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Atheists believe in no god. It relies on scientific findings and analysis of those findings. They do not believe in faith, the bible, the Qur’an, the torah, the rig-Veda, or any other holy scripture. Since they do not believe in this, they rely on other's scientific research to tell them how the universe started or what happens when they die.

Atheism has major flaws; I will only outline three in this short but brief blog post.

The First Flaw

In my opinion, atheism already contradicts itself for not believing in faith. They believe that science does not rely on faith. Completely wrong...Science does rely on faith. A scientific inquiry or theory that has been developed must be accepted by others. They must have FAITH in that theory so they can BELIEVE it is true. Example, for hundreds of years scientists declared that damage to the spinal cord is irreversible...FALSE! The spinal cord does regenerate, but at a much slower pace than any other part in the body.

The Second Flaw

Atheists claim to be "free thinkers" when evidently they're not. They prescribe to scientific theories that have been developed by humans. This clearly does defeat the purpose of free thinking because in effect they only are listening to one source (science in this case). Me as a Christian I look at one source the bible, but I take it as a whole and find the deeper meaning to the words. Not just like "So the chicken came before the egg gotcha" (atheist perspective) vs. "So Why did the chicken come first" (Christian/religious perspective).

The Third Flaw

How will you prove using the scientific method does produce truth? Because it's "scientific"? Because science said so? Again, the question "By what authority does science have by proclaiming to be the truth than religion"?

The statement "The results of the scientific method should be followed" is unscientific because it is a value statement that does not get its authority from anywhere but itself.

"We should use the scientific method." Why should we? "It proves itself." How does it prove itself? "It uses the scientific method."

Atheist Statement: "The scientific method is true because it works and because it is axiomatic (self-evident)."

Christian answer: Sounds a lot like faith to me. Who decides what is axiomatic? Does the scientific method decide it? That makes it circular if it does. If not, then it is not scientific itself.

Atheism serves no goal in one's life except Surviving. This goal is one that not even I can comprehend for if your only goal would be for surviving the truly you should look deeper into what life truly means


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