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Ivan Throne #fundie

The writhing Leviathan may have a golden spear through its belly, but the clawing limbs of that rough and slouching beast still bear the dripping poison of the pen and encourage the work of crime and treason in the dark places of our government.

The Deep State will not be dead before the 2020 elections.

You know this to be true, as all of us do.

So does President Donald Trump.

Support the man who serves us as the strong and present father of an America made great again!

Keep faith, as he has faith in us, that the momentum and trajectory of our beloved country is at last headed where it belongs.

It is not a question of whether our gorgeous banner of purity, valor and vigilant justice yet waves, but whether the land and the People it flutters over is a virtuous and united one.

Pull the oars, brothers! Unfurl the sails into the coming storm!

2020 comes, and we are no longer miserable orphans gazing at the strewn wreckage of a once glorious nation. There is a Patriarch at the helm, and his stern visage looks ahead.

Greatness grows, and you are part of it.

Do it, for our entire beloved family.

Without hesitation, do it:


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Janis Ann #fundie

The people flooding into Europe are escaping their own repressive, backward cultures, none of which produced the philosophical discourse, political theory, architecture, science, medicine, technology, in short, the civilization that was produced by the confluence of histories that produced Europe. Those invading Europe are coming to appropriate and they are killing a golden goose that they have no capacity to replace. When they're done, as is always true in such cases, they will transform the destination into what they are escaping, so the "demise" of Europe will be thin solace.

Olaf, why do these poor former colonies lack a strong central government? Why were foreigners able to go in and make a profit, when the natives were not able to? Why are they willing to leave family and friends behind (at least temporarily) to embark into a foreign culture? Because things are better in the West. You seem to think that is basically because anything good in the former colonies was systematically sucked out and transferred to the West. I would argue things are better in the West because western civilization encouraged education and cooperation and, in the case of the USA, individual responsibility and action. I would also point out that any attempt in 2017 to correct mistakes from 1917 or 1817 are futile. It is also futile to throw money at corrupt regimes. But that is another argument.

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Andy Serbest #racist

Excellent book with with lots of good citations from other researchers and full of bona fife evidence as to why the so called "Armenian Genocide" is nothing but a historic lie carefully crafted by the most professional beggars of the history: The Armenian Diaspora. Please do not let their hired pen-triggermen's bad mouthing sway you into prejudice. You must read this book to learn what truely transpired in 1915 and before. Because as far as Ottoman and Turkish history goes, nothing about Armenians started in 1915 and nothing in fact ended in 1915.

This book perfectly explains the treachery of Armenians against their country (Ottoman Empire), by waging a "revolutionary war" before 1915, how they signed up among the ranks of the invasion force against their home country in WWI, how their revolutionaries pillaged through Eastern Anatolian towns killing innocent civilians to "cleanse the area" from the Turks (with the help of Russians, and how they shamelessly call their losses they suffered by clashing with Turkish forces as "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing" policy unto them when it was themselves who attempted it. We need more books like this from brave authors like Mr Cora to teach the world the "real history"!

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Stevie Romer #fundie

A tour-de-force. Absolutely astounding information about genetics you wont hear anywhere else. For example, he clearly shows how immigration into western countries is much worse than mass murder of members of our extended family (our racial genotype) in relation to or genetic interests. We have a lot to lose if immigration goes unchecked culturally and intellectually, but this book shows the specific genetic basis for our global fears in this regard. A very unique book pulling the true power of genetics out of the stone of natural sciences. Very unique, very well-written. A masterpiece."

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Don Boys #fundie

Keep in mind that God cannot make mistakes and since the Bible is the very Word of God, it cannot contain mistakes. When Bible haters take a hatchet to the Bible, it is usually a matter of their bad interpretation rather than proof of no inspiration. They simply do not read it correctly or seek the correct meaning with a legitimate hermeneutic.

One must also remember that while the whole Bible is the Word of God, it is not all true. For example, when quoting Satan, Eve or friends of Job one must ask; "Is the Bible writer reporting a statement?" Not all statements in the Bible are true: however, all of it is the revealed Word of God and is totally reliable. If atheists don't understand that simple truth then they should not be writing books and characterizing themselves as 'scholars' and 'brights', as opposed to us 'dims'. Today's atheists are the modern Visigoths, who, like the originals who invaded Rome in 410 A.D., are violent, angry barbarians.

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Matt Nuenke #fundie

Most of the books on eugenics from the radical environmental fringe, such as this one, recount the same earlier mistakes made in eugenics, and then the books trail off into some abstract Gouldian/Boas dissertation on the evils of biological determinism. This book follows the same worn out formula, but has a few interesting new twists on the story. But first, any discounting of eugenics because of errors made at the very beginning, would apply to virtually any scientific niche, including medicine. Do any of these authors try to convince people that we should give up modern medicine because at one time it was practiced only by witch doctors? I think not, but that is the general theme of all these books. But of course, no matter how recent they are published, they usually suspend scientific facts at about 1975 so they do not have to discuss the dazzling progress made in genetics over the last twenty five years.
This book, unlike others, spends a great deal of time discussing the eugenic movements success in penetrating education, by presenting its value to school children in the curriculum. Selden laments this, but of course the flip side is that now the radical egalitarians are demanding that racial equality in intelligence be taught in schools, along with other Marxist ideologies, but ignores the fact that like eugenics it is unfounded and pseudoscientific. In all fairness, during the earlier part of the last century, eugenics was largely pseudoscience. But now, the Gould/Boas school of egalitarianism now carries that mantle by denying what modern science has found. Genes matter far more than the environment on important human traits such as intelligence, athleticism, conscientiousness, and even religiosity. These are all solid facts now discussed openly at the academic level, but kept from the general public by the new doctrines of political correctness. Published in 1999, it even has the gall to ignore books and reports by the American Psychological Association showing that there is a real concern with regards to dysgenic trends and that blacks are in fact less intelligent on average than whites. (The Rising Curve / Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns.) These are stated policy positions of this very liberal organization, but ignored by Selden, putting him in the Marxist camp along with Gould, Kamin, Lewontin and Rose. He even discusses Gould's rejection of the correlation between brain size and intelligence, even though there have been numerous recent studies showing a correlation using MRI of about 0.4. (Gould has never apologized for omitting this latest evidence from his republication of "The Mismeasure of Man" to the chagrin of other scientists who have pointed it out to him.)

Selden hammers home again and again how biological determinism is a theory of limits, ignoring the fact that modern eugenicists believe that improving genetic capital means building for the future. Would we cut down the "rain forests" if it gave us additional money for Head Start programs? I wouldn't think so. But that is the logic used throughout the book to condemn all studies in human nature.
One rebuttal that I haven't seen so far, apparently because the Gouldian school is getting desperate in light of all the recent data in behavior genetics, is that twin and adoption studies are not reliable because the separated subjects, placed in different families, may in fact be in families that are so similar as to be almost like they are the same family. Did you get that? For years, sociologists have been looking for subtle differences between family environments to explain differences. But now, even after they haven't been successful at finding what Jensen says is the missing Factor X explaining racial differences in intelligence (which these debates are really all about), they claim that twin studies are invalid because, well, families are really just all alike. I would think even Gould should admit that this is a "just so" story with little empirical evidence. Anyone familiar with behavior genetics can see the duplicity of such an inane argument. But to the unaware reader it may appear to be valid. So much for academic honesty.

Overall, if one is aware that this book is really about politics and not science, and Marxist politics at that, it is easy to read and does a very good job of showing the lucid reader how desperate the left has become in trying to stop studies in racial differences.

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Perry Marshall #fundie #psychoceramics

(Description of the book "Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design". Emphasis original.)

Creation Evolution Debate: 150 Years Later, it Still Rages. Both Sides Are Half-Right. And Both Are Wrong.

Meet the opponents:

In one corner - Proponents of Intelligent Design like William Dembski, Stephen Meyer, and Michael Behe. Many defy scientific consensus, maintaining evolution is a fraud. They challenge decades of data in biology, chemistry, genetics and paleontology.

In the other corner - Devout Neo-Darwinists like Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Jerry Coyne, who insist evolution happens "willy nilly." Strangely, they sidestep the latest science, glossing over crucial questions and fascinating details.?? But what if both sides are half-right?

What if both sides are missing vital details, clinging on to outdated views, theories, and interpretations?

There is a third way. Evolution 2.0 is the first book to lay out the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis in plain English. This new paradigm is rocking the foundations of evolutionary biology right now.

Evolution 2.0 reveals experiments which prove that, while evolution is not a hoax, neither are changes random nor accidental. They are targeted, adaptive, and aware.

You will discover:

-Nearly every cell in your body can edit its own DNA, combating random destructive copying errors, charting a path for its transformation (page 82)

-Genes - far from being set in stone - actually change and adapt to the environment.

-How germs re-engineer their genetic destiny in real time by borrowing DNA from other organisms (page 94) (it's why your doctor tells you to never stop taking antibiotics halfway through your prescribed course)

-How bacteria communicate, organize themselves into armies, then stage coordinated attacks on your immune system (page 110)

-Brand new species in 18 months, sometimes 24 hours - Through two empirically proven, reliable systems of natural genetic engineering (page 146)

-How and when cells generate new information and genes that did not exist before (page 150)

-Why DNA, which is digital instructions for building proteins, is not merely like code but is code, the same way as the software on your smartphone is (page 38)

-How cells switch genes on and off in response to the environment, activating new traits that get passed from parents to kids (page 115)

If creationism seemed leave out important potentials, here you'll find missing clues.

You will discover fascinating real-time evolutionary lab experiments by an eminent scientist in the 1940s, whose work was recognized in 1983 by a Nobel prize & US postage stamp, but then... is still rarely mentioned in school science curricula.

High priests of scientific establishment actively oppose research that threatens antiquated theories, labeling results in scientific publications a "media fiasco".

This book explores 70+ years of under-reported evolutionary science. Evolution 2.0 chronicles bestselling author Perry Marshall's 10-year journey of in-depth research. As an Electrical Engineer, author of an Ethernet book and world-renowned business consultant, Mr. Marshall connects the dots in a new refreshing way. He tackles hard questions about evolution with precision, making it clear when information is proven with hard data and when it can only be inferred.

This book will open your eyes and transform your thinking about life, evolution, and creationism. You'll gain a deeper appreciation for our place in the universe. You'll the see the world around you as you've never seen it before: adaptive, efficient, and incredibly elegant.

$3 Million Technology Prize: Origin of Information is one of the central problems in modern biology. No one knows where the genetic code came from; no one knows how the first cell developed. To solve this, the author has organized a Private Equity Investment group, Natural Code LLC. They are offering a prize, reminiscent of the X-Prize, for a natural process that produces coded information. The prize amount is $3 million USD as of November 2016. Details in Chapter 23 and Appendix 4.

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D #fundie

( A written review on a childern show called Just add Magic )

what's one more kids' show designed to hook kids on the occult? the real Book they need for the Supernatural, is the Bible. Find GOOD power in there that REALLY rids us of evil, as Jesus' power is the most powerful , kids.
The only redeeming feature of this societal decay enticement is that the spells usually backfire, which is actually realistic. And i thought the kids did a fine job of acting.

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SirShamgar #fundie

A being can be absolute, you're defining it differently doesn't make it not so, and God is absolute and it's His morality, which makes it absolute. It's always wrong to rape a baby, to put it into practice.

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David Clark #fundie

This book is about a lot of things really, but the focus is on how genesis is truth that God did create everything. and how evolution has changed the world view of creation and taking God out of the picture! It is very good at showing that evolution is really a religion and that no matter what the "facts" show they will never believe the truth in Genesis 1-11.

There are many,many stories about him speaking at schools, and university's, even churches Where Kids and adults were shown a whole other side of creation verses evolution. Very Informative! This book is very important with kids being taught evolution in schools, national geographic, and most of T.V. and science in general. The Great Dinosaurs would be another addition to this book, as we have always heard "65,000,000" years ago the Dinosaurs Died off! That is not true at all! Check it out, very good!

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Ashraf Ezzat #conspiracy

Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites

What if the whole story of the Exodus from Egypt was a fake story, and what if we could prove that it is?
Whenever we say ‘the Exodus’ everybody unconsciously and instantly recognizes the story as the fleeing of the Israelites headed by Moses from the grip of Egypt’s ruthless Pharaoh. Thanks to the Church, the Synagogue, the Mosque and of course Hollywood films this Exodus story has sunk deep in the collective subconscious of the masses, so deep that the story of Moses and Pharaoh has turned into an almost unshakable historical truth that once took place in Ancient Egypt.
But actually nothing in the ‘milieu of that story’ indicates that it happened in Egypt, except maybe the mistaken association between ‘Pharaoh’ and ‘King’ of Egypt.
Likewise, nothing in ancient Egyptian records or its oral tradition say or even allude to the fact that this tale of Moses really happened in Egypt. Even more shocking is the fact that the ancient Egyptian records do not refer to the Kings of Egypt as Pharaohs. Yes, Pharaoh was never a title for Egypt’s king. Linking Pharaoh to Ancient Egypt is merely a myth propagated by centuries of falsehood brought about by misleading interpretation of Biblical history.
The only reason we know the story of the Exodus happened in Egypt is because the Bible says so. We keep on believing that is the case because mainstream Egyptologists just went along with the Biblical narrative and absentmindedly designated Egypt’s Kings as Pharaohs. But if we examined the Hebrew text the Bible (currently in our hands) used as a reference we will strangely not find Egypt mentioned in it as the site/land of the Exodus story. The whole mess/deception took place during translating the Hebrew/Aramaic stories into Greek back in the third century BC. This is when Egypt was first hijacked and forcibly placed in the Hebrew Bible as the theater of the Israelite landmark stories. Ironically this whole act of duplicity took place on Egyptian soil and specifically at its legendary library of Alexandria.
But what if the Bible as we know it has long been tampered with?
•What if the first western translation of the so-called Israelite stories, that came to be known as the Septuagint Bible, was a distorted translation?
•What if the Israelite stories we all have been made to believe took place in Egypt simply did not?
•What if Egypt was fraudulently introduced in the Bible as the theater of the Israelite stories?
•What if the homeland of Judaism and the early Israelites is not Palestine?
•What if ancient Egypt never knew any so called Pharaohs?

•What if Abraham, Joseph and Moses never set foot in Egypt nor even dreamed about it?
What if the whole story of the Exodus from Egypt was a fake story, and what if we could prove that it is?

(Bolding mine)

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Dr. Masaru Emoto #fundie

The Hidden Messages in Water Paperback – September 20, 2005

In this New York Times bestseller, internationally renowned Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto shows how the influence of our thoughts, words and feelings on molecules of water can positively impact the earth and our personal health.

This book has the potential to profoundly transform your world view. Using high-speed photography, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. He found that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts, forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. The implications of this research create a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health.

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Steven Dotson #conspiracy

"narrow-mindedness", "bigotry" "toeing the line". Buzz words of a left-wing bigot who does not even realize he has been thoroughly brainwashed by the forces of Global Ruin. Goethe once said a people are never so enslaved as when they falsely believe themselves free. He would know. He lived at the time of horrid Revolution of 1789. Ron, you are living proof of the validity of his assertion: the leftist line is going over just fine with people such as yourself.

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Eli R. Msthison #fundie

[Product description for the ebook "The Ultimate Christian Guide to Stop Touching Yourself"]

We are born sinners. Masturbation is a sin.This are facts...
Having said that, we must remember that we are not alone, we have our faith in Christ and his compassion and mercy. This book is not meant to chastise or scold, but to help light the way and lend a hand to the Christian men and women on their journey to Heaven. This humble guide attempts to provide a hand to the Christian men and women who are tired of sinning and offending God in the same, puerile way, over and over again. Do you dare to take a look at yourself? Do not be afraid. Dive into this pages and get ready to get closer to God!

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Wikileaker #conspiracy

For those who rely on the corporate news media that further the war aims of the New World Order, this book will open your eyes!

Long story short: the Russian czars resisted the NWO crime families for centuries until they succeeded installing their jewish/Bolshevik puppets and formed the USSR. The NWO was counting on the mantle passing on to Trotsky whenever Lenin exited, but instead got a rude surprise when Stalin took over. Comrade Joe wouldn't play ball -- the USSR was his personal kingdom and he wasn't taking orders. So the NWO made sure the Versailles treaty imposed such harsh terms on Germany that a second "War to End Wars" was inevitable (and to rub salt into Germany's wounds, recall that they NEVER surrendered! The Armistice was merely a ceasefire). And it didn't hurt the NWO's aims that the misery of the Great Depression (caused by their -- the "Fed's" contraction of the global money supply) set the stage for another Great War. Then they set up Hitler as Stalin's natural enemy/rival (along with their corporate servants like GM, IBM, Ford, Coca-Cola, etc.), and, as planned, they duked it out BUT Stalin came out on top. Foiled again! But the Cold War was just too lucrative a prospect for the NWO to pass up, so it was East versus West for the following 50 years. (proof positive this was the case was Eisenhower's failure to end the Cold War when Stalin gave up the ghost and Khruschev softened the USSR's stance against the West. This was a golden opportunity for world progress but the evil Dulles brothers (NWO again) wouldn't permit it).

Then in 1989 down came the Wall and two years later the USSR followed. The NWO sent in their jackals, imposed their "shock therapy" that sundered Russian society, then they got Boris Y. to give away state assets (property of the Russian people) to the bootlicking oligarchs. The NWO were well on their way to taking over the country when along comes Putin. Threw out the western "advisors" and jailed or marginalized the oligarchs. Putin returned Russia to the Russians. THAT is the reason Putin is now Hitler Reincarnated according to the corrupt western NWO-owned corporate-managed news media.

Buy this book, read it, and think on it. King fleshes out this story with greater detail using historical FACT. He also tells the truth about what actually happened in Georgia, Ukraine, and Crimea. If you're one of the sheeple who consume broadcast news media (aka the NWO propaganda machine) this book will turn around your worldview in the right direction. Share it with any of your friends who care a damn about what's REALLY happening in the world!

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Cyberzyme #conspiracy

History is always written by the victor and in the case of our history the victors of WW1 and WW2 both were the elite bankers as the world was lied to as to the true reason for the wars. Hitler was not the bad person they made him out to be he was made bad by the banker elites and the politicians who were in bed with the bankers. They backed him into a corner with no way out even after he tried to solve the war diplomatically they wanted him dead and the German people crushed for trying to break away from the bankers vise like grip over the country and the people.

No leader of any country has ever done so much in so little of time for the people of their country. This can only happen if the people were behind that leader 100%. These are facts that can be seen by anyone and can not be denied, all one has to do a little research. It is also true that such a leader would have to love his people also evident by what he did to get them out of poverty and into prosperity. For those who would deny such things I say you did no research and are closed minded. It is easier to do nothing then something, it is easier to destroy then create. What one Nation created in just five years it took many nations seven years to destroy. This says volumes about how much Hitler and the German people did and how hard they worked and fought to keep what they accomplished only to go down in defeat all because the true Monsters of the World had an agenda to destroy so they could control the World and that agenda is still in play today. They continue destroying Nations so they can rebuild them to fit a model to suit them and not the general population.

I see as usual some people are making this out to be about Jews and Germans and that was not the case. Cherry picking facts to fit a model of anti Jew point of view is the common current accepted theme behind WW2 but that is just not true. The truth is it was about Banker Elites and ruling class people who wanted Power and control for the purpose of social and economic engineering an agenda of mad men the true monsters of History as it will one day be known. It is a fact that the top bankers of the time as well as in our current time are the ones who are writing history demonizing Germans as monsters as a way of distracting people away from the truth that it was a War of economics, power and control not Jews and Germans. It is also a fact that over 100 times more people of died and suffered from these mad men War mongering control freaks over the last 125 years then in WW2 and there were way more non Jews killed then Jews proof of cherry picking facts to fit a model. This is a great read and should be read by everyone. For those who say no facts are presented you did not see the forest through the trees.

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Gary and Mary Parker / various reviewers #fundie

Product Description

Fossils have fascinated humans for centuries. From the smallest diatoms to the largest dinosaurs, finding a fossil is an exciting and rewarding experience. But where did they come from, and how long have they been around? These and many other questions are answered in this remarkable book.

The Fossil Book will teach you about:

•The origin of fossils
•How to start your own fossil Collection
•What kinds of fossils can be commonly found
•The age of fossils
How scientists find and preserve fossils
•How to identify kinds of fossils
•How the flood affected fossil formation
•The Geologic Column Diagram
•The difference between evolutionists’ and creationists’ views on fossils
•The “four Cs” biblical creation
•The different kinds of rocks fossils are found in coal and oil formation

Learning about fossils, their origins, and how to collect them can be both fun and educational. The abundance of both marine and land fossils and the locations they are found in is a fascinating subject for students of all ages and has been studied by scientists and laypersons alike for many years. Learn what all the excitement is about!

About the Author

After starting his 30-year college teaching career as a non-Christian evolutionist, Dr. Gary Parker became a zerlous creationist, eventually serving as professor of biology at the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, lecturing worldwide for both ICR and Answers in Genesis, writing five science textbooks and seven creation books (translated into over ten languages), and appearing in numerous films, videos, and television programs. Dr. Parker and his wife, Mary, also run family camps, workshops, and credit courses through the Creation Adventures Museum near their home in Arcadia, Florida.

Customer Reviews

Mr. Tz:

A nice big hardcover book on Fossils from a creation world view.
It's nice to be able to learn and study about fossils without all the lies and rhetoric of millions of years.
Shown from a biblical perspective this book shows many great scientific evidences for a world wide flood.
The creation model is by far the best explanation for what we see in our world!
I love these books and have learned a lot, but my son also loves reading them with me.
Large ages, full color, smooth and glossy.

Lloyd Jones:

Excellent information and pictures on the wonder of God's creation and what science is learning.

Eyes wide open:

Great series of books for teaching kids about creation, instead of the horrible evolution lie.

Mary L. Warner:

The material was factual. The pictures are fabulous.
I shared it with my youth scouting club members.
I would highly recommend it to everyone who is searching for the truth about fossils.


This is a great book for kids to understand the fossil's that are found.
A great Christian perspective, should buy for children.


Great information and photos. For an amateur paleontologist I was intrigued and challenged to understand the fossil discoveries that exist on this planet. Loved it and plan to buy some more books to further investigate findings in northern Alaska and Siberia. May keep this book as a wish list of places to visit and explore around the world later in life.

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Faustus Crow #fundie

This book investigates the source of the famous split-fingered Vulcan salute in relation to ancient 'Shamanistic' practices of 'Inner Space' exploration. As for the term Occult, which is derived from the Latin Occultus, meaning mystery, life is a mystery betwixt and between the extremes of birth and death; it is this mystery that the Cabbalists explored, which led to an understanding that life is animated by an inner 'Fire.' This intuitive insight into the animating principle of life led to the now iconic hand sign of the Vulcan, which Leonard Nimoy, as Spock, introduced into Gene Roddenberry's creation of Star Trek. This inner Vulcan Fire is known of by numerous other cultures across the globe, whose ancient Shamans deeply explored its mystery, whom were aware that the inner Fire has a female source, which the Cabbalists call the Shekhinah. It is this female source of an inner Fire whom illuminates your dreams; the ancient Greek's experienced her as an inspiring Muse, a Buddhist to that of a Tantric would see her as a Dakini of a Genie, others may even call her a Succubus, Shamans to know her as an illuminating Spirit Wife. This book is fully illustrated.

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Goddess Eve #fundie

Not channeled! Not witchcraft! Not occult! However, missing scriptures I connect with ascension. I probably should write my own ascension book LOL. Big problem though! Justin talks about science and space. What!? The earth is flat! We live in a dome! Earth pics are fake! LOL. Seriously, I don't see why Christians believe in aliens or space. There's 75 verses implying this, it's on u tube. :) I say aliens are demons. Anyways author has great attitude, loving, excited tone. Yep, he in 5D. God bless!

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Brenda R Johnson #fundie

I was asked to read this book in joining an existing book club that had already been meeting for over 5 years. I did not join earlier as I am not a fast reader so what I spend my time reading is precious and I give the first fruits of my time to reading The Most Precious Book of All. This book is far-fetched with so much of the Corridor's strange actions explained away by the author's imagination that it just plain troubled me. References to "blood red," "bright lights," "scrolls," "an intelligence," and overall "death but being alive after-the-fact" goes against my faith in Jesus Christ. Please don't waste your time and certainly don't waste your children's time by offering this book to them. Give them a book which has a true biblical message that also enhances their vocabulary as well as their perspective on who the true "intelligence" is, Jesus Christ.

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Scott Greer, Daily Caller, Diana West, Mike Cernovich #fundie

[Description of the book No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination]

Something's wrong on college campuses. Most of us are dimly aware of that. In this bracing and sometimes horrifying book, Scott Greer pulls off the bandage to reveal the suppurating wound beneath. Higher education is rotting in this country. After reading Greer's account, you'll think twice before sending your children off to school. --Tucker Carlson, co-founder and editor in chief of Daily Caller

Scott Greer treads a surefooted and perceptive path through the post-modern-day American college campus, where the meritocratic ideal of higher education is no more, having been forcibly replaced by a fearsome caste system that elevates all races over Caucasian and all genders over male. Must-reading on how it is that the con of victimhood becomes a source of downright dictatorial powers that threaten our democratic institutions. --Diana West, columnist and author of The Death of the Grown-Up

Scott Greer is one of America's most talented up and coming journalists. In No Campus for White Men, Greer exposes you to issues the mainstream media will not cover, and in fact active covers up. If you want to understand what is really going on today on college campuses or in America generally, read this book! --Mike Cernovich, writer and author of The Gorilla Mindset
Product Description
No Campus for White Men shines a bright light on the growing obsession with diversity, victimization and identity politics on today's college campuses, and shows how it is creating an intensely hostile and fearful atmosphere that can only lead, ultimately, to ever greater polarization in American society.

Across the country, ugly campus protests over speakers with dissenting viewpoints, as well as a preoccupation with micro-aggressions, "trigger warnings," "safe spaces," and brand-new "gender identities," make it obvious that something has gone terribly wrong with higher education. For years, colleges have pursued policies favoring students based not on their merit, but on their race, gender, and sexual orientation. The disturbingly negative effects of this culture are now impossible to deny.

Scott Greer s investigative work links such seemingly unrelated trends as "rape culture" hysteria and Black Lives Matter to an overall campus mindset intent on elevating and celebrating leftist-designated "protected classes" above everyone else while intimidating, censoring, and punishing those who disagree with this perversely un-American agenda.

In No Campus for White Men, Greer broadens the usual media focus well beyond coverage of demonstrations by easily offended college students, to spotlight the darker forces at work behind the scenes that are feeding higher education s metastasizing crisis and how all this results in sustained animosity, first and foremost, toward white men. Greer also documents how this starkly totalitarian culture is not isolated to higher education, but is rather a result of trends already operating in society. Thus, he shows, today's campus madness may eventually dominate much more of America if it is not addressed and reversed soon.

About the Author
Scott Greer is an editor and columnist at The Daily Caller. His work has appeared on the Drudge Report, RealClearPolitics, Fox Nation, Breitbart and numerous other media outlets.

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Vox Day #fundie

[Description of the book "SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police]

Social Justice Warriors have plagued mankind for more than 150 years, but only in the last 30 years has their ideology become dominant in the West. Having invaded one institution of the cultural high ground after another, from corporations and churches to video games and government, there is nowhere that remains entirely free of their intolerant thought and speech policing. Because the SJW agenda of diversity, tolerance, inclusiveness, and equality flies in the face of both science and observable reality, SJWs relentlessly work to prevent normal people from thinking or speaking in any manner that will violate their ever-mutating Narrative. They police science, philosophy, technology, and even history in order to maintain the pretense that their agenda remains inevitable in a modern world that contradicts it on a daily basis. The book is named after the First Law of SJW: SJWs always lie. SJWS ALWAYS LIE is a useful guide to understanding, anticipating, and surviving SJW attacks from the perspective of a man who has not only survived, but thrived, after experiencing multiple attempts by Social Justice Warriors to disqualify, discredit, and disemploy him in the same manner they have successfully attacked Nobel Laureates, technology CEOs, broadcasters, sports commentators, school principals, and policemen. It analyzes well-known SJW attacks as well as the two most successful examples of resistance to the SJW Narrative, #GamerGate and Sad Puppies. Written by Vox Day, Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil and three-time Hugo nominee who is described as the most hated man in science fiction by Black Gate and The Wall Street Journal, SJWS ALWAYS LIE is a powerful weapon in the cultural war against the thought police.

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Tonyk #fundie

This book fell out of my hook up's purse... She told me she has very low self esteem and is a Hillary Clinton supporter and likes the book.. I saw all this as a green light to try and have consensual B&D sex with her, and scored! Afterwards, she made me a tall stack of pancakes with bacon wearing just an apron and a smile, and then right after I finished my plate, I told her to get her crap together and wait outside for her Uber to take her home. While she was outside, I saw her through my window marching/pacing back and forth in the rain and snow and thought she might be an ROTC student and so was afraid for my life, so I called 911 on her.

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Eliyzabeth Yanne Strong-Anderson #fundie


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vashine #conspiracy

actually, God says quite often that he HATES the wicked, aka those people engaged in wicked activity.

So, "attack the abuse and not the people" is hogwash, not Christian. You can attack the people, you should, for they carry water for satan. But offer them the Gospel as well.

This is a trash comment. What this and Jones are apparently saying is that sinners with a past can't ever, ever, ever be leaders? Ok, let's take that at apply it to the saints, how about St. Augustine, a man who spent years in the wickedness of sexual sin and perversion, and pride and vanity. And yet, would Jones say that Augustine had not place in taking up a leading role in the Church or writing theological treatises?

This comment is full of tells that he has an axe to grind with Voris. Maybe because Voris preaches a manful Faith, and that scares and anger the Church of Nice and its homosexual cabal, which Voris vehemently attacks because he knows, first hand, of its evil and its intentions to totally corrupt the Church.

Just read the comment, so much of it is disjointed and random, much like the preaching of Church of Nice people, just throwing out hackneyed bromides and sentimental platitudes, a flood of them, as if they all amount to some grand indictment of Voris. They amount to nothing. This commenter says NOTHING specific about why an repentant sinner, a professional journalist, is somehow disqualified from ever being a journalist again or leading a Catholic media organization.

Here's what's obvious: its because Voris leads a truly Catholic, orthodox Catholic media organization and this person, and so many others, HATE Voris for it, because he's exposing them for the sentimental frauds, the lightweights, the diabolical deceivers that they are. Nasty this one.

(Pay attention when he mentions the cabal of Nice.)

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vashine #racist

Awesome book. I gave it to my mother and she has finally begun to see the light with regards to mass non-white immigration and its deleterious effects on our nation and culture. She's talking about buying six or seven copies for friends. The facts, statistics, and arguments presented in the book are rock solid and help destroy the myth of American being a "melting pot" where we can all just get along, regardless of race or creed. American was never, ever conceived that way, our founders never intended non-whites to be a part of our nation, and they were well aware that mass migration would threaten our freedoms, because other people from other cultures did not (and still do not) understand Liberty, what it means, and what it takes to create and sustain a truly liberal, just society.

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Ben West #fundie

It's too bad that Darwin didn't know that Adam lived for some 10 Billion years BEFORE the first life appeared on Planet Earth. Maybe all this iditoic speculation that Humans evolved from Apes, could have been avoided.

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Doctor #fundie

Responding to, "No moisture in the atmosphere? No free water on earth, for instance in rivers, oceans, lakes?"

No raindrops until after the flood, which, BTW, the Bible states.

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jacki #fundie

(3 star review of Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly made by a verified purchaser)

if only I can pass first level it seems such fun game if only I could!? urg..or maybe I have I forgot seems I didn't though..kind of not entirely g rated either talking of sorcery or weird stuff a bit hope kids don't get corrupted into thinking false religion is should be encouraged to be Christian so all this wordly crap won't ruin them oh well its sad some things are made for kids..although its very grated and fun otherwise, but evil is subtle isn't it?!

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Ben West #fundie

Christians are God's children. We are two steps highter than any other living creature and one step higher than Angels. Teaching children that we are the SAME as the creatures we are destined to rule is NOT teaching the Truth. Thats WHY I call godless evolution the biggest Satanic Lie ever told in the history of Human civilization.

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Doctor #fundie

Plenty of evidence of giants, from long ago

First reported in the 4 May 1912 issue of the New York Times the 18 skeletons found by the Peterson brothers on Lake Lawn Farm in southwest Wisconsin exhibited several strange and freakish features.

Their heights ranged between 7.6ft and 10 feet and their skulls "presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America to-day." They tend to have a double row of teeth, 6 fingers, 6 toes and like humans came in differant races. The teeth in the front of the jaw are regular molars. Heads usually found are elongated believed due to longer than normal life span.

A US Supreme Court ruling has forced the Smithsonian institution to release classified papers dating from the early 1900's that proves the organization was involved in a major historical cover up of evidence showing giants human remains in the tens of thousands had been uncovered all across America and were ordered to be destroyed by high level administrators to protect the mainstream chronology of human evolution at the time.

The allegations stemming from the American Institution of Alternative Archeology (AIAA) that the Smithsonian Institution had destroyed thousands of giant human remains during the early 1900's was not taken lightly by the Smithsonian who responded by suing the organization for defamation and trying to damage the reputation of the 168-year old institution.

During the court case, new elements were brought to light as several Smithsonian whistle blowers admitted to the existence of documents that allegedly proved the destruction of tens of thousands of human skeletons reaching between 6 feet and 12 feet in height, a reality mainstream archeology can not admit to for different reasons, claims AIAA spokesman, James Churward.

«There has been a major cover up by western archaeological institutions since the early 1900's to make us believe that America was first colonized by Asian peoples migrating through the Bering Strait 15,000 years ago, when in fact, there are hundreds of thousands of burial mounds all over America which the Natives claim were there a long time before them, and that show traces of a highly developed civilization, complex use of metal alloys and where giant human skeleton remains are frequently found but still go unreported in the media and news outlets» he explains.

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Richard Kepler #fundie


I'd like to report a direct contrast in the results of prayer in Jesus name for a certain type of miracle, physical object alteration (like water changed into wine) between Japan and Germany. In Japan, it was much easier to receive answers to such prayers.

I have had miracles of a more common type, the form of disease healing, occur in Japan, too. But I have no comparison in terms of a contrast in the results of such prayers made in Germany to compare Japan against.

Repeated, simple, short (minute or less), repeated prayer in Jesus' name could become the basis of a new wave or re-establishment of Christian revival and evangelism for the nation of Japan.

I've had case experiences in both places making requests for healing in prayer and dramatically receiving them. Simply put, it resembled most the Bible form of Elijah's prayer for rain. However, this is a distinctive form and type of prayer. I would call it even a novel type in the Bible.

First of all, the process was not short in total, but simple and direct in the manner of each prayer; it was a simple prayer of adoration or affirmation of faith in the efficacy/power of God, coupled with a request in Jesus name. It was also rather quiet, intense, and repeated in the form of continuous (back-to-back) prayers. That's HOW I prayed in both cases.

Prayers in faith trust Him to supply ALL things as needed. These simple, repeated prayers for specific things are supported or backed by a general practice of making daily prayers about all kinds of things and needs to the Lord.

Elijah made repeated meaningful, targeted prayers with the addition of a check or test conducted after each one as his deliberate form or approach to his prayer request. His modus operandi was to pray repeatedly UNTIL God answers with at least a minimal physical sign and check after each prayer. (1 Kings 18-19). After the sign is seen, then go praise. We ought to at least try his model. It was used at least once in the Old Testament, but likely it was at least one of Elijah's very typical manners of prayer. A lot of the details and reasoning are only implied, but Elijah had dramatic success in answered prayers we deem to be uncommon - miracles.

The model I am referring to was used by Elijah in the country-wide re-establishment of the physical cycle of distilled water creation, cloud formation and precipitation of rain for a whole country by Elijah and his servant, though initially just overhead. He had a target and persisted; enduring even sarcastic downplay/ridicule from his cloud-checking servant while during it. Still, he spoke from faith that God answers prayer mightily after the smallest sign or hint of it.

I was immersed in baptism most likely using the formulae of "in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, which is Jesus Christ" as an applied form of Matthew 28:19 and Acts 2:38. Both were added to the formulae used by Paul in Acts 19. The Apostle Paul said the form of baptism made a difference as to whether a person received the baptism of the Holy Spirit or not. I think it made a difference when my mother in her youth baptized a frail woman whose body was riddled with cancer in Jesus name. The woman was immediately healed when immersed using the baptismal formulae that simply called on the name of Lord Jesus. Paul demonstrated it to work here along with the laying on of his hands in prayer. My contrast here also used the laying on of hands at each prayer in Jesus name. My mother's baptizing of this woman was a simple demonstration of its efficacy, too. My mother also used importune (long) prayer in a field when praying for bus money to go and preach one of her scheduled revivals; while praying, she saw a twenty and five-dollar bill in the distance whirl up into the air in the field. It was a wonderful and very helpful surprise!

In late 1973, I was typing out a monthly newsletter for a church in Germany. In the middle of typing out the text, the IBM Selectric I was using stopped whirling. It stopped working. Turning the power switch on and off did nothing. No movement in the machine. It was not even humming anymore.

I needed to finish the typing. I had a deadline. So I prayed briefly in Jesus name. I turned the switch on then and nothing happened. I prayed again. Nothing changed. Prayed again. Nothing happened. But because Elijah didn't give up and altered the physical elements around him, I kept trying. After the 13th time of prayer to God while calling at the end on the name of Jesus, I flipped the power switch on again. The ball began to whirl around, the motor ran noisily, and the whole machine hummed as normal. No attempt at repair had been done. I didn't try to fix it; only pray and turn the power switch on and off.

Recently, our Sony BRAVIA TV went out while watching a program. It was the middle of May, 2016. My wife got out the operation manual and we found the troubleshooting section. We followed every troubleshooting step it said. Nothing repaired it. Nothing it said to check and do worked.

Then I remembered the IBM Selectric incident in 1973. I decided to pray for the TV until it was healed. Each time after the quiet though audible prayer, I checked to see whether the TV had come back to life. This power switch was different. It was only a small button. But after the fifth prayer made calling on the name of Jesus, then checking with the power button if operation had been restored after it, the TV worked. Full operation had been restored. It took 13 prayers back-to-back in Germany; 5 prayers in a row in Japan to `heal' different kinds of machines. Miracles done in Jesus' name are easier to obtain in Japan than in Germany. Maybe the angel of the Lord is able to get down to Japan and bring the answer quicker (Daniel 10:12-13).

I think that we tend to not pray for broken or needed physical objects, though Jesus and prophets of the Old Testament did. Maybe we don't even use the practice of repeated prayers because Jesus warned against using the vain repetition of prayers (Matthew 6:7). But he was referring to a very specific, commonly known practice performed by a particular group of people. I don't think praying with expectancy is vain prayer. And Elijah used repeated prayers for the same thing at one sitting. Paul prayed three times for the removal of a "thorn" or aggravation in the flesh; probably an understatement for a physical affliction. Maybe it was cataracts, for instance. But after the third prayer, the Lord told Paul to cease in his requesting, adding: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Life is both precious and precarious. But the Lord promised in the Gospels that our needs will be supplied. I believe when we pray with expectancy in Jesus name and are daily submitted and obedient to Him, we will indeed receive miracles, the dynamics of which are much left unseen, or else we will hear directly from Him why not whenever we have or feel a need.

You might have to pray seventy times seven. But by the 491st prayer, you will either receive an answer or miracle from God. What's that? About eight hours in minute-long prayer followed by a quick check. 491? How so? You won't be required to forgive the angel bringing the answer down from God more than that. Jesus said to forgive only up to seventy times seven ...
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Ben West #fundie

NO, but I lack the belief that magical mutations and mindless Nature can change animal thinking into Human reasoning. Tell us HOW Adam's superior intelligence, which is like God's Gen 3:22 got inside an Ape, Apeman.

Answer: It didn't. Noah's grandsons, having NO other Humans (descendants of Adam) to marry, married and produced today's Humans with the prehistoric people who had been on Planet Earth for Millions of years BEFORE the Ark arrived. Read Gen 10:10 and notice that Cush, Noah's grandson, produced Nimrod and the ONLY woman available to have the child, was a prehistoric woman.

The SAME thing happened on Adam's Earth since Cain married a prehistoric woman and had Enoch. Gen 6:4 Amen?

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Ben West #fundie

Don't you find it strange since this Lake is the SAME Lake in which the 450 ft. Ark arrived on our Earth? Perhaps you don't understand the story of the Flood. As Adam's solid firmament filled with water and sank in Lake Van 11k years ago, it released the Ark from the Flat Earth of Adam into Lake Van, Turkey, in the mountains of Ararat. Here is what is interesting:

Adam's Earth (Heb-ground) was "clean dissolved" in the Flood. Isa 24:19 BUT what happened to the SOLID Hollow firmament which protected Adam's Earth from the water into which the firmament was placed? Gen 1:6-8How thick were the walls of the firmament? Thick enough to preserve Adam's world for Billions years.

Perhaps the shape of the firmament caused the sediment to build up in a strange pattern over the past 11k years. The Lake is more than 20 miles wide where the Spirals exist. Adam's firmament was one big container (Biosphere) and this gives us an idea of just how big his world actually was. Amen?

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Vance Bicknell #fundie

(A review of James Earl Jones reads the Bible)

James Earl Jones should stick with Darth Vader

I was excited to get this CD set, since I know James Earl Jones has a great set of pipes, and I have listened so much to Alexander Scourby's reading of the Bible that I was ready for a new reading. I was disappointed the first time I listened. Jones does not use inflection while he reads; the result is that the words sound lifeless. As a Christian believer, that abhors me.

But more than his lifeless reading, I am apalled at Jones' changing of the text. He is reading the King James Version, but he changes the words at will. For example, the text will read "Christ Jesus" and Jones will read "Jesus Christ." I counted 21 errors in his reading of the Book of Ephesians alone. If you believe, as I do, in the divine inspiration of the Word of God, you will not be able to stand how Jones imposes his own changes to the text without any textual or scriptural justification. Jones should stick with Darth Vader.

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Angel #fundie

>>"Bible fact? Is that like dehydrated water?"<<

***Angel says: No, Jesus is the antithesis of dehydration.

A condensation is the removal of water; however, Jesus will bring a spring of water to all those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Something lacking in the world of today and the primary reason Christians are eagerly awaiting Jesus' return.

In truth the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Son align scientifically with Einstein's theory, E = mc^2

Einstein - One formula, three states.

Trinity, one Godhead, three separate and distinct entities. Each one interchangeable into the other.

Therefore, one scientific theory (E = mc^2) = one Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

What is important to note in both cases that relate science to religion is ONE = THREE.


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David Perlmutter M.D. #conspiracy

A #1 New York Times bestseller--the devastating truth about the effects of wheat, sugar, and carbs on the brain, with a 4-week plan to achieve optimum health.

Renowned neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, blows the lid off a topic that's been buried in medical literature for far too long: carbs are destroying your brain. And not just unhealthy carbs, but even healthy ones like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, and much more. Dr. Perlmutter explains what happens when the brain encounters common ingredients in your daily bread and fruit bowls, why your brain thrives on fat and cholesterol, and how you can spur the growth of new brain cells at any age. He offers an in-depth look at how we can take control of our "smart genes" through specific dietary choices and lifestyle habits, demonstrating how to remedy our most feared maladies without drugs. With a revolutionary 4-week plan, GRAIN BRAIN teaches us how we can reprogram our genetic destiny for the better.

GRAIN BRAIN is a #1 New York Times bestseller and a finalist for a 2013 Books for a Better Life award.

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Lee Hieb #fundie

[Reviews are gold]

Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through the Disaster of Obamacare

Government health care has never in the history of the world, anywhere, delivered the same quality of medical care as has the free market. As we have lost the battle for competitive health care, today we are traveling along the path to a centrally controlled Soviet-style system that means doctor shortages, limited availability of procedures, scarcity of specialized drugs, long wait times, and an overall increased cost for a decreased quality of our healthcare. Over half of the surgeons who cover emergency rooms are over fifty years old. Many are retiring early; many are dramatically reducing their patient load. And the new regulations required by Obamacare are only making this much worse. You need to be medically prepared.

Surviving the Medical Meltdown is a guide to preparing you and your household to prevent and deal with a multitude of medical issues. It explains how we got in this situation, tells how to plan ahead when doctors and insurance aren't there to help, offers the latest medical breakthroughs so you can best maintain good health, and provides a home care handbook full of health tips for everything from rashes and fevers to fractures and chest pain. It will help you prepare for a future where immediate access to the modern medical care of today is simply not available.

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John MacArthur #fundie


Centuries ago, English translators perpetrated a fraud in the New Testament, and it’s been purposely hidden and covered up ever since. Your own Bible is probably included in the cover-up!

In this book, John MacArthur unveils the essential and clarifying revelation that may be keeping you from a fulfilling—and correct—relationship with God. It’s powerful. It’s controversial. And with new eyes you’ll see the riches of your salvation in a radically new way.

What does it mean to be a Christian the way Jesus defined it? MacArthur says it all boils down to one word:


“We have been bought with a price. We belong to Christ. We are His own possession.”


"Dr. John MacArthur is never afraid to tell the truth and in this book he does just that. The Christian's great privilege is to be the slave of Christ. Dr. MacArthur makes it clear that this is one of the Bible's most succinct ways of describing our discipleship. This is a powerful exposition of Scripture, a convincing corrective to shallow Christianity, a masterful work of pastoral encouragement...a devotional classic." ?Dr. R. Albert Mohler, President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"John MacArthur expertly and lucidly explains that Jesus frees us from bondage into a royal slavery that we might be His possession. Those who would be His children must, paradoxically, be willing to be His slaves." ?Dr. R.C. Sproul

"Dr. John MacArthur's teaching on 'slavery' resonates in the deepest recesses of my 'inner-man.' As an African-American pastor, I have been there. That is why the thought of someone writing about slavery as being a 'God-send' was the most ludicrous, unconscionable thing that I could have ever imagined...until I read this book. Now I see that becoming a slave is a biblical command, completely redefining the idea of freedom in Christ. I don't want to simply be a 'follower' or even just a 'servant'...but a 'slave'." ?The Rev. Dr. Dallas H. Wilson, Jr., Vicar, St. John's Episcopal Chapel, Charleston, SC

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Timmy #fundie

There are many parallels with the Weimar Republic & Nazi Germany and contemporary US gun control schemes to limit civilian possession of weapons.
Marxist politicians are well ahead of the knowledge curve when it comes to gun control schemes, and the US certainly has its healthy share of left-leaning politicians that are focused on fundamentally changing the country.
History has proven many times over in order to create the all-powerful state, and empower leadership that is not restrained by a constitution, it is imperative for the state to control who has weapons. Control is accomplished in baby steps over time. An allied press is an important component.
Illinois still suffers from gun control laws originally pushed by Al Capone when Capone ruled Chicago.
Al had the guns (the Chicago police force). His rivals could not legally have weapons.
I find a frightening similarity between Benghazi & Kristallnacht. A well planned attack used to cover the real motive.
There are many similarities in the modern Democrat party and National Socialists party.

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Capiche™ #fundie

yes, your godless -without evidence- atheist- thinking is absurd

we have already established that

you have failed to produce any evidence

I will continue living Eternally with my God...with knowledge of who He is....

and your atheism just puts you one day closer to death and judgment....

it's just amazing to lose a soul...without ANY evidence

that is hard hearted....daddy issues?

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Laurence Levine #fundie

LWL: Capital Punishment, guns and warfare protect people and show reverence for life. I am talking about defensive wars and having a strong military so that our enemies are afraid of us.

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A Customer #fundie

This book came into my life after a year of being harassed by evil. I was NOT into the occult, but moved into a house previously owned by those that were. I did not know Jesus Christ at the time, nor did I fully believe in the Holy Bible. Our Lord sent a friend into my life to tell me about the awesome power Jesus has over Satan and his demons. She bought me a bible and I began reading it. They attacked me ten times worse! I was terrified. (Satan uses fear to keep you from the truth) Later, my friend handed me Rebecca Brown's book. I sat and cried as I read it. She wrote many many things I was living EVERYDAY! These people that call it fiction, I pray you will never be attacked as I was.....because you will change your attitude. The Lord used this experience not only to show me I was "wrong" in my beliefs, but also to train me how to be a warrior for Christ. Rebecca's attacks during her book were due to training experience, and if you read them all, you will see that she learned well from the Lord. Some comments state she made up things as she went along, and some in the craft state she has it all wrong. The way some occultists practice are different from others. Satan uses a method that will work for you. There are no two people alike. Those that oppose this the most I have to question why? Has she hit on something that woke you up to the truth? Some are saying that the werewolves she talked about are false. How do you know that? I've read many other books by ex-occultists that said werewolves are used for extreme discipline. After what I experienced myself with evil spirits, I will NOT say that Rebecca Brown's book is a fraud. The truth is always attacked by those that are against it. Take the Holy Bible for instance. I used to "attack" it myself....because I was ignorant of the truth and didn't care to find out at that time. The Lord made sure I found out, and let me tell you folks.......Jesus is LORD. Those of you reading this that are in the occult....ask yourself why Jesus is the only one hated by you? Why isn't Mohammed, Buddha, or Krishna hated? Why is Jesus mocked and called the deceiver in hard rock? No other name is mocked by those in the occult. Ironically......that is the very name that can save them from the life of fear. You know longer have to watch your back in fear of those in your own kingdom. The kingdom of Christ is peace, love, and joy. His burden is light, and He became a WILLING sacrifice for you. Do you know anyone else that would do that? I urge others to read Rebecca Brown's book. Through her experiences and the Lord leading her to write it.. ...I was set free from a previous curse that made me think I'd lost my mind. Now I've read hundreds of testimonies like mine. The church is waking up. It's about time.

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CAM #fundie

This man here, read his book, research who he is if you need to totally disagrees with your assertion. The Testimony of the Evangelists: The Gospels Examined by the Rules of Evidence A Harvard grad. a major law school named after him... You cannot put your eternal soul in jeopardy by weakly pushing off the evidence. Eternity is a duration of time which ceases. And you will sit there having lied to yourself and help damn others souls you are wrongly affecting. Think about this Rachel. Wake up and strength the things that remain. You have people in your life that you are responsible for under God to try and lead them to Him instead of what you are now doing.

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Robert B. Winn #fundie

Atheists worship nature. Everything they call science today is worship of nature. We could discuss relativity and the Galilean transformation equations if you want to. Atheists worship a false miracle called the length contraction

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Tim S #fundie

Not at all, but you miss the point. Something exists as soon as it can be conceived. If something does not exist, we would be unable to describe it. Therefore, atheist on this forum have asserted that God exists as an idea, but he has nothing to do with the universe, it's creations which includes man. That we are manifest from evolution. Is that right? Or do you want to add to this?

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Debbie Dish #racist

Take, for example, his writings on white hypocrites when it comes to racial integration. He writes, "But the most transparent hypocrisy [on the part of white liberals] pertains to racial integration and diversity, which white liberals claim are vitally important and sources of great national strength, but from which they assiduously shield and disengage themselves and their families. Indeed, on no other issue are fecklessness and dishonesty more evident than the myth of integration. *All* white liberals claim to believe in it, and *all* white liberals fail to practice it."

In other words, white liberal hypocrites say one thing and do another when it comes to racial realities, such as where to buy a home and where to send their children to school. Borzellieri points out that not one prominent white liberal has ever bought a home in a black neighborhood, despite their assurances that such a move would be a "strength." A strength for thee, but not for me, I guess.

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The Southerner #racist

"rather it is his failure to acquire the realization that there is only one human race on this planet and that it originates from Africa"

Then your points regarding diversity and nativity are non-arguments and baseless. If there is only one human race then particularities, that is, what we call "culture" or "race", are illusory and constitute an impingement on the one human race since the particularities only serve as divisions.

Yet, arguing for the "human race" is still racism precisely because it argues for one race over all others, "others" being the fact that different races, segments and sub-segments of those races have existed for centuries.

Now, the 'Humanism' you seem to argue for isn't exactly based on a Humanistic conception of humanity, in any philosophical or even anthropological sense. Instead, its extremer because it adheres purely to biologism since you claim that Africa is the one origin of this race, race being defined by biology. You are thus exposed to be, not only a "racist", but a biological one. This trick permits you to implicitly state that, though we are all biologically one race, all others are derivations of the Africa genome, and this permits you to imply that all differences amongst the race, however illusory, are nonetheless dependent on Africa because Africa is now the origin of the race's biology and thus atop the hierarchy that has been casually imposed.

In summa, your final statement that, "As such, all people are validated from their respective cultures", is absolutely nonsensical because by this point in your tirade you have committed three fatal contradictions. These occured, of course, because your rant is exactly what it occuses others of being and has absolutely no intellectual strength whatsoever, and thus no credibility, unless you consider brutishness credible. Yet, that is supposedly what you are opposing, right? Or do you simply oppose the existence of whites? Unconsciously, the latter is certainly the truth.

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goblueresurrection #fundie

The first one is all that's necessary to show atheism fails - empirical adequacy.

Its demonstrable by using IF , THEN statements.

IF atheism is true , THEN the universe is either eternal, or "nature" caused it to begin or it leaped into existence out of nothing uncaused.

Ok - let see if there is any evidence to support any of those scenarios:
1. the universe is external: False

A portion of the the evidence:

"Philosophically, the notion of a beginning of the present order of Nature is repugnant to me ... I should like to find a genuine loophole."
Arthur Eddington
"The End of the World: From the Standpoint of Mathematical Physics"
Nature, vol. 127 (1931) p. 450

-Arthur Eddington - "The beginning seems to present insuperable difficulties unless we agree to look on it as frankly supernatural."

-Stephen Hawking: "In real time.....the universe had a beginning."

-Steven Hawking: "It has been interesting to watch the change in the climate of opinion on singularities. When I was a graduate student, almost no one took singularities seriously. Now, as a result of the singularity theorems, nearly everyone believes that the universe began with a singularity. In the meantime, however, I have changed my mind: I still believe that the universe had a beginning, but that it was not a singularity."
Text of `Origin of the Universe' by S.W. Hawking
(Copyright 1988 Stephen W. Hawking. All rights reserved.)

-Dr Guillermo Gonzales: "Like Einstein, most astronomers of the early twentieth century, including the young Hubble, believed in a static and eternal universe. Even after Einstein conceded his error in the late 1920s, many scientists would not accept the implications of an expanding universe-namely, that it can into existence sometime in the finite past."
The Privileged Planet, Gonzales & Richards.

"The picture today is more complete and much richer. The cosmos began 13.7 billion years ago with the big bang." " In our journey back to the beginning of creation, cosmologists first travel through the well-established history of the universe back to the first microsecond; then to within 10-34 second of the beginning, ..."
Scientific American, Sep 2009

-Dr. Robert Jastrow-who until his recent death was the director of the Mount Wilson observatory once led by Edwin Hubble: "Now we see how the astronomical evidence leads to a biblical view of the origin of the world. The details differ, but the essential elements in the astronomical and biblical accounts of Genesis are the same: the chain of events leading to man commenced suddenly and sharply at a definite moment in time, in a flash of light and energy."

-Dr. Robert Jastrow- "Astronomers now find they have painted themselves into a corner because they have proven, by their own methods, that the world began abruptly in an act of creation to which you can trace the seeds of every star, every planet, every living thing in this cosmos and on the earth. And they have found that all this happened as a product of forces they cannot hope to discover. . . . That there are what I or anyone would call supernatural forces at work is now, I think, a scientifically proven fact."

- Einstein tried to avoid such a beginning by creating and holding onto his cosmological "fudge factor" in his equations until 1931, when Hubble's astronomical observations caused him to grudgingly accept "the necessity for a beginning."
A. Vibert Douglas
"Forty Minutes With Einstein"
Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Vol. 50 (1956), p. 100

"Many once believed that the universe had no beginning or end and was truly infinite. Through the inception of the Big Bang theory, however, no longer could the universe be considered infinite. The universe was forced to take on the properties of a finite phenomenon, possessing a history and a beginning." Chris
LaRocco and Blair Rothstein, University of Michigan

The present location and velocities of galaxies are a result of a primordial blast known as the BIG BANG. It marked: THE BEGINNING OF THE UNIVERSE! THE BEGINNING OF TIME!" Terry Herter, Cornell University

"That radiation is residual heat from the Big Bang, the event that sparked the beginning of the universe some 13 billion years ago." Craig Hogan, University of Washington

Ok - so an eternal universe is ruled out via evidence - that leaves atheism:
1. nature causing the universe to begin
2. an uncaused universe

Lets examine the remainin 2 options for atheism:
1. "nature did it" - what natural forces cause time, space and matter to leap into existence from nothing? There are none - so this option fails.

The last: an uncaused universe.
Preposterous scientifically and logically as this violates the Law of Causality.

So this leaves us a universe that began due to a cause;
1. The universe CANNOT be eternal or static because:

1. The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics: this says that matter cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes form. The universe contains a FINITE about of energy/matter. The universe still contains usable energy so therefore, the universe cannot be eternal because all the usable energy would have been used up by now.
2. The Cosmic Background Radiation: A static and eternal universe would not have the afterglow of its beginning.
3. Universal Expansion: The universe is still expanding. If the universe was static and eternal it would not be expanding. If it were eternal all the matter in the universe would be an infinite distance apart. Expansion requires a single point of origin in order to have a place to expand from.
4. The Cosmic Rebound Theory is false: Charles Bennet of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center;" The universe will expand forever. It will not turn back on itself and collapse in a great crunch." There is not enough matter in the universe to collapse it back again, therefore the universe had a beginning.
5. This assumes no energy would be lost in each successive crunch/bang.
6. There is no evidence for a Big Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang.
7. The Kalam Cosmological Argument:
a. An infinite number of days has no end.
b. But today is the end of history(history being a collection of all days)
c. Therefore there were not an infinite number of days before today.
d. Another way of saying this is one cannot add anything to infinity. But tomorrow we will add another day, so the number of days must be finite. Thus a finite number of days has a beginning.
Therefore I conclude that the universe had a beginning. An infinite anything within the material universe is theoretically possible, but not actually possible.
8. The Law of Causality: the universe is one big effect, an effect has to have a cause. This is the foundation of all science. If you reject this then you reject science itself and we cannot go any further.

The universe is finite, therefore it had a beginning. Relativity demands a beginning to space-time-matter and has been mathematically verified to 5 decimal places and confirmed by the above empirical evidence (which Relativity predicted such as expansion as well as others, such as parallax (which Relativity predicted also).

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CAM #fundie

One God manifested in 3 persons or beings if you prefer. Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Example. H2O - water, vapor ice - All 3 the same element. Different manifestations. If the most basic element can be 3 how much more the Triune God?

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Rover #fundie

The natural universe appeared from nothing.

Since the universe is all that naturally exists (matter, energy, forces, space and time) whatever the first case was must have been super-natural.

Since the universe hasn't always existed, the first cause couldnt have been in operation eternally but was the chosen action of a free agent.

Since the universe is massively large and full of unimaginable energy, the first cause must have been unimaginably powerful.

Since the universe is finely-tuned to support matter, energy, life, etc, the first cause must have been immensely intelligent.

Since the first cause created time, the first cause must itself exist in an eternal state.

So, the first cause (or Creator) of the universe was a super-natural, personal, Omnipotent, Omniscient and eternal Being. That's God.

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Rover #fundie

It's true there are no proofs outside of Math and logic, but the things I argue are based upon logic. And anyone who wants to debate the existence of God must first accept for the sake of argument that God could exist. It's a logical foul to pretend to join such a debate and then automatically claim victory because one cannot prove what is accepted for the sake of argument. The debate itself is logical reasoning over hypotheticals. So, one can prove that certain things are logically true about those hypotheticals without proving them to be absolutely true.

Also, it's illogical to assert that a Supreme Being couldn't possibly be loving and Omnipotent, without simultaneously accepting the hypothetical existence of said God. That's a tautology that goes something like this: 'Something is false because it cannot be true.'

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Robynn #fundie

I know a man who proudly practices witchcraft. I have known him since he was boy. He was diagnosed with bi-polar when he was just a young teen. I see a spirit that looks like a gargoyle super-impose itself on him minutes before he flips out. When he would flip out as a boy he would become overcome with a murdurous rage. He physically broke things and seriously hurt the other smaller children that he could lay his hands on. I know he tried to drown his younger cousin, i had to wrestle his cousin away from him. When the gargoyl spirit passed off of him his memory of the incident was completely different from the events. It appeared that he was lying because his memory did not match what every eye witness witnessed. As he grew up he literally has no memory of most of his childhood and zero memory of any of those murderous events because he isn't in his right mind when that spirit comes over him. The gargoyl spirit is in control.

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Robynn #fundie

Dowsing, pendulum, and even muscle testing for disease and allergens are all three using the same 'spirit' paranormal forces. Just because someone came up with the theory of ideomotor effect and proved their theory with tests designed to prove their theory, that dousing or that Ouija Board boards are not paranormal activity-- but idiomotor effect the theory does not really test what is truly happening or not happening at the time of the test in the spirit realm. It is a faulty test. It is certainly not the last word on the subject. If you have never experienced paranormal activity, or if you do not believe it is possible then it is going to take a lot to open your eyes. If a spirit is not wanting to show off to the tester, then the spirit may not perform to prove a test. The spirit may not want the publicity it may in fact want to bring about loss of respect fir the dowser. I have personally seen a pendulum in action and the most bizarre account I have is that of a sterling necklace with a light weight sterling cross sliding freely on the chain.. (Imagine a clock face, where are the numbers placed on the face of it?) When the necklace was held out-- dangling from the forefinger-- the cross, due to gravity, naturally hung down to 6pm (on the imaginary clock face) because of gravity the cross might jiggle and move a bit due to slight arm movements but it would still be hanging at 6pm. That is the only option in our natural world. But when something in the spiritual realm invisibly interacts with our world all kinds of strange things can happen at the whim of the spirit entity and that is something that the tests proving ideomotor can not disprove or prove because the test is not designed to test whimsical movements of a spirit entity. Back to the necklace, several questions were asked of the pendulum. It gave many answers both yes and no. always giving answers. Then while the person stumbled over their words to ask the 15th question, the pendulum lifted up just as if a person picked it up in anticipation of giving the final answer and rested mid air at 6:40.Until the question was finished. 6:40 IS IMPOSSIBLE in the natural realm. It was as if an unseeen (spirit) hand was waiting holding the pendulum. Ideomotor couldn't explain that away or what happened next. It was as if there were two entities both fighting to take control of the cross. It was back and forth between 6:49 and 5:10 as the spirits fought over which one of them would be allowed to answer. So the truth is that YOU can choose to ignore the paranormal but the REAL scientific evidence you are staking your claim on is indeed B-O-L-O-G-N-A.

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Robynn #fundie

What you are denying 'Ware no kuni' is the existence of the spirit realm. I am Christian, I know first hand that it is real. Both Good and Evil. I have seen evil spirits. I have cast a ghost out of a home, and I have seen healing miracles, I have also received healing miracles. I even watched a short man grow 5-6 inches before my eyes. He didn't move a muscle to straighten himself out or to stand taller. It certainly was not in hismindset that it was possible that he would be able to grow taller. If you speak to a practicing witch they will tell you first hand that the spiritual realm is real and that they manipulate it all the time. This Ideomotor theory was popular when I was a little girl. My father at first allowed this game in our house because he had been told that was all it was too. And for us younger kids that is all that it was. We pushed the pointer around to the yes and no portion we didn't know how to spell. But my older sister, who may have been 12-13 at the time, the pointer moved as she moved her fingers OFF the pointer. And to this day 50 years later she still talks about it. It creeped her and her girlfriend out and that experience is probably why my father removed that game from our house and forbid us to ever play it again at anyone's house.

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Peter Overton #fundie

[ Commenting on the book review of Why Evolution Is True, which he has never read. ]

Hey all you primed up brain washed lemmings! It is time to wake up and see what's really going on here! This is not conspiracy theories this is reality and you are being lied to. You are not some unique young mind that has matured into a beautiful scientific flower.
You are lied to, you have not had some incredible revelation through being told this, this is not the epitome of humanity.
Everything you think you know to be true is wht they want you tot think true.
You have been backed up into a corner you know nothing about and has some sweet scales pulled over your eyes.

It is time to decode your coded mind and beat out what has been beaten into you.

Evolution is a lie...

NOW WATCH and set yourself free.

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Angel #fundie

Dr Joseph Parker says:
"I'm afraid that is unscientific gibberish. But I do appreciate the attempt."

***Angel says: Thanks, but the attempt was for your enlightenment.

In actuality, it is perfect science. Further, this fact is clearly outlined in the first few chapters of Genesis.

It was (God the Father, force #1) and the (Holy Spirit, the Mother and light, force #2) that lit the world prior to the creation of the sun.

Genesis 1:1 God (the Father) created heaven and earth - Force #1
Genesis 1:2 And the Spirit of God..." Holy Spirit, the mother and light. Force #2

Genesis 1:3 God said, Let there be light and there was light.

Genesis 1:26 Let US make man in OUR image.

The image of God is the Godhead or family unit. :)

And it was the Holy Spirit, the mother who stated, "This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased" when Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist at the Jordan River. The dove was representative of the feminine aspect of God...the Holy Spirit or Ruach HaKodesh.

Now you're well informed on the relationship between science and creation. :)

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Angel #fundie

"And actually there are four forces. Gravitational, the strong nuclear force, the week nuclear force and electromagnetism. These forces account for everything seem in the universe. The rest is make-believe."

***Angel says: No argument on the physical forces, but you have not equated the force of the Godhead, using Einsteinian theory, E = mc^2. Below is my theory.

The Trinity
(Three separate or interchangeable entities under one Godhead)

where E = Energy (God the Father)
m = mass (Jesus Christ, the Son)
c = speed of light (Holy Spirit, the Mother)

and with movement E = mc^2 + K

K = Jesus Christ (the resurrected, Holy Ghost)

Therefore, the Godhead or Trinity, in actuality is a Tetragrammaton.

YHWH or Tetragrammaton

Y = Yahweh (God the Father)
H = Yahoshua -Jesus Christ (Son)
W = Holy Spirit (the Mother
H = Jesus Christ (Holy Ghost).

YAH (Yahweh) = YAH (Yahoshua)

Therefore, as Jesus of the New Testament, fulfilled the Old Testament, He aslo fulfilled the Tetragrammaton. :)

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T. Lau #racist

(NOTE: This guy is reacting to a (not exactly flattering) Birth of a Nation review)

As to the Black question, I will allow blacks and early european explorers to address the issue:
"Shocking Africa ++18"
[2:24-18:00 -- depicts black Africans in their native habitat as the early european explorers found them]

Slavery was rampant among African blacks themselves BEFORE the europeans ever arrived on the continent. It is unfortunate that europeans had the indecency to take advantage of the African situation, although the slave trade was also disproportionately Jewish .
["The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews"]

Then there's rap, hip-hop, pop -- which generally depicts sex, drinking, drugs, (hard) partying, and all manner of vulgar discrepancies, whether unabashed or subliminal.

As to your comment on "white supremacy", what white supremacy?

What? When? Where?

In the white countries themselves where the population is disproportionately white? What's wrong with white running their own government in a white country? (Just like asian countries are run asian officials! I sure as hell don't want blacks running my beloved homeland of Hong Kong!)

The KKK were vilgilantes in costumes to hide their identities. Nothing more. Nothing less. There's no need to distort who they were or what they did.

I am certain an asian version of the KKK would rise up in Hong Kong should a minority group such as blacks were to subvert the majority population of asians in politics.

To be fair, the British did treat many minorities in Asia unfairly, and usually that was because the British empire (and other Western countries) were/are controlled or manipulated in small but significant part by one entity, one religious tribe....Banned history books and the Bible confirm this.

Think for yourself, people!

P.S. Take a walk down Harlem, New York -- or Jamaica or Haiti (once a beautiful european colony), those are the conditions of the black communities today...

Let's say the black race IS EQUAL to the white or asian race, wouldn't it then make sense that black countries in general would not require the help of Western countries (white countries)? (ie. job opportunities.)

I am not talking about only Africa, I am talking about black countries in the Americas as well.

Why do blacks need to emigrate? (On a side note, I do not agree with the mass emigration of asians into white countries. Still, one can see that asian countries are much less degenerate and unruly when compared to black countries.)

Unfortunately, the good blacks in intermingling in white communities are only part of the very small minority of smart intelligent blacks in a vast pool of backwards and child-like dark-skinned fools. (I don't mean that as an offense. No, I mean this factually. Based on my own personal observations, that of others and blacks themselves.)

The black mentality is:

"If you're a black and smart and intelligent and clever and learned, you are NOT black. Therefore, you get the boot out of our community, See yah!"


Therefore, Birth of a Nation is very true (all the while frightening) in its message. Separation of the races is necessary to maintain peace and harmony.

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Janine #fundie

Although a bit out of date by now (It was written in the 80s), Michaelsen's Like Lambs To The Slaughter provides signposts for occult influences on children that every parent should be aware of. Contrary to some of the other reviews on this page, what Michaelsen points out is both true and alarming. One may call it paranoid to consider cartoons such as the Smurfs occultic in content, but when the Smurfs feature Gargamel standing in the middle of a pentagram calling down a curse in the name of Beelzebub-- others would call it discerning. If you can get this book, get it. Though out of date, it will be helpful to you as you raise your children. I hope Michaelsen updates her work soon.

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"Madam" #fundie

(A defense to a fellow Fundie "Frans" in an Amazaon review section of Drunk With Blood: God's killings in the Bible)

Actually, God didn't say that Adam would burn in hell for disobeying. He said he would eventually die from disobedience, and that is exactly what happened. God WARNED Him in order to spare humanity any suffering via their disobedience. Disobeying God is in essence, not following the owner's instruction manual, and making too many really big mistakes, resulting in the destruction of the thing in question (the creation, and people). By Adam's sin under the influence of an evil lying spirit, we all have been horribly impacted, ever since. Everything slid to hell, so to speak. Humankind continued to degenerate and the products were extreme evils of perversion and random violence, of every description. Life upon planet Earth had become nothing but a huge lot of criminality and suffering, for those subject to the evil beings. They had all but a very few, become totally tainted with the dna of fallen angel demons apparently, and the violence was intolerable. Just as today, there are torturers and criminals, serial killers, rapists, dna tampering, etc--- probably worse back in the day of destruction. Think about it, EVERYONE WAS DOING IT. THOSE perpetrators were the kind God had to wipe out, for instance, with Noah's flood.
And I don't think God actually gave humans free will. Where that came from, I'm not sure- but i could not find it in the Bible. He created us for Him, we are to do specific purposes of His. We're His creations to properly represent and move as His image. We're kinda like, God's little animated,living, feeling, miraculously made me-dolls. In the beginning, things were perfect- He provided everything for humans and life was beyond sweet. Like the rest of the Universe, things had to be in perfect harmony and synchronicity, etc- but disobedience ruined it. Things got way off kilter. Because God's enemy came and decided to screw it all up for us, to mess it up and get us to hate God. And it looks like you too, drank the koolaid.
Well, our Maker sent His Son to us to save us from the big wreckage the Enemy had created. God is the author of Love and all that is Good. He made this universe to work perfectly, and so if we are going to continue to mess it up and NEVER align with the rest of the universe within His perfect will, what is He to do? One badly corrupted person's malfunction can throw off the whole creation. This universe is perfectly timed to within one millionth of a second! Humans cannot be allowed to throw it off by their chaotic disobedience! ( Obedience to the REAL Creator Spirit is the most beautiful and good feeling thing.) but WHAT IF IT'S MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ALL OUT OF ORDER AND NOT CO-OPERATING with God's perfect Spirit, EVER?
Think what total destruction of the planet and universe that could cause if not put to a stop. Unfortunately, that means stopping them (i.e., death) for those nasty worthless slimes who are part of the super problem. He won't allow that. WHY SHOULD HE? The nasty business that has happened on Earth will be confined to Earth, it will not be allowed to ruin the entire universe. (the whole earth, and the universe, and all that is in them, all affect each other)!
But God is saving and redeeming every soul He can, which is the ones that accept His redemption from this disastrous disobedience problem, so that we can straighten up and go on in eternity in a paradise perfect existence in total Love. In perfect harmony and unity with the workings of the perfect Universe. PARADISE. But of course, AFTER getting rid of the evil factors which destroy all that is good. God does not destroy good , but God destroys that which is evil, so that the evil cannot destroy the good. TELL ME, WHEN YOU CLEAN YOUR HOUSE, IF IT'S A MESS, DON'T YOU ALSO THROW OUT THE GARBAGE? IF YOU NOTICE AN INFESTATION OF COCKROACHES, DON'T YOU EXTERMINATE THEM?

***Tip: don't be a cockroach to God. ***

This life is but a tiny blip on the timeline of eternity. Choose life eternal in paradise of love. Realize that it is all much bigger than your human mind.

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dutchlionfrans "Frans" #fundie

(A review to the book Drunk With Blood: God's killings in the Bible)

You judge from your limited observation. God's killings are actually acts of grace. If He had not killed all living creatures except Noah, the earth would have been hell, because of the hybrid- people - half fallen angel- half human being that satan had poluted and filled the earth with. KILLING THEM saved God's plan and the uncontaminated human race by one man: Noah. For only Noah was perfect in his generations - UNCONTAMINATED BY SATAN'S SEED!

And as Jesus foretold that the last days were going to be as the days of Noah - meaning: the human race would again be polluted - they are experimenting now with animal DNA in human bodies etc.

God had a choice: Either destroy the whole earth and everone, because satan had corrupted all living matter, including Noah and the animals God led to the Ark. Simply to start all over. He had done that once already: Because the earth was not made void when God created the heaven and the earth. NO IT BECAME VOID, when satan and 1/3 of the angels who followed the archangel Lucifer in his rebellion battled God's angels. The creation account from Genesis 1: 2c is actually a SECOND CREATION!

God - in His incredible grace did not want to kill the only perfect seed left (Gen. 6:9) - so He spared the earth and a sample of all animals for the sake of one man!

THIS IS GRACE! But you look at all the hybrid humans God killed. This killing does not make God cruel at all. But rather the very opposite of a cruel genocidal murdered. The bad guy was satan who contaminated all human seed.

The reason for satan doing this was the curse over him, the prophecy God had given Eve after sinning: "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." (Genesis 3:15)

Satan figured that the only way he could prevent this - his total destruction and defeat - from ever coming true was to prevent the developping of that seed! This is what he did by contaminated the human seed with his seed. God could never fulfill His plan of salvation, which this verse speaks of and is God's promise right after the all of men. That seed God promised in Genesis 3:15 is Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God!

So, you see God's grace in the absolute necessaity of killing all flesh with the exception of Noah!

As for the other killings by God, similar explanations can be given. God kills to redeem! God ALWAYS LOOKS AT THE BIGGER PICTURE, THE GREATER PURPOSE.

Satan murders out of hatred, as we were created in the image of God. Satan hates God and therefore satan hates us. He knows God loves us, so that murdering people is the way to hurt God.

I stand in awe of God, when I consider this! His infinite wisdom!

Knowing this, I consider all these accusations of people of God for His killings such folly. They have no idea. But they have such a big mouth...these created beings against their Maker!

In addition: God's grace is also visible in the fact that sin resulted in death! Sin brought death into the earth!

Death is an act of grace by God for if God had allowed men to live for ever, this earth would have been hell! It would have meant sin would have been perpetual.

Thank God all men die since sin came into the world by Adam and Eve.

God's plan from the beginning was to create men to be with Him for ever! But since men chose to disobey Him, and sin - go their own way, do their own thing - God had to make the penalty of sin: DEATH! For He can not allow sin to exist for ever!

This proves God's unlimited wisdom, and also His LOVE!

In the end death will be thrown into the Lake that Burns with Fire and Brimstone! (Rev. 21:8)

On top of this: He provided the sacrifice in His very own only begotten Son of God to die for us, paying the penalty for our sin, so by His resurrection from the dead, He overcame death and opened the way for us to be reconciled with God, to be forgiven and to be free from the penalty of sin, the second death (Rev. 21:8) and live with Him for ever, as He had intended from the beginning! All we have to do now I call upon Him, repent of our sins, our unbelief, our rejection of Him, our going our own way, and ask His forgiveness and that He makes us His child, lets us be born -again, and destroys the plan of satan with our lives and releases His plan for our lives, and teaches us to walk with Him, commune with Him - for He is not dead, but He is alive and wants to have fellowship with us. For ever! John 1:12,13; John 3. John 14:6. Acts 2:38; Acts 4:12. 2 Corinthians 5: 17; Galations 6:15; etc.

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MJO #fundie

I also found the location of Socrates' plagiarism from the New Testament:

1 Corinthians 1:25 "For God's foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God's weakness is stronger than human strength."

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Jamie James #fundie

Imagine a poultry farm owner replaces chicken with horses. Scientists excavating the site some time later find the chicken fossils older than horse fossils. Assuming that this is the only place where the fossils were found, the Evolutionists will conclude that horses evolved from chicken because that is the only possibility.

Let us look at a practical scenario: There isn't a convincing hypothesis, let alone evidence to support the claim that those primitive fishes, defied its animal instinct and left its safe home, water, and crawled into a hostile place, land. Evolutionists, ignoring the contradictions and lack of evidences, argue that animals evolved from fishes just because animal fossils appear later in time than fish fossils in the fossil record.

It is perplexing that some of the finest brains in human history spend their entire life trying to prove a theory which borders with non-sense. Isn't it makes more sense that there is a d(D)esign for every system?

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Sword7 #fundie

I recongized that I had similar experiences like Johanna Michaelsen since I was a small kid that fell into my involvement of occult when I practiced witchcraft. I experienced frequently visions, dreams, and hallunications. How greatly wrong I am! I finally accepted Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior and renounced my involvement of occult. I prayfully am looking a way to end the pyschic powers with Lord's guidance.
In 1997, When I ordered and read this book, the demons manifested and oppressed me! It lasted two seasons until I confessed every sins from birth to present in Jesus' name. Yes, that is so real. Be careful when read this book.
I strongly recommend this book as excellent education tools to everyone who was involved with occult and want to repent toward Lord Jesus Christ. Also, I strongly recommend that Dr. Rebecca Brown's books ("He Came To Set The Captives Free", "Prepare For War", "Becoming A Vessel of Honor", and "Unbroken Curses") for everyone

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Karen C #racist

It just boggles my mind to think that intelligent but misguided people can proffess so much concern about the endangerment of eagles in America, apes in Africa and tigers in India but seem totally blinded to the fact that one of the major races of mankind is now on the brink of extinction. Most Whites who speak out and as a result are called "racist" do not hate people of other races, they simply wish to be allowed to continue into the future as a distinct racial group. What in Heaven's name is wrong with grandparents wanting to have grandchildren who resemble them?

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luv great kids books #fundie

(A fundie reviews a documentary about flowers on Amazon.)

Wow! I'm only a few minutes into the film and I had to stop and give it a review! I am suprised no one has reviewed in the one star area the ridiculous evolutionary propaganda in this film. Not to mention the incongruity of calling mating in insects "love". (Isn't reproduction just a force pushing along the evolutionary process?)
Is it really possible that some plant, somewhere, a few million years ago randomly sprouted a flower (smart little plant!) and it was such a good idea that flowers started making it harder to get to their own pollen by lengthening their tubes to make the process of pollination even more efficient? And plants even gained enough smarts to seduce bees into a waxy tunnel of their flower, drop them into a sickening sticky substance, supply only a single escape route where the bee struggles as the pollen is deposited on their backs, grips the bee until the pollen glue has dried and then allows it to fly off and go deposit the pollen in another orchid. Why didn't those smart little bees say, "No way! I'll go find an easier way to get my orchid cologne! Or I'll find some lady bee that loves me for who I am and not what I smell like!"
Can it be possible that the ideas in this film are presented as fact? Can it be possible that the highly specialized process of pollination and codependence of the animals that live off the products of the flower was a random accident that developed over millions of years and made the world what it is today? Just look at the complex beauty, intricacies, functions, and dependencies of life. And the silly flower in this film thinks it developed these complexities all on its own. Prideful plant! Foolish flower!
Turn off the commentary and enjoy the beauty and wonder of God's creation!

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Richard D. Fuerle #racist

The importance of this book is that it explains that racism is rational. That is, by favoring people of one's own race, a person is increasing his fitness. This means that the anti-racists are trying to convince people to lower their fitness and eventually go extinct. In evolutionary terms, racism is adaptive and anti-racism is maladaptive. A further implication is that racists are in harmony with man's nature (indeed, the nature of all living things - to pass on the unique forms of one's genes), and that anti-racists, who go ballistic at any tinge of racism, are psychologically pathological.

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Bruce Eldine Morton #conspiracy

(Description of Bruce Eldine Morton's book "Two Human Species Exist: Their Hybrids Are Dylsexics, Homosexuals, Pedophiles, and Schizophrenics")

Two human species have long existed,unrecognized in front of our very eyes. They are Homo sapiens patripolaris and Homo sapiens matripolaris. Their reproductive differences remain unnoticed. Yet, because they are two different species, when they cross-breed, their hybrid offspring are cross-wired to produce Dyslexics, Homosexuals, Pedophiles, and Schizophrenics. This book contains published questionnaires that enable you to find your hemisity, your familial polarity, learn to which species you belong, and what type of "normal" or hybrid you are. Unrecognized, life-affecting differences in courtship and child rearing exist between the two species. This is the topic of Familial Polarity whose ancient existence and influence upon history you can confirm for yourself. Ignorance of familial polarity is a major source of multiple levels of global conflict.

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JustThinkAboutIt #fundie

This is simple. To believe in evolution without any supernatural power involved you have to believe in everything coming from nothing. And after you have been able to answer that first question which is impossible as EVERYTHING that is actually OBSERVED in this world is made from something. Then you have to ask after life came from nothingness from the matter that came from nothing how it survived a huge explosion making the universe. Not to mention that then randomly 80% or more of the world suddenly has an urge to believe in something they cant see or contact with (according to you that its not there). There should be no urge for that. There should be no wright and wrong. There should be no punishment. There should be no laws. There should be no fear of anything.

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A Customer #racist

I started out wanting to know what could possess and entire race of people to participate in the most atrocious (sp) crime against humanity -- the four hundred year african slave trade--- I found the answer in "Yurugu". As it turns out, it makes perfect sense how europeans could participate in the slave trade for that many years without "batting an eye". It's in their blood, it's in their hearts, it's in their minds; it's in their souls (even though they think "souls" don't exist). "Yurugu" for me has confirmed many of the discomforts I have experienced as a person of African descent in dealing with europeans. The part of the book that I thought was signficant is where Dr. Ani describes and discusses the "bi-polar" affects of european culture and thought. European's inability to view the whole and their interconnectedness with the whole of humanity and their spiritually accounts for the chaos we are experiencing in these times. She confirms for many of us what we have known for years. This work is very powerful! A must read for every African of the diaspora!

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J.C. Davidson #racist


The comment left by Old Anthropologist is a good reflection of academia today.Academia as well as the media is controlled by a particular race of people that is bent on the dis-empowerment,displacement and destruction of the White race,particularly the White male.One of the primary tools for this strategy is using Africans to lower the standards,dilute the gene pool and displace White workers.As race chaos increases,Old Anthropologists race has risen to positions of power throughout the United States and turned the country into a slave plantation and police state for Whites while having made it a play ground and welfare state for non-Whites at the expense of Whites.This tribe of Old Anthropologists was run out of over 100 European countries because of their behaviors and flooded into America,but not before they killed 60 million White Christian Russians during the Bolshevik Revolution.Once in America they immediately went for the jugular of their host country and have been purveyors of porn,gambling,syndicalism,usury,perversion of law and academia and truth,drugs and once in government have made America a warmonger nation.While White Americans were dying in unnecessary wars,Old Anthropologists race began taking over whole swaths of industry and today they own banking,Hollywood,TV,the music industry and so many other.This is why Industry has been moved overseas and the people who print our money got a 23 trillion dollar bail-out,forever chaining America to a debt owed to robber European privately owned cartel bankers known in America as The Federal Reserve System.Hopefully your White child is not being tutored into self hatred and disregard for his or her White heritage by this genetic "serpent".

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Richard D. Fuerle #racist

Hi, R.D. Fuerle here. I am not going to reply to all the criticisms of my book, some of which are for assertions I don't think I made, but I just wanted to clarify a few points. In Chapter 23, I try to make the case that man evolved from a Eurasian ape, not an African ape. The only connection between the human lineage and Africans is that very early Eurasian man migrated into Africa and interbreed with an African ape, producing hybrids. Subsequent migrations by more evolved Eurasians into Africa and interbreeding with the hybrids there brought more Eurasian alleles in to Africa. Several times I say that man never left Africa except as slaves.
As to sibling incest, I am not advocating it and find it repulsive, but the scientific case for it being genetically harmful in the absence of deleterious recessive alleles (DRAs) is weak or non-existent. The only reason this comes up is that those who advocate race mixing argue that it is genetically beneficial since it is far away from inbreeding, which they believe is inherently harmful.
By the way, I know there are errors in the book and I appreciate those who have brought them to my attention. I have corrected the ones I am aware of in the free internet version and will try to publish a corrected hard copy in a few years. RDF

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john thames "scholar1" #conspiracy

[Review of Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War by Walter Kennedy and Al Benson]

This by no means comprehensive survey of forgotten influences demonstrates that Communism came to America from the Jewish inspired revolutions of 1848 by way of the Republican Party. The revolutions of 1848 were heavily Jewish inspired in all countries. In France, Adolf Crimeux and Michael Godschau, the finance minister, were the leaders. In Bohemia, Rabbi Hirsch and the father of Louis Brandeis were the promoters. In Austria, Joseph Goldmark and Adolf Fischof led the revolution. Louis Kossuth's Hungarian revolution was top heavy with Jews demanding emancipation. On and on it went.

These German and principally Jewish Marxists fled to America where they became the founders and leaders of the Republican Party in 1855. The Jacobi brothers from Germany founded the first American Communist Party in New York about this time. August Biondi, a Hungarian-Jewish refugee, became the chief aide to general John C. Fremont in California.Carl Schurz, a refugee from the German 1848 revolution, became Republican Senator from Missouri. Many Civil War generals for the Union were 1848 refugees. The general Blinker, whose name became synonymous with pillaging, is one example. Anyone who reads this excellent volume will discover many further illustrations of Jewish Marxism fleeing 1848 Europe and becoming devoted servants of the American republic. Not an insubstantial number became American diplomats serving as envoys to such places as Japan. It almost inclines one to think that a certain international influence was at work.

At any rate, get the book and read it. It may not sell you the thesis of the Protocols of Zion but it will get you thinking.

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Scott #fundie

Dear Atheists: How do atoms obtain their fuel?

All atoms throughout the universe require power to maintain their action and motion and to maintain their consistency. This power is specific, regulated, and precisely measured. If everything in the universe came into existence by itself from nothing, then, according to humanist thinking, it only makes sense that all of this power continues to come from nothing...I don't think so.

Anything that exists requires some sort of power source to fuel its locomotion and existence. I've yet to see anything that doesn't get it's power from something else so it only makes sense that the incalculable power of the universe has to be provided by something or someone else. I think the notion that the massive power of the universe is somehow upheld by nothing requires an inordinate amount of blind faith. There is an old saying in Colossians 1:17 that says, "And he is before all things, and by him all things consist".

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Joe G #racist

[In response to a review of 'The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements' titled 'For fans of David Irving and David Duke']

Thanks for the typical Jew review. The author says things Jews don't like, so he's labeled a White Supremicist Anti Semite Hater Neo Nazi Who Wants to Kill Six Million Jews. I've noticed Jews have no problem slandering anyone or any group that dares cross them. It doesn't matter that this book is factual, it makes Jews look bad. Now that people are finding out the Holocaust Story is a bunch of BS, Jews are having a harder time intimidating people who reveal unflattering facts about them with the Anti Semite label. Here's a very Anti Semitic but factual website Jews don't like, "Holocaust Denial Videos".

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Joseff Amador #fundie

It is clear that God hated Esau. Paul uses this example to say that Esau was a vessel of wrath prepared for destruction. Salvation and damnation are both things that exist to glorify God. You must embrace the God of the Bible, not the God of comfortable emotions. (that's an idol) Don't view God with sticky, romantic sentimentality, or view him with our fallen emotions.

We must think rightly about God, and to do that we must believe what the Bible says about him, even if sometimes it's a bitter pill to swallow. How comfortable we are about God's attributes and actions does not determine whether or not something is true. The Bible does, regardless how we feel about it. This is why Paul tells us to renew our mind, and conform it to the word of God, rather than vice versa.

Finally, a poster above is correct. You cannot separate the sin from the sinner. It is impossible for God to love the sinner but hate the sin. Sin is not an external thing that only exists on the surface level of who is a sinner is, but it penetrates to the core and defines who the sinner is. God does not throw sin into hell, he throws sinners into hell. God does not view sin as a desperate thing from the sinner (unless that person is saved, of course).

Jonathan Edwards is 100% correct. In hell, God will abhor you. The Bible tells us that God Himself describes his wrath being poured out by saying he will crush you under his feet until your blood splatters and stains all of His clothes. (Isa 63:3) If you cannot worship this God, then you are not worshiping the One True God, the God of the bible, but an idol. A god of your own making, a god in your own image.

Don't throw away God's holiness, righteouss, and wrath and justice against sin for the sake of His love. You must embrace and accept both attributes, or else you have a half-god, a false god.

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Anne Young #fundie

I don't think that Atheist's say things that are stupid, but I would question the use of the Breath that God breathed into them as, well, not exactly brilliant. I promise that I am not hating on anyone, you were made beautifully and I'm not allowed to judge and I don't even want to, but can I ask a simple question? Have you ever been overwhelmed with Love? If you have, then hasn't God, who is love, overwhelmed you? If you Love God them. Love is God, and you are worthy of Love and I know, that you love someone with all your heart. Help the people that you have been helping and be honest like you have been and the difference that you make in the world will be...beautiful. If you love...

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Peter Overton #fundie

The fact you read so many books written by clever means you have to be right! I have spoken to many people about this who are far greater in aptitude than you are! Bacteria and disease are not Evolution. They are symbiotic and need us to survive that is not what you think. Disease is mutated cells!Mutated cells is not what we are.

Evolution is new information, adaptation not.

You have prived nothing, you have presented some weak arguments that suggest we came from a hairy creature.

That is right suggestion, suggestion is strong like the ancient astronaut theory.

Right so you know my life poorly formed or you assume? Assume I guess that seems to be what your good at. Go talk to your husband about E=mc2 and al that boring crap. I will enjoy life while I have it. I go on correct information.

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Angel #fundie

***Angel says: Those equations are for a particle at rest E = mc2

Yet, moving particles or all things that move have kinetic energy.

K = 1/2 mv² (K = kinetic energy, v = velocity m = mass).

KE= mc2 - m0c2

With that in mind for a moving particle or object, Einstein's formula becomes:

E = mc^2 + K

Further, Einstein did not believe in a personal God. Had he realized Jesus, the personal God, was in fact the savior and the Holy Spirit was the source of light in the creation, Einstein would have made the connection that the sacred name of YHWH, the Tetragrammaton was fulfilled by Jesus as well.

E = mc^2 + K

E = Energy (God) the Father
m =mass (Jesus Christ) the Son
c = speed of light (Holy Spirit) the Mother
K = Kinetic Energy (Holy Ghost) the resurrected Christ

Fullfilling the sacred name YHWH or Tetragrammaton

Y = God the Father
H = Jesus the Son
W = Holy Spirit the Mother
H = Holy Ghost, the resurrected Jesus

Perhaps this is why Einstein was unable to make the connection to the Tetragrammaton.

As well, the speed of light squared may in fact be the speed of the light that is referred to as "The Holy Spirit," who lit the world during the creation, prior to the formation of the sun.

The Holy Spirit may, in fact, be the speed of light squared.

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Angel #fundie

I've altered my view.

When you visit the beach for the purpose tanning in the sun, you allow the sun's rays to beam down on the front of your body, and before you burn too much, you turn 180 degrees and the process is repeated on the back of your body.

With that 2-step process in mind, the blood images on the shroud were deposited with radiation hitting the shroud during the resurrection process and that was responsible for the transfer of the blood image onto the cloth.

Jesus' body was emitting light during the resurrection. After the frontal image was produced by His blood, He turned once and the dorsal image was produced, in the same manner. Blood appeared on both sides of the cloth on the outermost fibrils, but did not seep through the entire cloth.

Or Jesus was using the light from the sun, as a source of radiant energy.

I find it would be difficult for, as an example, the sun's radiant light to hit both the front and back of the body of Jesus simultaneously, but Dr. Piczek stated His body was the source of emitted energy, and I, as well thought of this process initially (emission of light, not levitation).

Yet, since the stone was rolled away from the tomb and the soldiers who were on guard were basically unconscious, my feeling is Jesus harnessed the light of the sun to initiate the resurrection process.

Therefore, I propose a two-step reaction involving a levitation. If Jesus is able to levitate, as Dr. Piczek has proposed, He is able to turn once, as well.

The front of His body is subjected to a beam of light from the sun and the frontal image is transferred onto the shroud cloth.

At that point, Jesus turns once, slowly, and the back of his body is submitted to the beam of sunlight and the dorsal image appears on the back of the shroud cloth.

In this manner Jesus is controlling how much energy in the form of photons, as example, is hitting His body.

So, it would be equivalent to your turning over from front to back when you're in the process of receiving a sunburn in the tanning process. You alone control how much light your body is receiving.

In this manner, only the uppermost fibrils on both the back and front of the cloth would be colored with His blood.

And voilà, we have the image on the shroud. Yeah!

This would be what you would call magic, Rachel.

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Angel #fundie

[Can't you see how convoluted this explanation is? You're beginning with your conclusion and working backwards, which is the method used by a believer and not a scientist.]

I am stating my conclusion to you, and working backwards. When I thought of this process, I worked forward in a step-wise manner.

All pieces of the puzzle must be carefully examined if you are initially given a completed puzzle.

As an example, Einstein may have been working on Energy and he may have calculated the product of mc^2 first.

Knowing the product and knowing the weight of the matter he was working with, Einstein may have calculated backwards to find "what value" times that amount of matter would give him that amount of Energy.

Therefore, working backwards, Einstein may have played around with the equation until he found speed of light squared was the missing link.

Or Einstein may have known the speed of light, but that value did not work in his equation. Einstein, therefore, may have doubled the speed of light and that didn't work either, and as a result of a few failures, he may have ultimately squared the speed of light. Once Einstein squared the speed of light that solved his problem. Einstein easily could have worked backwards.

Having the value for the speed of light squared, Einstein then would have been able to show E = mc^2.

Yet, Einstein may have found his formula by working either forward or backward.

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Peter Overton #fundie

essentially tho you are saying we once a different species yes? You may have as much discussion as yuou wish. In the end there is no transition of one species to another.

There is one experiemt to prove evolution.

A peice of bateria has to be monitor for a few millenia. That little it has to change into a new vessel. If this can not be done then evolution can not be proved.
Adaptation is not evolution and adds no credit to the theory.

I have a good book I want you to read please.

It is here on Amazong called "Evolution is stupid"
please read this. You have to forget all your intelligence, humble yourself, then read this book and re-evaluate. There is nothing to understand with evolution, the facts that back it yes need understanding but these do not credit evolution.

I understand evolution very well! I have heard all the arguments and t all makes brilliant sense! My conclusion! Not possible, defies natural laws.

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Angel #fundie

Brian, you state you are comfortable stating "I don't know," and you really don't concerning the Almighty, yet if you do not believe in God, and that's your call, you lack peripheral vision, as well as logic.

You are probably unaware through a lack of observation that certain flowering plants bloom at certain times to feed the various animals. Some flower for the bird's consumption, some for the rabbit, some for the chipmunk and some for the squirrels. Man did not create this natural phenomenon...or have you noticed?

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Peter Overton #fundie

[The reviewer gives the book Why Evolution Is True one star]

I am reading through reviews on this and it seems much like many of the reviewers have been washed by the theory of evolution; Just like creationists get washed by religion. I have been thinking about evolution and how insulting and stupid it sounds. I was just talking to a man who told me we are related to a Salamander and a Titaalik. We are ancestor to a common Ape with Apes. Many of these analogies are made. The Evolutionists believe all this is fact and reality. They are so incredibly blinded by this idea written with in fossils. Common sense and reasoning has been completely abandoned. I am astounded by these Scientists. If you sit back and just look at what they say, trying to proof this Evolution exists; it is completely senseless. It resembles smart babble. It is mind numbing. It defies our intelligence. It eradicates ones ability to think for them self. It is so dumb buying this book would waste my money. I could buy and eat an egg, I think I will do that yes....


I have not read this book. I have watched the man do an interview on why Evolution is true. So I have seen him in the flesh. I saw his body language and his persona. He came across as hollow and snide. I had no choice I had to give a star. [Emphasis added]
I have not dismissed the author I have dismissed the concept of Evolution. It is unfortunate the Author has touched on that subject.

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Brad Watson #fundie

[There is simply too much from this post to quote all of it. Please see the full thing.]

The anti-GOD antichrists atheists on this forum are probably too blind to 'acts of GOD' to recognize GOD's intervention with me - His Christ - yesterday. Therefore, I ask for volunteers for a sci-religious experiment to prove GOD/nature and I - their Christ - can produce a natural disaster for your neighborhood. Are there any?

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Brad Watson, Miami #fundie

There are countless examples from history of proof that there is a GOD. I'll briefly give just one...

The War of 1812 continued into 1814. In August of that year, the British sailed up the Chesapeake and marched on Washington, DC. They met very little resistance as they entered the US Capitol. On August 24, the then unopposed British set fire to several Federal buildings including the White House! The next day, while the fires still raged, suddenly a hurricane passed over the Capitol and some claim to have even seen a tornado come down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the British! Not only was the White House fire and others put out by this great storm, the incredibly strong winds reportedly tossed British cannons into the air killing some soldiers and wounding others! When the storm was over, the British regulars and officers were so spooked by what had just happened, that they retreated - unopposed - to their ships and sailed off. (Google it.)

The path to hell is on my bookshelf

Rather interesting read too

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Etienne, William Bobbitt & brandon delozier #fundie

Etienne: Yes if witty words were responsible for creating an objective universe then Hitchens would be god. But witty words and subtle phraseology is simply a mechanism satan uses to deceive the unscientific [evolutionists], irrational and gullible amongst us. Or should I rather say the God haters around us who would rather live for self than God, those who would rather choose sin than to surrender!
Hitchens, Hawking, Dawkins and the other 150 reviewers understands nothing about the nature of philosophy or reality. And how can this Christian make such a bold or objectively true statement? Because the atheist has no final authority in the universe concerning all matters of faith and practice, He can only borrow presuppositions from the Christian worldview to make his own irrational and satanic worldview seem more plausible. Thus every atheist is a thief as well.
Has any atheist refuted Dr Craigs moral argument for the existence of God. Dr William Lane Craig makes a spectacle out of atheism and atheists. Every atheist is also deep down inside a believer in God; he merely suppresses that objective fact in unrighteousness as God states in His Word, the King James Bible.
Presently every atheist is portable only because he can use the legs God gave him, he can only reason because God has given him a mind to reason with, but things will drastically change in the next life! There, in absolute blackness, he will be stationary, suffering the wrath of God for all of eternity. What a deal. And who said atheism doesn't have something positive to offer its religious followers!

William: Good luck when you stand before the God our father!
Your non belief however nicely spoken is wrong, wasted education. I believe you have already had your time before our God. I am sorry for those who do not believe !

brandon: Go to church. God is watching you. Buying this book is a direct path to Hell. Don't waste your time or money. Test the scientific evidence, pray to God and you will be saved.

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Doctor Michael J Olivieri #fundie

MaryAnn H. says:
Yes, there is a woman (unless she has already died) waiting in a hospital to die with her unborn, badly malformed fetus who can not have a legal abortion. The doctors all concur that the fetus can not survive but they are prohibited from aborting it to save her life. So all these fine religious folks will stand around proclaiming "god's will" and watch her die.
They said the same thing about Helen Keller who has enriched the lives of so many--ever hear of her? Nah. You probably emigrated from Nazi Europe & thought she was euthenasized. Also, that lady can take a short ambulance ride to another meat market where they'll make dog food out of the baby.

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goblue #fundie

Please present the evidence that inorganic molecules chemically evolved into DNA - oh and include evidence of where the information within DNA came from and what journal article you have that demonstrates evidentially how "nature" does the selection and sequencing entropy word to get from base pairs to DNA with the information intact.

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Amar #fundie

Precisely. Every one of our quotodian existence comes with its angst. Any belief or disbelief should address the ways and means of doing that. Theism, however flawed, does it. Atheism is a big ZERO in this.

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Gaylen #fundie

Intelligent design isn't a Science.

Oh really. So it is not important to find out what spirits are? It is not important to understand what life really is? It is not important to find out who created DNA? Things that can't be explained should not be researched?

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Anthony L. #fundie

Everyone is NOT an atheist. There is only one, true God. All others are fake, delusions. Not believing in something that does not exist is not atheism.

I am the LORD your God, and I only shalt thou serve.

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Brad Watson, Miami #fundie

YHWH(64=Y25+H8+W23+H8) / the Grand Architect of the Universe (G.A.O.T.U.[64]) uses the elegant(64) mathematical model of GOD=7_4 or FOD=6_4 to planit.

The PlanEt Nestor is our 'next-door neighbors'. Humans have a nest or colony there. Google: Planet Nestor and 'coincidentally', some guy named Nestor has started a comic book called that!


Non-coincidental synchronic reaction: 5/21/13 16:25 "Miller 64, Miller 64!" ad, "It's not just a number, it represents a man..." - ad, "careful though, that kind of power can go to your head" - Progressive ad on ESPN 2

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Gaylen #fundie

Evolution is a theory for which the criteria is an impossibility. The discovery of DNA has proven it wrong. You are living in the past.

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crbrown #fundie

What I see here is simply an overly used anger driven "list" of reasons that are supposed to make followers of Christ feel like fools for believing what they believe. And if they feel foolish, or as the author's say many times "stupid", then they will end their foolish system of belief.

If that were the case, Christianity would end as he says. Unfortunately, he is missing one vital point, Christians do not just believe in an idea, or even a collection of ideas. They believe in a personal God, one that they communicate with. And yes, to make the foolishness even more foolish, He talks back to them! Debating the legitimacy of the idea with people who already "know" God will fall on deaf ears. True Christians do not "choose" Christianity out of a list of viable options based on how logical it is, but realize that God has chosen all. The very basis of faith in Christ is based on the understanding that man's logic is already flawed. Unlike what the author thinks, most Christians are very aware of 1 Corinthians 2:12-14:

Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may know the things freely given to us by God, which things we also speak, not in words taught by human wisdom, but in those taught by the Spirit, combining spiritual thoughts with spiritual words.
But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.

If there is anything that upsets an atheist, it is this understanding. You cannot argue or reason against it. A list of "logical" reasons will not move a true Christian away from His faith. The only thing that will move a Christian away from His faith is if Gods (Spirit) no longer speaks to his heart in the depths of his soul. Those that are convinced of these arguments and moved away from their faith do not know God personally and have placed their faith in the "ideas" of Christianity, not in Christ, so they are easily drawn away by "natural reasoning".

The authors also fail to realize that conversion comes when God speaks to the heart first, then a "change of heart" occurs, and everything radically becomes different. Christianity no longer looks foolish, but becomes their very own salvation. Hence 1 Corinthians 1:18:

[ The Wisdom of God ] For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

Nice try, but not dead yet...

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James Arjuna #fundie

Evodelusionism is the religion of atheists, sex addicts, murderers, Monsanto, big pharma, socialists, communists, liberals, whores, and perverts...basically all those who are destroying all life on earth like evolution.

You think you are a scientist, but you are just the spokesperson for the most disgusting religion that has ever plagued humanity.

There are three absolutes in the DNA RNA process that cannot be overcome by evolution. Therefore evolution is a myth.

1/ RNA cannot make DNA without DNA to produce the original coding. They are simultaneously needed to produce eukaryotic life. There is no physical evidence of any RNA only creature making DNA.

2/ It is impossible for the human immune system to evolve when the pathogens that destroy digest human cells already existed before the first "human" cell.
It is impossible for any of the original life forms to exist based on this. The creatures needed to be built having an integrated immune system to deal with all pathogens and even radiation from sunlight that causes cancer cells that need to be destroyed.
Cancer is an immune deficiency disease.
Here is a video of how cancer cells are supposed to be destroyed by the immune system.

3/ DNA only shows genetic degradation and nothing else. Science does not operate differently in the past than now. Science has no magic in it.

Every year 30.4 million people die from Evodelusionism and immorality.

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Rober O adair #fundie

From a Christian perspective, logical thinking is intrinsically connected to the ultimate reality of God and His nature. Thus in a profound sense "The real is rational and the rational is real." This also explains why Classical Humanists were able to reason from the facts of nature to the existence of God as in Aristotle's Cosmological argument, which is irrefutable. The work of the Holy Spirit is still necessary to effect salvation by changing the hearts of unbelievers, but there is a great deal that fallen man can understand if he wants to. The Classical Humanists seriously wanted to know the truth and learned a great deal, evolutionists are are, for the most part, foaming at the mouth fanatics incapable of rational thinking as witnessed by the fact that there are no logical arguments for evolution, it's all blind faith.

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Daniel J. Haggerty #fundie

(a review of a book that claimed Christianity invented Freedom and Science that is so filled with errors its laughable)

The first paragraph alone is worth the price of this book. The paragraph clearly states the question that every educated person must frequently ask himself, but avoids discussing in public, i.e., why did other societies not advance as did the West? I have never seen an adequate treatment of this question.

Recently "Guns, Germs and Steel" by Jared Diamond claimed that geographic determinism is the dominant factor controlling cultural development. While one of the most interesting and entertaining books I have read in years, GG&S fails to convince, most notably in the case of China, the progress of which Diamond says was severly attenuated due to "Beaureaucratic" reasons. This is an insuffiecient answer. As Stark would say, the question needs to be asked, why did the beaureaucracy do this?

(As I have always wondered, why did the Chinese invent gunpowder, but not develop guns or cannon?, paper but not the printing press, books and a system of libraries?)

If readers can set aside our culturally sanctioned prejudices against Christianity and especially Catholicism, and approach the book with an open mind, they will be immediately captivated as I was from the first few sentences. Truly one of the most illuminating and rewarding books I have ever read.

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Saint and sinner #fundie

The above atheist is obviously quite ignorant about the difference between vicious circularity and simply being consistent. Both are circular reasoning. However as Van Til pointed out, only the Theist's worldview (in the classical sense which would include Divine Revelation) a) does not self-destruct (internally inconsistent with itself), b) is not destructive of epistemology (it destroys the possibility of knowledge), or c) is not arbitrary (based on the universalizing of a particular experience or speculative metaphysics).

Atheism usually fails (a) when it is in the non-nihilist form since universal and immutable ethical laws are only possible with a omnipresent, omnipotent, and immutable Being who can reward or punish all men according to their deeds. (Indeed, all non-Theistic worldviews fail this test.)

Atheism fails (b) since it places the origin of man's cognitive faculties in an impersonal, non-teleological, stochastic process of neo-Darwinian evolution which means that man's faculties are survival oriented and not necessarily truth oriented. In fact, the degree to which they are truth oriented is probably zero or inscrutable at best. This would undermine or destroy the possibility of warranted true belief. (Indeed, all non-Theistic worldviews fail this test since they place the origin of mind in a non-teleological, impersonal universe.)

Atheism fails (c) since one cannot logically derive a universal from a particular experience, and one has no epistemic warrant for believing in a universal based on philosophical speculation. In order to have epistemic warrant to believe in a certain universal, one must possess complete knowledge of the universe and how all particulars of the universe relate to each other. For this to be the case, one must be omniscient OR have this universal revealed to him by an omniscient Being. This necessitates propositional Divine Revelation. (Of course, all non-Theistic worldviews fail this test since they lack propositional Divine Revelation.)

Thus, the greatest proof that God exists is that without Him, everything would be absurd.