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With each passing day, the loneliness wears at our psych,
"Just get out there!" Chad says. "It's like riding a bike!"

Ignorant of our suffering, our misery, our strife,
Normans belittle us like they're the Third Reich.

My_Post_Is_On_Topic, r/incels 10 Comments [7/9/2017 11:22:25 AM]
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The Case For Gendo-Nationalism

James Miller is a political strategist and policy intellectual from New York City. He is the founder and president of the James Miller Foundation.

The alt-right and their leaders have often stressed the need for the establishment of a ethno-state on the North American continent. While I can understand many of their concerns as a middle-class white guy who lives in a gated community in the suburbs of New York City, I honestly do not have to deal with the minority problem on a day to day basis.

Whether the Bronx is being flooded with new arrivals is simply not my problem. Thots, on the other hand, affect us wherever we live. It doesn’t matter how great your neighborhood is or even how religious your state is. America has become a degenerate nation, and thottery has pervaded all aspects of American life—Northern and Southern, Protestant and Catholic, conservative and liberal, normie and alt-right.

A thot prepares to flash her breasts to a crowd of onlookers in a ‘conservative’ state in the Deep South.

Traditionalism Is Hopeless

Many on the right advocate for traditionalism. They think we can just return to the days of a nuclear family, reverse all three waves of feminism, and let women assume their traditional role. While I respect the arguments made by traditionalists, I have concluded that any sort of rollback is now politically impossible in the United States. We have lost the culture war. There is no going back. Sure, you can flee to a country where remnants of traditionalism still exist, but they are merely a little further back on the ongoing global shift towards female ‘liberation’ and the dissolution of family life.

Furthermore, while this problem has been substantially amplified in recent years, it is certainly not a modern one. Thots have consistently been the downfall of powerful men throughout history. John F. Kennedy was compromised by the Soviet Union as a result of depraved female temptresses. Even Adolf Hitler’s defeat in the Second World War can be attributed largely to the presence of Eva Braun. Cleopatra’s betrayal of Mark Antony the moment a more alpha chad arrived on the scene surely serves as one of the clearest demonstrations of the subversion of the opposite sex.

Richard Spencer similarly and correctly recognizes a return to the days of actual white supremacy is impossible and undesirable, and instead advocates for a white ethno-state, building on the momentum of left-wing identity politics movements. Although I respectfully disagree with him on that issue, his fundamental analysis is correct. We cannot return to an undefined point in the past when things were somehow better on the issues that we care about. All we can do is seek to influence the future. I have thus come to the conclusion that the only solution to our current thot debacle is peaceful separation between the sexes, and a resulting male gendo-state.

Now, this notion may sound absurd. Most traditionalists love and respect women, and simply wish for them to return to their historical place in society, rather than be done away with altogether. They must come to understand that separation has now become a necessity.

We may reach the point of open conflict with the opposing gender.

Separation Is Necessary

Cultural feminism has degraded women to the point where co-existence is a net negative to males. Women weaken men by their very presence, co-opting and hijacking even traditionalist movements by embracing the rhetoric and yet leaving much to be desired in terms of the personal example they set.

As the last few weeks have shown, women are able to completely destroy the reputations of decent, upstanding men through false accusations of sexual abuse. Women compete with us in a job market that is rigged against us by politicians who have come to see women as an essential voting bloc to appease. Women now even proudly declare that they do not need or want men in their lives.

Why don’t we put that to the test? Let us see how well the opposing gender fares when left completely to their own devices. In this way, we could use the rise of feminism as force of acceleration in order to promote our bid for nationhood. It is ironically fairly likely that the world’s first gendo-state will consist of pink haired female ogres LARPing as Amazons. But once the precedent is set, males will have a unique opportunity to seize the moment and build the case for our secession.

The Vision

Gendo-nationalism would involve near-total separation between men and women. A physical border would be erected between the respective male and female nation-states, and travel between these gendo-states would be tightly controlled and require permission from the governing authority of the gendo-state being entered. In the male gendo-state, which I have little doubt will be far more successful than its female competitor, male chauvinism will be the zeitgeist of the new order.

In addition, we need to think about the only real thing we need women for—sex. Advancements in robotics in recent years are quickly making this need obsolete. Future improvements in cloning technology may even allow us to replace women for the purposes of reproduction. Until the point at which a solution is devised, the gendo-state could have a work visa system which prostitutes and surrogates could utilize without permanent settlement in our new nation.

Soon, we will no longer need women to lead fulfilling sex lives.

The Path Ahead

Before we can have separation, we need to have a general sense of male identity. Now, I believe this to an extent to be inherent and hardwired, hence the presence of so many all-male social groups in our society. Nevertheless, we must promote the importance of masculinity and push close identification with our gender’s collective interests as a component of that.

Subsequently, we need to urge our fellow men to gradually start removing all emotional attachment to women. They’re to be seen as a tool, not a crutch. Emotional attachment makes men the weaker sex because women are inherently able to exploit it, and ensures the perpetuation of the anti-male status quo. Once it is overcome, the foundations for a gendo-state can be laid.

Free from the shackles of womankind, men will be able to embrace their true potential. We will have hours more in our days which would otherwise be wasted on entertaining vacuous thots. We will no longer be treated like second class citizens in the very nations we built and shed our blood for. Our inherent physical and mental supremacy will give us a substantial edge in the world marketplace. Much as ethno-nationalist movements played a major role in defining the 20th century, my hope is that gendo-nationalism will define the 21st.

James Miller, Return of Kings 18 Comments [1/4/2018 2:51:29 PM]
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Father of the Year Award

May Bubba exert "poetic justice" on you!

Quote# 125565

A dad from Texas has been convicted for forcing his 16-year-old daughter to become a prostitute as a punishment for being sexually active. The 46-year-old Scot Rodney Robinson was found guilty of first-degree felony charge and sent away to jail. He plead guilty for forcing her into prostitution at truck stops.

According to KRTK, when the father found out that his daughter was already sexually active at age 16 he wanted to punish her for it. The young girl said that her dad forced her to “service” truck drivers and even took the money she earned.

“He basically told her, ‘If you’re gonna be a wh**e, we’re gonna treat ya like one,'” said JoAnne Musick, chief of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office Sex Crimes Division.

Robinson has a thick criminal record and has already faced charges related to burglary, criminal trespass, drug possession and auto theft.

Scot Rodney Robinson, Buzz Fanzine 20 Comments [3/21/2017 2:23:27 AM]
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A better future for incels

Females are captured by the truck fulls lured in by male model chads, Then they are put into solitary confinement where they starve for touch and attention. The only form of contact they should get are beatings with a whip, belt and bat until she agrees to have sex, with incels. The female must refer to the incel male as master, she must smile, hug and kiss the incel, along with commit any dirty deeds the incel asks of her including rimjobs. If she shows any reservation she is punished. Essentially this is a brothel called incels paradise, an incel can do anything to the female including murder her, and a new females will be brought, the incel only pays, $10 per female, the whole establishment is funded by tax payers, as part of the incel Rights movement, created by the beta uprising. Of course the general public does not know about this, and there are no safety precautions preventing females from being abducted by the trucks.


Canino1997, R/incels 25 Comments [8/25/2017 11:35:12 AM]
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Are you trolling or retarded?

Your line of reasoning is so idiotic there’s really no arguing with it. Could it be that you are jealous that all those 16 year old girls are more attractive than you? And you want to ban sex with 16 year old girls so as to increase your own sexual market value? I think so.

holocaust21, Holocash21 7 Comments [8/3/2017 11:28:14 AM]
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We need to take the knee to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD!

Alveda King, Christian News Wire 6 Comments [9/27/2017 11:54:20 AM]
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Yes, and as you say, also because it feels bad calling women out for anything in this culture.

But, at the same time, many of these guys *want* their daughters to be this way. They *prefer* daughters who have moxie, are sassy, push around boys and take no prisoners, and are focused on their own achievement. If they didn’t want this for their daughters, they wouldn’t mostly bend over backwards to make their daughters like this in countless ways while they are raising them. The pushy, moxie’d, un-feminine young women didn’t materialize from the ether, they were raised to be that way, and mostly with the full cooperation and enthusiastic support of their fathers.

That’s a big part of the “weak men are screwing things up” mindset — they *want* their daughters to be like this, and therefore they want the boys to be even stronger. The idea appears to be a marriage of super heroes — wonder woman can only have Superman as a husband, because no mere mortal man can handle wonder woman, so the problem is that most guys are weak because they aren’t Superman for my daughter’s wonder woman. This is the mindset. As men, we need to hold the fathers of these young women to account for what they are doing to the culture, and their critical role in the cultural destruction and outright vandalism that is taking place.

Novaseeker, Dalrock 3 Comments [6/25/2017 6:17:27 AM]
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Raping a virgin or married person who has never committed adultery should be a death penalty offense.

Raping a cock carousel rider should be a minor misdemeanor or perhaps merely a civil tort. $100 fine for first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth offenses. $105 fine for tenth offenses and beyond.


Todd Kincannon, Gab 4 Comments [2/17/2018 7:22:06 AM]
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I would like to have someone do a news coverage for me. The issues of inceldom and female hypergamy need to be revealed to the masses. And if I don't get a girlfriend after that, I will go on a hunger strike. I will livestream my strike until a girl gives me the relationship I need. Surely the government has to step in right? Will they provide me a companion or what?

Gandhi did the hunger strikes and they were effective so why can't incels? Especially with modern tech, the news would spread faster. People from all over the world would be tuning in our live streams and maybe there's someone out there that would be willing to love and be intimate with us.

Insale, r/incels 14 Comments [7/7/2017 9:43:08 AM]
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Quote# 126774

PETALING JAYA: A 12-year-old’s dress was deemed “seductive” and “a temptation from a certain angle far, far away”, and so she was forced to withdraw from a chess championship in Putrajaya.

Malaysian chess player and coach Kaushal Khandhar said the incident happened at the National Scholastic Chess Championship 2017 on April 14, when his student was told that her dress was “improper”.

Kaushal said the tournament director would not allow the girl to wear a similar dress for the next round.

The girl’s mother, Chin Wai Ling, said the director’s pronouncement was only made around 10pm when shops were closing, so she did not have time to buy long slacks for the following day’s 9am start time.

“This situation led to the inevitable decision of withdrawing from the tournament,” Kaushal said in a statement on his Facebook page.

When contacted, the tournament director said an investigation is underway. However, he declined to comment further.

“We are absolutely disgusted by the treatment of the tournament director of a 12-year-old girl and her mother,” Kaushal said.

“This incident has resulted in a loss of time and money invested before, during and after the tournament in coaching, registration fees, travel, accommodation and other incurred costs,” he said.

His student, whom he called “a bright young girl”, was the Kuala Lumpur district chess champion and showed tremendous potential in the game.

Kaushal said the girl felt “harassed and humiliated” by the actions of the tournament director and chief arbiter.

“This incident has left her extremely disturbed and embarrassed,” he said.

The girl was informed of her “improper” dressing in the middle of the second round of the tournament, without stopping the clock.

“My daughter was shocked after her game was interrupted by the chief arbiter,” said Chin.

“From that point onwards, she said all she could think of was whether anyone was peeping (at her) throughout the game,” she said.

When Chin was told about her daughter’s dress code violation, she said she was appalled.

“I tried to explain to the chief arbiter that I only brought three dresses of similar length for the three-day event, and the fact that she had tights on. So nothing was revealed. I tried to reason,” said Chin.

But despite the explanation, Chin said she was asked to find her daughter something else to wear for the next round in the morning.

“The tournament director told him (the chief arbiter) that the school will not allow the children to use the hall if we were to turn up in a dress,” she said.

Chin said she called the tournament director regarding the matter before the next round, and that he promised to call back after discussing the issue with the chief arbiter.

“He promised to return our call, but he did not. He did not answer our call. He did not reply our e-mail until I forwarded it to every member of the Malaysian Chess Federation,” she said.

Chin said the dress code for the tournament is based on the World Chess Federation (FIDE) Laws of Chess requiring participants to have a “dignified appearance”, but no illustrative dress code guidelines were given out to participants before the tournament.

She said her daughter withdrew from the competition under duress and asked for a formal apology from the tournament director.

National Scholastic Chess Championship 2017 tournament director, The Star 5 Comments [4/29/2017 12:49:18 PM]
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Stop parroting 80/20 rule. It's a myth. The real rule is 95/5.

The 80/20 rule as applied to dating stems from an ok cupid graph that said that 80% of the men are considered below average. But looking at the graph again you'll notice that only 5% of men are actually considered attractive. Just being in the top 20% means you're only average in the eyes of women and you'll still be expected to impress her in most cases. Being in the top 5% is where the fun begins. If you're in the bottom 80% you're better off not even trying and probably would be happier rotting.

Enigmatic93, /r/incels 7 Comments [5/28/2017 1:49:59 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Females cannot compete with men, or be equal with them, because they are lower than men. Men are intelligent, loving and kind, whereas femoids aren't. Females cannot feel love, they are not intelligent and they certainly can't show kindness.

As The Atomic BlackPill has shown, females are mindless beats who do not deserve to be equal with men. Females do not deserve their rights, and they themselves have proven this time and time again. It's astounding that these cum dumpsters are even considered human, and are treated as such.

The mask that these animals have slipped over men's eyes is beginning to slip, and their nature is being exposed. I'm proposing that females lose their rights and are treated like the mindless, sex obsessed creatures that they are.

TheEngineer19, r/incels 9 Comments [8/11/2017 12:23:51 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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My wife is NOT a feminist! She is a Christ-honoring woman and submits to my authority. My wife hates feminism because she knows it goes AGAINST God and His Word. We've been married now for 17 years. She likes to make the feminists mad when we're in the store. She'll ask me in front of feminist women if she can buy something. You can see the dirty looks on their faces. My wife likes to say, "wait, I need to go ask my husband" or "He pays the bills, ask him." It drives the feminists nuts when a wife submits to her husband. I really admire my wife's loyalty and obedience to the Word of God and me. She's my best friend.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 16 Comments [4/27/2017 10:30:42 PM]
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Quote# 131822

Men would love it if dogs could feed themselves, bathe themselves, need no leash upon walks. But they are animals and they need to be controlled and trained.

We still love them for what they are despite their faults. But if we let them go without control or proper training?

The dog would piss where it pleases, eat whatever or wherever it wants, chew and destroy anything it desires, carry dirt into the home.

It would destroy the home. Much like a woman. Released from her leash, she is pissing all over society.

Toolman890, r/incels 11 Comments [9/19/2017 10:17:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 134546

The word rape has various meanings today. Some, like the one which will be about its sane legal definition, are sadly mostly historical in current Western culture, though they still subsist in some saner cultures even today. So what are these definitions?

Sane definition of the act of rape - This definition is also consistent with Common Law ("Carnal knowledge of a woman forcibly and against her will") and even with evolutionary psychology (“Human copulation resisted by the victim to the best of her ability unless such resistance would probably result in death or serious injury to her or others she commonly protects” is the definition used by Thornhill & Palmer in A Natural History of Rape).

So rape can only be performed by a penis and of course women can't rape men.

Sane legal definition of rape - Sane legal systems differentiate between act of rape and a crime of rape. A sane legal definition of rape doesn't believe all acts of rape are crimes of rape. What nonsense would it be to believe that and to treat the whims of some sluts as actually defacing a virgin or a married woman !

A sane legal definition of rape would define rape as a property crime against the woman's father or husband. Also, rapes against prostitutes should be prosecuted. But it would certainly never account for rapes of sluts, and would consider raping a slut a justified response that should be praised, not persecuted.

Current insane definition of the act/crime of rape - I am saying act/crime of rape because insane modern Western cultures basically don't differentiate between the act of rape and a crime of rape. In any case, this definition had been, especially since 2000, expanded to include much more than just the actual act of rape. It now includes any form of coercion, inserting objects into sexual orifices, even the insane claim that a woman can rape a male ! There are feminists/liberals insane enough to believe Brock Turner raped some unconscious woman he fingered or that I raped a woman who offered my sex herself in a phone call, simply because I put her picture on my blog when she decided to torture me (as she later admitted herself).

An actual moral definition of rape used by feminists/liberals - this is what almost all feminists and liberals actually see as rape. It is defined as any act a straight white male does to get sex. Asking a woman out by a straight white male is rape to liberals. Going on a date if you're a straight white male is rape. On the other hand, no actual act of rape, even rape of smallest children, is rape if it is done by Sacred Classes like blacks, Muslims or Hispanics.

I will admit that there are some feminists and liberals who don't believe so, but these mostly stop calling themselves feminists or liberals once they realize what these ideologies are about.

It is also true that this definition isn't yet widely used in law but and police officers and judges who don't use this definition are seen as vermin by liberals and there are places in the West where it's slowly getting there .

Female definition of rape- Women simply define rape as sex they regret, and pay basically no intention to any other circumstances, including physical pain. So this definition is completely silly and shouldn't be regarded by anybody sane as anything more than what 5 year-old children think. That some legal systems are starting to bring this definition into equation (though usually by ignoring the sex with a member of Sacred classes females regret) is simply a symptom of a decaying society.

Caamib, v/Incels 7 Comments [11/26/2017 6:50:17 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 134244

She has to make sure he's fucking STUPID enough to have his whole life on CIA book. God forbid the guy be smart enough to have NOTHING to do with any of that garbage.

These idiots are only attracted to men that a thousand other socially engineered idiots are attracted to. And then they wonder why the guy cheats on them, and claim there "are no good men left".

Women are "victims" of their own idiocy.

Women are so unbelievably brainwashed and stupid, it defies description. They are the real reason this nation is in SERIOUS decline, men are not men any longer, and freedom is on it's way out.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 0 Comments [11/15/2017 11:06:29 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 132114

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol official reportedly told women that the best way not to get raped by an officer was to “follow the law.”

In recent months, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer and an Oklahoma City Police officer have been accused of repeatedly raping women, often during traffic stops.

After a Tulsa County sheriff’s deputy was arrested last week for sexually assaulting a woman while responding to a 911 call, Tulsa NBC News affiliate KJRH decided to ask the Oklahoma Highway Patrol how to stay safe during a traffic stop.

The department noted that troopers should always be in uniform, and that women were allowed to keep their car door locked, and to speak with officers through a cracked window. A trooper should rarely ask a person to come back to the patrol car, OHP advised.

“There are certain situations where we do that,” Capt. George Brown told KJRH. “If someone doesn’t have a driver’s license on their person. We asked for an ID or driver’s licence, if they can’t provide it, rather than stand outside the car writing [a ticket], which puts us in a bad location, we may ask a female back to the car so we can get her information.”

The KJRH anchor said that Brown concluded with this advice: “The captain says anything that happens inside a troopers car is videotaped, and he says that supervisors do review those tapes.”

“He says the best tip that he can give is to follow the law in the first place so you don’t get pulled over,” the anchor added.

Brown told KWTV that OHP was working to regain the public’s trust.

“There are entirely more good officers than there are the few bad apples that exist out there, and we want people to know that,” he explained. “We have a lot of good troopers, a lot of good officers out there doing a lot of good things daily, and we want to continue that and have the public continue their trust in us.”

George Brown, Raw Story 10 Comments [9/25/2017 10:57:05 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 136167

No longer will employers have to pay for women's birth control thanks to Donald Trump. Things like this is what makes me even more confident that i backed the right candidate. I am loving reading the butt hurt and angry comments from people that are against the roll back, they are acting as if Trump banned birth control altogether. Unfortunately he doesn't have the power to do that. If women want to slut around then they should pay for it themselves. Yes i know that many women use birth control for other reasons other than pregnancy prevention but the majority of women that do use it use it for it's intended purpose. To prevent pregnancy, even those women that use it for other reasons also benefit from it's ability to prevent pregnancies, so they are essentially using it for two reasons. Pay for your own birth control sluts

T-Egan, Reddit 4 Comments [1/26/2018 1:16:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus
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Quote# 132088

In this mad, mad, mad Marxist world of ours, leave it to Sulzberger's Slimes, in the immediate aftermath of the murder of a New York City female police officer, to praise the "progress" that has been made with regards to the hiring and promoting of female police officers.

From the article:

"And across the nation, women have pushed their way into policing’s most demanding jobs. To them, Officer Familia’s death was seen as a grim signifier of their growing front-line roles."

There are now 6,394 female officers on a force of just over 36,000 in dangerous New York City. That's almost 18%. The percentages in other cities that are even more dangerous are about the same and growing -- with more and more of them being killed "in the line of duty" every year. This is all part of the "progress" that "women's liberation" has brought to today's miserable, manified, modern woman. Thusly "liberated" from the "yoke" of marriage and traditional family life, the loony ladies now get to dress up in blue, carry a gun, chase bad guys through dark alleys, and then get killed -- often with their own gun.

A blast from the past, from the article, about a hyped-up event which your New York metro-area high-school aged reporter here remembers very well:

"In the early 1980s, the New York City subways were forbidding, with robbers lurking in graffiti-covered cars. Very few women were on patrol, but Officer Irma Lozada took one of the most dangerous jobs: She hid her badge and draped fake gold chains around her neck, courting robbers to come after her in some of the most desperate parts of Brooklyn.

It was on one of these plainclothes assignments in 1984 when something went terribly wrong: Officer Lozada chased a suspect, got separated from her partner and was killed after the suspect wrested her service revolver from her and shot her twice."

She became the first female officer killed in New York City history. So jolted was the police force by her death that, in the aftermath, some officers spoke of women being better off reassigned to office jobs, several people recalled."

Yes indeed, you've come a long way, baby!" How's it workin' out for ya?

In a healthy pre-Marxist society, dead officerettes Irma Lozada and Miosotis Familia would have been home cooking dinner for their husbands and checking the kids' homework.

As it was with the mentally sick reaction to the death of Officerette Lozada then, so it is again today with Officerette Familia, who was shot and killed execution-style by an admitted cop-hater, just last week. Rather than reassess this abominable practice of sending women off to fight criminals and enemy soldiers, the unisex Marxists act as if it's part of the normal course of business and continue to praise the "progress" that these misguided police-gals and Marine-ettes are making.

The societal perverison of cultural Marxism / libtardism offers oppression to women, not "liberation." How much happier, safer, and alive would Ms. Lozada and Ms. Familia had been if they were stay-at-home wives and mothers. Of course, given how the corresponding economic hands of Marxist taxation & the Fed's debt-currency racket make it increasingly impossible for a woman to stay home -- because a huge chunk of her husband's earnings (if she even has a husband), are taxed and inflated away -- these ladies are often forced to work. How hypocritically ironic it is that the Left condemns the Taliban for banning women from the workforce, as we here in the oh-so-enlightened West essentially, through economic policies, ban women from becoming traditional housewives!

Even when faced with the horrible murders and ghastly battlefield casualties of the fairer sex, very few of today's "men," especially those in the public realm, will dare to question the perverse policy of depriving strong men from 18% of police jobs just so that mostly infertile women can take them, and get killed. Chivalry truly is dead -- as is sanity!

The Great One (that's Hitler for you all newbies and normies) had a few observations on this matter. And his truth, no matter how out-of-fashion it may seem to the modern libtard, will always be the truth. Tell it Great One, tell it:

"If I think to myself that a woman should make an appearance at a trial, then I have to say: if that were a woman close to me, and if I wanted to imagine my mother were still alive and has to sit in front of a murderer in a court and decide the verdict,... never, never! We don't want that.

I do not want a uniformed female police officer to walk around and run after scamps or criminals. These are things we naturally don't want. Then they say, 'Excuse me, you don't allow women in the parliament as well.' Certainly, but only because I am satisfied that the parliament does not raise the value of women, but it would only degrade her. I also removed the men from parliament because they were all rotten. (Reichstag laughter)

Then they say, "Why not put some good women into parliament." Because they would turn rotten too. (more laughter)


A women's regiment of snipers is being trained in the Soviet Union... grenadiers in Spain (pre-Franco). All I can say about this type of female equality -- I have experienced war. I know how hard it is. I know how many men’s nerves have been shattered by war. I have often seen them return by the dozens, doddering, completely ruined and broken. The idea that a girl or woman should take this upon herself --- I could have no respect for German men then. As long as we have a healthy male gender in Germany, no female sharpshooters or grenadiers will be trained in Germany. That is no equality, but rather, inferior rights for women because it is much harder for her than men. We won’t do it – because for us, the woman has been the most faithful work and life companion of the man at all times."

Hitler: "The catchword “Women’s Liberation” is merely a phrase invented by the Jewish intellect, and its contents are marked by the same spirit. The German woman will never need to emancipate herself in an age supportive of German life. She possessed what Nature gave her automatically as an asset to maintain and preserve; just as the man, in such an age, never had to fear that he would be ousted from his position in respect to woman."

No wonder why women loved Him so. The Great One cherished and protected them from the "progress" that Jewish-Marxist "liberation" offered them.

Boobus Americanus 1: It' a shame what happened to that female police officer.

Boobus Americanus 2: Indeed. Unfortunately, such tragedies are the price for the tremendous progress that women in law enforcement are making.

Sugar: "Progress, my asss, Bobusss!! Thesse deluded dames sshould have sstayed home and raissed a litter -- like I did!

Editor: How come your kitty children never call you? The bastards.

Mike King, Tomato Bubble 14 Comments [9/25/2017 1:40:42 PM]
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A real man must work hard, be a slave to his company, pay taxes that go to support single mothers and thus other men's children, he must be willing to give his life for his nation (or more accurately, the women of his nation), be the one to make 80% of the effort in starting a relationship, put up with endless shit during that relationship, shower the woman with gifts, commit to that woman by offering her an expensive ring, pay for his daughter's wedding, be the only one who makes an effort to save a marriage (which makes sense because men are always the problem), put up with a woman leaving you and taking half of your hard-earned wealth, pay money to support her new lifestyle while she's being rammed by chad, pay money to raise the kids who you are not allowed to see and who are being raised to hate you for no reason other that their mother is vindictive and resents you for not being good enough.

But expecting love that was promised by society means you want a rape slave, you misogynistic piece of scum.

VisceralVoid, r/incels 14 Comments [7/25/2017 7:20:49 AM]
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