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Quote# 102547

(These are just the worst bits, but the whole article is hilariously uninformed and extreme.)

I have contended for years that the First Amendment, as given by the Founders, provides religious liberty protections for Christianity only. Most attorney types, befuddled by years of untethered Supreme Court activism, think it covers any and all religions you can name...The First Amendment applies only to Congress, as its very first word makes plain. The states were allowed to regulate religious expression any way they chose. Since it’s never been amended, the First Amendment means today what it meant then, which means that if a state government wants to recognize Satanism or Islam, it can. If it doesn’t want to, it doesn’t have to.

Bryan Fischer, American Family Association  39 Comments [8/8/2014 3:08:38 AM]
Fundie Index: 25
Submitted By: PhillipaFry

Quote# 102222

Obama politicizes deaths of AIDS researchers on Malaysian plane. We know how to stop AIDS: persuade men not to have sex with men.

Bryan Fischer, Twitter 39 Comments [7/22/2014 3:25:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 23

Quote# 102080

What we learn from the Bible is that borders are God’s idea, and that such borders are to be respected. They are not to be crossed without permission. -

Our southern border is there by God’s design. To disregard it, to treat it as if were not there, to regard it as something not worth respecting and defending, is an insult to the God who put it there for our benefit.

Bryan Fischer, Right Wing Watch 47 Comments [7/14/2014 3:13:13 AM]
Fundie Index: 31

Quote# 101728

On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer called on anti-gay activists to "reclaim the word discrimination" because discrimination against gays, he repeatedly asserted, is a good thing.

"Discrimination, when it comes to sexual behavior," Fischer proclaimed," is not bad, it is good, and it is necessary. The alternative is utter social chaos. So [it's] time, ladies and gentlemen, to reclaim the discrimination word when it comes to sexual matters. It's not bad; it's good. It's a virtue and it's necessary"

Bryan Fischer, Right Wing Watch 26 Comments [6/27/2014 3:14:52 AM]
Fundie Index: 12
Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda

Quote# 101729

Anti-discrimination statutes trade one kind of discrimination (against sexual deviancy) for another (against Christianity).

Bryan Fischer, Twitter 17 Comments [6/26/2014 4:57:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 15
Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda

Quote# 100414

Fischer Wants Victim's Family To 'Pull The Lever' During Executions Because That Is What The Bible Says

Bryan Fischer continues his campaign to turn the United States of America into a fundamentalist Christian theocracy, declaring on his radio broadcast today that the oldest male relative of a murder victim ought to be allowed to "pull the lever" when the killer is executed because that is what the Bible dictates.

Reading from Joshua 20, which allowed those who inadvertently kill someone to flee to a city of refuge where they would be protected from "the avenger of blood," Fischer asserted that the phrase was understood to mean that the oldest male relative of the victim had the legal right to avenge the blood of their relative.

To Fischer, this demonstrates that God wants the immediate family of victims to be involved in meting out justice and so our legal system should be changed so that if, for instance, someone were to be executed by firing squad, the oldest male relative of the victim would give the order to fire.

"Or if it is the electric chair," Fischer continued, "the law would give to the oldest male in the family the right pull the lever ... so that the family participates, they have the sense of satisfaction that the death of their loved one has been avenged."

"I know that will sound radical to some of you," he admitted, "but it makes perfectly good sense to me"

Bryan Fischer, Right Wing Watch 41 Comments [4/8/2014 2:54:31 AM]
Fundie Index: 15
Submitted By: Night Jaguar

Quote# 99408

This is black genocide. Let me put it bluntly. If you are for the legalization of homosexuality, you are for the acceptability of homosexuality, you are for the normalization of homosexuality, you do not care about black males. You have no compassion in your black heart for black males because they're being decimated by HIV/AIDS. So why am I opposed to the normalization of homosexual behavior? Because I love black males. I want black males to live long, prosperous, healthy, disease-free lives

Bryan Fischer, Joe. My. God. 54 Comments [2/16/2014 5:13:57 AM]
Fundie Index: 46
Submitted By: Aspergus

Quote# 98389

Here is where the definition of the word religion becomes absolutely critical. If by ‘religion’ the founders meant Christianity, then you can ban a monument to Satan, because that is not Christianity. But if by ‘religion’ you mean anything, any system of belief, whether it’s Christian or not, then you have no way, you have no way to tell the Satanists, ‘You can’t have your monument.

Bryan Fischer, Patheos 45 Comments [12/22/2013 4:25:55 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Nemo

Quote# 98198

Warning: This post contains graphic language.

Yesterday, Bryan Fischer brought Joseph Sciambra onto Focal Point to discuss Sciambra’s new book, Swallowed By Satan, which is a tale of his journey out of homosexuality, neo-Nazism, and Satan worship. Like other ex-gay activists, Sciambra offers harrowing accounts of early sexual trauma, drug abuse and risky sexual behaviors, including public sex and flashing men.

While Sciambra says he identified as gay, he also claims he was obsessed with female pornography (describing it as a “succubus”) and regularly frequented female sex workers and brothels. Sciambra explains that he began to sleep with men because “women did not have the physical strength for the type of abuse I needed,” and as a result he fell into Satan’s digestive tract until “my continued presence in his bowel became an irritant [and] I was passed out”:

"Satan swallowed me whole. I would spend a decade in his gut. Miraculously, a protective layer prevented my full destruction in the digestive tract of the devil. When my continued presence in his bowel became an irritant, I was passed out onto the street. To be stepped upon and washed away into the gutter."

Much of the book is dedicated to graphic accounts of Sciambra having brutal sex with other men; he claims that he hears different voices, which he seems to think are demonic spirits, that tell him to engage in activities such as sadomasochism and pornography. He even writes about having sex with demonic figures.

In one story, he goes to a club to get “gang-banged” and during sex “conceives” a demon in his anus. After sex, the demon “gushed from my body” in his discharge and “would grow and pitilessly hover about me. Sometimes, it spoke.”

Joseph Sciambra, Bryan Fischer, Right Wing Watch 69 Comments [12/12/2013 4:11:17 AM]
Fundie Index: 66
Submitted By: Night Jaguar

Quote# 98193

On his radio broadcast today, Bryan Fischer took a call from a listener who suggested that Obamacare's individual mandate was really a Mark of the Beast; an assessment with which Fischer agreed, saying that, in fact, we had already gone pretty far down that road before Obamacare was even passed.

Pointing to a case out of Louisiana where the state board of funeral directors unsuccessfully sought to prevent a local monastery from selling caskets without a funeral director's license, Fischer said that government licensing requirements were actually the Mark of the Beast.

"Well what is that?" Fischer asked. "That's the Mark of the Beast. You can't buy, you can't sell without permission from the Beast, without permission from the government. So anytime you've got the government involved in deciding who gets to engage in commerce and who doesn't and they can't engage in commerce unless they get some kind of official permission from the government, that's the Mark of the Beast"[.]

Bryan Fischer, Right Wing Watch 27 Comments [12/12/2013 4:08:57 AM]
Fundie Index: 19
Submitted By: Night Jaguar
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