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Nathan "Leucosticte" Larson #racist

I've calculated that the white race will go extinct in 72 generations

Assuming a population of whites of 850 million, it will only take 72 generations for a fertility rate of 1.5 to completely destroy the white race:

(.75^72)*850000000 < 1

I plug .75 into this formula because that's (1.5 children/foid) * (1 foid/2 people) = .75 children/person.

I'm assuming we count "total destruction" as whenever the number of whites drops below 1. There could still be some fractional quantities, but according to Hitler, as soon as you start diluting the white bloodline through miscegenation, cultural creativeness goes away pretty quickly, so for practical purposes, that means the white race is done at that point.

Even before 72 generations have passed, though, the white race will have reached a severe population bottleneck so that they'll only be able to reproduce through inbreeding. For example, after the 69th generation, it might be just one man and his daughter, so that he'd have to say to her, "Well honey, it's up to us to continue the white race." Ah, to be born in the year 3743, when there's the perfect excuse for father-daughter incest.

Well white guys, enjoy the days of being able to press your JBW advantage outside of the white world, because there's only another 1,800 years of that left, assuming each generation is spaced 25 years apart.

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Improvecel #fundie

Being incel is a result of a combination of stats.

Think of it as a character RPG sheet.

You have 4 stats, and you can have between a 1-100 on each stat.

Face (looks)
Status (Money)
Mental (Charisma, confidence, humor, sanity)

In general, if you have 150 points you can probably get laid.

If you have 100 in status 25 in height and 25 in face; you can get laid.

If you have 50 in face, 50 in height, 50 in status; you can get laid.

However, if you are an ugly, short, middleclass guy; tough luck.

An incel is an ugly, short, low status and unattractive guy.

You could be 7 feet tall, but if you're an autist with a shitty face and no money; good luck.

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Sparrow's Song #fundie

Been reading the anti incel propaganda.

This shit is heartless and most article are written with ignorant conformity. They write so much about how we're all planning mass murders and rapes, meanwhile as all incels know, such posts are rare and almost always shitposting. I have yet to see a genuine threat of anything on any incel wbesite, and to find things that "rape Stacy" and "kill roasties" you would have to go through a couple pages and even then we're talking about shit that could only be taken seriously by a very old person or someone who is mentally disabled. The "entitlement to sex" bullshit needs to stop too. Roasties are the ones act entitled to sex, that's why they have reduced men to live their lives as disposable objects or varying degrees of worth. Imagine if a man could find the love of his life by simply choosing from thousands of images is a human being catalog, that would be "sexist" and "objectifying women"... Yet this is how they choose sex partners. It's retarded, incel mean involuntarily celibate, that's literally what it means, it means my mother didn't have the best genetics and is very unhealthy, it means that I was in her womb she did not pay close enough attention to her diet and what chemicals she was consuming... I am nothing more than a miscarriage who's heart is still beating, that is what being an incel really is, it's not an ideology or political movement... It's men, often from poverty infested, disease ridden, peasant families who were never worth a shit who have realized that they are too ugly to experience love, and too ugly to socialize with the rest of the world. Being incel isn't about wanting to commit mass acts of violence at all, in fact, it's more about looking at your face in the mirror, knowing how worthless your life is, and walking out the door HOPING to be the victim of a mass shooting. Incels would actually be the "hERos" of mass shootings because we would eagerly jump in the way of those bullets to end our misery instead of allowing those bullets to be wasted on happy normies who don't deserve a life exit like us. If such a thing happened though, they would just hire a Chad crisis actor and cover up the incel part of the story... These journalist writing about us, it's like insulting the rotting bones at the bottom of a dakhma. I don't even want a woman,I just want to fix my ugliness so I don't have to stress about it anymore

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OverBeforeItBegan #sexist

How can a man have a daughter in the Western World in 2018 and not want to rope?

How could anyone watch the birth of their little girl, feed her, help her with her homework, go to her school games and watch her grow into a woman only for her to end up being a cheap fleshlight for the entertainment of highschool and College Chads? Your own flesh and blood that you spent decades of your life raising, exposing her holes for Chad and Tyrone to use her like a piece of worthless meat. The little innocent angel you see when she's in her prepubescent years will exist solely to provide pleasure to attractive men and she'll be too stupid to realize that they're taking advantage of her inferiority.

What mental gymnastics would you have to perform to be able to say "her body, her choice" or "all adults have sex"?
If we ever do ascend we literally have a 50% chance of having to raise a sex toy for Chad, even more if we have more than one child.

I honestly think the first person that creates technology that will allow us to choose the sex of the baby will be the richest man in the world.

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shadowsoulz125 #sexist

What's the purpose and true motive of most males talking to foids in hopes of achieving? A chance at that wet warm hole. Besides looking attractive most foids have literally NOTHING to offer to men. They don't have to try in life. They are like a product which men tries to get.

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DonkeyPunch #sexist

Typical day in the life of an average college girl in 2018

She wakes up at noon in the frat house, her orifices sore from the Chad train the night before. Before leaving she makes sure to blow the hottest Chad there and swallow his cum (that serves as her breakfast)

She checks her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to find hundreds of new messages and thousands of new likes. Some from Chads but most from normies and bluepilled incels (whom she would rather be raped to death by Chad than spend 10 minutes getting coffee with) She decides to go to the library to study, but really she could always just wear a low cut top and give puppy dog eyes and get an A on the test. This is what she has been doing since middle school. While at the library she takes pictures of random incels sitting alone and actually studying and posts them on her Instagram. The pics get hundreds of comments from women, Chads, and normies about how ugly and pathetic they are.

She leaves the library after only about 20 minutes to go get some food. She goes to a restaurant and has her beta orbiters foot the entire bill. She notices a Chad busboy and starts eye fucking him. She takes him into the restroom and sucks his dick, his cum gets in her mouth and eyes.

After lunch she goes back to her dorm room or sorority house and takes a long nap. When she wakes up it is time to hit the frat houses for her nightly Chad trains. Up to 50 Chads at a time, sometimes as many as 100 in all of her orifices. Frat Chads, Chads from the lacrosse team, the football team, the basketball team etc. She also consumes mountains of cocaine and enough alcohol to kill an elephant and passes out at whatever frat house she happens to be at by 5 in the morning.

Rinse, wash, repeat.

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JeffGoldblumInTheFly #sexist

Women are master manipulators our knowledge on the blackpill allowed us to see trough this, that's why foids are trying to make us public enemy's number one, well do it you fucking bitches, we will be the number one

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Zesto #sexist

She is in my class and gave me her number to study and get coffee after I asked her for it.

I didn't do the reading so scrambled to find the answers online, found a website with every single one for the whole class.

I never have to do the reading and just need to study the tests after I'm done with them now.

I at first thought, I better text that qt girl right away and let her know! She will think I'm a nice guy.

Then I remembered I don't help girls that I'm not fucking. So I quashed that thought and will never let her know unless she starts dating me for real.

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mangoboy #sexist

It's the male instinct to have sex with as many women as possible, any way possible. Just because women don't want to have sex with me, doesn't mean I don't want to have sex with them. But you will never see me grab a woman's ass at the grocery store and start fucking her. There's laws against that which represses that instinct.

Yet, the female sexual instinct is not similarly repressed. Their instinct is to have sex with the most dominant/good looking/criminal males they can possibly find. That shouldn't be allowed. Queue some fat landwhale or effeminate numale telling me it's not comparable, because in the first instance I am violating someone's consent and therefore their rights but in the case of females, they are not violating anyone's rights because "muhh freedom of association". WRONG. Let's explain why:

So let's say at some point I get tired of paying taxes and I just stop completely. Most people(with the exception of anarcho-capitalists) would say that's a crime and that I should go to jail for it. But who am I really hurting by not paying my taxes? Not the government-they don't need my money, so there has to be another reason why people would want me thrown in jail. It's because people know that some portion of tax money goes to supporting infrastructure and the needs of people like healthcare, the police force, jobs, etc. So by not paying my taxes, I'm not hurting one particular person but society as a whole.

Similarly, the female is not hurting any one individual when she chases degenerate men like criminals and douchebags. Nor is she hurting any one individual when she chases highly attractive or powerful men, but society at large. When women are whores for evil men, they empower them and hurt good men by depriving them of much needed affection. Further, men will themselves seek to emulate evil behavior to be sexually successful, making the situation even worse. When they are whores for only attractive men, they skew the natural equilibrium. Eventually, there is an inflated sense of despair and resentment in society, not to mention degeneracy, and society itself will collapse.

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f1rem0th #sexist

[Blackpill] Roasties will begin murdering incels en-masse in the near future

Based on pure logic and deductive reasoning, I have predicted the following events:

A priori:
1. It is legal in America to kill if you feel threatened (Stand your ground laws)
2. Feeling threatened is subjective.
3. Roasties are a privileged class. Her word is accepted as fact. The burden of proof falls upon us to prove whatever she says wrong.
4. Roasties are repulsed by incels. We invoke strong feelings of dread and fear in them by appearance alone.
5. Roasties are emotional creatures.
6. Guns allow killing easy regardless of physical strength.
7. The incel movement is becoming mainstream.
8. Roasties require validation and will do anything to get it

The following sequence of events will occur
1. Incelistani warriors will form a terror cell.
2. The incel rebellion will begin. Hundreds of roastie lives will be.
3. The identities of the warriors will be released to the public.
4. The incel movement will become extremely mainstream.
5. Roasties will now fear incels even more, and start buying guns.
6. Some low-inhib roasties will begin shooting incels on sight in southern states with stand your ground laws.
7. Those low-inhib roasties will be praised as heros for defending themselves all over social media
8. Roasties will begin slaying incels en-masse to get media praise and constant validation
9. Incels will begin fighting back and retaliating. This will worsen the situation for us and create a negative feedback loop.
10. Stand your ground laws will spread throughout America and the world
11. Incels will be slain en-masse all over the world.

What will happen next you ask? That's maybe a topic for another thread.

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leftyincel #sexist


(TRANSCRIPT of IMAGE: "I don't date incels" is INCELPHOBIC." "Excluding Incels from your dating pool isn't a harmless or innate preference, and it isn't a part of your sexual orientation". "It's an act stemming from bias that reinforces the oppression of Incels".)

A female's highest worth in this world is to assist incels, if spending time with them or even just complimenting them is enough to make them feel better then why not do so? At the end of the day, the highest purpose of the female is only to express admiration to those who need it, to build these men up. When you think about it incels are some of the most brilliant minds on Earth, it's usually the social outcast males who are the most intelligent. So they need to be appreciated more.

Be strong and rise above fellow subhumans. Males can be ostrasized, deformed, whatever but still have their brilliant minds. For it was men like incels who innovated and discovered, who conquered this Earth and gave us the privileges we have today. Females ought to give them some respect.

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Potbellypos #sexist

Are females the main reason for terrorist radicalization?

"The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth." I'm an atheist, but I'm finally starting to understand that the purpose of religion is to keep female hypergamy under control. How can women expect a man to suffer his entire life and deny his strongest biological impulses while they form harems around the hottest men? How can they expect us to slave away for NOTHING while Chad has women lining up for the opportunity to suck his cock dry? Female hypergamy is the greatest injustice of the 21st century.

Slavery was abolished because one human should not rule over another human. Women have turned this fight for "equality" into a fight for DOMINANCE. They want to rule over us and lock us down in the mines to support their lavish lifestyle while they forget that we even exist. I can't imagine a man turning insane and throwing his life away if he had a loving woman in his life. Tall, white men have taken all their women, so their only choice is JIHAD so they can finally get a woman in Heaven.

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Mainländer #sexist

Oh no, a female rubbed her ass on my crotch, my life is ruined.

It's funny how ridiculous it sounds when genders are reversed. Gender equality is such a joke.

Women don't want to be harassed, ok. Be always accompanied by your father, brother or husband, dress modestly and there you go.

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MaxZM98 #sexist

this world was created by men. go outside and look around. everything you see was put there by a man. every luxury you experience is there because of men. every sip of water you drink from a tap was possible because of men. every brick you see was placed by men, almost every item you own to make your life better is there because of the blood, sweat and tears of generations of men working hard to create the world you live in today. and who are the people who enjoy the fruits of our labour the most? women.

what have women been able to contribute which is comparable to that of men? and yet there are women's rights protests demanding equality between the sexes and an end to the patriarchy. and it is men who have been weak enough to let this happen. women do not deserve equality. equality is earned. not given.

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Cuyen #fundie

So i have crush on a girl on my course,she's so hot and has pretty face (too much for me) a few days ago i went to drink coffe with a group of friends from course and so this girl was there it was so late when we finished and she went to a funfair with her friend so i followed them because we use same bus and i wanted approach her in this way while i waiting for her a dark skinned dude began disturb her and so i went and grabbed guy from his throat and told him i'll broke his head if i see him around her again and dude is gone after that.

She didn't say "thanks" and NOTHING. I just thought she being shy and yesterday i approached her but she rejected me in a insane way and blocked me in every social media accounts. I fucking hate foids they dont give shit if you save them,if youre ugly its over Btw i didn't save her just because IT is woman,i saved her because i wanted approach her afterwards

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khafail #sexist

Typical. why not actually prevent a portion of said suicides by spreading eagle for a few thousand less fortunate incels? attentionwhoremaxxing in full effect once again...a foid couldn't care less.

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incel4life #fundie

I believe society is going to reach a tipping point where men just get so fed up with being incel that they implement a global religious theocracy to brutally punish the whores and whoremongers. Normie scum won't be so cool anymore. I pray that I will live to see that day.

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whatsthedeal12 #fundie

That's the thing. Ever since my Chad roommate fucked a girl that I was interested in (at the time), a girl that I literally introduced to him... I've secretly fucking hated him and been warning ALL my female visitors about him. About how he's fake-nice, manipulative, lying, incestuous, dirty, etc...

He'll probably cheat on his gf and fuck her if she's hot. How can I warn my new roommate about him without sounding like a paranoid jealous loser?

And LebaneseCel, I do plan on approaching her obviously, she's going to be living with me.

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Zyros #fundie

The desire to dominate and humilliate tall and wide males burns withing me with the force of a thousands suns. Seriously. I have grown a special hatred for tall and wide males. I would love to somehow achieve incredible physical strength and make a big male bend on their knees before me. I would love to humble them down. Love to humilliate them in the department they are most confident (physicality).

Oh and I would love to acidface or just put a bullet on Chad, but thats another matter. My hatred for other unfairly genetically gifted males grows every hour i'm alive.

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NotQuiteChadLite #sexist

Women only watch sports or pretend to be into sports because watching strong, high status alpha chads and tyrones butt heads gives them flick-fuel for years. It's literally just a meat market for women, women do not have love for the sport, or competition, or camaraderie, or enthusiasm. They do it for Chad. Wether because they know Chad will be into the sport and it can help her land one, or because watching the men playing it gives her tingles, or both.

There are no female sports fans;only female Chad and Tyrone fans.

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UglyHikikomori #fundie

As a sub-3 male, I refuse to work or contribute to society in any shape or form. I will leech off of others until the very day I die. I will not go to school or do anything remotely productive with my life because of my deformed body and face. Looks=foundation of your entire life. Without a functioning and aesthetic foundation you can not truly level up in life.

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Uglyman #sexist

If you watched Kim Possible you are a cuck

-Protagonist is a feminist kailbait

-Female protagonist is portraited as smart, strong, dymanic, independant, capable

-Male protagonist is a weak, inefficient beta

-Chad doctor fucks his female employee

-Beta Ron is friendzoned by Kim

Watching this show is proof that you are low T and like to see empowered femcunts beating the crap out of men.

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Uglyman #sexist

If I had had had sex at least once with a woman from my country then I would have some confidence and I would enroll to a post graduate in my country. Not being a virgin would motivate me to try and find another girl.

But since I'm a disgraced virgin, I'm too embarassed to stay in my country and do a post graduate here. I will be nothing but a loser, a ghost, women won't give fuck for a subhuman incel. This fact was what led me to choose a postgraduate in a foreign country. The shame will be much less since I will be in a completely different society. Stranger among strangers.

It costs a shit load of money to study abroad but I didn't have another choice if I wanted to maintain my NEET lifestyle. Even my parents have accpeted that women from my ethnic group will never like me so they encouraged me to leave the country. So I basically, just gave up. There was no point staying home as a sub 6 asocial male, there was nothing left for me here.

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Cuyen #fundie

Why femoids always defending gays?

Whenever i see a post against gays or homosexuals generally,there is some women always defending homo rights.just wtf wrong with them? Even though they're straight women they're defending homos and this is so disguisting

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Ascent God #fundie

Just came up with a brilliant concept for a crypto currency that would monetize inceldom

It's a crypto currency that gets mined every time you get rejected. It'll use a new concept which I call Proof of rejection which is in the category of Proof of work. The work is to swipe right. And if within 24 you get no matches you'll get compensated with coins. We'll need to set up our own dating app and use KYC verification with passport and real photos to make sure we're nobody is getting catfished.
The positive thing is that by default males are going to get compensated significantly more than females because they deal with a lot more rejections.
We'll get 2 birds with one stone, create wealth for incels and black pill the masses after they start seeing men becoming millionaires in a short time by amassing huge amounts of rejections.

We'll call it incel coin, coincel, incel miles or black pills.

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Various incels #sexist

[LifeFuel]JFL: Void sleepwalks off of a balcony after meeting up with 5 random chads to be gang sexed

final moments of British holidaymaker Kirsty Maxwell, 27, show her return from hen do then lie in bed... two hours before she fell to her death from Benidorm hotel balcony

• CCTV footage has captured the final moments of British woman Kirsty Maxwell
• She is filmed staggering along a corridor in the Payma Apartments in Benidorm
• The newly released footage was taken hours before she plunged to her death
• The chilling video has been aired on a BBC documentary called Killed Abroad

The real suicidefuel is that her husband is like a 6-7/10 and basically her inbred Anglo-gene looksmatch. And she was getting gangbanged to death and now her betabux husband has to stand up for her after her death. JFL at this existence. This is what ascension looks like boys.

please tell me theres footage somewhere of this cavernous roastie splattering on the pavement :feelskek:

Submitter's note: According to the article, the five men from whose balcony the woman fell do not seem to have interacted with her much. No mention of gangbangs. Yes, they are making juicy scandalous embellishments to the bloody Daily Mail!

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ColdPillow #fundie

Why The Cure For Aids/STDs is Bad News

Aids is responsible for killing many people. In fact, almost 18,000 people in the US die from it every year. Chads and Staceys are becoming more reckless when it comes to sex and thus, the chances of spreading HIV goes up.

Not just that, but other STDs/diseases as well. The cure for any one of these should be bad news to all incels (however, escortcels may care to differ).

Although I am blue-balled and envious of attractive people having sex all of the time, I am also beginning to see the silver lining in all of it. If we were to actually promote reckless sex and promote that way of degenerate thinking in society's culture (We become the jews now), we could contribute to the suffering of attractive people using their own herd-mentality and mental instability.

We need to intentionally spread degenerate ideals disguised in the form of truth and freedom, only to accelerate their degeneracy and corruption. Then we wait and see STD cases go through the roof, inflicting suffering on sinners. We have to pray to our Lord Elliot that aids will never be cured. In fact, we need to hope that more deadly STDs become common.

Meanwhile, some of us can live NEET and even strive for ascension while the entire normie populous (all attractive people) suffer due to their own faults. Others will sit back and laugh at the destruction of these people and hope for better days.

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FrailPaleStaleMale #sexist

IT cuck father of a hole doesn't understand the bigger picture

This cuck of a father fails to realize what's in front of his face. Incels are barely a danger to his precious hole. In fact she will be the aggressor. She will demonize us because of our gender and our looks. She may end up fat and condemn anyone who dares not date her because of fat but will only go for a man 6'0" and up. Either way, she will end up a stuck up cum dumpster. She will be a hole passed around by numerous men during school, college, thereafter up until she settles for a betabuxx.

He should be worried about his daughter's inevitable actions in the future, not the assumed actions of people she will avoid anyway. He should be concerned that by the time her 20th birthday comes around, she will have likely swallowed pints of semen and will have lost her pair bonding abilities due to promiscuity. She will have manipulated and actively sought to ruin the lives of people she doesn't even know purely based on the way they look. Something that isn't acceptable anywhere else in society unless its directed towards an ugly short male. He fails to see that women aren't condemned because of their gender, modern femenism and SJW faggotry has made women celebrated and therefore can do no wrong. Don't forget, as far as society is concerned, men being raped/murdered is funny and just something that happens. Women being raped/murdered makes people lose their shit.


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crawer #fundie

Everything is about cucking

Some guys think cucking is only sex related but in reality everything is about cucking, you most always ensure you are getting the best of every situation and putting others at a disadvantage and taking their shit (cucking them) in order to advance in life.

Whenever I take a shit I make sure it is big and I wipe my ass with as much toilet paper as I can I use the whole toiler paper roll to clean my ass to maximize the benefit and clenliness of myself and I don't give a fuck if the next person gets no toilet paper and I fucking lol when the toiler gets clogged and overlfows and some cuck has to clean that shit up.

When I lived with my family I used to think it was good to share but more close to the end of when I was staying with my family before I moved out I understood they were complete shit and everything was better if I had it for myself. I proceeded to hog everything and cuck everyone in every way possible, would take a big time shit in parents bathroom so it stank and they were uncomfortable and couldn't have sex so I was sexually cucking them there. Whenever they bought something good like cookies or cake would instantly eat all of it past the point were it was even enjoyable so my idiotic siblings couldn't have any. took 2 hour showers to maximize clarity of my skin by sometimes not even being under the water but using the steam from 2 hour shower to clear up my skin, turned my waiting siblings into big time shower cucks they couldn't shower and would stink.

Doing all this and understanding the importance of cucking others and always being in the best situation myself has put me in a much better place to succeed in life.

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The End #sexist

Do you want to pounce on girls in public?

If I'm out and see an even halfway attractive girl my impulse is to grab her, tear her clothes off, feel her up, and slobber all over her fun bits.

It's a very real, very concrete urge. I have no interest in talking to girls, hanging out with them, or anything; all I want to do is tackle them on sight, then touch and taste their flesh.

So, are all guys like this?

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11Gaijin #sexist

Normies say Tinder is not real life. I think otherwise.

Normies always say that "Tinder is not real life". I have one thing to say. If I left swipe a girl on Tinder then that means she is so ugly that I do not even want to date/fuck her. Otherwise I would definitely swipe right. Swiping left is equivalent to rejecting a girl who might have been interested in meeting me. But I dislike her so much that I don't care about that. And I am sure no one on this forum will left swipe a girl who they want to date in the future. Would you? However, foids only swipe the best looking males right as we all know. What about the other ones? They don't give a fuck about them. They don't care if those guys have a good personality or shower 10 times a day.

But what happens in real life? Do all foids get the chads/chadlites they were swiping right earlier? Somebody who was not worth your time earlier is now your bf/betabuxx or whatever. How can they agree to spend time with someone that they were so repulsed by earlier that they didn't even give them a chance(swiped left)? When I go to the bars and gogos in Thailand, there are many girls inside. There are some I would not want to take to my hotel. Why? Coz I don't find them attractive. And I am pretty sure I would not date those women irl too. Any girl that I would date is definitely attractive enough in my book that I won't rule her out. Ruling someone out is an extreme thing. That means they are so undesirable that I don't want anything to do with them.

Let us say you go to a candy shop. To decide which candy you want to buy you chose to try them first. (Since candies are things to eat you can't just look at them and pick). You find that some candies taste awful. You don't want to buy them. You take the ones you like and then you leave. Tomorrow let us say you go back to the same shop to buy more candies. But this time only the candies that you earlier rejected for tasting bad are available, rest are out of stock. What will you do? Will you buy those candies? If you buy those candies then you are just forced to do so. And you will always despise the taste. And you will wish that you get the tasty candies.

This is what applies to women too. They might chose to settle with betabuxes and ugly men for status/money or just coz they can't find anyone else. But these men are like the candies with bad taste they rejected earlier. But then normies might say that most foids are only looking for hookups etc and not serious dates or long term partners on Tinder. Well that just proves that Alpha fuxx and Beta buxx is true. In any case, normies are wrong. Tinder shows your true worth as a partner. If you are not getting matches on Tinder then that indeed means that you are undesirable and any relationship you get will be betabuxxing.

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Fontaine #fundie

My general theory of politics and culture in the 21st century

Every day, the world is becoming more divided into two factions. I would go as far as to say that the world is becoming ever more divided into two worlds{/i]. The two worlds are already clashing. This clash is extremely painful to human psychology and is responsible for a lot of cases of depression or suicide; the incel predicament is one symptom among many. The conflict will continually increase until at some point in the 21st century, no sooner than 2040 but no later than 2080, a great clash ("the big event") will bring absolute, total victory to one world. The victory will either be perfectly bloodless, or a devastating carnage that will tear open the bowels of this planet: there will be no intermediate solution.

I will name them world A and world B. Below, I will list attributes and characteristics of each world. They are not necessarily interlinked; some can even be contradictory. If you think I have gone crazy, bear with me and be patient. Everything will become clear in the end.

World A: State, Nation, Law, war, family, religion, conservatism, traditionalism, nationalism, patriotism, anti-semitism, marriage, Russia, René Guénon, Codreanu, Julius Evola, Adolf Hitler, Aleksandr Dugin, Christian Orthodoxy, white nationalism, Iran, Islam, cautiouness, reluctance to change, anti-feminism, anti-capitalism, racism, racialism, hierarchy, alt-right, Richard Spencer, death, heredity, eugenics, art, soul, cemetery, military chaplain, apple pie, roast beef, chimney, wood fire, Luddism, tribunal, gallows, military service, rifle, sword.

World B: Internationalism, capitalism, technology, progressivism, pacifism, feminism, liberalism, nihilism, atheism, transhumanism, divorce, Jews, Protestants, Silicon Valley, crypto currency, stock market, the internet, cyborg, China, anti-racism, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Larry Ellison, Jeff Bezos, Justin Trudeau, genetic engineering, ramen, avocado salad, electricity, self-learning, peer-to-peer networks, longevity research, cryonics, computer, drone, robot, democracy, Barack Obama, plastic surgery, emigration, atom bomb.

Well, what do you make of everything I've just brainstormed? Here are possible answers, depending on your personality:

- World A is basically conservatism, world B liberalism.
- World A is reassuring, world B scares me.
- World A is what I want, world B is what I hate.
- In both worlds there are things I want, and things I hate. Why can't we do a synthesis?

My personal opinion is that world A corresponds to applied terror management theory, while world B is basically an attempt to remove ourselves from the shackles of nature so as to end heredity, aging and death.

I am also utterly convinced that {b]no synthesis is possible, even if it appears wishable. Psychological suffering will thus continue. We are stuck in an antebellum period where world A and world B will continually face each other without coming to a permanent resolution, before at least two decades more.

If you have any question, I'd be glad to answer them.

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6'5incel #fundie

No man would have 'Mental Problems™' if they were 6'4 and handsome

Take the average 'depressed and mentally ill' wage slave cuck and make him 6'4 and handsome for a month. The daily problems would fade in the blink of an eye. Therapy™ is just a way to blue pill beta worker bees into delusion so they don't kill themselves for realizing the truth

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FrustratedWhiteMale #racist

I refused To Help Woman With Mulatto Kids

I was on a New York City Subway last week. A White Woman with a stroller and two kids which were obviously fathered by a Black Man.
She got off the train and needed help with the stroller going up the steps. There was no way I was going to help her. Fortunately (Or unfortunately) someone else helped her.
If I don't want to help her, I'm racist / bad person. How come the kids' father(s) don't help her? Are they bad people.
There is no way I will ever help a White Woman with Mulatto kids. I take pleasure when the Black Man dumps her. She deserves to suffer. Nobody is going to want her nor her little Pick-a-Nannies.

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Kirito3 #fundie

Uni should be outlawed

Shit destroys your NT, I hope the lord smites every campus in the uSA with righteous fire- this debauchery can by no means go unpunished

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diogenes #sexist

[Blackpill] [Sciencepill] [Evolutionpill] Why women prefer Chad

It's very simple.

Men are designed to impregnate as many females as possible. We are all men here and if we had the chance we would fuck every hot woman walking past us in the streets. We would breed them all. It is evident as we are designed ready to spread our seed every 5-10 minutes or so, and some men have no refractory period at all. In the past the strong Chad could easily overpower women and rape them, but that wasn't necessary as the women naturally flocked to him. But when it was necessary to rape a female from another tribe he could easily do so and the woman would be stuck with his child.

But women have to spend 9 months pregnant. Women in the past (default state of humanity) didn't have access to maternity and childbirth assistance. They would more often than not die, as they were a big fat slow-moving target, or simply died during childbirth. Thus they wanted to make sure to at least carry Chad's seed to term, even if she dies her genes live on in Chad's son. She obviously did not want to carry an incel's seed to childbirth to then die and have an incel born.

Just like in our other ape cousins (we humans are apes as well) as well as other species, the Chad alpha males control harems and gets exclusive rights to breed with all females, keeping the incel virgin beta males from breeding. Likewise did our ancient human ancestors do. The Chad alpha male(s) would have privileged breeding and sex rights, meanwhile the beta males would be lucky to get pity sex if anything.

Women (and men) are still like this today. Because even if we are living in concrete jungles, you can't go against nature, buddy boyo.

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Creep #fundie

Everyone Subconciously knows the blackpill is true

Normies, cucks, foids, etc know that men get shit for their looks.

When a man claims to have trouble getting women, at best norm-scum will tell him he needs to just "put himself out there more" or have a better personality. They will tell him to go to fucking salsa dances to pick up girls, lmao.

But yet subreddits such as r/beholdthemasterrace, r/neckbeards, every cringe subreddit, etc show that the problem is not that they aren't going to community service purely to look for girls to pick up, its their looks. That is the point of all those subreddits, to make fun of ugly men.

I remember seeing this thread where Vman took Weeds pic, painted a racist quote, then put it in 2 cringe subreddits. Can you guess what all the comments were? it was ALL making fun of his looks, saying he is a virgin loser, etc. Why the fuck would people insult him like that if looks didn't matter??

Because looks obviously is the dominant factor in your sexual attractiveness. It is THE most important thing about a person, male or female. Insult a mans looks, you insult his life.
Everybody gets the impression that this man would be a virgin loser, and it is 100% from his looks. Get a guy who looks like Michael Cera and everyone would think he is a total pussy.

Everybody knows that obnoxious guys are far bigger slayers than nice guys, because everyone knows the thugpill is true. "Good personality" is just nonsense thrown around so the person saying it appears less shallow, when in reality they are only signaling to the blackpilled that they are less honest.

All these studies we post is really "water is wet" content. Nobody needs a fucking study to know that the guy who I posted above is basically screwed over in the dating scene, no matter what they fucking say. Everyone knows that virgins are uglier and shorter than chads. Just look at what they post when its a thread about an ugly man
"geez no wonder why he is so sexist. He must never get attention from girls due to all that acne. What a loser LOL"

Being blackpilled simply means that you refuse to look away from the truth and pretend that it isn't extremely obvious.

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St. Incel #racist

All of man's history can be divided into two

Either he overcome the jew and this wretched plot

Or he was subdued by the ever scheming jew

Where do you stand, o Incel?

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FrailPaleStaleMale #sexist

Could deepfakes be a partial solution in the future

As we know, foids are obsessed with showing off. You can find their photos anywhere so obtaining the material wouldn't be hard. This deepfakes thing that made the news ages ago could be a potential solution to combat women and their degenerate activities. Not only would it diminish their individual value after you create any custom material using their image, but it could also be used to blackmail or embarrass them. An absolute bonus is that foids would never in their life want us to have real visual material of them getting fucked, they hate knowing we think about them during fap time as it is. Considering you'd have hundreds of thousands of bodies to choose from, it not being their body wouldn't matter so much.

If I had a computer good enough, i'd probably look more into it and would probably use it to intimidate, blackmail or embarrass some roasties whenever possible. It would be good to mix it up, instead of using something like a knife or a machete to threaten these whores, I could just use CGI shit every now and then to humiliate and degrade them even more than they already do so themselves.

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Fontaine #fundie

If "therapists" want to start being taken seriously by incels...

Release a public statement admitting the link between physical ugliness and social rejection, particularly romantic rejection, and low self-esteem.

Stop trying to convince your ugly patients not to seek plastic surgery, but instead support them towards this goal.

Stop denying evolutionary psychology and evolutionary biology.

Stop gaslighting your patients. For instance, don't tell them that the reason they were continously rejected and humiliated in middle school was due to something other than their looks.

Otherwise, the incel community will continue to avoid "the rapists" like plague. In my experience, only 1 out of 5 therapists is worth anything.

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jet112 #sexist

there is no demand for men at all

lets look at the dating market from an economical standpoint.
you have a chain of supply (lets say men) and consumers which are woman.
now according to the blackpill chads get 80% of all sex. which is debatable.
well if that was true, you wouldn't have incel chads. (a rare phenomena but can still happen from time to time).
iv seen incels who are 1-8 on the looks scale. i mean, the variation of this can occur at almost every level of looks if we measure it on a scale
check websites like pof,match,tinder,loveme etc. the guys who post there are not all losers. alot of them have great jobs, good cars and decent looks.
but still, they would be lucky to get a reply back from a female. why? because there is no demand.

all of the blackpill theory stands on the basis woman are equally interested in relationships as men are. which is a claim that needs to be re-examined

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fellofix #sexist

Monogamy as a sub-5 male is just prostitution with extra steps

I have spoken against the incel community's passion for monogamous societies in the past, but I will continue on my crusade against "polygamy caused inceldom".

A lot of incels want to return to a time where women were not allowed to work, and where they had to marry a man just to survive. But what they don't realize is that this doesn't end inceldom. Just because a women would rather marry you than starve to death in the streets, doesn't mean you are somehow "not incel".

In my opinion, inceldom is about the unability to have a female desire to be in a sexual relationship with you, and just because they don't want to be homeless, doesn't mean they want you.

Women will forever lust after Chad, women will forever fantasize about being gangbanged, women will forever hate you and your ugly face, women will forever, atleast in their mind, mock your short stature. No amount of taking away women's rights will change this.

This is one of the brutalest blackpill, that no matter whether we live in some feminist lib-left 24/7 pride parade or some Nazi empire, this will never change. Biology trumps all.

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Nathan "Leucosticte" Larson #sexist

The reason why foids keep wanting to join sites like

is not JUST so that they can get a bunch of gullible orbiters to serve as their loyal band of cucks, offering them resources, protection, validation, emotional support, etc. in vain hope of getting sexual favors in return. It's not JUST that they want to divide the community by instigating a clash between foolish white knights and men who want to rightfully put foids in their place and call them out on their bullshit.

It's also because they want to gain acceptance for the idea that their inability to get a commitment from Chad is as severe a problem as incels' inability to get any pussy AT ALL. They want to elevate their own petty grievances, at not being able to lock down a guy who's way out of their league, as being as extreme a torment as what incels receive. This will put them in a position where if incels actually start to attract any sympathy, they can divert that away from incels toward themselves, by saying, "I'm miserable too, but it's even worse for me, because I'm A GIRL, which makes me all the more sensitive and pitiable than men, who are strong and can suck up whatever life throws at them! Tee-hee!"

Foids know that in a community where both incels and foids are talking about their suffering, men will focus primarily on helping the foids ("women and children first," and all that) because it's so ingrained in male nature to help the damsel in distress, while leaving men to look after their own needs.

Foids also want to gain acceptance for the idea that if they've made bad choices in the past that have fucked up their own lives and that of their kids, they should be forgiven and allowed to socialize with the same kind of men whom they fucked over by making those very choices (to choose Chad over incels). They want to further humiliate incels by making them have to be around the same people who STILL, to this day, will not open their legs to them. In their view, if incels are gullible enough to fall for their claims of just wanting to show some solidarity and support (which is really just more empty platitudes; if females won't offer their holes, everything else just amounts to, "I'm sorry you have to go through that"), then they deserve what they get.

This is the whole reason for IncelTears's existence -- if foids can't attack the community from within, they'll gather some Reddit cucks together and attack it from the outside. They have managed to assemble a community of tens of thousands of men who are trying to virtue signal to impress them. These men have sunk to a new low, devoting their time and effort to pleasing these foids, at the expense of their fellow man, just for a pat on the back and some Reddit karma. If you're going to be a cuck, you should at least get SOME pussy now and then, when your wife's boyfriend is off fucking some other broad. For this reason, the Internet white knight is even more pathetic than the IRL white knight.

Lastly, foids want to trivialize male inceldom as being no worse than what they go through. They want to imply that being a being a 25-year-old KHHV is no worse than being a girl who has to settle for a sub-8 man who's willing to take care of her and give her an easy life just because she has a pussy. If they can trivialize male inceldom, then if incels call for any social changes to elevate their status to something higher than being a slave to serve the feminine imperative, foids will be in a position to shame them for being unreasonable and oppressive, because they've already established that foids are getting fucked over by male behavior equally as much as incels are getting fucked over by feminism.

In reality, everyone is suffering under the current state of affairs, but it's not in foids' nature to be able to work with men to try to change society for the better. They're always going to want to try to manipulate the situation for their own advantage, because that's what foids do. Relations between the sexes are always sexual; there's no avoiding that. When foids are around, men are going to get distracted by trying to strategize how they can put their dick in a foid, and foids are going to divide up whatever men are around into Chads and non-Chads, open their legs to the Chads, and manipulate the non-Chads into serving as their cuck orbiters.

Any non-Chad who doesn't cooperate with the feminine imperative, and instead tries to put a stop to her manipulative behavior, she will try to exile from the community, so that she can eliminate an adversary who might otherwise get in the way of her selfish agenda. This is why so many females want to become moderators. Even if they seem at first like they might be okay, it's never going to end well, because foids always abuse whatever power they're given over men, much more than men do when given power over foids.

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Fontaine quoting Julius Evola #sexist

Baron Julius Evola (1898-1974): thoughts on women and feminism

The male principle is associated with truth, light, the Sun, virility, activeness, and stability. Sometimes it is associated with the Universal One that existed before the Dyad. The female quality is associated with deception, changeability, the moon, the earth, darkness, wetness, passivity, and dependence on another.

What the Greeks called “heterity,” that is, being connected to another or being centered on someone other than oneself, is a characteristic proper to the cosmic female, whereas to have one’s own principle in oneself is proper to the pure male. . . . female life is almost always devoid of an individual value but is linked to someone else in her need, born of vanity, to be acknowledged, noticed, flattered, admired, and desired (this extroverted tendency is connected to that “looking outside” which on a metaphysical level has been attributed to Shakti). (Eros, 157)

(Emphasis from quote)

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Erothos #sexist

Lesbianism is a mental illness.

Lately there's a great influx of lesbian characters in interactive movie type video games like Life is Strange, Last of Us and now The Walking Dead. These kinds of games have quite a big female population.

What is this? I mean female promiscuity is not only accepted by most ''dudebro'' types and other guys love seeing them in ''action'' but these games are pushing it a level further. The girls ''ain't need no man'' and usually mock and put down men. It's conditioning women into genuine lesbianism which is fucked because if they don't leave their gay little phase quick enough they turn irredeemable hate roasts who harbour resentment at their rejection from the male sex.

According to the CDC Sexual Violence Survey 67,4% of lesbian women encounter abuse by their partner, the second most, apart from bisexual women. Seeing as heterosexual females encounter less abuse than lesbian women it's safe to say bisexual women are being abused by their female counterparts.
Lesbians also hold resentment towards bisexual women and most bisexual women allegedly end up in straight relationships.

Female promiscuity is historic. Men have always preferred bisexual women to straight women because it both makes cuckoldry (bearing another man's child) unlikely because the women can fuck and cheat with other women and because a harem getting along means your children have more moms to support them.

This idea comes from a ''controversial'' study ([url]) that the gay community and the media are pretty pissed about ([url]

(Note how they describe him as a male scientist as if that has any impact on the study. Pavlov not being a dog apparently makes his study invalid.)

What I'm building up to is that dykes are the female equivalent of incels that have an easier time hooking up because of their sexual promiscuity and are treated like a victimized group on account of the fact they're technically operating in love, gays have been persecuted before, and dudebros idealise lesbianism in porn and games.

Lesbians are, indeed, failures, it turns out.
Theyre not all Malena Morgan and Eufrat, most of them are fucking rejects and otherwise female incels.

What I am recommending is to stop the brainwash of the female youth into thinking lesbianism is hot and positive when it'll bring them misery, and to stop the brainwash of ourselves that's driven by our prehistoric drive to fuck.
Do not consume lesbian media.
Do not consune lesbian porn.
Spread awareness if you can about the negative effects of lesbianism and suggest that lesbians are our counterpart.

I don't know how effective such a campaign would be but if lesbianism started being rejected by men (the majority of consumers of such media) maybe we can reclaim some women and rid ourselves of inceldom.

Not all of these lesbians are ugly misandryst dykes, some are actually redeemable.

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mylifeistrash #sexist

Attention "normies get laid and have girlfriends" copers.

It's coming for you. The monster that is hypergamy. Now chad-lites are settling for landwhales.

You cannot beat infinity. You cannot beat biology. Women do not lower their standards, ever.

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bluecollarCEL #sexist

I fucking hate dogs but they might get me pussy. What breed of dog would be the best wingman?

I hate the concept of owning a dog. Having to play with them, take them out for walks, take them out for shits. Seems like a big pain in the ass.

However I noticed guys with dogs at my local park and they always have qt's approaching them and end up getting these girls numbers and probably fuck them.

So what kind of dog would get the most female interest. I am thinking Golden Retriever.

Is their some service where I can just rent a dog for a day?

If I actually own a dog I am afraid the girls might want my phone number so they can fuck the dog instead of me.

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wandercamp #sexist

Saying fat women count toward lays is like saying offline bots count toward win rate.

Fat. Women. Don't. Count.

Why do men care about n counts? Sure, sex feels good, but men don't feel like they've accomplished anything when they fuck a whale or a escort. Why is this? SImple: deep down, what men really want, is to conquer other men. They want to feel like they overcame other man in getting a girl. Basically incel theory will tell you this. In 2018 expecially, no women are single. You have to mog her current bf such that she either fades him out or fades you in, or just cheats. This is what validation is all about: your genes winning over other mens'.

This brings us to fat women. If you're a sub 8 and take a marginally decent photo of yourself, nearly 100% of your matches will be fat women. If you go on okcupid, nearly 75-80% of women on the platform are fat. This is simply because of all the things women can do to themselves, being fat is pretty much the only death sentence that shuts them out of that top 20% of men window. Trigger Warning: Breaking with conventional incel orthodoxy

Nearly any man, so long as he doesn't have significant deformations (3+/10) can get a fat girl. Those pudgy doughy girls you see walking around with the scraggy redditbois? This is proof. Sure, fat women have SOME standards, and rarely fuck their looksmatch. However, if you aren't totally irredeemable and aren't mentally unstable, there is a fat woman who will fuck you. BUT THIS DOES NOT COUNT. Saying picking this low hanging fruit counts toward lays is like going to a fighting game tournament, having never won a match, and saying you're a good player because you beat bots all the time.

To put it simply: because fat women generally havn't tasted Chad, they havn't unlocked the full power of their hypergamy. They WILL date a 4/10 whose a decent enough guy. But this guy hasn't actu

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Nathan "Leucosticte" Larson #fundie

The coming fight between accelerationism and decelerationism

We learned from my campaign that we can't go up against the system directly, and try to make it more patriarchist. If you do that, the feminists will find your vulnerable points and apply as much pressure as is needed to force you out of the race. The leftists have SJWs (for soft power) and Antifa (for hard power) on their side, and they will destroy your livelihood (or that of whoever supports you), among other things. The alt-right, meanwhile, will not defend you, because they're not only too small and weak, they're too busy trying to figure out who among them is legit and who's running a false flag operation. And of course the cuckservatives won't defend you, because they're cucks.

So I see a looming fight between incels and conservative betas. Incels are have-nots, and have nothing to lose from the collapse of civilization; in fact, the collapse would be beneficial to incels because it would make way for a new and better civilization to be built in its place. However, there could be a bloody conflict when order breaks down; or at any rate, quite a lot of apple carts could be upset. Those who have something to lose don't want that. They have a wife and kids and they're afraid of what's going to happen if the status quo is disturbed.

Our only choice, though, is between a quick decline and a slow decline, because the current path society is on is not sustainable. There's no way to reverse the decline, either, because society is too far gone; we've already crossed the event horizon and the singularity is our inevitable destiny. The decelerationists want to slow down the decline, so they can enjoy their lives and hopefully not have to deal with the coming cataclysm in this generation. The "conservative" movement is about trying to "conserve" what exists for as long as possible, even though they can't hold onto it forever. The accelerationists, on the other hand, want to speed up the decline, so they can hopefully reap the benefits of the new order in their lifetime.

As the decline progresses, though, there will be more have-nots who will have reason to want to accelerate the decline. We can expect, for instance, that more men who, in times past would've been betas, instead will become incels. These men will want to hasten the collapse because the current state of affairs is painful for them, and they are eager to build something better, once what exists now is out of the way.

The way accelerationism will work is that we won't give a fuck about what gets destroyed, because it's all going to get destroyed anyway. If anything, we should try to bring about MORE destruction, more quickly. We should wreak chaos and bring about even more conflict between the sexes, so that as more men are rendered incel, they will become radicalized rather than continuing to try to "conserve" a dying system.

A key strategy in doing this will be to elect the most leftist, feminist politicians. Meanwhile, the decelerationists will try to elect more conservative politicians; but eventually they won't have enough votes to get their way any longer. This outcome is inevitable even if we incels do nothing, since the leftists are unstoppable (as evidenced, for example, by the coming blue wave, which will probably bring into office historic numbers of female politicians); but we can take action to speed it up.

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banabortionrapelegal #sexist

Communism and Incels

Courtesy of Terrence McKenna: In the matriarchy-dominated epochs of pre-history, a tribe would convene for these lunar love festivals once a month when women were most fertile. Women wouldn't know who exactly impregnated them, but it didn't really matter because all men would contribute to the raising of all offspring. This set-up is contrasted with the patriarchy models of enforced monogamy we have today. Honestly, which is better for incels? I'd argue that incels do worse in an enforced monogamy configuration, as cucking becomes the default outcome and still not every man gets a woman. In the pre-history love fests where everyone fucks everyone else, cucking is taken as an a priori truth and there is no ego division between the incel and the Chad. He is just a man that bangs his fellow tribewoman as a natural right of being a tribe member.

You know what that means guys...It's time to go full commie.

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Nathan "Leucosticte" Larson #fundie

As an accelerationist, I actually believe an incelocalypse is likely to happen someday

By "incelocalypse" I mean, the day when incels seize pussy by force. All the incelocalypse is, is the abolition of feminism (a fairly new innovation), and the restoration of patriarchy. Patriarchy is a system in which foids are treated as property to be transferred from father to husband; typically this will be done when they are in their jailbait years, to maximize their lifetime value to the husband and minimize the expense of the father's raising them in preparation for marriage. This is how it works during peacetime; during war, of course, foids may be seized by force as war brides.

We could just as easily use a neoreaction-inspired term, and call the incelocalyptic event the Restoration. A Restoration is when a monarchy is brought back to power. Since patriarchy is just monarchy on a familial scale, all we are really doing is restoring men to their rightful position as kings of their households.

When I look at politics, I see no signs that there's going to be a switch back to patriarchy through the electoral process. We've gotten to the point where even the cuckservatives who timidly put some pro-family idea out there (e.g. "maybe we wouldn't have so many school shootings if there weren't so many boys being raised by single moms") get shamed. They can't even talk about specific proposals for reducing the number of single moms, since all the workable ideas would involve giving men authority over foids. Even the third parties, like the Libertarian Party, are a bunch of bluepilled cucks when it comes to relations between the sexes, despite the fact that they hardly ever win elections and therefore have little to lose.

Moreover, there are no signs that the trend toward doubling down on feminism is going to stop any time soon. On the contrary, in 2018, more foids have been nominated for Congress than ever before in history. This is going to be a self-perpetuating cycle, in which feminist policies lead to more female officeholders, who then enact more feminist policies, etc. They're going to be training the young foids to be "leaders" as well.

Eventually, the whole system will collapse under its own weight, because it's going to be impossible for any group of male dissidents to put a stop to the advance of feminism. Till the bitter end, they're all going to be frantically scrabbling for whatever pussy they can get (or think they can get), rather than wanting to stick their necks out and demand change. We never see men organize and protest in the streets for patriarchy, the way that foids do, because men don't create male-only spaces anymore that would be conducive for setting up a united front like that. It's foids who are always setting up "women's leadership programs" and other female-only groups, where they can freely plot against men.

Once foids are in charge of everything, even the state will stagnate and eventually collapse, just like what happens to every other big enterprise run by foids. The state will not be able to carry out its functions properly when so much of its energies are devoted to feel-good stuff like inclusivity codes of conduct and endless new measures against sexual harassment, designed to eliminate intelligent but unattractive men from the organization and better facilitate the alpha-fucks/beta-bucks feminine imperative. High-quality people will not be attracted to an organization like that, or allowed to remain in it.

Meanwhile, the demographic situation will continue to worsen. The fertility rate will continue to plunge, and humanity will retrogress to a more primitive state due to the dysgenic effect of feminist practices. Since this is unsustainable, it will have to end eventually. Maybe the bulk of mankind will regress to a subhuman state by the time of the final collapse, and it will be like the Planet of the Apes.

When you see historic events like foids gaining more power than they've ever had before, you should rejoice, because it means we're not standing still; we're making more progress toward the collapse and rebuilding. When the end of civilization does come, the new civilization will have to be built along patriarchist lines, because that is the fundamental human instinct and what we always go back to, whenever the state doesn't get in the way. The male wants to be dominant and the female wants to be submissive, so people will revert back to that when they have the opportunity.

Maybe the new order will also get corrupted by feminism and collapse, but hopefully in the meantime there will be a golden era that we can enjoy. The new society could very well be monarchical or otherwise undemocratic, since those types of systems seem to promote manliness more than democratic systems, which are arguably feminine in nature. Democracy is about diffusion of responsibility among the legislators, much like what foids do whenever anyone tries to hold them accountable.

The cool thing is, you don't necessarily have to do anything to make the incelocalypse happen. You just have to watch the signs of the impending collapse and at the appropriate time, make the preparations to survive and be in a good position to scoop up that jailbait pussy when it becomes available. Till then, it's mostly just a matter of LDAR'ing or whatever.

Now, am I just saying all this to try to cope with the fact that I can't be in politics anymore, and am unlikely to go ER? Maybe. But it seems like almost everyone else is the same way. Maybe as we get closer to the incelocalypse, and the state's grip on power begins to weaken, and perhaps the means of providing food and other necessities to the people begins to break down, there will be more ERs and Minassians. Like communism, feminism is an egalitarian system that has unlimited potential for fucking up both government and private industry, so I wouldn't rule out such possibilities.

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PheneZ #sexist

What type of evil foid do you prefer?

All foids are evil, but which type of foid do you imagine yourself ascending with most?

(Options in the poll)
Aryan Blonde/Brunette Foid from Supreme Superior European Descent Votes: 8 29.6%
Slavic Brunette/Blonde Foid from Supreme Superior European Descent Votes: 4 14.8%
Red Head from Supreme Superior European Descent Votes: 4 14.8%
Beaner from any Latin country most likely poor and very brown but big ass and tits Votes: 4 14.8%
Wifu from any north eastern Asian Country Votes: 3 11.1%
South East Asian probably a trap foid Votes: 1 3.7%
Southern European Foid who thinks shes hot shit and all cultured dumb cunt. Votes: 1 3.7%
Arabic foid probably dangerous since her father will want to behead you Votes: 2 7.4%
Currey Foid very dangerous since all curryes tend to smell wierd. Would hate my first Foid to smell Votes: 0 0.0%
Typical American/Canadian/Australian roastie foid with at least 100+ Chads under her belt. Votes: 0 0.0%

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mylifeistrash #sexist

balding is worse than being raped repeatedly

the pain a man suffers from balding is 100 of times worse than the pain women suffer from rape.

i mean real rape, not fake regret it later rape like 99% of rape.

being raped as a woman is no big deal and you recover quickly. balding as a man destroys your life and self-confidence forever.

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janoycresva #sexist


Just join a cult and have sex with a brainwashed foid. There are definitely some crazy women there that will fuck anything JACK! Also, for those trad boys who aren't into all of that wishy washy eastern sex cultish stuff. There's a place in Siberia where people seem pretty trad, almost as if a guy is obligated to marry and have kids. Might move here, seems like a pretty good life.

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ItheIthe #sexist

I dont think women have emotions

I think the only thing on their mind 24/7 is sex. The only thing they care about is bragging about the dick they get. They are truly scum and see no evil in getting defiled by 30 men, and even still expect to get wifed up after that. Females are truly retarded and i want to take them on "dates" and act all lovey and then proceed to slut shame them and make them cry.

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ItheIthe #sexist

I Think its Funny that Women Think Guys Care About Them

Women (Aka used up sluts) oftentimes feel convinced that their "boyfriend" loves them, which is funny. I hang out with a lot of different guys so I know them well.

Newsflash bitches: Guys dont care about you if they know youve fucked other men. Ive had these very conversations with multiple dudes. Its honestly hilarious how bitches are stupid enough to think that guys have feelings for them when in reality most men just see these sluts as sex objects.

You think any stable man sees a scantily clad slut "hooking up" with random fags at parties and feels his heart beating with opportunity? No, men see that and figure its something to bust a nut in, and maybe keep around for a short while if the sex is good. And then bitches cry and bemoan their life when they get pumped and dumped for the 11th time. Its honestly funny and entertaining.

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znbox #sexist

The biology of female sexuality

I was thinking and reading about this a lot, also going undercover to female forums and I have built a theory which still has some plot holes but I want to know your opinion.

So, biologically males need to impregnate the most females, and females need the best mate (i.e. Chad). And most of the people still live by biological instincts. Incels who want a wife are superior in this case (or just desperate).

I know for a fact that very few females can get an orgasm from sex. I was lurking into female forums and they were seriously asking each other how to masturbate and what orgasm feels like. I went undercover as a female in some beauty forum and one foid told she could cum for the first time from masturbating at like 23 after having 7-8 partners, but still couldn't cum from sex. I mean the whole discovery was incredible to me, just as when I found out in high school that females too get horny. As far as I understood very few get orgasm from thrusts only, most orgasms come from clitoris which is usually unengaged during sex.

So my theory is that modern females don't want to have kids and families due to peer pressure and propaganda like "job, career, travel" but their bodies tell them they need to be pregnant so they find sex with Chad but can't get orgasms so they need more and more incoming. Their conscious brain thinks everything is fine but their subconscious brain is so fucking surprised they are not pregnant yet so it tells them they need to fuck more because their biology didn't account for condoms or birth control pills.

The conclusion is pretty popular in this forum: it will benefit everyone if females marry young and get pregnant. It will distract them for 5-7 years, and then they must get pregnant again.

Still don't know whether foids have sex because their body makes them pregnant or because they want to cum or maybe it's connected somehow.

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SlayerSlayer #fundie

Postive attributes of being blackpilled

If we are talking in terms of FEELINGS- hands down, it feels like shit. I am objectively more depressed, anxious, and xenophobic under the blackpill. Let's discuss the upsides:

1. I have absolutely no expectations from women anymore. The burden is lifted.
2. Everything in life makes so much more sense. I don't need to ponder as hard at alternative possibilities, because I know that the positive explanation is never true.
3. I know now that I am doing the world a favor in avoiding my presence in the real world. My absence of society gives me a sense of purpose.
4. It feeds into my ego to know I am part of a select few who can interpret the world in this unique and controversial way.

Feel free to share your pluses with the black pill.

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SchrodingersDick #sexist

A countdown was started on August 18, 1920.

On August 18, 1920, The first snowflake that would later form the snowball that is the collapse of the west and return to the dark ages was formed. We’re nearing the end of the countdown. Brace yourselves.

I don’t say this to be hyperbolic or anything.. this was planet earths biggest fuckup. Too many generations of “men” living too comfortable lives fed too many comfortable “truths” didn’t consider why women were kept subservient for all of history. Didn’t take a second to think about it. They fucked up big time. Whether the masses acknowledge it at all is irrelevant. This is the great blackpill of the 21st century. The most taboo topic on earth. The shit you can’t even discuss without being publicly executed.

Don’t believe it the end of times? How about a reminder than a degenerate woman with a degenerate agenda almost became leader of the free world and the powerful person on earth.. we NARROWLY extended the west’s life by maybe a few years. That’s how close we are.. this is a dangerous game.. people need to wake the fuck up and do something about it.

Unrestricted female hypergamous sexual nature is the most destructive force in the world.

Just know that the next step is harems becoming “trendy”.. just wait until some instagram famous guy has 2+ girls that he treats equally (I.e. not main chick/side chick).. once that catches on, it will become normal very soon as that is the default nature of our species. We are literally a few instagram posts away from finally severing the last string that ties us to the developed world and reverting back to life in the jungle..

and then we only a few years after that at most. What a time to be alive.

(Emphasis original)

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incel4life #fundie

Women aren't stupid or irrational for wanting Chad. It's in women's best interests to pick a stupid Chad over successful intelligent incel

Incels might be better at survival, but in a prosperous society there is no need for survival since all you need to do is be smart enough to work a fast food job. What's important to her genetic line's survival is whether or not her sons will reproduce, and if she marries an incel, her sons will probably not reproduce. Incels might be able to provide the kids a better upbringing, but in the end, Chad's kids will have better lives since they have no problem finding a woman that wants to be with them. It's utterly irrational for women in our culture to be atracted to incels. In fact, if a certain young woman were attracted to intelligent successful incels, it would make sense for genetic line's survival to change her attraction so that she is attracted to stupid Chads.

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incel4life #fundie


I downloaded Tinder yesterday and "liked" profiles of 200 women in my area. A day later and 0 matches. Keep in mind that when you first create an account, you get what is called a "noob boost" which makes it so that you are far more likely to get matches on the first day than afterwards.

I always thought my problem was that I just wasn't meeting enough women, and that if I met more women I would have gotten a gf. But Tinder has showed me that the problem is my looks.

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gylo #fundie

The bluepill is a drug that keeps the human race from commiting suicide en masse

Most people are outstandingly receptive to blue-pill like encouragement, so much so that they'll forego logic to buy into some fanciful dream that "anything is possible".

I'm certain if some girl told any member of this site that he is attractive, 90% will block out the years of rejection, looks based social isolation, and loathesome angst and start believing that there's hope things will one day be alright.

Humans will clasp to the faintest hint of hope and use it to perservere against any rational argument. Evolutionary men are programmed to vastly overestimate their chances of mating success, so that they don't despair and keep trying until they can finally secure a chance to pass on their genes.

Examples of blue-pilled hope bombs:

"You can be a ladies man, it just takes the right attitude and confidence to know what women want"

"You've got a great smile, I'm sure girls just find you a bit intimidating"

"I'm sure girls will be lining up to date you when you get to college. Things will be different there"

"Girls are more worried about you rejecting them than you are about them rejecting you."

"If she rejects you, it's definitely not because of your looks, you just didn't present yourself well enough"

"Penis size doesn't matter, it's about how you use it"

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FoidsDeserveCancer #fundie

I Think the World of 1984 is a Utopia

I remember thinking it was stupid at the time but now I look back on their attitudes towards sex in that book as genius. The establishment in 1984 HATED sex, made it illegal to have sex unless it was for procreation, and it was actually technically a thoughtcrime to enjoy sex. They even had scientists trying to abolish the orgasm. The world of 1984 would be great for incels as we would not be at the bottom of the social hierarchy, in fact they said due to the lifestyle and nutrition nearly everyone was ugly. 1984 was actually a utopia.

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wayshegoes #fundie

Love is a normie cope to keep them wagecucking and to stop society from falling

Love is truly the biggest cope in existence. Think of all the things man have done at the hopes of one day finding their 'one true love'. When a man learns the truth (blackpill), he no longer sees the point in wagecucking. Not only is love false, only 20% of the men get 80% of the women. But men are told there is someone out there just for them, this meme is perpetuated from when we are young children through the likes of disney, which love is the main theme in all of the movies.

Would you slave at the office everyday knowing there is absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel? The vast majority of technological advances we have made as a species is because of this concept of finding love. No matter what the normies tell you, 99% of them do everything based on getting a woman. They go to work to get a woman, they try build status to get a woman, they go to the gym to get a woman (JFL at normies who say they lift for themselves). The absolute driving factor behind men who are NT is this notion of true love that has been conditioned into us from birth. This is the sole reason why society has come as far as it has, and why incels want to give up when they learn the truth. There is no reason to continue without the main force which we were told to believe in all these years.

Monogomous societies managed such rapid advances because it was just enough to stop men checking out of society and LDARing. The women gave just enough duty sex, and the man had to work so many hours that they did not have the time to think about sex that much anyway. The nuclear family is a lie, and again part of the propaganda to keep men wage cucking. Its built on the false pretense that firstly there is a woman who will just love us for us, and secondly they can actually love us in the way we desire. The reality is once the kids are out there is no more sex, and the woman completely checks out of the marriage. You just have to provide for her because society tells you to.

We have the cold hard statistics to prove this. Women are disgusted by most men, and they cannot love like we want them to. Imagine if all men woke up and realised this. Without this driving factor society as we know today would not exist. This is why spreading the blackpill could actually be bad for us. At least now normies keep society functioning while we get to laugh at them for the most part, and they make great copes for us.

tl;dr 'love' is the driving force of society. Without it, society as we know it would cease to exist.

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ColdPillow #fundie

Chads and Staceys will suffer the wrath of God

Christmaxxing is probably the best bet. My 2/10 roomate who is a devout christcuck had 2 girls over our house today for his birthday. They were solid 5's and not fat.

I'm gonna go to church this sunday to hopefully get into a Bible study and impress them with my Bible knowledge. The perks of christian (non-evangelical) women are:
+ Traditional values
+ Loyal to the man of the household
+ Cannot judge you for being a low-life because we're all degenerate sinner pieces of shit anyway
+ Will like the same music as you because christian music is all the same cheap studio music
+ Will want to start a family with you and not bullshit around

This is a revelation from God, boys. Wish me luck

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Ap0calypse #fundie

Actual incel definitions vs what society wants incel definitions to be

A surge of new guests and members are exploring recently, and I would like to take the time to clarify some of the confusion that has been going around, particularly about our definitions and ideology. Here are some words that are twisted by anti-unattractive male activists.

(society definition)-Hateful, violent, misogynistic male terrorist that is unable to get laid due to females around him being able to perceive his misogyny, creepiness, low confidence and bad personality automatically. They believe they deserve 10/10 females and that all women should be enslaved and have their rights taken away.
Example: You see that 10/10 6'4 male model that has sex 5 times a week? He is an incel since he says stuff that I disagree with online.

Cool Fact: According to their incel definition, it is just an anomaly that females are unable to detect bad personalities in tall/attractive males before entering abusive relationships with them. But lonely males on the internet that would actually make loyal partners are the problem.

(actual definition)-Any male who is unable to get laid due to his appearance and to a small degree, mental problems (autism, Aspergers, Actual Depression). Due to dating standards, genetics (mostly), and society, many males are unable to get laid due to their appearance. Problems like hair loss, short stature, poor eye shape, and overall facial structure are purely genetic, and have been proven to be the key factors in determining one's reproductive success. Males who are average/above average height with a decent face are not considered true incels since there will be females attracted purely to his appearance. Females cannot be considered incels due to how male biology functions. Due to their higher sex drive and other factors, males have a diverse amount of tastes in different types of women. Traits that would spell a death sentence for males will have hardly any negative effects on females. In a female viewpoint, they can consider themselves incel, but this is usually due to the fact that most men they see are invisible due to their height, face, or baldness; while tall and handsome men are the only men they desire. Since these tall handsome men are in high demand, they can by picky when choosing long term female partners and will discard so called femcels.
Example: You see that short, balding, unattractive male over there? He is an incel no matter what ideology he believes in.

(society definition)-"I will espouse misogyny and hatred towards all women"
Example: Hey, you are blackpilled? Why do you want to enslave all women to be your sex slaves????

(actual definition)-"I can identify the importance of genetically controlled physical features in males, which determines their overall happiness, dating lives, and treatment by society due to overwhelming data and past/current abuse due my appearance. If you are considered below average looking in the society you live in, your life will be considerably harder."
Example: Hey, you are blackpilled? I can see how your negative dating experience due to your short stature has impacted you life, I appreciate your viewpoint on the matter and wish you good luck.

(society definition)- Any male that is attractive to women due to his confidence, feminism and personality.
Example: I am what you incels consider a "chad". Women only go out with me because they see my meek and submissive personality as a chance to use my money and resources while giving me sex once every two months. Most of my past relationships resulted in my partner leaving me for a more attractive male, but since I am a self identified feminist I will get laid much more than any male model.

(actual definition)- Any male that is attractive to the majority of women due to his physical appearance. Males with a nice jaw, good eye area, and tall stature typically fall into this category. After years of crucial dating and socializing experience due to their enhanced genetics in their youth, they are usually very confident and outgoing, and will live happy lives. Due to the halo effect, Chads can get away with things usual males cannot in social scenarios. Also, most chads don't even need confidence to get relationships since women will go out of their way to lock them down for a relationship.
Example: I am what you incels consider a "chad". I am 6'4 with a handsome face, I can install tinder and get laid faster than you can possibly imagine. Tinder experiments have shown that I can say literally whatever the fuck I want and still have females be attracted to me.

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SchrodingersDick #sexist

The collapse of civilization is happening in your lifetime. Feminism caused it. There is no coming back from this. Long post.

Expanded upon another post of mine in another thread.. been meaning to post this for you all. I kinda suck at writing so it might be all over the place. There’s a TL;DR down below but I put a lot of effort into this so I’d appreciate if you took the time to read.

For the cucktears lurkers, before you shit on this, Take a step back and look at the world in the context of just another sexually dimorphic mammal species to understand the following.

Civilization is inherently a patriarchy. They are the same thing. One cannot exist without the other. In order for a civlization to exist, female sexual nature (hypergamous genetics-based mate selection) must be kept in check, for men to be treated equally and fairly, to allow for all members to have hope that if they contribute, they can be rewarded with guanrateed breeding right over a female of their choosing. In this sense, it is necessary for the success of a civilization that women be sexually oppressed.. this developed world is a man’s thing and will only ever cater to men. It is our creation for the benefit of all, but mostly genetically subpar, men. It’s all built at the expense of women’s vaginas. Any society in which women have free mate selection can not function. In tribal times, there was 1 sexually successful man for every 17 sexually successful women.. assuming a 100% female sexual success rate, that leaves 94% of men sexless. This is important. If it weren’t for this fact, we wouldn’t have a problem and this site wouldn’t exist. We need to replace genetic currency with something else in order to appease all men and make it possible for everyone to contribute and build something great.. Money was invented. Money must represent survival in order to be worth anything. It must replace the baseline definition of survival meaning a big strong male able to kill other males in a fight. Well we have a police force for that now so no need to worry. But most importantly, it must be able to be used as leverage to purchase pussy under the guise of survival. That’s the only way to keep the male population happy. Without it, women have to reason to mate with subpar men.. This system is inherently oppressive to women. Unfortunately for them, this system favors survival over reproductive success. Everyone survives and procreates but at the expense of females carrying and birthing inferior DNA. Survival is not enough for them. The idea of 1:1 male to female mate pairings guarantees that all the females not paired with a high SMV male with be with a low SMV male and produce genetically poor kids (which is why they are repulsed by low SMV men, which is why rape only exists with low SMV men, but you knew this already, no need to expand), something that disgusts them on a primitive level. It’s a system they need to get rid of.. hence the sexual liberation, fighting for rights, fighting for a right to work, etc. no matter how hard men try to keep a society strong and prosperous, women will actively try and tear it all down.

This snowball formed when women were given rights.. it started a snowball effect. Now there are several things that compounded with each other make for a nightmare scenario for the world.

1: women in the work place. Women earn their own money now. A Man’s resources cannot be used as leverage to purchase reproductive rights with a female. Thus his contributions to the tribe are meaningless as his reward holds no value.

2: genetic misrepresentation and contraception. Estrogen frauding Makeup, plastic surgeries, gym to build a high estrogen ass.. all these things are being used to falsely elevate women’s sexual dimorphism, perceived serum estrogen concentration, age, fertility, etc. notice how every foid does makeup the same way. Thin narrow nose bridge, shadows under the zygos to show zygo projection, rounded chin makeup, eyeliner to fraud thick eyelashes (health indicator).. women are walking around looking like top tier specimens the likes of which would make your caveman ancestors balls explode. Tbh they should bow down to partiarchy that they’re able to walk around like this alone and not immediately be gangraped when they step out of the house looking like they sweat pure estrogen and fertility. And lastly contraception.. things like birth control, condoms and abortion make casual sex and being a whore consequence-free. It’s the reason the cock carousel exists.

3: easy access to a global sexual market. The tribe is no longer a handful of guys and girls with the top guy doing all the fucking. Smartphones, Tinder, Instagram, cars, planes, buses, etc all help make the sexual marketplace a global thing.. in essence it’s an 8 billion member tribe, with easy access to all types of chad dick. Far more competition among males and a far lower sexual success rate among the male population.

4: destruction of religion. Religion isn’t really a thing anymore. It was once a powerful tool to convince women that 1:1 mate pairings are what’s to be expected, no sex before marriage, shit like that (had other reasons too. Keeps men’s testosterone at bay, thou shall not kill, steal, etc. keeps things civil) .. They had a reason to abide and ignore their primal instincts. It did a pretty good job.. now that’s gone, and there’s virtually no way of enforcing monogamy and chastity. Which funny enough, is also the only prerequisite for a woman to get married.. just be a virgin. They can’t even manage that yet a bunch of captain save a hoes are quick to wife em up, and these hoes will wear white on their wedding day symbolizing their purity.. jfl

Compound these 4 new phenomenon together, and you can quickly see that the sexual market is fucked, and a society with a SMP like this cannot sustain itself.. This is a world that belongs to women now. This world automatically excludes all men unfit for reproduction. In this case, it’s likely over 99% of men. What will these men do once they realize money doesn’t buy pussy? Once they realize that if there’s truly no hope for them, they can rely on government assistance, or work a menial bottom tier job just to make enough to survive. If these men even have the drive to go to work, they will have no drive to innovate, get promotions, invent something, become millionaires, etc. you’ll have a lot of complacent men with no motivation to contribute anything. Best hope automation can replace the entire workforce, and if not, then you got a work force made up of 99% women and just lmao if you think that’s gonna take us anywhere. Women have no incentive to make money other than to rid men of their only leverage and open up their prospective mating options. Same deal with them.. they’ll just aim to make the minimum amount to survive and genefraud enough to land 6’4” chad.

This results is a catalysmic shift of the world as we know it.. there will be a total collapse once the number of men who drop out of society reaches critical mass. But until then, you will see a shitload of people dependent on government assistance, the rich being taxed out the ass, who now have even less incentive to keep perusing high paying careers, more people coping with drugs/alcohol, a spike in suicides and mass shootings, high SMV men forming harems, etc.. basically 2018 x10.

For this to happen, It’s not even necessary for the masses to swallow the blackpill.. it’s only necessary for them to realize money doesn’t mean anything anymore. That’s all it takes. Put simply, one’s contributions to society are no longer worth the effort. It’s basically slave labor at that point.

So there you have it. All the causes are there and cannot be reversed.. things have already been set in motion. just wait till the effects of them become painfully obvious. This cannot be fixed since nobody is gonna accept that women’s vaginas are the reason for this. Maybe next time around men don’t fuck up and start the civilization off strong with commoditized pussy. This will all go down in documented history so a mistake like this likely won’t repeat itself. That’s the good news.

This should be lifefuel for you all. You are witnessing the collapse of the most successful civilization on earth in YOUR lifetime. Pretty cool. So ditch your ER plans, untie your ropes, and Sit back and watch the world burn.

TL;DR; a couple rights here and there and a few apps destroyed the world. Patriarchy, religion, and commoditization and sexual oppression of women are paramount to the existence and survival of any civilization. We lack all 4. It’s over. Bunker up and stockpile food and ammo. We’re going back to the jungle.

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Zyros #fundie

If you think nature is right in any way or form, please kiss a shotgun barrel and pull the trigger

I hate these fucking idiots and their appeal to nature fallacies that are infesting this place lately.

If you dont absolutely hate nature or think its "richt" in any way, you arent blackpilled.

If you think incels actually deserve the suffering and support eugenics you are worse than vermin in my eyes and should die.
If you are incel yet altruistic and think about "gene pool", "future generations with less incels", "altruist role for the species" you are retarded and should be in special ED class due to iq below fridge temperature.

If ypu dont wish for sentient beings to completely detach from nature or for omnicide if the first is not possible, you are a bluepilled idiot with cuck mebtality that should just jump outta the window of a 90th floor.

You are no better than IT polyamorous cucks.

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Ap0calypse #fundie

We were born in the worst fucking time period

We were born in a time where genetic engineering doesn't exist for humans, but eventually will start to pick up shortly following our deaths. We missed the chance to be 6 ft handsome geniuses by only a few hundred years. Fuck.

I honestly don't care if climate change and pollution kills our planet. The universe will die of heat death eventually anyway, and I doubt future civilizations can harness the energy of collapsed stars.

At least this time period has good copes. Can't wait till I can finish school and LDAR for the rest of my life. 200 years ago they just fucking conquered people for entertainment.

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RageAgainstTDL #fundie

We are all SLAVES to beauty - What it's like to be around beauty & why you can't blame women for wanting Chads

I had an interaction with a 9/10 girl today and holy shit. I'm not someone who is prone to social anxiety. I'm very extroverted and gregarious. I deal with people every day and find most interactions mundane.

But there is absolutely NOTHING like physical beauty or that prepares you for it. Having a 9/10 even smile at you or chat with you triggers so many emotions. It's intoxicating, exhilarating, anxiety provoking. It shakes you up. You can't stop thinking about it after. You feel high. The endorphins feel like you just went for a run.

A 2-6/10 girl can't give me this. It's simply not possible. But when a girl for example has clear bright eyes, perfect symmetry and harmony, PCT, a flawless smile, and is fit - holy fuck it's like a completely different experience. I even feel like I could fall in love because that's what love is - a sustained endorphin high triggered by another person - and I'm pretty emotionally jaded at this point.

It's so rare I'd ever come across a girl like that I lost track of how powerful it is.

This is partly why I try to never blame women for wanting Chad instead of me. That's how women feel around Chad. That's why they message 100 times to your Chadfish account even after you stop replying. They want that high. Chads will tell you women "fall in love" with them constantly. I actually can't blame them.

I think we are ALL slaves to beauty. It's value is practically priceless.

For me, it's looksmax or death. And if I have to pay to fuck girls near that tier, so be it. I can't deny that this is what I'm wired to respond to. We were born into this.

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fellofix #fundie

Why (((they))) are actually our greatest allies

(((They))), the elite, or whatever you want to call them, is not our enemy, and they are in fact our greatest allies. Here's why:

The (((process))) is simple, and it works like this:

1. (((They))) will infect modern culture with polygamy, rebellion, and drug-use. The so-called degeneracy.

2. Society crumbles and collapses under it's own weight, the weight being "degeneracy".

3. The collapse of society will also cause the collapsation of institutional incel-discrimination, privilege of Stacy and Chad, and the destruction of the unjust systems.

Now, this process is oversimplification, but the message is accurate.

But too many incels fail to see the last two, especially the last one, and only see "(((they))) cause polygamy", and think to themselves "well, if polygamy is bad, and (((they))) cause polygamy, then (((they))) are bad as well". And that does make sense when you first think about it. But on second thought, what (((they))) are doing is actually good for incels, and bad for Chad. Not now, not tomorrow, but eventually. And think about it. Most Jews are ugly, balding, short, and they are often meme'd into oblivion. It would make sense for the balding manlet race to hate the Chad Aryan. This is the true incel rebellion.

TL;DR (((they))) cause the so-called degeneracy, and will destroy society, thus benefitting incels

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ReptileCell #sexist

Femoids can be anything; and yet always have access to Chads, while men have to fit specific parameters

Femoids can literally be anything, have any type of personality, be shy, be nerdy, be slutty, be traditional, be liberal, have any types of sexual kinks, they can have a high sexual drive, they can have a low sexual drive, be of any ethnicity, etc. They can be depressed, they can have low confidence, they can have high confidence, they can approach the men they like, they can be approached by the men they like, they can want to be degraded and feel bad about themselves, inflicting pain onto themselves, they can be dominant and enjoy putting others down, they can be into practically any subculture genre, they can have any interests, they can live practically anywhere in the world. They can be rich, they can be poor. AND YET ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO HOARDS OF CHADS WAITING FOR THEM.

AND GUESS WHAT, as for MEN, we have to be confident, have a specific dominant personality, be good looking, we have to approach women ourselves and face crushing rejection after rejection, we have to fit these SPECIFIC GUIDELINES and yet women can do / be / like literally ANYTHING and still have more than enough access to fullfill every one of their sexual desires.

Women can DO ANYTHING and Men are confined to these tiny boxes of permittable behavior, and if we step out, then we loose access to any potential source of reproductive pleasures.

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AsiaCel #fundie

The vagina has three orgasm spot, the G spot, clit and the A spot.
In order to make a girl orgasm you need to hit her A spot which is like 7-8 inches deep.

It's over for averagecels.

Well if your a chad you probably dont need to have a massive dick to make her orgasm

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ItheIthe #sexist

I've Given up on Anti-Degeneracy

For the longest time I believed that the highest level of existence is bonding with a female one on one in a strict lifetime monogamous marriage. I still think it is, however, this is not reality.


After realizing this I had much to contemplate. I came to the conclusion that my idea that people, especially women, start off good and the turn evil is wrong. Rather, women are biologically programmed to be selfish sluts with only a facade of loyalty rather than pure loyalty.

Once I concluded this, I realized anti degeneracy is bullshit. I fully understand now that women truly are just there to fuck, they are literally good for nothing else at all except for raising children. Getting fucked and bearing children is what they exist for. We should make women property in order to ensure we can impregnate them and advance our species rather than let them slut around with unnatural things like birth control and abortion.

Men are biologically designed to love and care for people since as emotionally and physically superior beings, it is our job to advance our species. Thats why emotions such as sympathy and brotherly love exist. However, since women are inferior scum, they dont feel these emotions. Thats why they are heartless and also why it is crucial to not catch feelings for a foid, since there is no point in doing so and a foid will never love you back.

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Arthas93 #sexist

Betacucks are an abomination that feminism created.

I believe that older woman becoming invisible to society is something natural, and also divine justice. When women are young they ignore 90% of men, they focus only on men that have money or men that have a good body, handsome face. They don't even give a chance to any men that don't have those attributes. Heck, they only look at ugly men to make fun of and ridicule them.

Those young women often date rich older guys. And they are totally fine with that. They are completely comfortable in ignoring people when they are young and have the world at their feet. Not gold, neither diamonds, nor petrol. The single most coveted good in the world, since the beginning of humanity, is sex with a young fertile woman.

And men will build or destroy anything to have it. For it men raised Empires, Kingdoms and Civilizations, and for it they waged carnage and Wars where they torn apart each other and destroyed those same things they spent centuries building. Young women have all that power between their legs. And what they do with it nowadays? They give it to the Chads and to the Tyrones and other similar handsome, rich, muscular men that will use them and treat them as trash, as sex objects. All that in exchange for fleeting social media attention, and shallow fake validation from other females around them that hate them.

And we ugly, honest men get nothing, we are invisible to them. So it is a bittersweet sensation when I watch videos in YouTube where some old ladies complain that they are very sad and depresses because now that they are old they feel invisible to society. Now that they are 45/50 they see that their future is bleak.

They will die alone surrounded by cats or in some nursing home. It makes me happy that nature works. When the woman is young, she ignores everyone that is not useful to her. Then she becomes old and everyone that is useful ignores her. God is wise.

But then my happiness is gone, and everything becomes dark and cold. When I see news where young betacuck, soyboys date or marry old women. 30 year old guys dating/marrying 40/50/60 years old (and even, believe me or not, 70 or above grannies). THAT IS AN ABOMINATION, THAT IS SICKENING, THAT IS A DISRESPECT TO NATURE AND AN INSOLENCE TOWARDS GOD HIMSELF.

Nature (or God) designed a perfect system where the females that ignore and treat men bad when they are young, are badly treated when they become old.

And those leftists, feminists, socialists, communists, (and don't forget the real minds behind it all [The damn ?'s and George Soros]), use their sick social engineering and brainwashing to turn the weak and coward Betas into those abominations: betacucks, soyboys, sex starved wimps. Those Betas are our real enemies, they are the white knights, they are the M'ladys *tips fedora, they are the ones that keep this feminism atrocity up.

The Betas seriously think that: if they wait long enough the old leftovers from Chad's will be given to them, AND IT DOES! But here is the catch 22, the female will only go for the betacuck provider as a last resort, when they are old and Chad ain't gonna fuck no old, used pussy no more.

The damn, sick, brain dead, betacucks think that slaving away their hard work money and health in exchange for monthly sex with old used hags is just fine. But when they do that they help keep up the fucked up system that is toxic to all of us.

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WarriorSkull #sexist

It is sort of interesting how primal the fear of misogyny is in all our brains. I claim to be misogynist, but am I really? Is misogyny hating women for any reason at all? Is it hating what women do or what they believe or what they represent or something else? The only reason I claim to be one is an exercise in psychological liberation. I do believe that it is okay to have negative feelings about women. I think a lot of men will never advance beyond a certain stage of personal development because there is a whole range of emotions and ideas they're so deathly afraid of that they'll forever suffer from the emotional repression. It's like attempting to thought police your own mind.

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jimotree #fundie

Firearms are one of the best hobby for an incel

Let me explain, firearms and firearm culture is almost exclusively male, even if you are ugly or deformed it does not matter as the other guys at the range/store don’t care how you look,(beyond you know not being literally covered in filth.). They just care about your guns/skill with said guns, so no need to worry about getting #metoo by some thot,

Second every gun you own makes no-gun normies reeee just a little bit more, they already don’t like us because we’re incels and now they also don’t like us for owning guns, guns that we can use to defend ourselves with,(even if that is not an ‘official’ reason to own a gun in your country.)

Third: there just a lot of fun, they evoke an almost ‘primal’ sensation/euphoria when using them, something that we incels rarely get to feel.

Fourth: if you’re going to Hero it makes it so much easier/ effective (no matter style of ‘hero’ your going to do,(I.e private or public/ large scale hero.))

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don2 #sexist

Women are sadistic sociopaths

Women love to inflict pain on men and see them suffer . They do not have any kind of sympathy , the more you suffer the more they enjoy.

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Redpill Robert #sexist

[LifeFuel] Having a daughter doesn't mean you have to be a cuck

(video showing a Texas judge savagely beating up his daughter, uploaded by her; for more, see this quote)
As an oldcel I randomly remembered when this was all over the news back in 2011. I laughed my ass off re-watching it. For those too lazy to watch it's a Judge from Texas who beat his daughter's ass for getting on the internet when she was told not to. At 3:45 he drops a blackpill on what computers have done too.

THIS is the way to deal with an attention-whoring social media-addicted teenaged daughter. Most cucked left-wing dads not only would have tolerated this, they'd have also gone out and bought magnum condoms and gave them to the daughter for all the Chads and Tyrones she would be sleeping with.

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LoliLoser #fundie

College is Incel Hell

Any fellow incels in college or university?

For Normie’s and Chads, college is paradise. They go to parties and fuck slutty college whores on the daily.
Meanwhile, for for fuckers like me, college is Hell-on-Earth. Everyday I am surrounded by skimpy Stacy’s running around in tight leggings and booty shorts, but I know that all I will ever be able to do it look. Never touch.
My freshman year I was :bluepill: and believed I could get a fresh new start. I kept my door open, went out and socialized like a Normie fucktard, tried dressing and talking like Chads. It was mentally and physically exhausting.
I had hoped I would be able to finally lose my fucking virginity. I knew that if I didn’t lose it by the end of my freshman year, it was over. I’d go to parties to try and pick up drunk sluts, but I’m so ugly that even they didn’t want me. They’d rather go gangbang a group of chads in the back bedroom.
Anyway, after about 2 weeks of trying to make “friends”, they all agreed I was a “creep” and avoided me. To any incel who’s about to start college, you’re fucked.

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GIGALUL #sexist

welfare is literally state enforced betabux

think about it, if chad fucks a girl, gets her pregnant, and leaves, the woman goes on welfare. but who pays for welfare? men, the only taxpaying demographic that puts in more than they get out. normans STILL have to pay for chad's kid EVEN if they aren't married to a foid who had 3 kids before settling for betabux. chad still cucks you even if he's never met you. right this moment millions of betas and normies are subsidizing the result of just one of chad's many one night stands. YOU ARE LITERALLY PAYING FOR CHAD'S KID WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, EVEN IF YOU'RE AN INCEL


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ItheIthe #sexist

As a male, your evolutionary and biological impulse is to impregnate females and spread your seed. Each and every one of you is responsible for advancing our species. That is what you are here for. If you fail to do so, you are a failure. You have done nothing to pass on your genes and keep your bloodline in tact. You are among lowest form of life there is.

However, because the purpose of existing is to pass on our genes and advance your species, the true alpha male is the male who has the most children. He did the most to advance our species. Morals are real, because we need them to function as a unit. However, morals do not apply to females, as they are evil and cold-hearted, as well as good for nothing. They are biologically inferior to us, and we, as morally, emotionally, and physically superior, are free to do what we please with them, as we would with any other species we dominate, such as cattle or oxen. Since females are only good for reproduction, there is morally nothing wrong with raping a female - as long as you don't pull out - to ensure you do your biological responsibility and pass on your genes. This is not only okay to do, it is your biological responsibility. The only exceptions are: 1. A female in a "relationship" because societies function better without adultery, and 2. Virgin females because they are extra valuable for a "relationship". All other females are in bounds.

Once again, females are biologically inferior to males. Males are good at all the physical labor that is required to uphold infrastructure and housing. Women are not. Men have made virtually all the advances in science and technology. Women have not. Men have many productive hobbies and interests. The only thing women do is try to seduce males. That is proof that being used for reproduction is their only purpose. In third world countries, especially African ones entrenched in wars, rape happens all the time and no one gives a fuck. Society here only pretends to give a fuck because we pretend to be romantically monogamous. But we're not, the average female has like 30+ partners lifetime and therefore has romantic value. The only thing it is good for is passing on genes. There's nothing wrong with the rape of these females.

I'm not saying I'm going to rape a female, I'm just saying there's nothing wrong with it, since females are unworthy of us. I would not only say that rape is acceptable, I'd actually encourage it as your biological and primitive responsibility to rape a female and advance our species, as long as that female fits those brief conditions.

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SchrodingersDick #fundie

How big for a dick halo ?

How big must one be to ascend via dick? Is bulge game legit ?

I’m doing PE going for like 8.5x7.25. 7.75x6.5 atm. I heard flaccid gains come first. Would be cool to walk around freeballing In sweats with a sick dick print.

First post btw... been lurking for maybe 2 or 3 months

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LoliLoser #sexist

The Natural Biological Order

This is my first post on this forum, so hello all.

I am a Biology major and therefore am required to learn about life and how different species of animals interact and mate. It’s all about genetics. That’s it.

The biggest Chad sea lion on the beach swims in Stacy sea lion pussy. The Chad Buck with the biggest rack gets all the Stacy doe whores. The Chad Peacock with the best feathers gets to mate with Stacy Peacocks. Humans are animals. There’s no difference. Chads get Stacy’s. Like I said before, it’s all about genetics.

Biologically, females choose males with good genes to pass down those genes to their offspring, bettering their chances of survival. The only problem is that our human society influences women to have ridiculously high standards and tells ugly women that they deserve Chad, and result in ugly stuck up foids aiming for men out of their league. They then neglect men in their own league and think they will eventually meet a Chad willing to settle for a fat fuck.

Until there comes a day where I can walk into a clinic and change my DNA, I will die a virgin fucked over by nature.

(Emphasis original)

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bluecollarCEL #racist

Segregation is a good thing for incels. Curries/Riceboys get in here.

It must be a fucking nightmare to be asian/indian in a western country and have to look at all that hot white pussy all day.

Knowing that you have 0 chance to score with these qt's.

And if that wasn't bad enough the Indian and Asian women are rubbing salt in your wounds by fucking white guys.

Segregation is a good thing. For white guys you can get the blacks out, and those BBC wouldn't corrupt our young white women.

Deep down inside everyone knows its true but no one has the guts to admit it.

Races of all colors should of stayed in their countries of origin.

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Tellem-T #racist

Mix breeding should be illegal

Seriously the UN should have a comitee worldwide to punish anybody that have kids while being a of different races, you could fuck but no impreganting, but allowing mixbreed children should be illegal and if done a prison sentencement to both parents.

I'm speaking from first hand experience since I suffered from from identity crisis my whole life, I didn't fit in with people and family members from both my mom and dad side. Now my parents are not together because it's a fact that most interacial marriages have a higher rate of divorce/marriage failure, especially if the dad is ethnic. Mix breeding creates abomination and confused individuals, take a look at ER. Hapa Manlet with a dad that will never understand his pain, just like my dad, he will never understand my pain of looking black

Mix breeding should be illegal it's just as worst as abortion and first degree murder, it creates abomination identity crisis individuals which leads them to be self hating, like myself and ER

Identity crisis leads to self hatred, so don't blame me for being self hating

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Fontaine and The End #fundie

Incel = involuntary celibacy. It's not about misogyny

This is a PSA to normies and nu-males.

Some members of incel forums are misogynistic, others are not. For instance, I personally don't hate or resent women for their choice of mates.

Incel literally means involuntary celibacy. If you are past puberty and have remained more than 6 months in a state of involuntary celibacy, you're one of us. Sorry.

(The End)
Yes, and if we are to believe the spammed 'no-sex in the last year' graph, 10% of white and black guys are incel, and 30% of all other races are also incel.

That's a lot of fucking people. I don't know why more aren't incensed!

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Fontaine #sexist

It's over for you if:

You have ever searched "how to get a girlfriend" on Google

- You have ever searched "tricks to attract girls" on Google

- You have ever read a PUA book, ebook, or web page

- You have ever paid for a PUA workshop

- You know who any of these guys is: RooshV, Mystery, Neil Strauss

- You have tried to get more muscle so as to attract women

If you have ever done this you are at 90% probability of remaining incel all your life. The explanation is simple: that shows you can't attract women naturally. You're off to a bad start because sexual attraction is pretty much based on genes.

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SlayerSlayer #sexist

Women don't care about what men think. They care about what women think . . .
. . . even if it's completely fucking illogical, because women don't rationalize. They feel. And they feel that their tethered bond to the sisterhood hivemind is a sacred one that they are primordially attached to. This is even beyond CHAD himself. If the sisterhood hivemind decided tommorow CHAD has a a tiny dick, let's all go lezzie, they'd do it.

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Ap0calypse #sexist

Whenever I go on reddit and lurk around, I always see post wall females on Reddit virtue signaling about their beta providers or their past boyfriends. One common theme is that they always bring up "emotional intelligence".

This is an oxymoron. Intelligence involves logic and critical thinking to solve problems and see rationally. Emotions get in the way of logical thinking. Emotions are just a reaction to things that happen around you, no person is more "emotionally" intelligent than others.

These women clearly don't care about so called emotional intelligence. They care about strong jawlines, blue eyes, being 6 ft+, and having a stable job. In regards to their providers, they care about their resources, not them. Females as a whole usually deny having any physical requirements when dating yet in reality, your genetics are what determines your success 95% of the time.

I have noticed that younger females on Instagram tend to be more honest about what they are attracted to, and IT hates that. They follow pages dedicated to jawlines, handsome guys as a whole, and post memes about how attractive tall guys are. Then when you go on reddit, females magically are attracted to guys who go hiking on the weekend and share their politics opinions.

Cool fact: Women hate when you agree with them on everything. It is a sign of weakness.

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Robo Sapien #sexist

This is a weird theory, but hear me out on this one. In our current sexual market place, hypergamy is at an all time high. We have 6 women dating and marrying 10 guys. We have 10 women basically hopping from guy to guy. Water is wet, I know. BUT, my theory is that 10/10 stacies will price themselves out of the market. Hypergamy will raise the price of pussy so high that no guy will be willing to go for a 10/10.

Largely because it isn't realistic to keep them without restricting their sexuality. Thus, if her sexuality is unrestricted, she will chronically go from guy to guy until she ages out. When she attempts to settle down with her 10/10 counterparts, they would've largely moved on to marrying an average women with less miles. I know, few women have "less" miles. However, the main point is that this process will take place for generations until hot 10/10 babes get mated out of existence. Your thoughts guys?

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SupremeG #sexist

Apart from beeing a reject, I actually hate women for some reason. The only female who ever wanted me was bitching around. It was a nice time when we get to know better but after that we're argued all the time we saw each other, just as expected. Women keep bitching and grumbling about every small errors. Yet I have to provide and protect her with such a shitty attitude? Fuck that, I prefer hanging with my friends, having a wonderful time.

Women are fucking, little parasites that should be exterminated and so the humanity imho. I may be a low IQ, mentally disorded idiot but isn't it even more idiotic wasting my time on women? In the end I just get even more frustrated. I'll rather focus on how to make money rather than wasting my time with those parasites.

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NotQuiteChadLite #sexist

Eating pussy is for betas. In fact I remember seeing many Craigslist posts of desperate betas offering "pussy eating service" it's literally just another form of alpha fux beta bux. Chad doesn't eat pussy, she sucks his dick and creampies it.

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The End #sexist #psycho


eating a pussy = cuck

but once is probably allowed just to know

but still

eating a pussy = cuck


The thought of eating pussy puts me off tbhtbh

Eh, I guess it's just something I really like. I drool when I see girls, so maybe I have an oral fixation.

Also I'm not grossed out by the human body; I revel in how disgusting it can be. I could fuck a girl's asshole while she's shitting, decapitate her head and fuck her eye-socket, or watch her turn blue as I strangle her with her own stinking intestines - what the fuck do I care?

Also... how can I say this - I like playing with women. I want to manipulate her psychologically and physiologically. I love the idea of bringing girls to mind-frying orgasms, but a close second is my desire to torture them til they go insane. Causing effect in girls is very satisfying to me; probably because I feel so powerless in my life!


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ItheIthe #fundie

It feels like everyone is trying to get an angle. Every interactions is designed for a specific purpose, everyone is trying to advance themselves. Friendships, partnerships, romantic "relationships", they can always be used as tools and commodities for someone to advance their purpose.

Bitches have played me too many times for me to not be cycnical and ruthless as fuck when I need to be. I'm too intraspective and observant to not be. It is a survival mechanism, also known as "psychopathy". But anyone who fakes shit as a means to an end is a "psychopath". I mean, faking love, faking being genuine, faking infatuation just to get what you want and then bail? That's "psychopathy", and we all have it in us.

It's fucking bullshit. I wish there WAS pure love. 100% innocuous love and positivity spread for no other reason than the sake of it, because you care for your girl/friend/neighbor/whatever. But it ain't that way. Everyone is a "psychopath" looking for a means to an end.