer dan persoonlijk gebruik" (They have a lot illegal drugs on them" and they decided to search them and find cannabis and crack rocks.

5 niggers off the street in the Dutch police cells. The police did not take much shit from them

I feel good being a good citizen!

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I. R. Coon #racist

Well, back from my "exile". As what I mentioned in some of my posts, I work for an Antarctic research program as a field guide. And than in the Nordic winter, I work in Antarctica, a White continent, and... nigger free. But also here, divershity is slowly rearing its Ugly head. Here is one of my experiences.

In November, I took the MOD (RAF) flight from Brize Norton, to the Falklands, to board the ship that would bring me to my destination, a research station on the Antarctic Peninsula. But, when I came on board, I encountered this sow, who seems to be the token niggeres of the "Survey". I kept my distance, not wanting to be involved with its antics. It showed all the shenanigans of a typical nigger (TNB): obnoxious, egoistical, thinking it knows all, telling it has a higher positions than what it was etc etc.

As an example: One of the luxuries we have: we can drink alcohol on board, but one time the beakers (Scientists) had a party, and that went quite wrong, result: a few days no beer in the bar. So result: the sow, which had a bottle of whine, entered the lounge, with a smug smile on its mug, from: "look at me, i've has whine 'n shite" and starting to drink it, while we had to do it with soft drink. With other words: how to irritate people.. Another example: it was working for estates, but it presented it self as Head of estates...

Seasickness and other "important" stuff. We had gash duty, which meant that on a rota, we did some small cleaning onboard, like restocking the bar, helping the catering crew while we are on board. And with this sow, it happened a couple of times, that it felt seasick and didn't had to do it's gash duty. So, I managed to survive that beast on board, and was really looking forward to the season. The only big shock for me was yesterday, after a couple of months, nigg free, when I arrived in London: niggers everywhere, so that is a some culture shock than.. Glad I'm back in Llanberis..

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MoonCoon #racist

I'm at a Jersey Mike's today. The staff is all White, but the couple in front of me in line are niggers. The old silverback wearing a wife beater is so simple/niggerfied that the boon has to order for him. She starts out, "An he's havin a blahblah." Then the buck gets upset and tries to order for himself, but what comes out of his mouth is mumbled niggerbabble that no one can understand. He points wildly at the menu board, talking coonspeak.

She says, "He want more fried onions on it, an plenty mayonnaise." Not soon afterward, I see the boon has summoned the manager to a serious discussion concerning the amount of their check. I know why restaurants used to be "Whites Only."

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Chickie McNuggets #racist

If the radicals had not used niggers as their pawns for the last 60 years, many of them might have become civilized. They mandated integration against our better judgement, while the law makers would have none of this in their own life. We are incompatible, despite the social engineers that lie, and say otherwise. With their parasitic, childish, and violent tendencies, no human is truly safe or free, as per our own Constitution.

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Mr. Fox #racist

We all hate niggers, that’s a given for everyone on here. Well, perhaps “hate” is the wrong word; I don’t hate them, as it’s such a destructive emotion. It’s also pointless- you may as well say that you hate sharks or man-eating tigers. Let’s just say that we dislike having to share the planet with them. I’ve sometimes had conversations with friends who cannot see my point of view. I have to be quite careful sometimes, as those who live, in unfuxated areas have no idea of the true scope of the problem. To people like that, my ideas are racist.

I don’t blame them. I was like that myself before I moved to fuxated London and had to work for a nigger manager. If, though, I ever doubted my beliefs (which I never do) I occasionally experience something that convinces me that I, along with all my fellow niggermaniacs, are absolutely in the right.A few days ago, I had an appointment in a small town to the north of London, where I live (in a nig-free area now, thankfully.)

I’m without a car at present (there’s another story behind that, which I’ll post on the coontacts page in due course) so I went on the train. I hardly ever travel by train, but it was quite a pleasant, if over-priced, experience. I made it all the way to my destination without encoontering a single nigger, apart from the odd one or two that passed me in the street. The town where I had the appointment was a delight- not a nigger to be seen. Consequently, it was clean and civilised. I went to my meeting, which was with a charming Korean lady, then took the train home, around mid-afternoon.

The journey back was good- my carriage was largely empty, apart from a young Pakistani couple, who spent the journey having a quiet conversation without disturbing anyone. Once back in London, I got on the subway train, or tube, as we call them here, to return home. The tube train was not crowded, but as soon as I got on, the first noise to assault my ears was that of the traditional and unmistakable nigger ook. I looked around and saw a couple of bucks sitting at the end of the carriage. Whereas humans normally sit side by side on a train, so that they can converse at a reasonably normal level, these two jigs were sitting opposite each other and jabbering across the corridor that runs between the seats. I’ve no idea what they were eekling about- I don’t speak Niggerbabble, but, as usual, they were making so much noise that it would have been impossible for anyone nearby to have a conversation.

I couldn’t be bothered to change carriages- anyway, why should I be obliged to move for the sake of a couple of niggers? Apart from that, I knew that they were not going all the way to my stop, as there are no nogs round there, so I just sat it out. The experience brought home to me just how fully we are justified in being NMs. I don’t like racism, and I would never use racist language to describe the Asians to whom I referred earlier. There are two main humanoid species on Earth, as I see it: human and nigger.

It’s good to see that Niggermania has attracted so many new subscribers lately. Since I joined, just a few weeks ago, it seems to be growing by the day. The word is spreading; long may it continue to do so. And thanks to all the site admins who have made it possible.

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negrocrime9 #racist

Yeah, I mean, just look at them. Obviously, don't harm your eyes, but the point is that you have all the information you need.

The black skin, the simian appearance, the nappy hair, the flared nostrils, thick lips, small head and protruding jaw. Combined with attributes like being fast runners, prone to erratic behavior and outbursts, and lacking intelligence, discipline, or foresight. Isn't this enough evidence that they are a different branch, and were never properly evolved in civilization, but remained spear chuckers in Africa while our ancestors moved on?

Now just think, very few if any niggers have made any contribution or advance to civilization. I mean, don't torture yourself with the mental hoola hoops needed to think you can improve them or it's worthwhile associating with them.

Are you willing to throw away your entire history, your culture, your heritage, the wisdom that your ancestors had in segregating them and keeping their distance...are you willing to throw all of that away in the vain belief that if you just give them more and more, they will all of a sudden start building nuclear reactors, building great cities of their own, becoming the pioneers of a future nigger utopia, where they will be celebrated by your children?

It's insane guys. Take pride in who you are. Avoid the groid. Don't help them. Let's move on from the suicidal nigger worship.

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I was at a grocery store deli today, waiting to be served as the sole deli worker was busy slicing some meat... Then, just beyond my peripheral vision, I hear a nigger’s unmistakable voice talking energetically, “You oughta try da honey butter, it’s real good, and they also have...” For a few seconds, I didn’t respond and kept looking straight ahead at the deli worker, as it seemed the voice behind me may have been talking to someone else....the voice happily prattled on for about 10-15 more seconds, talking about the various products that One should try....

After that awkward interim, it dawned on me that the voice was talking to ME the whole time. So I turn around and see a gaunt, partially toothless nigger female, looking like a meth-head or crackhead, grinning and continually talking at me, recommending that I should try this meat or that potato salad, etc. I cut it off by saying, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were talking to ME this whole time...normally you would introduce yourself first....” and then I turned around away from the nigger to face the deli worker again, who continued slicing meat sheepishly as if to avoid eye contact with the jabbering nigger...

The nigger soon shambled off and left me alone, still muttering to itself about all the great foods I should try...That’s right, nigger...leave me the fuck alone...go talk to a telephone pole or something...

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negrocrime9 #racist

Anybody else moved or changed jobs or careers because of niggers? I am just interested in hearing your stories.

I'm in healthcare. Personally, I have quit at least one job because of niggers. Other assignments have been temporary, but I would definitely not continue them because of the fuxxation. I'm currently looking into other jobs away from patient care, niggers are a huge reason of course. I haven't moved specifically because of niggers, though I'm getting close. I've never lived directly next to one, been lucky that way.

But, I would say that niggers have impeded my life. They have ruined my confidence, my belief in the future, etc. I don't go out at night, I don't walk around. I wasted so much time watching the groid ball, that's time I can never get back.

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Marxist Lucifer Coon #racist

Protect them first. When my kid was starting public school last year in Kindergarten, I moved to an area that has very few niggers. Of course there was one little spook in his class (seems like you can never fully get away from them).

We were sitting in the car outside the school and the little spear chucker walked by. I asked my kid if he was in his class. "Yep", he replied. "Do you like that kid?" "No, not really." I told him sternly, "good, stay away from him. His kind are not like us. They are different in a very bad way. Do you understand?" Also, I will not allow him to watch cartoons that depict niggers. I tell him that I do not like that show and to turn it off. He knows why.

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negrocrime9 #racist

Interesting question, I've thought about this myself. I don't have kids but am interested in hearing what parents have to say.

When I was growing up, I wasn't specifically made nigger aware, but instinctually I knew. I didn't grow up amongst them, and I could see they lived in the city and committed crimes, and I observed their behavior, etc.

Still, I think it would have been helpful to have some instruction. To me, the start is to give children a sense of identity, culture, of belonging to a group. If kids can self identity as being part of a human group, they can also see clearly, wait, look, there's a nigger and they are different from me. And at the crucial age they have to be told in no uncertain terms that mixing with niggers is not tolerated. To be sure, this risks a rebellion, but that is simply the risk that must be taken. Smart human kids of any age will understand this, they will not mix with niggers just to get back at you.

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OctaviusJackson #racist

Sad thing that all the comments blame religion. It's not a religion problem, it's a NIGGER problem. Many fine humans have led congregations and most fine humans believe in God and morality. Niggers aren't human and therefore cannot grasp the human concept of morality. That's why every nigger preacher is just another nigger living on gibs.

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Well I had a coontact of sorts, but it actually worked out as a “Reverse-Coontact”.....

I’m at the grocery store during my mid-afternoon break, taking my time going up and down the aisles....I hear a nigger sow and her squealy niglet in the next door aisle, ooking about something.... Something I ate earlier the previous night wasn’t agreeing with me, so while I’m standing in the grocery aisle with my butt-cheeks clenched, walking like a penguin, I’m “battling the gases” so-to-speak, and by the sounds my belly was making, it was brewing up some pretty strong “butt belches” that were quickly working through my system, looking for a way out.

So I get the bright idea to leave a “silent-but-deadly”, smelly airborne “forget me not” midway down the grocery aisle, for it to lie in wait for the sheboon to waddle up to it...there were no other humans in the nearby aisles except myself, and the nigger sow was coming around the endcap of the aisle to enter the Aisle I was in....So as quietly and quickly as I could, I “answered the call of the wild burrito” and moved on to the next aisle before my eyes watered up...My silent mission of mischief accomplished, I casually scooted my cart around to the neighboring aisle, and waited and listened intently to see what, if any, reaction would emit from the she-groid by the time she made it down halfway through the aisle to the spot where my trousers had trumpeted........

And then....“Daym, Oh what the Fu.....Awwww Hell nahh...God-Damn did something DIE around here???!” The nigger obviously got a full whiff of my paint peeler....The ”lingering cloud” GOT her! (LOL)....I was smiling all the way to the checkout line!

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dtheman65 #racist

So a couple of years ago, at my high school graduation, there was quite some tnb.

The graduation ceremony started with the school appointing this insanely uppity, sassy, BLM sheboon to give a speech about, "dem poleece beez rayciss n blah libes matta n sheit." I was getting very bored with this nigress ooking about her oppression (whilst being appointed above everyone else to give a graduation speech), so I turned around, and scanned the crowed. My fucking sjw English teacher was actually crying while this sheboon was ooking about how "she beez growin up in da projects n sheit, an dem poleece beez fukin wiffmuh daddy". This wasn't the even close to being biggest display of TNB, however. Everytime a stupid fucking nigger shucked across the stage, all the mammy sows in the audience would erupt into a chrous of ape screeching, even though the superintendent would ask them to please refrain from making any noise, other than respectful clapping.

Let me paint the picture, this disgusting, fat lipped babbon literally did a nigger dance on stage, with his pants clearly around his knees under the gown. I'm talking shuck-n-jiving all the way. The sound of fat nigger mammy sows ooking in the audience, "muh baybe beez gra-doo-atin'" was deafening. Another time, this sheboon, who looked exactly like a gorilla, did a stupid nigger dance on stage, while sticking her monkey tongue out, and flashing gang signs. Again the sound of mammies ooking was deafening. No joke, after every single nigger outburst, the freaking superintendent would walk up onto the stage, and polietely ask everyone in the audience to please be quiet and respectful, etc, and yet the ooking didn't even slow down.

While the niggers who barely passed high school got massive ooking and eeking, whenever a white or asian nerd who excelled at school, and actually deserved honor, walked the stage, it was fucking crickets. And if anyone is going to make the "they are just so emotional because they are the first in the family to graduate high school or whatever" argument, whenever a white trash or mexican person walked the stage (who very well may have been the first in their families to graduate), their families SOMEHOW were able to stay respectful, and simply clap in a reasonable manner.

I honestly don't care too much about niggers ruining the event. I personally think that the whole thing is just an excuse for people, and niggers, to feel good about their own mediocre acomplishments, and seek approval from others. Also, to anyone wondering why they didn't simply throw the mammies out, they would have called the local news station and chimped "dey beez rayciss"(no joke, theirs been several news sob-stories about nigger sows being thrown out of graduation ceremonies for ooking too loud, where they get framed as the horrible victims).

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Jigs&Libs #racist

This is very common. Niggers are given a high school "graduation" through ape-firmative action and social promotions. Where I am, in Washington DC, it costs about $30K/year for each "student" preK-12. A study a few years ago found that the niggers who "graduated" were, at the median, able to only preform at a 9.5 grade level--and keep in mind that this 9.5 grade level is scaled down to niggers. So the actual grade level in human terms is closer to 7th. The niggers in the audience go wild, crazy--as though they just watched the greatest achievement that their keeds will ever have. Well, I guess it is.

The TNB at graduations doesn't stop at high school. My sister went back to school for an additional nursing program at a community/technical school in Florida. Her nursing program was highly regarded, as well as a few of the technical programs and degrees in networking, computer programing, drafting & design, and the like. The school also had adult GED & High School programs as well. It was ridiculous to watch actual college graduates, like my sister, be in the same ceremony as boogie niggers in their late 20s and & early 30s getting GEDs. Most of the nursing graduates already had associates or even bachelor's degrees.

A few of the nurses I met through my sister were already practicing nurses and were now on track to becoming RNs and paramedics. One guy was a commissioned officer in the Florida National Guard. All of the real graduates had respectful applause. On the printed program, each graduate was listed by the degree and/or program course they completed, and each degree/program went though as a group. By the end, the adult HS & GED people walked across. All of a sudden the niggers went ape! It was astonishing that they were so "proud" of Lil' Ja-mee-qaan, who at the age of 28, was finally turning his life around and graduating from a community adult program with a GED! My dad was really upset by it. A large group of us went to a nice dinner afterwards and my mom had to keep shhhh-ing my dad from his curt remarks about how their real accomplishments were demeaned by the nigger shines.

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They're just not like us! #racist

I too went to a private school, ironically to be with the feral beasts! I came from a radically liberal family and the school was a Catholic Convent basically. Full of coddlers and bleeding hearts. It was a small but very old and prestigious school. I was there during the heart of the struggle in the late 1980's. I became very involved in the anti-Apartheid struggle as did my entire family, to our un-ending shame. I eventually wised up in 2015, in no small part due to this NM community. And of course because of the fact that the black beasts create racists wherever their spores reach.

At my all too liberal Convent school, we also had a kaffir jack of (no) all trades, called Steve. He was an unwashed, smelly, drunk, who had an eye for us young girls, especially when we were in our PT kit. It still boggles my mind that the Monsignor should have thought everything would be just fine having this disgusting creature in an all girls school. He was forever interferring with us, but I shall save those nasty stories for another time.

I remember quite clearly, one hot and very humid February day in Durban, Steve was roaring drunk by 10:00 am. We girls were sitting in our classrooms, anxiously monitoring the compulsory hygrometers in each classroom, as we were released from school when the humidity climbed past a percentage, the specifics of which I have now forgotten. Well, as 10:30 am rolled around, the hygrometers hit the magic percentage and a rusty old nun's voice came blaring over the intercom that we were released. Many of us had to sit under the great old shade trees on the school grounds, waiting for our lifts. I was sitting with a group of other girls, we must have been about 17 at the time. Steve hobbled and stumbled up to us shouting and screaming and brandishing his private parts at us, or so we thought.

The filthy pig had been touching himself while looking at us and had somehow got part of his willy stuck in his pants zip. Now, we were proper little Convent girls, so we looked away, embarrassed and a bit frightened too. He somehow managed to liberate and tuck his privates away. Really, I've never seen anyone or anything as drunk as he was at that stage. He decided that he needed to tie his shoelace and bent over to do so. For the first time in my life the fog lifted and I realized I was 100% looking at a bona fide member of a species of great ape. The image has stuck with me to this day. However, my radical, liberal training took over and restored the fog in my brain that had been so temporarily lifted. I felt so guilty that I had had such an unacceptable tabu thought. And so it went on for years. Until 2015. The fog lifted until reality achieved critical mass and the fog was banished for ever. And I just KNEW that my long ago youthful instinct that had recognized an ape when I saw one had been right all along. I became a niggermaniac back then, at 17, but didn't know it.

I apologize for this long post, I haven't been able to post in some time, and the OP resonated with me completely. This post has an happy ending: Steve got drunk one night and, as was his wont, fell asleep in the middle of a road. An eighteen-wheeler truck came upon him, couldn't stop in time, and put Steve out of everyone else's misery! Keep strong.

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Iraj #racist

I observe which companies are making commercials that pander to niggers, then I boycott them. I live in Canaduh but I see mostly US commercials. I've noticed that Unilever is a huge cheerleader for niggers. Certain products which used to be well-loved have been sold out to the nigger beast. Cheerios cereal is one example. Their commercials feature miscegenation (mixed race couples), white couples with a niglet, and one commercial features niggers dancing with their niglets. All of their commercials include nigger "hip-crap" music. In fact, most commercials for any product these days are driven by nigger bongos and chanting around a cauldron in the jungle.

Another phenomenon in ads these days is Magic Nigger Syndrome. This is nothing but a way for washed-up senile nigger actors to keep the cash rolling in after they blew them millions they were given for movies on Ripple, ho's and KFC. The usual suspooks include Samuel Jackscoon, Laurence Fishbreath and Morgan Friedcoon. Marketers will continue to prop these dried-up old coons in front of a camera long after they're dead. In some ads, the nigger slant is justified. I always laugh at the nigger-centric Febreze air freshener commercials. If any place needs air freshener, it's nigger barns.

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SpearChuckinJungleBunny #racist

The main problem for us humans isn't really niggers themselves which are just dumb animals, it's how most humans have been brainwashed into thinking that any problems with nigs is just a cultural thing, poverty, and The ever-convenient, ever-unprovable "racism."

I say this because you hit it on the head saying niggers are "hardwired" for gibsmedat behaviors, along with all other forms of TNB. In school and in media we are made to believe niggers are deep down just like us, but a niggermaniac knows better. He or she knows niggers are hardwired for vastly different living conditions, are hundreds of millennia behind humans in mental evolution, and are therefore hardwired to act in the ways that they do.

I work in education too and I fear the day a Shitskin is made a coworker of mine. There is one at my school but it's in a different department.

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CountyCoonKeeper #racist

Yesterday evening my neighbor, we’ll call her Z, a rector/priest and the nicest lady you’ll ever meet had her life threatened by thug niggers. Z was driving home from her church in a nigger fuxatted part of town, while driving on the slick roads in said part of town gets rear ended by a fambly of niggers. Z doing what responsible humans do, gets out and try’s to exchange insurance and get a traffic cop there.

The nigger and it’s shitspawn begin chimping, saying “ I gots warrants and no insurance, this yo fucking fault”. The nigger got back in it’s car and got on the phone and called nigger bucks to it’s aide. Z waiting in her car hears a trucker honking his horn at her, she rolls down her window and the trucker yells “get the fuck outta here, that lady is calling her friends”.

Sure as shit the niggers arrive before the police do and are trying to intimidate her, telling her “repeat after me bitch ‘it’s my fault’”. The nigger bucks leave before the police get there, 15 minutes later. The cop, being a nigger doesn’t even take this warrant having boon to jail, just a ticket. Z was in her priest uniform while these niggers were trying to intimidate her. Niggers have no regard for nothing, not even people of the cloth. I feel bad for Z because she was from a well to do part of the Northwestern United States and never had to deal with boons. Unfortunately her faith will keep her from realizing how truly evil niggers are.

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tarkid30 #racist

Went into Aarons today to see if they had the Nintendo switch, lo and behold a fat sheboon at the counter sick as shit coughing and sneezing all over everything not giving a single shit.

Thanks nigger because everyone wants your nigger flu or whatever the fuck she had. Needless to say I walked straight back out knowing it was too late because I already touched the door handles.

Fucking uncouth animal.

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GMT #racist

Thing is Mr. Fox with colleges in the USA being compelled to give passing grades to niggers even if they NEVER SHOWED FOR CLASS rather makes any nigger qualification worthless.

It MIGHT have attended some classes, you can bet money that it didn't attend all - and you can bet your bottom dollar that it only became a professor because of nigger bonus points. Niggers can now be qualified and yet have not the FIRST CLUE what the subject was really about. They get passing grades because otherwise the college is going to get hassle.

There are accounts on here with links showing that college tutors have been ORDERED to regrade and pass niggers that they had rightly failed. The same "free pass" does not apply to humans of course - only shitskins.

As such the professorship probably means it has a BASIC understanding of the subject and was given an honourary professorship for some absurd reason.

you are utterly correct though - a nigger is always a nigger at heart - even the polished magic niggers are only a missing chiggun wang away from at least a cat 2 chimpout.

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H8NGRS #racist

So, I work in a front-line customer service role and always cringe when I see a nigger coming into our office. My first course of action before they even enter the lobby is to act like I'm busy doing something. When they come in, I make sure to ignore them for a few seconds, look over at them and then look back at the "work" I'm busy with. This always get their blood boiling - feeling like day ah bein' disrepeked - And I hope they do because that is exactly what I am doing. If they shuffle their way towards my desk before I acknowledge them and they start telling me what they want, I quickly interrupt them and say "I'll be with you in a moment". Some of them say "Ok", but most give me attitude and smack their teeth.

A classic story happened 2 days ago. A fat ass sheboon comes shuffling in. I ignore her. She comes right up to me and starts mouthing some nonsense. I shut her up and tell her I will be with her in a minute - well, you can tell she did not like that. She says "uhhhmmmkk" and starts tapping her 6 inch glitter covered nails on my desk - why do they even bother tryin' to look puuurdy?? Have you looked in the fucking mirror lately you fucking ape!! When I finally acknowledged her, what she was saying made no sense and I made sure she knew she sounded like a moron and that what she was saying made no sense. Sheboon got an attitude and said "nahh, see, let me try to essplain tu you what I is talkin' bout.".

When she still failed to make sense and I explained in detail that she was wrong in her statement, she got more defensive and asked what she could do now to obtain what she needed. I told her that she could either fill out paperwork in our office or she could go online and order what she needed - the fat disgusting bitch cuts me off and says " not gonna help meh...I can only go online". I looked at her like the dumb fucking nigger ape that she is and said "I JUST told you - you can fill out the paperwork HERE.." She cuts me off again and yells "Ya know wut!! I don like yo attitoood, I'll just go online". I made sure to laugh loud enough for the shitskin to hear me as her fat ass busted out the door during her chimpout.

It's no question that she heard what I said - she was just reading my body language that I didn't want to do a fucking thing for her and tried to rope me into saying it - sorry you NIGGER CUNT - I'm smarter than that

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2 mini coons #racist

Unfortunately, I often have to eat nigger-handled dull food on the base nigger-infested dfac everyday to save money until I move off base. Most cooks in the military cooks are niggers, for obvious reasons, and I can't stand it. They constantly have inappropriate ghetto music blaring throughought this supposed professional dining facility, from the speakers, As if they really think humans want to hear that garbage. At least 90% of the staff are unbecoming affirmative action niggers, with the few humans there carrying most of the weight.

Every heard a sheboon laugh? The one were they laugh so hard they show they teef? Yeah, I'm wearing earmuffs next time I go in there. The sheboons that prepare and cook the food are simply unattractive, devoid of grace, and monstrous; completely in stark contrast to the dainty feminine human girls there. Every chance I get, I buy food from the grocery store and prepare it myself in one the cooking facilities.

Even off base, Virtually all the resturaunts are nigger-fuxated 24/7!! The few times I've been in em they were chaotic and disorderly; niggers joking around and babbling while a lines formed up to the doorway. It's truly an unnatural disgusting sight, to walk into a run down Mcdonalds and see nothing but 10-15 dark spotted snaggle toothed std infested niggers swarming the work area behind the counter, That's just fucking unacceptable. I've started leaving reviews online in nigger infested places to warn anyone with sense of to be aware nigger activity in these food places.

And niggers wonder why there are no nigger run businesses in ghetto! Because nigger workers are filthy lazy bastards incapable of providing satisfactory service. A good business nigger would do wise to only hire humans. But then again, Why bother supporting your community when it's full of theives, scum, and murderous crackheads who will steal from you and shoot your employees for personal gain? Indians, Koreans, and Arabs only do that to survive, the last place they want to be is in a concrete jungle.

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Mr. Fox #racist

I suppose that I’m what you’d call a lurker- I’ve been following this forum with interest for some time, and have often felt tempted to add my comments but have never felt irresolutely moved to do so until now. What has prompted me to put digital pen to virtual paper is this thread, which I think is THE definitive introduction to and precis of niggerology. If the subject were taught in schools, which it should be, in my opinion (some hope, I know!) I would make some of the posts on here part of the foundation course.

I have never considered myself a racist in the sense of being prejudiced against any race. Indeed, I know people from all parts of the world: Oriental, Asian, Hispanic- many of whom are good friends. I’m also married to one of them! Acknowledgement of the difference between races, is OK, whether you’re referring to physical appearance or behavioural tendencies, and I know that my lovely Malaysian neighbour and my Hispanic wife would agree.

Whether the nigger is a race or a species is a matter of genetics, a subject of which I have very little knowledge, so I can’t express an informed opinion. It’s convenient though, as far as I’m concerned, to use the word “human” to refer to any non-nigger humanoid. In that sense, I am a racist, in that I class niggers as a separate group from the rest of humanity, inherently of low intelligence, violent and anti-social. So, what made me aware of the difference?

There are two main themes that crop up again and again on this forum:

1. A well-balanced, unbiased, liberal-minded individual, with no particular opinions about niggers, because he or she has grown up in an unfuxated area, moves to a fuxated town or city and becomes a niggermaniac within weeks, if not days.

2. A like-minded individual is put into a situation where he/she has to work with niggers, leading to the same result.

Both of these apply to me. I live in London, UK, in an outlying 100% nigger-free suburb, which is one of the reasons my wife and I moved here. Previously, we lived in a more central area, which was gradually becoming overcome with the feral beasts. It was the happiest day of our lives when we moved out. Before that, I grew up in a moderately large town which was also virtually uncoontaminated. We have a very small nigger population in Britain- in the region of 3-4%, and, following the principle of like attracting like, it tends to be concentrated in certain areas, mainly inner-city ghettos. (Niggers will turn any area into a ghetto, as we all know.) Therefore, it’s possible to lead one’s entire life in most parts of Britain without encountering more than an occasional nigger, as I did up until I hit my mid-forties.

I’ve worked for most of my life in the broadcast production industry, where strict, immovable deadlines and occasional long days and missed weekends are the norm. At the time we first moved to London, I was working for a small independent company, owned and run by humans, but with a nigger manager supervising me. This creature did everything in its power to make all our lives as difficult as possible. A favourite trick was to reschedule work so that an important project would be in danger of over-running because we were concentrating on trivial, low-priority tasks, then complaining that the main work was not being done. It would criticise us for the slightest mistake (often caused by having to rush the job to get it finished) invent non-existent problems… I could write a long, long list.

It became normal for me to have to start work at 7 am and work through to midnight, just to get a project up and running on schedule. Naturally, my health suffered, and, looking back, I was probably on the verge of a breakdown. Along with others, I frequently complained to the senior management, who were understanding. The problem was that our employment laws here are so strict that, unless it could be shown that the nigger had committed some gross criminal act, it was virtually impossible for it to be fired. Then there are our race relation laws. If it had shouted “Racist!” the company would have faced a long and very expensive legal battle, which could have cost tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

An old, and oft-repeated story I know… One day I decided that I’d had enough, went to see the senior manager and quietly informed him that I was leaving then and there. I walked out of the job that I loved and to which I was dedicated, even though I had nothing else to go to, though fortunately I was not unemployed for long. If living in a fuxated area had not already made me a niggermaniac, my experience in this job would have. This is quite a long first post, so I’d like to close here by offering sincere thanks to all who administer and contribute to this forum, particularly those who have offered their invaluable insights on this particular thread.

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Carbone Bricchette #racist

So I just finished a 16hr shift at work and I was waiting for my train in the seated waiting area at Penn Station in NYC. I have my headphones in and I see this homeless nigger standing in front of another person just staring at him, I was saying to myself if that was me I would've told to get the f*ck away from me. So after that human told him "no gibs for him he move on to another, than another until he stood in front of me begging for money.

Told him "I don't give money to homeless people and to get away from me. This nigger was staring at me backing away when he then turns to walk away and BAM walks right into the bench, bashing his shin, I started giggling like a school girl. So now I go down to where the stairs are and wait for my track to be called couldn't have been 5 minutes since the nigger asked me for money but who comes up to me asking for money, of course it's the same nigger. I just said more firmly this time "didnt i tell you I don't give money to HOMELESS PEOPLE". The look on his niggers face was priceless, he just shuffled off to beg from other unsuspecting humans.

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fatlip #racist

I'm so glad to be a part of this. Great question asked and I've read many wonderful answers.

Me: I'm definetly not racist, I'm Just a regular person who sees niggers for what they really are.

I had learned very quickly at 10yrs old when my parents switched me from catholic school (no niggers allowed)to public school(full of niggers)that niggers were filthy,intellectually inferior, violent animals. I firmly believe niggers are direct descendants of gorillas and chimpanzees. Look closely at their physical features and mannerisms.

I have to admit that I was fortunate enough to learn first hand what niggers were all about at a young age.

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SpearChuckinJungleBunny #racist

I'm glad someone else here is also willing to proudly state that they HATE niggers. I hate niggers more than almost anything in my life, and my hatred for them grows and refines itself with every passing day. However, I do not let me hate consume me, eat away at me, I don't let it dominate me or fill me with bitterness towards the world. What's wrong with hating some things in life? Life isn't all fluffy things and rainbows, you can't know love without knowing hate.

Hate can be a great thing if you let it motivate you to proper action. Not to foolish action like committing crime or seeking vengeance. I hate hate haters. I love having hatred for a few things and using that to motivate me to better myself and my condition. I actually take great pleasure in seeing niggers chimpout or suffer, it fills me with overwhelming schadenfreude, however my hate doesn't eat away at me and ruin my mood or hamper my health. I have my hate under control, and as long as I'm not thinking about niggers, the hatred is forgotten.

There is nothing wrong with hatred so long as it doesn't drive you to do stupid illegal shit or ruin your overall disposition and daily conduct. Use your hatred of niggers to remind you to avoid public transportation at all costs, to always have the means to protect yourself and your loved ones, and to get the hell out of any situation that has niggers if it can be helped. Use your hatred of niggers to remind you to never say to yourself, "Well okay maybe just this one time, maybe this one is different..." regarding some new shitskin you encounter. HELL NO- there are no exceptions, ALL NIGGERS ARE DEMONS.

Tom likes to point out that he doesn't hate niggers because niggers are just animals and how can you hate an animal for behaving like a stupid animal with no self awareness or self control like we humans? That's a great point and I do try and remind myself of that from time to time- they're just niggers doing what niggers do, like crows do what crows do and rats do what rats do and raccoons do what raccoons do. It's when I remember that stance of his that I think my feelings towards niggers is more properly called revulsion, not hatred.

It's easy to think you hate them because we're all raised to think of them as humans, they seem generally humanoid, are bipedal, can manage to barely speak a horrifying form of broken English, and they've learned well how to mimic humans in many ways, even how to operate motor vehicles and deep fry chicken. Our homegrown NAPA's are quite different than mudpie-making African monkeys who would all still be in mudhuts if not for contact with the human race.

We're raised to think niggers are human and in many ways it is SO EASY to momentarily forget that they are not human. If you keep your revulsion/hatred for niggers fresh at all times, you will know exactly what to do when you encounter them, which at a minimum means never letting your guard down around them, EVER.

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cr500af #racist

I spent 50+ years doing my best to hold the American doctrine of egalitarianism. I got a huge dose of skepticism after doing a 10 day mission trip in rural Kenya in 2012. Then the Ferguson riots of 2014 totally broke down my egalitarian card house. That caused me to dig into the "forbidden, dark world" of racial realism from a scientific perspective, going places on the web and purchasing books I would have never previously allowed myself to see.

I have since totally given up on niggers as a species (not race). Whatever the truth is regarding creation and the human race, niggers are not included. I am not a racist--that word has no meaning to me. I just have no use for niggers in my preferred world, except as an semi-exotic zoological display that would be limited to the continent of Africa, with strict rules limiting the assistance human nations could offer the niggers (so we could observe them in their completely natural state, and not the half-trained apes they are today).

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bill brasky #racist

As the title states, I almost ran over a nigger yesterday evening. I took the day off yesterday (as mentioned in another thread I have been working a ton of overtime). And I made an eye doctor appointment.

The appointment was late afternoon. The doctor dialated my eyes after asking me if it was okay to do so. Not knowing any better, I'm like, " whatever you gotta do." Also, it didn't help that she was cute as a button and I would have done anything she asked! (Aren't human women beautiful?)

Anyway, it was dusk when I drove home. The oncoming headlights were blinding me and things were blurry a little since my pupils were wide open! As I was turning left at a traffic light, I could not for the life of me see that nigga shuckin' and jivin' its way across the street.

Of course, it's after dusk, the spook's skin is darker than the devil's soul, it's wearing a black hoodie, black pants and no reflective gear. Heck, I don't even think it had those flashy, ugly expensive sneakuhs on...they usually have reflective stuff on them. It reminded me of that old SNL skit with Dan Akroyd -- Irwin Mainway -- and the child's Halloween costume called "invisible pedestrian". (An all-black costume to go trick-or-treating at night).

I barely missed it. And it was pretty funny because it walked faster after that! I didn't get to see if I was "racist" or a "mutha-fuckuh" or whatever, lol. Why are they so stupid?

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FaryionW #racist

I grew up in an area largely devoid of niggers and relatively liberal so I was indoctrinated very severely into adulthood. I had some negative experiences in young adulthood but chalked it up to "systemic racism" and the other typical excuses.

It wasn't until the Traycoon Martin crap hit and at the same time my business started to attract niggers that it became impossible for me to continually write off the behavioral degeneracy they display to the legacy of slavery and other nonsense.

There's just too much evidence that they simply are not like us. I was into my 30s by the time I came to that realization. There are liberals who will claim that racism is taught by parents and friends. Not in my case. Niggers taught me. And yes, a better word is "realist".

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GMT #racist

NEVER assume a shitskin will play fairly OR share equally OR be honest. I'm afraid you will be disappointed 99.9 times out of a 100. (the exception because it lost concentration while busy raping someone or something".)

It will take as MUCH as it can, as SOON as it can WHENEVER it can - just like any other sub human species that operate purely on a "fight/flight/survival" basis.

You seem like a great guy Bill, but please learn fast and hard, niggers will always take EVERYTHING they can get - and if you expect them to share, be fair or be decent - you will lose out every single time.

If you are unlucky enough to work with niggers, NEVER let your guard down - if you do, it WILL cost you dearly sooner or later

If you view their morals, ethics and standard as similar to a pack of starving wild dogs on heat, you will not be TOO far wide of the mark with their morals. (alas the niggers will sink a little lower)

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anti_nig #racist

As others have said I'm not a racist, I'm a realist. To call it racism implies that niggers are a race, and therefore a variety of human, which they are not--they are a separate species of hominid. In other posts I've literally called them fauna.

That being said I acknowledged that niggers were a separate species fairly young. I believe I was around 10 or so, and my views of them were formed witnessing the behavior of niggers and nigglets. Both of my parents are in heavy denial over the nature of the nigger.

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NiggersAreSubhuman #racist

Several weeks ago one of the "toof" at the back of my mouth started hurting. So I did what I usually do in such situations -- wait for the pain to go away on its own and hope for the best. Sometimes even I use "clove oil" by rubbing some with a q-tip - which often does the trick.

So last Saturday, two days before X-MAS, the pain intensified big time to a point that it was practically unbearable. So I called my regular dentist and was told he was out of town. So I started scrambling for any dentist who would be willing to see me on an emergency basis. Finally I managed to make an appointment for later that afternoon at a dentist located downtown.

Upon arriving at the clinic I was greeted by a Sheboon who was conditioned to smile and act friendly. Later, the dental assistant (also a sheboon with a behind the size of Texas) called my name and asked me to follow her to see the dentist - who luckily was human. The dentist prescribed Tylenol with codeine/antibiotics and recommended I see my regular dentist on Tuesday, but if I wanted to he can take an x-ray to see if he can treat the "toof right then and there, and I agreed.

So once again I had to follow the sheboon with the massive behind who led my to the x-ray area. While there I encountered a truly disgusting buck (oily curly hair, unshaven, smelly) who apparently was an x-ray technician. So the buck put me in a small closet and started taking x-ray. Immediately I realized something is not right as I kept hearing the sound of the machine buzzing too long (rather the split second) -- So the buck realized I got nervous and ooked something to the effect that I should not worry because x-ray is harmless. So I asked the buck, if it is harmless why do you hide behind a lead wall, and the buck had no answer. I told the buck I had to go to the bathroom and left the clinic...

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Benjamin Crump daTurd #racist

Why any company hires niggers I'll never know. I would think fending off gibsmedats lawsuits would still be less troublesome and less expensive than employing a nigger with all the bullshit and costs associated with the nigger and its niggetry.

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Benjamin Crump daTurd #racist

Niggers should not be allowed in human establishments to begin with. With the end of sensible nigger control laws they have become more and more uppity. They should at least have to go to the back of the restaurant and wait by the dumpster for their food, after paying in advance of course. Niggers ruin everything !

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Shittin' Niglets #racist

Merry Christmas, of course!

Anyways, had to swing by the Seben Eleben and fill-up, as tomorrow I'm heading out to my home state for the holidays, family, etc. So, I'm filling up, and I hear these extremely LOUD noise, coming from these two Harley Davidsons... but it wasn't their engines/exhausts. It was that nigger "music." These two coons, ride up to da pump, to steal gas, and are BLASTING this offensive garbage, which sounds like some downlow, sleepy/drugged nigger run through some goddamn computer, "singing" behind some (c)rapping asshole, who was repeating/chanting all of this vile shit, about "F**KIN YO BITCH," AND "SHOOTIN DAT PU*SAYY" over and over again. The downlow coon, from what I could understand, was whining about drugs.

WTF is this shit? Meanwhile, there are human families and children in the parking lot, running back from da Seben Eleben, with road snacks, or bathroom, or whatever, while these two spooks talked even louder, over that vile shit, about "DEYY MUH TEAAAM, DEY GOIN TA DA SUPPABOWL"

Fuck, I hate niggers.

BTW- I know these coons are not BIKERS, just nigger poseurs. Real bikers are some cool dudes, and would NEVER act like this, EVER.

Get these niggers out of this country.

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2 mini coons #racist

I've recently found out that one of the superiors in my workplace is self-admittedly a Quadroon (1/4 nigger). It's crazy because at first glance he could pass as a white mestizo or spaniard, but he really didn't look like a nigger except that he was tanner than most whites and had dark eyes. I must be psychic or something, because I started to get a few hunches and raised eyebrows that he was a crypto-nigger, when I saw how well got on with the other niggers, how supportive he was of their niggershines, and just his general disposition.

Anyway, It really is true; the one drop rule. This nigger is supposed to be a fucking leader and has been in the military far longer than i have but all he does is sit in his chair and fuck around all day, there's not a single ounce of dog-hearted initiative in this nigger's bones. It's amazing how incompetent he is, he can't drive for shit, fucks up novice task, and barely has any understanding/knowledge of our job field even though he's supposed to have been certified at multiple skill levels by now. I seriously can't fathom how he's managed to stay in this long, has the military really become that lax?

He's so fucking lazy, even lazier than the darker niggers at our job who he seems to get along perfectly fine with. That's right instead of doing adminstrative work, he wanders around the squadron building looking for other lazy niggers to loaf and jive around with, instinctively, as if he was just like any ordinary nigger. He will only work as much he needs to, so that he can blow shit off till the next day or not get his ass chewed out. There are younger humans at my job with less experience than him yet will put in 10x as much work as he does with zero complaints, while he shamelessly sits on his lard ass watching hip hop shit on his phone and shouts vague assortments of hoorahs and "you can do it boys!" whilst me and my peers sweat beades and work afterhours because we have to carry this bastard's weight!!

It doesn't matter if it's half nigger, quarter nigger, quadroon, or an octoroon! It is still a nigger im every way that matters. 1% niggers are among us too, if you feel like something's off about someone and they display a good amount of TNB and get along swimmingly with even the worst niggers then they're probably a nigger.

Why is it so hard to care about your subordinates?! Why is it so hard to have integrity?! Why can't you take pride in your work?! Why don't you want to be comptentent in your job field?! Why can't you work hard?! Why can't you pay attention to detail! God Damn!

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NigletPiglet #racist

I thought I posted this, but apparently I did not. I will go ahead and share it:

A few years ago, when I was a freshman in college, I signed up for a few course and some late night laboratories to accompany the courses. The way the system was set up was you could not sign up for two class spots at the same time. However, in this particular case, the system DID let me double up on two evening classes. Assuming it wouldn't, I didn't notice the error until it was later in the week and it was time to attend the course... It was still in the first week of classes, so I could switch into an open class without approval from the professor.... however....the class I was going to switch into was full!

I remember meeting with the professor and he allowed me to switch into the full one (having 1 extra student wouldn't have been detrimental) and luckily he was completely understanding of my error. I assumed I was all set since the professor had given me the paperwork. He does this every year, right? He should know what he's doing. But I still had to take a signed sleep to the university registrar office saying I had permission to switch into the full class. I had never had to deal with this issue before, so I walked into the office and presented the signed slip.

It was a nigger sheboon and -of course- it had issues with the way I had done the process. Apparently, I was supposed to have multiple slips signed : I should have had a slip signed saying I was switching out of the class I was in and then ANOTHER signed slip signing me into the course I was signing into. (It was the same class, just a different time). At the time, this made NO sense to me at all. Why require multiple slips for the one class? It doesn't make any sense. How would you go back and be able to differiant *which* course the student was switching over to?

The nigger ooked and eeked and ended up saying "dis fine, we will just do it fill out anudderone". I sat there and waited patiently while it did it's stupid thing. I did end up getting switched into the appropriate course and everything ended up being fine.

However, I had a somewhat similar occurrence occur a few years later and dealt with a human. Turns out the nigger who told me you needed multiple slips was WRONG. No surprise there. You only need ONE slip since it has a section to fill out showing where you're switching to. Of course this makes sense, as sometimes these slips are dropped off on Friday evening in a little box when the office closes. On Monday morning the next week, if there were two signed slips, how would you know which class the student had meant to switch into?

Why in the fuck are uneducated niggers put in a position in which they are to assist university students? Niggers are butthurt to begin with, but being in a position where everyone they deal with is already more intelligent than they are doesn't help anything. When they fuck up, you of course, cannot even attempt to explain to them, since they don't have enough brain cells to understand.

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Martin Luther King Kong Koon #racist

(Idiotic racist comes up with a poem!)

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the section ape house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a nigger or mouse.
The stockings and weaves were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Muhdick soon would be there;

The lil monkeys were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of basketballs danced in their nappy heads;
And big mamma in her spandex, and the buck in his sideways turned cap,
Had just settled down for a long winter's nap,

When out on the chicken bone covered lawn there arose such a clatter,
They sprang from the bed to see wat da fuck was da mattah.
Away to the window they flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave the lustre of bling to the objects below,
When, what to their bulging yellow eyes should see,
But a flying, golden hooptie, and eight winged chimpanzees,

With a bling-covered driver, so lively and quick,
They knew in a moment it must be St. Muhdick.
More rapid than NFL nigger wide recievers his coursers they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

"Now, DAYSHAWN! now, TYREE! now, RASHON and VIXEN!
To the top of the monkey porch! to the top of the wall!
GET YO MUFUCKIN ASSES UP DER! and dash away all!"

As dry leaves that before street basketball niggers fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,
So up to the ghetto nest-top the coursers they flew,
With the hooptie full of stolen UPS packages, and St. Muhdick too.

And then, in a twinkling, they heard on the roof
The ghetto hooptie land by flying chimps with gold toofs
As the buck drew in his hand, and was turning around,
Down the chimney St. Muhdick came with a bound.

He was dressed like a nigger pimp, from his head to his foot,
And his clothes were all stained with fried chicken grease and soot;
A bundle of watermelons and KFC buckets, he had flung on his back,
And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack.

His bulbous yellow eyes -- how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like plums, his nose like 2 fat berries!
His big ass lips and mouth was drawn up like a bow,

The stump of a newport he held tight in his golden teeth,
And the smoke it encircled his ape head like a wreath;
He had a broad gorilla face and a huge hippo belly,
That shook, when he laughed like a bowlful of nigger grape jelly.

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old nigger elf,
And the niggers laughed when they saw him, in spite of dayselves and shit;
A wink of his eye and a twist of his wooly head,
Let them know this was no home invasion, so they had nothing to dread;

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And filled all the stockings with ebt cards; then turned with a jerk,
And sticking his finger into his booger nigger nose,
And blasted out a fart, up the chimney he rose;

He sprang to his flying ghetto hooptie, to his chimps gave a whistle,
And away they flew like a happy nigger after having a felony dismissal.
But they heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,

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Massa Wit Da Chimp Whip #racist

Lets just say, its been a monday....and I dont have time to deal with niggers. So as iwas leaving home depot a bit ago and as I was getting into my truck, this middle aged nigger guy with curly hair snuck up to my door, and with the BIGGEST cheesiest smile started rambling on...."Goood Afternoon sir, if I could...."

I looked down at him from my lifted truck and gave him the best death glare that I could muster.... his words kind of trailed off and his smile melted away, and he just stood there with this stupid look on his face not saying anything more. And I just kept glaring at him to make it as uncomfortable as possible for the nigger. Eventually, I told it, If you're about to ask me for money, I suggest you take your happy black ass and just move along....

The nigger shuffled off, probably to go bother another human.

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Malcolm Xcrement #racist

I was approaching a red light that turned green when I was close enough that an asshole driver would have made a left as the opposing traffic started to move, forcing them to yield. The intersection is 5 lanes wide. 2 lanes each direction for straight or right turns, the center lane for lefts only. The opposing lanes (east) had traffic in the left and center lane. The curb lane was clear. I was stopped, facing west in the left turn lane.

As I stopped I noticed a buck and a niggopotamus shucking and jiving across the lanes doing the usual slow nigger shuffle. No doubt the other drivers who now had to wait were pondering joining niggermania. The buck cleared the road and was on the sidewalk while Shaniqua was still waddling across. It was still traversing the middle eastbound lane and stepped in the curb lane without looking. It was obvious that they'd ignored the pedestrian crossing signal as they were in the roadway when the light turned red.

As Shaniqua cleared the center lane, it never looked for clearance in the final curb lane. I was watching it as a car came in to my view through the open lane. The other driver apparently saw the massive blob of EBT induced lipids and broke hard, bringing the vehicle to a screeching halt about a foot from the disgusting sow.

It started chimping out. I could see it howling and flailing its arms. The buck was standing on the sidewalk, laughing. The driver attempted to go around the obstruction as it was taking a picture of the license plate with its obongo phone. When the car made the orbit around Shaniqua, it swung it's paw at the car. I couldn't see if it made coontact as it was on the other side of the vehicle. The other filthy animal was still laughing at its mate's primitive antics.

Close call but I almost had an amusing bedtime story to tell. From a front row seat, as well.

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becca29 #racist

So back in highschool days there was a dread head niggerbuck I used to be friends with that went to school with me this was before I became a niggermaniac but here it goes folks, this nigger was all your true nature stereotype nigger, he would always try to mooch off me, expecting free gibs, always hated the fact that I was attracted to white guys, and would laugh about it, had a niglet already, didn't had a job all it thinked about was muhdikin human girls, drinking 40s and smoking pot, always had yellow eyes that niggers have, never made an effort to get a job or anything.

Stupid coon one day got mad because I wouldn't buy him a malt liquor, and some food. The niggerbuck expect for me to pay for everything in the past so therefore I told the nappy haid buck no more gibs for you nigger!! And blocked the nigger! Got damn stinky niggers it's always niggers that always want their gibs! Take advantage of nice hardworking humans. I never had a human friend trying to take advantage of my kindness, so I learned the hard way to stay away from groids!

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Lindsay #racist

I safely returned from New Orleans last week, but I'm still very upset and disturbed by what I saw while I was there. I know many of you warned me, and I knew there was going to be a lot of niggers, but New Orleans was fuxated beyond even my wildest nigger nightmares. I think it's possible this is the most nigger fuxated city in the United States. I wanted to get out of it, but my husband would have went alone and he likes to drive straight through and I was worried he may fall asleep at the wheel.

We drove to New Orleans from New York, only stopping for a 4 or 5 hour nap in the parking lot of a truck stop in Alabama, so I was tired. We arrived about noon and check-in time at the hotel wasn't until 3pm. So we gave our minivan to a nigger to valet park and decided to take a little walk, until the hotel room was ready.

My husband is a fan of the movie JFK, so he wanted to see if that building they showed in the movie was still there. We walked by a lovely park and I was going to take a few pictures until we got closer and I saw dozens of homeless niggers lying all over the ground and under the statues and trees. One was injecting something into it's arm and making loud chimp noises. Of course, we were immediately harrassed for money.

A big nigger buck jumps out out of nowhere and says, "You are being given a ticket for not smiling in New Orleans." My husband reached out to take it, and I scream, "Don't take it, it's a scam!" The nigger gives me a dirty look and says, "It's for Meals on Wheels!" LOL, I bet. So we walk a little further, and don't find the building and I've already seen more niggers than I can take after 24 hours of driving and very little sleep. Plus I'm hungry, which is an issue because I'm diabetic. I just needed a little something to tide me over until we went to dinner that evening.

On the way back, I see the same nigger with the “ticket scam” harrassing a human for a donation so I slow up to see what’s going to happen and the human gives the nigger $10! I couldn’t believe it. We walk back towards Canal Street, which is one of the main touristy roads in New Orleans. I see a McDonald's, so I tell my husband that I'll just get a fish sandwich and we'll sit in McDonald's for a little bit until the hotel room is ready.

There is the slowest sheboon at the register. People are walking out left and right because there is only one cashier and a long line. But by then, I was getting dizzy so I decided to wait. Thankfully, 3 smart people in front of me said, "Screw this," and left. So I get up to the register and say, "I'd like a plain fish sandwich, no cheese." The sheboon looks at me like I just spoke in Swahili and says rudely, "You want a WHO?" I repeat my order and it rolls its eyes at me and makes a face. After I get my sandwich, we go to a booth by a wall.

Homeless niggers and beggars are lounging around in booths. The garbage cans were overflowing. The air smells like urine, pot, and liquor. Screaming unsupervised niglets are running all over.

My husband points out a group of nigger teenapers who are dealing drugs right in the open. When I see a nigger, I try not to interact with it. My goal is not to get killed or robbed by a nigger, especially when in a dangerous city. But unfortunately, my husband, who hates niggers too, will often make a comment that I feel puts us in danger. He grew up in the city, so he thinks he can handle them.

I look over and I see the niggers are not only dealing drugs, they have all their dope, right out in the open, lying on the table. One of them is rolling a big fat blunt. So, of course, my husband can’t resist commenting. He says loudly, “Is that a McDoobie?” Instantly, about 6 niggers surround our table. One says, “Don’t be judging us. This be how we be making our living.” Another nigger, it’s pants hanging down to its knees says, “We gots rent and bills to pay ‘cause our mothers not love us.”

I said, “It’s okay, we’re cool,” hoping to calm the situation. The niggers kept babbling at us and I was scared to death. We got up to go and 3 of the niggers went outside. I was scared they were going to jump us. After we checked in, I Google this McDonald’s and it turns out that a murder and stabbing had been committed there, a few months earlier, in broad daylight!

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I was at my parents’ cemetery paying my respects’s a very large cemetery and I often drive around after paying my respects, looking at the variety of gravestones, some of which are very ornate and creative, and some have interesting inscriptions or sculptures on them....

Well as I was driving around, I was rounding a corner at the far end of the cemetery grounds, and a small grave site caught my gravestone, but there were brightly colored flowers to mark the spot, and various things left at the gravesite as adornments or mementos, so I got out of my car to check it out...Alas, it was the grave of a no-good gangbanger nigger.

It had no gravestone giving its name or date of expiration, but its fambly left some metal block letters on the grass that spelled “Snacky” which must have been this nigger’s gang name when it was alive and causing mayhem....A bunch of gaudy brightly colored plastic flowers were jammed into the ground at the spot, and there was one of those signs formed from flowers spelling “DAD” so this nigger obviously reproduced and left us with another precious nigger “legacy” out there somewhere....

There was also a printed page attached to a metal frame holder thrust into the ground, proudly festooned with over 15 photos of the dead nigger gangsta, all of them showing the nigger (looking about mid-20’s in age), in typical saggy pants, wearing lots of bling, flashing gang signs and flipping the middle finger, one shot was the nigger posing with its shiny gold toofuses in front of its ghetto hooptie, “endearing”....I guess the nigger never had any proper studio portrait ever taken of it while it was alive....

So apparently this nigger’s fambly cannot (or will not) afford a proper gravestone for its deleted nigger, and instead they go through the trouble of littering its gravesite with typical tacky Niggerish mementos and adornments. I’m surprised the cemetary management allowed it.....I did not have a camera on-hand to photograph this haphazardly decorated nigger gravesite, otherwise I would have posted it was a sight to behold...

Anyway, I stood directly on top of the grave as I scornfully looked it over (standing directly on top of the grave, specifically to show disrespect to the nigger) and spoke aloud to the dead nigger there, “You damn, ugly stupid nigger....even in death you still look like an asshole...So were you deleted in a gang drive-by shooting? Or did you try fighting some cops and got ventilated? Or did your sprog play with your gun and pop a cap in your dumb nigger noggin? How DID your miserable, worthless life end, nigger? I bet they even buried you with your pants sagging, and had your cold dead hands form some stupid gangsta hand signs, didn’t they, nigger?” And I spat on the grave just out of spite. God, that felt good.

Out of deference to the cemetery, I was very careful NOT to touch or disturb or vandalize the site, just spit on it. But I wished I could piss on it or leave a turd on it...or spell “Nigger” on the grass using gasoline so the grass would die and leave the lettering for anyone to see....but I restrained myself. Niggers in death deserve no honor, respect or due deference....damn all niggers to Hell....

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NigorMortis #racist

I have to deal with all kinds of bullshit arising from bureaucratic incompetence. I chose yesterday afternoon to clear the decks of two things. The first one was with our insurance company, an employee went to go to the dentist and the dentist said they had no coverage which was bullshit since we've been paying the premium for months. So I call and get Shaquesha or similar, it of course has no clue what to do so it say it gonna dun find da right department n' sheet and do I mind a brief howd n' sheet? Sure, I say. So I'm on hold for probably 20 minutes, the sheboon finally gets back on and says the humans have solved the problem. Relatively minor coontact, I guess, but the acceptable number of coontacts is zero so it still is a pain.

Now on to the second coontact. We recently filed our state income tax return. We had no tax liability, but the State of AZ assesses a minimum $50 tax. So on the tax return we have a $50 tax, estimated payments of a lot more, so when you subtract the $50 from the amount paid we have effectively paid the $50. Didn't write a check, but the tax is paid. I get a bill from the idiots at the state asking for their $50 plus $3 of penalties and interest. Out of principle I call bullshit and call the number to get it fixed. I end up with yet another sheboon, I humanly explain the obvious error and the sheboon says “OK aw u gotta do iz sen’ in da proofa da payment to da cussamer serbiss address”. I say “Understood, but we paid the tax by lowering our refund on the return, and you already have the return.” The boon is silent (nice bonus!), clearly no clue. So I say “do you want me to photocopy the return and send that as proof?” “Das currec”, says the boon and I get off the phone.

Bonus in all of this is that I confirmed that my boss is a niggermaniac. I went to him to vent, and I was acting out the boon’s language and he was laughing his ass off. He had told me about his son making some comments about niggers, so I figured I’d go for full confirmation of his niggermaniac status.

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Tom Shelly #racist

of course, why would you ask such a silly question? As the nigger population rises, the area turns more and more into Sub Saharan Africa. This is Niggerology 101.

The entire United States will be like Zimbabwe eventually.

Remember this important lesson:

Increase in Nigger Per Capita Population = Increase In Third World Stone Age Sub Saharan African Conditions.

This fact has remained constant throughout history and has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout the years. Doesn't matter what area of the world it is in or what period in history, it occurs without fail. A nigger's natural habitat is to live in a straw hut just barely beyond the simple discovery of fire.

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Tom Shelly #racist

The breaking point in the coddling of niggers will come in stages, one of which is bankruptcy and the withholding of welfare, HUD and other handouts given to niggers. Since only one group in the United States pays more in taxes than they take out - WHITE MALES - only so much revenue can be raised until it reaches a breaking point. You can only hand out so much until you run out of money.

Instead of outright saying, "We have to cut welfare payments to niggers in order to keep from going bankrupt," they will enact rules such as drug testing or limits on the number of nigglets they can have, or even limitations on the number of years niggers can collect welfare.

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Sugar-n-Tea Fan #racist

Sounds like an absolute nightmare. I hope you have some more interesting coontacts before this travesty is over and are able to at least salvage some humor out of it.

Probably at least half (if not 99%) of the so called "bl@ck middle class" is really only so because of Affirmative Action giving niggers fairly decent-waged jobs that they would otherwise not have. A good example is the Postal Service. Now my town is "only" about 10% nigger (if you can believe the statistics;it seems higher to me) but nearly 90% of the postal office employees and especially mail carriers around here are niggers, and I don't think it's a coincidence that I've started to lose mail (I've had no less than 3 things "lost" in the last year or so, and mail NEVER EVER got lost before.) Mail carriers get around $20/hour here which is not a fortune obviously but considering it's basically completely unskilled work it's not too bad since that's probably close to double what, say, a line cook at a diner would make (and the work is a LOT easier and less stressful.)

If the pool of these joke Affirmative Action gubmint jobs ever dried up, a HUGE chunk of these so called "middle class" niggers would be back on the streets and unable to get anything other than the only jobs they're truly "qualified" for -- menial labor and janitorial work. Basically, the whole United States Government is just a big giant nigger subsidy. The blatant gibs are bad enough, but when you add in things like these relatively highly paid unskilled labor jobs that are all given to coons the costs are undoubtedly several times what even the most cynical of us would like to admit. It also pisses me off since there are TONS of deserving humans who might have been laid off, college students, etc etc who would LOVE to make $40-50k a year for a bit delivering the mail or doing some other similar work like that.

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Shittin' Niglets #racist

Just got back from the supermarket, was uneventful, except when it came time to leave. I picked the one register with a human cashier, and the nigger in front of me, some sheboon in dem PINK sweats, with the scgraggly no-weave/weave taken out hurr, on da foam (of course) with some other nigger on da speaker foam. The human girl was quite efficient at ringing up her EBT shit, which constituted itself of chiggin from da rotisserie, iceberg lettuce, a large size bottle of cheap "ranch" dressing, something in a can, I couldn't figure out.. cheap "tomato sauce," maybe, and a two liter plastic jug of sto' bran' cola. Anyways, the coon started yelling on da foam about gettin' dem black 'un milds, while the nigger on speaker kept saying something that sounded like "UHN. UHN. UHN.

So, she turns to the cashier and demands those cheap cigars - with nigger names like "Game," from da rack. The cashier couldn't find what it was squaking, so it yelled louder.




Of course, it repeated itself a few times.


Finally, the thing fucking left, and of course, just grabbed its shit and ran, without putting the cart back, leaving it in my and an old lady's way. I said something like "They don't know how to put things away, do they?," and the cashier and old lady shook their heads and laughed. I'm suspecting some niggermania in both. Anyways, no more niggers this weekend! One and done!

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Proudwhiteman #racist

Back when I was wrangling niggers for a living, I was booking one into the city jail. The jailer asked this spook for his full name to which he responded that his middle name was "nimmon." The jailer then asked the spook to spell his middle name, it replied "N-M-N." It went on to explain this unusual name by stating that the last time it was arrested, the PO-lice gave it a middle name because it didn't have one.

What this moron was talking about was the abbreviation for "no middle name." It actually thought we had assigned it a middle name because it's mammy didn't give it one at birth.

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GMT #racist

How about giving people an exam to test aptitude.

High IQ? You get to choose military service, Community Service or Voluntary service Overseas
Medium IQ / Conchy? Commuinty Service or VSO
Pig Shit Thick? Voluntary Service Overseas.

VSO people get sent to the shitholes overseas to try and help sort niggers problems out for them. In return for sending so much "labour" overseas, the government could justify cutting back on some of the international aid - they are sending labour after all - and what PC agency will be able to say "yeah, but they're all useless niggers"?

Added bonus? When the international aid projects start to wobble and 95% of the people there are niggers, a few more folks will get to realise just how useless they really are.

In the meantime, they cost us nothing - the host county gives them food and shelter in exchange for work. not unlike the niggers of old had when they knew their place in the fields

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Shittin' Niglets #racist

Just ship 'em back.

I wouldn't want my American military to be full of these fat, worthless "attitude" she-boons, down-low, soy-boy bucks or dey cheeto-haid thieves, or fuckin' worthless, stupid, illiterate sail foam niggers, who won't even stand for a flag pledge and scream DAT RAYCISS at everything on da innernet. Fuckin' joke.

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NiggersAreFilth #racist

And white people in the USA are lambasted by the NFL... because they enforce the law. If you niggers think it is so bad in the USA, leave and go back to Africa!!

This just proves further that rather than improve their lot in life, niggers will just continue to destroy everything. Niggers have no respect for ANYTHING, not even their own kind. Niggers are worse than the lowest of the low.

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I Fucking Hate Niggers #racist

Satan and his fellow fallen angels we're muhdikking anything that moved...and that included animals. This is also how Giants came to be. But I digress.

The fallen mated with primates and created a soulless creature we call the nigger. This is why niggers are predisposed to evil. It's in their DNA.

The nigger beast is a wild animal and should be treated as such.