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Single mothers typically raise their daughters to be strong and their sons to be weak. They'll teach their sons things like:

"You have to be nice to girls. Open doors for them. Buy them flowers. Tell them how nice they look. Always make her feel good or another guy might take your place." Etc.

Things that virtually guarantee he will be treated like a sucker by today's uber aggressive female lioness.

Meanwhile they're teaching their daughters things like:

"Don't depend on any man! Never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Never be vulnerable. Don't let him see you weak. Girls can play too. You gotta use what you got to get what you want in life." Etc.

In other words things that virtually guarantee a life of perpetual single hood and ineligibility for marriage that will plague that daughter for the rest of her life.

Truth is: it takes a lion to deal with a lioness! That means today's man must be aggressive and confident himself if he's ever going to obtain success in his relationship with a woman. The world will teach men to be passive, demure and to tuck your balls. That way you won't turn women off with your natural God-given masculinity.

I'm here to tell you emphatically: that is very GAY.

Aggression and masculinity are hallmarks of manhood! They are manly traits that come natural to every man: provided his single mother hasn't already beat those traits out of him by the time he's an adult.

It's time out for this pansy, tiptoeing through the flower patch, effeminate, girly-man phenomenon that's confusing the genders today! Men were created to be men! You're supposed to act manly and macho. Aggression is not a feminine trait.

That's why aggressive women are such a turn off in the work place. Watching an aggressive woman at work is like watching a cat bark or a dog climbing a tree. It doesn't go together and violates simple protocols of nature.

I encourage all men to take back their masculinity, and all women to recapture their femininity.

It's amazing to me how women today have allowed gays and trannies to steal their style, hijack their female-ness and place them subordinate to the men with a clear identity crisis.

Gays and trannies are still men! So that tells me women today are so confused they'll accept being subordinate to queer men, but refuse to submit to normal men! When gay men and especially trannies tend to treat women egregiously disrespectful, and don't even WANT you!

All I'm saying is, we need order restored. Because clearly we are madly out of order with all this gender role confusion. Men - get back to acting like and being men. Untuck yourself, for crying out loud!

And ladies: learn to be vulnerable and worthy of being captured. You're not supposed to be the huntress: you're supposed to be the hunted. And I mean that in a good way. Learn what it takes to be found attractive and capture worthy.

Because only the best should be worthy of capturing you anyway. That's the proper mindset to have.

For the guys I created a product titled Power - and for the ladies a created one titled Saved Sexy And Still Single. Both are ebooks that are instantly available to be downloaded, read and studied right now.

Applying this information to your life will help undo much of the wrong teaching and indoctrination that has messed you up and left you incapable of carrying on a successful relationship. Call it 'vitally important corrective measures.'

Mack Major, Facebook 7 Comments [4/30/2017 1:06:52 PM]
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Saw a brutal interaction today

Was in the campus cafeteria eating some food after my class today, when I saw this girl and guy walking over and sit down on a table next me. They were looks matched about 6/10. They start talking about how they had a bad class but it's over now (since the semester is over). They talk about random shit having a good laugh, seem to be really hitting it off for like 15 mins. So then the guy takes his shot asks her out if she wants to do something over the weekend. She says "Your a cool guy --(antidoxx)-- but I'm not looking for a relationship right now." Saw the light die in his eyes right than and there. He says it's cool and to have a good one and leaves.

So i'm thinking to myself, well he took his shot did his best all you can really ask for. I start to walk to parking lot and notice the girl he was talking to is a little ahead of me. Guess she parked in the same area. We were almost in to the parking lot when this specimen of a man walked out. Chad walks out and just approaches her and asks "Hey do you have a minute? There's this party i'm going to tomorrow and I need a date." The look on her face was pure suifuel. She had this smile that was made of pure Ecstasy and said "Oh I'd love too please." Literally doesn't know his name or anything just says YES. They exchange numbers and i pretend to be on the phone to not draw suspicion that I was eavesdropping.

At the moment it dawned on me that not even 3 minutes ago some guy who was spitting game doing his best just trying to impress this girl and she shut him down instantly the moment he brought up asking her out. I wanted to yell at her "WHAT ABOUT THAT DUDE YOU WERE JUST TALKING TO, WHY WASN'T HE GOOD ENOUGH? NAH FUCK THAT YOU DON'T GET TO DO THAT AFTER THAT GUY WAS BEING YOUR JESTER FOR 15 MINUTES THAT AIN'T FUCKING FAIR" I seriously don't know why I got so emotional i had to run to my car and just turn on the music .

Had https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZa0Yh6e7dw on repeat for like 20 minutes thinking how the fuck did it get this bad.

blackpillednormie22, r/Braincels 9 Comments [1/25/2019 2:34:30 PM]
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Quote# 133139

Femoids have been receiving things like compliments and validation their whole life's, which in turn has made them into egotistical narcissists. It has now come to a point where these cuntrags can't live without it. So, what do they do? Upload daily pictures of themselves to degenerate applications like Instagram and Cuckbook. Bitches know that the desperate beta phags would take the bait and come in hordes not only to like the picture, but shower them with compliments even though the bitch in particular is a ugly bleached whale.

This kind of cuck behavior should not be tolerated. Because the only thing these cucks are doing is that, empowering these vapid cunts so their standards reach even fucking higher. Nowadays even a 3/10 jabba the slut believes that she deserve Chad or Tyrone because of this. Cum dumpsters don't deserve any compliments or validation of any kind. It does nothing but inflate their ego even more; which in turn makes it harder for everyone.

Lookismisreal, r/incels 5 Comments [10/22/2017 10:16:54 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 142686

Ummmmm, no, incel


his vid on incels proved what a fucking moron he is

PJW is a soyboy in denial. Look at his feminine face & tell me thats not a look of a soyboy with his horse face & dick suckin lips.

Incel is just the new political commentator dog whistle. Both British right-wing tradcucks and SJW pseudointellectual trannies have a problem with us.


JFL at incels who think that the alt-right are our friends.

Sjw is far better than alt right. If an alt right chad rule world, he would put us in concentration camps.

Granted, some feminazi foid would love to do the same to us.

Who knows which is worse? It doesn't matter, either side would see us removed or killed after we are no longer deemed useful. Both sides would castrate us and make us wagecuck for them.

Thats why a lot of us wouldn't care if the world burned. There is no future that takes into account our happiness anyways.

Jfl at thinking alt righters are chads, go to the donald and see all the limp wristed soyboys there.

Chads dont give a fuck about politics

PJW is the dumbest most arrogant person on the right. He really thinks he is smarter than everyone else, and when people call him out for being a retard (depression isn't real/climate change isn't real) he just pretends he doesn't exist anymore and then next week puts out another garbage video. Alt-lite is fucking cancer.

Is this what the world has become? I know it's clichéd to say it's like idiocracy but responding to someone who might disagree with you by calling them a virgin?


How can anybody enjoy listening to this soyboy cuck? He makes the occasional correct observation, but a lot of what he says is retarded and blue pilled (climate change, depression and hypergamy aren't real). Not to mention his voice and the way he smugly talks down to you is obnoxious and irritating. He has no charisma or self-awareness.

And his insecurity about being associated with us is hilarious. JFL

various incels, r/Braincels 1 Comments [3/7/2019 10:01:35 AM]
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Quote# 139635

Femoids can be anything; and yet always have access to Chads, while men have to fit specific parameters

Femoids can literally be anything, have any type of personality, be shy, be nerdy, be slutty, be traditional, be liberal, have any types of sexual kinks, they can have a high sexual drive, they can have a low sexual drive, be of any ethnicity, etc. They can be depressed, they can have low confidence, they can have high confidence, they can approach the men they like, they can be approached by the men they like, they can want to be degraded and feel bad about themselves, inflicting pain onto themselves, they can be dominant and enjoy putting others down, they can be into practically any subculture genre, they can have any interests, they can live practically anywhere in the world. They can be rich, they can be poor. AND YET ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO HOARDS OF CHADS WAITING FOR THEM.

AND GUESS WHAT, as for MEN, we have to be confident, have a specific dominant personality, be good looking, we have to approach women ourselves and face crushing rejection after rejection, we have to fit these SPECIFIC GUIDELINES and yet women can do / be / like literally ANYTHING and still have more than enough access to fullfill every one of their sexual desires.

Women can DO ANYTHING and Men are confined to these tiny boxes of permittable behavior, and if we step out, then we loose access to any potential source of reproductive pleasures.

ReptileCell, incels.me 6 Comments [8/9/2018 6:23:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 125391

If you haven't lose your virginity by 21 it's over just stop.

If you ever have the opportunity to look through a girls phone or iPad it will redpill you more than anything ever could.

The amount of options and men hitting on them women have is insane. I won't go into details but I recently looked though a 6's stuff and it's literally insane.

Any woman worth dating will have 100s of dudes after them by 21. Even if you somehow managed to get with one being a virgin the difference in the power dynamic is too much to overcome. She has hundreds of options one text message away. You have zero.

Deane_, /r/incels 20 Comments [3/14/2017 11:56:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 133329

I always wonder why my fellow Incel brethren would want to get into a relationship with a femoid if they were able to escape Inceldom in some miraculous chance. There is literally no point in it. You're just signing your own sentence in getting cucked and nothing more. Why do I say that? Because cum dumpsters are not capable of loving or caring; unless of course, if you're Chad or Tyrone.

You'll be nothing but a beta provider to her in which she'll use you for financial aide. So, while you're trying to make a living, not only for yourself but for the ungrateful bitch as well, the cunt would be getting gangbanged by Tyrone/Chad on your own bed. Doesn't seem like a good deal at all, does it?

The best thing I would do, if I were able to escape Inceldom, is that I would not get emotionally attracted towards the cum dumpster in anyway whatsoever. I'll just keep my distance with her and use her only for sex, whenever I want to and however I please.

That way, I wouldn't have to worry about getting cucked by the cunt or some genetically superior male. Just think about it for a second: if average looking males are getting cucked left and right in this day and age, do you really think we have a chance of not getting cucked?

Lookismisreal, r/incels 7 Comments [10/22/2017 11:05:48 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 128088

Muslims teach and genuinely believe that if you die for Islam you will get seventy two 13 year old girls for eternity (not to mention the daughters and wives of conquered enemies in this life). Christianity teaches that if you so much as fap once, you’ll spend eternity with a pitchfork up your arse. In the meantime, stay chained to your hag wife or else. You have to spend eternity with her in ‘heaven’ too.

If I was a testosterone fuelled angry young man I know which one I’d choose.

theantifeminist, Resisting the Rape of the Male – Sex Positive Men's Rights 8 Comments [6/13/2017 1:19:49 PM]
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Submitted By: X
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Quote# 128843

If your sister was decent, she wouldn't be fucking other dudes while you're in distress but would take care of you instead, considering she should love you more than any other men. But sisters are just women. Expecting loyalty or emotional attachment is delusional.

Alia_Harkonnen, r/incels 12 Comments [7/4/2017 8:20:47 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 129396

Final proof to normies that personality has nothing to do with it

1- countless and countless tinder experiments on tinder and other dating sites proving that no matter how misogynistic your bio is women will still, not only fuck you, but also message you first http://imgur.com/uWq0x7c and the average joe doesn't get a single match in a month

2- women only rate a very small minority of men attractive while over 80% are somehow below average http://i.imgur.com/TNjsvOk.png

3- can you name me one celebrity who can't get a gf whenever they please? chris brown beats women and still dates 10s. dan brazillian is a famous "misogynist" and fucks a different 10/10 everyday. justin bieber, john mayor they can all steal your gf despite being notorious douchebags.

4- Look at your school or work place. the guys who have gfs and the guys who don't. you will notice that the attractive ones have gfs and the ugly ones don't. is it because all ugly people have ugly personalities? 5-women bailing out jeremy meeks and paying for his bail despite being a criminal. it must have been because he had an awesome personality while he was assaulting women and kids.

Conclusion: this is me talking to the normies browsing here. women know pesronality doesn't matter but they trick you! look at their actions not their words.

inb4 they start strowmanning and moving the goal posts instead of actually responding to this sound proof argument.

shingis231, /r/incels 12 Comments [7/18/2017 9:38:42 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 134853

The Feminist voice in the Eurasian movement

Over the last couple of years there has been a rise of a Eurasian movement. I think this is a positive development. Despite the paranoia among MRAs about white feminists attacking the WMAF relationship as exploitative and misogynist, the fact is SJWs have tiptoed remarkably gingerly around the elephant in the room of WMAF Patriarchy. They still see race relations along the lines of Black-White. And don’t want to be accused of being Rednecks raging about white women dating black men. Even though the structural power relations are entirely different in the case of WMAF.

This is why as a Hapa Feminist, I considered it a progressive occurrence that the children of WMAF were rising up against their own parents, and speaking truth to power. They were abandoning any Confucian notions of filial piety and having a revolution against their own parents.

What concerns me as a woman and a feminist however, is that the voice of the Eurasian Female has largely been left out. There is a widespread consensus among both pro and anti WMAF forces, that Eurasian daughters turn out just fine. Sure Eurasian sons might suffer oppression and humiliation. But Eurasian daughters can always be a sextoy and porn star, so what do they have to worry about? Now I admit there are certain Hapa girls, who are unable to escape the matrix of ideology and do submit to this role. But it is wrong to typecast all Hapa girls with this. And it is not exactly a privilege to be used as a sexual object by men. Eurasian women are just as dehumanized by white society as hapa men are.

I don’t deny that WMAF is an attack on Asian and Eurasian men. An attempt to emasculate and castrate them. BUT, if you actually read a WMAF blog, you will see the vast majority of the vile hate is directed against “white”, "western", “american” women. It is funny, since these MRAs are White Nationalists and American Patriots. But when it comes to women, suddenly these terms become epithets. WMAF is the product of the Boycott American Women movement. IMHO it is more about hating white and eurasian women, than asian and eurasian men.

I don’t want to turn this into an oppression olympics. I appreciate the lived-experiences of my Hapa brothers. But they need to recognize that WMAF is primarily an anti-woman crusade. And so if you are a Eurasian women, who identifies as an American woman, like me, you will feel very oppressed, humiliated, sexually degraded, by your own WMAF parents. I have never felt comfortable around my white dad, do to the sexualized nature of relations between young asian girls and older white men. Even before I became a Feminist, and had ideological reasons to justify it, I just knew there was something creepy and wrong about being seen with my white dad.

I hope this blog will be able to challenge sexist misconceptions both within the WMAF and Eurasian movements, that everything is A-OK for Eurasian women. We are in our own ways oppressed by the WMAF Patriarchy and our voice needs to be heard.

hapafeminism, Tumblr 3 Comments [12/5/2017 1:44:48 PM]
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Quote# 128923

Because these Western feminists cannot break free from their allegiance to the radical Neo-Leftist ideology. Today's feminists are cultural M@rxists in the clothing of "women's advocates". And they are fully invested in that extremist leftist social change agenda. This is the only way that we can explain how todays feminists can justify defending immigrant rapist MEN against the best interests of European White WOMEN. Just think about that for a minute!

Doesn't the definition of feminism mention WOMEN'S advocacy? And isn't it already well known that cultural M@rxists are the ones that were pushing all the rest of that social change stuff (racial division, gay / lgbt agenda, denigration of the nuclear family, multiculturalism and "diversity", denigration of Christianity, denigration of heteronormativity (straight sexual preference), and gender division) before feminism was absorbed into the cultural M@rxist agenda?

The answer is yes, of course. Now since rampant immigration by outside cultures into the Western White societies is the currently prioritized aim of today's CM revolutionaries as funded by George Soros and other globalist agenda corporate elite masters, then feminists will tow the line and advocate for these rapist MEN at the expense of Western WOMEN.

And there -should- go this so-called "women's advocacy" idea about feminism, flushed down the drain for any self-identified feminist today. But they won't listen to logic. Instead they will follow ideological propaganda pushed by feminists, until their safe, functioning society demands that they cover their faces and bodies and submit to the will of Allah and all men under Sharia law.

.jerry, Yahoo! Answers 1 Comments [7/8/2017 11:02:42 PM]
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Quote# 132243

Anonymous, Whisper 4 Comments [9/28/2017 1:35:25 PM]
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Quote# 132928

The tool being the internet. It's really more of a curse than a gift. It deteriorates your attention span and your ability to focus because it adjusts your mind to handle constant and varied stimulation at your every whim. And for normies with real world potential, keeps them distracted from real life social interaction that could actually be beneficial for them.

It gets women worshipped like they're household gods in ancient Rome by their pictures, allowing them to collect beta orbiters like trophies while giving them access to virtually unlimited Chads to fulfill their desires. It has greatly enhanced women's value while plummeting men's.

It also makes men weak and provides little real world ability in a society so comfortable that looks is all that really matters in couples pairing up. This will likely lead to a lower quality following generation of children along with the fact that people are generally having children much later [bad for genetic quality too]. The social effects are profound but there's little real talk about it.

not_here_4_points, r/incels 5 Comments [10/13/2017 11:31:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 127571

[When women were never severely oppressed but they should have been]

" this is a vastly different telling of empire/history than we learned growing up in school, even in the university/college. vastly different. normally, we’re told how despotic and draconian previous civilizations were, how women/children were ALWAYS oppressed and property…wow.


Yup. It wasnt like they told you. In many ancient and classical cultures women had it a lot better than youd think. In fact, it was often libertine female behavior and abuse of power that eventually led to the restrictions one finds in recent history.

Welmer, The Spearhead 1 Comments [5/29/2017 11:17:46 AM]
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Quote# 135676

[Op of "Forget death row inmates. Should it be legal to fuck female fetuses?"]

If abortion is legal, I see no reason it should not be legal for incels to fuck female fetuses. Remember, "it'z not a human life form, it's just a bunch of cells," blah blah blah.

If it's OK to slice open its skull and suck out its brains with a vacuum cleaner, shouldn't incels be allowed to fuck it?

DestroyingIdioticPpl, Reddit - r/Braincels 19 Comments [1/3/2018 5:16:46 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 126730

TIL that 35% of men report at least some degree of likelihood of raping if they could be assured they wouldn't be caught or punished.

Pretty sure its like 99% under the right circumstances.

War is a little different, you don't know if your gonna live to see tomorrow, the woman are part of the people trying to kill you, and rape is a tool of dominance, your scared you may die and raping the enemy is a way to cope and say that your in control. I'm not saying I condone it but it's way different then, "Yo that bitch is smoking, I'd rape her ass if I wouldn't get caught".

Cyrocloud, reddit 5 Comments [4/28/2017 2:13:46 PM]
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Quote# 137716

Only in America can an overt female fatty be given recognition for shoveling massive amounts cupcakes in her suck-hole; all in the name of virtue signaling.

Thanks Feminism!



Ghost, Gab 11 Comments [4/6/2018 9:22:41 AM]
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Quote# 137675

[Emphasis original]

its better to have a daughter then a son

having a daughter : you can beat, abuse and emotionally bully her into become a good female who you can then choose a partner for, so she doesn't become a whore

having a son: having offspring who will hate you and hate himself because he will most likely be incel

Except for the fact that cucked child services will arrest you for child abuse, and the wife probably won't allow it.

haha i will beat her too. i'll keep them locked in the basement if i have to

Wtf are you talking about, none of this would work unless you live in Saudi arabia.

joseph fritzl did it and he lived in fucking Austria of all places

It's best not to have a child (boy or girl) prior to the beta uprising.

7339er, Crustaciouse and Blackpill101, incels.me 14 Comments [4/3/2018 10:04:07 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 136490

straight boys are so fucking dumb like “did you come yet?” bitch are you really that fucking stupid that you cant even tell that i obviously havent yet????

#i dont know why but i was randomly thinking about this on the way home #stick to girls #i hate men #why am i attracted to them #this is my bisexual rant for the day

illbeyourmoonchild, Tumblr 8 Comments [2/8/2018 2:46:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Thanos6
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