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The illusion of female equality exists due to their cocksleeves

Females are the inferior gender and they would be treated inferior to men if it wasn’t for their meat holes. They are inferior in every way. They are only better at being cock sleeves. Their main value is in that. The only thing they have over men is that. The only thing that makes them get equal or better treatment are their cock sleeves but make no mistake. They are below us. Since their sleeves are denied to us they have no value or worth to incels. Females are inferior. They need a gynocentric society and movements to stack everything in their favor to appear equal. If you think of females as equals you are already cucked. Why can they get away with this? Why does this illusion work and nobody does or says anything? It’s because of their cocksleeves. If female sexual resources wouldn’t be so overvalued or if they didn’t have vaginas would they be treated equally to men? The answer is no. They don’t sleep with lesser men to keep sex overvalued to keep their power and monopoly going. The only reason they get somewhat equal treatment is due to their cocksleeves. They appear somewhat equal to beta morons due to their cocksleeves. Their only value is as an object. Females always were objects and always will be objects. Females consciously or subconsciously like being objects because they get equal treatment out of it. Lesser men are getting played if they believe any of these illusions. They love being objects to chad but not lesser men that’s why we are all here.

Canino1997, R/incels 16 Comments [6/25/2017 11:14:11 PM]
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Quote# 97692

Given the disposable nature of the male, it makes no sense to presume that they have the same capability of experiencing deeper emotions that the female possesses. Males shouldn’t really be capable of the same level of suffering, and it would be an inefficient allocation of resources to help them with things like rape and violence. Even in the unlikely event that they could experience deeper emotions, the allocation of resources to protect “innocent” males would be much more efficiently allocated helping “innocent” females, as their existence and health is more valuable to population stability. Why waste money for feel-good notions like “equality” or “justice”? These are simply subjective platitudes that apes made up in order to derive some sense of control over an indifferent and random world. They hold no objective value. Efficiency is at least quantifiable.

Unphysicalism,  Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men 24 Comments [11/17/2013 5:04:35 AM]
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Quote# 131091

"Why do you treat women as if they're a different species?"

Given their vastly different life experiences and thought processes they may as well be.


Femoids can get laid whenever they want. Offers are abundant as freshwater and as easy to get as a flick with a finger on an app. This is an alternate reality to a sub 8 men who has to put arduous amount of work with little to no success. Only straight Chads and gay men have the same experience.


Just like sex, relationships are far easier to obtain for femoids. They get asked out regularly. Any femoids who claims she hasn't has rejected/friendzoned a few sub 8s and is waiting for a Chad instead.

Vast majority of sub 8s have hardly ever been complimented by a femoid let alone asked out by one and getting a relationship is even more hard-work with failures being far more common (or exclusive) than successes.


femoids get relentless support from society no matter how minuscule it is. Any perceived inequality is immediately given attention, funded and activism. Femoids can do no wrong according to other femoids and whiteknights. Femoids can complain about not getting the men they want and will be comforted, have their accountability removed and offered compliments and dates by whiteknights.

Sub 8 men don't receive this. They are demonised and treated as villains. Any frustration they have for their sex and love life is immediately interpreted as "entitlement." They're rarely given genuine sympathy and empathy besides from men who go through the same hell.


Men are direct and blunt in how we talk to each other and with service people (e.g ordering food). Femoids hate it especially in sex and relationship setting from sub 8 males. If a sub 8 man said:

"You're hot, wanna come to my place and have sex?"


"If you're not busy would you like to go on a date."

Femoids usually react with a creeped out and sometimes hostile manner.

When you check out on "How to seduce women", "How to know a woman likes you" whether it's pua or mainstream version it's all how to decipher their ambiguous, vague, plausible deniable body language/ behaviour because Femoids despise being upfront unless it's for Chad & Tyrone. We even have gay men laughing at how unnecessarily complicated hetero courting/relationships are.

Inceldom & True forced loneliness

As a Result, growing number of sub 8 men have been condemned to being alone despite their efforts for love and sex. Femoids cannot comprehend the possibility of being completely sexually and romantically undesirable to the opposite sex and why so many sub 8 men are having difficulty getting a woman(even if they're contributing to the unbalanced dating/sex paradigm).

The male and female experiences are world's apart, like the old saying goes "men are from mars and women from Venus."

dontcryimalreadydead, /r/incels 7 Comments [8/29/2017 10:42:06 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 130048

The fantastic message of love of Marc Lepine

Why a red ribbon? Is it not the color of the AIDS campaign already? We would have liked to find an original color, but all colors are already taken. White, red, green, blue, yellow, brown, black, even intermediary colors like lime, cherry or fuschia: they have all been taken by some social cause or left-wing campaign, much to the point that certain colors are shared now by more than one institution or fundraiser. Facing such a difficult choice, Red vs White seemed the best solution.

The Red Ribbon campaign makes plain to all that Marc Lepine is in fact a kind of liberator and that December 6 could finally become something positive. Liberator, how so? He liberates women from the unhealthy thoughts of genocide and gendercide that were prevalent in the feminist discourse since the days of Valerie Solanas and Mary Daly, and helps them STOP their planned monstrosities. The message is here: stop hurting men and be good to them, and they will stop hating you. They could even start to like you again some day. This is the Red Ribbon message of Marc that we can oppose to the White Ribbon of shame, guilt and hatred.

Marc Lepine tells women and feminists YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE MONTERS ANYMORE. He tells these thousands of women and feminists who have stolen their partner's house, their car, their money, he tells those who have stolen their ex-husband's children, their jobs and drove them to suicide: STOP TO BE MONSTERS, stop to secretly dream of killing men and planning gendercide, and we will perhaps begin again to love you some day. This is a powerful message, A MESSAGE OF LOVE, worthy of a new Christ.

The Red Ribbon campaign aims at ''unmonster'' women. It gives back their dignity to former feminazis, and allows those who performed atrocities without clearly realizing it, or misguided by their peers and under orders from the feminist war machine, to choose the path to REDEMPTION. To proudly wear this Red Ribbon is to show the world that YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE MONTERS ANYMORE, there is a way to salvation. Marc has given back women their dignity: he says ''be good and men will immediately stop to hate you, even start to like you again''. This is the powerful MESSAGE OF LOVE, and message of hope of Marc Lepine. Stop planning gendercide and stop acting like monsters, and we will start to love you again!


Why not? The killer saint tells them: ''let's save the planet from genocide. You don't have to read these books of vengeance anymore, like Mary Daly and Valerie Solanas, you don't have to plan massacres of male children in our hospitals anymore''. The iconic killer tells them: ''I'm ready to forgive you my children''. According to him, he would even be willing to forgive them the destruction of the environment which has been caused qui by feminine franctic consumerism for more than a century. Ladies, join this campaign of love of Marc: throw away this white ribbon of hate and replace it with the red color of love. Together, let us ''unmonster'' our society !

John Gisogod

PS. an extra kind word from Bob Allen to all of you out there

International Marc Lepine Day, December 6, is almost here again. By now all MEN should have their homes decorated. The lights should be up. The cards sent out, The carbines polished. A day of feasting, drinking, and celebrating.

Happy Saint Marc's Day to you all.


John Gisogod/Bob, MARC LEPINE Blog 12 Comments [8/2/2017 9:08:06 AM]
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Quote# 89899

I can't go so far as to support rape, I still think it's wrong and should be punished, but I like that women need to live in fear of rape. I like that I have found an issue that the mere mention of can reduce most Feminists to tears. If you want to cause pain to a woman, make a joke about rape. I will be sure to do this more in my own life.

In some spats I had with females during the years, I wonder if they mistakingly took my belligerent attitude as being a threat of rape, which I didn't intend, as opposed to just the threat of violence, which was the effect I was going for.

In conclusion: rape is funny

Otis, Anti-Womens Coalition 84 Comments [11/4/2012 5:00:54 AM]
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Quote# 130339

That was a great time to be an American woman. You so-called modern women are vulgar, classless, boorish, ignorant, filthy & sexually vile like prostitutes, insipidly ignorant and selfish bores. Hard garish & cheap always whining & looking for the worst in everything not knowing the worst of things are right before your mirrors. Girls now are pregnant & never marry having sex with every one gang rape is common too. Your point??

jan tellit, Youtube 12 Comments [8/9/2017 11:44:11 AM]
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Quote# 102903


I do my best to interpret religious scripture but I recall hearing of a sura in the Koran which calls for a woman to be 'banished to the house' when she is guilty of 'lewdness in public'. I took this to mean that if she displayed western femicunt behaviour, then what better way to quarantine her than take every garment of clothing she owns and hide them. Empty her drawers and closet leaving her NAKED AT HOME. If she wishes to leave the house to get the mail, well she can wear YOUR work shirt or bathrobe. Give her a pair of YOUR old boxers for around the house and while cooking. Have a wife beater hanging near the front door to throw on if anyone knocks. You can take her in public escorted as long as her 'redskin' is covered. Lips (mouth) are redskin. Eyelids (if flipped out) I presume would be redskin, but that is childish silliness.
Then there's the asshole and pooter, definitely red, and the nipples. Meniscii the size of nice coffee lids definitely. A 3xl work shirt with 'BUD' on the name tag draped to her thighs, her arms within it clutching it like a rain poncho would make it CLEAR AS CRYSTAL that she is owned and off limits when we stroll into the 7-11.

kramw, Return of Kings 37 Comments [8/24/2014 6:55:05 AM]
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Quote# 125331

unknow, slideshare.net 22 Comments [3/12/2017 2:15:34 AM]
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Quote# 127564

Shelters are brainwashing corruption that use gender segregation to divide us and weaken our bonds as a nation.

RetroSpriteResources, http://retrospriteresources.deviantart.com/journal/The-fucking-truth-682881153 5 Comments [5/27/2017 11:44:31 AM]
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Quote# 33943

This guy comes home from work, "Hi Honey, what's for supper?" "Whatever you're fixing." You know, she just got back from one of those meetings, those femi-nazi meetings. He said, "Honey, the house is kind of a mess, have you been busy today?" She said, "If you don't like it you clean it up." This went on for ten minutes. And finally he said, "How would you like to not see me for a week?" She said, "That would be fine with me." And sure enough on the the seventh day her left eye started to open just a little bit.

Kent Hovind, www.kent-hovind.com 118 Comments [1/22/2008 10:31:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Eileen
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Quote# 131073

Why Incels should consider to support Islam

I know this sound silly, but at the end of this post it will all make sense. Im not here to actually convince to you that Allah exist, because he doesn't. Im an atheist myself but I pose as a muslim and I do that because I see what Islam does to countries. Islam is the biggest anti-chad religion there is and I know that if Islam gains enough influence in my country(sweden) It will be considerably easier to earn pussy. Islam originated as a religion but it also doubles as a tool to distribute women among men and this is the sole reason why Incels should become a '' muslim '' and support it.

There is literally nothing to lose for Incels to support Islam and Islamic immigration. By doing that not only will you be fucking chads over while you will also be increasing your own chance of getting laid. And for those that think that supporting Islam will be too slow to affect your life time, you're wrong. Islam has almost taken power in sweden and It won't be long till I get a muslim wife and end my celibacy.

k0sidian, /r/incels 7 Comments [8/28/2017 2:39:59 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 127870

[Excerpt from a discrimination complaint filed by the ACLU]

When M.S. asked Mr. Garrett why he was denying her daughter access to a valid prescribed medication, he told her that he was refusing to fill the prescription because of his personal beliefs. When M.S. asked for clarification, Mr. Garrett explained in a judgmental tone that he was refusing to fill the prescription because he had a “pretty good idea” for what purpose the medication would be used. Mr. Garrett’s statements left M.S. with the sound belief that he was refusing to fill M.S.’s daughter’s prescription because he believed the prescription would be used for M.S.’s daughter’s reproductive healthcare.

Mr. Garrett, Patheos 3 Comments [6/6/2017 8:32:50 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Nice Guy™ In A Nutshell

Quote# 124146

Opening doors for women is a chivalrous activity that gives men an opportunity to check out and/or smack women's asses.

Article "Holding doors for women", Kings Wiki 24 Comments [2/1/2017 12:49:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 127898


I see many of you are becoming more vocal. Taking back your independence, crushing “rape apologists” in their tracks. Good for you. I applaud your rebellion against a “rape culture.”
Truth be told, I’m on your side. I agree with you. Women are treated unfairly, objectified, exploited and even have those problems ignored no matter how clear and prevalent. It is a sad state of the world that men live in a world of privilege and rarely get prosecuted for their wrongdoings.
There should be no difference in rights for men and women, or at the very least no reason to hold the rights of one above the other. In a civilized culture this is simply unacceptable and I want you to keep fighting back.
Why? Strong, outspoken, powerful women turn me on. I will find you and I will fuck you.
You see, I agree that nothing a woman does is an invitation or excuse to rape her, but to hell with it, that short skirt turns me on. I support your right to not be judged for your choices in apparel but that doesn’t mean I will lust after you any less.
Bothered yet? I want you to understand that there is no reason or excuse to ever rape a woman and I’m going to fucking do it anyway. I promise, it’s not your fault. I gladly accept the blame on this one.
Why target women? Simple, men don’t make me hard.
Do I target women in provocative clothing? No, but if you catch my eye, you catch my eye. Be sparkly, show some leg. I like that.
Do I target drunk girls? No, but sometimes it’s nice to know that no one will take her seriously anyway. I prefer to work for a fix, thrill of the hunt and all… but hey, we all like fast food sometimes.
Out at night? You should be able to feel free to get home safely. We all have to work right? Some of you get home late, that’s okay, the night time is no excuse to be assaulted… but I mean… I’m just so much more likely to get caught during the day. It’s not likely I would be convicted but still, who needs all of those lawyer fees?
Asking for it? Hardly, I don’t think you “need it” or “want it” in fact I don’t want you to do either. Then, how will I see you cry? I don’t believe for one second you want me to do this. If I did I simply would have propositioned you.
I want you to understand that it’s not your fault. I promise, it’s mine. I know it’s mine. No one has the right to touch your body without your consent. I know the difference between right and wrong, I promise I do. I simply don’t care. Sad fact of the world but you see I’m simply not a good person, doesn’t bother me much.
You can sit there and say, what kind of person would write such filth? Who would dare put these words down? A bad one. The same type of person who would rape you. Someone who doesn’t care about right and wrong. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what you do. I am out there and if I want you I will take you.
Life isn’t fair.
See you soon.

the-wrong-company, Tumblr 21 Comments [6/7/2017 1:38:08 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 132842

[Bonus: he says capitalism and "Cultural Marxism" are the same thing in a conversation below this tweet]

Reminder that "liberation" just means enslavement & exploitation, denial of biology & gender roles for benefit of capitalists #DayoftheGirl

nontolerantman, Twitter 6 Comments [10/12/2017 3:10:29 AM]
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Quote# 128937

The world would be a much better place to live in if it were guaranteed that wicked men died as virgins. I’d like to be able to point at a typical bully, abuser, or thug and taunt that no woman would ever want him. It’s the only thing they understand. They have no conception of morality, unable to perceive humanity as having any purpose beyond feeding, fighting and fucking. Especially fucking.
We’re taught that women are the arbiters, offering future offspring to those whose genes should be passed on. We’re taught that they drive the process of evolution by selecting only the best and the brightest men.
Oh, I wish. Why bother trying to better yourself as a person when there are thousands of battered, raped, psychologically broken and easily manipulated BUT TOTALLY HOT girls turning eighteen every day? They’ll even do anal if you verbally abuse them enough!
I try to keep fighting. I try to deliver punishment whenever I can, within the bounds of social decency, which doesn’t get me far at all. Any argument I can try to lay down is always met with “Yeah, well MY GIRLFRIEND…”
One day, I’d like to be able to respond “Too bad, son. I’m putting her down. Step aside, I’m a professional.” Of course, that’s a lie. I’m not a professional. But I have to start somewhere. If you don’t treat your toys nicely, I throw them away. Because that’s all that these girlfriends are. Toys.
I cannot see them as human beings for they offer nothing to the human experience. They will create no art worth seeing, write no tale worth reading, have no thought that couldn’t be gleaned from Nicholas Sparks novels and trite ‘inspirational’ posters. They have the intellectual curiosity of a germ. They believe that ambitions are something for other people. They seek happiness in nothing but the love they give to others, believing their relationships to be divine and meaningful rather than something that is easily replicated by a Labrador retriever. Therefore they do not know that they are endlessly rewarding the evil deeds of men unworthy, and thus inadvertently weakening society. And quite frankly, they’re not even pretty. Nothing is lost if I put them down. In fact, we have everything to gain. But her mommy and daddy will be sad. :’C Of course your girlfriend isn’t like that, I’m sure she’s a beautiful and unique snowflake. She’s had some troubles in the past, but learning to trust you has made her so much better. Please. there is no such thing as a cute couple none of you fucking fucks are cute you’re all stinking sweating bags of meat propagating a race of pig-apes in the absence of a benevolent god who has either fucked off to another universe or been buried under a pile of innocents lying cold and rotten in a mass grave and here you are making gifs of yourselves kissing as the value of human life continues to deteriorate i would sell your souls for a pistol loaded with a single bullet this is how much i hate you this is how much i hate a world that you exist in my prayers for annihilation dissipate into the empty cosmos and die as you ought to your story ends here

manofire, CoAlpha Reactionary Forum 5 Comments [7/6/2017 9:51:20 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 132244

I don't take male interruption well. Every time I go to any public place, a white male invents a reason to jabber at me. I don't know if it's flirting, or what, but it feels like dudes look at me and say to themselves "there is a smallish female all alone! Let me share the manly beacon that is me! Surely, she will enjoy.....nay.....ADORE my showering her in my male attentions!! The female nurturing nature simply thrives on male approval and attention. Yep. Imma make little ladies day".

My standard response is to literally bark WHAT? Their little male faces fall, and I can clearly see that they are just so fucking confused that I don't preen and bask in the unique and special male light that they are attempting to gift to me.

But I totally believe that little fella was perplexed by plastic bags. I mean, this is a group of people that bumble around, either being destructive or controlling and crying. They aren't known for intellect.

Hekate Jayne, Feminist Current 3 Comments [9/28/2017 1:35:29 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 126872

For an alleged defender of white womanhood, Andrew Anglin of the neo-Nazi tip sheet The Daily Stormer really seems to hate white women. In a post yesterday, Anglin urged his fellow racist white dudes to uplift their race by tearing “their” women down.

Anglin begins his post with an angry rant against “All About That Bass,” Megan Trainor’s musical paean to women who’ve “got that boom boom that all the boys chase, all the right junk in all the right places.” Snowflake Anglin retorts that real men like him think “[f]at women are disgusting.”

Naturally, he blames the popularity of Trainor’s song on the evil machinations of the Elders of Zion.

“The Jews are literally marketing obesity as a favorable lifestyle choice – they are selling this to teenage girls,” he charges....
Fat people are not simply destroying themselves – they are destroying society.
By refusing to take basic care of yourself and present yourself in a manner that is not disgusting, you are demonstrating vile hatred for everyone around you. Giving gluttonous sluts the “freedom” to be fat takes away the freedom of normal people to not have to look at disgusting fat slobs when they are out in public trying to lead normal lives.

Despite the chilly April in Ohio weather, they were wearing short shorts, showing off their elephant legs. They were proud.

Passing them on the way back from the bathroom, I stopped right in front of them, looked at the French fries one was munching, then looked her straight in the eyes, then looked down at her bulbous exposed legs, then looked her straight in the eyes and shook my head and said “Jesus fucking Christ” and walked away.

You are helping your society and your race by doing this, and it will make you feel confident. Looking down on women is something all men should be doing, a status we need to regain in this matriarchal Jew hell of a society we’ve been born into against our will, and fat women are an easy target for building up your confidence.

If you don’t have the confidence yet to walk right up to these whores, you can look at them from a distance, make eye-contact, and shake your head in disgust. This will build your confidence as you train your subconscious mind to understand that these whores are far, far below you.

Note that this may be illegal in some European countries. But it sure as hell isn’t in America. And it needs to be done.

Everyone should make it a personal mission to inflict shame on some horrible slut each and every day of his life.

But your abuse “doesn’t have to be limited to fat women.” In fact, you can just go ahead and abuse “all types of stupid, worthless whores.”

Like, for example, white women dating icky non-white men!....
If you see an interracial couple, you can stop and say, enthusiastically “wow, you guys are such a cute couple,” she will almost certainly interpret this as you giving her exactly what she wants – social approval for her brave social justice act. So then, while she’s smiling, look the stupid bitch straight in the eyes and say “your father must be so proud.” Then, start laughing, and walk away.

The “your father must be so proud” line followed by laugher can be used in all types of different situations.

If a girl is dressed particularly whorishly, or is making some big public attention getting display, you can say “wow, you sure are something – your father must be so proud” and start laughing.

If they get standoffish with you and try to attack you for shaming them, just keep laughing and walk away.

If “cuckolded white knight faggots” step in to defend the “whore” in question, you can also stand up to them by walking away. “Don’t engage,” Anglin warns.
Engaging makes it look like it matters to you more than it does, and that then boosts the ego of the slut. You want her to know that you think she is lower than any insect.

I promise you, this will make you feel GREAT because you are doing a very GREAT thing for our race and society. You can then teach your friends to do the same. We can create an entire social movement, very rapidly, as men begin to realize the deep spiritual joy and righteousness they feel in putting these stupid whores in their place.

Some of Anglin’s readers were apparently worried that adopting his “abuse practically every woman you see” approach might make it difficult for them to find dates for the prom. Anglin assures them in an “IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT” appended to his post that nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, ladies love abusive men! It’s SCIENCE.
For any remaining white knights who just don’t get it, and accuse me of somehow making it so men won’t be successful with women if they view them and treat them this way, you know absolutely nothing whatsoever about women. …

Men who engage in the type of behavior I have outlined here are the kind of men that women desire more than anything. In fact, they are the only type of men they desire. This is evolutionary biology, it is a scientific fact …

Women have exactly zero desire to be “respected” by men who view them as “equals” – women desire to be dominated by men who view them as property.

My agenda is to save the white race by helping men to become men again, and I don’t give a fuck about the tears of you pussy-worshiping cowards who have abandoned OUR WOMEN to their own fundamentally self-destructive natures by refusing to give them male guidance through the mechanism of public shaming.

You white knight cowards are the ones who are destroying OUR WOMEN by abdicating your masculine duty to put them in their place where they are safe and protected by men who dominate and own them, while at the same time claiming that any man who stands up and does his masculine duty is the bad guy.

White knights are worse than Jews – they are traitors.

Andrew Anglin, We Hunted The Mammoth (report) 15 Comments [5/3/2017 9:59:29 PM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: SpukiKitty
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Quote# 126952

should the age of consent be lowered to 13

Because once you're of age to reproduce, you're fair game.

Once you're of age to reproduce, you should fair game in the dating world. "Kids" younger than that used to take on much more adult rolls years ago, but we're so involved in coddling and sheltering kids these days that they're happy with spewing the "I'm just a kid" excuse well into their 20s. If you're worried about lowering the age limit because they cannot make such "adult decisions" then why is the age of consent 16 or younger in most places? 3 years doesn't make much of a difference to me. They look pretty much the same and damn sure aren't smarter in a lot of cases. We should be striving to prepare kids for these types of decisions earlier on so that they can choose for themselves if they want to engage in such activities.

unknown, debate.org 6 Comments [5/7/2017 7:29:38 PM]
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Quote# 125601

The blame for the mess in America is mostly the man's fault in my opinion. God created man to take charge and lead. When REAL men falter and become scarce in number, then women and homosexuals easily rise to power. We have bratty children running the nation these days. Any reminisce of genuine and respectable men of honor, character and integrity is long gone. I place the primary blame upon husbands and fathers because we are the one's whom God left in charge of everything.

Let me clarify, I believe that most marriage failures are the woman's fault. God created man and gave him work to do; but the wife's work is her husband. If a woman fails as a wife, then she has failed at her life's work in God's eyes. Therefore, and in view of 1sr Peter 3:1, I firmly believe that women are mostly to blame when divorce happens. In fact, it's women who file for divorce at more than TWICE the rate of men in America.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 7 Comments [3/21/2017 3:19:40 PM]
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