Mr. Oragahn #fundie

Claiming that Transwomen only want seductive feminine power:

We often hear about men going women more than the other way round, and generally, there's a phantasm about the sexual power of feminine curves that expresses itself. In general, trannies really seem to dress up in a way as to exhibit their rearranged plastic. They don't seem to aim for a true casual style of dressing. That's, at least, from the impression I get for everything I've seen and heard about them. There is not even a form of discretion. It has to show off, somehow.

How is that an improvement of our societies, I really can't tell. Sometimes it's borderline madness.
I'll notice that this transsexual culture/debate/phenomenon has never appeared as strong as when feminism was really shoved down the throats of all women and men.


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