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Quote# 63312

[Do you accept the fact that genes control skin color (as well as the color of hair and eyes)?]

No...genes are the ultimate cause of nothing. Genes are the end result of a deeper cause. Genes, however, do play a role in change. Just as a car is involved in the process of rolling down the street, it is not in itself the cause -- the driver is.

Guzman (aka Supersport), Rants n' Raves 59 Comments [6/18/2009 4:28:14 PM]
Fundie Index: 52

Quote# 63310

(SuperGuz believes living organisms can consciously control their genetics, or in some form of Lamarckianism, submitter can't quite tell which)

[If your "theory" were correct, there shouldn't be any. Why are the Australians of European descent incapable of manipulating their own phenotypes so their skins are appropriately dark [enough to prevent skin cancer]? You yourself claim that "the course of a few generations" should be enough to do it. Why isn't it happening?]

you must first show me that this isn't true. Got any studies on families that show scientifically that even though they are exposed to pounding effects of the sun that they have not increased their pigmentation over multiple generations? Your baseless assertion doesn't cut it. What city in australia are you referring to? There are different environments in Australia. Sydney, for example rarely gets above the 80s and often has cloud-cover.

Guzman (aka Supersport), Rants n' Raves 50 Comments [6/17/2009 6:40:52 PM]
Fundie Index: 34

Quote# 63204

just to clear the record, I am not in any way racist. Just in case anyone forgets, it's me, the creationist who believes skin color is skin deep and not at all the result of "evolution," as probably everyone in here believes. Skin is adaptive just many other human traits.....all it takes is a few minutes in the sun to prove that. Stay out in the sun all day, every day, and your offspring might very well emerge a wee bit darker than you. Over the course of a few generations, this may add up to big differences. But the point is, there is no random mutation and there's definitely no selection.

And to clear the homo thing up, I truly truly love these people. It's just that their bedroom/restroom/carseat activities repulse me and drag society down. So sue me.

Guzman (aka Supersport), Rants n' Raves 59 Comments [6/15/2009 11:27:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 53

Quote# 62421

I wouldn't mind going back to the 1700s. I've about decided that all areas of science are evil, including technological sciences. Technology is ruining this country.

supersport, CARM 129 Comments [5/19/2009 5:01:44 AM]
Fundie Index: 107

Quote# 59064

yup....they ('Evolutionists') debate in groups and packs. They're like wolves. If you single them out individually they're weak, and their theory gets exposed -- but their strength comes in numbers. The more numbers they have the louder their bark becomes and the more intimidating they are -- or they think they are. It's a philosophy that goes back to their theory itself -- ToE is a theory of populations -- the strength is in the population, not in the individuals. Evos are never high on individual creativity or on giving people the right to think for themselves, or on self-reliance. That's why most of them are against capitalism and freedom of speech. This is why most of them are anti-american libs....they favor a strong government, not strong and free individuals. So here on Carm, they've formed their own "government" of sorts and use it to snuff out those who don't tote the party line.

[Wow, it's not a conspiracy.]'s just like if you have a class full of dunces -- they're all stupid -- they all think the same way; no conspiracy. Same here -- except you're not dumb; you're atheists...and you all think the same way. Not only that, but you never contradict or question each other. You never talk out any details about the theory or about how each person feels's all very's all about being on the same team with your comrads -- it's all about hating creationists/Christians and beating us with a stick.

supersport, CARM 57 Comments [2/17/2009 11:37:54 PM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: Wisp

Quote# 59065

[I've been on DOZENS of digs all throughout Colorado, Wyoming. Why haven't I found humans with dinosaurs?]

because humans didn't shack up with dinos...humans in the past probably got as far away from dinos as possible. You probably won't find humans near fossil lions either. It only makes sense that you'd get far away from creatures that might want to eat or hurt you.

supersport, CARM 37 Comments [2/17/2009 4:26:24 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Wisp

Quote# 58034

this is just another example of how today's medicine is misguided. Instead of declaring "war" on everything ("war" on cancer, war on diabetes:,00.html etc) and attempting annihilate disease, the way to treat disease and to overcome it is by doing the exact opposite of declaring war. Just as Jesus defeated his enemies by loving them, the trick to beating cancer, and now bacteria, evidently, is by using the powers of the universe. Love and light and mind and water and spirit are surely the most powerful healers in the universe. Drugs can only get in the way of these. True health does not come from a lack of drugs, but from a lack of energy.

supersport, CARM 49 Comments [2/8/2009 4:28:55 PM]
Fundie Index: 9

Quote# 57709

doctors can't help anyone who's sick with medications...those certainly do not heal sickness...immune systems do that. So no, I don't go to the doctor when I'm sick.

Supersport, CARM 86 Comments [2/5/2009 6:03:30 AM]
Fundie Index: 21
Submitted By: Lord Sillynipples

Quote# 57590

Yes, I think 2 or more penises would absolutely provide a selective why not, evos?

supersport, CARM 104 Comments [2/2/2009 10:14:41 PM]
Fundie Index: 12

Quote# 57777

it's probably an epigenetic disease just like will probably become more and more widespread as more and more people continue to eat junk/fried/fatty/milk-laden/high-carb/sweet foods in place of fruits and vegetables. There is no "gay gene" or "pedophilia gene."Homosexuality and pedophilia are surely both mental diseases stemming from prior generations, but they are actually derived from the effects of bad/unhealthy diets on developing embryos. Also involved, most surely, is prior abuse -- abused children are more likely to abuse their children or others'. Screwed-up children generally lead to screwed up adults unless there is some powerful supernatural intervention.

supersport, CARM 29 Comments [1/29/2009 10:24:23 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
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