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As a Christian I don't concern myself with the welfare of Islam which I consider to be a religion without truth. Islam will most likely help form the armies of the beast in Revelation.

ballfan, Christian Forums 11 Comments [1/10/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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I haven't read all the comments on here but I did read a handfull of em' and was quite disturbed by the lack of belief in Jesus Christ. Your comment was right on the money and I couldn't have said it better myself. I would rather believe and then be disappointed to find out that He doesn't exist than to not believe and find out that He does! Hell is a real place and I once read a quote that I will always remember.... "Earth is the only hell christian will ever know. However, earth is the only heaven a non-believer will know. "

Rickey Bueno, boston 30 Comments [11/22/2008 8:38:21 PM]
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Queensland's Family First Senate candidate John Lewis today said Liberal candidate for Brisbane Ingrid Tall was not getting his party's preferences because she was a lesbian.

Mr Lewis said Ms Tall would not get his preferences because she did not fit the profile of a basic unit of family - which involved a man and a woman.

He made the comments during a heated exchange with Greens Senate candidate Drew Hutton on Brisbane radio 4BC, which he later clarified.

"People have a right of choice of lifestyle, however we are not going to support these people because we don't agree with that lifestyle," Mr Lewis said after the interview.

"We don't think that's unfair."

Mr Lewis' comments come after Family First disciplined one of its workers at Dayboro, in the marginal Brisbane seat of Dickson, for answering "yes" to a question about whether Family First supported lesbians being burned to death.

Gottservant, Christian Forums 24 Comments [8/11/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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The idea of homo sapiens and dinosaurs having lived side by side is ‘laughable’ only to those who approach the subject with deeply-ingrained evolutionary prejudices! There is plenty of evidence they have lived together. There are literally hundreds of stories and depictions of large, frightening, reptilian creatures, often called dragons, from different cultures all over the world. Many of them sound or look very like what we now call dinosaurs. How could so many different and widely scattered people all have come up with such similar ‘mythical’ creatures? Isn’t it far more likely they were describing animals they had actually seen? Dinosaurs?

Two dinosaurs are described in the Bible (Job 40:15 – 41:34). The first is ‘behemoth’, a huge, land-dwelling plant eater. Although footnotes often say this was probably an elephant or a hippopotamus, it was far more likely to have been a diplodocus or an apatosaurus. Neither the elephant nor the hippopotamus has a ‘tail that sways like a cedar tree’! The other creature described in Job, called ‘leviathan’, sounds remarkably like a kronosaurus.

In Carlisle Cathedral, over the tomb of a certain Bishop Bell, there is a brass plate. Around the edge of this is a Latin inscription, and between the words are depictions of various animals – a dog, a pig, a bird etc. However, one pair of creatures would be immediately recognised by any child today as dinosaurs. There’s really nothing else they could be! Yet Bishop Bell died in 1495, long before modern discoveries of dinosaurs. So how could the craftsman have known what they looked like unless he had seen them?!!

It is myth that fossils take millions of years to form. It is a myth that rock strata take millions of years to be laid down. The Mount St Helens volcanic eruption in May 1980, and its aftermath, laid down c.600 feet of finely layered sediment, and then cut a gorge through it, forming a canyon one fortieth the size of the Grand Canyon in about two years! The rock strata and fossil beds we find today are best explained by a global flood, as described in the Bible in the days of Noah.

You say: ‘I expect if my faith was strong enough, I could let all these problems pass without satisfactory explanation - all those scientists who believe in the literal account of the Bible's version obviously are in this category.’

Amore, C4forums 13 Comments [3/14/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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[Thread on the the types of creationist denial]

nobody even knows what a "species" or a "kind" is so your whole post is pointless.

Stupersport, CARM 43 Comments [4/8/2008 7:29:56 PM]
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Just because microorganism's have been identified, their origins haven't, and who's to say that demons or works of demons cannot take the shape of microorganism's?

Badfish, Christian Forums 13 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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['Remember that according to evolution, species don't change into ideal forms, but into whatever form is most advantageous at a specific time. In other words, there were probably some very specific advantages to become land mammals for a while, and that reason might have disappeared, or a better reason might have appeared for them to begin to go back into the ocean.']

Appeared to whom? Or is it to what? Did the whales weigh their options? Discuss it amongst themselves? Take a vote? Made it a voluntary choice? Or was it evolution that decided it? If evolution, what thought processes went into it? How was the decision made? How was the decision ever thought necessary to make in the first place? Wisdom? Knowledge? Experience? If exeperience, from what? Memory? That evolution must be one smart cookie, unless the whales decided on their own of course.

EarlyCall, Bibleforums.org 10 Comments [10/21/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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on black youth being racially profiled

Now do one Where skiiers are all moody and upset about not wearing their Skii masks except on the hill. A plain hoody is a circumspect method of masking your identity.
These court cases all show evidence no one ever hears about over this Propaganda. Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown were evil thugs who attacked people and were shot in self defense. If you’re being attacked and the attacker goes for your gun? YOU GET TO SHOOT THEM, Period. And to think it should be any other way is COMPLETELY INSANE.
The thing that killed em was the same thing that’s causing riots in the face of attempted peaceful protests. CRIMINAL CULTURE IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. More specifically their own damn choices.
no one gives a shit about skin color, and they haven’t for quit a while now.
Nobody except racist blacks trapped in a victimhood and criminal culture perpetuated by an ever growing ignorance, enabled by stupidity like this.

ThoughtsAndReplies, tumblr 16 Comments [9/14/2015 4:00:29 PM]
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[From the Free Conservatives site, who whine about FSTDT copying their quotes]

hahahahaha, all we do is reprint dems statements word for word and they consider that an attack!!! what a bunch of miserable losers.

Eagle1, Free Conservatives 12 Comments [12/13/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Homosexuality ought not be allowed to exist in our country. It should be banned and punished by law, as it used to be a century ago. In many countries it is still a capital offense, as it was in Old Testament Israel. Lesbians and gays ought not be permitted to marry, let alone pastor churches. I am so glad that God's Word and every Bible-preaching Christian will be vindicated in eternity. The days of gay-rights are numbered. Job 20:4-5, “Knowest thou not this of old, since man was placed upon earth, That the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment?” If I were a king, I'd ban homosexuality! I'd ban abortion! I'd ban gossip! I'd ban booze! I'd ban immodest dress! I'd eradicate television and the internet from existence!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 86 Comments [7/22/2013 3:26:38 AM]
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I am a scientist that has been studying chemistry for six years. I have studied Kent Hovinds ministry for 4 years and feel though he is a man of great knowledge, integrity and wisdom.

Nathan D. Williams, FreeHovind 51 Comments [8/10/2008 8:41:47 AM]
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Most people, and the atheist demanding demonstrable proof, cannot go outside the universe in order to make their evaluation. I did. I was take outside and shown.

ScottA, Christian Forums 38 Comments [10/5/2015 3:18:34 AM]
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Whatever happens next it's time for the believers on this board to defend God's Word at all costs with both guns blazing.

Buzzardhut, RaptureReady 78 Comments [1/27/2009 5:53:09 PM]
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Well, how about my theory as to why: feminism has rotted atheist/darwinist brains, so therefore, they believe that God must be a she-god or eunuch god, because to a brain rotted by feminism, she-gods and eunuch gods are "normal" and "not funny at all,"... but a Male God who is a Father, King, and who has a Penis is "not normal" and "the most hilarious thing ever!"

By the way, I wonder if when atheists pray to their eunuch god, they ever ask him: "how did you get cut?"

Even if God's Penis is "funny," it's nowhere near as funny as is the atheists' penis-less eunuch god!

Navaros, IMDB 29 Comments [8/4/2016 3:44:45 AM]
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The problem is feminism has brainwashed women into thinking they are men. A man’s sexual value is a complicated thing. It is a mixture of looks, social status, work success, money and a thousand other things. For women it is simply looks and nothing else.

Put it another way, an Aston Martin makes a guy more attractive, because it signals wealth. A fat old women in an Aston is just undesirable as a fat old women in a Micra.

The problem with older women is they make false calculations about their sexual value. They think that their careers, money, and experience means they are more desirable, therefore they deserve a high value man. In reality their value peaked at age 17 and is in constant decline.

Anon, Resisting the Rape of the Male – Sex Positive Men's Rights 21 Comments [1/7/2017 9:32:48 AM]
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Submitted By: Xavier
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[re: repeal of DADT]

If you have gays in the military....who will be permitted to shower with the straight men, or with other gay men...then you MUST also allow the straight men to shower with the women. Let's be consistent here. The main thing about gays in the military is the fact that it's pretty damn uncomfortable to be showering and bunking with a dude who wants to do you in the ass, if even in his own thoughts. It's a distraction. When I see co-ed showers...then I'll be ok with the gay thing too. All they have to do is keep it to themselves. Is that so difficult, considering it's against the code to have sex with a fellow soldier anyway?

Torriatte, Dreamviews Forum 108 Comments [10/17/2010 7:22:36 AM]
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CERN is allowing the fallen angels from inside the Earth to have sex with the daughters of man again.

I thought I understood the End of Days until I watched this video. I did not.

CERN is opening up a portal into the Earth allowing all the demons that were sealed inside by God to walk upon the Earth again.

These demons will haunt the daughters of men, and they shall have sex with them, as they did in the days of old. Women, stay strong in the Lord...protect yourselves for you are precious to the Lord.

Jesus said the heart of men shall fail, and there is good reason for this. The mythological demons of old are real...they are not from some story...they are real. Jesus sealed those demons down into the Earth to protect mankind.

But the End of Days are here, and CERN is ushering in those days by opening up the pit of literal hell inside the Earth.

CERN is being funded by the Rockefellers, and they are trying to rid the Earth of humanity. They have said to God, you did not do a good job with humanity. Therefore, we want to rid ourselves of them and become Gods ourselves. We shall live forever.

The elite are escaping by going off planet, and they shall return once humanity has been killed off. However, the Lord has stated he will protect his elite...therefore, the only way to escape this horrible fate is to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord...and know you will be saved.

Please watch this video, and understand what CERN is really about...why it is revealed at this time in the history of humanity. CERN is the Beast...make no mistake about it.

Windwalker Medicine Woman, Godlike Productions 18 Comments [4/25/2016 1:58:30 PM]
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Students do not do experiments to prove evolution. They are indoctrinated by a teacher or professor who simply 'tells' them that evolution is how it all happened. Its a tale spun in a classroom, similar to the fairy tales one was taught in kindergarten and first grade.

cameron222, Rapture Ready 17 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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(responding to a poster whose fundie mom destroyed many of his possessions because they were "of teh debbil")
Would you prosecute YOUR mother when she tries to protect you from poison? You would go after your own mother just because she got between you and your sin.....

Onlyonepath, ExChristian.net 45 Comments [11/27/2010 5:58:45 AM]
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ADDIS ABABA (AFP) – Religious leaders in Ethiopia on Monday urged lawmakers to amend the country's constitution to ban homosexuality in a move they argue could further strengthen existing codes.

At a meeting in the Ethiopian capital, nearly a dozen religious figures, including heads of Ethiopia's Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant churches, adopted a resolution against homosexuality, which they termed as "the pinnacle of immorality."

They also blamed homosexuality for the rise in sexual attacks on children and young men.

"This is something very strange in Ethiopia, the land of the Bible that condemns this very strongly," said Abune Paolos, the patriarch of Ethiopia's Orthodox Church.

"For people to act in this manner they have to be dumb, stupid like animals," he told reporters. "We strongly condemn this behaviour. They (homosexuals) have to be disciplined and their acts discriminated, they have to be given a lesson."

Ethiopian clerics, AFP 38 Comments [2/5/2009 8:08:54 PM]
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