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I have to admit that I was shocked and saddened when watching the Waltons the other night. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing, and it showed me just how far back this push for "tolerance" started.

In this show, Jason Walton was dating a Jewish girl. The girl was confused about her religion and wasn't even sure what it meant to be Jewish. She winds up being all upset and emotional and running off to talk to the new minister at the baptist church the Walton family goes to. (I know I called her a "girl" but she was a woman, full grown and in the army) What shocked me so much was what the minister did. He listened to her (good) and let her get everything off her chest and then proceeded to explain all about Judaism to her and gave her a book that had been given to him by a Jewish Rabbi about Judaism. He then told her that he'd find out where the nearest Temple was so she could start attending there! In the next scene the minister is giving his Sunday sermon which, believe it or not is all about tolerance. He says very proudly that they are "baptists" and the most important thing to remember is that their founder (can't remember the name) had said that any good baptist was tolerant of other religions! Next was a scene of the Waltons at lunch and one of them paraphrases the minister saying that and indicate that as good baptists they should have been proud to help a Jewish person discover their beliefs.

By then I was wavering between anger, disbelief and tears! That minister alone actually picked that girl up out of our Lord's hands and forced her back into a false religion! I'm not at all against helping her understand her roots mind you, but instead of pushing her out the door and into a Temple, why not take the time to explain to her what her Jewish roots are and how wonderful it is and how God entrusted to her people His laws etc and take her from there and show her how God then sent His Son and how she could be saved??? That way she could have understood her roots AND been saved!!!

Instead though, they tossed her to the wolves so she can spend eternity in hell while they all pat themselves on the back for being "good baptists!"

I know...it's only a story, but I'm also sure that it actually happens every day. Hell will be filled with folks because of "good Christians" who were being tolerant.

Cindy, Fresh Hope 81 Comments [9/20/2011 3:26:12 AM]
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That's all well and good if you are right...but what if you are wrong. What if Judaism is the correct religion. You are starting from the point that only you and your version of religion is right but if you are wrong you are boned aren't you.

I know this might be a bit hard to accept, you know you being wrong and all but it is just as likely you are wrong as it is that she is wrong. Maybe try and think about that for a bit.

9/20/2011 3:33:42 AM


*sniffsniff* I smell a troll. where the hell do you find The Waltons anymore anyway??

9/20/2011 3:38:31 AM


Haa haa haa.

9/20/2011 3:41:58 AM


It's the same God, you moron. Jews and Christians worship the same sky fairy. They call Jesus the King of the Jews, for fuck sake.

9/20/2011 3:51:23 AM



A lot of areas have a local "retro" channel that plays shows ranging from The Waltons and Highway to Heaven to Dark Shadows and Night Stalker. The one in my area plays B-movies every Saturday night, with commentary, like a lower budget MST3K.

That said, this is more "conspiracy" than "fundie." After all, the notion of "accepting people who are different than you" must be a global conspiracy powered by the media. ;)

9/20/2011 3:53:57 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

judaism = false religion!

jesus being jewish means jesus is in hell!

Cindy seems to think jesus was a christian.


9/20/2011 3:58:35 AM


Really, Cindy? Sigh...

First of all, it's fiction. No one is claiming that The Waltons is meant as an instruction manual. Second, Jews don't believe in Hell. Third, if you don't even know who founded your religion? We can only conclude that you're a silly hick.

9/20/2011 4:30:38 AM

David B.

"it showed me just how far back this push for "tolerance" started"

That's not an indication of how far back tolerance started, it's an indication of how recently it stopped.

9/20/2011 5:05:00 AM

Raised by Horses

"..and then proceeded to explain all about Judaism to her and gave her a book that had been given to him by a Jewish Rabbi about Judaism."

The Old Testament, I take it? You know, the starting point of Christianity? Ring any bells?

Good God, do you people even read your own holy texts?

9/20/2011 5:12:08 AM

...and forced her back into a false religion!

1) No one can or does force anyone to believe something they don't want to. Can't and won't happen.

2) You claim Judaism is a false religion but anyone else can point their finger at you and claim the same about Christianity. Until you have incontrovertible evidence, the burden of proof is on all you believers, regardless of what god(s) you believe in.

9/20/2011 5:17:15 AM


I hate to be a great big intolerance bubble buster, but your Jesus religion has roots in Judaism. The Ten Commandments? Judaism. The creation myth? Judaism. The very foundation of your religion? Judaism. To call Jewish faith a false religion without noticing your religion is also false is calling the kettle black.

Kettle: You're black.
Pot: You're black too, but I am a shinier and sleeker black which makes me better than you.

9/20/2011 5:24:40 AM


How DARE that man on TV not condemn that girl for having followed a FALSE religion all her life! How DARE he show love to his neighbor! That isn't what Christianity's about at all!

...Lol, seriously?

9/20/2011 5:28:17 AM

Mister Spak

The Baptist religion is a false satanic religion. The real god is Jehovah and the real religion is Jewish. That pastor saved her from an eternity of hellfire.

Or he would have, if that episode wasn't fiction.

9/20/2011 5:31:32 AM


By then I was wavering between anger, disbelief and tears!

Holy shit! Hysterical much? It's just a TV show, lady.

Hell will be filled with folks because of "good Christians" who were being tolerant.

Then your god is a prick if he sends people (and his chosen people no less!) to hell just because someone else convinced them of something. Especially since it seems she was never given the information to make a decision. You're one of those assholes that thinks a person born in a tribe far away from civilization is going to hell for having the audacity to not hear about Jesus, aren't you? And I bet somehow you still think your god is a great guy for doing that.

9/20/2011 5:33:22 AM

Oh, I hate it when people can't tell fiction from reality. That Doctor Who episode about Satan? It's just a story. The Stargate episodes about aliens posing as gods? Fiction. This Walton episode about a Jewish girl finding her faith again? It's not real. Grow up. If TV bothers you so much, get rid of it.

9/20/2011 5:37:59 AM


There is no hell, silly.

Its just a story your parents told you to make you behave.
Now you know that you can venture out into the world and be a productive member of the human race.
You're welcome.

9/20/2011 5:38:56 AM


Has anyone stopped to think how low a bar "tolerance" really is? When I say I "tolerate" something that means that I recognize its existence and, without regard to whether or not I like it, there's nothing I can do about it so I'll just leave it be.

What's really sad is that, when it comes to other religions and people whose orientations might go differently from mine, even that low a bar is unattainable.

9/20/2011 6:05:58 AM

So what you are saying is that you have justified to yourself the moral right to be intolerant of things you don't like, things based on a book that is not verified, because if you tolerate them people will go to a bad place that you think exists because it says so in the same unverified book. That you can be intolerant of others who have a different belief in different books because you personally assert that your belief is true and theirs is not.

Well. I suppose you're internally consistent at least.

9/20/2011 6:12:45 AM

Doctor Whom

So you actually typed all of that without seeing a flaw in the Christian plan of salvation?

9/20/2011 6:14:55 AM

Doubting Thomas

So, instead you're supposed to tell people that their religion is false and they're going to burn in eternity for not following the right religion?

9/20/2011 6:25:29 AM

So you call the faith practiced by Jesus Christ Himself a "false religion"?

You seriously need to spend the next few Sundays in your church's Sunday School class for the very little kids rather than in the chapel, and pay attention to what they teach them about the history of your religion, since clearly you didn't do so your first time around.

9/20/2011 6:28:24 AM



9/20/2011 6:30:43 AM


Your hell sounds more like heaven to me than your heaven.

9/20/2011 6:45:40 AM

Zeus Almighty

I also am outraged.
The episode should have showed the good Baptists, in the dead of night, donning their white robes and hoods and burning out them thar filthy Joos.
Then they could have strung up some uppity niggers to show 'em who's boss.
Fuck that tolerance shit!

9/20/2011 7:08:21 AM


I would bet this boob's into that "Christian Identity" crud, too. Any idiot knows that JESUS WAS A FREAKIN' JEW! In fact, Christianity was originally an OFSHOOT OF JUDAISM...a kinder, nobler take on Judaism...the original "Reformed Judaism"! In an odd way, Christianity IS A FORM OF JUDAISM! Yeesh! What a hateful anti-semetic meathead!

9/20/2011 7:09:21 AM

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