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Quote# 16746

[Apparently not, you appear to think AIDS is a gay man's disease. ]

It is a gay man's disease. The only way a regular person can catch it is if he/she sleeps with a homo.

Homosexuals have blood on their hands from all the misery they've caused from starting Aids. Back in the 80s the only people who had AIDS were homosexuals. do you deny this?

Supersport, Christian Forums 41 Comments [11/5/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: LightHorseman

Quote# 15942

Yes! The evolutionary community has constructed a mountain of lies that they have successfully passed off as "science." Darwinism will go down as one of the biggest hoaxes in history.

supersport, Christian Forums 40 Comments [10/13/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 0
Submitted By: Traitor1

Quote# 15446

Simple Disproof of Evolution

Evolution is able to be disproven in so many's a simple, lethal disproof:

Ever since Darwin came along, evolutionists have claimed that the human race is evolving. We supposedly evolved from simplistic monkeys to what we are today. But I suggest just the opposite is actually happening.

Just like individuals age over time, so does our species. We are not evolving, but devolving. Our world is rolling downhill like a giant bolder rolling down a mountainside.

Humans have an average life expectancy of 70-75 years…with a maximum of around 120. But what happens if a man marries his first cousin? It has been shown that life expectancy of such offspring diminishes by 10 years. This is because of the large number of genetic mistakes that happen within the genome – which essentially ages the individual.

To me, inbreeding is seems to foreshadow where we are headed in society. We are going downhill genetically. This is true for individuals and this is true for the population. And the reason for this is because humans are consistently deteriorating and degenerating from the high rate of mutations.

If you think about it, every phsyical cause or mechanism of evoution is either conservative or degnerating. First you have natural selection – which is essentially a weeding out process. Then you have mutations, which are all either neutral or deleterious. Thus, to go from the simple to the complex is not only unlikely – it’s impossible. Indeed, all we see in this world is extinction. There are no new forms of life emerging. We are all headed downhill. This contradicts the basic dogma of evolutionists. Life is not gaining complexity or creating new information….it’s in a state of rapid decay and decline.

And it’s happening quickly! Ever notice how many people are on Depression drugs nowdays? You think this is an accident? We know that the environement (ie..what one eats, the air one breathes) can turn genes on or off….and we know our diets are getting worse and our air and water is getting more polluted. We also know through epigenetics that diseases run in families and are inherited. Thus, there is no other way to go than down. This is why many kids nowdays are born with Adhd or childhood depression. In my opinion it's the result of our previous generations' declining quality of diet. It's a result of Dr. Pepper, Cheetos, microwave popcorn, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, pretzels, gum drops, high fructose corn syrup, flavors, colorings, transfats etc etc etc....... And it’s getting worse fast…genetic damage is accumulating in society. The medical establishment is not doing us any favors, either, by merely treating the symptoms.

Evolutionists like to think that Selection can reverse the effects of biological decay. They’ve argued this for decades. But since selection works on the level of the whole organism, it cannot stop the loss of information due to mutation. It’s like trying to fix a broken-down tv set with a hammer. How can you attempt to explain the appearance of something by the dissapearance of others? There are millions of cars on the road – and many of them will die and/or become unusable. Does this explain the origin of cars or make cars new or better?

Besides that, selection on the individual level is completely random and thus impotent. Every human I know is able to breed. And thus, breeding becomes more of a random lottery than something that's based on genetic superiority or fitness. This flies in the face of evolutionists' thinking. (Does anyone know of someone who is unable to breed?)

Some evolutionists try to claim that life can indeed climb upward by saying that the organism can draw energy from its environment – which would enable it to defy the downhill slide of degneration. But the problem is that Neo-darwinists claim that DNA is in complete isolation and goes on its merry way, regardless of any pressures and effects of the environment. Thus, they cannot claim this.

Anyone who looks at this situation logically should realize that at sometime in the past there must have been a time when there was less genetic damage in the genome. – and thus, longer lives. Can anyone think of time that this may have happened? I can! The Bible reports there was a time in the history of humans that lifespans were incredibly long. According to Genesis people lived to over 900 years old.

I believe God created Adam perfectly – yet after sin entered the world – and after his offspring began inbreeding with close relatives, the long march of unending genetic degeneration via mutations started occuring. (check this decay curve out!)

Afterwards, due to a diet of breads, deserts, cooked foods, sweets and toxicity, humans have been degenerating ever since. There is no way to stop this. Our species is dying. Information is weaking….genomes are decaying. If it were not for the internal mechanisms we have in our bodies for controlling the frequency of mutations, extinction of the human race would come quickly.

But this fact of degeneration is quite lethal to evolutionists. Not only does it make their wild ideas for the origin/evolution of life improbable – it makes them IMPOSSIBLE.

Common sense says that if we are all on a downhill slide that mutation/selection – being the conservative/degenerative devicees that they are -- could have never have explained the origin of anything. Our genomes could not have arisen spontaneously. Instead, our genomes were designed by a designer.

Evolutionists claim we came from the inferior to become more complex….but it’s just the opposite – we started out more complex and are becoming inferior.

If you think I’m nuts, then check this site out….(this is fascinating! -- and DEADLY to the Theory of Evolution.)

It destroys the theory of evolution. Plain and simple

Supersport, Christian Forums 25 Comments [9/29/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: UberLutheran

Quote# 15280

You know what's really funny?????

You evolutionists cannot even point to one experiment on animals that proves your theory. Not one.

You cannot prove a blasted, single, solitary thing. You cannot do what I have done in this tread or in any of my previous threads. How does it feel to be so helplessly lacking in evidence? I would hate that feeling.

supersport, Christian Forums 49 Comments [9/24/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Axver

Quote# 15191

After debating Satan for several months I’ve come to some conclusions. And my conclusions come with a heavy heart. I have always believed in a world where the good guys win and the bad guys lose. I’ve always believed that good will prevail over evil.

But the more I debate here, the more I’m begining to realize there’s a wicked undercurrent I’m swimming against. There’s a ferocious enemy lurking below the surface that I cant quite put my finger on. And I’m realizing that I cannot overcome what I do not understand. And it’s not merely a non-belief in God or a happy-go-lucky free-thinker individual that I’m up against..…it’s a much more sinister entity than the innocent disbelief that’s portrayed here.

Unlike Christ, who sacrificed himself for others’ everlasting life, Satan -- like the piece of garbage that he is -- sacrifices other people for everlasting death. And unlike the Bible, which says human beings are made in the image of God, Satan says we are made in the image of of him -- a carnal beast, and our lives should procede according to his particular appetite -- where savagery, murder, rape and death is natural and to be expected and promoted. Meanwhile life and love and worship of God should be eliminated.

How can one debate this mindset? I’m finding that I can’t do it.

And the weird thing is, I’m not at all convinced that Satan actually believes in the sorry theory he so eagerly promotes. He doesn’t necessarily believe in random mutations – he doesn’t have any real faith in Natural Selection – and he doesn’t truly believe in adaptive radiation. (When’s the last time Satan made a post on here PROMOTING the validity of these things?).….instead these are merely his tools that are being used to decieve and convince others.

Ulimately, Satan believes in anything that will point others away from the notion that God Created the world. Truth is not what his goal is – his goal is deception. And he will use any tool of deception that will steer people away from Christ. He’s obsessed with making people lose their faith because he loves the notion that people will be spending their eternities with him as a melted corpse, scorched inside his torture chamber down in hell. This is why Satan invades so many Christian forums with vigor – simply to throw a wrecking ball into people’s spiritual lives. There is no other explanation!

supersport, CARM 38 Comments [9/21/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 15193

Maybe it's just me......but does anyone else have the ability to "sense" Satan in other people?

I meet and talk to alot of people in my business. And it doesn't happen too often -- maybe a couple times per year -- but every once in a while I'll come across someone who just gives me the willies -- an eery feeling -- like there's an evil darkness glaring at me from behind their eyes. And they set off an internal fear that just penetrates my soul -- it's a sensation that tells me to run away because the Devil is residing in them. It makes me very nervous.

And it may not be anything in particular that the person does or says to make me feel's more of just an inner gut feeling. I can almost feel a growl or a groan coming out directed at me.

Of course...then again...I could be crazy.

supersport, CARM 48 Comments [9/21/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 14488

The fact is, genes make sense only in the context of the organism – and the organism only makes sense only within the context of the environment they live in. Animals, in fact, seemed to have completely disappeared from the realm of evolutionary biology. Nobody talks about animals anymore.

But I don’t believe you can separate the two. And not only do I believe that the organism can effect the environment, but the environment can also effect the organism. It’s another two-way street that evolutionists have chosen to completely abandon because of their head-in-the-sand version of science which validates their atheist agenda.

But see I have a theory as to why science must do this: It’s because science has come to realization that all animals have brains and consciousness in varying forms. These, of course, are the anti-science because science cannot explain such a phenomenon. But the fact is each animal has it’s own brain – and each brain comes pre-programmed with its own abilities according to how God designed it. Each animal has a different function and different abilities. God knew beforehand that environmental circumstances would be changing, thus he gave each organism the ability to change with it. This is simple common sense.

Therefore, I believe that God designed Finch brains to be able to subconsciously decipher when the environment changes and when a modified beak is needed. Likewise I believe God made it so peppered moths are able to modify their wing-patterns based on environment or background colors. This is no more unbelievable than the fact that a fish can change colors or that a snail can grow a bigger shell in the presence of predators. It all comes from the same creative Designer.

And what’s funny is evolutionists – in one breath – will tell you how they do not deny plasticity….yet in the next breath will tell you that’s not how finches and moths changed! If these people were intellectually honest, they wouldn’t talk out of both side of their mouths like that…they would admit the truth. But I no longer expect the truth out of atheists.

And if you think about it, there is no way that plasticity – adaptivity – could have “evolved” like evolutionists say because common sense says that this feature is automatically hard-wired into the brain. To believe otherwise would be to believe that millions-year-old moths didn’t have the same physical/mental capabilities as a present-day moths – even though they both have brains. I believe in order for an animal to not be adaptive it would have to be born without a brain. [...]

I don’t buy it....and you evolutionists are all outmatched by common sense.

supersport, Christian Forums 45 Comments [9/3/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: David

Quote# 14397

Neo-darwinism is truly a National disgrace. I do not say this as a cheap attempt at an insult. I say it with all honesty. Satan -- with the help of his little red-headed, mental-terrorist step-child (Charles Darwin) -- has turned this great nation upside-down. A small percentage of atheistic intelligence bandits have somehow managed to manipulate their way into the hearts and minds of the general population.

And this has been done though large-scale, mind-numbing, brainwashing techniques that have convinced a large portion ofAmerica that dumb creatures have evolved into intelligent ones. They have succeeded in convincing many that a tricycle can evolve into the space shuttle through blind and purposeless mutations guided by the mere notion that animals actually breed and have offspring. They have dumbed-down
society to the point where many people actually believe this stuff....people actually believe that the only differences between sweaty, bug-picking monkeys and humans are short arms and opposable thumbs. They think the difference between a hippo and a dolphin is just a series of random mutations that reshape the body. Little gets mentioned about how and where a dolphin's sonar came from.

supersport, Christian Forums 68 Comments [9/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: David

Quote# 14322

The brain is the fundamental unit of life – yet evolutionists attempt to explain life by completely ignoring it.

SuperSport, Christian Forums 35 Comments [8/28/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 14029

[A Creationist's take on] The Evolutionists' Prayer

Take me, Oh father, father of beloved Natural Selection....mold and shape me by thine heavenly accidental powers...Caress me with your randomness. Father, take me to an unexplored world teeming with randomly-mutating lifeforms. Place me at the edge of thine virgin swamp that teems with smelly dead bones and rotting carcasses. Allow me to cascade naked through your wildnerness in search of more distant rotting swamps, that may reveal your true randomness.

Let me saunter with no purpose to the edge of a random tree-lined village of bug-picking, knuckle-dragging primates who are unaware of their awarenss, who are unmindful of their minds, who are unconcious of their conscousness. Let me witness their glorious orgies among different primate species where thine naturalistic love-juice is implanted in a variety of different homind species.

father, protect me from any unwelcome intelligence. Let my purpose be in your imaginary hands. Let me live by thine foundation of almighty accidental authority. Allow me to be controlled and dominated over forces that have no absolutely control. And please blind me, father, that thine accidental foundation of chance will somehow give me a randomly-mutated foundation of logic.

Finally father Natural Selection, I just pray that you will give me thine heavenly reward for a life of blind faith. It's not so easy to rationalize that the human mind could emerge from cattails in the swamp, but through your lack of wisdom, I am able to see it all happen in my mind. father, allow my very being to be nothing more than rotting corpse for all of eternity to witness. May you give me the ultimate reward of having bugs crawl happily through my eyesockets until all my flesh is completely stripped. May I lay in my box undisturbed by any metaphysical promise of future life.

Thank you father for allowing me to live randomly. Thank you for selecting me. Thank you for allowing me to be one of your fittest. In your randomness, Amen

supersport, Christian Forums 45 Comments [8/18/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
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