Quote# 37119

His [Einstein's] four widely acclaimed essays were brilliant works of plagiarism, which simply repeated already established concepts contributed to the world of physics by other scientists. It is curious that even after his essays were published he still had trouble being hired on in any academic institution for years. It was only until the Jewish media announced him as a genius that anyone took notice of this incompetent patent office worker. Thanks to the propaganda of the world press his fame would later eclipse the numerous successes of German geniuses such as Max Planck and Erwin Schrödinger, for the sole reason that they continued to work in Germany and were loyal to the National Socialist government. Their work was considered secondary to plagiarizers by guilt of association.

David J. Stewart, Jesus-is-Savior 19 Comments [4/2/2008 11:12:41 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac
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Quote# 58056

Is there "Final Solution" to illegal plague?
Well I see lot of angry-justifiably so-posts on Y.A. about Illegals, and they are destroying the country in various ways. But what can a U.S. citizen do to solve this problem-other than write angry comments on y.a.-when government and immigration is doing very little or nothing to solve this.?...Oh, we hear about few arrests of illegals, here & there but it is just a drop in the bucket, or a band aid on a mortal wound.We saw few years ago millions of illegals 99% latinos marching through U.S. cities, openly disrupting city lives of citizens-with impunity-not one of them was arrested.And illegals are congregating visibly on our city corners in full view of police and knowledge to ICE, and no one bothers them...So how much good do these angry questions and replies accomplish, when government is doing minimal or nothing in illegal "final solution"?..is it not better to call the "Minutemen" than ICE?

Starchie Bunker, answers 5 Comments [2/12/2009 2:42:49 AM]
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Submitted By: worldsend
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Quote# 112019

Blacks have become emboldened since he become the POS President.
They aren’t doing anything that they’ve been wanting to do in their dark (no pun intended) hearts since his inauguration.

They will answer for their crimes one day.

Roman_War_Criminal, Free Republic 10 Comments [8/19/2015 2:59:22 PM]
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Submitted By: Damned at Random
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Quote# 89863

One poignant song says more about the Muslim invasion of Britain than all the current media combined.

When an increased demographic gives Bedouin beheaders the majority vote then England is doomed – there will be no second Crusades.

America is facing this new creeping Sharia and with folded hands and closed lips we too will have our fulcrum point.

First however, we have to deal with entitlements and creeping Marxist-progressive government ideology which has spawned useless generations of toothless, slothful, ignorant individuals – like our cell phone screamer – who live the consummate life of a blathering thankless leech.

Black Liberation Theology – hateful dumb-down social engineering – is steadily transforming black America into nasty dark bloodsuckers, and they have certainly found their swampland-Messiah in Obama.

Either the traditional black Christian Church gets its act together fast and preaches the real Messiah, and the dangers of dependence, or the leech demographic will prevail, and like England, America will be doomed.

AlphaMail, Moonbattery 19 Comments [11/2/2012 3:07:39 PM]
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Quote# 86868

Also to note is that in the prehistoric times different species of hominids did mate on occasion and produce fertile hybrids. That's part of evolution.

So no matter which way it is used and it is a great piece of propoganda lies....the fact that Whites and blacks can produce a fertile offspring is NOT proof that they are the same species.

CatherineGrace, Stormfront 24 Comments [4/12/2012 3:06:58 AM]
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Submitted By: Balthazar the Wise
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Quote# 9564

Yes, now you can blame the Christians for the Holy war, Crusades. Of course, those who carried this out did in the name of Christianity and they were not even christians. Hitler is also described as a Christian. If he were a Christian, why would he execute Bon hoefer, a Christian minister who opposed Hitler? Hitler was an atheist and he strongly believed in Evolution ( Aryans were the Superior race). He also hated Christians and Jews.

inkorrekt, evcforum.net 15 Comments [2/13/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 102836

Islamic-Jewish Unity – Muslims agree to be buried with Evil Rotten Baby-Killing Jews

Muslims portray their doctrine as a complete all-encompassing ‘Weltanschauung’ having all the answers to all the problems. Muslims don’t even regard Jews to be a race, and accept Jews who convert. The Jewish Problem can never be solved if the racial reality is denied.

Islamic leaders even demand to be buried in the same ground as Jews… JEWS! If soil has been defiled by the disgusting vile corpses of members of the depraved Jewish race, that soil must be incinerated or cast into the surface of the Sun. Even after all Jews have been destroyed in the future cleansing, we must make sure that all Jewish DNA is completely eradicated. Otherwise, some evil scientist might get the idea of bringing Jews back to life through cloning using filthy Jew chromosomes from some dead Jew cadaver. If we allow that to happen, we will be back in square one.

CrushZion, Crush Zion! 10 Comments [8/21/2014 3:21:44 AM]
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Quote# 97613

Except the Jews (as a whole) aren't like most groups of people. They act as a tightly knit ethnic/religious criminal syndicate. This is ingrained in their belief system.
The Jewish people have been expelled from almost every country they have ever lived in at least once over the course of history.
Who is to blame? Are all these countries anti-semitic for no reason? Or was the expulsion of Jews justified because of the way the Jewish people (as a whole) interacted with society?

ShadowBann, Reddit 9 Comments [11/13/2013 4:03:25 AM]
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Quote# 43085

We are constantly brainwashed about the glory of our country's racial diversity. A by-product of that disputable glory is the facility for criminal illegal arrivals to melt into our "proud" diverse society.

[Anglobert], BBC News | Have Your Say 6 Comments [7/19/2008 2:57:51 PM]
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Submitted By: Doctor Fishcake
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Quote# 115444

Star Wars: Race Mixing and the Alpha Negro - Propaganda for a Perishing Population

Reinforce the death cycle in the disintegrating cattle's minds. Prompt them to act out. Rebel. Revolt.


Watch them incinerated and exterminated like vermin as ORDER and CIVILIZATION prevails over monkey savagery and raceless genomic entropy.

Wipe Them Out, Godlike Productions 4 Comments [12/21/2015 4:41:22 AM]
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Quote# 119665

Cliches are Cliches for a reason. Black men r irresponsible with credit. 10 trillion in new debt Obama check. Black men create poor kids. More kids in poverty. Obama check.
Gave a black man the national credit card and he added $10 trillion in six years - and still $500 billion deficits. How typical black runs up more debt that all 43 white presidents combined. Lolol
Lol. Your document say 2.4. He has averaged 2.1%.. worst since hoover. So black man is as good as the worst white guy. Bahahahaha
Same thing as they did in the 30s. Show trials. I would have told there boards if they dont pressure senior execs to plea to criminal activity then their banks would be considered outside the fed reserves system and i would have announced they were ill-liquid. I would have banned anyone from involved from the securities industry, gov reg work and any otehr industry that had any risk to the economy. I would have banned ivy leagues from being employed on Wall Street until the school proved they had instilled ethics in their graduating classes. I would have made each banker use their personal assets to pay the first bit of fines by bringing charges against their property like they do with drugs. Finally I would have militarily prosecuted as treason any banker who foreclosed on any military personnel deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan and if/when found guilty shot them (yes thats unconstitutional but I doubt any Congress could get public support for impeachment. Oh and by executive order I would have brought back the draft for any high level bankers children/grandchildren - again try to stop me

steelers153, The Hill 2 Comments [6/11/2016 3:42:35 AM]
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Quote# 36782

Yes of course these are those wonderful people with family values! (If I never hear that bs they are people with family values I will be overjoyed.)

Yes, they have family values when they join their killer gangs. Do their drive by shootings & kill for the fun of it.

Family values when they kill innocent people while driving drunk.

Family values when they rape & murder. And sexually abuse our children in horrible ways.

Family values when they rob our system of everything they possibly can.

Family values when they sell our children drugs.

This list could go on & on. If these are the people will such great family values I think we ought to round them up & toss them back into Mexico & let them practice their family values there.

pandoraou812, Free Republic 14 Comments [3/27/2008 6:13:02 PM]
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Quote# 117231

At one level Yggdrasil is the White Tree of legend, and as such we can see that it represents the White Race, which today is being shaken, battered and beaten, threatened with its final destruction within decades. This is no accident, indeed it is a careful plan being executed by the Dark Forces that seek to destroy the White Race so that it can rule over a rootless, race-less mass of slaves. Make no mistake about it - this is genocide on a vast scale. It is White Genocide!

Anyone who recognises this and stands against such evil is seen to be a 'racist' by those who deem themselves to be 'anti-racist' (Anti-Racism is Anti-White). We are 'racist' because we recognise the threat to our Folk and are the ones who will stand up against this tyranny - and against the evil regime behind it. Yet we know that within the trunk of Yggdrasil are Lif and Lifthrasir - New Life, the seeds of the rebirth of our Folk. We know that there will be a rebirth of our Folk and that justice will be done.

We are threatened not only with the destruction of our culture and identity through mass immigration - mass invasion would be a better term - but also by the 'integration' of alien blood which will eventually destroy our gene-pool. The other threat to our survival is through violence which has been deliberately stirred against us. Coloured people have been conditioned to literally hate white people; they are conditioned to believe that we have exploited them, destroyed their culture, taken their lands and tried to destroy them. These lies have been put about by the very people responsible for doing these things - our people were mere tools in the game. No one hears about 'White Slavery' where over one million Europeans were taken slaves by Muslim Traders. No one seems to consider that whilst there was resistance against Black Slavery there were untold thousands of white women and children enslaved in the Satanic Mills of Northern England, working in horrendous conditions for long hours. The words of the State Tool, William Wilberforce, were heard above the truth stated by William Cobbett.


We are opposed to Zionism since it seeks to dominate the world and 'subdue it' (Genesis), but we are also opposed to Militant Islam that also seeks to dominate the world, and since some Muslims have openly said that this is 'their country' we oppose such a view since they had no hand in building this country, and have been here for decades - not thousands of years. Indeed, they were not asked to come here by the English People, they were forced upon us by the very people they are supposed to be fighting. England is named after the English - the 'Sons of Ing'. Because we oppose Zionism does not mean we support its enemies when they too seek our enslavement and destruction. We oppose all the forces that seek to take our freedom way, to take our land away from us, and to eventually destroy us.

Judaeo-Christianity was designed to 'tame the blond beast', to soften up the people so that they had no will to resist what was coming. But there are Wolves Amongst The Sheep! This is where the archetype of The Hooded Man comes into importance, since this is the Archetypal English Hero who not only fights oppression, but also fights against the outlanders who have taken our land and freedom by force or by stealth. The parallels between our times and the times when the Normans came should not be overlooked; rather than the Normans being the problem they had the same problem as we do, for it was the money-lenders who financed William the Bastard, and as today it was the money-lenders who called the tune then. It was these people who bled the English dry in order to pay the interest on their loans.


We should not be dejected about these times, nor wallow in self-pity for the state of affairs; we should be proud to live in these dark times, at the end of the Dark Age, because we have been chosen to lead the Last Battle upon Middle-Earth at the coming of Ragnarok, when the Bifrost Bridge breaks and the Hordes of Darkness cross into the Land of the Gods. We are fighting for the Man to Come and this has to be the driving-force for our struggle and our work. This is a Holy War not only for the survival of our Folk but also for the creation of a new Race of Man - the Aryan Race. Only through struggle can evolution take place, and only through this struggle can the new Race of Man appear upon Earth.

Wulf Ingessunu, Inglinga 3 Comments [3/5/2016 4:42:09 AM]
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Quote# 127067

Graduated with a CPA qualifying MS in Accounting in June 2005. B+ GPA.

June 2005 - November 2005, Kostka Taylor LLC, Parsippany NJ
During the job interview I was told that because they are a small company they offer 3 month of training after that it’s a real wage and manager in 3 years. 3 Month later I asked about a full time wage. For some reason, they thought to insult me and put me under duress. I ended up in a job I was not willing to do for money I am not willing to for while conducting business with people it offends me to conduct business with. I have learned many things here like that Presbyterian churches are used to baptize small domesticated animals and Polkas are nasty people. It’s somewhat contradictory to what I was taught growing up about Slavic Unity and respect for other religions.

Dec 2006 – May 2006, Burton Cieri Delsordi, Upper Montclair NJ
In trusting previous “employer’s” job offer, I had bills and need to take the first thing that came up, just to stay afloat from previous scoundrels. At Burton they used me for the Tax season, making me work excessive hours. They never compensated me for overtime as agreed. I was taught to appreciate Italians for their culture and history. That experience taught me otherwise. Now I perceive Italians as a lower race to my own, sub raise, sub humans.


June 2007 – August 2007 KogerUSA Paramus NJ
IT Business Analyst in financial domain was how the job was presented to me. :) I quit this job via a walk out, to ensure we avoid these “jobs” going forward I started to refuse to conduct business in NJ and in Financials. The business owners, they were Catholics, and given the Catholics involved I thought it appropriate to add some nasty words about Catholics and their mothers to my daily prayers!


December of 2007 2 Weeks of Morris County Jail.
I have sent a couple of F.U. emails to Kostka Tyalor LLC, I was using my regular email and was not hiding. The educational part of this experience was that I enjoyed it more then any experience listed above. I have met many cool people there, like my manager from Kostka Taylor LLC, he was there under the name of Austin Texas, guess I got him fired. The account manager from K-force was also there.

Dave Woof, Reviews on Google 2 Comments [5/11/2017 11:57:55 PM]
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Submitted By: zipperback
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Quote# 90364

Lets look at Africa, where they have had millions of years of evolution and social practice which is genetic as well as ingrained.

If Africa is all black men, who has held them down for the millions of years? Look at any African nation, where are the successes?

If we want to start talking about racism, one has to look no further than Africa, as they have loads of black on black violence. To the point where they have traditions operating right to today. Other than tribal raiding and corruption, there is one greater.... genocide.

Look at Zimbabwe, South Africa, any nation about 50 nations in Africa. Who is suppressing them? Why are they so backwards and illiterate for 2012?

I do not think you can create greater confusion than what the blacks can create.... right down to the “pResident”

himno hero, Free Republic 23 Comments [10/28/2012 3:52:59 PM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog
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Quote# 110360

[Talking about martial arts]

The history behind these is also alien to us as English and we need some form of Warrior Arts that incorporates our own lore. We are always being told that this history started in the Shaolin Temple in China, but very often the fact that it was the 'Blue-Eyed Barbarian' - Boddhidharma - who came from India (and being a descendant of Sakyamuni would have been an Aryan) who taught the arts to the Chinese Monks is overlooked, and from there it passed to Okinawa and Japan etc. As we can see from the development of these arts in such different ways in China, Japan and Korea each particular culture developed it in their own unique way. Since the source can also be claimed to be Aryan, then we too can take the basic principles and develop them for our own use in Europe.


This form of spiritual and physical exercise must have the purpose of creating the 'New Man' who will be the herald of a 'New Order' on Earth.

Wulf Ingessunu, Woden's Folk 10 Comments [7/2/2015 2:45:36 AM]
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Quote# 40146

The Negro psyche has been of great discussion by many years. From the discovery of New Zimbabwean to sociological studies it seems due to their skin color popular culture frowns on any findings. Let’s face it blacks commit cretin crimes more than White, more than Asians in some cases. While a negro may rob a white may commit forgery or extortion. Some ethnic groups commit cretin crimes, yet some perform less planned crimes or may care less about the consequences than other groups. Racism is not crutch if you don’t want to be a nigger don’t act like one. Stop grabbing your dick and drinking malt liquor. Same goes for whites, if you don’t’ wish to be a “cracker” don’t drink all day and beat your wife.

DoctorMental, RSTDT! Comments 4 Comments [5/30/2008 2:21:22 PM]
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Quote# 38831

damn the truth hurts... its all too true. guess the minorities these days have the power. oh my god when (if) obama is president im running to canada.
use whites cant do shit these days but just watch every other race shit on us and call us whatever they wish. i guess it could be or fault because we let it happen. shit one day i hope us whites can just go back and shit back on all of them and not worry about being called a racist. ok im done lol

Thomas DeGrandchamp, Facebook: Proud to be White 22 Comments [5/7/2008 7:08:30 PM]
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Submitted By: traitor1
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Quote# 113823

[On J.J. Abrams casting a black lead in Star Wars 7]

If the character's already been established (in a book, etc.) then its defining traits must obviously be maintained, as in the case of Hunger Games.

No such situation applies to J.J. Abrams, because he had free rein to create characters from scratch. And yet he chose to create and cast non-white characters (in leading roles) exclusively. This is racism. This is white genocide.

You seem more interested in derailing from J.J. Abrams' racism than condemning it. This makes you just as racist.

frankenmine, r/TiADiscussion 20 Comments [10/24/2015 9:33:17 AM]
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Quote# 99524

Stalin was a Georgian, not an ethnic Russian/European - thus he was an Asiatic. Generally all Asiatics love Communism - its an Asiatic ideology. Jews (West Asians) and Chinese, N.Koreans, Cambodians, Vietnamese etc (East Asians). And countries in South & Central Asia like India, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan also have strong Socialistic-Communistic like pro-poor polices of wealth distribution despite pretending to be outwardly Capitalistic.

Voltran, Stormfront.com 9 Comments [2/22/2014 5:41:35 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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