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A man is a wonderful thing. All that power, all that energy, all that intelligence. A man’s sexual instincts allows him to reproduce for the survival of his bloodline. Paired with an equally wonderful woman, wonderful offspring are produced.

But paired to a contraceptive woman and agreeing to her demands of contraception, he his demoted to a lowly snake slithering on the ground begging for sex. Phoooey. A man begging for sex is pathetic. Agreeing to contraceptive sex is pathetic. The contraceptive woman today is the most common type of woman. This is why society is dysfunctional. And this is no accident. Contraception is ingrained in today’s children, in the feminist manifestos, in marriage seminars. Some men get into marriage thinking it is open access to beautiful sex, instead submit to chains of contraception that enable a facade called monogamy.

There are many good men out there. Family oriented, family serving men. Most confronted with demands of contraception from women who demand monogamy. A few months later the contraceptive sexual activity gets old, stale and downright not worth it. It is not so different from aversion to sexual activity induced by infertility problems.
A man agreeing to contraception is not a man. He is a slave to his woman. He is a slave to his sexual desires. The 21st century are feminist times. Men have been castrated by contraception. Contraception is the core of the feminist religion.

Men can break the feminist stranglehold by swearing off all forms of contraception with his women. If she wants contraception, then let her be. Never beg. Never be enslaved. There are better women.


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