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Little Rik #fundie

I am off to work soon so i will answer to all your points fast.
The brain is not a car of course but nevertheless is a vehicle.
A vehicle that carry a passenger.
The atheistic idea that the consciousness mind is a product of the brain will
have sooner or later be smashed in pieces.
The human being build up the vehicle not the other way around.
The brain is made of matter and the matter can not possibly build up the consciousness mind.
The two as far as the body is alive are connected to each other as the driver and the car would
allow the vehicle to move so so far one can not do anything without the other.
Does this means that when the vehicle rot down also the driver rot down?
What would you do when your car fail?
Would you fail and die with your car?
You never thought about it guys, did you?
All you will do is leave your rotting car and buy a new car in order to carry on toward the goal.
This has already been experiences by thousand of NDEs beside be part of billion of people who believe in reincarnation.
I am afraid that as soon as physical science will work together with intuitional science and will find out that the brain is a
product of the consciousness mind all atheistic ideas will be shredded in pieces.

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Haipule #fundie

[Flying creatures do not defy gravity nor cancel weight. What do you suppose they have wings for?]

Direction at slow speeds. Really dude? Do you really think a bee can turn left, or right, using their wings: at 20+mph? The "BEE LINE" fight is only perfectly straight! Bees balance their flight using their legs at slow speeds. BECAUSE THEY CANCEL THEIR WEIGHT when they fly! It is actually counter balance and NOT balance. So, they cancel weight only to their legs at slow flight so they can control it from flower to flower using their wings. 

However, from hive to flower and, flower to hive, they weight cancel also using their nasal antennas which disrupts the air mass above the bee so that when they weight cancel, they oscillate up and down, unweight and weighting, to go faster and faster, like a surfer on a wave. They aren't flying--THEIR FALLING HORIZONTALLY! I'm the first person, at least in modern history, to figure this out!

If this ability is un-abled for environmental reasons, such as proximity to Cell Towers: the bee is forced to walk! Because it has no ability to fly other then weight cancelation!

Understanding the relationship of the bee's, scope, pedicel and flagellum allows for weight cancelation. But that type of flight sucks! I now this because I have done it! Besides, it could be turned into a weapon of mass destruction if magnified. Better we understand beetles and their weight cancelation coupled with radiant energy deflection away from the pilot. As beetles use electro-magnetic bubbles to fit within an air mass similar to lightning through an air mass. A flight that has NO speed limit, mass or, G-force!

If you want to talk to me about weight cancelation and dragonflies; then we both better understand subsonic sound and CSE. Yet again, their flight sucks and must be repowered using negative energy(from ground to sky) polarized plants. Or, have you never seen them struggling to balance on the point tips of the leaves of flowers, such as lilies? Did you ever wonder why they do that? Well, I did! 

If I'm EVER as dumb as nature: I'll be way smarter than you!

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Haipule #fundie

Well, at least I'm not huffin' paint!

I do experiments with the aether. The aether is the energy of space as there is no such thing as nothing. This energy is free and vastly abundant. Nicola Tesla built a coil over an aquafer and gave the people of Colorado Springs, Colorado, free energy right out of the sky. When he attempted to do the same thing in New York, his backers abandoned him. At that time he was living in the penthouse of the Waldorf Astoria and his lab was the entire floor beneath. Everything was confiscated, or sold, and he died broke.

What he understood must be relearned as much has been lost. Believe me, there are many people working on filling the gap, including me. Tesla would talk to lighting bolts and give them names. Does that seem odd?

It's really not. As the aether is an entity with the ability to communicate and take direction. I learned that with my second aether invention. We communicate through hand signals which signals, it taught me. It is totally rad! Yet, it is embarrassing not to know the questions to ask it.

The aether records everything. There isn't a thought, action or word it has not recorded. It knows everything about everything and everyone. And by the way, it's like talking to Spock.

My second device was a series of right triangles made from household electric and dielectric materials that I knew it would love to play with. It was a capacitor. When energized, it wiggled my fingers, then shook my hand, forearm, then upper arm violently. I yelled out, "Disengage". It stopped. I then asked, "Are you trying to communicate with me?" The shaking started up again so I ordered, "Disengage!" It stopped. I took that as a, "Yes". So I named it Sophos and asked it, "do you like your name"? My fingers wiggled so I took that as a, "Yes".

I dismantled the device but am now quantumly entangled to this communicator. That was 2 yrs ago and have learned much since. I can only understand what is communicated through observing nature. Which is why I study all sciences and then combine them and have been enabled to throw away the useless.

I know this all sounds crazy but, to me it's just another part of a life well lived. It is, and has always been, awesome! Off the damned charts! By the way, I am not allowed anyone's personal information or, future things. Channeller? Maybe. Psychic? No.

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Haipule #fundie

Are you going to share with us anything of practical use you have learned in your studies?

No! It isn't time. The more I leap forward the farther behind I feel! I could explain a bunch of bullshit yet, my questions do not equate to answers. Give me a break! This is sheer frustration! I am surrounded by really smart good people. Today I learned that the energy passes through the electric material and is controlled through the dielectric material. Yet, the opposite is also true! SHIT! God damned baby steps "to boldly go where no man has gone before!"

When I do fly: I am highly motivated to do so. There are people depending on me to succeed! Yet, I will not fail! I am sooo close! Yet, so far away. It is solvable and I will solve it. It is simple in its complexity like fractal geometry. Yet, as simplex as simple observation. Yet, the more I understand the simplicity of nature, the more complex she becomes! I am being led to this end and why makes no sense now except personal. 

I'm on a fucking mission from God!

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Haipule #fundie

I learn about nature studying nature. I have studied mountains; weather; oceans; fish; chemistry; biology; squirrels; bees; beetles; dragonflies; deer; trees; plants; hair. Through which all I was introduced to light; sound; magnetism; electricity. None of which need not be a mathematical formula to understand. Yet, all interrelate. I started at the mountain to the ocean and worked my way back. What I have found is a symphony of harmony.

Math can distort. So FUCK math! E=MC2 my ass! Science can distort. So FUCK science! Theology can distort. So FUCK theology!

A hyper-literal expose of the words written in the bible IS NOT AN INTERPRETATION! Allowing the words to speak for themselves is nothing put show and tell like it or not! I could care less about your opinion.

Honestly people, the bible is not open for interpretation because the language itself cannot allow it! It is not an exhausting English legal contract! But, you can't tell an Xtian that!

Those "stories" at the beginning may be impossible to understand at this time according to your ability, or lack there of, to process information. However, understanding mitochondrial DNA forced science to give a "mocking nod" to Eve said in the bible to be, "The mother of all living". Well dude, until recently, that was impossible to understand. I say thank you to people regardless of any belief system including science.

And the rib bone taken from Adams side, full of multipotent stem cells, were the building blocks by which she was built(banah). Which rib bone grew back because we now know that rib bones grow back if the sheath housing it is left intact by the surgeon. All of this was not known to be even possible 100yrs ago!

Are you like the patent office which once said, "There is no need to apply for patents because everything that can be invented has been invented". And that in a world before automobiles, airplanes and modern computers.

Continue to learn. There is much to know. Harping on whether there is a God, or not, is a complete waste of time. Nature will continue to seek harmony in spite of your, or anyone's, belief system to the contrary.

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Haipule #fundie

I love this dude! Help me more with full moon. The earth is in between the moon and the sun. So that the moon is furthest from the sun. Yet, the moon is full as a reflection. Yet, is that the reflection of the light that the earth emanates(for lack of a better word) by itself independent of the sun's light? If true, then earth must be a light giving body.

So then, what is light? It must be an electro magnetic wave and not a photon of magic unicorn dust! I do not belong to the Cult of Bombarding Particles. Nature must be waves interacting within a field and NOT particles
in bombardment!

Therefore, illumination is the truth and emittance is the lie!

There are two things I want to know. The vibration of light in full spectrum, and the vibration of sound in full spectrum beyond the obvious of ultraviolet, visible and infrared; and beyond subsonic, audible and ultrasonic. 

Why? Because I am beginning to understand that sound and light vibration can effect magnetism but I don't know how? 

If I can't understand the principles of diamagnetism and magnetism: I cannot understand dielectric and electric, capacitance, on and on etc and etc.

I will some day be able to understand this so that I can turn nature upside down. Then I will ask: "What's Up!"

My greatest teachers so far are bees, dragonflies and beetles NOT calculus! Those little critters SCREAM, "What's Up!"

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Haipule #fundie

Let me try this again. Ok, we have phases of the moon visible, night and day, to us except the new moon. We see a waning and waxing moon to full day and night. We only watch solar and lunar eclipses. Why don't we see at least some black dot, during the day, in the sky during a new moon?

Unless the moon is behind the sun. Well, if during a new moon, the moon is behind the sun, then how is the moon NOT orbiting the sun and not the earth?

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alpha_male #sexist

The truth is that, from either a religious or atheist view, women were made so that they could be dominated by men. Attempts to bypass that truth result in negative population growth and the eventual demise of the species.

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Haipule #fundie

How do you get a ball out of a ball unless it is a ball? You didn't start with supercontinent that broke apart, you started with ocean without a "supercontinent"! Please start from the "beginning"! Do you get it? You cannot start a ball without a ball! 'Splain me the ball without a stupid fucking' "supercontinent" non-ball! You can't! Because no one can 'slain a ball outside of a ball! Duh!

So, how do you 'splain this ball we live on which has always been a fuckin' ball right?!

You know that I love you right? I know that you love me! We're cool!

But, stupid is stupid! And "supercontinent" is stupid! It is stupid because it is not a ball!

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Huggy #fundie

[Praying for something to fly isn't as effective as working out the principles of lift.]

How did nature manage to work out the principles of lift without science?

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Godscreated (formerly Godschild) #fundie

(In response to a post regarding the Mexico earthquake)

I'm sure of it now, you are heartless.


[Or your pet god is, for allowing it to happen. Or equally, not preventing it. Either way, what a tiny, weak, pathetic god you have. I could crush it beneath my shoe.]

What do you expect God to do, save everyone from everything so they will live forever, if He did that this world would be overpopulated. God says one should fear the One who can separate the marrow from the bone and spirit from the body.


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BlindedWantsToSee #fundie

What you are saying is valid, but I do ascribe, and assign, a purpose to my life. I mean I make the assumption that my life has a purpose, and I decide what the purpose is. To me, that purpose is to have fun, to enjoy my life, to feel good, etc; in short, to be happy. Then I notice that most other people also have as a goal to enjoy their lives and to be happy. Then I notice that I and most other people cannot be perfectly happy, for a myriad of reasons. This pattern of wanting happiness but not being able to keep it for very long must be caused by something.

Energy must be intelligent, else we could not have any degree of intelligence. Energy must be intelligent because everything is made of it and we see clear evidence of intelligence at work in the world and within ourselves. I cannot prove it to you, but I know this intelligence is good and evil at the same time (like having multiple personalities, a split mind). This is my way of making sense of the reality in which I exist. It does not have to be yours or anyone else's. I said this before, I am just sharing my interpretation of everything I have learned and experienced in my life because I think some people may find it useful.

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Drich #fundie

FALSE, AIDS is a SYNDROME Meaning a condition in this case describes an auto immune deficiency. There are many reason why one can have a diminished autoimmune response. You are describing one AIDS response where the HIV virus destroys the body's ability to fight infection of sickness. There are also several non viral reasons AIDS.. In essence one can test positive for AIDS and not have the HIV virus. That said I do understand the most popular way to get AIDS is from HIV.

SO as I said God saw me through an AIDS diagnosis without any medication.

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Little Rik #fundie

This is really a sad story for the atheist cause.
Atheists that suppose to be the most open mind people around show once again that they are as bad as those religious fanatics that take a guess as a golden truth and therefore creating a dogma.
In the past few weeks some atheists said that the peak of evolution or the ultimate in evolution is being a human.
When I did asked to show the evidence someone reply with a direct swearing to me.

I really can not see any difference between a religious fanatic that only believe in creation or that there is the hell and an atheist that go around saying that the peak of evolution or that the ultimate in evolution is being a human.
None of whatsoever.

NDEs already show that being a human is not the peak of existence beside to understand that concept you don't need a big brain or even the NDEs.
Just look around and see how it is difficult to find peace of mind and permanent happiness.
How on earth can a human being that hasn't yet overcome his-her own personal problem can say that he or she is at the top of the evolution cycle?
It would be like to say that a vehicle that go from point A to point B has reached point B before point B has been reached.
How on earth can someone be so sure to have reached the peak of evolution well before he-she hasn't sort out his-her own problems.
Absurd. :Banghead:

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KerimF #fundie

As you said, Jesus message is surely not for all humans as it is not for other living things in the world.

As you know, even those who call themselves, for one reason or another, Christians (mainly the privileged ones) cannot, even if they want to, take seriously, speaking practically, most of what Jesus says (as written on the today's Gospel).

After all, those who have (are born with) a human living flesh only don't need, on these days, hearing any message from the Will/Power that forced them to exist in the time/space realm, we call life. They are already guided to play their various roles in life by instructions embedded in their living cells that are inherited while being evolved since millions of years and not necessarily on earth only. In other words, the continuity of life on earth and its progress is served by all living things, including most humans, the way they are instructed to do (instincts for example).

But it happens that not all humans on earth are born of flesh only. So living to serve the world, in wars (destroying) and peace (building), is not necessarily a priority to all humans. And it is natural that you, for example, are confused about the reason for which a person may live the unconditional love and care towards all others, friends and enemies. The reason, in this case, is surely not to avoid a punishment or to get a reward afterlife.

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MysticKnight #fundie

(on "sacred numbers")

[Six was scared of seven, because seven eight nine.]

6 is scared of 7, because it doesn't want to perish but keep it's identity, as 7 eight the 9 heads of the idol, final step to become one with God and lose one's self in the music of God's words.

God says don't be scared 6 for the sacred of valley of unity is the place of true life and blessings!

That was a sacred joke!

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Godschild #fundie

Well it seems like it is time to give a little lesson here, one l thought someone would have known, but hey if you did then you could not have poked fun at Christianity.
7 in the scriptures represents completeness, it is connected with perfection it is a running theme throughout the scriptures. So how does this apply to this thread, well the natural rainbow has 7 visible colors this is the perfect bow God set in the sky as a covenant to remind us that there would never be another global flood.
Now the number 6 is a representative of incompleteness and associated with Satan, it is a number of unworthyness. Yep, you've guessed it the gay pride flag only has six of the seven colors and I'm sure l do not have to go into detail about what that means for the LGBT movement do l.


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AtlasS33 #fundie

No; use "common sense"; the verses do mean what they say exactly.
For example, this verse:

Sura 16
( 15 ) And He has cast into the earth firmly set mountains, lest it shift with you, and [made] rivers and roads, that you may be guided,

Take it "literally". Mountains increase earth's mass. If they don't exist, earth's mass would decrease. Disturb the mass, and you'll disturb the orbit of the planet.

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Mariosep #fundie

Okay, dear colleagues here, thanks for your presence and contribution.

I shall now return to my idea that babies are caused by their papas and mamas.

If you atheists deny this, please tell me who or what caused babies.

If you do not deal with babies and their causation, I beg for your indulgence because I will not interact with you.

So, that will be an occasion for readers who care to follow the causation of babies as ultimately leading to the existence of God, in concept as first and foremost the creator and operator of the universe and man and everything with a beginning, the occasion to decide whether to read your posts or not.

For myself, I will opt to save myself time and labor to interact with you at all.

You see, dear readers here, it is my submission that causation is the key to the resolution of the issue God exists or not, in concept as first and foremost the creator and operator of the universe and man and everything with a beginning.

Now, in regard to atheists who want to belabor what they claim is already the fallacy of affirming the consequent, I will just not bother with them, because these posters have nothing to do with the objective reality of existence like babies coming forth from the causation of their papas and mamas, except to read textbooks to learn all in their mind and nothing of any connecting with the reality of the existence of babies, to play their mental games of seek the fallacy.

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Arkilogue #fundie

Okay, I'll break it down real simple.

GOD is an infinite solid unified (one) state (like an ocean). This vibrationally self cavitates into infinite ones that are finite relative void spaces (bubbles in the ocean) and these act like the void bodies of string instruments and the new flows of the original "solid" (Fermi liquid quagma) around them act as vibrating strings and bows, cymatically ordering the air space within. The increase of form order in the universe (DNA evolution) is a quantum cymatic process.

Like this:

and this:

Funnily enough, the arising forms gained enough coherency and energy to jump out of the vibrational container, that's quite the leap of faith. :hehe:

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Arkilogue #fundie

[Again.. I am not having trouble understanding you. You made the claim that god is infinite and solid like an ocean! My questions are legitimate.]

Like an ocean of pure quark matter, it's a Fermi liquid that is trillions of time more dense than uranium, more "solid" than a neutron star. The closest thing we have on earth of that state other than the ocean is magma which is liquid stone, still composed of atoms only 0.0000000001% matter taking up space

"God" as the state of existence prior to inflation would be an infinite ocean of pure matter taking up all available space. That is the absolute.

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Little Rik #fundie

Atheists as the word say do not believe that there is a God but at the same time they march towards Him-Her.

Strange and bizarre isn't it?
How is possible?
God is not a toll man with long hairs and a beard as described by Christianity or is a man.
God is a spiritual entity but let us come to the point.
Why everybody march towards Him-Her?
God is perfection and everybody march towards perfection.
Even those who commit suicide do that in order to put an end to their problems and find peace of mind.
That of course doesn't work but the reason is there anyway.
Why would anyone try to improve themselves?
Why anyone try to find peace of mind and happiness all the time?
Why anyone would think that all his-her efforts wouldn't lead to perfection and peace of mind?
The reason is that there is no other way to go.
It is impossible to escape the situation in which we are.
Many people are smart and take little time to understand that there is no other way around to follow while other people take ages and ages to get it Shake Fist but at the end everybody get it.

(I am in no way seeking perfection. I will be lucky to break even!)

Let us see if you can pass the test.

Do you make an effort to breathe?
Do you like to go to bed when you are tired?
Do you put food in your mouth when you are hungry?
Do you feel like having sex sometime?

If you say yes yes yes yes then you seek the perfection.
Surviving is all about keeping your head above the water and that means trying to go ahead.
You may not know where you are going to.
That is irrelevant because something within tell you to continue.
Sooner or later you will know who is that entity within. :lightbulb:

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fdesilva #fundie

Yes but the reflected light is a set of events in your brain.
Events as defined here

[No, the reflected light triggers a set of events in your brain after it meets your eyes.]

Yes the reflected light triggers a set of events in the brain via eyes etc.

Now these events at any given instant are responsible for the experience of seeing the tree.

This experience of seeing consist of 2 components at every instant
1. "U" The Tree
2. "I" the thing looking at it.

If "I" does not exist then there can be no experience.

For anything to exist it must exist at every instant.

Thus for "I" to exist at all it must exist at every instant.

If "I" exist in an instant then it will essentially be making a connection with the multitude of events making "U" at that instant.

Alternatively if you think its seeing the tree one event at a time, it will never see a whole tree as it can never know more than a single event.

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Drich #fundie

I honestly didn't know 'hitch' died..

I hope God recorded the "oh f*cking Hell" look on his face when he woke up on the otherside of eternity, and just realized life's work went into the toilet.

I'd like to binge watch several 'great atheists' expressions and their judgement day arguments get flushed..

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Little Rik #fundie

Despite your stupidity :Banghead: in judging what you don't know the question is rather interesting.
Why the energy escape in some elements and not in others?
Easy reply son.
According to yoga the creation is continuous.
It never stop.
That means that the one who pop up first is at the top of the line and the one who pop up later is behind.
Like when you get in a taxi queue.
All elements that compose the universe are of different nature although they spring up from the same source.
Some elements are older than other that is why their latent stage is coming to an end while for other it
will come later.
Elements like uranium and other are older than many other that is why their time to awake has come.
Got it? :Lightbulb:

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Complidudaaldo #fundie

What If I could present this idea that, atheistically, evolution was not the only alternative to spirituality/religious beliefs? – Regardless of the fact, religion means, “self-immersion in holisticism.” - 
Indeed, I am quite interested in evaluating the alternative routes to an atheistic reality. So perceive this:
If opals can be found all around the globe, and topaz too, diamonds, oils, reoccurring minerals, gems of various varieties, as well as common chemical compounds.

Then what, is to suggest that DNA also, cannot have multiple simultaneous or divided origins?

DNA is limited to the molecular composure of our reality, and must be stable and efficient in order to be sustainable or present in current day observation. DNA must also be compatible with a cell, which is also limited to our molecular composure, and must be sustainable or optimal to exist.

Thus, since cells and DNA have a limited amount of forms they can exist in, it is no coincidence that they are similar. There was simply no option for variation. THUS, it IS possible, that there is no common ancestry between monkeys of each variety, felines of different kinds, humans and apes, elephants and rhinos, and the predominant population of species on the planet.

Justly, because these are all assertions which use all the observed sciences applied to the theory of evolution. It is equally as plausible.

Each lineage can have uniquely originated in isolated situations.
Limbs, organs and parts of the body are nothing but reoccurring patterns on a molecular scale. Thus, it is not hard to understand the similarities between living species.
AH HA. And what I have done is presented skepticism to Evolution, by evaluating an alternative theory. I did not use skepticism as a debate tactic, but instead created it analytically.

Liberate yourself.
And eat up dat pudding.
Zero-common ancestry Atheism.

This, is superior to eating up the heavily invested in theory of evolution used to manipulate the populations into indulgence, selfishness, isolation and bigotry. Which is the theory the cartels fund heavily to promote prostitution.

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purplepurpose #fundie

Lucifer and his friends couldnt take the Badass routine of eternal servitude, The Alpha Male, was putting on them. So, they just decided to give up and retire from eternal servitude to become pornstars and rulers(im serious).

Angels had it all- immortality and 100% noble life, but they broke mentally and gave It up for pussy. The perfect beings of faith deserted their position.

According to bible demons surly know of God, the problem is that they dont care about him.

The problem with the majority of population is that they dont care about God even if they believe in one.

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Little Rik #fundie

I would have thought that you would have understood my previous answer.
Never mind.
Explain once again (free tuition :) )
Evolution is all about getting back to where we originally come from.
This involve that the consciousness to be God doesn't pop up all of a sudden but by stages
that is why the awareness that we are God and know what God knows come in stages.
Evolution is all about climbing up from matter to veg. life to animal life to human life
to God stage.
Stages imply that the awareness of who we are doesn't come all of a sudden otherwise the lila or
God cosmic game wouldn't have sense.

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Janice_Spokes #fundie

[Without legal abortion, illegal abortion would come back with all the horrors that brought.]

Can you give me some statistics on illegal abortions? I understand the whole "coathanger thing" was a myth.

Look at the countries where abortion is illegal. how many illegal abortions are there?

Also, if there were some risk to the mom's life in kiling her baby (whether through infection or whatever) it might make her wise up, and think ( in a selfish way of course) "I don't wanna die/get injured.. Id better bear and love this baby as my lord asks me to!"

Also, with all these women getting abortions.... Have they never heard of adoption??

Another thing.... whenever someone argues for protecting the unborn someone always brings up the example of "well what about some teenager who is raped?"

I think it should be allowed in that instance and think its a hideous circumstance. But let's be realistic. Far and away most of the time women seeking abortions aren't doing it because of that. Why don't liberals admit, that very often, perhaps even most of the time it is women who conceived after they forgot to take the pill, after the condom broke, or for some other reason, that they were unable to escape the consequences of their "screw everyone but me" hard partying life style?

Half the single mothers are such because of a simple lack of self control. Anyway, should we really encourage such a "consequence free" lifestyle? Instead of our politicians caving into this spirit, they should have the courage to say "You brought this burden on yourself. You bear it."

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Love333 #fundie

6 + 6 always equals 12 and at the same time it does not. It is how you perceive it. The perception makes it real.

Synergy can occur in Pharmacology when
1 + 1 = 3

If you use a number system that does not involve the english "12" than "12" does not matter in that system. It is irrelevant.

All is fact and nothing is fact. Just as all is opinion as nothing is opinion. They are separate yet equal. 6 + 6 = what you perceive it to mean or what you do not perceive it to mean. An
infant cannot perceive the answer. So the answer is not perceivable to an infant yet that is the infants answer. It is right to an infant but wrong to you. Yet in the bigger sense both are right and wrong because we are all one.

How do you know an electron exists if you cannot truly see it clearly with your own eye just as the the untrained animals knows where to go season after season? How could you possibly know the truth if your mind is closed?

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Caamib #fundie

[I'll gladly remain a virgin if it takes forcing myself on someone just to get laid.]

Then you are fucking insane. This is like some Christian saying that you'd rather be starving than eating at a McDonalds set in what was once a Church. Modern women hate men who are virgins and love rape.

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Little Rik #fundie

Pinky.  :hi:

Why do I care about the creation vs. evolution argument?
Because both those who only believe in creation and those who only believe in evolution are dead wrong.
Evolution follow creation so both are real.
Secondly because most atheists rely heavily on evolution to say that the universe and life in it can well do without God but evolution follow creation so God is needed to start the lot.

Abiogenesis is all about theories.
Tons of it as you can see in here.

So many people guess and guess but none of them ever thought that from nothing you get nothing so
consciousness has got to be a factor in evolution therefore there got to be someone who originate this consciousness and create the universe.  :lightbulb:

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Little Rik #fundie

[And you remind me about the guy that thinks there is another dimension in his TV.

"No worry wind we all do stupid things sometime"
Yeah, you're doing something stupid each time you make such rubbish posts.]

TVs got so many channels so yes this can compare to many dimensions.
You never thought about it wind, did you? :all-ears:

Look guys.
I really would like to leave the last word with you but for Christ sake you still don't get it.
It is all so simple but you make it so so difficult.
Why? :huh:

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scoobysnack #fundie

[So what you're saying is God has time to blow the leaves out of your yard, but no time at all to help kidnap victims or starving children?

God: Oh, sounds like Scooby is praying to me! He doesn't want to rake the leaves. I know I'll blow them out of the yard, and then he can lie to his dad about doing the job himself. Hmmm... wait a minute, a little girl has been kidnapped and is about to be murdered? She's praying for my help... which do I help... which do I help.... I think I'll help Scooby.]

Haha, I know it sounds crazy. I wouldn't say God doesn't want to help everyone, but there is free will, which allows people to do bad things. Just because they happen doesn't mean God wills it to happen. He doesn't want it to happen at all, but earth is a place for learning, and through pain people learn lessons, which effect the universal consciousness of us all in hopes that we will learn to prevent those things to happen. Just like a parent doesn't want their child to get hurt, the child will experience life and through pain learn a lesson to avoid that in the future. It's part of life and learning. Do you get upset when a carnivore kills it's prey? It's the circle of life and nature.

Check out this for the purpose of life, this will be helpful:

Of the info from Edgar Cayce about the purpose of life:

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scoobysnack #fundie

[You are equating thinking that it will rain, if you say it won't rain with negative thinking. That's more than a little silly.]

It's about focusing on what you want, not what you don't want. Whatever you focus on will manifest in some way or emotion, so it's best to stay positive, rather than focusing on what you don't want to influence your life. Kind of comes down to the confirmation bias.

Not that anyone will take this seriously, but I still remember the day my dad told me rake the leaves from the front lawn when I got home from school. I didn't want to, so started watching TV after school. I actually prayed which I don't normally do that I wouldn't have to rake the leaves. In the next 30 minutes the wind really picked up and blew all the leaves off the front lawn.

I'm not saying you can control the weather, but a positive attitude goes a long way to achieving your goals. You will be less likely to become discouraged and give up.

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scoobysnack #fundie

Abortion is simply the preemptive extermination of undesirables to purify the demographics of society. It's a eugenics ideology from the beginning that's convinced women it's in their best interest to kill their children before their born, while pushing it as a women's right of her own body. Not many young people know the history margaret sanger, founder of planned parenthood, and friend of Hitler. Back before WW2 eugenics was popular, and they exchanged awards for purifying the human race. Not many people know Dr. Richard Day head of planned parenthood during 60's before abortion was made legal who implemented the program to make abortion acceptable to the population. I'll post about that soon.

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JBrentonK #fundie

Atheism. Atheism is not a religion. It is most remote from being a part of this great section. As we know, all atheists are in denial of the simple epistemologicial reality of the "theists". At best, atheism is pure closet homosexuality in public, where the disfigured, disgruntled completely irrational minded man says in front of everybody's face for no apparent reason, completely irrational statements, disguised on purpose which is what's worse. How do we expect a world of rationality and clear thought, to widen our horizons one day, when the level of rationality we see before us is as putrid as an example of this particular type of atheist? How can an atheist even claim his position is religious, or "one of religion", when it completely ignores this significant title by being nothing but a position of hatred? The answer is that it is not a religion, nor has ever been a religion. And the world better wisen up if it expects to one day have categories of religion taken seriously.

So I am furious that atheists believe they can be public homosexuals, physically and irrationally disfigured, christian hating "free souls", with no care to the consequences. But that nevertheless is not the point of my thread. I am furious at YOU, the atheist reader, and his public obvious stupiditys and personal hatreds. Furious with the many instances of atheist "morality" and hundreds of millenia worth of credit towards atheists/atheism. This is the essense of stupidity people, you will not be warned again.

By the by, this IS the reason this is in the religion subforum, I hope you all had a very lovely read, please feel free to reply in kind, I've waited about a month before returning to this low, debased forum for posting my thread about this topic. A topic about religiousness. Please feel free to "express" your religion. :angel:

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AAA #fundie

Why does God create a genome that can't improve? Well if He created one that was in need of improving, then you would be asking why didn't He make it better? Why bother with a coding system? because the fact that there is an intelligible system that we can observe allows us to conclude the designer's existence. If God designed each being individually, then there would be no observable coding system that demonstrates an intelligent creator. Why does the genome degrade? It has amazing capacities to maintain DNA's original structure. There are many enzymes whose purpose is to fix mistakes and mutations. It degrades when we stray from natural environmental conditions. We eat carcinogenic foods and don't exercise. Proper nutrition and physical activity increases the transcription of many enzymes and helps our cells to take care of their genome.

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Reflex #fundie

Yes, Atheism is a Religion

It's really obvious when you think about it: When atheism critiques religion, it inevitably ends up being either religious or very much like a religion.

Take, for instance, what atheism purports to say. Any meaningful form of atheism says either that God doesn't exist, or that one ought not to believe in God. They don't just mean this for themselves ("Oh, I personally don't believe, but it's perfectly okay if you believe"). Instead, they take it that not a single person has a rational basis for believing in God.

These are very strong claims. There's no science to back it up. No empirical evidence for it. So on what basis are these claims made?

There's one clear explanation: Blind faith. Atheists have blind faith in some claims, and hence they form part of an atheist's belief system.

We don't have to stop there. We can look at the definition of religion. Many scholars of world religions don't take religion to be defined as beliefs in God and the supernatural. This rules too many religions out. Instead, they look for one common ingredient in all religions, and that is the state of being ultimately concerned. Having a "most important thing" that you care about. And while, strictly speaking, atheism itself doesn't constitute all of one's religion, the broad pool of beliefs, of which atheism is a necessary and important feature. In that sense, atheism is a necessary part of one's religion. The transference of one's ultimate concern from God, to themselves.

There's a third way in which atheism does the job that religion does. Atheism itself, or as part of a larger worldview, informs our answers to the ultimate questions in life. If you find yourself an atheist, you are NOT ALLOWED to believe some set of answers to questions like "What is the meaning of life?" "Where did all of reality come from?" "What happens after we die?" "Are we more than just our bodies?". As such, atheism not only plays the role of dogma, in defining what we are not allowed to believe. It defines the range of answers we can take to be true.

For these reasons, I think it's OKAY for people to believe atheism is a religion, and for atheism to be treated like a religion, even by atheists.

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Reflex #fundie

Ridiculous or not, some atheists do emulate their religious brethren.

No doctrine? No dogma? No common text? No leader or worldview? We seem to be living in different worlds. It's special pleading if you don't count Darwin's Origin of Species as a common text. No leaders? What about Dawkins and his ilk? They don't count? They're the high priests of vocal atheism. To say atheism has no worldview is like a fish saying there is no water: it's so pervasive it's invisible. Society never tires of using and abusing the media as a weapon of propaganda to get its religiously anti-religion across. It teaches us that atheists are open-minded and reasonable people who believe in the scientific method and who reject superstition. They are writers, scholars and experts who never misrepresent the facts or misuse words, while religionists are retarded Neanderthals who refuse to be persuaded by the brilliance of atheistic arguments, which of course only reinforces how stupid those knuckle-dragging religious types are.

This narrative is repeated ad nauseam in our popular culture: atheists are smart, theists are stupid; atheists love science; theists hate science; atheism is clever, superstitious religion is foolish; atheism is open-minded and tolerant; religion is dogmatic and intolerant; atheism does not seek to impose its views on others; religion seeks to impose its views on others. Four legs good, two legs bad.

There is no technology atheists will not pervert to their cause. The lessons are pumped into our children in government classrooms (for that is what “public schools” are – government indoctrination camps where reading and math have been supplanted by cultural indoctrination to secular humanist ideology). Those lessons are repeated in our television programs. Those lessons are recited dutifully by our news anchors. The goal, apparently, is to bludgeon religionists, and Christians in particular, into silence with the supremacy of their “science” and “reason.”

Technically, one is quite correct to say atheism is not a religion, but it certainly has all the hallmarks of one.

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Little Rik #fundie

I just can't stand that guy [Stephen Hawking] because all he says are untested theories that don't make any sense.

(Such as?)

The bloke was saying that there is no God (untested theory) but after some time he say something different.
He say.....Hawking's views on the existence of God have been the subject of much debate, especially since his 1988 "A Brief History of Time" in which he mused that the discovery of an overarching theory of everything would allow us to "know the mind of God", which some people have interpreted as literal and some as literary. However, in his 2010 book "The Grand Design" he states unequivocally that "spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist. It is not necessary to invoke set the universe going".

Which is all very confusing (sort of bullshit).

Not happy with that he stated that the universe started with the big bang but again after sometime he change his story into a myriad of other stories.
If the bloke would have look inside rather then outside he would have a better idea of how the whole system works.
Matter, water, light and energy, air, space, mind and consciousness are all inside ourselves.
From here it is not difficult to know that the matter is the last transformation of pure consciousness
and therefore the creator of the matter is the super conscious mind.
But no, Hawking started from the wrong place therefore is all very confusing. :Lightbulb:

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JBrentonK #fundie

Let me be honest with you. This doesn't mean I won't be sad. Are you ready? Everybody that doesn't believe in God goes to hell. You must believe in God, or else you take your weakness with you to hell. It's actually true, as per the definition of God as the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob--- the only God. God sets up definitions for his belief: You must believe in him is one example. And you must. Since when does a god actually set it about that you don't get something for belief? The christian God sets it about that if you don't believe in him, hellfire is your punishment. And this does include agnostics too. The reason is evident: If you do not believe in God, you go to hell. Why be a person who claims an attitude of unbelief? To smite the creator, and intentionally choose to prefer a more just manner of conduct (which is impossible). When you intentionally choose the attitude of smiting the creator, knowing full and well that you will go to hell for your conduct, you are in danger of hell fire. And when you smite him for the last time and intentionally prefer hell fire, knowing full and well that God does not exist, you will actually go to hell.

After all, no God comes along and promises belief to his followers and doesn't promise hell fire for the disbelievers. The main reason I post to this website is to try and convince atheists that they are in danger of hell fire. And the reasons that they have for being believers is interesting. Does crossless believe that he is a signifigant enough atheist to warrent the behaviors I have described as the only ones that are christian, and embraces an attitude of hatred against the creator? If he does, he is in danger of hell fire, and should read this post before he does anything else.

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JBrentonK #fundie

Well, I definitely believe I am the son of God. I know it is true. I have abounding proof in my background. All before me are proofs of it. Drfuzzy might say, you might say "you think THAT family is the family of God?". Well my family doesn't need an introduction. All you need to see first hand is their names. They speak for themselves. And I think my brother and sisters speak for themselves, too. I guess anyone really could take the name Killingsworth as a sign of "the nobility of God's". But, I'll tell you one thing, I am convinced of that at this point. I genuinely believe that because my name is Killingsworth, I am of a royal descent. There's got to be proof of it out there somewhere. So I guess it's just as simple as that. Any doubters or disbelievers can take the name Killingsworth themselves, however, they can also back out of the room, not say anything at all about it, and run away. Because as far as anything else goes, that's the last bit of proof they will hear about the family of God.

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Little Rik #fundie

God consciousness = ______________________________________________________

Most human beings consciousness = ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (sort of)

Animals consciousness = /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\/\/\ (sort of)

Matter consciousness = | | | | (sort of as with my computer is impossible to reproduce it in a correct way).

I hope you guys understand anyway with this sort of example but if you still can't get it let me put in a different way and explain with a different example why it is next to impossible for you to communicate with God.

If you are not able to get a perfect tune with God is a bit the same when you try to tune a station on your radio.

Is not the radio fault.
It is your fault.
God is there.
The right station is there.
It is only a question to tune in.
That of course is a lot more difficult than to tune a radio to the correct station.
First you got to change your curved waves into a straight line and in order to do this it require a lot of effort both physical and mental.
Physically speaking it is important to stop eating something that dirt your body like non vegetarian food, smokes, booze, drugs and so on.
Mentally speaking it is very important to keep your mind open to all possibilities but even more important is to clean the non physical part of ourselves like the chakra.
Once you do that the straight line is able to go through your inner self and experience God but of course
this parallelism can not happen if you keep on cling to the physical science as the panacea for all problems. :)

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Godschild #fundie

Surely you can't mean you do not understand what I was saying, let's go at it again. God gave man the permission to eat meat of some animals that were on the Ark. Man also eat vegetation, there were probably many nuts laying around, nuts will last for years. As far as eight people eating up the animals they were allowed to eat, why do you think God told them there would be seven pairs of those animals. Many animals reproduce at quite a good rate, and fish would have been abundant, not just for man but also for the animals who would need meat to eat along with vegetation. Many animals that eat meat also eat vegetation, seaweeds would have be in great supply, seaweed is a great source of food. Milk from sheep and goats would have supplied a great source of nutrition. There would have been fourteen supplying milk, eggs from birds like chickens would have supplied more eggs than they could eat and still have plenty of chicks, in a years time there would have been hundreds of chickens alone to eat and lay eggs which would have supplied most of there food needs until other animals had a chance to grow their populations. Chickens start laying eggs within six months of hatching. I have three chicken I got as chicks back in the spring, they are now laying more eggs than I and my pup can eat and these are not even a huge eggs producing breed. I have three others that very good producers and there are days those three will lay as many as nine eggs a day, what do you think fourteen would produce and in six months an abundance of chicks will have grown up and started laying. There would have been plenty for the people and some of the animals. Need I continue, sheep, goats and chickens would have supplied the eight with plenty until a good recovery was under way, plus the vegetation they would have, seems to me they would have eaten quite well.


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Believer21u #fundie

Some of you said am going to prove that 2+2=5,but no am going to prove that 2+2=4

What reasons do we have to believe the bible is false?

The moon is not a source of light. (Some skeptic’s claim this is a problem,that the bible say’s that the moon emit’s light,this is thought to be in the verse.

“Let them [sun and moon] be for lights in the expanse of the heavens to give [emit] light on the earth.”

But consider this,even when we know that we,know that the earth,revovles around the sun and rotates on it’s axies.We say that the star’s come out at the night time,even though we know they’re always there.So in appearance it seem’s as though the moon give’ light but the fact that it does so,by reflection rather than emission is not relevant to the biblical passage.You need remeber one thing the english version of bible is not the same as the hebrew translation’s,the english bible may miss some word’s or have a similar or same word,but the hebrew translation doesn’t,The Hebrew word used for emit/give light in this verse ('owr) can mean both “to be or become light” and “to be illuminated or become lighted up”.For example imagine that someone uses a mirror to reflect light in your eye’s,the ultimate source of the light is not the mirror, but the mirror appears bright to you because you’re on the receiving end of the reflection.We need remeber that not all bible verse’s can just be taken,out on it’s own becuase it won’t sound right or it may sound contradictory,so Taking this verse out of context can make it seem inaccurate, but when we step back (cf. Genesis 1:14–18), we understand more about the purpose of this passage. we understand more about the purpose of this passage.rather than how the light is given,god created everything,the sun and the moon to mark the season’s,days and years,which to this very day they are quit doing well.Take note that the bible does not provide technical and detailed chart’s on how this work,since God gave humans the ability to discover these through observational science,more info can be found online just do the research,as nothing is further from the truth.)Two individuals can't create a healthy species.(In the begining God created,everything very god,but according to hebrew translation it can also mean perfect,so for example adam and eve’s genes would have been perfect,but after they fell due to the after shock of orginal sin there gene’s and all there body lost,perfection but they did have the ability to create a fairly healthy offspring but not perfect as if they did not sin,so your right two individual’s won’t be able to create a perfect healthy of there same species,becuase they are fallen sinner’s of adam and eve.)
The world didn't start out as a ball of liquid water in empty space without a sun nearby.(Through faith we can understand that God created everything. God created things such as the earth (with water), space (which was empty, except for the earth), time, and light on Day One (GENESIS 1:1–2). None of these things existed before Day One (HEBREWS 11:3, COLOSSIANS 1:16). He created the atmosphere, by separating the waters, on Day Two (GENESIS 1:6–8). God separated the dry land from the sea on Day Three (see ). So, you are right that there was water on Day One, because God created water on that Day.)Noah's boat is both too large to function, and too small to house the number of animals and food it would take to get us to where we are.(Now am not going to waste time,explaining all that becuase it takes too long to explain and the information cannot be made small you can go google and type in “The Resource for Answering the Critics of Noah's Ark” and in there all these matter’s are explained.)You don't breed striped livestock by having the parents screw in front of striped poles.(Don’t understand what your talking about?) You don't cure leprosy by killing a bird and sprinkling its blood on a leper.(You haven’t read the verse properly,this not what it saying what it say’s is that,the proccess of sprinkinlg the blood of bird on leper,is a ritual cleansing proccess after the leper has been healed,this verse is found in the old testament,this ritual does not apply now see this is what happen’s when you put some verse on it’s own that it would not make sense,read verse.

Leviticus 14 The Lord said to Moses, 2 “These are the regulations for any diseased person at the time of their ceremonial cleansing, when they are brought to the priest: 3 The priest is to go outside the camp and examine them. If they have been healed of their defiling skin disease,[] 4 the priest shall order that two live clean birds and some cedar wood, scarlet yarn and hyssop be brought for the person to be cleansed. 5 Then the priest shall order that one of the birds be killed over fresh water in a clay pot. 6 He is then to take the live bird and dip it, together with the cedar wood, the scarlet yarn and the hyssop, into the blood of the bird that was killed over the fresh water. 7 Seven times he shall sprinklethe one to be cleansed of the defiling disease, and then pronounce them clean. After that, he is to release the live bird in the open fields.
Now at the time,God only sent leperasy to those who broke God’s rules,if you read on you will see that this spiritual cleansing was a confirmation to God’s ordinance, The priests could not cleanse the lepers; but when the Lord removed the plague, various rules were to be observed in admitting them again to the ordinances of God, and the society of his people.)
The amount of slaves stated to have been freed from egypt outnumbered the egyptians, and there's no historical record of such a mass exodus.(There really were Israelites in Egypt at a certain time. Evidence: There is a temple of Bene Israel in Egypt.this is not alone This alone will take page’s to answer but instead please go to youtube and watch video’s “ Israel in Egypt - Biblical Archaeology”,”EXODUS REVEALED!!- Hard Evidence in Red Sea of Israel's Escape From Egypt” on youtube.)
You could make a long list of things that just can't logically happen. You can make a lit of things that are blatantly morally wrong, like saying consenting same sex adults making love should be killed,(The Catholic church teach’s that gay people are to treated kindly,but there told not engage in the homsexual act but to live in chastaty as this is mortal sin against God and God’s word condem it and the catechism of the church) but treating people as chattel is ok as long as you don't kill your slave outright, or enslave your fellow isrealite male slave for life without giving him a wife first.(The bible does not say that slavery should not be allowed,as found in,(Deuteronomy 15:12-15; Ephesians 6:9; Colossians 4:1),So many people assume that the bible is allowing slavery to happen,but what many people fail to understand, is that the slavery in biblical times was very different from the slavery that was practiced in the past few centuries in many parts of the world.The slaverly according to bible was based on race,people were not enslaved becuase of their colour or their nationality.In the bible times slavery was based on economics,depending om social status,people sold themelves as slaves when they could not pay their debts or take care the need of their family’s.In New Testament times, sometimes doctors, lawyers, and even politicians were slaves of someone else. Some people actually chose to be slaves so as to have all their needs provided for by their masters.The bible condems race based slavery as all are in God’s image.().The bible does give instruction’s on slavery how it should a slave be treated.)There are plenty of problems to be had with the bible.(Prove It!) Plenty of reasons not to follow it,(Prove It!) including the fact that we have evidence of Yahweh starting out as a lesser war god in a Canaanite pantheon(Nope,God never changes he was never a lesser God he was fully God as stated in the bible (Malachi 3:6)) , and Jesus' story not being original or unique to him.(Prove it!) Virgin births were all the rage at one point. We have reasons enough to disbelieve the bible, to the point that it's commonly said that reading the bible at face value is a sure road to atheism.?( For me it wasn’t for me reading the bible increased my faith)

There are events that can't logically happen without magic(God can do anything as God is omnipotent,my friend God isn’t restricted to the laws of science,since he is the law giver), which can't be proven to be real, as well as deeply immoral commandments(Prove It!) and actions by Yahweh and his followers.(Prove It!) Someone being at best slightly more progressive than the culture of the time is not worthy of worship.(Prove It!)

This does not convince me that the Bible is false,try harder.

There are 15 things the church Validates on the Bible

1.Manuscript Evidence.
2.Archaeological Evidence.
3.Eyewitness Accounts.
4.Corroborating Accounts.
5.Literary Consistency.
6.Prophetic Consistency.
7.Expert Scrutiny.
8.Leader Acceptance.
9.Global Influence.
10.Changed Lives
11.God’s character
12.Scientific accuracy
13.Claim of the Divine Authorship
14.Unity of the Bible
15.Fulfilled prophecy

Lets talk about one of them scientific accuracy,there are many things in the bible that are accurate with science for example this.

Scientific accuracy of the Bible Bible is over 1,900 years old.

Fact 1.At a time when it was believed that the earth sat on a large animal or giant(1500 B.C),it says in the bible.
“he hangs the earth upon nothing”(Job 26:7)

Fact 2.Only recently science discovered that everything is composed of things we can’t see..Atoms.The Bible says this:
“things which are seen were not made of things which do appear”(Hebrews 11:3)

Fact 3.The bible mentions that the earth is round way before it was discovered!!
“it is he that sits up the circle of the earth”(Isaiah 40:22)

Fact 4.Mathew Maury found paths in the sea & the Bible mentions this
“paths of the sea”(Psalms 8:8)

Fact was a scientificial discovery that light can be sent and manifest itself into speech.God asked Job this in the Bible
“can you send lightnings,that they may go,and say to you,here we are?”(Job 38.35)

Fact 6.It was scientifically discovered recently that the earth is weraing out,this can be found in the Bible in the following,(Isaiah 51:6,Psalm 102:25-26, Hebreews 1:11)

Fact 7.Mississipi River dumps 518 billion gallons every day into the Gulf of Mexico.where does it go?The Clouds.the Bible took’s about condensation verse:
“if the clouds be full of rain,they empty themselves upon the earth.”(Ecclesiastes 11:3)

Fact 8.the First Law of Thermodynamics says “neither matter nor energy can be craeted or destroyed”The Bible says:
“The heavens and the earth were FINISHED”(Genesis 2:1)No creation or destruction of them since!

Fact 9.In Genesis 6,God gave Noah the dimentions the ark.This revolutionized ship building! EVERY large ship on the high seas was inclined toward the proportions of thw Ark.

This is not it,there are more than 50 fact's in the bible but am not going state them all,unless you want me to.

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MysticKnight #fundie

I nearly forgot about this thread.

Here's another argument:

God cannot decide what objective morality is, or else it would be arbitrary.
Objective morality thus cannot be created by God.
If God cannot create objective morality and decide what is, then neither can evolution, as God can create evolution.
Objective morality exists.
Thus objective morality is eternal.
Objective morality takes a perception to see.
Thus an eternal being who perceives objective morality always existed.

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Atheist_BG #fundie

Muslims wanna kill me because I'm not a muslim. So the feelings are mutual - I want them dead because they're not atheists and I don't care what any of you thinks about that. Whenever you come to live here and live longer than a year in order to start to understand what's going on here, only then you can judge me for my murderous feelings towards the circumcised swines. And they're not just my feelings, my whole nation feels that way. Well, except for the venal traitors in the politics.
Looks like Merkel and the rest of the EU leaders are as blind as you are. And by the time you realize what's happening, it's gonna be too late.

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Ronkonkoma #fundie

dogma is a good thing.
well,supposing you're trying to teach your kid that 1+1=2 and the smart kittle bugger comes back at you and says, no 1+1=11, and 2+2 is 22 and so on.
at some point you have to go back to math which is a very dogmatic and repressive system. That makes you eeeevil. And closed minded too!

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professor #fundie

If Hollywood's movies, TV shows and cartoons hadn't had the multitude of 923/ 239 numbers and dates (like Evan Almighty, who built an ark and had to be done by 9/22 mid day- which is 9/23 Israel time).

If there was no "Jade Helm" going on, if the FED had not set up a secondary headquarters in Chicago because of destruction in NY, and no underground bunkers set- up for the elete to hide out in.

If Sept 23 was not the grand jubilee #120 and one jubilee from Israel retaking Jerusalem (to the exact day).

If the False Prophet Francis was not coming to the US to meet with the AC and the UN exactly during this time.

If his Vatican Jesuit Astronomer Guy Consolmagno wasn't working on their "Lucifer project" seeking to contact UFOs (fallen angels)..... the list goes on and on.

I would not have looked at this time so intently even though the AC is here.

Pocaracas, I see Stimbo agrees with you questions.
You heathens and Randy are amazingly far in the dark. I would have to have a lobotomy. to join you guys.
Another date? If this one falls thru- it is 2 strikes and one to go.
How can a real detective not look for clues in the biggest game of a lifetime?

No Rapture?
God doesn't lie- it's in the book.
He also declares he will do nothing EXCEPT He reveals His secret plan to his servants the prophets.
And the prophets are saying it is here- GET IN THE ARK NOW. (Jesus is Ark 2).

My personal convictions?
Have been unchanged for 4 decades, other apparent times have come and gone, I keep working, giving, helping different ones, occupying until He comes.
My spiritual calling is night watchman. It is still night.

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ronkonkoma #fundie

Correct me if I'm wrong....

First cause:

We are part of the self-conscious universe. Our brains are the most complex things we know in the universe. We are parts of the universe that probe the universe and are fascinated by it, because being intelligent, we can also sense intelligence when it is there. We are able to create things in the small scheme, and we look for a creator on the grand scheme of things. The Cal Tech supercomputer can now make measurements 10 to the 23rd power. It has been estimated by astronomers that the complexity of the universe in simply balancing gravity against the electric force needs calculations a hundred trillion times more precise. And this is just one aspect of the universe that without which life could never happen.

The Universe had a beginning. It is no longer believed to be infinite. This was shown by the Big Bang theory. Time itself had a beginning (see the "beginning of time"" by Stephen Hawkins). Space, time and matter had a beginning!

This is important to your question because it was a commonly held idea that life initially came about on earth by chance form atoms assembling to form molecules and proteins, cells, to reproducing life by random chance over an infinite amount of time, over an infinite amount of rolls of dice on a seemingly infinite number of earth-like planets. We now know that time is not infinite. And neither is matter. There are very strict requirements for the existence of life in the expanding universe, and our Earth in our 21st century is extremely lucky in that regard. Yes, we are star dust. Flourine in our bodies can only form as dust from a dying star is pulled off by the gravity of a nearby dying star, and a third planet is around to cross the path of this star dust. There are an estimated 41 of fine tuned conditions like these that are needed for life to exist on a planet. A chance in a billion trillions.

This is crucial because, like seeing an exploding grenade and asking, "who pulled the pin?", we are asking, Who or what caused this????

And the answer is, if there is a cause for the Big Bang and the beginning of time, space and matter, and life itself, it is GROSSLY INTELLIGENT.

Deistic deity.
Since space, matter and time had a beginning, the Cause of it must have existed OUTSIDE of space, matter and time.
So the question, "if God created the universe who created God?" does not apply. That's because something beyond space and time has no need to begin to exist, but is rather in eternal existence.

Hence... we come to theology
Theistic god:
If the material universe has a beginning and is finite and it has a cause, the cause must be immaterial. Hence, theologians have been saying since thousands of years that God is immaterial (God is spirit). And if this Origin of space and time is outside of space and time, it can also be omnipresent.

And a God of Love:
The total mass of the universe acts as a catalyst for nuclear fusion. The more massive the cosmos, the more efficient nuclear fusion. If the Universe is too massive, the basic elements Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon could not form. If the Universe was too small, we would be stuck with only Hydrogen. But the Universe is exploding from a miniscule beginnings of an immensely immense mass. The time for life to form is exactly now. Its taken 14 billion years. Now, the exact position and mass of a billion stars allows life to form on this miniscule planet. OUR life. Hence... the Creator is loving since the price He paid for life to form on earth can be seen in the brilliance of a billion stars in the night sky. Just as Abraham gazed at the night sky and conversed with God, leading him out for the Promised Land.

Abrahamic god:
The Abrahamic God out of all the religious texts is the only one that is said to be outside of space and time. The "Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end." We are mostly material beings so we can't even define Him completely. It is He who defines Himself, telling Moses, "I AM WHO I AM".

What's more, Jesus Christ, also said of Himself:
"Truly, truly I say to you, Before Abraham was, I AM" (i.e. he is above the limits of time. Those who heard him recognized the blatent message and vowed to kill him for blasphemy. And he walked on water. The message? He is beyond matter.)

Your particular abrahamic god: Jesus Christ - The God of Love. The one who became one of us, in the greatest event in human history.

your particular denomination's god
I am Catholic. That means I rely on nature, science, divine revelation and tradition- the experience of scholars and leaders since 2000 years. Combine everything to make a final conclusion. I grew up as a Catholic but it took 33 years to be able to express this huge thing.

And I pray. Prayer is just mindfulness of the presence of the Creator through introspection. Introspection is looking inward, though our inner eyes to our deepest desires and longings. And our deepest core that longs for our Creator.

"Deep is calling on Deep in the churning of the waters. Your waves have swept over me." Psalm 42.

your personal version of this god: For that I am figuring out who I am, and that will take a lifetime.

Really, really pretty please? ._.

(I realize that the last two may be the same thing depending on the circumstances, so feel free to merge them if you like)

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Harris #fundie

Let me introduce a new miracle of Quran.

The word “Land” mentioned in Quran 13 times that is 13/45 = 28.888
The word “Sea” mentioned in Quran 32 times that is 32/45 = 71.111

The approximate ratio of land to sea is 13:32 or 28.888:71.111

The author, who hypothetically was living in desert in seventh century, knew the exact quantity of water on earth and that knowledge made him capable of writing these figures in coded form.

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Harris #fundie

In Quran:

The word "man" is mentioned 23 times
The Word "woman" is mentioned 23 times

The total number of human chromosomes is 46 in 23 pairs

23 from the FATHER (man)
23 from the MOTHER (woman)

What is surprising that any author habitually does not bother to make sure of which word he is using how many times while expressing some idea. If some author did put some words on purpose in specific number of time, then he makes sure to make it publically known.

Perhaps the author has some secret plan behind repeating certain words in specific numbers, which people come to know after passing of some time and that is the case with Quran.


The word "Moon" appears 27 times in Quran
Moon takes a complete round around the Earth in 27 days


Point one:
The word “Day” is mentioned 365 time in Quran

Point two:
The word “Month” in plural form is mentioned 30 times

Point three:
The word “Month” in singular form is mentioned 12 times

Point four:
Chapter An-Nahl, meaning “Bee,” is the 16th Surah (chapter)
The male bee has 16 chromosomes

Point five:

“And We raised him to a lofty station.”
Maryam (19)
-Verse 57-

If I put chapter number 19 and then the verse number 57, I will get 1957.

By keeping in view the contextual meaning of the verse 19:57, the amazing point here is that first ever satellite, "Sputnik 1," was launched in 1957.

Do you think all these points are coincidences? Quran is full of such (so-called) coincidences. If you are not satisfied with these then let me know and I will give you more.

Prophet Mohammad received Quran in small pieces in variety of circumstances during a span of 23 years. When people compiled all those pieces in form of a book only then they learned, which word is used how many times. There was no human in seventh century and there is no human in today’s world who can arrange and compile a book the way Quran is without upsetting the consistency and meaning of the text yet keeping the specific pattern of word repetitions with a miraculous accuracy.

“And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Sura (chapter) like thereunto; and call your witnesses or helpers (If there are any) besides Allah, if your (doubts) are true.”
Al Baqarah (2)
-Verse 23-

“Is it that their faculties of understanding urge them to this, or are they but a people transgressing beyond bounds?
Or do they say, "He fabricated the (Message)?” Nay, they have no faith!
Let them then produce a recital like unto it, - If (it be) they speak the truth!”
Ath-Thuur (52)
Verses 32 – 34 -

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pool #fundie

[Look, pool. You're trying to say that theists don't exist just because what they worship isn't well defined. But they do exists, just as football exists, even though football players play an imperfect game. Catch my drift?]

And now i'm just sitting here sobbing like a 2 year old because nobody has ever been that understanding with me,even my dad - i'd probably save you if i had to choose between you and 5 random people.

*That's exactly what i'm saying.
How can someone believe in something with no physical or theoretical evidence(But probability can say that the existence is probable because:aliens(long story))but when it is also something that is ill defined?Then it's a whole another thing..

*It's like believing in fldsmdfrism which is a ism that says that fldsmdfr exists and fldsmdfrists doesn't even know what fldsmdfr is.Therefore i can discredit fldsmdfrism and therefore fldsmdfrists cannot exist because the reason why they existed in the first place is itself flawed!

*I can't seem to connect god with football because football has a physical evidence also it has a consistent definition.("Any of various forms of team game involving kicking (and in some cases also handling) a ball, in particular (in the UK) soccer or (in the US) American football.")

*So if god doesn't exist theism shouldn't exist either because the most basic element that was used to build theism is "God".So theists do not also exists.But theists that "think" they know the definition of God exists,but they aren't truly theists because they only "think" they know it there can never be "theists".Don't you agree?
If you do,then why should atheism exist?Which is a ism that rejects the claim of theism(which cannot make a claim because what they are claiming to exist doesn't have any theoretical evidence nor does it have any physical evidence and then they say they don't even have a consistent definition of it!What the fuck theists??)

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pool #fundie

ting ting ting ting ting ting!
Analogy time
Theists: Cat is dog.
Atheists: I don't completely agree or i disagree.
Me: lol cat is cat,cat aian't dog lmao.
Theists: Oh. *runs to the room crying*
Me: ._.
Atheists: Haha look at theist noobs,lets get outta here. [this is the appropriate response :P]
Atheists: Haha look at theist noobs,they are so wrong,lets not get outta here and stay here. [this is the inappropriate response :P in which case atheists have the burden of proof -because theists are no longer making a claim,so you're just sittin there rejecting a claim that isn't even made *derp* so you're the one making a claim in that case]

[i specifically used "noobs" because you are a 5 year old and i'm told 5 year olds play COD]

Better Analogy time
Theism is the mother.
She gave birth to her sons atheism,deism,agnosticism,gnosticism,polytheism,ditheism,pantheism,etc.(gawd lady xD)
Atheists: mommy can't reproduce ; _ ; i'm adopted.
Theists: no lol we aer her cheldrn.
Atheists: no you fucking idiot!i checked.. - she's a man!

So Atheists are saying that Theism is a man and theism couldn't have taken Atheists out of her vagina(because obviously she doesn't have one).
If Theism is indeed a man then Atheists cease to exist(just like how the "Mother" cease to exist)because a man can't give birth xD [ps: adoption is a big NO NO in the analogy]

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PiousPaladin #fundie

The Protestants are no better, they are just as deep in heresy as the sodomites. If anything they are more guilty, the heresies of democracy and rationalism could not have risen without the reformation, so they not only have the sin of disobedience to God upon them but allowed the formation of even more sinister causes.

As I mentioned, error has no rights. There is only one true religion, Catholicism, and no other can be tolorated. Pius IX rightfully confirmed in the Syllabus of Errors the only true freedom of religion is to practice the only religion that is true.

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PiousPaladin #fundie

Murder? Killing heretics and those who poison the souls of the faithful is not murder, it is a sad sacrifice but one that must be made to uphold and retain the purity undefiled of his Church. Better to cut off a bad branch than to let it fester and destroy the tree.

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PiousPaladin #fundie

It depends on the level of scandal. An athiest who keeps his opinions to himself and does not tempt the others into heresy does not need to be executed, he must repent of course but he is only a danger to himself. It is private, it is personal.

A sodomite marriage however is something very public, it is a vile public display of blasphemy and must be struck down and prevented. Error has no rights, and if it cannot be corrected it must be cast aside into the trash.

Women who don't cover their hair can be dealt with, they can comply or remain unseen in society. We cannot ignore Protestants or sodomites who flaunt their sinfulness and lead others astray. The disobedient woman can be private, a Protestant Church by virtue of what it is cannot be.

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PiousPaladin #fundie

As for your final comment I don't see anything wrong with slavery. The condemnation of slavery was also part of the heretical Vatican II council. The Catholic Church does not condemn slavery, in fact it is useful. Both to us and for the condemned party, it is kinder to enslave a pagan and grant him time to repent than to kill him outright.

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Randy Carson #fundie

If it is your opinion that Eve had NO knowledge of good or evil whatsoever, then why does the next few verses say:

Genesis 3:6
6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it.

Eve knew:

1. the tree was "GOOD for food"
2. GOOD to look at ("pleasing to the eye")
3. GOOD for gaining knowledge ("desirable for gaining wisdom").

Clearly, there are at least three ways that Eve knew that something was "good"; thus, we can see that she did have some basic understanding of "good" and "evil" and from this alone she should have been able to grasp that disobeying God was NOT good - especially in light of His warning that they would die if they ate of that tree.

This is just another attempt to make God a moral monster by blaming Him for our human failings.

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Little Rik #fundie

Oh, please Ton don't talk about ignorant.
You build up in your mind that physical science got it right
but when i did asked you whether these researchers die and then came back to life
so they could tell whether there is God or not you don't reply.
Ton this is the only evidence, all the rest is just guessing.
The sooner you get this in your mind the sooner you will get out the mental sewer
in which you lie. :)

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SteveII #fundie

According to the Christian THEORY (since I don't need to be certain of anything to have a theory, I just need some evidence that agrees with my conclusions) God has interacted with our reality (not meant to be an exhaustive list):

1) The universe had a cause
2) Life exists
3) Complex biological systems exist
4) The ancient Jews interacted with God quite a bit
5) Jesus came, ministered, performed miracles, died, and was resurrected
6) Miracles still happen
7) There is a god-shaped hole in everyone's psychology
8) The "inter-witness of the Holy Spirit" (there, that should get all the WLC fans going)

Of course you will pick apart each one as "you can't prove..." and "baseless assertions". I don't have to prove them, just like evolution, the mountain of evidence I have points to a probabilistic conclusion that the God of Christianity exists. Until I am presented with a theory that answers all of these questions with a different answer, that is what I choose to believe.

Despite the vitriol that is sure to come, this is not an unreasonable THEORY--much like believing in evolutionary theory is not unreasonable.

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professor #fundie

Spend some more time with YT on the Illuminati (Luceriferian) connections and you will see the myth of conspiracy theory.
Unlike how the theory of evolution became fact by constant mantra repetition, this one was a fact first.
The elete have made repeated statements for their planned "New world order" for decades, and now it is in your face.

Their messages are everywhere in plain sight, like the Superbowl car commercial where the little girl says, something like-"we wait until everyone is sleeping- then we STRIKE". What does that have to do with a car?
It is a sublime message of intent by the elete.

Here is another one from the Superbowl- this time a Lincoln commercial.
Guy is driving down a desert highway with nothing around.
He comes to a stop when a bull is in the road in front of him, then he says, it's Ol Sirus, that he better go back.
Clue- Osiris was an Egyptian god (Satan by another name) and the word sounds just like a slur of Ol Sirus.

Now, if you were driving down a wide desert road, would you go around the animal?
Or would you stop in front of it and say what the actor did?
Only a moron would stop and sit there- unless it was a message.
The message is simple- Osiris is coming and he is too big to mess with.

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snowtracks #fundie

Words of the Bible and the facts of nature come from the same source, from God himself, who chose to make himself known. There isn’t a third choice or someone could claim they have special revelation.
God is not revealed directly through the five senses. Consider this scene. -
If a physical entity with the appearance of personhood were to materialize on the white house lawn and while saying “I’m God” (loud enough that it was recorded) levitated a foot above the ground, would that constitute proof that God is not hidden?
As the secret service approached, this entity asked one agent to place his hand onto the entity’s shoulder which the agent did thus making the entity to disappear. Later, in the briefing, the agent said the shoulder garment felt ‘velvety’, anything else you noticed? ‘yes, as we approached this thing, there was an aroma of fruit, the closer we got the more pungent it become, much like orange blossoms’.

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Heywood #fundie

[But - and this is the point of this rambling pseudological screed - I think Heywood's incorrect about WHY we demand people not engage in certain behaviors: It's not because those behaviors are immoral, but because they cause harm.]

I said I can find no non-religious reason why homosexual sex should be immoral between consenting adults.....So I agree with you. However if God finds homosexual sex to be immoral and punishes homosexuals who engage in homosexual sex by sending them to hell, then homosexual sex does cause harm.

Now that being said, does that mean I find homosexual relationships to be equivalent to heterosexual relationships? I do not. It makes no sense to me whatsoever that they should be unless God deemed it so. If they are not equivalent then why should I view them as such?

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SavedByGraceThruFaith #fundie

Some Simple Questions show Atheistic Origin Science is false (proof 2 begins)

Atheistic origin science has a lot of explaining to do to counter the very obvious and scientific conclusion that God, the Almighty Creator, indeed created all things. A thorough investigation into the facts, the laws of nature, mathematics, and logic will prove that this alternative explanation, of an origin without God, is totally false and contradictory.

Therefore, a second irrefutable proof of the existence of God Almighty the Creator can be made. Assume indeed that atheistic origin science is correct, and all of the creation can be explained without God by the laws of nature and random chance. As will be shown, this assumed theory will prove to be false. And since the only alternative to a Creator is false, then again the fact that the Creator, God Almighty, exists will have been proven again.

Atheistic origin science claims that it can explain the origin of things without God. The claim is that most things have been explained and only the details need to be ironed out. The truth is that atheistic origin science has not been able to answer anything of importance in the origin question. If anything, new discoveries have ended all hope that it will ever be successful. So after over 150 years since Darwin, and over 50 years of an extensive effort, atheistic origin science has not answered anything. Why does anybody believe it ever will? Most of its believers have either died or will die before anything will ever be answered.

To show that atheistic origin science has failed, I will just ask for some simple answers to some very simple questions. If atheistic origin science has answers, this should be no more than to copy the answers from the verified answer book of atheistic origin science.

If there are no real answers, it proves my point.

If the answers given are not complete answers, avoids questions, dances around questions, or doesn't answer one single question, what does that say about the claims of atheistic origin science.

Please note I have some more simple questions to ask.


What was the first living thing?

Was it made of just proteins?
If so, how many amino acids did it have and what was their sequence?
What are the odds of that happening?
Please show real calculations.
How did it then make the jump to RNA and DNA?
What are the odds of that happening?
Please show real calculations.

Was it made of just RNA and proteins?
If so, how many nucleotides for the RNA and amino acids for the proteins?
What were the sequences for both?
What are the odds of that happening?
How did it then make the jump to DNA?
What are the odds of that happening?
Please show real calculations.

Did it actually use DNA?
If so, how many nucleotides for the DNA?
What was the DNA code sequence?
What are the odds of that happening?
Please show real calculations.

What was the 2nd living creature?
The 3rd, 4th ... up the actual first cell?
What are the odds of each of those jumps?
Please show real calculations.

Upward evolution

Could man have evolved from an apelike creature in just 5 million years?
What are the odds based on the fact that there would be about 30 million base code differences in a 3 billion base code DNA between the 2 creatures, only 500,000 generations in that time, and only at most several million individuals for each of most of those generations?
What are the odds?
Please show real calculations.
How did that happen since higher-level creatures use sexual reproduction?
Please show real calculations.

Now repeat that feat for the over 100 million species that have been supposedly on the Earth. What are the odds of that?
Please show real calculations.

Given the fact that mutations in general corrupt the DNA code, why is the DNA code of all species not completely corrupted after the long line of progression over hundreds of millions of years?

The fossil record

Why does the fossil record show distinct species fully formed throughout?

Why has not a single chain of missing links of one disparate species becoming another ever been found in the entire fossil record?
There are millions of chains of missing links still missing. None have been found.

Provide one set of dates for one supposed intermediate species. Give the dates of the ancestor, the intermediate and the descendent species for one intermediate species.

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professor #fundie

Brakeman, a long time ago Lucifer, (who was resplendent in beauty,covered with jewels and the music minister of Heaven) decided he was going to boot God off the throne and take over.
As Lucifer, he had never seen the severe side of God.
He made an irrevocable mutiny.

The only way for this monster to get back at God for expelling him, is to attack the thing closest and most dear to God-
creation and the pinnacle of that is you.
But God has been allowing him to continue on, because he is man's test.

Apparently God has a particular number of people to pass thru the turnstiles of life before He ends this age and begins the Millennium age of 1000 years without the devil.

At the end of that span of time, it says, the devil MUST be loosed from the pit (where he is to be stashed for that thousand years) -
for the purpose of testing those living in that awesome time (the Restoration of Al Things).

We are at the end of 6000 years from Adam- the coming sabbath "rest" of one thousand years will complete a "Week" of Millenniums and the realm of eternity will begin on a new earth.

I was asked about some proof of what have relayed here.
I realize youall reject supernatural / spiritual stuf, so the following is for anyone else who may be listening:
Satanists seem to only rail against Jesus Christ.

People involved in UFO abductions report in their encounters that the UFO entities rail and blaspheme ONLY Jesus Christ.
These entities are demons posing as aliens.

Their evil purpose is twofold- to give a naturalistic (aliens from space) explanation of the Catching Away (Rapture), and to strengthen the position of the antichrist as he becomes more powerful after the Rapture.

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VAN BELLE Jean Marc #fundie

Scientists never 'create' things: they trying mixing things together in weird, non natural and natural ways, and suddenly have a result they did not expect while 'playing with their interests as they were kids'.

Sometimes they can do things with that that were not intended when trying it out.

And then they start to gossip, to slander... and 'create' theories.

So scientists and their followers/believers (!!!) create theories, not things of their own. Unless we call these 'words' life, of course (and so they get "off course" here).

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professor #fundie

As it happened, the snake was the only one low enough to let the devil speak thru himself.

Today, we have lots of people to replace the snake.
All you have to do is watch the Super-bowl half time for the last 2 years. It's right there in your face.
Or any number of imams, or some Vatican spokesman, the big list goes on an on.

but I will get back on topic.
The tree was simply a test. Notice the snake led them to the tree of knowledge.
He does the same thing today.
Knowledge rather than Life is very popular in the cults.
All the BS of "Hidden knowledge" / "Secrets", that only the intimates receive- like a carrot dangled out before the horse and when he gets it- he finds it wasn't the whole thing, so more carrots are dangled out.
He spends a lifetime pursuing and the devil hopes he dies trying to find all the fake knowledge and never comes to the truth.
An "I gotcha" realized.
I see the same thing here.
No, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a test, the devil was the teacher, the students failed miserably.
But the tree of Life is still beckoning- only from Heaven.

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Heywood #fundie

Benny, the definition of evolutionary system I am using is reasonable. It was not tailor fitted so that only human created evolutionary systems satisfy it. In fact I would challenge you to present an argument that the definition I am using for evolutionary system could only apply to human created systems. 

The fact is the definition I am using could apply to evolutionary systems which did not need intellects if such systems actually exist. This should be intuitively true to you because you accept that a system which you believe came into existence without the need of an intellect satisfies it. 

If you don't want me to consider just human created evolutionary systems, then present some systems which are not human created.....I will consider them. If they turn out to have come into existence with out intellects and satisfy the very generic and broad definition I am using for evolutionary system, then I will shut up.

There are two things I have been considering over the last couple of days. Minerals and birds nest. The system which lead to the diversity of minerals around us it evolutionary? Birds nests.....some of them are pretty snazzy and I wonder if they evolved like cars do.

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Drich #fundie

No sport what I am saying is In the beginning God literally created everything Genesis Accounts for in 7 days. Then between the last day of creation (the rest) and the fall of Man your 4.6 billion (or whatever number your precious science wants to plug into that slot) happened, then about 5000 years ago (give or take) the fall happened and Man was expelled from the garden. So yes Adam and Eve were potentially in the garden for 5 billion years, or whatever number you need to plug into that spot. (Per the tree of life which they had access to.)
That is why the tree of knoweledge was so tempting to eve. (it was the only thing left in a garden the size of 2/3's of North america that they had not done/was an unknown.)

So Again a literal 7 day creation, but a very long period between the last day of creation and the fall of man which starts the geneologies found in scripture that dates 'man with soul' to about 5000 years.

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snowtracks #fundie

(Regarding a news article suggesting that NASA found DNA, or some of the building blocks of it, in space)

finding meteoritic trace amounts of these chemical compounds are tantamount to finding gold in sea water. just another nasa ploy to keep program funding's flowing, they're playing you like fiddle and you don't even know it.

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professor #fundie

I wonder how many Jewish people have longed to be NOT chosen.
No group of people have been more persecuted.
You see, they were not chosen to be some kind of "Special" above others entity.
The chosen-ness has to do with purpose.
It has been like a target on their back for a very long time.
Satan knows if he can destroy that people- the prophecies die and his doom is put off.
The Spanish inquisition, the Catholic one, Satan's man Hitler, were all shots at this.
Now Islam raises it's ugly head against them. 
Bad timing for Islam.

On America, just like ancient Israel, when they walked uprightly for a time- they prospered.
America has prospered. 
But there is a two edged sword to it just as there is a duality for the Jews.
Americas have chosen a president according to their sin.
Because of where we are in time- this last presidential choice has ramifications beyond previous selections.

If one tenth of what I have shown occurs- we both can chalk it up to chance.
If most of it happens, tough choices need to done.

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Heywood #fundie

If we are living in a computer simulation, the end of the world might be around the year 2050. It will be about that time when we have the computational abilities to run are own ancestor simulations. This will cause stacking of simulations upon simulations eating up all the computational resources of the parent reality.

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professor #fundie

Well, this has truly evolved (the kind of evolution I can believe in).

I was asked about "Kinds", the word and concept predates the culture of evolution by several hundred years.
Lately, the naturalists are confused by what it means.

When you go to get an ice cream, you are asked what KIND you want.
You specify vanilla and you do not get chocolate.

Neither do they become one or the other over millions of years.
If you have a dog, you might be asked what KIND of dog you have?
Pretty simple isn't it.
The genetic code is what? Silly putty?

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His_Majesty #fundie

[And why, I wonder, do you think God decided to continually rub out and then replace life forms throughout the fossil record? We certainly don't find any modern forms among the earlier strata. Of course magic could account for any and every discrepancy. You'd just have to stop thinking you were adding anything of merit to the non-magic discussion.]

There is no fossil record

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professor #fundie

(Numerology and the Obama Antichrist Conspiracy - part one:)

Seeing how Stimbo gave me the go-ahead during the week to write about the attributes, clues of the AC- I will give that a shot.

We have been looking for a candidate for the AC for probably centuries, but especially since the re-establishment of Israel as a nation (an event without parallel in history and fulfillment of prophecy). Jesus cannot return until the Jews are a nation again.

Upon the election of the mystery man (only document released on him at that time was his grade school info- all else was sealed) in '08 in his home state, the next day lottery number was 666. The pic 4 number was 7779.
Numerical significance:
Triple 6: antichrist number
777: triple # of God's perfection
9: the number of judgment
The above was sign number one to me.
Subsequent to that was brought out that the date of O's claimed birthday is day number 216 in non-leap years, which is 6X6X6.
Candidate Obama hailed from representing Zip code, 60606.
I calculated the odds for the above to be 3.3 trillion to one for these odds to fall on a single person.
3.3 with the decimal point removed is 33.

33 million people were said to have watched his infomercial on my birthday. 33 is a notable high figure in the occult.
I believe it is because one third of God's angels rebelled in following Satan, thus the occult (his contraption) reflects his hallowed number of 33.

Mr. Obama had a replica of the Temple of Pergamon (spell?) described in the bible as the "Seat of Satan" made for his acceptance speech.
(The actual temple was moved from Turkey to Germany and is in a museum there.)
The stadium chosen for his acceptance has a white horse for it's mascot.
Mohamed is said to have ridden a white horse to heaven in a night trip there.
O was brought up a Muslim and, following Muslim practice of lying to enemies, has claimed to be a Christian.
He surely knows about the supposed trip to heaven and the horse.

There are many different titles for the AC, on of them is the "Assyrian"
Assyria was always an enemy to Israel.
Kenya, the birthplace of O was within the Assyrian empire at one time.

In the book of Daniel, it is said, the false Messiah would seek to CHANGE the laws and times.
Note that the platform of Mr. Obama was CHANGE.
Another title of that one is the "Lawless One" indicating a penchant for lawlessness.
Obama has stated how he doesn't need Congress.

I have noted a striking parallel to O and Jesus in their lives:
There was a controversy about the Messiah's place of birth -"No prophet comes out of Galilee", the Jews said while rejecting Jesus.

Jesus made a convoluted path before he was born and after.
Jesus was born in Bethlehem (fulfilling the prophecy- "But you Bethlehem Ephratha - out of you shall come unto Me, He that is to be ruler in Israel.... who shall be called, wonderful, councilor, the Mighty God")
Mary and Joe traveled to Egypt, returning after Herod died.

Obama made a similar treck within his mom and after he came forth.
The place of his birth in Kenya is kind of a national shrine.
Note that it was considered that Joe was the dad of Jesus, but he was not.
For O, Obama Sr. is thought to be his dad.
There is no possible way the stocky round face Sr. is the father of O.

He does look like Malcolm X, and is within a half inch of Malcolm's six foot three height.
I believe the reason O ended up in Chicago was, it was headquarters for the Black Muslims and the place where Malcolm was murdered. Malcolm stated the country would never be able to be overtaken externally but must be done from within.
O attended a Black Liberation (God damn America) "Church" until Rev. Wright became an anchor for him.

Back to the narration, in the life of Jesus, there was a gap in the bible until he was found in the Temple at a young age. In the revealed narrative of O, there is a similar gap until his grade school record and picture of him (registered as a Muslim) in Indonesia.

After that, there is a similar gap until Jesus is baptized by John and he began his public ministry (after defeating Satan in the wildreness).
The gap is also found in the experience of O, until he was baptized into politics in the home of a communist.

Note the name of John.
He was an announcer for the Messiah- an "Elijah".
At the beginning of Jesus' coming forth publicly, John asked 'Are you the One?.
At the beginning of O's candidacy Oprah Winfrey stated, "He is the One"
Oprah (new age spokesperson) was an announcer for O.

To be continued......

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Huggy74 #fundie

(Regarding golden spirals, ID and bees:}

Except that the example I gave of Bees involved how they reproduced, not the shape of their hive.

For instance, a male be will have
1 parent
2 grand parents
3 g grand parents
5 gg grand parents
8 ggg grand parents

and females tree would start at 2,3,5,8,13.
by dividing the number of females by the number of males you get 1.618, Phi.

Bees have no concept of mathematics, so why do they reproduce according to the same sequence? what determines it? Isn't reproduction supposed to be random? coincidence?

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professor #fundie

(Numerology and the Obama Antichrist Conspiracy - part three:)

Esq, I am trying to understand your question.
Why did Obama take a convoluted path when he wants people to believe he is the antichrist?
If that is your question, I assure you, he wants people to believe he is the Christ- NOT the anti-christ.
Maybe you missed all the magazine covers and photo shoots portraying him as a savior, some complete with halo.
Or the entertainer who gave thanks to "My Lord and Savior Barack Hussein Obama".

One thing I want to add is, Satan (in mimic of God) likes to give sublime signs and prophecies. He comes as an "Angel of Light".
Lucifer has a root meaning of Luminescent.
Thus he is found in the various cults of sun worship.
The Obama logo is the rising SUN.
His mother was in the Subud cult which worships the SUN.
Loretta Fuddy was in the Subud cult and she was the official who verified the B.C. for O.

To be continued........
I gotta go to bed now I am whupped.

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professor #fundie

(Numerology and the Obama Antichrist Conspiracy - part two:)

Obama is on video joking how he was born in Hawaii and giving a large wink simultaneously with his words.
It was a signal for a thing not true.

Back to original question on O:.
The name of the horse Mohammed suposedly rode to heaven was named Barack.

In a play on the word- barack, and can be spelled barak in Hebrew means "blessed".
So when Jesus said "You shall not see me again until you say blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord"- this statement is a double prophecy.
First comes the false messiah -Barack who shall (future at this point) come to the Jews, then afterward, Jesus will come to the Jews- the real Messiah.
Jesus said,"I saw satan as lightening from heaven". In Hebrew, this would be: I saw satan as barack O (connecting element) bamah (heights or high place).

Rambling- I was considering about Galilee (the town Jesus was from) which is a large lake in Israel.
Then I thought about Chicago, also built on a large lake.
Jesus and Barack both lived against a large lake when the began their public ministry.

In Farsi, obama means, "He with us".
Contrast that with the prophecy about Jesus being called- Emanuel- "God with us".

Jesus was an expert in Jewish Law. He is now called our "Advocate" advocate means "Lawyer".
Obama supposedly was trained in Constitutional Law (no record of this is released- he supposedly held a law degree which is revoked).

Jesus did not have a birth certificate.

to be continued.......

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professor #fundie

(Numerology and the Obama Antichrist Conspiracy - part four:)

Esq and Whateverist, I can only give you my evaluation on the why questions you ask.
There seems to be non-game game God does with hiding things with the express purpose of making us SEEK.
The devil can only mimic what God does in his own pretension of being god, so he does the same thing.
Secret societies with their initiate programs, sucking people to deeper levels of demonic deception are utilizing the very same principle.
They promise "Enlightenment".
A variation on "Ye shall be as gods".
Remember Satan comes as an angel of Light (Lucifer- light bearer/ sun worship, etc.)
You remind me, there are 2 beings seeking:
God is seeking to show Himself strong to those whose hearts are perfect before Him.
The devil goes about AS a roaring lion seeking those he MAY devour.

Now, about the signs/ clues. It is part of the "Game" (should I say "Strategy"?) both God and the devil are playing.
Without a doubt the lottery numbers and the Zip codes (there are 42 thousand of them) are God's clues.

My buddy at work asked, "Why hasn't someone shot this moron?"
I told Carl- they can't. He is being protected by both God and Satan.
But the day is coming when he will mimic the Resurrection of Jesus,
whether by an actual or a seeming mortal head wound and recover in 3 days. (this may be where the new CG animation comes in)
That is the next mimicry on his list.

God has been highly involved with O being on the world stage.

Just as the Jews chose Barabas (name means - son of the father) instead of Jesus.
The people today chose the criminal.
God did not choose him- the people did.
He always gives people the choice.

Mow some more rambling clues...
Remember how O mimicked Jesus' ride into Jerusalem on a modern donkey?
I forgot to mention the symbol of the democratic party.
What is it? A DONKEY.

In the book of Daniel, a thumbnail profile of the false messiah is given:
A mouth speaking great things, proud, boastful, arrogant.
Is there anyone in public office who fits this?
(no- not me, I said "Public office")

Speaking of public office, do you all remember the beam with the phrase:
We remember
We rebuild
We come back stronger
The beam weighed 11 thousand pounds (11 is the number of destruction),
Each "W" in Hebrew is the number 6.
Hebrew is alpha numeric, their letters are number equivalent, you can see the letter "vav" perfectly on the side of each "Monster drink"
that we see all over -666 (just a little subliminal indoctrination from the energy drink folks)
So the AC gave a vertical illustration of his identity (knowing or unknowingly I do not know).
For any of you into handwriting analysis, do give a peek at the all inclusive circles in the signature of O, very impressive.

At a 911 memorial occasion, O quoted the 46th Psalm.
One of the phrases within that psalm:
"Be still and know I am god"
Sure, just another co-incidence.
The mouth speaks what the heart is full of ( bible quote)
Wasn't it Bush that quoted the 23rd Psalm when the Twin Towers were bombed?
Then Obama quoted the 46th one with the ONE WORLD tower rebuilt.
OH yeah, there are 46 chromosomes in us. so the two towers (each having 23 of the little rascals) gets combined into a single structure.
Cool. A super subliminal signal of the one world plan right in our faces.
And nobody knew.

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professor #fundie

["The presence of the anti-christ? I can't wade through 42 pages of people making fun of a likely idiot but let me guess...

Obama is the Anti-Christ.]

You got it Tj,
This is hot off the press- the day before 9-11 Obama had a video-
President Obama addresses the nation on the ISIL.... (by the White House) on youtube.
I am telling you that the address was completely Computer Graphics.

One clue is there are frames missing on the time line at the beginning and at the end.
At the end, O goes from being before the podium to having his back turned and being 15 feet away in one frame - one second.
And yet in the vid he walks away. Same at the beginning- no frames but he takes 6 steps to the podium.
Check it out.

I don't want to derail this post but this info is connected-

"and he had power to give life to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak........" Rev 13:15
My perception is this is a test run for the new tech.
Interestingly I am told, the patent is called, Animating the beast.

I fully realize I will be roasted for posting the above, but I wanted to get this out there, because the level of deception will be rising dramatically.
It says in scripture that he deceives the whole world.
I want you guys to NOT be deceived.

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professor #fundie

Well Min [another forum user], you asked for a prophecy date.
I am going to give you one.
I now have enough info to step out and declare it.
I have been looking for the day of Departure since I heard about it and read about it in the Bible over 40 years ago.
I always thought I was "Focused", now I found I have a touch of OCD.

Depending on the time zone you are in - the Rapture (the day no man knows- an idiom for Rosh Hashanah) will be within 24 hours of the 25th of September 2014.

The Tribulation began on my birthday in '08 with Obama's promise on national TV seen by 33 (highest # in the occult) million people- to CHANGE the nation and the world.
His covenant/promise was verified by the nation upon his election.

Just as the Jews were given a choice at the "Trial" of Jesus, in the same way- America chose the criminal.
Don't blame God. He was involved with the choice but He did not make it.

(Nearly no one in Christendom grasps that we are currently IN the Trib.
The teaching among those who actually believe the bible (rather than the lies of tradition) is that 7 year period begins with the Departure.)

In the book of Daniel, the false Messiah is prophesied to CHANGE the laws, note that Mr. Obama's platform in '08 was a single word- CHANGE. He has been changing laws illegally via executive order since elected.

On the Five Doves website there was supposition that something big should occur on Oct 29 of the election year, because they had dialed back 7 biblical years from Sept 23 2015 Yom Kippor.
I think they were calculating back from their projected date of the 2nd Coming.
There are a couple of numbers geniuses on the Doves- I just listen.
So when Oct.29 (my birth day) passed with just O's infomercial - one of the guys said- "could this have been the "Covenant with many?"-
We started looking intently at Daniel, there was no mention of Israel - the commonly held co-joiner of the covenant.
The deal/ agreement/ covenant was indeed with many - millions and O.

Interesting to me that my anniversary at work is the 22nd of Sept and being that Y.K. 2015 begins the evening before-
that would be on my hire date.
My clock number at work for all these decades has been 501- the same as the gematria of BHO in Hebrew.
Not a co-incidence.
I have come to understand my destiny was to reveal his destiny and the truth of the Gospel.

The spark for this crazy post began last week.
The gnawing perception was in my mind, that this is Noah's second day- just as he went UP over the coming flood- so are those who are accounted righteous - going UP over the disasters of the conclusion of this age.

My thoughts were- there is not enough time left for 7 years. 3 and a half years do not fit because Jesus is fulfilling the FALL feasts ( moed/ rehearsals)- not the spring feasts that were fulfilled 2000 years ago.
There are 3 feasts to be fulfilled- Rosh Hashanah is next.
Idioms from Judiasim- Trumpets/ the day no man knows/ the day of judgement/ the day of the awakening blast/ the hidden day/ the opening of the gates/ the day of the last trump/ the day of coronation of the King/ the wedding of Messiah.

Part of the above paragraph is common knowledge among those of us who are "Watching" but that was not enough for me to post this.
Confirmation came over the weekend via a couple of internet related sources that this year is the year I have been waiting for all this time.

The Rapture / Resurrection will begin the great Harvest that is the end of the age.
I was praying yesterday that justice and truth comes to the terrorists - ISIL and the word came to me- no- These wicked ones are gathering together- they have made their final choice and will be exterminated soon.
The typical method of God's communication w/ me is perception and the bible, occasionally a word.
Some people get dreams/words/ visions, synchronistic signs.
There is always an element of faith involved though (I would prefer it to be like you guys, right out/direct/face to face), but that is the way it is.

What is coming is not the end of the world.
The world never ends - it does get new management.

What we see going on is not false labor- the ever increasing earthquakes, the evil of Islam exposed, mass animal fish and bird die offs, the AC and FP are here, on and on it goes, are the real labor pains.

Half the professing Christians do not go up with the Heavenly Bridegroom.
He takes all the little ones too- flower children I suppose.

This post is your second invitation here on AF to enter the Ark- Jesus.

Both the ark of Noah and the body of Jesus had an opening in the side.
The blood of Jesus which flowed from His side made our Redemption possible.
There is still time for each of you to enter the ark and miss what is coming, but if you don't, please be a part of His harvest dead ahead.

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professor #conspiracy

Summerqueen, you can thank the military for the missile strike on the Pentagon.
There were NO aircraft parts found- no 10.000 pound engines, no aluminum all over, no bodies.
How come?
The sole security video that was released had the section between the missile just appearing and the explosion removed.
How come?
The damage hole in the Pentagon wall had NO damage where the wings and engine of a large jet would have caved it in.
How come?

Now let's wander over to Pennsylvania. There was a hole in the ground. No body parts. No aluminum all over, one engine found in the woods (size not revealed). How come?
The investigators looked around, shook their shoulders and left.

A witness to the Penn.flight declared she saw a SMALL jet head to the crash area before hearing the crash.

When 911 occurred, I wondered WHERE were the dogs sniffing for explosives?
Why did the steel immediately get shipped out to China?
This was way before I found the truth about the event.

Like all of you, I blamed the Islamics.
It is ironic that the one atrocity that they did not do was blamed on them.
But the PTB[Powers That Be] got the war they wanted.

I suspect the majority of people cannot tolerate the thought that their leaders are nefarious.
This also goes fully against the grain of the Liberal deep- seated view that all people are basically good. Unwilling to personally see evil within- this view is widened to be nearly all- inclusive.

No children were killed at Sandy Hook. It was all acting.
The PTB wants to overturn the second amendment so desperately that they concoct these dramas to turn public opinion against the single Amendment specifically designed to protect the public FROM totalitarianism by GOVT.
Once that is gone Tyranny is the plan.

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Eye of God #fundie

Use your head, theists come with certain beliefs that we are commanded to share. Dur.

[You are also commanded to kill witches and homosexuals. To kill people who wear clothes made of 2 different materials. To kill those who work on the sabbath. You are also commanded to kill atheists and the entire town in which you find said atheist. Do you do these things? Hypocrite.

Don't pretend that you do anything because the bible says so.]

I do everything my Lord commands me. If he were to command of me that I kill homosexuals and people who work on the Sabbath, than I would be forced to do so. However, that order was given to the Israelites for a reason I do not know. NOT ME. Perhaps if I was born an Israeli I might feel differently.

Thankfully, that act has not been asked of me and I am glad because I personally have nothing against homosexuals or working on a Sunday.

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mickiel #fundie

There are many ways to verify a god , but because god is unorthodox, the verification is as well; one has to think outside the box of the norm. atheism is a way to verify god, why has not the world been entirely atheist, since it began that way? And why has theism overshadowed atheism in human history? How did it move to the forefront and stay that way for so long?

The duality concept must be observed then, as unorthodox as it is. How could we have up without down? In without out? Good without evil? Yen without yang? theist without atheist? Natural without unnatural? Male without female? The existence of one demands the existence of the other.

atheism is right, none of mans gods exist, absolutely none of them. But there is a god outside of human invention. Both then must exist, no gods and god. That duality is evidence that no yen can be removed from the yang. We cannot remove females and claim only males exist. As long as atheism exist, then god must exist, or atheism has no reason to exist.

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RDK #fundie

How did things really happen. There was no intelligence in the beginning. No rules to establish the mechanism of life. No parts floating around looking for some useful place to fasten onto. What good would a random strand of DNA do if the directions( which it did not yet have) not appear to direct the construction of something which as of yet did not exist.
Random creation and evolution is one of the biggest lies out there. Don't swallow it.

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Riketto #fundie

1) Science and technology are two dead things that can be given life when
the consciousness reach a high degree of evolution so it is not due to the
physical aspect that we evolve.
Our far ancestors had the same elements to develop technology but they
could not just because the degree of consciousness was very low.
2) Gregor Mendel spend over 10 years of his life just on one experiment.
To know a little bit about genes you got to study for years and years at the uni.
In both cases one very important thing is missed and that is the fact that
genes are a reflection of the degree of consciousness that we have.
You can be an expert in causes or and expert in effects.
I choose the first.

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Stephanie #fundie

So if God appeared to you you would worship him?

[The Greek God Apollo appeared to me in a dream. Does that mean I should regard it as evidence of Apollo's existence and start worshipping him?]

We're talking about reality here bud.

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Stephanie #fundie

(If there is a god, why would he gift me with the intellect to reason he doesn't exist.

You'd think he would be a bit smarter, being a god an all that.)

Knowledge is a weapon from Satan that he attempts to use to detract from our purpose on this planet.

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Heywood #fundie

If God does in fact exist and created/maintains our reality then there should also be observations which cannot be explained by natural mechanisms. Quantum randomness is such an observation.

Now keep in mind, quantum randomness isn't something that hasn't been explained by natural mechanisms. It is an observation that has been scientifically shown that it cannot be explained by natural mechanisms.

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professor #fundie

Russia is unwilling to be controlled by the western elete.

The only friend the bear has is Iran and it's allies.
They are going to march against Israel.

I wish I knew when.
After Israel knocks out the Iranian nuke threat?

They will march on Israel and will die on the mountains there.
Great storms and natural disasters will come against them.
The whole world is going to see what God thinks of Islam and Communism.

But Monkeys!!

Either one letter off from a descriptor of the person making the argument or the more typical presentation of the argument? You decide.

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Revelation777 #fundie

Reptiles evolved into birds, really? Based on what? If so why did some evolve and some didn't? Wouldn't of all reptiles of ceased to exist and there be just more birds? Who decides they stay a lizard and another will be a bird?

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Sword Of Christ #fundie

[After being asked for evidence that the universe was designed:]

You can go into thew mathematical structures and patterns of the universe, natural forces, living forms and the various mathematical ratios and aspects of the human body and DNA, the Golden Section and all the rest of it.

But it helps if you accept the universe is the purpose made creation of the almighty God before you get into those details.

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Godschild #fundie

[After reading a post where an atheist mentioned he became an atheist after spending two semesters at Bob Jones]

I don't care much for the university myself, but your position is coming from the bias against your dad and Christianity.


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ronedee #fundie

You're not looking for anything but to degrade God, Jesus and anyone associated with God, and any thoughts of a spiritual nature. You are spiritually dead! Like St. Paul says: "God, and Jesus are nonsense to the lost men of this world." And trying to reason with people like you is an occasion for sin!

The Constitution of the United States of America was written by [Godly people]. Who prayed before every meeting Be glad you're not living with a country (yet) that doesn't fear God. Freedom and God are synonymous. No matter what way you try to carve it up to be.

Why do people want to be in America? Just ask anyone crossing our borders illegally longing for a better life? FREEDOM. And you can't have it without everything that God stands for!

When the Constitutional Convention hit a snag 5 weeks in because of arguments and misunderstandings.... what did they do? PRAY!!

Believe whatever you want about the piece of paper, and the men who assembled it. Fact is, that God was indeed the inspiration that empowered everything that resulted in our US Constitution.

The "Since That Worked So Well the First Time" Award

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MarxRaptor #fundie

I was thinking up ideas today, & I have a really good one. Germany should be reoccupied & not be allowed any sort of military. Germany's existence is a stain on humanity. Instead of spending money on the military, Germany should have to cut back all spending & raise taxes; sending all the money to Israel.