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The truth is being censored. Someone has deleted my entire 911 section on multiple occasions. My web hosting company denies any involvement, which means that someone is successfully hacking into my account and attacking my work. My 911 webpages have been blocked on YouTube. Lying Garbage like this keeps the woefully ignorant public woefully ignorant. Clearly, the globalist criminals behind the 911 attacks staged 911 as a pretext to eliminate American liberties, establish Homeland Security to set up a militarized police state and bring to fruition their Godless, Global, Communist, Totalitarian, New World Order.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 12 Comments [5/22/2015 3:07:36 AM]
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Quote# 103408

According to the Jewish blueprint for world rule, the Protocols, out of the chaos and misery and destruction they reap over Christendom and the world will rise the invincible rule of their “blood-seed of David” the Antichrist, their expected “savior” & “messiah” who will be Satan ruling on earth.

The unholy trinity of Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet who will deceive the world will visibly rule over the united kingdoms of the world, will require all to take an implanted chip and cash will be abolished so that the chip will keep track of every goy slave.

The rabbis are consciously working toward this end and very purposely.

Dogged, Real Jew News 8 Comments [9/14/2014 10:54:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 112590

Russia did 9-11

They were the only ones capable of such a massive attack. They did it in response for the US government's role in financing companies like LTCM and The Carlyle Group, which used market manipulations to destabilize Russia, kill their currency, and ultimately destroy the Soviet Union.

The resulting wars were fought in the former Soviet strongholds of Iraq and Afghanistan because they were more favorable environments than US and Russian soil.

The Jews involved were KGB spies.

The dancing Israelis were paid by Russia. Russia and Israel have a long, strong history.

I love America. I am an American. However, America is overrun by evil. America loves evil. It protects evil. It defends evil. It gives refuge to evil.

The same evil that American bankers used to take down Russia was used by American bankers to take down America. Instead of arresting the crooks, they have gotten bonuses and are richer than ever. The entire world is now enslaved by these mafia criminals.

America is my home, and I love America. But it needs to wake up quick before something major happens. There are enough people who see right and wrong. You have weapons, speech, and the fredom to stand up for justice.

Stand up before it's too late. You don't get a second chance at a second chance.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 6 Comments [9/6/2015 4:35:14 AM]
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Quote# 113374


Don’t the power elite ever get tired of the same old tactics? It’s the same pattern, lone crazy shooter. Not a Conspiracy, he acted alone, bla, bla, bla. The power elite are staging events like this in places where we would normally feel safe. In high schools, at shopping malls, on live TV interviews (which we have exposed) and on College campuses. They want you to feel like there is no place to hide and no place you can go to feel safe. It’s a classic case of imposing trauma on the American public, to get you to agree with their pre-planned agenda…DON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN!


Per, essentially, the Protocols of Zion the GMOs, refined sugar, vaccinations, and flouride have, in fact, done their job. It’s another circus act, Canadian-Moncton style, with a big man featured in front of everyone’s face, gesturing and posturing. He has made himself bigger-than-life by standing up on the vehicle frame. Better watch out; that doughnut belly could drop him down in a flash, and there might be a real casualty of this scam.

As you can see below, Roseburg, Oregon in situated on one of the key Ley Lines, where occult ceremonies are conducted and where planned tragedies or false flag operations almost always take place:

And here you can see 4 Ley Lines converge almost exactly around Roseburg:

This one also has Illuminati numerology written all over it. It happened on 10/1 = 11. The Illuminati (13 Ruling Crime Families) is a ritualistic organization that has been around since the Christian crusades. It has a special way of looking at numbers that we should all know about and uses the numbers for ritualistic witchcraft.

October is an important month for the Illuminists. No doubt this false flag occurring on the 1st is significant. Why? Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice for October 31st.

The number 11 is the number of destruction and judgment and the death of man. Any event or thing assigned with the number 11 aids in the raising of the anti-Christ.

Joe Lanier, The Conspiracy Zone 18 Comments [10/5/2015 3:16:33 AM]
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Quote# 127130

Advanced Technology Comes From Your Body!

Hair • Antennas
Eyes • Cameras
Ears • Satellites
Nose • Sensors
Heart • Generator
Brain • Computer
Pineal Gland • Virtual Reality

Yosef Ben Jochannan, Facebook 9 Comments [5/13/2017 12:15:47 PM]
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Quote# 118297

You climb into a giant craft that complete strangers operate, and maybe you try to verify that they're going the right way or maybe you just sleep through it, but if you do you either do it by watching stars in the manner taught to you or you do it using a compass, you use mathematics that were taught to you by people who's main concern is how to stretch their paychecks across the month.

You rely on the same reputation-focused and survival-focused society that allows religion to exist in the first place, maybe you're an atheist or maybe you just believe that people twist the intent of your god or gods sometimes, but either way you're getting the vast majority of your knowledge from official stories, heresay, and whatever individuals happen to have adopted or birthed you, and you have the audacity to think that, this time, unlike all those other times in the past, this time you've got it right.

You're an optimist, and that's about the biggest insult that has been exchanged this entire conversation.

[Next post]

"But I guess that’s a no to the question about reverse picture search…"

Reverse image search is like most modern technology, they demo it by picking an image that they've already pre-selected, them when they release it everyone's desperate to prove that they're smart enough to use it correctly that they'll spend days scrolling through crap after inputting their image or just lie about it.

Of course nobody admits that it's a giant fraud, not even themselves, especially since the actual fraudsters are long-dead heroes.

Bill, CSTDT 20 Comments [4/19/2016 3:49:57 AM]
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Quote# 107244

Regarding Tunisia, just as in the Boston smoke bombing hoax and that arch-fake Nairobi mall shooting rampage hoax, it seems, all that has to be done is create the semblance of chaos, throw about a bit of fake blood, show a few phony dead people, and the world will believe it. Even so, what is it? Is it 21 dead, 17 dead, 23 dead, 19 dead; can’t they make up their minds?

A real terror attack in a militarized area. Sure it was. Right in the face of security services. Sure, right. Very believable:

What in the world are they aiming at? Are they afraid of those supposed ‘Muslim extremists?’ Why are they hiding in that hole? If they are so on-guard and in active mode, why are the other men merely hoaxing along, with guns at ease? Clearly, this is a fake. No one can prove otherwise.

Let it be said, and let it be said, repeatedly. Does this look like anything other than a drill?

How could anyone commit a terror attack in such a heavily secured, gated area? The Zionists have control over Tunisia. How could they let this happen?

drkresearch, No Disinfo 9 Comments [3/21/2015 3:30:56 AM]
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Quote# 62379

[One can look at the land masses today and see that they can go together to form a single land mass.]

That's a lie - Scientists shrink the continent of Africa by 40% to make it fit the one land mass theory! Scientists will twist and turn anything to suit their agenda and gain a good pat on the back from the fellow contempories! Satan at work again.

sissco, ThEndTimes 88 Comments [5/17/2009 6:34:02 AM]
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Quote# 96370

It is well-documented fact that FDR was not pleased that Americans were actively resisting entering the war in Europe. It is also a well-documented fact that he provoked the Japanese. By cutting off their supply of oil, iron ore, and steel as well as moving the Pacific Fleet from the West Coast fleet to Hawaii, FDR was taunting the Japanese to strike first.

FDR knew that the Japanese were planning to attack Pearl Harbor. FDR ran one of the most secretive presidencies in our history. FDR was responsible for building up the agencies that would eventually become the CIA and the NSA.

ConcernedCitizenYouBet, Daily Kos 11 Comments [9/3/2013 3:37:34 AM]
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Quote# 127236

The Assault on President Trump is America’s Biggest Threat to National Security.

The mainstream media, the political class and the deep state have shown their true authoritarian colors by stopping at nothing to undermine the Peoples’ vote with their nonstop assault on President Trump. The consortium mentioned previous are working in concert in an attempt to remove President Trump, which will set a blatant precedent that People’s vote is truly ceremonial. The American People spoke loud and clear that the vision laid out by then candidate Trump was the direction the People wanted to take the country. Yet, at every single direction, President Trump has been betrayed, character assassinated and stymied by the very bureaucratic system he was elected to be in charge of. This, in itself, is the biggest threat to America’s national security since the American Civil War.

This rouge consortium truly believes (based on their actions) that they are the true secret authority to America. When Trump won the presidency by an overwhelming number of electoral college votes, the plan to undermine his presidency was already set into motion. The “Russia meddling in the election” narrative was rolled out by this consortium and amplified by the MSM.

The unfortunate part about this 24/7 news cycle is that it’s very easy to forget. When then President Obama was asked about the election being “rigged” back in August of 2016, he laughed with arrogance and ridiculed the notion of a rigged election. Video below:

Now how did Obama and his surrogates go from this perspective of “rigged elections” to the elections were meddled with(whatever that means) by Russians? Simple answer, the political class lost the Presidency. Establishment Republicans throughout the primaries and election of 2016 made it clear that they had no problem with Hillary Clinton winning the election, for Hillary was one of them and not an “outsider” to their class system like Trump. Hence, why Republican politicians are championing this Russia/Trump narrative with the Democrats, MSM and the deep state today.

The next question, what’s the glue keeping all these people who support the consortium of the MSM, political class and the deep state together? Simple answer, money; the ability to fleece the American tax system and redistribute it to themselves and supporters. Case in point, The Stimulus Package 2 aka American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Stimulus Package 2 (SP2) was the biggest wealth transfer in American history. It literally was a payoff to everyone who donated and supported the Obama and Democrat campaigns of 2008 (they were in charge of Congress and the Presidency at the time). If one breaks down the almost $1 trillion given away in SP2, one will find that the most vocal critics and haters of now President Trump received a piece of this trillion dollar fleece job. So it’s NOT political philosophy keeping these people together, it’s their ability to rob America blind and share the loot amongst themselves.

This is why the nonstop assault on President Trump from this consortium is the biggest threat to national security. If they are somehow successful at removing Trump from office, then it will truly be the end of America as we know it; for what’s to stop them from perpetuating these treasonous actions again and again? And what gives this consortium the Right to do all this? Silence! Silence is consent! So if you’re only political during election cycles, then you’re playing right into their hands.

We’re a government made for the People and by the People! But if most of the People fall asleep at the wheel, then who is in charge of steering the ship?



Ghost, Ghost.Report 2 Comments [5/17/2017 10:55:32 AM]
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Quote# 134813

David Dees, Dees Illustration 5 Comments [12/3/2017 3:28:15 PM]
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Quote# 129082



English Advocates, Facebook 5 Comments [7/11/2017 6:59:10 AM]
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Quote# 112006


Neo-slavery and externalization of costs.

Lots of "amazing" companies out there these days, and your sister worked for a bunch of the very worst. Yelp's thing is extortion of local businesses, Google and Facebook are surveillance monsters on a scale that makes NSA jealous.

Those managers remind me of the Stasi.

Something else escaped from East Germany when the Berlin Wall came down, and it's alive & living at Amazon.

G2geek, Daily Kos 5 Comments [8/19/2015 3:23:57 AM]
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Quote# 104893

Reality is a psychological operation.

“Reality” basically means some group has force, money, and access to fawning media. They can define what exists.

A psyop depends on being able to engineer one story line.

A psyop depends on selling one centralized story.

In the case of Ebola, the whole unfolding storyline depends on selling basic assumptions: a) there is an outbreak; b) the outbreak is caused by a single virus.

As you can see, these assumptions and the ensuing storyline are being sold by major media, with no exceptions. There are no defectors.

If, tomorrow, the head of the CDC announced that no one had ever extracted the Ebola virus from a human being, isolated it, and seen it, he would be locked up in a psych ward.

He defected from reality, which is to say, the psyop.

If, tomorrow, the head of the FDA announced that GMO crops and the herbicide Roundup were a clear and present danger to the population of the world, and constituted a grave crime, he would be locked up in a psych ward.

If, tomorrow, the governor of Colorado announced that the shooter(s) in the Aurora theater was not James Holmes, he would be run out of office and possibly locked up in a psych ward.

Jon Rappoport, Jon Rappoport’s Blog 12 Comments [11/25/2014 3:03:03 AM]
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Quote# 80423

It's a bad bill. And then when you find out that the prior Congress not only passed that 2,800 page bill with all kinds of things in it, including a new president's commissioned officer corps and non-commissioned officer corps. Do we really need that? I wondered when I read that in the bill. But then when you find out we're being sent to Libya to use our treasure and American lives there, maybe there's intention to so deplete the military that we're going to need that presidential reserve officer commissioned corps and non-commissioned corps that the president can call up on a moment's notice involuntarily, according to the Obamacare bill.

Louie Gohmert, TPM 22 Comments [4/3/2011 6:20:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Stormwarden
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Quote# 103736

In 1936, King Edward VIII abdicated his throne to marry the MAN he loved!!

In 1936, one of the most sensational same-sex marriages since the time of Emperor Nero occurred in Britain.

In 1936, the new king of Britain, Edward VIII, abdicated his throne to marry Wallis Simpson–the MAN he loved.

Wallis lost nothing by the king's abdication because she/he was a "queen" already!!

When the Duchess was asked why she/he didn't have children, her reply was that "the Duke is not heir conditioned."

British Secret Service agent Wallis Simpson competes with Winifred Wagner for the title "youngest spy ever recruited by MI6." Her antecedents were the Warfields and the Montagues of Baltimore, Maryland. Maryland was a British spying base since its founding by the Calverts and Carrolls in 1629.

Nothing much has changed since that time–except the technology–as we now have the Maryland based NSA: Never Say Anything continuing the despicable business of spying.

Teacle Warfield and Alice Montague were the parents of Wallis Simpson. They were not married at that time, so, as a cover, Alice was confined to a health spa in Pennsylvania during her pregnancy:

On June 19, 1895, Alice was seized by the first contractions. Dr. Lewis Miles Allen, a postgraduate student of Dr. Neale, arrived by train from Baltimore to ensure a safe delivery and no scandal. On seeing the baby, Dr. Allen said, "It's all right. Let her cry. It'll do her good." He did not say, and he spent much of his life saying he did not say, "She's fit for a king."
Not only was the birth the only Warfield or Montague advent that was never featured anywhere in print, but the baby, named Bessie Wallis after Warfield, was the first Warfield not to be baptized. The family's Episcopalian advisers reached the decision not to permit baptism; birth out of wedlock was sufficient reason, Baltimorean church authorities confirm, for this grave verdict. (Higham, The Duchess of Windsor: The Secret Life, p. 9).

Dr. Neale was in charge of the health spa, and his assistant, Dr. Lewis Miles Allen, was present at the top secret birth.

No birth certificate was issued, because the doctor was unsure of the sex of the baby.

She/he was first called Bessie Wallis after a notorious Maryland CONfederate called Severn Teackle Wallis.

Bessie was soon dropped as Wallis developed into a male.

The name WALLIS came from Severn Teackle Wallis–a rabid Maryland CONFederate–who was thrown in jail for secession during the Civil War. Teacle and Alice were married 17 months after the baby's birth, but Teacle died suddenly on November 15, 1897. He was only 26 years old.

Patrick Scrivener, Reformation 7 Comments [9/27/2014 8:08:15 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 82976

[Regarding a ultra-heavy freight airship being released]

"Black" hybrid aerospace craft of the almost-lighter-than-air type, gas filled -- but hypersonic-shaped with carbon-fiber skins -- have been flying ops for years now, from ground to over 100,000 feet, and possibly to and from earth orbit and beyond. This project is lower-tech, of limited use, and possibly a cover.

Anon ATS, Above Top Secret 38 Comments [8/1/2011 3:28:36 AM]
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Submitted By: J. James
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Quote# 76528

You treat the Warren Commission as fact when over 80 percent of the public doesn't buy it. Hell the only logical purpose for any independent commission for any crime can only be for a cover up, since as I mentioned with 9/11 it is the responsibility of the Department of Justice to issue indictments, not some handpicked tools that operate under the intimidation of the very suspects of the crime (hence they don't actually do indictments, they are just to mislead the public).

Michael Bielawski, Facebook, "9/11 conspiracy theories are BS" 18 Comments [10/3/2010 4:16:23 AM]
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Submitted By: benghurk
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Quote# 57192

Considering the course of events and the speed at which things are unraveling here in our nation, I hope everyone here realizes that we may in fact be making the last communications on this forum ever... The Left has already declared their intent to apply the "fairness doctrine"... Anyone who still thinks this will only be applied to silence Rush Limbaugh is living in a dreamworld...

We may in fact see this forum, along with all websites that criticize or otherwise oppose the rule of the Leftists, banned, blocked, or eliminated by the thought police...

Don't be suprised if in the near future you try to access this site only to find it missing... If you have close friends here who you don't want to lose touch with (for me that's almost everyone ) I suggest you exchange email addresses if you haven't already do so...

No doubt they will eventually be monitoring our email too, but given the magnitutde of such a task, that may be a little longer coming...

Lazarus, Free Conservatives 15 Comments [1/27/2009 5:36:56 PM]
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Submitted By: Damned at Random
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Quote# 139278

Iranian general blames water shortages on Israel 'stealing rain from clouds’


An Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander has accused Israel of exacerbating the Islamic republic’s water shortage problems by “stealing the rain” from clouds that pass over the Mediterranean Sea.

The negative impacts of climate change were the “unnatural result of foreign influence”, civil defence organisation head Brigadier General Gholam Ridha Jalali told an audience at an agricultural conference in Tehran, citing unnamed Iranian scientific research centres.

Israel and an unnamed other country were cooperating to extract moisture from weather systems as they moved over the Mediterranean, he said, thus making clouds “barren” by “stealing the rain and snow” which is not reaching Iran’s highlands as it should.

The comments were picked up by semi-official Iranian news agency Isna and Tasnim News, as well as Israeli media.

The commander’s remarks were quickly disputed by the director general of Iran’s official meteorological organisation, however, who told the Iranian Students' News Agency it was impossible for any country to steal rain or clouds.


Jalali's theory has been voiced in the past by former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who in a 2012 speech also linked Iran’s environmental problems to colonisation and “the enemy destroying the clouds moving towards our country”.

Gholam Ridha Jalali, Independent 5 Comments [7/28/2018 1:40:08 PM]
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Submitted By: dxdydz
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