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sugarhitman #fundie

[how do you [Christians] know, or what evidence do you have that you are not the one being tricked into following a false religion?]

I use to ask myself that same question until I stumbled onto Isaiah 41 and other chapters where God challenges all gods to proove themselves through prophecy 'so that we may know that you are gods.' All other religions do not have prophecies (esp. long range prophecies) like the bible. This is how you distinguish the True God from counterfeits.

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Lucis #fundie

i also used to think [dinosaurs living among humans] were ridiculous. but that was when i still cared about logic and reason. when i stopped caring about everything, i could have an open mind for these things

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Lucis #fundie

all science is not wrong, i mean mostly only the evolution, big bam and gravity. ID will eventually beat evolution. and i don't eat genetic food because i live in europe. gene food is only sold in USA. i like science and nanotechnology, but i think some things are wrong because they contradict myths.

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Dave Hawkins #fundie

I was at the Chicago Lego store today and noticed that they depict dinosaurs with humans on one of their sets ...


Many of you are aware of Carl Baugh's recent find, supposedly of human and dionsaur footprints in the same strata. And many of you are probably aware of the many legends that exist causing us to believe that dinosaurs and humans probably co-existed, including the Biblical Book of Job Chapters 40 & 41.

Anyway, I think it's obvious that they DID co-exist ... and from this box, it appears that either there is a 'renegade creationist' on the loose in the Lego art department (send out the attack dogs, Prof Dawkins), or Lego management has been to Ken Ham's Creation Museum.

Either way ... Way to go Lego! Let's get started early teaching kids the right things about science!

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Lucis #fundie

[Do we have an ancestor whose jaws comfortably held 3 sets of molars? If so, which one?]
The Bible mentions that there were giants, and they had wisdom teeth.

[What caused us to start losing the wisdom teeth?]
We inherited them from the giants. See Genesis 6:4.

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hokowo #fundie

["You are also suggesting that adults may choose to be sexually attracted to the same sex; can you see yourself CHOOSING to go and have hot porno sex with truckstop bill down the road? Can't you see how STUPID that suggestion is?"]

Actually I think its quite possible to learn to like truckstop bill sodomising you and vice versa.

Ever heard the stories in various prisons??

Its a taste that can be aquired if the prime motivating force is just to have fun.

I mean the Greeks did it.

The question is where should society draw the lines for the purpose of fun?

Or on the other side if homosexuals really have no choice why dont they just learn to have fun in the heteroway , becasue it is clearly a thing that can be learnt. And for the spyco part of the relationship they hcan have same sex friends as most people do have.

Or what are the other reasons for having only homsexual relations?

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aChristian #fundie

aChristian: You need to do a little studying about angels and then get back to us.

Amaleq13: You make no sense. I'm just relating how Luke describes the two men and noting that Steve has apparently not read the story since it clearly does involve glowing garments.

aChristian: Oh, it makes sense. You just are too ignorant about angels to understand. Actually, I am afraid you just don't want to understand.

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mdejess #fundie

Right away I would say that in embracing atheism atheists are not acting intelligently.

Why? Because what are the advantages to an atheist in embracing atheism?

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Mercyburst #fundie

As I've noted several times on this forum, gay-sex-affirmation goes hand-in-hand with a denial of scriptural authority. Gay-sex-affirmers tell us the Bible isn't reliable. When the Bible is discredited then anything goes including murder.

Here's an example from the Tennessee Unitarian Church Massacre. Unitarians are gay-sex-affirming universalists by the way, and they believe that all people are basically good.

a gunman's words from the news headlines today:

Man charged in Tenn. church shooting that killed 2

Yep folks, that's the sad sad ending to scriptural denial -- murder. So go ahead and bash a Bible all you gay-sex-affirmers out there. Know that a church gunman feels the same way you do.

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biblethumping #fundie

Bishops lead a hard life they really ought to be excused for a little child abuse from time to time. Even thou i'm one of the few followers of the leviticus rules I still tend to have sinful thoughts about molesting my adopted daughter from time to time, it's really not my fault it's just our sinful human nature that takes over.

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drekoguk #fundie

I don’t know why I’m doing this because you will
all deny this evidence like you deny the obvious
evidence for Jesus Christ but I’m going to try to
open your minds anyway. Much of the evidence
supporting ID involves fruit and vegetables and
I will present even more convincing and
overwhelming evidence involving chicken.

[The fruits and vegetable links were links to Ray Comfort's banana argument and another video about vegetables looking like human organs]

What do you hear when someone in the movies
tastes something foreign or something in the wild
that isn’t usually eaten? They say it tastes like
chicken! Some actor eats a lizard he says
it tastes like chicken or some other actor has a
strange foreign meal and he says it tastes like
chicken! Now, what are the chances that all
these animals should taste like chicken?
Darwinists would say that all these animals
evolved to taste like chicken just by pure chance!
But how is that possible? It’s
astronomically UNLIKELY and practically
IMPOSSIBLE! Obviously, a caring Intelligent
Designer designed these animals to taste like
chicken so that when we run out of normal food
we wouldn’t need to resort to eating bad tasting
food. God had the foresight to make many animals
taste like chicken just as He had the foresight to
make plants photosynthesize carbon dioxide and
produce oxygen so that we could breathe.

This is another nail in the coffin for evolution by
chance and more evidence for Darwinists to ignore.
You can’t keep relying on archaic 19th century
science and it’s time to embrace the reality of design
and appreciate God’s well-thought out creation.

Just think about it.

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no1nose #fundie

It might be good to summarize things at this point:

1. Both Evolution (popular understanding) and the Biblical account that all humanity came from a single pair.
2. Many linguists believe in a “Mother Tongue Theory’ which is in agreement with the Biblical record.
3. Some characters in the Chinese language are linked to the biblical record in Genesis. The debate is over which characters are (and not whether they are or not.)
4. Many cultures in the world have the myth of a messiah with detailed similarities between myths.
5. Darwin would have never developed his theory if he had been a Buddhist.
6. The Theory of Evolution is “mutated” branch of Christianity.
7. The Theory of Evolution has been directly linked to some of the most evil political movements of the 20th century.
8. Hardly anyone reads Darwin’s books, whereas after thousands of years hundreds of millions of people still are reading the Bible despite centuries of fierce criticism by people like yourself.

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Self-Mutation #fundie

[What do you think God's rationale for giving us a tailbone was? What's up with the appendix?

It's not just that some things are good and some are bad; it's more that there's so much that's irrelevant and unneeded.]

What if God is a practical joker and laughs at some of these things?

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Self-Mutation #fundie

I will be in shock if any evolutionist can seriously answer these questions with answers that actually make sense. (no beating around the bush)

1. If evolution is unguided and is a completely natural process, how does nature "KNOW" which traits are beneficial and which traits are not? For example, how did nature know to make a digestive system and a sewage system for the removal of our bodily wastes? Did these systems just "pop up" out of nowhere in organisms? Or did organisms start out with half-systems and couldn't remove waste and digest food? If the latter is the case, how did organisms ever survive long enough to reproduce?

2. It is often said by evolutionists that we have certain traits because they make us survive better. For example, we have eyebrows because it keeps things out of our eyes. (This is said as if nature actually KNOWS it's keeping stuff out of our eyes and decided to stick with eyebrows.)

But, if we really do have certain traits because it makes us survive better, why didn't we evolve immunity to fire? Surely if we had the ability to not be harmed by fire, it would be a HUGE survival advantage to our species. But, we do not see this despite the fact that evolutionists say that evolution works to give us traits to survive better. We are immune to other certain types of things. Immunity to fire would've been a huge survival advantage, don't you think?

3. if nature doesn't "know" anything and is unguided, how does our body know when something bad is being put into it to cause us to cough? If nature was unguided, there should be no reason why our body "knows" we have to cough. How does nature know what is good and bad?

4. If surviving more efficiently is one of the main purposes of evolution, why do so many people get heart disease? Shouldn't we have evolved to a point by now where fatty foods don't harm us because it would make us survive longer and better? Right now, fatty foods can kill you and give you a heart attack if you eat it too much. Some survival advantage that is for us, huh? If we all had the ability to eat any type of food we wanted without getting heart disease, that would be an even GREATER survival advantage, don't you think?

Yet, in spite of all these objections, evolutionists will INSIST that evolution gives us traits to be able to survive better. I guess evolution doesn't see a need for us to REALLY be able to survive better considering we can burn in fire and die from too much eating.

So, how did evolution know how to build a digestive system, a sewage system, and a sexual system? Even if all these systems started out as tiny specks and half-systems, how did evolution and natural selection specifically KNOW how to straighten it all out into what we see today?

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DLH #fundie

There are only two possible interpretations of the Bible. Right and wrong. In this particular case my interpretation happened to be the right one and you have done nothing to demonstrate other wise.

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Farmer Joe #fundie

[of the 78 children buried in the church's cemetery since 1955, 21 died from treatable diseases. The Followers of Christ came under intense scrutiny in 1997 and 1998, when three children died after their parents denied them basic medical care.]

21 out of 78 since 1955? That means that 57 out of 78 died of completely non-treatable means, as in they fell on their heads or got hit by cars. That sounds pretty reasonable to me.

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Sugarhitman #fundie

1. Darwin sees similarities between man and ape, decides to write book
2. Hunt for skeletal remains begins in pursuit of an imaginary creature born out of the mind of one man.
3. No remains found
4. Remains discovered....proven hoaxes
5. Fragmented skulls hailed as evidence.
6. A few oddball skeletons found...labled as mans ancestors.
7. Fossil record fails to prove man descent.
8. Genectics now employed to proved Evolution
9. Discoveries announce man is similiar to many animals including fruitflies

Now where will it go from here? Maybe it will lead to the Truth that all find decent from the same material....created by the same God or....all evolved from a common parent (which also includes plants)....which of the two sound right to you?

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sugarhitman #fundie

If you look closely at Darwin's scale you can see that it is progressive with man becoming larger and smarter. Now intelligence is not a factor in Evolution? Some are claiming that the brains of animals are complex, but yet they lack intelligence. How can animals evolve but yet remain at the current level of brain complexity after millions of years of evolution? If human like creatures were in existence for millions of years why is there only 6 billion people on earth I mean there should be about a trillion or more people on earth why so little after so many years of existence?

Also why are people still claiming close similarity with apes when Science has already admitted that recent tests disproved this theory?

animals and human are made of the dust of the earth, proof? this is exactly what we turn into when both die. We both consume the same things that come forth from the same earth which we both share, should we not be similer? Similarity does not prove evolution but in fact proves biblical creation when it states that man, animal, and plants came out of the dust of the earth.

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1stspock #fundie

Wow, look at all that abundant evidence. No intermediate forms either still alive, as they should be, or fossilized. Of course his highness Derwin said the record would be repleat with evidence, as these veterans have illustrated.

Read the frog prince fairy tale to your daughters, tell them it really happens, and then tell her to push for legal marriages between her and frogs for a tax or health care crisis advantage. If she moves to San Fransisco, a 9th circuit judge may rule in her favor.LOL

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Rosster #fundie

Prof: The question obviously, Rosster, is whether you think infants deserve hell...and if so on what grounds?

Rosster: This question has been addressed several times so far in this thread. The answer is, yes, I do believe infants deserve to go to hell.

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Self-Mutation #fundie

Once you involve the supernatural in your life, you become more creative. A lot of atheists look "too logically" about everything when we really should be having fun! It's no fun to keep analyzing and thinking logically about everything. It hinders the creative side of your brains. I was trying WAY TOO HARD to find a natural explanation and my friend went, "Dude, you've exhausted every possible situation and explanation. Just let it go and just accept it was probably a ghost. Why is that so bad? It's pretty fun." He was right. Why WAS I fighting it so much and trying to push naturalism so much? It wasn't fun and there was no point.

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Self-Mutation #fundie

Cmon, Zeus? He's a myth. The people who believed in those gods KNEW they were myths. That's why they are referred to as mythology. Christianity is not referred to as mythology. Roman and Greek gods are. But, they didn't actually believe those gods existed. They knew it was a myth.

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Self-Mutation #fundie

Perhaps God allows earthquakes to happen because people are stupid enough to build houses where earthquakes happen? Seems like a common sense thing to me more than it is God's fault. Don't build houses on land where earthquakes happen and nobody gets hurt during earthquakes. It's quite simple really.

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Self-Mutation #fundie

[According to the tales, the Biblical God, with intent and aforethought, killed first born infants in their cribs in the still of the night.

Do you love and worship that being?]

Yes. They are God's creations and he can do whatever He wants with them. He most likely took them to Heaven, so I fail to see how he was "evil" for killing them. Since there is no such thing as Hell, it is VERY TOUGH for atheists to prove me wrong because they are so used to Christians who get their jollies off by salivating waiting to watch the torture of the damned forever.

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Self-Mutation #fundie

Cmon, Zeus? He's a myth. The people who believed in those gods KNEW they were myths. That's why they are referred to as mythology. Christianity is not referred to as mythology. Roman and Greek gods are. But, they didn't actually believe those gods existed. They knew it was a myth.

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Self-Mutation #fundie

(Theists have not had the answer for all of human history. That is why science is searching. We've made tremendous improvement since the medieval ages, when theism was rampant and superstion indestructable.)

and science doesn't have all the answers. That's why they are still searching and we theists already know the answer.

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Self-Mutation #fundie

How come we can see the moon every night? Doesn't the moon move slower than the Earth rotates? So there should be some nights when the moon isn't visible because it's over another country. How come this is never the case? How come I ALWAYS see it every night?

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Self-Mutation #fundie

I have a question for atheists.

The moon causes our tides. Without the moon, the water would just be dead in one spot, or "stagnant" if you will. This would be no good for ocean life. Dead animals would NEVER wash ashore. They would just pile and pile and pile up in the ocean for billions of years. Think about all those carcasses, huh? So, it's a very good thing God put the moon there.

Also, morning ducks and geese in rivers ALWAYS look for food in low tide. I see them all the time on the low tided rivers taking food out of the mud. Without the tides,THIS WOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE!

Quick, can you guys think of a better way to cause the tides BESIDES the moon?


Welcome to God's mind.

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Self-Mutation #fundie

Perhaps God made Uranus that way so we would notice that all the planets aren't spinning the same way, like they should be if they naturally formed.

My explanation is just as valid as the scientist's "guess."

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paarsurrey #fundie

Our AtheistAgnostic friends; can neither create an atom of the Universe nor words of any modern language

If you enjoy natural beauty; if you enjoy reading Science; both manifestations of GodAllah's Work;then you should enjoy Quran also which is His Word. If you don't enjoy; then the fault lies with you naturally. All three are perfectly attuned; only you are not.

Science is not created or invented by the AtheistsAgnostics; if there were not a single individual of AtheistsAgnostics in the world, even then the scientific knowledge would remain intact, in my opinion.

Kindly tell me; have you created a single atom in this world? Also kindly tell me; have you created say a score of words of any language which are in vogue in the public? Leave the Universe or a RevealedWord; you can create neither an atom nor words of any modern language? These are already existing naturally created by our GodAllah as did he wish.

I don't deny that I have to learn many things from you; that is one reason of my joining these forums. I appreciate that you people are intelligent. I love you all as a segment of reasonable humans.


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paarsurrey #fundie

[Prayer and medical attention?

Except atheists get sick, seek medical attention and get well, all without the prayer.

Seems the prayer part is a bit....superfluous]

I don't agree with you.
Many die in the hospitals; in the presence of the Physicians and Surgeons; they were helpless to do anything. Physicians and Surgeons themselves die even taking the latest treatment. Many of them would have survived if they would have prayed also alongwith the treatment by medicine. Prayer as well as medical treatment in essential for cure. Please don't be unrealistic and superstitious.

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Half-Life #fundie

Look, even Buddha predicted jesus would come in the future!

...'I am not the first Buddha Who came upon this earth, nor shall I be the last. In due time another Buddha will arise in the world, a Holy One, a supremely enlightened One, endowed with wisdom in conduct, auspicious knowing the universe, an incomparable leader of men, a Master of angels and mortals. He will reveal to you the same eternal truths which I have taught you. He will preach to you His religion, glorious in its origin, glorious at the climax and glorious at the goal, in spirit and in the letter. He will proclaim a religious life, wholly perfect and pure, such as I now proclaim.' His disciples will number many thousands, while Mine number many hundreds.'

[Where did this actually come from and where does it talk about Jesus?]

(link to a site naming Baha'u'llah as the person referenced)

LOL if you can't see that means jesus, you're blind.

Who's "disciples" number many thousands?

Doesn't Buddha have less disciples?

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Ed #fundie

Nowhere (in the bible) does God condone or encourage genocide. Genocide is the killing of a group of people for who they are, God only commanded the killing of people for what they did. Also, totally innocent people do not exist.

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sugarhitman #fundie

Our genes are similier to many animals but that does not prove we "evolved" from them. Seeing that there are no fossils of these creatures, they are now shifting to the genes thing. Which some are admitting that the similarities are only that.

And if Evolution exists then it would have to be continous. So what happen to the rest of the apes? Why have they not evolved? We use the apes to prove evolution, and yet they remain apes. Silly. No proof.

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Robert Byers #racist

[On the Australian government apologising to Aborigines]

How quickly you guys turn the attention off the natives and onto your hostility to christianity.
I don't know anything about this apology. One can't apologize for someone else.
Did the old ones do these things to hurt the natives or they sincerely though it would help them by bringing them out of poverty?
Seems unlikely they meant to hurt people and so the apology if done on the premise of moral wrong (as opposed to intellectual error) then it was injust.
Probably this is just typical left wing revisionist history foisted on good willed australians today who don't know the history but only whats said in the present media.
The natives owe graditude and everything to the true australians for bringing them up into civilization. its up to them however to be intelligent and true men and be successful.
Perhaps a apology is needed for a few decision makers.
There should be a apology soon to unborn children killed by abortion.
Hope it doesn't take too long.

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Robert Byers #fundie

[Talking about biblical stories of stars hitting the earth]

If the stars are just hydrogen and only a little heavy elements then fine. When they came close or hit our planet they would leave less of a hole.

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Robert Byers #fundie

[1. Meteors are not stars.
2. The craters on earth are made by meteors not stars, a star cannot fall.
3. The varying erosion of craters cannot be caused by one flood event.
4. A global flood is physically impossible.]

I'm not saying your a fool but you incompetently read my posts.
A meteor is just a rock and so is a star when its knocked down to its basics. The flood event , I'm suggesting, had nothing to do with the war between Satan and michael. Since the bible says a third of the stars would fall to earth then the bible thinks its possible. So if its a past event then are there now big holes everywhere that are pre-flood.

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Bible John #fundie

[To an ex-Christian]

You probably were not saved in the first place. You are a victim of the easy" believism" of our day.

If you had fruit and if you were a child of God, then you would have remained in the faith. But the fact that you fell away shows that you are not a child of God, but are a child of the evil one.