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Quote# 54705

Hey -- I know what they could do in China.....since there's now a shortage of girls, all they have to do is start forcing those transexual operations on society and turning some of their unwanted/unneeded male population into "females." Just chop off the manhood, stick a wig on its head and call it a girl. All atheists see is the physical anyway...the atheist commies won't know the difference.....and the "good" news is it can't get pregnant.

supersport, CARM 66 Comments [12/23/2008 11:00:36 PM]
Fundie Index: 12

Quote# 54584

There are different kinds of terrorists. There are the terrorists who physically terrorize and destroy things and bodies, then there are mental terrorists, who destroy hearts, thoughts and minds. Atheists are mental terrorists...they have not only chosen to destroy their own their own heart and mind, but many of them treat their atheism as a religion and attempt to destroy others' hearts and minds. That's why so many atheists seek out Christians forums like this -- they're on an evangelical trip, a mission to destroy.

supersport, CARM 49 Comments [12/19/2008 5:03:38 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
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Quote# 53951

[Given that most dinosaurs weren't giants, standing about as tall as a man or less, there would be good reasons to hunt them with spears. In fact, even with the giants, a hadrosaur would feed a village. Plenty good enough as a reason to hunt them with spears, bows or anything else.

So, why don't we see spear points in hadrosaurs?]

hadrosaurs aren't actually that small..(I don't think)....and even so, it would be much easier, I would guess, to kill mammals than it would be to kill a dinosaur -- better tasting too.

supersport, CARM 59 Comments [12/8/2008 6:36:53 PM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 53760

ironic, so the scientific community thinks the earth started in hell, and then sometime in the future the earth will be swallowed up by the sun and so everything will essentially return to the same fiery hell that it emerged from. So we have two distinct stories: God says he is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, yet the scientific community's "divine" plan is hell in the beginning and hell in the end...hell is the alpha and the omega.... Many of them, I fear, will get their wish.

supersport, CARM 57 Comments [12/7/2008 4:32:57 PM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 53762

teeth can change size and shape rapidly depending on diet....

supersport, CARM 73 Comments [12/6/2008 1:32:14 AM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 52895

ok...well after helping with science homework tonight, the animated topic of evolution has come up in the SS household. My kids are quite interested in this and find it fascinating that you people believe you evolved from apes...and even moreso, in fact, that you are apes. You should see their looks of disbelief......They are truly concerned and think something must be wrong with you.

I have been told to ask you guys a question or two...please keep in mind that this is their question and your reply is to be directed towards them. Please keep in mind their ages of 13 and 11, and they know virtually nothing about science or please keep it nice and age-appropriate. They are excited to see your replies and going to be checking in...not only that but they are going to be responding. Please be aware that my kids have been forewarned that some on here will call me names and/or try to insult me in a variety of if that feels good to you, go ahead, we're all ok with it....but they do ask that the questions be answered.

Also, all answers on behalf of my name in this thread will be answered by them, unless otherwise indicated.

So the questions are:


"If creatures evolved from worms or other primitive animals, then why are there still worms today?"


"Evolutionists say that humans are if that is the case why are our mental capabilities so much better than apes, and also, when can we expect apes to start talking?"

supersport, CARM 75 Comments [11/26/2008 2:40:39 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Yehuda

Quote# 52872

[After looking at a Homo erectus skull and skeleton]
It doesn't look apelike at all. There are many explanations for how homo erectus' could have some of those traits...take brow ridges. As a YEC, I believe that the world's earliest humans indeed lived to be hundreds of years old....this belief is not only stated in the Bible -- a historical document -- but also passed down through generations of American Indians and even Europeans. So the point is that since homo erectus was probably a long-lived person, he/she probably matured and developed much slower than modern humans do. In this way, his bones were probably softer for a longer period of time because, as you know, kids' bones are softer and more pliable than adult bones are. If it was the case, then, that homo erectus was a hunter, then his diet probably consisted mostly of meats.....chewing meat requires more jaw strength and probably puts more pressure on the brow plates, causing them to enlarge due to this need for extra strength and support...and having soft bones for longer periods of time, homo erectus probably just developed this anatomical feature due to diet.

SuperSport, TalkRational 38 Comments [11/25/2008 9:09:39 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Wolfhound

Quote# 52727

one doesn't need a brain to have a mind...ask any developing embryo.

supersport, CARM 63 Comments [11/22/2008 6:09:06 PM]
Fundie Index: 20

Quote# 51962

Oh! It just hit me. The reason why we never hear about plant evolution is because plants don't have sexual intercourse...well, at least not in the way evolutionists like to envision it. See, evos are obsessed with sex, especially if it's forced sex or if it's between two different types of animals, like chimps and humans. But since plants don't do any of that, then they're just simply less sexy of a topic. Science only gets interested when animals have harems or multiple partners, or -- of course -- if they're's any homosexual activity going on...that as well gets them real excited. I suppose the ultimate zenith for science would be evidence of homosexual activity between a Neanderthal and a chimp.

supersport, CARM 76 Comments [11/11/2008 12:22:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 29
Submitted By: Yehuda

Quote# 50614

And the fact remains that ToE, and more specifically natural selection, was a theory dreamed up to get around miracles and/or mystical things like minds and intelligence. So natural selection is the only adaptive mechansim that could (theoretically) cause populational change in a materialistic (aka mindless/non-intelligent) way. Any other mecahnism, as far as I've been able to reason, invokes scientifically unexplainable and mystical mechanisms, as they require signals and self-organizational processes within the body which have no known physical cause or origin.

Supersport, Evolution Fairytale Forum 31 Comments [10/26/2008 9:18:47 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Mr Smith
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