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Liberals like to portray conservatives as “hateful” when we identify things that are wrong.

The truth is that warning people of danger is a positive and loving thing. It is sad that we live in a world that condemns people for loving others enough to tell them the truth.

With so many bad things happening — e.g., Islamist attacks, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, the crisis on our borders — it is easy to feel overwhelmed, get discouraged and assume that we are powerless to do anything about it.

While none of us are able to stop all the evil in the world, there are areas where we can be effective. Protecting our children is one of these areas.

I recently told the children in my Sunday School class that Satan is often a whisperer. The Devil likes to whisper and plant seeds in our minds that then lead us to do wrong.

If we listen to Satan’s whispers, they get louder and louder and, eventually, something that was known to be wrong gets shouted as a “right.”

One of Satan’s whispers that became a shout is liberals using homosexuality in their wars on religious freedom and children.

Just listen to the words of Chai Feldblum, Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission appointee, who stated in 2006:

“There can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases, the sexual liberty should win, because that’s the only way that the dignity of gay people can be affirmed in any realistic manner.”

Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) activists have bought politicians, the media and academia.

They shout down objective morality and now regularly use the force of government (and our tax dollars) to “normalize” deviant and destructive behavior and “punish” any who stand in their way.

Whether it is pushing homosexual pornography and transgender bathrooms to kids as young as kindergarten, or trying to drive Christians out of business, the LGBT community grows increasingly aggressive.

The LGBT movement has followed its plan to demonize traditional morality as documented in Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen’s 1987 article, “The Overhauling of Straight America” (“The Most Influential Essay You’ve Never Heard Of” at www.canonandculture.com).

Children are especially at risk from the LGBT attacks, as they want to be loved by their friends and others.

When all they hear and see on TV or at school is that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice that must be accepted and idolized, many feel pressured to either fall into the destructive lifestyle themselves or support this damaging choice in the lives of friends and family.

Many of those who should be standing in defense or our children instead are buying another one of Satan’s whispers that Christians are not allowed to stand up for Bible truths in public.

When liberals say that government should stay out of the personal lives of others, what they really mean is that only liberals should use the power of government to force their personal views on others.

The U.S. Senate even has a pending bill making LGBT a “foreign policy priority,” including a special State Department envoy.

Last week, the homosexual “pride” flag was officially flown with the American flag above the American embassy in Israel.

Politicians from President Barack Obama to local school boards support the attacks of homosexuals and their allies on the sacred institution of marriage and morality.

Outlaw judges are single-handedly overturning laws protecting the sanctity of marriage. So-called clergy write books lying about the Bible’s teachings on homosexuality.

They fail to understand that, like the loving Father He is, God warns us to protect us, not to “take away our fun.”

Connie Highland, Paris Post-Intelligencer 21 Comments [6/24/2014 3:18:05 AM]
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We all know the nations use the 1582 AD Pope Gregory XIIII Catholic calendar system and then mix in all the other religions and you get a mess of chaos and shootings and suffering. Also known as Babylon(confusion)

So in order to unite all nations as one in God and Jesus Christ the nations need to use the NJC system
If the Nations wants to be saved they need to add new life.

This is what needs to be done for a Christian America
[link to newjerusalemcalendar.com]
And a Christian world
[link to newjerusalemcalendar.com]

Russell, Give Me Gossip 15 Comments [8/2/2015 1:56:55 PM]
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"Denying that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that God raised him from the dead is a way to homosexuality"

Unknown, Yahoo! Answers (quoting another answer) 65 Comments [5/24/2008 1:00:45 AM]
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A Christian Life is impossible without Jesus Christ. Notice the word CHRISTIAN. We call ourselves CHRISTIAN alright... but try taking the word CHRIST away from CHRISTIAN.

CHRISTIAN - CHRIST IAN. So what does IAN mean? IAN means


julius uy, fanfiction.net 65 Comments [4/4/2008 6:20:01 AM]
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*in response to being warned for trolling after calling for genocide of Mormons in New York*

For the thousandth time already, my genuine belief as to a perfectly good and optimal solution to the problem is not trolling. Get off your anti-genocide high horse already, will you?

Imperia Mlytoria, NationStates 29 Comments [11/24/2013 4:28:04 AM]
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No further proof is needed. The earth and all of the universe were created in six, 24-hour days.

PIANOMANONE, Parallax Christian Discussion 9 Comments [8/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Atheists don't have a church they can join for fellowship, friends, sports, bible readings, bingo, coffee and donuts, education, etc. There are not Atheists organizations that help out the poor, homeless, sick, disabled, hungry, and others less fortunate. When you look at an Atheist organization, most likely than not they are filing civil suits against Religions and trying to get Religious things removed from the public. Not seeing that Religious organizations help out the community. For example the Cub Scouts have a Scouting for Food program, but the ACLU and Atheist Organizations filed civil suits to get the Cub Scouts out of public schools because the Cub Scouts mentions duty to God in their pledge. But because of that the Cub Scouts cannot recruit as many boys to help out in the Scouting for Food program and as a result Fire Stations and Food Pantries only get 50% to 35% of the canned food they used to stock up on thanks to the Cub Scouts for collecting it for them. Now homeless and hungry and poor people go without food, thanks to the ACLU and Atheist Organizations kicking the Cub Scouts out of public places.

OrionBlaster, Christdot 53 Comments [3/16/2008 6:49:46 AM]
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what do you mean everyone else is immigrants an immigrant is someone who moves from one country to another country and if European settlers never colonized north America it would have never have turned into a great nation so how could we be immigrants. There is a difference between migrating a country and just stepping on a land full of nothing but pot smoking redskinned feather heads. Read a book or 2 my friend?

Jaybenn Augustine, YouTube 15 Comments [3/13/2018 11:14:28 AM]
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Trinity Works, an evangelical group planning an mass “ex-gay” conversion outreach at Twin Cities Pride, recently told a church congregation that it’s outreach workers will cure HIV during Pride.

Trinity Works, in coalition with what it says are 30 Twin Cities churches, is planning “Humility 2014,” an infiltration of Twin Cities Pride by outreach workers hoping to convince members of the LGBT community to leave the “lifestyle” as well as their partners, family, and friends, and become heterosexual born-again Christians. The group even had a failed plan to rent out the Gay 90s as a church during Pride.

The group says it has about 300 outreach workers scheduled for Pride, and those workers will be based at First Baptist Church on Hennepin Avenue along the Pride parade route.

Its leader Steven Uggen told a group gathered in April at The Well, A Living Church in Robbinsdale, that people will be cured of “HIV or AIDS” at the Pride festivities. Uggen says that by healing those with HIV, it will prove to the LGBT community that they should find Jesus and leave “the lifestyle.”

Steven Uggen, The Column 27 Comments [7/6/2014 2:42:44 PM]
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But there are some of us that believe in all powerful God that created this world and He/She/It is beyond logic.

A omnipotent God doesn't need to go by the laws of logic, because nothing is beyond God.

So that's why logic doesn't play a part in Christianity.

I already know what kind of posts are coming next, so I won't be looking at them.

Rild The Hero, Naruto Forums 32 Comments [9/23/2007 7:48:58 AM]
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What’s up with so many people ‘leaving the faith’? Why are they doing it?

First, we need to define two terms:

What does it mean to ‘leave’ something or someone?

What does it mean to leave ‘the faith?’

I understand walking away from a weak belief in something, but ‘leaving the faith?’ That’s hard to fathom for several reasons.


Primary definitions for the word ‘leave’ include: ‘go away from; to go out of or away from, as a place; to depart from permanently; quit.’

In each of these primary definitions we see the idea of leaving a place where we had been. If someone told you that they had ‘left’ Philadelphia this morning, you would understand them to mean that they had been in Philadelphia for some period of time before leaving the city to travel to another place. By definition, a person who ‘leaves’ something or somewhere has to have physically had something or been present somewhere before they would be able ‘leave’ that something or somewhere.

What people are claiming to be leaving in our context is both a something and a Someone. By definition they would be claiming to leave something they had been present in for some time and Someone they had known personally.
The Faith

Primary definitions for ‘the faith’ include: ‘complete trust or confidence in someone or something; belief in God or in a set of religious doctrines.”

The ‘faith’ that many people are claiming to ‘leave’ is known as the ‘Christian faith.’ That’s the complete trust or confidence in Jesus Christ and the claims He has made about Himself.

People who follow the ‘Christian faith’ are known as ‘disciples’ or ‘followers’ of Jesus Christ. Claiming to have been a member of the Christian ‘faith’ would imply they had joined according to membership guidelines determined by the Founder.
Given all that the New Testament teaches about what it means to be a true ‘follower’ of Jesus Christ, I need to ask a question: REALLY? True followers of Jesus Christ are ‘leaving the faith?’ People who have bowed their knee to the Lord Jesus Christ in true humility and repentance are ‘leaving the faith?’ People who have known the depth of God’s love and mercy for their soul and had full confidence in the truth of God’s Word are ‘leaving the faith?’ People who have seen the life-changing power of the Gospel in their own lives are ‘leaving the faith? People who have been involved in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others and have seen the Holy Spirit change lives through the power of the Gospel of Christ are ‘leaving the faith?’ Really?
I seriously question how many of the people claiming to ‘leave the faith’ today were actually ‘in the faith.’ Most of the ‘former Christians’ I’ve talked to and those whose stories I’ve read, talk about Christianity in an ‘experiential’ way. I’ve heard stories about how they began attending churches or youth groups or campus groups because of friendships with people in those groups or because they were attracted to someone in a group. When relationships changed or when they were challenged about what they believed, they ‘left.’ Even more young people ‘leaving’ the faith grew up in churches and, like me, stop attending church during or after high school. Many, like me, were never really ‘in’ the faith, so their leaving the church doesn’t seem to apply to the meaning atheists and other non-Christians are giving to people leaving churches. Leaving a church or youth group is NOT the same thing as ‘leaving the faith.’

So, what do we do about this? I suggest we do everything we can to help people who claim to have ‘left’ the faith. Love them and offer to discuss their reasons for leaving with ‘truth and reason’ (Acts 26:25) and “always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear” (1 Peter 3:15).

We also need to do a better job of preparing children and teens in our churches to face the challenges from unbelievers they will meet during their lifetime. If a child trained in a martial arts class for 18 years, I would expect them to have a Black Belt and be able to defend themselves and others against personal attack. If they couldn’t, I would seriously question the teaching abilities of the instructors in that class. If a child trained in a church for 18 years, I would expect them to be a strong follower of Jesus Christ and be able to defend themselves and others against spiritual attack. If they couldn’t, I would seriously question the teaching abilities of the instructors in that church. Does that sound reasonable?

Mark McGee, Faith & Self Defense 31 Comments [2/8/2015 8:15:31 AM]
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Do evolutionists put lids on their fish bowls out of fear of their goldfish growing legs and crawling out?

Darwin Was Wrong, Yahoo Answers 65 Comments [6/4/2008 4:32:10 AM]
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We have to bomb London. I know it's awful. I do. We really need to though. That Mayor might lead a cell or something. Has to go. Sad.

Loren Feldman, Twitter 24 Comments [5/15/2016 5:06:15 PM]
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[Responding to "You mean to say that non-Christians aren't American?"]They AREN'T. This country was founded on Christianity and Christian morals. When they even THINK about removing 'under God' from the Pledge they are anti-American. And Massachusetts should be booted from the Union for its unholy crimes.

Conservative, ChannelOne.com BBS 25 Comments [7/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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All Christians need to carefully read and understand the importance and significance of Jesus' words: "it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail." Remember that those are Jesus' words upholding God's Laws that have quoted for you. Now you've got to ask yourself, either I'm trying to deceive you into believing that God's Law is still in force, or I'm telling you the truth, and God's Law is still the measure of right and wrong. It's really quite simple actually, you will either acknowledge or obey God's Laws that establish and define what sin is, or you will trust man and his laws and policies to make this determination for you. But let me give such Christians that speak against sin, but have no idea how to define sin a little hint: 1 John 3:4, "Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law."

You may say, OK, but you still haven't explained how Jesus is against race-mixing. Well, simply stated, Jesus is against race-mixing because it is a SIN, a violation of His Divine Law, even His creative law which establishes a 'kind after kind' process in Genesis 1:21-26. You will notice that within these verses we are told, "every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind ... let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind", and so forth. Question, if the fowl have their different kinds and types, and the cattle their different kinds and types, and the fish their kind and types etc., then it should be equally obvious and true that then are also different kinds and types of man. In other words, in nature as God created them, there is a natural inbred knowledge and instinct of separation within all species of animals. There are different types and variety of eagles such as the Bald eagle, the Golden eagle, White-tailed eagle, Short-toed eagle, and Imperial eagle. All of these eagles are of the same genetic family, but they are not the same progeny or breed.

The same holds true for the different variety of bipeds. God Almighty did not make a mistake in creating the different races of people. In fact, the principle "what God hath puttogether, let no man put asunder" is very much applicable to the 'kind after kind' principle. Kind after kind is the creation rule and carnal minded man grossly violated this principle of Divine creation.

Again, look over these verses in Genesis 1. The Word of God repetitiously puts forth this directive that every winged fowl was to mate "after his kind," and every "living creature after his kind," and this principle does not exclude people. The Golden eagle is not of the Bald eagle kind, therefore the two breeds do not mix their seed. They stay separate and the same principle holds true for people. Within humans, there are a variety of breeds or kinds, such as Indian, Asiatic, Negro, Aboriginal, and White/Anglo people, and according to God's Creation Laws, these different kinds, or breeds of mankind are not to interbreed or engage in race-mixing.

All variety of animals, fish, birds, insects, etc. are unique and distinct, and they have remained so since their creation, except where man has interfered and perverted their natural breeding habits. Again, there are a number of varieties within the bird family, but the varieties of breeds do not mix their seed with other breeds. Canadian Geese mate only with Canadian Geese, Red-breasted Geese only mate with Red-breasted Geese, the Grey goose only mates with other Grey geese and so forth. In the animal world, the Elk only mates with Elk. You won't see them mating with mule deer or a Moose. Orangutans only mate with Orangutans. They don't mate with Gorillas or other species of monkeys.

Rev. Dave Barley, Bible Rays 26 Comments [7/27/2014 9:48:22 AM]
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Quote# 90261

Check out Jill Stanek's page to learn the truth about abortion, in the windy city in particular, Obamao's hometown.

In essence what you are saying is that it's alright for unborn babies to die during abortions, but it's not okay for their mothers to die attempting to abort them. How is the life of a mother any more valuable than the life of her unborn child? The womb is created to be the safest, nurturing haven for the developing child. When pregnant mothers go against their innate nature to protect the life of their precious baby, and instead have them ripped from their safe nest, it is the most pitiful act of all.Hmmm, wonder why we have such a rape culture? Could it have anything at all to do with the sleazy billion dollar pornography industry, and how we have allowed our entire society to be all about sex, sex and more sex??? Free love abounds due to wise, caring progressives pushing, pushing, pushing for it. To progressives it's all about free love, and nothing about Jesus. That's why we're living in such rot!

Ginny Bain Allen, Slacktivist 48 Comments [10/23/2012 3:26:32 AM]
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Quote# 96611

Why Is there a General Aversion Against Trannies?

Because on the whole, average, collective, individual level, deep down inside they are deceitful people. Society do not make trannies deceitful, it is who they are. Deceitful people have latched on to tranny-ism (an ideology created in order for deceit to prosper) because it gives them cover.
Trust your instincts. It is not about expression, rebellion, transgression, etc. It is about a group of horrible and to the bone sociopaths creating a socially and lawfully means to practice their deceit.

If I didn’t consider them so fundamentally monstrous, I would feel sorry for them.

No one likes a liar, no one likes a thief.

Kitty Glendower, A Room of Our Own 47 Comments [9/19/2013 3:45:52 AM]
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Quote# 63171

[Fundy found some images mocking Christianity on the Internet]

I was not only mad, but I actually broke out laughing at one point. Certainly not because it was funny, but because I cannot fathom being so ignorant and hateful that you would actually MOCK the being that created you. I have to wonder if Jesus looks at those images/comments and cries, or if he gets so mad that he cannot wait for judgement day.

Last Samurai, Rapture Ready 68 Comments [6/15/2009 11:25:39 AM]
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If the Rapture happens while I'm at work then there will be some really startled guys in my office. I'm the only Christian here with three devout Jewish men. Let me just say, its a struggle. They kind of view me as a slightly stupid pet dog. :shrug: Boy are they gonna be surprised.

RobinWWJD, Rapture Ready 35 Comments [4/12/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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If #BlackLivesMatter, why are we called racist when we point out the major causes of Blacks dying? Like Abortion & Black on Black crime.
If #BlackLivesMatter then why am I denounced for pointing out the black owned businesses, their livelihoods, that are destroyed by riots in the name of criminal thugs whose own choices put them on a path of destruction, and who are venerated as innocent victims only for their skin color.
#BlackLivesMatter? Yes they do, but so does THE TRUTH.
This hashtag movement is all about racial victimhood and shaming the innocent, not telling the truth or solving the problems.
So maybe I should just focus on pointing out the Modern Holocaust and put the Undeniable Statistical FACTS that will automatically get me called racist, on the back burner for a while.
There are just too damn many h8 & race mongers meeting any criticism with a wall of lies.

Ah, really? Then lets point out that the would-be epidemic of cops killing innocent blacks is a complete fabrication and the number one killer of blacks is blacks. [of course the concentration of blacks in inner cities with gun control laws aka a disarmed law abiding populace amidst an armed criminal element, probably has a lot to do with it].
IF YOU CARE ABOUT BLACK LIVES THE MOST [well then you’re by definition a racist but] THEN YOU SHOULD POINT OUT THEIR NUMBER ONE KILLER, oh wait, abortion is greater than the so-called murder rate. INCONVENIENT that.
And most importantly when someone points out the numbers they are not championed as trying to put out the fire, but rather shouted down as racist for derailing a racist anti-police agenda laden hell hound, propagating myths through a persistent ignorance of how the justice system works, and scapegoating.
The term unarmed black teen is purposefully misleading bullshit propaganda. An unarmed teen can assault a cop and go for his gun, get shot dead, being fully responsible for his fate.
White thug did it recently enough, and didn’t make national news. It’s proven a black thug did it and the vast majority of blacks believe the myth of ‘hands up don’t shoot’.
The very premise of the slogan “Black Lives Matter” posits on its face that the person you’re saying to doesn’t think they do. Which just goes to show how heavily racist that movement is.
And to denounce the addendum that “All Lives Matter” is to pretend that one saying it must believe blacks are toasters, or to wish to illicit a superior attention based on skin color alone, ie Racism.
Sadly the solutions to the blights in the ‘black community’ have all been figured out for decades. It’s all just too hard to hear for culture raised on victimhood. And it’s far too easy to drown out the hard truths with comforting lies that lays the blame at the feet of others.

thoughtsandreplies, tumblr 13 Comments [9/14/2015 4:05:44 PM]
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