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Muhammad was so brave that he had to send an assassin in the middle of the night to murder a defenceless woman while her children were sleeping beside her.


Yes, and the woman was assassinated At least he spared her children

The Infamous, FFI 16 Comments [7/17/2008 7:28:52 AM]
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I thought at 9/11 what happened was God’s protective hand was removed and we felt what pure evil is like. We felt that this last week. That was pure evil, it’s the devil who has come to steal, kill and destroy. He’d just as soon kill a baby or a child in the womb as anything else. God allows that moment, we’re pressing the issue by turning from him, but he allows that moment to bring us to our senses and say, ‘God we desperately need you.’ So really it’s gracious. The pain that comes, the judgment that has really come by our turning away from the Lord is a merciful thing that God does to bring us to our senses and bring us back to him.


We look at what has happened recently here in the [Sandy Hook] school shooting and the so many things that have happened in the past few years. If we put all of those in biblical context and surround it with the Scripture we would come to different conclusions about what was happening. I was thinking the other day that God has instituted pain in our body, you know when you get a rusty nail that goes up to the sole of your foot that’s a real good thing that you feel pain because it causes you to make an adjustment. God’s judgment is like that. It’s a loving God saying to us when judgment comes to a nation it is God saying, wake up, you have walked away from me and I have loved you and I have so much desire to protect you but when you walk away you forfeit that.

Pastor Bill Elliff, Right Wing Watch 52 Comments [1/7/2013 4:45:15 AM]
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A self-described former lesbian and feminist said on Wednesday that the Supreme Court’s decision in theObergefell v. Hodges case declaring states’ ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, created the “nation’s reigning idol.”

“When five unelected Supreme Court judges appended sexual orientation to the 14th Amendment in the 2015 Obergefell decision declaring state bans on gay marriage unconstitutional, sexual orientation metastasized from a description of perceived sexual desires to our nation’s reigning idol,” Rosaria Butterfield said in a lecture at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C.

“Idols seduce,” Butterfield said. “Idols demand allegiance.

“Idols steal worship from God, and idols destroy faith in God,” Butterfield said.

Butterfield, a former tenured professor at Syracuse University, converted to Christianity in 1999 and has written several books, including “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert” and “Openness Unhindered, Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Covert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ.”

“The Obergefell decision established into law the idea that our sexuality is inseparable from our spirit; that it captures the truth about who we really are and that to deny its expression violates the core of our identity,” Butterfield said.

Butterfield said she now believes God created male and female as “image bearers” and homosexual desires are outcroppings of original sin and all of its manifestations of sin suffered by all mankind.

She also said she regrets the role she played in advancing the homosexual agenda.

“Who am I, and how dare I say these things?” Butterfield said. “You see, this is not an easy conversation for me.

“You see, we live in the world now that I helped create,” Butterfield said. “The blood is on these hands.

“I spent 10 years of my life – between the ages of 26 and 36 – in serial monogamous lesbian relationships and working to advance LGBT rights,” Butterfield said.

Butterfield now lives in North Carolina with her husband and their four adopted children. She describes herself today as a “full-time mother and pastor’s wife, part-time author and occasional speaker.”

Rosaria Butterfield, CNS News 19 Comments [3/25/2016 3:09:17 AM]
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[Regarding Pagans who objected to an anti-occult article.]

I think your warnings are very much needed. These cults are not religion in any form but they are a perverse, backward and may very well be the largest part of our great nations downfall and what it should stand for. People listen to yourselves! You actually had to be looking for this article to find it. I literally googled "is the occult growing" to find this. You pagans are just voices for your leader satan. Don't you go trying to attack the man of God knowing that what he says is true and being fully aware that your father the devil is the liar. Jesus rebuke you! Mr. Jones pay no mind to these evil ones but keep up the good works of God by exposing the devil and his attacks on our children. May the angels of God bless and protect you.

Hope, Examiner.com comment 52 Comments [3/31/2009 11:02:24 AM]
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(In answer to question what evidence is there for the claim that we all need to be saved and that Jesus is a the saviour)

The evidence is alienation inclusive of any non acted out nastiness in one's mind.
That things are not going as well as they could be although as far agnostic and atheists that is usually down to other people (Don't forget that all people are included in somebody's other people).
If you look at other religions they are commandment following, scales of justice or technique based.

What evidence do you have that there is no alienation, that it is down to people and that law-following or techniques can actually save or whether only God can take it upon himself.

Private Frazer, Religion and Ethics 12 Comments [12/6/2017 2:43:58 PM]
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Quote# 124565

"Yippee, another completely missed point.

For someone who claimed to have dazzling dry wit and intelligence a very simple quip went right over your head. You tried rather childishly to mock the idea of a study of attractiveness by implying they'd be taking calipers to people's faces and got a response that boils down to: It's really not that complicated to look at people and rate their attractiveness. It's something you happen to do as a matter of course and somewhat more legit than the standards incels use."

It's not difficult for ME to evaluate other men's attractiveness. It is, however, for most men. Most men suck at it.

What part of that don't you understand?

This is why I do not respect the "study" you linked. I put absolutely no faith in the ability of others to rate other people's looks.

"Is English just not your first language? Because you've alluded to having difficulty understanding a lot of what is being said to you more than once. The first time you tried to imply that we're overcomplicating terms and when that got thrown back in your face you confusingly acted like that was some kind victory for you and now you're drawing a blank on sarcasm."

No, dipshit. "Because eyeballs a general aesthetic sense are such rarities" is not a valid construction. I can't even begin to decipher what it is you were trying to say (assuming it was you who wrote this). It literally looks like you did "Google Translate" on a sentence in another language and came up with a classic unintelligible translation.

"But despite dismissively saying you couldn't make heads or tails of the comment you responded by claiming that unlike the ignorant masses who are apparently too stupid to know what they find personally appealing or a panel of sociologists conducting a study you have a good sense of what's objectively and universally attractive. But like your claim to wit what we've of you so far casts extreme doubt on that. Speaking of your underwhelming sense of humor the fact that the nature of dry wit - if you're even using the description correctly - is based in covertly insulting people or telling jokes that deliberately go over the subjects heads and implies one of two things: That everywhere you went you would laugh at somebody else's expense which when done wrong isn't funny and done frequently makes you a dick or your jokes were directed at the women you were trying to impress meaning you were mocking them to their faces and expected it never to backfire on you. And if your overinflated opinion of yourself is any indication you were far less subtle than you think and refused to notice that your audience clued in on what you thought of them."

~sigh~ No, moron, that is not what "dry wit" means.

Don't tell me...did you...look it up in fucking URBAN DICTIONARY, thinking URBAN DICTIONARY is a real dictionary? Please tell me you didn't, because I might not survive the laughter if you did.

"I think you're trying to downplay how badly you missed the mark about models being gold diggers when their income is already on par with their husbands and in Benchy's case even greater. He's far from the ugliest guy on the list but the stark difference in their incomes makes an absolute mockery of your assumption. But if you want to split hairs I'd say he's an average looking guy. The kind of guy where if I didn't just show you a photo of him with his wife - who makes more than him - you'd assume women give him the cold shoulder. Of course when you see his picture you immediately make up other reasons for him to be in a relationship and you've probably got it in your head that he's a jerk because how your self-serving bias works. Also, not quite as handsome as Elliot Rodger."

No, he's a handsome 52-year-old man. Easily above average. I would say that regardless of what I knew about him.

"The BMW and tendency to draw attention to shallow displays of wealth were something of a hint."

And when did they see him in his BMW? When did he tell them about his BMW?

"When your parents give you a BMW just because you ask them to the distinction is pretty moot, especially if you're of the opinion that women aren't smart enough to know the difference bestiality boy. (As that will undoubtedly go over your head I must condescend to explain the joke. You view women as less than plants and animals, bestiality is the act of sexual intercourse with an unintelligent animal. You're going to counter with semantics, someone else will note that if you want to stick your dick in something without cognitive thought that blow up dolls are cheap and never give you lip, you'll say something insipid and contradictory... well now that's just dragging this out so why don't we skip it?)"

No, they know the difference. That doesn't make them smart.

Your "joke" is an utter failure, by the way. I said women are BELOW animals, not that they literally ARE animals (bestiality is sex with animals). I said I would never insult animals by comparing them to women.

"And now for the last bit. It would have been nice for you to use the {img} tags. (Replace {} with [] to use.) Oh well, I'll have to do it for you."

I have no interest in that. It's not my fault this forum is a piece of shit. It fits you guys perfectly, though.

"So putting aside that you're reducing two people with medical conditions, one of them horrific and potentially fatal, to a stock insult (anorexia is right in the image file name) Trust me, no matter how ugly a person is I've seen uglier people with girlfriends and the bottom two (I can't see the acne guy's face) definitely aren't any uglier than Phillip Jablonski. It would take a lot more than fat lips to tip that scale."

Women want men who look like men. That's the minimum requirement. You can't look like a boy, you can't have acne, and you can't have certain types of builds.

Jablonski was ugly, but he looked like a man.

"Unfortunately their marriage didn't last due in part to Ty's PTSD. According to him the separation was both mutual and amicable. He even managed to date a little afterwards. Tyler Ziegel passed away in 2012. Loved and missed by those he left behind."

The bride sure looks happy in that picture. That's sarcasm, by the way.

It's almost as if they got together when he was physically attractive, and then after what happened to him, she knew she'd appear to others to be a horrible person if she left him...only to later come up with a way to get out of it anyway.

TimRattayGotScrewed (as "YouLoseAgain"), FSTDT comments 12 Comments [2/16/2017 3:30:49 PM]
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Quote# 17898

[Regarding an atack on TalkOrigins' servers.]

Maybe it was God?

dad, Christianforums 43 Comments [12/8/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 7790

[Replying to <a href="http://www.365gay.com/newscon05/09/090505nola.htm" target="_blank">a story reporting gays</a> holding a small pride parade in the wake of Katrina.]

WTF kind of sick, degenerate sons of bitches will parade their sexual perversion down the streets of a city that is still reeling from a disaster? I say "mistake" the repugnant faggots for looters and machine-gun the lot of them. Then they can bring their "decadence" to hell, where it is appreciated.

DoctorDoom, Free Conservatives 23 Comments [9/6/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 3275

Try going to a satanic chatline and see how tolerant they are when you mention 'Jesus'. After they curse you and cast spells on you and things start flying around your room,you will never go back.

ArthurR, Christianity.com Forums 25 Comments [6/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 109114

Continuing the media narrative that climate change is the cause of flooding in Texas, NBC Nightly News did its part on Thursday night in not only accomplishing that but also linking climate change to the drought in California and a “weather whiplash” that’s being seen across the country.

Interim anchor Lester Holt began the segment by observing that “[t]he relentless rain, while enormously destructive, seemed to have helped reverse years of drought in Texas” while Californians now “are wondering” if it’s their turn “for an abrupt weather whiplash of their own from dry to deluge.”

Again touting the flooding as another example of “weather whiplash,” national correspondent Miguel Almaguer noted that the flooding in the southern plains adds to “[a] year of historic floods, fires, tornados, snow and ice” where weather shifts “from one wild extreme to another.”

Almaguer continued by showcasing the effect of the Texas flooding as “[i]n just three weeks, much of the state has gone from extreme drought to crippling flood” as “[l]akes are fuller than they have been in five years.” As opposed to expanding upon on the benefits of this news, Almaguer decided to invoke climate change: “Scientists say climate change is exacerbating the wild swings.”

Those words uttered by the NBC News national correspondent then allowed him to tee up Texas Tech University climate change researcher Kathatrine Hayhoe, who declared that: “These swings are getting wilder. Climate change is stretching out our variability.”

With that established, Almaguer trotted out the other end of the “weather whiplash” in the extreme drought taking hold in California:

In the last 30 days, 2.6 trillion gallons of water have filled Texas reservoirs, enough water to serve California for at least a year and a half, but still only a quarter of what California needs to end its drought. The Golden State parched like never before...The governor says this is just the beginning.

Following a soundbite from California Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, Almaguer concluded:

With the powerful el Nino suspected of bringing heavy rain to Texas, experts say it could do the same to California, now bracing for fires and mudslides later this year. The weather whiplash, promising to bring even more dangerous and wild extremes.

Earlier on Thursday, the Media Research Center’s Joseph Rossell described the numerous instances in which media sources ranging from MSNBC to the Huffington Post have raised the relevance of climate change in reporting on the Texas flooding over the past week.

Curtis Houck, MRC Newsbusters 14 Comments [5/31/2015 8:39:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Yuu
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Quote# 37889

[discussing theories relating to the origin of the universe]

Really the best expanation and easist to believe is the one where God literally created it all in 6 days. If everyone believed that then those scientists could get to work on something really important like finding a cure for cancer or weight loss or smoking.

koti123, Harmony Central Political Party 56 Comments [4/19/2008 8:02:35 PM]
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Quote# 13057

[Coming from someone with a grudge against homosexuals, Muslims, theistic evolutionists, atheists, liberals, and "lukewarm" Christians]

Can you imagine being a hate filled person that "preaches" tolerance but really really hates Christians when the rapture does happen. It must be sad to live like that. I feel sorry for them and feel we should pray for them. Their tolerance doesn't include anyone but themselves, and all they preach is hate.

mamacags, Rapture Ready 29 Comments [7/15/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 4739

When it is said God is 'good' it means He is lacking nothing essential to the whole, meaning He is self-sustaining. What other conclusions we can draw from that are definitely up for debate. And yes I agree, it seems as though God has forfeited any opportunity of being called 'good' in mankind's moral sense.

versastyle, Christian Forums 3 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 125909

after studying this topic over 20 years ago and avoiding vaccines for the children who came after my research as well as speaking to many likeminded parents AND doctors - it is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the only ones still "believing" in vaccines no zero about health or have conflicts of interest. Rabbis who advocate for vaccines are endangering not only the families they've poorly advised but themselves since EVERY child, YES - Everyone has some sort of damage from vaccines that affects their lives! There is a huge population of totally unvaccinated children who should b compared to vaccinated counterparts. If you say that the unvax eat better so they will perform better - then those findings need to be published and disseminated throughout the world. Have you ever listened to Paul Offit & his ilk? He knows zero about health & wellness only vaccines & disease - is health really all about vaccines? Only THINKING humans need to respond. The CDC's website in their guide to vaccines should make any caring parent shudder. There is a childhood cancer epidemic spreading before our eyes for the last 20 years at least, but "they" say vaccines can't be the cause because in their corrupt unscientific brains - the amounts of the toxic ingredients are too small to cause cancer. Same for the criminal use of aluminum and other neurotoxicity components - how could they cause neurological problems since "we say" there's just too little to cause a toxic effect & besides Offit asserts that aluminum is actually a nutrient. Why are these evil gangsters not in jail or worse yet??? We must band together to stop the madness once and for all! That goes for govt subsidizing GMO crops as well as other SAD diet ingredients that is destroying our
Collective health! Share this info & please don't waste your energies on those who want to stay in the dark! Remember only 20% of all the Jews who saw the miracles of the 10 plagues in Egypt wanted to leave their posts as physical and mental slaves for the freedom of G-d's Torah. The other 80% who were afraid to leave their slave mentality & the "comfort zone" they were used to - perished in the plague of darkness. Throughout history it was always the minority who bus ex in & fought for the truth. No different today! It's insanity win & simple to watch & recognize the mindboggling Divine miracles of human fetal development & birth & THINK that only a toxic brew injected into him will protect him from childhood diseases that were only beneficial when managed properly. Anyone who became crippled or defected or dead had a compromised immune system. Remember "correlation is NOT causation". If only less than 1% of those who contracted polio became crippled or died - why were they not studied for these problems that didn't affect the other 99% in the least? Because nutritional solutions are not lucrative.
Before you express your exasperation with the findings that I & countless other parents have found - unless you're related to big pharma or the doctors who will have serious shame from their alliances with their corrupt medical associations- watch Trace Amounts & Bought among many good lectures. If your vaccinated children seem fine & that's why you want everyone to vaccinate - thank G-d that they're not As damaged as they could be. Make sure they're methylation pathways are working becauses vaccine damage can take on different forms even decades later. Unvaccinated children who are loved & properly nourished are an unbelievable delight that are truly a gift from G-d! Weigh your vaccine options very carefully ! Don't allow dogma & revisionist disease history scare you into destroying your family's health. Share this message with firm kindness!! Invite friends and family to view the documentaries like Trace Amounts & Bought before our government takes them off - & don't think it can't happen.



Divine m

Etie Teigman, Times of Israel 13 Comments [4/1/2017 11:39:11 AM]
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Quote# 136360

I strongly advise anyone reading this article to use your time wisely. I'm not against listening to music, but the average person spends 13 years of their life listening to music. The average person has been listening to the same secular music thousands of times decade after decade. I'm not against music, but just think of how much better off you'd be if you listened to a few Bible-based sermons each week. There's hardly a day that goes by when I don't listen to at least one sermon. I usually hear a couple sermons a day. The Word of God teaches that a wise man LAYS UP KNOWLEDGE.

David J. Stewart, Soulwinning.info 23 Comments [2/1/2018 1:47:12 AM]
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Quote# 26357

Don't ever compare heterosexual incest to homosexuality! Homosexuality is much worse because it involves two people with the same genitalia! At least incest can be traditional, and involve a man and a woman--a brother and a sister, Just like the children of Adam & Eve! So wonderful and pure of heart! God bless.

darcymayberry, www.youtube.com 93 Comments [6/11/2007 1:10:58 PM]
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Quote# 64575

As a reformed christian I am cautious to cite satan's direct presence and participation but if there were any moment in my life where the EXTREME vibe of evil and perhaps his very personal up-close snarl were in my ear, it would've been in West Hollywood last summer; sodomites the nation over congregated to flaunt their rebellion with parades and get drunk and have orgies in the name of their fallen desires.

New to LA I was ignorant of this satanic ritual and ventured into that part of town on the eve of excessive debauchery; I had never prayed audibly in public until that night but wickedness was literally in the air. it was to be felt and it was to be escaped from.

I do not say this with sarcasm when I tell you I expected to see satan come around the corner twirling a baton as he prepared the parade to march.

Because of the sheer density of evil, one so condensed it had an actual tangible spirit that ran through the unruly crowd, I am inclined to think the devil was in attendance that night.

No Longer A Libertine, The PuritanBoard  51 Comments [8/5/2009 10:53:47 AM]
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Quote# 137507

Tony Brown, Facebook 45 Comments [3/27/2018 3:54:47 AM]
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Quote# 124616

They hate you.

Leftists don’t merely disagree with you. They don’t merely feel you are misguided. They don’t think you are merely wrong. They hate you. They want you enslaved and obedient, if not dead. Once you get that, everything that is happening now will make sense. And you will understand what you need to be ready to do.

You are normal, and therefore a heretic. You refuse to bow to their idols, to subscribe to their twisted catechisms, to praise their false gods. This is unforgivable. You must burn.

Crazy talk? Just ask them. Go ahead. Go on social media. Find a leftist – it’s easy. Just say something positive about America or Jesus and they’ll come swarming like locusts. Engage them and very quickly they will drop their masks and tell you what they really think. I know. I keep a rapidly expanding file of Twitter leftist death wish screenshots.

They will tell you that Christians are idiots and vets are scum.

That normals are subhumans whose role is to labor as serfs to subsidize the progressive elite and its clients.

That you should die to make way for the New Progressive Man/Woman/Other.

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall 22 Comments [2/17/2017 5:27:03 PM]
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Submitted By: Citizen Justin
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Quote# 118514

How many men are there in America whose failure with women made them “realize” they were a homosexual? Thousands, I’d estimate. These are guys too disillusioned with the American female to put the game work needed to penetrate their holes. Guys who concluded that these girls are not worth the effort, and that they rather get banged in the butt than deal with them or figure them out. I have a feeling these gay boys had gay tendencies before their conversion, but how many guys in Brazil converted to homosexuality because they couldn’t get laid? Colombia? Russia? Italy? Significantly less, I imagine.

Roosh, Roosh V 23 Comments [4/26/2016 4:16:54 PM]
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Submitted By: David
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