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Once same-sex marriage is generally adopted, polygamy is right around the corner. You can also expect lowering of the age of consent to about 13 - liberals want to have sex with children too.

SmellyFed, Free Conservatives 29 Comments [1/23/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Methinks \"SmellyFed\" is projecting his own personality on others here.
The \"liberals want to have sex with children TOO.\" (emphasis mine) really gives it away ;)

1/24/2006 8:26:52 AM

Just Rick

It's not liberals I keep reading about in the paper diddling the little kids, its the preachers and rabbi's...and the church's WILL try and cover that stuff up. We only hear about the ones that went public.

1/24/2006 9:15:08 AM

Tiny Bulcher

Once fundies control the USA you can expect adulterers to be stoned, masturbators to have their hands cut off, and rape to become legal, if not compulsory. Hey, that slippery slope slides both ways, you know?

1/24/2006 10:03:34 AM


What the fuck is he talking about? Why would I have sex with children? It would just delay my ability to kill and eat them.

1/24/2006 12:18:13 PM


\"...liberals want to have sex with children too.\"

Give me one shred of evidence or shut the fuck up.

1/24/2006 12:57:39 PM

Mr. Turquoise

Of course, we all know the age of consent according to Scripture is...uh...hang on...it's right here...maybe in Leviticus, there's lots of stuff in there...no...hmmm...

Mr. Turquoise

1/24/2006 2:51:45 PM

Darth Wang

Typical Freecons post

1/24/2006 3:07:56 PM


Why stop @ thirteen?Let's lower the age of sexual consent to ten, just like it was the \"Conservative\" \"Moral\" early 1800's throughout much of the U.S.

-My two bits

1/24/2006 5:44:37 PM

King Spirula

Once again a fundie refuses to let logic get in the way of his argument.

1/24/2006 6:34:10 PM


>>\"...liberals want to have sex with children too.\"

Give me one shred of evidence or shut the fuck up<<

Part of the key to FreeCon criticism is never having to quote your opponents. I mean, if they actually had to derive their criticisms from the things that liberals actually say and do, much like this site does, they wouldn't have much to criticize at all.

Its much easier just to state your opponents positions and beliefs, and criticize them accordingly.

1/24/2006 7:44:34 PM


Why don't we go back to biblical marriages; one man, eight wives, fifteen concubines, eightythree children (that Daddy Dearest can do with as he pleases up to and including death, ditto the women) If not that can I ski on that slippery slope?

1/24/2006 8:04:19 PM


yep, you smell. Go away.

1/24/2006 9:58:49 PM


Actually, in South Carolina, Iowa, and Missouri, the age of consent (with parental permission) is 14. And in Colorado, it's 15. Want to guess how many of those 4 states are liberal?

I'll give you a hint: none of them.

1/24/2006 11:54:21 PM


If they provided evidence, it would be Internet stalking.

1/25/2006 6:39:35 AM


I notice no Freudian Slip award has been given out yet. Can we send one the SmellyFed's way?

1/29/2006 4:28:41 PM


NonHomogenized: "with parental consent"? Do I smell arranged marriages?

1/8/2008 3:02:37 AM


Well, I'm not a liberal. Can I sign up for the sex with teenagers though?

Actually, this guy might not want to lower the age of consent so him and his church don't get any competition.

1/8/2008 3:45:25 AM


Yeah, if we let teh gheys get married, people are gonna start having sex with children! And billy goats! And salmon! And washing machines!! ZOMG!!!!


1/8/2008 4:03:36 AM


Many great men of the bible were plygamis, such as David and Soloman.

Also, there really isnt an "age of consent".

1/10/2008 4:50:02 AM


Slippery slopes are dangerous.

7/27/2008 6:14:11 PM


So do conservatives since they seem to be the ones getting caught doing it.

7/27/2008 8:19:17 PM

Bad Influence

Would you like some KY lube for that slippery slope?

Also: you mean the same pedophilia and polygamy as your Bible?

7/27/2008 8:57:54 PM


"What the fuck is he talking about? Why would I have sex with children? It would just delay my ability to kill and eat them"


7/29/2008 6:10:21 AM


Yeah, just like people started screwing their housecats when we let blacks and whites marry.

What a dipshit.

11/6/2009 5:08:30 PM


"liberals want to have sex with children too."

All those Catholic priests are liberals?

4/8/2010 12:03:30 AM

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