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williamk could win a Comment of the Month with this gem,

Leftism is a solitary female way to think. The physically weak must rely on deception and manipulation. This necessarily includes self-deception where necessary to ease cognitive dissonance.

Leftism appeals to soyboys and solitary females. Strong men rely on natural laws to attain power, well-adjusted women rely on the strong men and those same natural laws.

Females who are alone, or who can only attain a soyboy, will necessarily turn to leftism to navigate the world.

Very useful rules of thumb:

Weakness => Leftism
Strength => Commonsenseism

Ugliness => Leftism
Beauty => Commonsenseism

LSMV men and women => Leftism
HSMV men and women => Commonsenseism

Effeminate men and masculine women => Leftism
Masculine men and feminine women => Commonsenseism

Loveless losers => Leftism
Beloved winners => Commonsenseism

Bitter sluts and cat ladies => Leftism
Loving wives and honored mothers => Commonsenseism

Weak soyboys and the feminists who resent their company => Leftism
Strong men and the women who love them for their strength => Commonsenseism

The socially atomized => Leftism
The socially embedded => Commonsenseism

Conclusion: As a society becomes more female in nature, it becomes more leftist. A feedback loop develops so that increasing leftism pushes society further away from the life-saving masculinity it needs to correct its degenerate distaff course.

williamk, Henry Mueller, PA, among others, produce some of the finest commenting I’ve read on any blog, let alone this one blessed to have so many MAGAminds gathered at one place. I understand this outpost of Love takes some heat for having a mainly hands-off philosophy toward commenter quality control (it is a blog after all, not a forum), but if you have the patience to sift through the food fight debris you can find quite a few diamonds.

PS something I’ve noticed in my travels is that in locales where White leftoid cogdis is highest, anti-Trump fever is hottest. But where White leftoids live basically free of the need to ease any cognitive dissonance, their anti-Trump furor is muted and they tend to cleave to traditional leftist gripes with a focus on class and capitalist predation. I think this has to do with Trump being the Great Clarifier; his raw candor and no-bullshit freewheeling style exposing the lies of our currently ruling orthodoxy act as a pain amplification chamber for leftoids heavily burdened by the task of accommodating their equalist religion to the reality encroaching in every direction on them which belies their religious beliefs.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 5 Comments [6/6/2018 1:00:09 PM]
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Quote# 130992

A beta brings granny her prune juice and dentures,

White knighting in hopes of a loose vaginal adventure.

These actions at first may seem unholy and desperate,

But we all know that female dating is wholly decrepit.

My_Post_Is_On_Topic, /r/incels 8 Comments [8/26/2017 6:03:26 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 136618

A mother is horrified that her daughter might be forced to dance with a lower-status boy at a Valentine's Day party:

A Utah mother is concerned after finding out her child couldn’t reject a classmate’s invitation to dance at a Valentine’s Day school party because it would be against school rules.

Natalie Richard, whose daughter is in sixth grade at Kanesville Elementary School in Weber County, told Fox 13 Salt Lake City that she was shocked to hear her child tell her she couldn’t tell a fellow student “no” if he asked her to dance at the upcoming event.

Confused, Richard told her daughter that she was “misunderstanding” the situation, because “that’s not how it is.”

The daughter’s teacher, however, confirmed to Richard that, in fact, her daughter “has to say yes” and “has to accept” such a proposal.

Still concerned, Richard took her plight to the school principal — who “basically just said they’ve had this dance set up this way for a long time and they’ve never had any concern before.”

Of course the school has to set rules like this for children. Otherwise, all the kids will all just stand around and watch as the three most popular boys and their girlfriends dance. It's tough enough for a junior high boy to publicly ask a girl to dance even if she has to say yes. Throw in the possibility of actual rejection - as opposed to sighs, rolled eyes, and snide comments - and ain't nobody dancing.

The alternative, of course, is the highly efficient way our fifth-grade dance teacher did it. Line up the boys in one row, the girls in another, both by height. No cutting or exchanging. Congratulations, you have a partner. Try not to step on her toes.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 13 Comments [2/18/2018 11:20:15 AM]
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Quote# 129054

(ishower98timesaday): A simple way to determine your actual worth as a human being.....how many people cheered for you when your name was announced at your high school commencement? im watching my high school commencement livefeed video from 4 years ago, it shows multiple angles of the entire gym and the whole two hours. and i just happened to notice litterally everyone except a few people had roaring cheers. yaaaaaaa!!! wooooo!!!!! or at the very least some clapping or one or two people Wooing.
then my name is called. you could hear a pin drop it was so silent. and you see my stupid skinny face waddle on up with a shitty smile on.then the next person is called. woooooooooo!!!!! ya!!!!!!!
and holy shit, when mega chad came on stage. Cody G WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! YAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP. YOUR THE MAN CODY. ***** loud whistles*****
i mean even the guy actually announcing his name said it louder and slower cause he knew he was the school chad.
mad suicide fuel. i mean i had ages 8-18 to make some friends that liked me enough to clap or cheer. didnt happen. IM A FAILED HUMAN.

(arotirus): Just think that every time your former peers watch the video, they'll laugh when your face pops in.
And they'll think to themselves:
"Funny character that incel. A little weird, a little random. I hope he turned his life around. He had potential."
Without realizing that they destroyed that potential with their incessant bullying...

(emperorhirohito): They either don't remember you or hoped you failed. Chads, Normies and Stacies are all the same, they are incapable of feeling true emotions or thinking true thoughts. They are a shadow of humanity.

ishower98timesaday, arotirus, and emperorhirohito, r/incels 15 Comments [7/9/2017 11:21:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 140275

[They are reacting to a thread of people bitching about men having to register with the selective service]

Where the fuck are all the feminists?

Uhhh, not fighting to have more people forced to sign up to fight men’s wars. That’s where.

They dont want to be free from oppression, they want women to join them in it. Funny how that is. Typical male mindset though, either make everyone fix all your problems for you or make them suffer through them with you

lmao at pointing out them only bitching and moaning that feminists wont come save the day, even though its a MANS problem created by MEN.

Typical liberal feminism too: no fundamental change, just a certain amount of mostly legal 'equity' within the current system.

A lot of us feminists aren’t in the US, for starters. Go sort your own self-inflicted problems, war-mongering American men.

because everything is always women's fault.

lemme get this straight, though- war, that thing that men have been doing for a thousand years to rape, murder, and pillage with impunity, that thing that the united states' male-run government is currently propogating to enrich weapons and oil companies also run by men? we're supposed to pity them and fight their fights even though they hate us? nah, sort that one out amongst yourselves, you fucking monsters.

some TERFs, r/GenderCritical 4 Comments [9/4/2018 3:25:39 AM]
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Quote# 129551

[From "When James Bond Met A Lesbian"]

There was a mediocre article recently in The American Conservative about the enduring masculinity of James Bond. It had one great quote worth sharing…

That’s what a half-century of self-entitlement does to a society: it takes the backbone out of people while simultaneously giving them notions of grandeur. This makes them malleable. Make enough people malleable and you can make them, en masse, believe in any fancy or whim. Want to know why gay marriage is inevitable? Because today’s man, coerced into believing in his own emasculation, would introduce himself to a lesbian named Pussy Galore by saying: “I respect your lifestyle choice.” When James Bond met a lesbian named Pussy Galore, he slept with her.

James Bond: the opposite of self-entitlement.

The reason that liberalism gets attacked so frequency in the manosphere is that it’s seen as the ideology that promotes entitlement and emasculation. Conservatives are full of enablers as well, but liberalism seems to lead the way. If you consider that feminism has used the liberal platform to advance its agenda, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Roosh Valizadeh and Stephen B. Tippins Jr., Return of Kings 16 Comments [7/21/2017 12:28:18 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 136517

A grandmother from Kent, Washington (a Seattle suburb) has been arrested for forcing children in her care to drink urine and engage in sexual acts with their siblings. Rose Marie Johnson, according to several children and witnesses, has been putting little kids through hell for years. She first came to the attention of social services when a boy accused her of improprieties in 2008, but investigators did not take him seriously.

When we hear about witch burnings in the bad old days, they are usually presented in the context of innocent women irrationally accused by superstitious Christians. If the behavior of women today is any indication, they are capable of doing awful things to people, including children, and were probably all the more likely to get away with it when there was less communication and people had a greater ability to avoid state intrusion.

So when one hears about persecution of innocent women in pre-modern Europe, it should be kept in mind that although some certainly didn’t deserve their fate and were set up for one reason or the other (e.g. Jeanne d’Arc), a lot of them probably had it coming. In fact, today they get away with this stuff with little more than a slap on the wrist, because their victims are just children, after all, and women are higher value human beings in our feminist regime.

W. F. Price, The Spearhead 3 Comments [2/8/2018 6:29:11 PM]
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Quote# 127931

On his radio program yesterday, right-wing commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trump–obsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root warned men never to date a liberal woman who owns cats because “she’ll cut your pee-pee off.”

Root was ranting about a federal contractor who was arrested for allegedly leaking classified information to a news outlet when he went off on a tangent about how liberal women who own cats are all insane.

“Find me a woman who is a feminist and a liberal and likes cats and I will find you someone who ought to be in an insane asylum every single time,” Root bellowed. “Hey guys, if any of you out there are single and you ever meet a woman who admits to being a liberal and hating Trump and when you get to her house, she’s got cats, run for your life. Run, run, run. Like those ads in Britain, run and hide and tell other men to run and hide.”

“No man can ever live with a liberal woman with cats,” he continued. “She’ll cut your pee-pee off, I promise you. Liberals are mentally unstable and mentally insane. They’re unhinged.”

Wayne Allyn Root, Right Wing Watch 20 Comments [6/8/2017 10:07:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 133035

Women are the biggest hypocrites about bullying. When I was in highschool, there was always these groups of chads who'd push me around, constantly laugh at me and smack me in the head whenever they got the chance. The females with them would ALWAYS laugh and make some cheap comment about my huge nose or fivehead.

Those same bitches on facebook today post inspirational qoutes about how we need to stop bullying and how its bad and shit. I hate it so much they still rank in the social karma while being bullies! They are still doing the same thing to this day. They have a whole sub on bullying us and laughing at us. They are all bullies. all women.

touchbutt2, r/Incels 5 Comments [10/18/2017 7:54:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 129245

An erect bearing, head up, and a polite smile (not a feral one) go a long way toward being seen as a strong, confident person. So many modern women don’t get that, it seems.

And a ton of them walk like men: feet apart, practically stomping down the sidewalk. *I* have a more feminine walk than half the women I see in the city.

Wayne Blackburn, According To Hoyt 0 Comments [7/14/2017 7:25:45 AM]
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Quote# 138788

The labcoats have given this a sciency name: hybristophilia, sexual arousal for and love of someone who has committed heinous crimes.

Personally, I think the term is useful only as a descriptor of the behaviors of women at the extreme right tail of normal female sexual nature; it isn’t some alien subset of women it’s describing so much as it highlights what women are like when their natural urges are amplified to the point of pathology. All chicks dig jerks, but not all chicks dig serial killers. How many women are capable of falling in love with serial killers rather than just run-of-the-mill charming jerkboys? That is the question, and if the percentage is higher than 5% of women, we have to seriously rethink the wisdom of universal suffrage.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 3 Comments [7/12/2018 2:03:14 AM]
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Quote# 132785

Femoid cum dumpsters don't deserve sexual pleasure in anyway. There is completely no reason for them to demand it because they really don't put any kind of work in. The only thing they are good at is, lying on the bed motionless while the man does all the work. Yet, these entitled bitches cheat and dump good men due to fact that they are not satisfied with the sex they get.

The fact of the matter is that femoids are not in anyway entitled to sexual pleasure because it is completely unnecessary. Male sexual pleasure should take the utmost importance because it is very necessary for things like reproduction and ejaculation. Femoid cunts should only care about fact that if they are pleasuring the man enough, and in return men should not worry about whether the cum dumpster orgasmed or not because femoid orgasm is such a completely unessary thing.

Lookismisreal, r/incels 10 Comments [10/9/2017 11:36:55 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 139494

When you take over the institutions, the real agenda comes out.

Ever since the rise of Trump the far left in the West have pretty much revealed themselves for what they truly are. I'm not a huge Trump fan and have a lot of problems with him. But I'm glad his presence started panicking the elites so much they played their entire hand and just admitted what they have always wanted to do.

Feminism really was about female supremacy, racial equality was just anti-white, atheism was just anti-Christian, they really do want some type of weird quasi-socialst economy and open borders. They do genuinely have disdain for the West and its people and want to replace them. I used to think it was all a nonsense conspiracy but I was disappointed to find out there was a lot more truth to the "globalist agenda" than I thought.

Liberals, feminists, SJWs and leftist media hate Trump so that's all the reason I need to support him.

Well, foids are worth trillions to the economy the way they spend. And not only do they spend their own money, but they spend the money of all the men around them and the government’s money. Of course corporations are pushing for feminism. Men tend to save their money and invest, not blow it on handbags and vagina cream

Feminism is more about female and Chad supremacy. They wouldn't like to see Chad losing his supremacy.

Desdain for the west is so illogical, they are part of the west. Only thing I can think of are the zionist jews who want revenge on white europe for the holocaust. So they used all their influence to social engineer the west for the past 80 years. But that doesn'to make sense as well. George Soros admitted he sought out and delivered Jews to be registered and or deported. Many Zionists aren't even Jews. The Zionist Jews are mainly white Europeans and Czech. The rich Zionists were never at harm because they could buy their way to Israel when Hitler needed money to fund his war. Only thing I can think of are the zionist jews who just want to create chaos for the sake of chaos. Of from which "can arise zion". They are sick.

She’s right. Let’s define feminism for what it really is: a movement by sub8 women to make 8+/10 Chads available to them, while making sub8 men better and more cuckolded orbiters, and wishing for the genocide of sub5 men.

To date, I haven't met a self-defined feminist that didn't get salty when I refused to call myself a feminist even though I made it clear I believe in equality.

Now I see why.

Well yeah obviously everyone deep down knows feminism is nothing more than an ideology based on female supremacy, entitlement and empowerment. Feminism is no different to ISIS. There primary end goal is to eventually begin cutting men's heads off.

some incels, r/Braincels 2 Comments [8/5/2018 8:36:56 AM]
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Quote# 131059

[Thread: "Just what the fuck is up with trannies?"]

Why are people who voluntarily choose to change their gender always fucked up in some unrelated way or the other (seemingly stupid, unaccomplished, poor, etc, etc).
Any proper research looking at the conditional probability of being transgender with respect to IQ, education levels and such?


they want life on easy mode

whole identity revolves around being tranny or gay. Gotta let everyone know. Sort of like ex muslims. Never shut the fuck up about it

because a male that feminine can never be a real man. better to convert him for real men to use as they wish.

Systematic child abuse from all outlets by the satanic cult that runs this country

they re degenerates. "I am x" when you are y is textbook delusion and symptomtic of numerous mental disorders. Case closed

>collapsing testosterone rates in Western nations
>skyrocketing rates of trannies in Western nations

It is about hormone imbalance, heavy metals in the brain from tap water and vaccines and general niggeration of society and the Government cover their tracks by saying they were born that way.

Assorted anons, /pol/ 5 Comments [8/28/2017 12:02:30 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 128272


In keeping with Kyle Trouble’s recent post, this article will look at three key observations I’ve gathered from dating a Latina for over a year. Prior to this relationship, I never seriously dated any Latin American women and only heard secondhand what this breed of dames were like—in and outside the bedroom.

With a year of experience under my belt, I really haven’t looked back to the emotionless, tired, bland and masculinized (feminist translation: strong, independent) pool of women that lurch limply around my city, Toronto, like zombified worker bees. After you go Latina, there is really no need to look back.

As Toronto is virtually ground zero for non-feminine women, I was very fortunate to meet and hook up with a real lady here—one who embraces her femininity, believes in God, and cherishes traditional family values (naturally, she wasn’t raised in Toronto, but El Salvador). While those three qualities of Latinas were discussed in this ROK article, there are some other things I’ve learned from dating a Latina that, like with Mr. Trouble, have modified my overall views of male-female relationships.

1. It’s okay to put her on a pedestal—if she’s earned it

Only if Sofia’s earned it…
Rightfully, red-pill men believe that putting a girl on a pedestal is a bad decision and will eventually lead to her taking advantage of this freebie chivalry. This is certainly true with Western women because, despite their feminist facade, deep-down they know they are not behaving in a way that deserves male courtly love. In a progressive society, all things being equality™, women see themselves as men after given the ability to game the system by manipulating their other half’s chivalrous impulses that have been warped and suppressed by our anti-male culture.

In turn, red-pill men have rejected the pedestal and regard it as a man’s willingness to be exploited by Western women. This essentially boils down to the idea if women don’t act like women, why should we treat them like women? But Latinas do act like women and actually view the pedestal as a very masculine gesture. It shows that you care—that you respect and appreciate their feminine gifts.

However, the pedestal is not to be hoisted up indiscriminately. Latinas are not perfect and can lapse into bad female habits (lateness, attention-seeking behaviour, jealousy traps, annoying shit tests), at which point you drop the pedestal immediately and hold frame. Latinas are very intuitive creatures and will detect your display of discipline and self-respect. Once she realizes your pedestal is conditional, this will only strengthen the relationship and ensure you both cherish each other according to your own masculine/feminine principles.

2. They reject feminism, value motherhood

Motherhood first is the Latina mantra.
Let’s put it this way: there have been times when I, a writer at Return of Kings, have to cool down my Latina girlfriend after she powers through an anti-feminist rant. She endorses my standing at ROK and I constantly catch her reading articles on the site and snickering in response by saying “this is sooooo true.” Regularly, she comes home from her job, slams down her bags, and bickers, “I honestly don’t know how men survive here.” (The answer: they don’t, they just leave).

After my Latina girlfriend took up her 9-5 corporate gig, she now comes home, crashes to the bed with exhaustion, and admits that this job makes her want to become a mother even more. She sees all the sour women around her, riddled with penis envy and bitchy attitudes, and fears the prospect of becoming “that”. She rues the degenerateness of a gender neutral-equal society where non-traditional lifestyles are celebrated over nuclear families.

Further, when I audited one of Jordan Peterson’s lectures, she insisted on attending with me. When we heard the University of Toronto professor explain in-person what women can do about receiving better pay, she went out and bought a book on how to become a better negotiator.

The rare thing about Latinas is they are sort of, almost a little… accountable. While wild in the sack, they are not promiscuous if held in check by a strong, protective man. They are truly independent, as they value themselves but also understand the role of a man in their life and admit that there are times when they want and need a man—her novio.

3. They have a healthy “daddy complex”

Latinas tend to have strong, alpha, masculine fathers — which informs their expectations of men.
It’s true that all women view men as a reflection of their father (or lack of one). A weak or absent father generally produces a woman with poor expectations of men. A strong or involved father generally produces a woman with high expectations of men. For the latter, she dates up the dominance hierarchy and expects her man to treat her with the same level of reverence and love given by papi.

In turn, you are expected to fulfill your role as the alpha male, be a provider, and make decisions on your and her behalf. You must lead unapologetically. Latinas love men who stand by what they say, even if that stance enrages them. With a Latina: YOU MUST ALWAYS HOLD FRAME. They can be firecrackers—real vixens—but that passion is just them testing their man’s boundaries—to see if he can take them and if he really cares about the relationship.

Since Latinas tend to hold their fathers in very high regard, they hold their men to that same standard. In turn, you will find you grow as a man because you constantly have to stay sharp, firm, and honorable if you want to keep her. In return, you will have her committed loyalty.

Dating a Latina is built on a productive exchange of your most masculine virtues in return for hers. It is a rewards-based arrangement that brings out the best in your manhood—because that is what the relationship demands of you for it to last. While there are always exceptions to the rule, there is a good reason why Latinas are in such high demand in Toronto for men. They are part of a dying breed of strong, genuinely feminine group of women.

Harry Lime, Return of Kings 7 Comments [6/19/2017 5:29:36 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 128668

We're not going to be literally locking women in cages but it's gonna be damn near close to that effect/premise.

Women do not deserve rights, that is for certain.

AryanBlooded, Daily Stormer 8 Comments [6/30/2017 1:13:58 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 134618

When a TIM wants to be a "woman", who does he look to for inspiration? Females. If biology doesn't matter, why do they want the physical characteristics that result from being female? Think curvy hips, breasts, voice pitch, petite shoulders, etc? If being female alone doesn't make someone a woman, why do TIM's still look to females for their goal appearance? What is passing? Resembling a female while being male.

Why do they want all the things that are associated with the female sex either biologically (periods, pregnancy, etc) or traditionally (dresses, nail polish, lingerie, makeup, etc)? I think the answer is simple: because they even know womanhood is not an identity. Womanhood is being female. And throughout time, being female has carried definitive physical characteristics from biology as well as social differences that have endured thousands of years. Womanhood has never been an identity; it's a state of being for XX-conceived humans=FEMALES.

nightqueenandvervain, r/GenderCritical 3 Comments [11/28/2017 2:13:16 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 128980

["Girl Quotes Translated to English"

"I'm not like the other girls" = I'm nuts
"I'm a free spirit" = I flake more than the cereal aisle
"I'm driven/strong-willed/career-oriented" = make me call you "Daddy" and I'll soak everything in a 5 foot radius
"Don't think we're having sex tonight"/"don't get any funny ideas" = we're fucking, so long as you don't do anything retarded from now til then
"Tired of the games" = the Wall has either been hit or will be soon

Deuce Anna Half, Roosh V Forums 0 Comments [7/7/2017 9:43:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Offended By Their Existence Award

Quote# 138097

[Venting] Nowhere to go without having to deal with the female.

Unless you want to stay in your room all day, something which I already do. However, for years females have been encroaching on the personal space of males; whether it be integrating co-ed universities, or the recent foray of women into gaming and card games, which were for a long time male-dominated hobbies. It seems like the female will not stop until she has completely forced and oppressed the male into having to be in her exalted presence for as long as he lives.

It's time for incels and men to stand up against this oppression. We need to make it clear that females are not to be allowed in our spaces - this site is a good start, even though I wish we could do more to limit the viewing privileges of female guests and snuff out female infiltrators who are larping as men. The musical genre of progressive rock is still overwhelmingly male, even though I have started to see the females get into the more mainstream groups such as Floyd or Dream Theater. We need to preserve male identity in gaming, and that means excluding women from servers and other activities. Do not socialize with women in school, refuse to let them into your group until they have to go the university and use the government or law to make you cave. Be relentless.

If we do not stop the female invasion of our privacy, men will start becoming trans and more feminine en masse, and eventually all androcentric identity will be destroyed, leaving us with the world of the female. This is the only shred of dignity we have left; we cannot lose it.

HarvesterOfInceldom, incels.me 5 Comments [6/19/2018 12:31:40 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 125239

(Submitter note: These are excerpts taken from an argument about a fanfic trope called "omegaverse," in which some male characters may go into heat and be able to become pregnant. The runner/s of this blog believe this is inherently homophobic and transphobic, and gets rather Tumblrina about it. There's plenty more at the source)

the homophobic stereotypes in the lines of “gay men always think of sex” isn’t a new thought. it’s been with us for decades. the lgbt community has tried to work against this stereotype for decades. it’s a battle we still fight today, and one we still are losing constantly because homophobes continue to lable gay men as sex crazed monsters only thinking about sex.

creating content where men in a m/m relationship are so influenced by their “heat cycle” that they cannot stop themselves from having sex – or if they can, can’t stop thinking of sex, even if they’re far distanced away from a sexual situation – comes, directly, from this stereotype. you, a non-mlm writing about men in m/m relationship, having gay sex in this way, it is directly drawing from these stereotypes.

it doesn’t matter if your fanfics doesn’t contain non-con (though many fanfics in the omegaverse circles do). you, a non-mlm describing men in m/m relationships still benefits from this homophobia. this kind of homophobia will never affect you, and thus, creating content for it is you benefitting from this homophobic view of gay men. and for what? so you can enjoy a sex scene? is it worth it?

and i’m sure you’re not a transphobe, but again, omegaverse a trope was created due to transphobia. it was created because cis people would rather see a cis man get pregnant through his (self lubricating) anal, rather than think of trans men being a part of their precious gay smut. it draws from the transphobic view that trans men (women) are not real men (women), and only real gay sex is between two cis men.

you may not have transphobic ideas when you write omegaverse, but you still create content which was thought up due to transphobic views. you’re not a trans man, and thus, if you create content where you would rather have a self lubricating anal rather than toy with the idea that there are self lubricating trans men out there who are okay with vaginal sex, you are benefitting from transphobia. your content is a product of this transphobia. even if you don’t write “transphobic” content yourself. even if you toy with trans people in your omegaverse fanfics. omegaverse cannot excist if transphobia is removed.

thewoesofyaoi, Tumblr 10 Comments [3/14/2017 3:42:16 PM]
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