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Jesusmary #fundie

Christians support true science but keep alert to uncertain or arguable scientific views since not less problems have been caused in the name of science: like deleting some parts of organ to cure some types of sickness; like DDT, etc. Today, health and environment are polluted by those in the name of science. Science errs but God never errs.
Your long text is very wasteful here like a gabage even if you work hard. Working hard does not mean correct; Working hard to popularize errors on purpose is abominable and evil.

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Oboehner #fundie

Again with the single case court opinions as if they are relevant to others beside the ones in that case, hmmm...

Ambulance Chaser:
That's because they are, and your obstinate refusal to accept that reality does nothing to change it.

Citing case law is LITERALLY Day 1 material in law school. Citing cases is just about as natural to a lawyer as breathing. Any lawyer who doesn't cite cases regularly and abundantly is simply not practicing law.

The position you take is not just wrong, it's fractally wrong. It demonstrates not just an ignorance of the law in this case, but an ignorance of even the most fundamental basics of how law operates.

To attempt to put this into some kind of perspective, your position is the equivalent of playing Tetris and announcing that you're the winner because you got to the top of the screen faster than anyone else. Or thinking you won a round of golf because you got the highest score.

And to build on what Ambulance Chaser said, I was taught to look for the cases that contained numerous case citations themselves. You look for the most recent, most supported decision to bolster your case.

Let's see, reality...

Article I: Legislative
Section 1 -
"ALL legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the
United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of

"Citing case law is LITERALLY Day 1 material in law school." Can you say the inmates are running the asylum?
Do explain how non-law is binding though, I'm all a-twitter with anticipation!

OK, I'll use small words.

Courts do not make law.

Courts examine the law.

They use the Constitution to examine laws.

The Constitution is the highest law in our nation.

This includes the Amendments.

Laws cannot violate the Constitution.

If the judge(s) find the law violates the Constitution, they issue a ruling.

That ruling says the law cannot be enforced.

It does not remove the law from the state laws.

It just neuters it.

States can appeal this decision.

But once SCOTUS has made a decision (or refused to hear the case) it is over. The last appellate ruling stands.

So, what can the state do?

They can try to rewrite the law to address what the courts found unconstitutional.

They can push for a Constitutional Amendment.

Or they can accept that they lost and move on.

This, by the way, is the reason Roy Moore lost his seat on the Alabama Supreme Court. SCOTUS ruled that laws banning same-sex marriage were in violation of the 14th Amendment. Moore tried to order county clerks to ignore the order. His own state's review board kicked him out of office for that.

OK, I'll use small words too.
Only laws are binding, court cases are not either.
Courts gave themselves the power to examine laws.
The courts examining laws is not in the Constitution.
The Constitution is the highest law in our nation.
This includes the Amendments (the Tenth as well).
Laws cannot violate the Constitution.
If the judge(s) find the law violates the Constitution, they issue a ruling, which is as pretty as Billy's kindergarten drawing on the fridge.
That ruling says the law cannot be enforced, but they have no constitutional power to say that.
The ruling is the only thing neutered.
States don't have to appeal this decision as it is unconstitutional.
But once SCOTUS has made a decision (or refused to hear the case) it is over. The last appellate ruling stands ONLY over the single case that came from a lower court.

"The last appellate ruling stands ONLY over the single case that came from a lower court."

That line of thinking makes no sense to me. When the Supreme Court rules, in an appeal that is brought before them, that a law is unconstitutional, how can it only apply in a single case then? The 14th Amendment gives equal protection of the law (the existing laws, not the laws you say they supposedly create) to all citizens.


And when the court rules the law applies in a certain way in one case, because of the 14th, it applies that way to everyone else.

Oh, and judicial review is in the Constitution.

"This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding."

In other words, unconstitutional laws don't apply. And if you're going to tell me next that it isn't the court's job to interpret laws...well, I'm no legal expert, but I don't understand how a court system could exist without doing that. If nothing else, they have to deal with old laws, and interpret how they would apply to situations that the people who made them would have never imagined.

"And when the court rules the law applies in a certain way in one case" is ONLY relevant to that case as anything else would be a usurpation of power and unconstitutional - rendering the rest of your argument null and void. In other words, unconstitutional laws or actions don't apply.

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MissyD #fundie

I am grateful for the article, I didn't know it was Catholic based. Many films these days are passing themselves off as Christian, when they are Catholic. I haven't seen the film, but would've bought it when it came out on DVD, but now I won't. I steer clear of the Catholic church and its influence.

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peanut butter #fundie

Elohim and allah are not the same.
Elohim created the universe and all that is in it with His Son, Jesus Christ.
allah is a made up pagan moon god moham used to fool the masses.
This woman did the best thing she could to start this man's career, invoke God for protection, then ask Him to heal our land.
The muslim cries blasphemy against Christ, while he is the being blasphemous for calling out His name in vain, not even recognizing that He is Christ. Like the lady said, every knee shall bow, and this man will have to confess that Christ is Lord and King.
Objections OVERRULED!!!
And if William Penn was here, he would be saying the same prayer... Then, he would have had the guts to drag the interloper out to the curb and thrash him soundly.
His prayer and explanation were not sound... he is invoking allah to claim the land or position that he prayed over. Then they think no one else is entitled to it.

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robert boe #fundie

Every thing that is against the bible that christians have to sit through to make a grade be it this or the teachings on evolution is a form of Christian persecution. In the wider sence. That what lutherans believe we know were being persecuted. Even gateway pundit supposedly a conservative political site Persecute's christians this is Gods world when a christian can not say that His God is by far better than any other God that is persecution in the wide sence! When you can not openly honor God in this world of his with out some devils advocate stopping your post from being seen!

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Jesusmary #fundie

Good news anyway! The reason that scientists are respected is their respect and insistance in truth and fact. But it is against common sense
that evolutionism get so strong surpport from them even if it is obviously self-contradictory and shortage of evidence. So many most intelligent brains in history or now have been cheated by it: why? because behind it is Satan, who has cheated and manipulated the Children of Adam into death and the Hell for thousands of years. If it were not Jesus, God Himself, came into this world to deal with him, we were, are and shall be its victims for ever, no matter we have the most intelligent brains or not.

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Barefoot Soul #fundie

Really - it helped improve "metal health"?

Obviously didn't work in your case.

Tell you what, miss - we'll start feeling guilty when you gays stop infecting and killing each other with AIDS. And you never will. Since you don't value each other's lives, you have no right to ask us to value your lives. You treat each other like garbage. Clean up your own "community" and stop scapegoating decent God-fearing Americans who do you no harm at all. It's a pretty sorry excuse for a "community" to engage in self-genocide, and that is what the LGBTXYZ "community" has been doing for over 30 yrs. I would not want to be part of a "community" of people who destroy each other's lives with diseases.

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Lydia Church #fundie

It is never a peace that denies God, like this one does. And yes, God does only espouse one religion, the one called Christianity.

Bible prophecy + current events = reality all around us.

Remember THAT simple formula.

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Lydia Church #fundie

The antichrist is on the move... on the move... oh-oh!

1. God DOES espouse only ONE religion and no other religions. Biblical Christianity is His only religion. All the others are false. Because they contradict each other. God is not the author of confusion but of truth. We are NOT brothers and sisters based on any religion in general, or by being part of creation. There is a different kind of 'creation brotherhood,' but there is no unity in it. We see that since the beginning. We only have unity and fellowship with true Christians. And there is no salvation for muslims. Jesus said He is the only way to heaven, and you must come to HIM for salvation. John 14; 6, Acts 4; 12, 1 Timothy 2; 5-6. The Bible also says that those that don't have the Son don't have the Father either. muslims don't believe that Jesus is God's Son, so they don't have God either. Period. 1 John 2; 23 It is not okay to just 'do it your way,' or that 'all paths lead to God.' NO path leads to God but the one Jesus opened up by dying for our sins as the atonement sacrifice, when He died the veil in the temple was torn open. THAT is THEE WAY, and there is none other!
2. Those who are Biblically illiterate will not see a problem with this. They will only see warm and fuzzy 'peace' and 'tolerance.' "Oh, how nice!" They will swoon.... but that path leads to hell. Oh, inclusion! Brotherhood! World peace! Love! Acceptance! Tolerance! Oneness! Divinity of all! Human dignity and potential and civil rights! Non judgment! Unity! The Common Good! Building bridges and finding Common Ground! Oh! It all sounds so 'good'! But you will be bowing to the devil to get it. True brotherhood and love are only achieved through the cross of Christ. You will either be bowing to Christ, or to the devil. If you deny the Jesus of the Bible (like the koran does), you will be bowing to the devil. Ain't no other way about it!
3. The end times goes as follows. Most of the masses will be deceived. They will follow the antichrist to hell. They will fawn over him and hang on every word he says. It will all sound good to the undiscerning ear. There will be chaos. Order out of chaos will be brought. He will come in looking like a 'savior' to the world. Only it has nothing to do with sin, repentance, and true salvation. He will complain about injustices in various places, such as the economy. And that much is true. But the solution will be all wrong. He will tell people not to worry about sin, just 'accept everyone.' The Bible says otherwise. The satanic bible says 'do what thou wilt.' Do whatever you want. The antichrist will echo that. He will complain about border walls and immigration laws. He will push for a one world government. He will push for a one world religion. He will push for a one world economy. Revelation 13 says there will be a one world religion, government, and economy under antichrist. Hint: So they will not be 'good' because they are under the devil. But they will call it 'God's kingdom' or 'God's dream.' It is really a nightmare. And the worst apostasy ever will be called a revival or global awakening. He will definitely fool many! He will unite all churches and religions under one umbrella. In the end, they will all have to worship him or be killed. The false prophet will erect an image of him and those who don't bow to it will be killed. They will install the mark of the beast so that you can't buy or sell without it and things are moving quickly in that direction. It basically is allegiance to the devil to take the mark since it brands you as his merchandise with his name on you. Those who don't take it will be martyred. Those who do take it will burn in the lake of fire... no turning back. Revelation 14; 9-11.
All Christians will be martyred during this time and yes, we WILL BE HERE for it. Very few will survive till the pre wrath rapture at the end. We will be public enemy and target #1. His kingdom will hate us with vehemence! WE are the only ones who resist him. We stand up for the truth of God. We don't compromise with the world, sin, or the devil. We stand on Biblical doctrinal Truth. We will be ostracized, persecuted, mocked, and martyred just like all the church as been throughout church history. We will be called 'intolerant,' 'bigots,' 'discriminators,' 'extremists,' 'bible thumpers,' 'narrow minded,' 'radicals,' 'judgmental,' 'critical,' 'harsh,' 'exclusive,' and so on for standing upon God's Word when it comes to sin, sodomy, morality, abortion, insisting that Jesus is the only way to be saved and no other religions are valid, and so on. We stand upon Jesus alone and no other gods (which are false). We are the cream rising to the top when the heat gets turned up, the glorious finalists graduating with Biblical honors in a world gone mad in a downward vortex to hell. They will mock us. They will spit upon us. They will place a crown of thorns upon our heads and lead us to our death. They will all think that they are doing God a favor while doing so, just like the other pharisees thought by condemning Jesus to death. We must follow Jesus ALL THE WAY, no turning back. The sky will turn black and the moon blood red, God's judgments (yes, judgments) will fall upon the whole earth. It gets pretty intense before HE sets up HIS kingdom, which only HE can do.
4. All of these things are already happening under antichrist so it is not a question of 'if I am right or not.' But they will only get worse. Other things are still 'waiting behind the curtain' but many know they are already here. As the days get darker, most will be deceived. By the apostasy, the church has already been seduced like a harlot into accepting all of this just like gullible Snow White. Oh, what's a little compromise with the devil... after all it will be 'for the welfare and benefit of all,' my pretty! The Bible says all will worship the antichrist except those who belong to Jesus. I pray that some eyes will still be opened before it is too late. The delusion will be strong. Very strong. Only the thing with deception is that.... you don't know you are being deceived. NOW is the time to seek the God of the Bible, pray, fast, read the Bible, ask God to open your eyes. What do you have to fear from the truth?

And they ask... "What could possibly be wrong?"
: D
"Then I saw the thrones, and those seated on them had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image, and had not received its mark on their foreheads or hands. And they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years." Rev. 20; 4
"And the smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever. Day and night there will be no rest for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name. Here is a call for the endurance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. And I heard a voice from heaven telling me to write, “Blessed are the dead—those who die in the Lord from this moment on.” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labors, for their deeds will follow them." Revelation 14; 11-13
"And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."
Rev. 12; 9-12
"And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." Rev. 12; 17
You get the idea...

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WKCude #fundie

(="‘I Am a Christian’ Gaga Claims, Calls Pence ‘Worst’ Christian Example as Wife Works at School Prohibiting Homosexuality"=)

This "pretender" to the Faith has no concept of the depth and scope of her inborn and natural proclivity to sin; and profanely and contemptuously so while being completely ignorant of the fact that she is not known by Christ. She is not one of His beloved redeemed. Ms. Gaga has measured herself as "righteous" and able to judge another "righteously," BUT looks through the scrim of her personally developed theology. And such a theology is darkness borne through Satan's system of standards.

It is very doubtful that Ms. Gaga has ever heard the true Gospel of Christ exhorted by a doctrinally sound pastor-teacher; has ever read an authorized version of the Bible; has ever developed a personal fellowship with one of the truly redeemed of Christ; and has ever come to that point in eternity where her heart has yearned to be forgiven and reconciled to God. She does not understand how profanely arrogant her sin of adding to and taking away from God's Word is. She is in a terrible place of storing up God's wrath. Yet, God's mercy and grace can abound for her also. John 6:44-45, 65.

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Jim Grunseth #fundie

I am just an imperfect Christian man who loves all of his family.

Based on 4 thousand years of Judeo-Christian and scientific and sociology-cultural history, and based on my Christian Faith in the Holy, inspired, infallible, eternal Word of God, I believe several things.

1. A person’s sex is his or her gender.
2. God does not put a female into a male’s body. There is no proof to the otherwise. None. Genesis 1:27 “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”
3. Due to the Fall of sinful man (males and females) from Adam and Eve, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Roman’s 3:23.

4. I was born with a freshly sin-pull toward lust and covetousness. It is every man’s battle. Now, again due to sinfulness and total depravity, some people have a yearning /lust / covetousness for people of the same sex/gender. Some call this homosexuality. It needs to be acknowledged, confessed and repented from just like I have had to acknowledge, confess, and repent from those things that pull me into sin practice or bondage.

One is not worse than the other.
If one craves sensual/ sexual intimacy with one of the same sex/gender, as hard as this sounds, they will need to remain Celibate for the rest of their life. God does and can work a work of healing and grace in one who struggles. I know of one. He now is married to a female and they have children. He wanted what God wants more than what he wanted. He repented and called on Jesus to save him and help him be the man God wanted him to be.

5. I believe in my heart of hearts that those who are in the LGBT world may struggle with some type of mental confusion due to various stressors. However, ultimately, I believe they need to repent of all things not Scriptural and call on Jesus and receive Him to be Lord and Savior. Only He has the loving power and strength to affect change and Spirit-directed transformation. Christ forming in them... the Hope of glory.

My beliefs and convictions on this are what Scripture teaches. Romans 1, 1Corinthians 6, and many other passages confirm this. Sodom and Gomorrah confirm this.

6. If a person says they are a born again Christian but give the international sign of displeasure to God and His Word, they cannot be Saved. No way.

7. Now if a soul is not saved, not a Christian, then tragically, if they persist in rebelling against the Lord who wants to forgive and save them, they will die and will spend an eternity in everlasting torment. They eventually will be thrown into the Lake of Fire for all eternity!

Now you now know why I boldly share the Gospel and the Truth of God’s Holy Word to which we must answer to.

Feel free to share this.

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WorldGoneCrazy-StillStanding! #fundie

(in response to story "Judge Strikes Down Iowa Heartbeat Law, Says Abortion Can’t Be Banned When ‘Potential Life’ Not Yet ‘Viable’"

This is a good example of simple and settled science being denied by the judiciary.

It is, and has been for decades, settled science that, at human conception, a new human organism comes into existence.

To call such life "potential life" is to directly contradict known and uncontroversial science.

Perhaps the judge never had a talk with his parents about how babies are made?

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Susan Perelka #fundie

Ours is the only one with 100% accurate prophecies spoken over future events of nations, before it happened, throughout history. Only a Diety could know the future with such detail and precision.

And to correct you, true christianity isn't a "religion", because religion is man made. Ours is a relationship with the Creator of all things. A spiritual family of God brought about by His grace and power. Very different from all the other religions in the world. Very unique.

It is that simple. The Creator of all (heavens, the earth, and all that is in them) only has the right to determine the boundaries of His creation, the created doesn't have that right. Sin is anything in "rebellion" against the Creator's order and instructions. Jesus is the Creator (read the book of John chapter one, in the New Testament of the bible). So anything against this is anti-christ.

Very simple, even a child could understand it.

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Lydia Church #fundie

This comment is nonsensical anyway.

First, from any standpoint, if there is a God, then He is eternal and cannot die. That's just part of the definition. He won't be much of a God if he can die (spiritually).
Second, if there is not a God, then He can't die, since He never lived. You can't die if you never were.
Third, there is a God, and He is eternal, so He cannot die. So God is NOT dead.
Fourth, the closest that God came to death was when God the Son died on the cross for our sins, but only His body died, not His being, and we all know what happened and the resurrection and so on.
Fifth, if one means like a fad, that is impossible too. Some may become atheists, but all will not.

But now this guy is dead, and he knows that he was wrong.

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Bob Jones #fundie

Please explain how the Universe came into being. Tell me what caused the Universe to exist? After that, tell me if you are in favor of cancer research, or support do you support feeding and clothing the hungry? If you do, you're a hypocrite. You are interrupting Evolution. As a Christian, I fully support medical research, and feeding and clothing people in need, because I believe that God created everything, and He tells us to have compassion for our fellow human beings. Not that I understand everything, but to assume that if you do not understand the "why" of certain situations, it can't be true, is the height of hubris. In doing so, you attempt to bring God down to the level of humans. God is Supernatural. He is separate from His Creation, but intimately involved in His Creation. His reasons are beyond our understanding.

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Lydia Church #fundie

The devil does not want the lost to get saved.
The devil is behind all anger against this missionary event.
Other missionaries have gone out to isolated peoples and they got saved,
and all was well. Even if someone did not survive a disease, better to
die after a chance of hearing the gospel, than to live out your whole life
without it.
Genocide is keeping the gospel from them, and it's eternal genocide.
It matters not whether or not you agree with the above statement.
We obey the Lord Jesus Christ above all else.

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edwitness #fundie

The evidence for the verasity of the KJV Bible we hold in our hands being the same Bible that was written by the 66 writers over thousands of years is rock solid. Any that would attempt to say otherwise base it on a pre conceived notion that Jesus is not the Messiah. And not any scholarly criticism.
For example, the book of Isaiah found in the Dead Sea scrolls is 1000 years older than the texts that were used to translate the KJV. And there is virtually no difference between the two. And certainly no difference that would prove the Bible we hold today is corrupted so that we can not know the truth of man's need for salvation. And Jesus' fulfilling that need.
Man could not do this. Only God could. More proof of His divine authorship.

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Dr. Georgia Purdom #fundie

Study Announces Discovery of New Species of Crocodile, But Speciation Is Not Evolution, Says Christian Geneticist

A study published by Zootaxa recently outlined the discovery of a new species of crocodile, estimating that the creature arrived on the scene eight million years ago due to volcanic activity in Central Africa.

...(cut to avoid it being too damn long)...

However, Dr. Georgia Purdom with the Kentucky-based Answers in Genesis told Christian News Network that while she agrees that there are two distinct crocodile species as concluded by the researchers, she differs with them on the time frame in which the Mecistops leptorhynchus came to be.

“God’s word gives us the truth about the past and since God is a perfect eyewitness and does not lie (Titus 1:2), we can trust His word,” she said. “Around 6,000 years ago, God created the crocodile kind with inherent genetic diversity. About 4,500 years [ago], there was a global Flood that covered the entire world, but God saved Noah and his family and the many different kinds of animals, including the crocodile kind, on the ark. After the Flood, animals migrated to different parts of the world, including crocodiles going to Africa.”

“Many post-Flood catastrophes occurred that caused volcanic eruptions and the formation of mountains that isolated organisms from each other,” Purdom explained. “Natural selection (and other mechanisms) acting on the created genetic diversity that crocodiles already had led to differences in the populations of crocodiles in West and Central Africa, eventually splitting them into two species.”

She said that the speciation occurred within a relatively short period of time, and not over millions of years as the study would suggest.

“This speciation occurred quickly in only a few thousand years, and we see many examples of rapid speciation occurring today even within human lifetimes,” Purdom outlined. “This is only possible because the genetic diversity is already present. Evolutionary ideas predict that species take millions of years to form because the genetic diversity must be generated by random chance mutations. Instead, we observe that organisms must already have this diversity (created by God just several thousand years ago) because species can form so quickly.”

And while Newsweek recently reported that the human-culpable extinction of various mammals, birds and reptiles appears to be “outpacing evolution,” and that in the past, “[m]illions of years of evolution helped replace lost species with new ones,” Purdom contended that speciation is not evolution.

“Crocodiles are still crocodiles, and they aren’t gaining traits that will eventually result in them being a non-crocodile,” she noted. “Species form and become adapted and specialized for their environment. If that environment changes, then they may not be able to survive and [will consequently] die. Thankfully, God created animals with genetic diversity that often allows new species to form that are adapted to the new environments so that His creation is preserved even in a fallen, sin-cursed world.”

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CSGO 4153 #fundie

I would advise no Christian to participate in another person [sic] delusion to do such is a [sic] evil thing if the Professor would have addressed the insane man with a female pronouns [sic] would been in agreement with the insane man that God made a mistake and you and i both know God never makes a mistake

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pastoredsmith #fundie

Support? Easy. The Bible proves itself. Prophecies that came true and are coming true now. Creation alone is all the proof one needs. No manmade atheistic-based theories can explain where the universe came from. Not one single man made theory has any real proof, just more postulation and guessing. The Bible, on the other hand, is accurate. Evidence? Look at a sunset or a sunrise and explain it. Evidence? Look into the face of a newborn baby and explain how he "Just Formed totally by accident." Thousands of gods? Yes, all #fakegods. Only God has a Son that was crucified and rose again. Proof, yes. Witnesses who risked their lives and under penalty of death did not change their true accounts of the resurrection. Proof? Yes, Jesus lives. Evidence that science is wrong? How about the pig's tooth years ago that was supposed to be the "missing link?" How about that missing link? Where is it? And, where are the "partially evolved monkeys / men?" There are none. Where are the dogs that morphed into cats? They don't. Evolution is a lie dreamed up by a disgruntled, angry preacher-turned-disbeliever until on his death bed when he recanted his theories that now are espoused as a religion. Atheism is a false religion....YES, it is a religion. Worshiping hating God and His people. Spending time on threads such as this demanding "proof" of that which is right before one's eyes. It takes much more faith to believe in scientific, man made theories than to understand that God created Heaven and the Earth and all that is in it. Science proves nothing. All it does is give people an excuse not to believe and accept the obvious truth. Do you reject the Bible because you have proof or because a scientist told you that he is right and God is wrong? Do you have a basic understanding of science or do you just parrot the talking points of atheists? Do you have any understanding of the Bible or just hate it? I am praying for you, even though you hate me for saying that. I am praying that the scales of the lies you have absorbed fall from your eyes. No, God won't pry them off. But, I do pray that your heart changes from believing a lie to learning what the real truth and where it really is.

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khoregon #fundie

Dose of reality: If Christians looked into it, they would find that halloween is the biggest event of the year for satanists, warlocks, witches. Infants are sired for this one specific day of the year. Babies, boys and girls, men and women - some unknowingly, some kidnapped for the rituals, some willingly, tortured and slain, their blood drank, their hearts passed around and eaten raw, all to honor satan. If Christians looked into it, I feel pretty certain that they would choose to not participate in halloween. Does God have grace in our ignorance? Absolutely. I thank God for His grace but I do pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ to come to a knowledge of the truth and walk the talk.

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Crusader Ron :E #fundie

Cosmology is guess work, we still don't know exactly how light travels, especially beyond our own orbit! And please don't add TIME to it... whoah!

C14 and other dating methods don't work. C14 is in dinosaurs, thusly null and voiding ALL dates. Radiation stuff... gets whacko numbers... labs won't do blind tests!

Every geological formation has been seen to occur in hours, days... volcanoes, mountains, sedimentary layers, diamonds, oil. Even fossils require catastrophe... NONE have been seen to occur over millions of years. ... I mean... just think of 1 million years!...???

Don't get me started on biology and anatomy!!!

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PecosOasis #fundie

I believe that Adam and Eve were real people. I believe that God created all things ex nihilo. I believe that the Bible is full of symbols and pictures of Jesus Christ from Genesis through Revelation. I believe all the stories of the Bible in the historical accounts are literally true and are illustrations of the gospel and the coming Savior. I also believe that God can create in 7 literal 24 hour days if he wishes. After weighing good arguments on both sides, I believe that those days were long periods of time. I've always been intrigued by the probability of the rotation of the earth slowing and cooling in order to support the next level of creation. I find this absolutely stunning and beautiful. That does NOT make me an evolutionist. 14 billion years or any other time frame would never be long enough for macro evolution. If you believe in 7 literal 24 hour days, great! Let's make room for open, respectful discussion.

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Susan Perelka #fundie

You will believe a man over God.

The fear of man is a snare and a trap.

The fear of God is pure, leads you to knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

The Holy Spirit of God leads you into all truth.

Your error is listening to man over Gods word. REPENT, you are self-deceived.

You were told by Jesus not to believe every spirit but to test it to see wether or not the truly are from God. You failed to obey JESUS>

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Doug Bristow #fundie

I am trying to unblur the way you see the sin of sexual immorality because I hope you come to God through Christ Jesus seeking forgiveness of your sins and thereby have your name recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life and avoid the judgments of God to come.

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Amos Moses #fundie

(commenting on story "Parents Speak Out After ‘Drag Queen’ Included Among Literacy Day Speakers at Middle School")

Amos Moses:
THERE IT IS ...... they cant just keep it in the library and in their private lives and in their pants ..... they have to display it ... not just to children in the library ..... but to children eveywhere ...... and the PRIDE of homoMIRAGE keeps paying dividends for the depraved of mind, soul, and spirit ........... this is rank pedophilic grooming ..... it has been the goal all along ...........

No...just no, there is absolutely no mention of gay marriage in this story whatsoever. This story is about drag queens. Focus your outrage in the correct place please.

Amos Moses:
so what ...... it is the same depravity of mind, soul, and spirit .......... you should focus on your own depravity instead of making excuses for others .......

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Susan Perelka #fundie

God is clearly evident in His creation, they are without excuse. Everything is designed by an amazing Creator, the closer we look, the more evident it becomes. Just look at the amazing things our hands can do, simply amazing.

Mr. Hawkins is now eating the fruit of his ways for eternity. It wasn't enough that he did not believe, but he spent his life convincing others to reject God. Folly, he chose folly over wisdom.

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Heather Clark #fundie

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — A video recently published to YouTube features a California man and his wife who consider themselves “human pup” and “handler,” as the woman, who identifies as a man, likes to role-play as a dog.

Barcroft TV released an episode of “Extreme Love” last week with Andrew McGinn, 32, of Los Angeles, and his wife, 30, who goes by the name Tony.

“My responsibility is similar to the responsibility with a regular dog,” he said. “I hang out and provide him with lots of attention and tell him that he’s a good boy.”

In the video, Mrs. McGinn explains that she never grew out of playing pretend from her childhood and has been role-playing as a dog her entire life.

Many who have viewed the video have left comments expressing that they found the footage to be disturbing.

“Imagine the look on God’s face right now,” one viewer wrote.

“Every day we stray further from God’s light,” another opined.

One viewer simply wrote, “They need Jesus.”

In Matthew 9:12-13, Jesus explained, “They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick. But go ye and learn what that meaneth: I will have mercy and not sacrifice. For I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

Warning: Video not appropriate for children.

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Amos Moses #fundie

Guest Verified:
Yep, intentionally targeting black families like the racists they are. Margaret Sanger eugenics.

Read it again. It's a group of, by, and for black women.

Amos Moses:
and they are decieved ..........


Amos Moses:
no not w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r ...... d-e-c-i-e-v-e-d ......

Whoever told you it was spelled “decieved” has deceived you.

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Guest Verified #fundie

(commenting on story "Billboard by ‘Reproductive Justice’ Group Defends Abortion as ‘Self-Care’ as if Day at the Spa")
(link to story)

Guest Verified:
Yep, intentionally targeting black families like the racists they are. Margaret Sanger eugenics.

Read it again. It's a group of, by, and for black women.

Guest Verified:
Read it again. Other women of colour have made the same observation I have. The group is run by 3 black women who are figureheads. The actual marches, demonstrations, etc, are attended by liberal white women - you know, like Margaret Sanger.

From their website:
"The Afiya Center (TAC) was established in response to the increasing disparities between HIV incidences worldwide and the extraordinary prevalence of HIV among Black women and girls in Texas. TAC is unique in that it is the only Reproductive Justice (RJ) organization in North Texas founded and directed by Black women. Our mission is to serve Black women and girls by transforming their relationship with their sexual and reproductive health through addressing the consequences of reproduction oppression."
Always so gracious when you're wrong. You don't have to double down every single time.

Guest Verified:
You err again. Yes, go to their website. They are run by 3 women who are figureheads. Go to press releases of actual marches and see who is marching - 1-3 black women, and a host of liberal white women. Anyone can claim anything. The reality is something far different.

Why should we be interested in your conspiracy theory take on it? I can find nothing online that says anything along the lines of what you're suggesting. I saw ONE photo with two white women front and center and every other woman in the photo was black. I saw other photos with mixed black and white, as well as mixed men and women.

James Blue (to Guest Verified):
Just to clarify, you are saying that this is run by white people and the blacks who "founded' it are just powerless pawns?
You are saying this is a Milli Vanilli situation?

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Mary Waterton #fundie

I don't agree. All the wickedness that's turning America into a dysfunctional Sodom (liberal activist judges, abortion, homosexual marriage, legalization of drugs, etc, etc, etc) is coming from the democrat party. The most back-slidden RINO republican is still a 100 times better than a liberal democrat.

At the moment, we're winning ... inch by inch. But one can still lose the game if they quit at the 10 yard line. I still say the key to a Christian victory that glorifies GOD is for 100% of Christians to show up in November 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024... and vote democrats out of office. Persistence wears down resistance.

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Lydia Church #fundie

As long as they are discriminating against the Christian flag and hoisting the abomination of the rainbow flag, God's impending judgment will hit landfall!

And that's how it is, regardless of how many morons reply with their idiotic nonsensical responses. You are already refuted. Period. I'm not wasting my time to look back here again.

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Seven seven #fundie

God says those who encourage a sin are as guilty as those who do it. All Democrats are genocidal baby killers. They are driven by their blood thirsty licentiousness and ambitious greed.
I agree with you on their baby raping and child molesting agendas. If left unchecked, they will begin to sacrifice children (post birth) to their devilish master.
I believe protection of the innocent (justice) is good. I believe their is a time for war.
Many of us believe a generation is forty years. Abortion has been legal forty years. Abortion is an ongoing genocide. I believe the time for a civil war is now. I believe Democrats are as much a ruthless enemy as the Muslims. There is a bond between the domestic enemy liberals and the foreign enemy Muslims. I believe we should clean our house

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Lydia Church #fundie

Judgment is coming to this nation for allowing things like this.

Also, judgment begins in the house of the Lord.
A time of persecution is coming to the church; to sift it like wheat and separate the wheat from the chaff. Christians; are YOU prepared to suffer for Jesus? Or only to buckle in cowardice when the day of testing arrives? Are YOU ready to stand up for your faith in Jesus regardless of the cost? Or just to swallow the deception of the devil's 'best life now' myth, even though true Christians have suffered for Jesus all throughout church history and all over the world until today, with few exceptions? Just something to think about as the time gets shorter.

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Susan Perelka #fundie

The devil is a created being and not more powerful than the Creator, the One True God. Even the demons tremble at the name of JESUS.

All they are putting up is an image made by man's hands. GOD made Himself flesh, dwelt among us, and was the perfect sinless sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins. God's grace (undeserved favor) through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus rose from the dead and is seated at the right hand of the Father. Death could not hold Him (He is alive forevermore), He is victorious! PRAISE GOD!

The devil is defeated, his time is coming to an end very soon when the Prince of Peace comes back and casts him into a pit, I can't wait for that day. That serpent of old can huff and puff all he wants, it is finished.... satan's fate is sealed.

Get into the Ark of safety, Jesus Christ. Make sure you are in Him because the Day of Judgement is coming soon.

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Amos Moses - He>i #fundie

they are GOD GIVEN rights and only GOD can take them ............. better go back and read the DOI ......

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights ...........

government only SECURES those rights .... they do not grant them ....... evil men do evil things .... especially when they are in power .... but that does not change anyones rights ......

UNALIENABLE ...... means .... MEN cannot take them away ............ no lien can be placed on them ..... but men are continually evil ..........

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Ted R. Weiland #fundie

This, thanks to the rights culture created by the 18th-century founding fathers when they replaced Biblical responsibilities with Enlightenment rights:

"ecause they have transgressed my covenant, and trespassed against my law … they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind…." (Hosea 8:1, 7)

"A familiar proverb declares, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” America’s road to “hell” has been paved with rights, including:

Natural rights
Human rights
Civil rights
Political rights
Religious rights (including the right for all non-Christian religions to proliferate)
Educational rights
Women’s rights (including the right to murder one’s unborn baby)
Children’s rights
Health care rights
Welfare rights
Homosexual rights
Transgender rights

"And this is the short list....

"Because the framers failed to expressly establish the Constitution on Biblical ethics, the Ninth Amendment was inevitably interpreted to include the above list, as well as other Biblical infractions.

"The latest to come from the rights culture created by the framers is the right of young men who claim to be transgender to share locker rooms, bathrooms, and even showers with girls in our public schools...."

For more, see blog article "America's Road to Hell: Paved With Rights." Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Blog and search on title.

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Susan Perelka #fundie

Call me all the names you want, great will be my reward in heaven because I am persecuted for JESUS names sake just as the prophets were.

Can't stop our prayers either, done,God has heard.

It is up to God how far to the pig pen He might take you. Depends how deep your pride is, may take years. I trust God knows perfectly what to do, He is patient and long-suffering desiring all to come to repentance.

If your pride is too deep to humbly come to God and accept the free gift He is offering you, you will pay the eternal consequences. BUT you have been forewarned.

REPENT for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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jesse #fundie

Stacking the Court with yet another Roman Catholic is a betrayal to both God and Country. Gorsuch is the first Evangelical Protestant to serve on the Supreme Court in my lifetime (1981- present). This is a travesty and crippling to our country. The Founding Fathers admitted only three Roman Catholics among their numbers over the course of our founding, and with good reason. Recognizing the Bible as the highest authority on earth and the only source of Scripture, as well as, the need to be "born again" ought to be prerequisite in choosing our members of government, especially on the Supreme Court. I had a feeling from the moment I heard Justice Kennedy's announcement that Trump was going to pick a softer nominee this time.

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Lydia Church #fundie

The lgbt community is the one spreading the hate, not the Christians, and we are the ones spreading the love, not them. All they are spreading is sin... and AIDS. We share the gospel of salvation from SINS like theirs... by JESUS, aka 'conversion therapy' and aka 'love', the LOVE of GOD to lead them out of their slavery to sin! But as the Bible says... the sinners call good evil and evil good...

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paroikos #fundie

That trusty, old truism, “the Bible isn’t a science text book” should fit alongside the truism, “_On the Origin of Species _ is not a theology textbook.” But neither truism works for Evolutionary Creationists whose theology injects the Genesis account with their faith in the mythic scientism of Darwinian evolution.

Your comment (below), “ [Scripture] also isn't the total and complete revelation about God and His amazing works,” exposes 'your phantom’s' misunderstanding of the perfect power of Scripture’s revelation: “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Hebrews 4:12).” This is ‘His amazing work’.

So your phantom (which you can’t “deconstruct”) is the spawn of disbelief in the creative instantaneity of God's work in the Genesis decrees. You do believe, however, “…in the words which man's wisdom teaches (1 Corinthians 2:13),” that life (then the biosphere, and then consciousness) began 3.8 billion [?] years ago.

Again, this theological/evolutionary hybrid will never find a Scripture which either identifies or alludes to the existence of the Darwinian anti-Genesis contraption--which you are defending.

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VETCON #fundie

One cannot cherry pick what to believe and not to believe in scripture. As an example, if I believe Jesus when he says "no one comes to the Father except through me," why then would I not believe the Genesis account concerning creation?

The sad truth in all of this is that Darwin's hoax has been leading people astray for over a century.

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." 2 Tim 3:16-17

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Amos Moses #fundie

the pedophilia is getting more organized ..... more overt .... more in your face every day ..... and it is all because of the HOMOMIRAGE decision ......... when you remove restraint on any depravity .... it releases ALL DEPRAVITY to forge ahead ..... and they are doing so with gusto ..... and there is no fear of God before their eyes .... and they have given up any knowledge of anything as a result ..... this is child abuse and it is grooming to be abused ..... these "parents" will have much to answer for .......

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LisaRudisill #fundie

The "Establishment Clause" of the Constitution states that government shall not INTERFERE in the establishment of any religion in America. How does the US Supreme Court--or any court--find that an invocational prayer interferes with the establishment of a religion--or even in its operation? The idea that the Rowan County NC commissioners "COERCED" attendees at their meetings by asking people to stand for a prayer is outrageous. Coercion involves dragging folks off to jail, fining them, torturing or executing them for non-compliance. There are many cases in history of this. It is a truly sad day when the people of our majority religious nation are forced by unthinking courts to NOT thank God publicly for His blessings and to NOT ask Him to help their leaders make correct and worthy decisions. With today's decision, I cut up my sign saying "God Bless America." I am not proud to be an American and I think if I could renounce my citizenship and move elsewhere I would. Can we renounce our citizenship and continue living here? I can't afford to move.....Lover of God.....I have no heart to ask God to save a country that hasn't the courage to even name Him.

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Dark days #fundie

I usually do not reply to your kind (libs;) however, for a reason/reasons I do not understand, I will reply to you, and probably not again.
You lie when you say you want to hear an explanation. What you want to do is be given a platform to argue, to mock truth, and promote confusion, lies, corruption, destruction, and death.
Beside these things, you lack the capacity to recognize truth when exposed to it. This is happening to you because you have already chosen to hate God; subsequently, you must hate truth. As Jesus (God) repetitively highlighted, all of us are blind and deaf to truth until God himself heals us. There is no way for anyone to enlighten anyone who clings to their hatred of God. You display haughtiness and mockery.
Telling you the truth before you become humble is a lot like watering a rock.

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Dark days #conspiracy

Seventy-three years ago the Nazi death camps were closed. Forty-three years ago the Femi-Nazi American genocide centers were opened.
Do you know why they really want to take your guns? They cannot tolerate anyone interfering with with their ruthless hedonistic greed and ambitions. What started with abortion has now identified you as their targets. Not surprisingly, the feminist moment and the LGBT met in Los Angeles in 1966, and formed their alliance which has held to this day. Their demand for tolerance and equality is a veil. Behind the veil is a compulsive urgency to mass murder those who stand between them and their ruthless hedonistic greed and ambitions.
None of this is surprising. First, they hate good. Secondly, they serve evil. I believe depravity of the soul produces confounded and unreasonable mind. Likewise, they say good is bad, and say bad is good.
I believe this condition is akin to rabies in dogs.

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Dark days #fundie

There are a variety of ways to sexually molest kids. Until recently, there were two primary methods. One method was violent and the other was a seductive beguiling both led to physical molestation.
God says in the latter times much knowledge will increase. Now, there is a new third way which has gained formidable acceptance in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the US. It is institutional child molest. Basically, it begins with the sexual molestation (corruption) of the children's mind and emotions. The mind and emotions (the soul) are linked to their physiology via neuro transmitters. Hence, the kids bodies begin to experience physical molestation immediately upon exposure to LGBT indoctrination formats.
Truly, all who approve of the LGBT campaigns are active child molesters even if they never personally speak with a child, because they are engaging in institutional child molest. I believe modern liberals are as monstrous as Nazi death camp workers, abortion workers, child rapists, ISIS, MS-13.
We are seeing the Western World rebel against God, hate everything that is pure and good. How the Western institutions, cultures, and nations more civilized and less demonic than Islam? How are liberals morally superior to ISIS?

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Amos Moses #fundie

(Commenting on story "Children's Cartoon 'Drag Tots' to Feature ‘Baby Drag Queens’ Voiced by Cast of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’"):

and the TIDAL WAVE of depravity continues to flow in ...... gotta have them kids GROOMED ..... to make way for the legalization of Pedophilia ............. and all those who want to say no one wants to legalize that ..... all you have to do is look at 80s and 90s and 2000s TV to see how we were inundated with homosexual characters and that agenda so they could finally deceive everyone into homomirage into this country ..... the PIT of depravity has no bottom .........

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Amos Moses #fundie

(commenting on story "UK Syphilis Cases Up 20 Percent in One Year"):

Amos Moses:
Gee ..... this is REALLY OLD data ..... it is over 10 days old ...... how can we trust this data ...... and its "mostly-obviously-biased sources " ...... but you know ..... none of these cases had anything to do with "monogamous homosexual partners" and we know that all "married" homosexuals are monogamous ...... and shyphlis and gonorrhoea ........ they do not effect society and the families of these monogamous homosexual MSM partners ............... /////SARC OFF .................

well obviously none of the cases have to do with monogamous partners, you dont catch stds if you are monogamous and that goes for gay or straight

Amos Moses:
The myth is that homosexuals were ever monogamous ...........

some are and some are not, just like heteros

Amos Moses:
MYTH ........

google gay men and monogamy and report back to me

Amos Moses:
Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples
by: Timothy J. Dailey, Ph. D.
(article removed)

timothy dailey is a widely debunked idiot. opinion pieces mean nothing and this article STILL doesn't say there are no gay monogamous couples. why are you trying to hard to prove something impossible?

Amos Moses:
right ... a scientific study you do not want to agree with as it leaves you butt hurt with the facts .......

his study doesnt say there are no monogamous gay couples. read it again

Amos Moses:
it says what YOU want to call monogamy ..... and what homosexuals call monogamy ...... and what monogamy REALLY is ......... is not what homosexuals are portraying it to be ..... they are lying through obfuscation, sophistry, and casuistry ......... and a lie is still just a lie .....

nice try. you cant say that his words really mean something other than what they say. youre making a crazy unsupportable statement when you say there is no such thing as a faithful gay or lesbian couple especially when there are millions of examples online that shoot your pathetic lie down.

Amos Moses:
there is no evidence ..... length of time spent together is not evidence of monogamy .....

in that case you cant prove that anyone is monogamous and faithful. gay or straight

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Amos Moses #fundie

Rhesus Peanut Buttercup:
I wonder what sin you think a transgender person is guilty of, since they aren't even doing anything.

Amos Moses:
IDOLATRY ........ it is all plain out and out NARCISSISM .............

Rhesus Peanut Buttercup:
Your statement makes no sense, idolatry is worshipping an object and narcissism is self-love. A transgender believes themselves to be the opposite gender than what they are. So neither of the words you use can apply.

Amos Moses:
" idolatry is worshipping an object and narcissism is self-love"
they are not mutually exclusive ...... and the OBJECT is SELF ........ ummmmm ..... DUH .......

Rhesus Peanut Buttercup:
But not love of self. It’s identity.

Amos Moses:
NOPE ....... love of self is NARCISSISM ..... denial of self towards another is love ..... love is not self centered ...... homosexualism and transgenderism is about destructive self love ..... it is conceit ..... it is not self worth ...... it is NARCISSISM ......

Rhesus Peanut Buttercup:
You should really invest in a dictionary. I don’t believe you know what half the words you are using even mean.

Amos Moses:
you do not understand the BIBLICAL definition ... and this is a CHRISTIAN site ..... maybe YOU should read up ........

Rhesus Peanut Buttercup:
There is no such thing as a Biblical definition, there is only a definition. I would like you to tell me what homosexuality, which is simply the attraction to another person of the same sex, could possibly have to do with narcissism. It would be like me telling you that you don't actually love your wife, you actually only love yourself.

Amos Moses:
"There is no such thing as a Biblical definition"
there CERTAINLY is .... this is a christian forum ..... about topics of interest to CHRISTIANS ..... for CHRISTIANS to discuss ..... you are welcome to be here ..... BUT ..... YOU CAME HERE ..... we did not go looking for YOU ...... and if you want to participate ..... then the DEFINITIONS are ours ........ NOT YOURS .......... and if you do not like it ..... TOO BAD .......
"It would be like me telling you that you don't actually love your wife, you actually only love yourself."
and that happens ..... EVERYDAY ..... so what ..........

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Jim Oakley #fundie

I've heard all this ignorance a hundred times no doubt over the years and am no closer to believing it now than I was the first time. In other words, you are wasting your time when you preach the nonsense you peddle.

The fact is, I have a Spiritual mind and understand things that your carnal mind can never comprehend. No, I'm not trying to sound superior or better than you. Actually my mind is better because it has been changed by God Himself and He has enabled me and other born again Christians to see from His perspective.

The carnal mind is ruled by Satan whose goal is to keep people in darkness and ignorance.

Man is no part ape, never has been. It is two different kinds of flesh. The flesh of man is unique among all the flesh in the world and was purposely designed to be so.

Wise folks take to heart the following words lest they be shown to be foolish in the end.

"But God giveth it a body as it hath pleased him, and to every seed his own body. 39All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds." ~ 1 Corinthians 15:38-39

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robert boe #fundie

(Headline: "Alabama Residents to Vote on Ten Commandments Amendment After Proposal Approved by Lawmakers")

The Ten Commandments protect Atheists and Muslims lives and liberty to .From Angry Christians. Its curbs the behavior of all people . And mostly Christians who have the same sinful nature as every one else since there are more of us in this country. Be glad it is there or other religions and people might not be. It protects policemen Superme court judges especialy ones like Ruth Ginsburg it protects senators the President there lives to from angry Christians and some Christians most easly could end such lives.. As some have been trained in war fair as very efficent snippers. Does Chris Kyle come to mind . Be glad for Gods ten commandments you atheists and baby killers. Or you would not be around.

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Reason2012 #fundie

Are you honestly trying to tell everyone else that Christianity must be censored, except where people like you give their permission? This is why we have a Constitution in the first place - to protect freedom of religion from anti-Christian fascists.

On a school by school basis, if the people that go there do not mind such a thing, then they have the freedom to allow it. If that particular school (the people that go there) do NOT want it there, then they have the freedom to disallow it.

It's called democracy, it's called freedom, it's called the United States of America, and it woks great.

But then you have atheists (they're not humanists as they do not mind sacrificing tens of millions of human beings on the altar of personal convenience and call that "abortion") who behave like fascists and demand that in every school across the country, it's their beliefs that rule and it doesn't matter if the majority at that school do not mind Christianity be offered - the atheist fascists will rage and threaten until only their belief system of "you're just an animal - a cosmic accident" be taught to the kids, let alone as a lie that it's a fact instead of another belief system, and that's not even optional.

So if they do not want schools on a case by case basis to decide for themselves (by the people that go to that particular school) they do not mind having an elective Christianity lesson there, then the belief system of "you're an animal - a cosmic accident" needs to be removed as well. But the fact you do not mind that belief system is force-fed on every school exposes the hypocrisy of the fascists pretending to be atheists.

Search on public school islam and read all about how more and more public schools are teaching kids all about islam while censoring Christianity. Please cite your posts against that which is far worse than what you complain about here. It exposes the atheists as really pro-islamists using atheism as a way to eradicate Christianity one piece at a time.

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Guest Verified #fundie

The fossil record proves the Great Flood, not evolution.

By referring to Christian behavior, I was referring to those who are truly born again and who walk that way. You can spot them by the kind of fruit they have.

The living breathing God was demonstrated when Jesus Christ, an historical figure, walked the earth. He is alive to this day, and seated on the right hand side of His Father. You can talk to Him any time, read His works in the greatest Book (and world's bestseller) to this day. He still does miracles, answers prayers, and forgives sins. If you tried Him (tested Him, proved Him, sought Him), you'd be blown away.

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Guest Verified #fundie

I didn't say that because many major scientists believed in Creationism that it proved Creationism is real. I was merely pointing out that being a scientist does not mean one is not a Creationist, and that all scientists are not evolutionists.

If someone uses the Bible to justify racism, they are making up things since racism isn't in the Bible. However, if someone uses evolution to fuel their racism, well, that is what evolution is based upon. It surely isn't built upon science.

Evolution has never been proven. Even evolutionists will tell you that.

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getstryker #fundie

Did I read it - NO! Am I ignorant as you obviously imply - NO! Have I ever researched the subject, read books, inquired and sought answers - YES!
Conclusion - when it comes to 'hard science' - that is: computers, cars, medicine, etc., you betcha - science is great. When it comes to the 'coulda , woulda, mighta, shoulda, with a definite maybe thrown in of evolutionary science, or whatever you want to call it,'- it's ALL nothing more than wild guesses, speculation, lies and fraud - there are NO provable 'missing links, no evolution in the sense that small changes over time produce different species, etc. It's ALL tax-supported religion. In truth, I prefer my own beliefs in a God that created it all in 6 days!
You and your friends can believe whatever you like. It's a free country (at least for a while longer) We're done here!

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Amos Moses #fundie

(commenting on story "UK Humanists Want Homosexual Issues Taught in Primary Schools")

A humanist campaign group wants four-year-olds to be taught about LGBT issues, and has branded religious views on sexuality “discriminatory.”
Humanists UK, formerly known as the British Humanist Association, issued a statement backing government plans on new primary school relationships education.
Under the proposals, children will be taught about “different types of relationships,” which critics fear could include homosexuality, transsexualism and same-sex marriage.
The group went on to compare traditional religious views to racism, claiming they were an “unconscionable affront to the equality and dignity of all people.”

Amos Moses:

How is teaching acceptance of those who are different "pedophilia?"
How is teaching diversity "pedophilia?"
By your "logic," teaching kids to accept black kids in their schools as equal is racism.

Amos Moses:
conflation of race and depravity is a false paradigm ..... and there is no "logic" there ..........
sexualization and grooming of children to accept that sexualization ...... is pedophilia ...........

Define sexualization.

Amos Moses:
Grooming or making CHILDREN view and accept sex (especially depraved sex) as part of their "education" ............ it includes numerous activities ............

Sally Edwards:
No, pedophilia is actively sexually abusing a child.
No one is grooming children for pedophilia by teaching them that some people are homosexuals. Pedophilia wasn't mentioned in the article.

Amos Moses:
no it is not ...........LIE .............
"Pedophilia is termed pedophilic disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), and the manual defines it as a paraphilia involving intense and recurrent sexual urges towards and fantasies about prepubescent children that have either been acted upon or which cause the person with the attraction distress or interpersonal difficulty. [1] The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) defines it as a sexual preference for children of prepubertal or early pubertal age.[4]"
GROOMING is what is being done to CHILDREN to accept homosexuality ............ and it is pedophilia ......

Sally Edwards:
"Intense and recurrent sexual urges towards and fantasies about prepubescent children"
Your words, not mine. Now tell me that relates to this simple story about a school educating children about homosexuals.
Also, homosexuality and pedophilia could not be more different.

Amos Moses:
NOPE .... DSM-5s words .......... FAIL .... TRY AGAIN .............

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0pus #fundie

My parents rented one of their condos to a gay couple. When the couple broke up and moved out, my parents had to go in with lots of spackle to fill in all the indentations in the walls, indentations that looked suspiciously like head-holes and fist-holes. It's been documented that domestic abuse among these people is double that among normal couples, so their lovey-dovey act in public is just a put-on.

Rusty Writer:
Opus, your Mother shared the same story, but in her generation it was black people who did all the naughty things. Bigots never change tactics, they just pick new targets for their cruel idiocy.

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Skywatcher57 #conspiracy

That's a very good question, Richard! For centuries, we have had liberals and conservatives who have been at war with each other, so to speak. It's fair to say, as you suggest...there ARE lexicographers all over the world past and present, who are in cahoots with the New World Order. They make it no secret, and have been in cahoots to change society, preparing it for the rule of the one world dictator, whom the Bible calls the Antichrist.

For those of us who know the Book, we are seeing the steps literally happening more and more each day as we approach that horrible time in our world's life. In fact, lexicographers are currently working on lexicons for the counterfeit NWO bibles that infiltrated our churches, schools, hotels, motels, courts, etc., since the '50's. That doesn't make them right, but they are the majority now, because there are so many per-versions of the Holy Bible out there, giving people false doctrines, false hopes, and preparing them for their own demise.
Further proof of this are the Georgian Guide Stones and the "17 Sustainability Development Goals" put forward by the UN.

Their first goal is to eliminate global poverty; short of extermination of the poor (to be determined by the UN), how else can they achieve this evil goal? This is where evolution comes into play again, just as it did in Hitler's day. If you do not meet all the criteria, you're exterminated. In my country (Canada) assisted suicide is permitted, which is another genocidal building block upon abortion. We are now being told that our population is so low (due to aborting generations of our babies), that we MUST take in immigrants to make up the difference. The real goal is infiltration and domination for Allah (the moon god). I have no issue with fair and balanced immigration, except our Prime Minister is a professed Muslim, and immediately after coming into office, he appointed a Somalian-born Muslim as our Federal Minister of Immigration. He did that to ensure that only Muslims get in, barbarians who do NOT assimilate, but dominate. Detroit City is a prime example of that. This is evidence of evolution and the New World Order conspiracy (not theory) at play. Forgive me. like old Sophia, "I digress!"

The complete and accurate title of Charles Darwin's thesis proves this, "On the Origin of Species (or more completely, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life)"

I took that from Wikipedia, and it is correct. Did you get the last part of that long title, "...or the preservation of favoured RACES..."?

Wouldn't you say that from the title alone, that the evolutionary theory was and is being so strongly promoted is extremely RACIST? This title is being cleverly spoken of in its "shortened form", so that people will not declare it to be a racist work! So you see, people need to stop regurgitating everything they've been told, and actually do their own digging.

Much history, etc. online is being revised and rewritten by lexicographers, etc., but thankfully, there are still a number of us old diehards who still possess copies of the original unadulterated works that we can refer to.

You are right, the dogmatic Christians who once believed in the literal interpretation of the Bible are a minority. It wasn't always that way, but as children are being born to ungodly and unChristian parent(s), they move away from the "ancient landmarks", as the Bible calls them. They become more biblically illiterate and move away from the morals, ethics and beliefs of their forefathers. In turn, they pass the ungodliness and ignorance on to their children.

As nature would have it, many solid Bible-believing Christians die each day, and that too, makes us a minority. Therefore, the world is in the mess it is in today. I would prefer to be in the minority that is correctly reading and interpreting God's Word and be saved, than those who are not! Christ said, "Enter you in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads to life, and few there be that find it." Mt. 7: 13, 14. The majority is not always right, as we see at the voting polls on both sides of the border.

Consequently, we have anarchy brewing because every person is a law unto themselves, as the Bible says. "Every man did that which was right in his own eyes"...lawlessness! That results in confusion and chaos, as the politically correct faction are promoting. We older sled dogs who held to our religious God-fearing (reverential) convictions are quickly being outnumbered by the liberals and the Muslims, and soon, there is coming a day when that will result in very bloody and bitter fruit...due to ignorance...and following the pack. For the record, I'm not racist nor do I hate ANYBODY! I don't like the idea that our governmental leaders are too stupid and blind (if they are) to allow our enemies to flood unabated into our countries. In my province, in the news today, a 75 year old couple are being deported because they erred on a minor immigration point many years ago! Another friend of mine had her passport application denied because on it, she said her hair was gray; it's white now. All they had to do was look at this woman's picture on the document and they would know it was her! We have to have all kinds of documentation to prove who we are, but our enemies do not! That is a major conspiracy that is going to gravely affect us all! And, I'm very literal about that!

I, and many others, still hold to the literal interpretation of the Holy Bible because proper hermeneutics (interpretation) demands it. When I see it literally coming to pass, I'm wise to continue with my literal interpretation, wouldn't you say so? In light of what I just said in my previous paragraph, I can see Rev. 20: 4 coming to pass LITERALLY...beheading for one's faith. By the way, those who do not embrace the barbaric and culture of the Dark Ages will also be beheaded. It's all in the Qur'an, which I have; there's nothing peaceful about it anywhere, and people all over the world are embracing these people and their way of doing things. One may call this, "evolution", but I and many others call this clever societal engineering, planned genocide.

For many years, there was a faction of Christendom that got away from the basics, as humanism and secularism crept into the Church, and they allegorized almost everything in the book, trying to avoid God's judgment of them. By doing this, they fell heir to it, and that judgment is closer than most would dare to believe. That's a long answer to your short question, but I like to cover all the bases.

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skywatcher57 #fundie

It always disgusts me to see the evolutionary theory accepted and passed off as fact. To date, not a single evolutionist has been able to intelligently answer a simple question: Where did matter, the spark of life, and emotions come from? To date, as a rock collector, I've not heard a single rock cry out in pain when I crack it open! We believe in an Intelligent Designer, with copious amounts of scientific proof, while they believe we came from a rock! It takes more faith to believe the latter than the former. Liberals don't possess much critical thinking ability, do they!

Evolution is the study of the changes in biological organisms over time. It has nothing to do with origins. And if you have so much scientific proof please publish your scientific study and collect your Nobel prize.

With all due respect, your statement is foolish, as we both know that Evilution focuses upon origins; all else is secondary.

No, Zappa is quite correct. Evolution deals with change. If it's origins you want, the subject is cosmology, or abiogenesis.

You do realize that development can be seen as evolution, in the losest (sic) sense of the word, right? You do realize that there is a difference between this kind of evolution/development than engineering by human intervention, right? All too often, we are using the words, "evolved" and "evolution" out of context and too generally, without adhering to its pure form as modern science attempts to indoctrinate us with.

"You do realize that development can be seen as evolution"
Yeah, they are synonymous. That's why, if you're talking about evolution of life, you're not talking about its origin, you're talking about its development, aka evolution.
It doesn't mean someone studying evolution has to ignore any questions of the origin of life, it just means that if they do start dealing with that, they're not talking about evolution any more.

How long did the mouth have to sit around and wait for the second cell to evolve so it could digest its food? How long before the rectum evolved? If I sit around for the next 250 m. years waiting for my wings to grow, I'd never get off the ground. See how foolish your belief system is?! The single-celled amoeba would die while waiting for the common sense to know what to do with its food. Enough of the circular thinking; I have more important things to do, and I'm NOT conceding!

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Skywatcher57 #fundie

That's a very good question! He DID show up, and that's why we celebrate Christmas and know...those two holy days you get paid for that you don't believe in. You see, even if you are correct, and the world possesses a few lunatics, the whole world couldn't possibly be deceived by the same lie! Further to that, people wouldn't be willing to lay their lives down for a lie, would you? We have the historical accounts of Christ's ministry, crucifixion, death, and resurrection. We also have historical accounts as to how the Apostles died in defense of their faith in Christ. In fact, a Jewish Roman historian by the name of Josephus wrote about him at great length, as did other historians.

Part 2 of my answer is, why would God want to stay where He's not wanted? Where He's been literally kicked out and replaced with paganism and evil? He DOES show up for those of us who are members of His family, because daily, we invite Him to do so. He is a perfect gentleman, and will only stay where invited and welcome. Don't believe me? Try Him out and see!

Let's say Christians are wrong about their beliefs, theoretically speaking of course, enjoying miracles and blessings along the way... then why is it so important for non-Christians to want to exterminate and to mock and persecute them? Why not just let them live and let live, as you folks desire? I'll tell you why...we have the truth, and rather than accept the truth that there is a Judgment Day coming, it is easier and more popular to try to decry that fact, so one can continue living a life of debauchery and / or self-servience without repercussion, so they theorize.

You see, AlienFactor, if we didn't have the truth, you wouldn't be wasting your time arguing with us, trying to prove something that is impossible to prove.

I've proven my point much more than you even attempted to prove yours! The Holy Bible says, "God is love", I John 4: ver.8, 16. Only a fool would say love doesn't exist! If you've ever experienced love on any level, you've experienced God. Love and morality don't just suddenly evolve from a chamber pot of slurry or any other material matter. It has to have an origin.

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Skywatcher57 #fundie

It always disgusts me to see the evolutionary theory accepted and passed off as fact. To date, not a single evolutionist has been able to intelligently answer a simple question: Where did matter, the spark of life, and emotions come from? To date, as a rock collector, I've not heard a single rock cry out in pain when I crack it open! We believe in an Intelligent Designer, with copious amounts of scientific proof, while they believe we came from a rock! It takes more faith to believe the latter than the former. Liberals don't possess much critical thinking ability, do they!

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Skywatcher57 #fundie

Amy, something you obviously don't know is that "single-celled" amoebas WERE single-celled in Darwin's day because he had a very limited microscope. Technology has come a long ways since Darwin, and with telescopes MANY MORE times powerful than the one he used, they have since discovered that there are no single-celled anythings! Did you also know that Darwin confessed on his deathbed that he was sorry that he ever devised the evolutionary THEORY because it became a religion, and that was never his intent.

By the way...natural selection NEVER produced another species; the manipulation and interference of man has! When left alone, every species reproduces "after its own kind", just as God commanded... just as it has done now for thousands of years. Sadly, you're the product of a number of years of successful brainwashing by the school system. I'm sure that if we had the teaching that pedophilia was normal, you'd rise up against it. So, why don't you rise up against this deceitful THEORY that has never been proven and cannot be?

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Drake #fundie

No, Darwinian evolution is NOT a proven fact. It flies as a fallacial farce in that it cannot demonstrate one kind of animal developing into a completely different kind of animal (ie dogs to whales, theropods to birds, etc.), cannot demonstrate the development of bisexual reproduction from asexual organisms, cannot demonstrater the development of DNA or RNA from amino acids, cannot explain the formation of the first stars, etc. Evolution isn't even a theory, though many people falsely make that claim, or erroneously repeat it because they've heard it so many times. The only evidence for evolution comes from Hollywood movies, cartoons, and handbook sketches. Acceptance of evolution as fact relies on blind faith.

There is no better explanation of fossils from mass extinctions, layers in rocks, and the Cambrian Explosion than direct creation by God and the Genesis Flood.

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klyneal #fundie

No, there are not plenty of times. Even the Crusades was a long overdue attempt to protect Christian outposts from violent attacks from muslims.

And there is nothing in the Bible that anyone can see as inciting violence.

The main difference between the qu'ran and the Bible is that the Bible has an OT and a NT, and with the NT, Jesus and the advent of Grace, a whole new chapter in human history is commenced. The old is done, bring in the new!

Not so with the qu'ran. This is where the problem lies, and why the violence is steady and unending throughout the qu'ran.

Jesus NEVER hurt anyone or used any violence at all, and all CHristians are commanded to follow the example of Jesus.

mohammad, on the other hand, was a very violent thug, their, murderer, oppressor, rapist and pedophile who murdered hundreds of people.

Jesus rose two people from the dead and saved people.

There is no comparison at all between the 2 books. Which is so obvioulsy why all the sick, twisted, super violent terrorists are ALL muslim. AND they are committing genocide against the Christians.

The outcome of the 2 books is right in front of us, in spite of the liberal left leaning media that barely reports it.

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klyneal #fundie

You're a complete idiot. READ THE DOI. Our rights come directly from GOD. As per our governmental founding documents.

And the Constitution is based on nothing BUT Biblical principles, and protecting our God given rights. Our government recognizes GOD's existence, our reliance on God and His grace/providence.


Can't you read? How sad. You completely ignore what is right in front of your face.

For 250 years our GOVERNMENT has opened every house and senate session with a Christian prayer right out of the Bible.

In God We Trust is our NATIONAL MOTTO genius.

Have you ever recited the Pledge of Allegiance? One nation, UNDER GOD.

Hellooooooo? Are you now going to insist that the Pledge contains no reference to God?

Probably. Thick as a brick. You are so threatened by the Bible and Christianity that you have to lie to hide from it. So sad that you run from the truth instead of embracing it.

No one can make an informed, intelligent decision, or form any viable, educated opinions, unless they start with the truth.

You insist on pathetic, cowardly lies. Good luck with that.

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Amos Moses #fundie

NOPE ..... you are trying to equate "religion" with christianity (false conflation and category ERROR)..... AGAIN ..... IGNORING the evidence ..... but that is typical of your thought (or lack of thought) processes ..... you begin in error .... ignoring the evidence of God and His creation ..... and you end in error ..... and you feign authority when you have none ........... and you feign KNOWLEDGE ..... WHEN YOU HAVE NONE ............ you argue from ignorance .... IGNORING THE EVIDENCE ..... and then you expect to have your personal opinion taken seriously ..... and pass it off by saying "it okay to not know" ....... when your entire position, THE ENTIRETY OF YOUR POSITION ...... is "I do not know" as a SUPPOSED "agnostic atheist" or whatever that nonsense you spewed was called ......... GOT THAT ......

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Travis Stephens #fundie

The problem with evolution is it pulls a crackpot theory out of thin air and tries to glue it in to mankind's history. And the reason it does this is to attempt to deceive the masses and as mentioned lead them quite happily into hell.There is plenty of proof as to why evolution does not work but I cannot do all the legwork for you. You must do it.. satan hates God's creation he hates us, the reason he wants to deceive us is because he hates what we represent. We are created in God's image. The enemy's pride and rebellion got him cast out of heaven and ever since God created mankind the enemy has been deceiving and lying and attempting to destroy us. The flood did happen there is evidence but of course this is being covered up as well. The reason why our government is covering things up is because they do not want the world to know the truth. They are puppets of the enemy and this is all a part of a bigger picture which will lead up to the return of Christ and the tribulation. This isn't just some story in a book. This is the reality in which you and I live. You can choose to accept it with faith and accept and follow Christ or you can close your ears to it and walk away but the message is here. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life - John 3:16. Do I want many more to come to repentance? Of course I do! It's my job as a Christian to tell others about the hope that I have in Jesus. It is my sincerest hope and prayer that I may reach the lost and hurting. I may be bashed and mocked and ridiculed for my witness but that just means im doing my job. Im not here to make friends I am here to win souls.

God Bless You all

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p78 #fundie

The answer to that question is also testable. One of the bibles cornerstones is it's prophecies especially about Christ and Israel (which are unfolding before our very eyes) .if I was looking to invest my life savings would I invest it with a fund manager who had a 0% success rate (Islam Hinduism, etc) or one with a 100% success rate. the Bible is the ONLY SCRIPTURAL book that is 100% bang on. You are however investing in your salvation by accepting Christ. Even more important than your wealth and health!

The problem with you and people like you is you don't want to believe. If God performed a miracle for all the world's scientists , one just for them, they would spend a lifetime trying to find a scientific explanation for what they saw. They would create the most fantastic nonsense a la big band et al

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Reason2012 #fundie

Evolutionists continue to promote the false claim that the Earth is old because their fish to mankind belief system falls apart without it. Yet there's much evidence the Earth cannot possibly be anywhere near that old.

#1 Very Little Sediment on the Seafloor

#2 Bent Rock Layers

#3 Soft Tissue in Fossils

#4 Faint Sun Paradox

#5 Rapidly Decaying Magnetic Field

#6 Helium in Radioactive Rocks

#7 Carbon-14 in Fossils, Coal, and Diamonds

#8 Short-Lived Comets

#9 Very Little Salt in the Sea

#10 DNA in “Ancient” Bacteria

1) Net gain of 19 billion tons of sediment per year. At this rate, 1,300 feet of sediment would only need a few million years, not billions of years.

2) Rock doesn't bend, it cracks and breaks. Yet rock layers of the same thickness, thousands of feet thick, that evolutionists claim each layer took millions of years to be deposited are BENT, not cracked or broken.

3) It's scientific fact that red blood cells cannot survive more than a few thousand years. Yet they find them in bones mistakenly claimed to be tens of millions of years old, proving those bones are merely thousands of years old.

4) The sun is getting hotter, meaning it was much cooler in the past, too cool at the ages evolutionists claim for life to have been possible on earth.

5) The strength of the magnetic field has been decaying overall - the earliest records are only 1820's or so. As some put it "Such a rapid decay could not have been going on continuously for millions of years, because the field would have to have been impossibly strong in the past in order for it to still exist today." This alone puts the age of the earth at best to be 20,000 years.

6) Helium defuses so rapidly there would be no helium after, at most, 100,000 years, more so in hot areas where it defuses even faster. The deepest and therefore the hottest zircons (387 degrees F) contained far more helium than expected. All measurements are in agreement that all the helium should have leaked out long before now in the claimed age of the universe.

7) The Earth was not supposedly formed when the imagined big bang happened. After a few hundred thousands of years, with a half life of 5,730 years, there should be none left, yet it’s found in abundance in “ancient” fossils.

8) Comets burn up merely being anywhere near a sun, not just entering in an atmosphere. Scientists know comets cannot last millions of years, so they invent “oort clouds” as one “rescue device” where these imagined clouds make new comets.

9) Again an imagined “the land became sea and vice versa” as a rescue-device, realizing the salt accumulation in the oceans would mean we could now walk across the oceans because the salt would be so thick.

10) DNA breaks down quickly even in ideal conditions. Even evolutionists agree it should not last more than a million years. Yet we find it in bacteria dated at 250 MILLION years. (A false dating of at LEAST 250 times the true date).

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Terri Horn #fundie

I would think non believers would at least check it out. ones who honestly check out what the Bible says since the consequences are so horrific. there are lots of things we believe BUT cannot see evidence such as carbon carbon monoxide, sir, oxygen, evolution etc. Read the Bible and in genesis mentions world being round. Read Job and it talks about an ice age as well as creatures that we would refer to as dinosaurs (word of dinosaur not used until 18th century. Sad that most people refuse to even take a glimpse take a glimpse of the Bible non believers REFUSE even to look. If I am wrong I will never know but if you are you will see a nightmare from which you can never escape from. Just remember you were told the truth and refused to believe. Jesus sweating drops of blood is rare BUT has happened to others. blood from the side if Jesus poured out along water. Unmixed blood and water is sign of cardiac failure and no one at that time would know that. Tomb was empty and Rome admits this and if they thought guards were responsible they would have been crucified for it happening. 3500 years before the birth if Jesus tells how he dies 1000 years before Rome ever used thus method to kill people. Refuse to believe just remember you were given a few facts so if you refuse to check them out do not blame God for your disbelief

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Maxwell Edison #fundie

(Discussing story "US Supreme Court Hears Case of Baker Punished for Declining to Make Cake for Same-Sex Celebration"):

Maxwell Edison:
Jack Phillips is not being slandered. A same-sex couple is seeking to punish the man for saying no to not making a cake, but putting something on the cake that directly conflicts with his faith, not unlike asking a Jew to place a swastika on a cake.
More than that, Phillips has been ordered to denounce his faith to satisfy the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, or whatever its called.
What you are suggesting by way of Bible verses is heresy. Nowhere does the Word of God say we are to tolerate sin, or knowingly partake in the sin of others.
Get thee behind me, Satan.

Michael C:
What do you think Masterpiece Cakeshop was asked to put on the cake?

Maxwell Edison:
Something that went against his faith.
It wasn't about the cake but what this couple wanted on it. But you know that, and are being deliberately intellectually dishonest.

Michael C:
I'm sorry but it is you who is mistaken.
You might be surprised to learn that in none of these wedding vendor discrimination cases did the customers request anything that the business wouldn't willingly sell to anyone else.
The couple did not request anything "on" the cake.
The business owner refused to make the couple any cake for their wedding reception. He did not refuse the order because of anything they requested on the cake. He refused the order because they were a gay couple.
If you don't believe me, perhaps you'll believe Jack Phillips himself. Jack describes the situation when the couple entered the bakery as follows;
"'We're here to look at wedding cakes,' he said, 'it's for our wedding.' And so right away I know, this is not a cake that I can make."

Maxwell Edison:
What makes a wedding cake a wedding cake? What's in it or what's on it? Think about that then get back with me.

Michael C:
"What makes a wedding cake a wedding cake? What's in it?..."
Eggs? Sugar?
"...or what's on it?"
White frosting?
Jack Phillips refuses to make cakes with eggs, sugar, and white frosting because those things go against his faith?
Are you thinking that the couple asked for a cake topper with two grooms? They didn't. I've never actually seen a wedding cake with little figurine toppers. Do people still do that?

Maxwell Edison:
In other words, the application of common sense has you dumbfounded.
No surprise there.

Michael C:
I'm apparently not smart enough to infer what you're refusing to say.
What is it that you think the couple wanted on or in the cake that violated Jack Phillips' faith.
Please just come out and say it already. No more games. Just answer the question.

Maxwell Edison:
"I'm apparently not smart enough."
Your words. Not mine.

Michael C:
Thank you for representing Christ in this conversation with me. Have a nice night.

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Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D. #fundie


Who the heck do you think you are to try to abash the T-man with such words of unimmensity in so a multitudinous manner?! The Christian eats milksops like you for breakfast relative to the simpleminded ideas presented within your infantile posting. Relative to your simpletonian duplicity, have you forgotten that the Christian follows the Bible? In that respect, we have Romans chapter 1 within our KJV to instruct us on the role of male sodomites and their female counterpart, the lesbos, to wit:

"For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet."

Our Bible says much more relative to the place these depraved heathens hold within the Godly scheme of things.

If you want to point out some "problems", then you need to do so relative your problems of understanding the simple Christian Biblical facts and dynamics,ok? OK! Here's one: the Christian doesn't have "gay" or "straight" friends! Our Bible is against ALL manner of carnality, save for that used for procreation. Our Bible also prohibit us from mixing together with unbelievers. Therefore, the Christian is not and would not be friends with any deviants! Got it?

The Christian also knows who is on their way to Hell! Because the Christian Bible teaches us to JUDGE, including within the Matthean verses of 7:1-3 which call for RIGHTEOUS (a.k.a. Biblical) judgement, when read and understood in historical-grammatical context. The Bible tells us that sodomites, lesbos, and other deviants are that way BECAUSE they are not Saved! Therefore, the simple logical syllogism is that all of these pagans are on their way to Hell! Got it? You can thank the Christian later for enlightening you relative to these simple Biblical facts.

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Amos Moses - He>i #fundie

nope ... ALL MEN .... are murderers and liars and thieves and adulterers and idolaters .... and they were born that way ...... and the only thing in this entire creation that prevents it from going all out MADMAX Beyond Thunder Dome ..... is Gods restraining force ..... that you reject .........

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Amos Moses #fundie

Amos Moses:
If God does not exist:
1. The Nazis were not wrong - its just your opinion
2. Love is no better than rape - might be unfashionable but not wrong
3. Blowing up innocent people watching a marathon is not morally different than feeding the poor - it just your opinion
4. Religious crusades are not wrong - because there is no standard for righteousness
5. Tolerance is no better than intolerance - why tolerate anything
6. There are no human rights - it is just your opinion - there is no objective morality
7. Atheist cannot justify morality
~Frank Turek

I will try this again:
1. Most nazis were christian.
2. The bible commands women to marry their rapist.
3. Google "christian terrorism"
4. Google "Crusade Massacre Jerusalem"
5. Why does this article not want atheists to be tolerated?
6&7. Atheists are just as capable of being good. It comes from empathy, not religion.

Amos Moses:
1. most nazis were bullied into being part of the "party" and the vast majority were not part of the hierarchy of government ( and most of those were homosexuals and pagans and may as well have been atheists) ..... and so what ....
2. the bible DEMANDS that a woman be honored if their honor was taken from them and DEMANDED the "rapist" BE RESPONSIBLE for her .... for her ENTIRE LIFETIME ....... and so what ....
3. Google is not a reliable source of christianity ..... but in any event ...... has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the point made and a RED HERRING ..... a-theist have no basis for complaint ..... it is just their opinion ..... and so what ....
4. (see # 3.) and so what ....
5. (see # 3.) and so what ....
6. & 7. (see # 3.) & there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF of "empathy" being a basis for doing good ..... go back to # 1. ...... nazis had ALL KINDS OF EMPATHY ..... for NAZIS ...... and you are making several errors ..... but most basically LOGIC errors ............ oh .... and so what ....

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Elca #fundie

quote," With all the different canons, versions, and translations over the years, I'd say the Bible has had quite a lot of changing." I am afraid you do have a point. We are witnessing Theological Chaos. A making of our own deceived flawed opinions and pride.
But within this sad confuse plethora of versions, the Truth of God's Word can still be found to be " Unchanging". But it requires, due diligence and a hunger and a thirst for righteousness to rightly divide the Word and the In filling of the Holy Spirit of rightly divide between cultural conformity and the Word of God that does not conform to a changing culture.
This kind of discernment comes ONLY by Prayer and a Humble Heart that searches for God to fill the Void within.
question, do you believe in an Unchanging God Who Creates?

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Amos Moses #fundie

Amos Moses:
God has appointed Himself the judge of who in HIS creation is and is not ...... and HE has told the WORLD what that is ..... and it is WRITTEN DOWN ...... and it is SCRIPTURE ..... and you have no excuse ...........

Throatwobbler Mangrove:
And you have one interpretation of scripture, and everyone else has an interpretation that is slightly different. No one knows which one is exactly right. Once again, this comes down to you believing your opinion is superior to everyone else’s.

Amos Moses:
no, no, no ..... there is GODS interpretation ..... and we have NONE ..... anything outside of that is ERROR ....... and all you have is ERROR ................. as you do not even have scripture ........ you have given up your ability and right to judge who is and who is not ......

Throatwobbler Mangrove:
Do you not know what interpretation means?

Amos Moses:
do you know it does not matter what YOUR INTERPRETATION is ........ FYI ..... the only "interpretation" that has any weight is GODS ..... and when we allow the scriptures to speak FOR ITSELF ...... then that is Gods interpretation ..... that is exegesis ..... what you advocate is isegesis .... we do not bring our theology to the text and then try to justify it ..... we obtain it FROM THE TEXT ......... because the text is what we have ... NOT what we add ...... and we are FORBIDDEN from adding to the text ..............

Throatwobbler Mangrove:, that's not what it means.
You know what the KJV is? It’s a translation, yes, but that also makes it an INTERPRETATION.
We have no choice when we read it, or read ANYTHING, but to interpret it. It just means use our brain to understand it.

Amos Moses:
right ... so when your kids decide they get to decide what you meant when you told them certain things ..... you are good with that .... because what YOU meant is garbage and what THEY "interpret" is right ............ do you even consider what you are saying and its application ..... FYI ..... God is not inclusive ..... He is EXCLUSIVE .....

Throatwobbler Mangrove:
"You just can't look at the moon too long."
You can read that sentence and interpret it two different ways. You can take it to mean that you should not look at the moon too long, or that you are being urged to look at the moon as long as you want to. Neither interpretation is wrong. What is the meaning meant? Only the person who posed the question knows.
And that's how it is with the Bible. Different Christians have different understandings on certain subject based on the words of the Bible. You may be correct that only one meaning is the correct one, but how can you possibly be arrogant enough to claim to know which one it is?

Amos Moses:
nope ..... wrong ... when you told your kids what you told them .... you did not mean what you said so that they could decide later what you meant ..... you meant what you said when you said it ..... and they do not get to decide later that you meant something different ...... unless you are an idiot ................

Throatwobbler Mangrove (this comment now deleted):
But this isn't about what you meant. The whole thing you are missing is HOW YOUR MESSAGE gets interpreted. It might get MISinterpreted along the way. You might be very clear on what you mean, and I'm sure you are. But language isn't always as precise as we want it to be and things get misunderstood. This isn't about changing the meaning. It's about getting the message clearly across. And you fail on that one every time.

Amos Moses:
nope .... The whole thing you are missing is .... I DO NOT CARE ....... my message is the SCRIPTURE ..... and the "interpretation" is what God said it is ..... and what He said is written down ..... and we do not get to add to it nor do we get to subtract from it ..... we do not get to use weasel words to get around it ..... we do not get to soften it so others can accept it ...... and it is not up to the SOPHISTRY of "our interpretation" .... and while you and i may have some difficulty in understanding it ..... GOD DOES NOT have any such difficulty ..... and our "interpretation" is not an excuse for saying it says something different than what He said ........
and when you tell your kids they have to home in the house by a certain time in the evening .... that does not mean "by interpretation" that at 5 minutes after that time ..... they are free to leave and go about their business in the middle of the night ........ again .... unless you are an idiot ........
scripture is not an invitation and it is not a plea and it is not open to what we want to believe it says ..... it is an ULTIMATUM .....

Throatwobbler Mangrove:
You exhaust the patience of even the most patient person, but I'll say this one more time. You do NOT understand what "interpret" means. It does mean to add, subtract or change. It does NOT. What it means is, and I'm using direct definitions from the dictionary now:
- to give or provide the meaning of; explain; explicate; elucidate:
- to interpret the hidden meaning of a parable.
- to construe or understand in a particular way:
- to interpret a reply as favorable.
- to bring out the meaning of (a dramatic work, music, etc.) by performance or execution.
- to perform or render (a song, role in a play, etc.) according to one's own understanding or sensitivity:
- to translate orally.
Notice NOTHING in all the many possible definitions involves changing anything. It is strictly about understanding, and nothing more.
As for God, you're saying God's perfect and nothing needs to be clarified. Maybe not from God's perspective, but it's US who are required to understand it correctly and sometimes words alone are not enough to do that and there can be some confusion or things getting lost in translation. That's nobody's fault, and it's not something anyone can do anything about, but nobody can say in situations like this that they are 100% right or wrong because it is not possible to know.

Amos Moses:
nope ... YOU do not understand what it means TO SCRIPTURE ..... and YOUR INTERPRETATION ....... means NOTHING ....

Throatwobbler Mangrove:
At this point it appears you are not even INTERESTED in having a coherent argument.
This has nothing to do with scripture. No one is arguing scripture.
This has to do with how we come to UNDERSTAND something and how it is spoken to us, and how it is possible to come to several different conclusions.
Once again, consider this example.
"You can't look at the sun too long."
That means two things. It means you should not look at the sun too long. It also means it's not possible to look at the sun long enough. They have opposite meanings, but the words do not change and can be INTERPRETED either way. So a person isn't wrong to believe it means that you shouldn't look at the sun too long, and the other person isn't wrong to believe there's no limit to how long you can look at the sun. There is confusion inherent in the original statement which has not been clarified.
That's EXACTLY how it is with SOME scripture.
And if you don't understand that, there's no hope for you to continue discussing it.

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Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D. #fundie

This is the cause that any real Bible-believing Christian needs to support. Our Christian Bible defines sodomites as those worthy of death. We also know that they are hated by Jesus (Ps. 5:5) and that we are not to abet them in their worship of feces (Gal. 5:19-21). It needs to be every Christian's modus operandi to reject these homofags and lesbidisianists whenever and wherever we happened to encounter them. It is long overdue that "mark them" (Rom. 16:17) and get them back to fringes where these disgusting sinners belong. Bakeries, that serve food, including to children, are places that must be maintained in a hygienic manner, and therefore do not warrant the presence of the sodomite!

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TruthvLies #fundie

One. Christian numbers are not dropping. They are increasing by the day. In China it is something like 10,000 day. In India it is thousands. In the Middle East muslims are converting to christianity in droves because Jesus is appearing to them in dreams and visions.

I know that you want their numbers to be dropping but it ain't the case. Even in America, over the last fifty years the numbers have remained constant.

I don't know what religion does as I am not involved in it. My faith is based on a relationship with a person so I don't need religion.
Sorry to say for you, I don't have an ego as I am dead and my life is hid with Christ in God.

Pascal's wager is only a poor argument if you are on the wrong end of it which atheists are. If it is true and it is, then you are a complete fool to say it is a poor argument.

But then atheist specialise in denial to avoid the truth.

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Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D. #fundie


You ask some good questions, and you will receive Godly-inspired answers relative to what is contained within our Christian Bible. Now remember that the Christian goes by the Bible, and not by some "traditional" presuppositions about the Bible when examining the directives within.

One of the principles by which we examine the Bible is what the esteemed Pastor JJ Hunter called "what came first". In this regard where we have something that appears contrarian, we look towards the directive that came later, and not at the previous instances which we only use for historical reference. Take for example the Jew's laws for kosher food. Since these were cancelled out later, we no longer need to follow them, in the name of Jesus. Relative to the verses you cite above, as found with Col., Matt., Titus and Romans, we likewise use the directives from the later books of Bible, e.g. Timothy. Bottom line is that some things may have been permitted by Jesus at some point, but then an adjustment was made, and from then on, we're just to follow the standing directive, and not the one that was called off.

Also note that in 1 Cor. 11 Jesus (via Paul) didn't tell us that women are to be prophesying within churches! Relative to prayer, the female may indeed pray in church--but silently!

You say, "The issue was of dominating or leading men." This is a common legend that came from Cathlics. Nowhere in the Bible does it state that this was an issue. Do correct me if I'm wrong. There are those that like to make it out to be a rebuke to some female rebellion at Corinth, but there's no indication that such ever happened. Not within our Christian Bible. Rather, Jesus (again via Paul) tells the female to learn in silence, with subjection, to not even ask a question at the church, and overall to be modest, "with shamefacedness and sobriety". Why? The reason given is not that of womanly rebellion, but of her place. To wit: "For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression." 1 Tim 13-14

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Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D. #fundie

And what happens to the murdered unborn? The Christian Bible says:
"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6
Since they had no chance to accept Jesus, they are being sent straight to Hell. Because the Bible says so--and it says not a thing otherwise.
So what does the Bible say on abortionism?
"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Matt 19:14. Also Luke 18:16 and Mark 10:14. Abortionists are prohibiting children from coming to Jesus.



The Christian is gonna go very easy on you here, ok? Ok! Relative to your anti-Biblical claims that (1) babies are sent to Heaven if they die (without knowing Jesus) and (2) that babies are innocent, have you actually read the Christian Bible in it's full historical-grammatical context? NOT!

In our Bible, Jesus explicitly states that NOONE goes to Heaven without being Saved! There is no other way and no shortcuts, for anyone, including unborn and young children. That's Christian Bible and true Christian faith plain and simple! In your ridiculous scenario where babies are somehow magically exempt from the rules of Salvation because they are "innocent", at what age then are they no longer innocent and require to be Saved? Please do tell and use the Christian Bible in doing so!

What's more, if you're to believe that babies go to Heaven, then you're supporting abortionism. Because we know, including from the Bible, that many, if not most, people will not be Saved, then according to YOUR theology, baby murder would only assure that all 100% will end up in Heaven (by circumventing Salvation, of course). How sickening!

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Lisa Franey #fundie

I think we should pray if we want to pray. And these others need to shut up and turn their heads if they don’t like it. Just like the opinions of does one breastfeed in public or not. We thankfully have a great president now so I’m thinking he wouldn’t go against people praying no matter where plus he just might put Prayer back in schools. Be find with me! Anthesist can stay home and home school instead of the religious staying home. This country needs more Prayer then probably we wouldn’t have so many atheists

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Truth first #fundie

Eldrida Urika:
"I always find it sad that grown adults can't get long with each other at all even just to work out the compromise .
Adults don't seem to have learned to share these day. They have little tolerance for other views and reject all suggestions of how to get along with small changes on each side."

Truth first:
You are totally correct in this if you apply it to the non-essentials of our lives, Eldrida. If we can find some common cause on topics that do not challenge the essence of the Bible, we must live in harmony with those people around us, and look for compromises if these can improve our relationships with them.
However, homosexuality goes to the core of who we are and how God created us. It is one of the non-negotiables of our faith and doctrine. As Christians we want to obey Jesus Christ who unequivocally rejects gay and lesbian lifestyles. We declare God to be inconsequential or, worse, to be a liar, if we even give the slightest kind of endorsement to homosexual unions. They can not be called marriages, as God made clear what he meant marriage to be. It is only when we redefine LOVE and redefine MARRIAGE in terminology that is unbiblical that we can endorse "same sex marriages". As Christian we HAVE TO warn the world about the sustained sinful state in which gays and lesbians live, and tell them that they forfeit afterlife with God if they sustain these relationships without repentance of it.

We can say all of this in a loving way, but cannot deviate from that message, even if it were to hurt the hearers.

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Amos Moses #fundie

right ... nobody was discussing this with you ..... but fine ..... first .... the churches are not "exempt" .... they are "IMMUNE" from taxation ...... and if you do not understand the difference .... look it up ...... and yes we are to support government WHEN that government acts in alignment with what God laid out for government in Romans 13 ..... and when they violate Romans 13 ...... then we have no duty to them and only to God ..... or else we can immediately give the US back to the natives and go back to England and be under the Crown we rebelled against .....

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Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D. D. #fundie

Reasonable Conservative:
First of all, when attempting to quote the Bible, use the Christian Bible and not a Cathlic counterfeit. To wit, "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." Matthew 26:40

Relative to your false idea that real Christians, those who been Saved by the real Jesus (as opposed to believing that they were Saved by fictional Jesus, such as that of Mormons or Cathlics), may knowingly choose to sin, have you actually read the Christian Bible?? The Christian Bible teaches us that once we are Saved, we're saints--not sinners! Duh. Unfortunately the space on this message board doesn't allow the Christian to present a proper thesis on the subject. But there are good news! Brother Wally Langford is an esteemed and illustrious Christian pastor that used to post some of his Biblical sermons on youtube. You can find it by searching for his moniker there: preachthehelloutofya . In his channel you can find sermon called "you might be one, but I'm not."

It is therefore, your assignment to study the message within so that one day you may fully understand the WHOLE meaning of the Christian Bible.

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Eldrida Urika #fundie

To be honest for the evolutionist that say we come from apes is one of the biggest problems with the theory to anyone who looks at it, is if we developed from apes, why do apes still exist but do not evolve into humans as our 'predecessors' did. That is totally unlikely to have happened if we came from the apes ourselves. Even if all of them didn't turn into humans, I would think that the odd one would still evolve into a human just by the same coincidence. The odds are more for it than against that happening in that belief.
Otherwise, it makes no sense and supports our belief that God made male and female just like His Word in the bible states. That's how I've thought since I was little and heard that man came from apes. I wasn't Christian to have another belief to compare it to either. It makes no logical sense, nor is it reasonable to accept for some of us.
So just why don't the apes become human not even the 1 in a trillion that would be expected to go beyond the others and become a human too. Your proof are skeletons and human skulls and if God made us similar, it doesn't mean one came the other, it means they have similar skeletons/skulls to ours. Pigs have similar enough hearts to use in transplants, does that mean we also come from pigs? Why does one animals similarities get to be accepted as the reason but another's isn't - and that is not just the pig that has attributes that humans have too.
We all breathe the same way. we all eat and digest the same way. Our vision is similar to our pets, and can need corrective lens too. So with all the different similarities, why does just one qualify to be our predecessor? Wouldn't it be more reasonable to believe that we are a combination of all the animals than that only one qualifies as our origin.
I'm sorry if this is not what you expected but I've had a long time to think about this without the Christian perspective too. These are the questions I need answered before I could even come close to evolution being something that actually answered the question of where humans came from when I believe in God and believe that he does not lie. He is too beyond us than to need to lie. He can do anything why would he even bother to lie? We can't even come close to imagining what he is capable of knowing or doing. It's beyond our abilities to think like God, so we can't be confident in anything but the Word in the Bible, because if you believe in God, you are aware of his power without needing to question the things he does because of being God.
That's why we cannot imagine that we come from apes.

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Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D. #fundie


You wouldn't know the true message of the Christian Bible if it fell on your head falling out of a 40th storey window, you little eunuch! Who the heck the you think you are to try to lie to the Christian relative to the message contained within 2 Corinthians 6? You ignorant dolt, you will never come close to the Biblical knowledge given to the Christians by Jesus Himself within those verses of our illustrious KJV!

FYI, 2 Cor 6 talks about interactions with pagans (a.k.a. heathens, a.k.a. satanists), including of the likes of you. It's simple math, really--church is for Christians, not for those that go against Jesus and His Word (Matt. 12:30)! Got it?

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Amos Moses #fundie

Amos Moses - He>i
nope .... he does not .......... and you can give it a meaning that is not biblical ..... BUT .... this is a christian web site and a christian forum ...... and definitions that apply ARE THE BIBLICAL DEFINITIONS ..... not the worlds definitions ............. and YES ... people DO WORSHIP THEMSELVES ...... FYI ..... it is called NARCISSISM ............ and all a-theists are NARCISSISTS .........

Narcissus was a figure from a pagan religion. If you think that's a "Biblical" term, you've been having other gods before Him and all that - don't be naughty!
Amos Moses - He>i
?i think you are not interested in BIBLICAL terms .... so i used YOUR WORLDLY term ..... and IN FACT .... it is LISTED in the DSM-5 .........

?Narcissistic Personality Disorder DSM-5 301.81 (F60.81) - Therapedia DSM-5 Category: Personality Disorders. Introduction. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), a cluster B personality disorder, is considered to be one of the ...?

and that BE EVERY A-THEIST .........

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Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D. #fundie

Why do we have rampant faggotry, even in schools? Because satanists (Matt 12:30) were allowed to preach that it is acceptable to worship feces. Because people do not read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and take it to heart that Jesus destroyed those cities because they allowed the perversion of wicked carnality. Because children aren't taught Romans 1 so they know that Jesus hates (Ps. 5:5) homofags and has giving them up to their wile affections because they are worthy of death. Because schools don't teach 1 Corinthians 6 and Galatians 5 to know that faggots do not go to Heaven.

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Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D. D. #fundie

This is what happens when perversions, e.g. homofaggotry, lesbidianism, become accepted in a society. At first these sodomites only asked that they are allowed to live, quietly. Most people, even Bible (KJV) believing Christians, could accept that. The Bible says they are WORTHY of death, not that they must be given death. So they were allowed to live. But their agenda didn't stop at just living a quiet life where they are allowed to exist despite their perversion, did it?!