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The Unity, the Creator of the Universes, Earth and all in between, God of Abraham, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, the God the Father, Adonai, Jehovah, Allah, Ahura Mazda, Dao, Narayan, Bhagavan, Vishnu, the Existence as a whole, the Unified string filed of consciousness that rules the 11 dimensions of the known space-time in this Universe and limitless unknown material and non-material other Universes, (All are ONE). It decided. It is written. It is done.

Justice will be enforced on the Earth as follows. Two miracles and one global execution.

1- 19 June 2018 all butchers all over the world, 12 noon (Greenwich) will die painless quick.

2- 57 days after that, all hunters who have not been Vegan for the past 42 days, will die as above.

3- 114 days after that, all humans who have not been Vegan for the past 42 days will die, as above.

Present estimation 5 billion.

4- Surviving Vegans will have some tough time dealing with emotional traumas, the dead, economical, production, workforce and chaos. Free large scale global expert psychological counseling will be provided. They will survive, pro-create and fill the earth again.

A VEGAN EARTH. kindness is the rule

An Earth with one law above all other laws, enforced in all governments that Vegans will establish themselves.

Global Equal Legal Rights for all human and non-human animals.
Court, Evidence, death penalty. We ensure its enforcement for one human generation
then we will leave the Earth.

Behold the miracles. Learn. Become Vegan. Become kind. Survive.

Else, you will be dead in those dates and as a gift of the God will get the chance to be reborn again and again. . . in a Vegan kind world.

It is decided. It is done.

Wish you happiness
the Moses

the Moses, God Justice Vegan Earth 2019 91 Comments [2/10/2013 5:25:09 AM]
Fundie Index: 178
Submitted By: Count Zapolai

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Al Roker's Poopy Pants

I want a cheeseburger so fucking bad right now.

2/10/2013 5:36:49 AM


If that happens I will eat my dog!

2/10/2013 5:48:29 AM



2/10/2013 5:50:53 AM


Isn't that nice.

Fuck you.

2/10/2013 5:53:35 AM

Matt W

Be non-violent, or I'll fucking kill you!

2/10/2013 6:02:31 AM

Arctic Knight

So much for my defending veganism as not being a religion, but simply a dietary way of life. Crap like this sure makes it look religious.

2/10/2013 6:19:00 AM

I'd eat vegans. I bet they taste real nice.

2/10/2013 6:20:13 AM



2/10/2013 6:27:15 AM


Or this:


2/10/2013 6:34:06 AM


I eat vegans. Cows and deer are vegan. So are lambs.

2/10/2013 6:41:05 AM

Hasan Prishtina

Kindness by wiping out two billion people, legislating and applying the death penalty. I see. If you want to be a kind spacey fruitcake, go join the Unarians.

2/10/2013 6:52:13 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

A case of protein deficiency leading to mental deficiency?

(Not knocking all vegans; just the insane ones.)

2/10/2013 6:58:48 AM


Insanity over 9 thousand. Is is too cheesy and over the top to be real.

2/10/2013 7:08:30 AM


Wolves eat deer, lions eat antelope, people eat cows. The only thing wrong with it is when they're given hormone cocktails and kept in cramped conditions.


In structure, it's a lot like other web pages of fundies of other stripes that are completely serious.

2/10/2013 7:33:10 AM

In 5 1/2 years time, billions will all of a sudden surrender to your wacked ideas. (the idea of killing people that is).
Sorry find that hard to believe. I think that in six years time I will still be enjoying meat, milk, eggs and honey.

2/10/2013 7:33:23 AM



Yeeeeeaaahhhh, ok. Food chain means nothing to 'the Moses'.

Guess I'm gonna die with my steaks. Yeeehaa!

2/10/2013 7:41:35 AM

Lady Evil

And I thought Rapture Ready was nuts.

2/10/2013 7:48:43 AM


This reminds me of 'Only One Solution', a group that has been (for several years) actively calling for doctors and scientists to join them in dumping poisons into municipal water supplies to kill as many humans as possible. They believe the only way to save animals from suffering is to wipe out humanity.

2/10/2013 8:01:41 AM


You're insane.

Wishing you speedy professional care.
The Horsefeathers

2/10/2013 8:10:24 AM


What the hell is this, some vegan wet-dream?Pass the chicken, please.

2/10/2013 8:38:41 AM

Bad Wolf

I was reading their website, and an old song started running through my head"

"Be kind to your web footed friends,
For that duck may be somebody's mother
She lives in a hole in a swamp
Where the weather is always damp
You may think that this is the end:
Well, it is!"

2/10/2013 8:57:13 AM


Laughing so hard to myself right now. Been too long since a quote made me do that.

2/10/2013 9:11:41 AM


I confess that I have no problem with the first paragraph. All is One...All Deities are One Deity...Deity & Creation are One...All is interconnected...there may be many interconnecting universes....


Not only is it a stupid false prediction, it only targets meat eaters & meat-eating. What about the rapists, murderers, dictators, terrorists, corrupt CEOs & corrupt politicians? What about corrupt cops, hate groups & debilitating or fatal diseases?

2/10/2013 9:18:27 AM

Doubting Thomas

So if Christians with a 2000+ year old book keep getting end-times predictions wrong, what makes vegans with a relatively new religion think they can do any better?

2/10/2013 9:21:55 AM


This is a reminder that environmental awareness can coincide with the most reactionary possible attitudes. This is like the kind of hippy fascism described in the Dead Kennedy's "California Uber Alles".

2/10/2013 9:24:37 AM

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