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Tony Perkins, Joe. My. God. 82 Comments [8/21/2011 7:41:24 AM]
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Standard marketing bullshit. Nothing special.

8/21/2011 7:47:36 AM


DIAF immediately please.

8/21/2011 7:48:08 AM


"Standard marketing bullshit. Nothing special."

It's sad that when we see this kind of hate-filled letter, our first response is "Nothing special."

It's even sadder that you're right. For these freaks, it's just another day in the office.

8/21/2011 7:53:24 AM

Shanya Almafeta

During Reagan's presidency the first openly gay couple spent a night together in the White House. In a column for The Washington Post on March 18, 1984, Robert Kaiser described the sleep-over: "[The Reagans'] interior decorator, Ted Graber, who oversaw the redecoration of the White House, spent a night in the Reagans' private White House quarters with his male lover, Archie Case, when they came to Washington for Nancy Reagan's 60th birthday party. . . . Indeed, all the available evidence suggests that Ronald Reagan is a closet tolerant."

Your move, FRC.

8/21/2011 7:59:05 AM


I can perfectly imagine George Washington telling school children that it's okay to own slaves.

I have nothing to say about the Reagan worship, because there's nothing to say about it.

8/21/2011 8:13:46 AM

Doubting Thomas

So rather than reassuring young gay people that life will get better, it's preferable to ridicule and bully them into suicide?

Oh right, your type would probably be happy at one less gay person in the world.

8/21/2011 8:16:13 AM


Love all the lies in there to make it sound like we're indoctrinating kids and hate Christians and all that jazz. Maybe take the nutbaggery hat off?

8/21/2011 8:18:25 AM


Because it is so much better to let long dead Middle Eastern tribal bigots dictate what laws we should have and what types of people deserve "equal" rights.
Fuck you, religious reich.

8/21/2011 8:29:45 AM


It's funny cause in 50 years a slightly more evolved civilisation will look at things like this and wonder how humanity was ever as shameful as this.

Also, obligatory:

8/21/2011 8:29:50 AM


I am indeed shocked, at your insensitivity towards young people who are already vulnerable. You want to tell them that something they can't help makes them immoral and disgusting. Mr Obama wants to tell them that they can't help how they were born, that it's OK to be who you are as long as you don't harm other people, and that as people get used to the idea of their sexuality it WILL get better.

Telling someone that it's OK to be left-handed or tall is not to recruit people into left-handedness or tallness.

8/21/2011 8:39:16 AM

Raised by Horses


8/21/2011 8:40:08 AM

Homosexuality is morally wrong? Tell me, who exactly is hurt by two people who just happen to be the same gender loving each other? Nobody was the correct answer. You'd think you fundies would be more concerned with murders, rapists, and thieves. Also, you honestly think it's okay for the homosexual youth to be tormented and bullied?! Please DIAF.

8/21/2011 8:45:02 AM


"Can you imagine.....or any other president telling schoolchildren that it's okay to be immoral...."

What about Holy Republican Richard M. Nixon, who stated that the president was effectively above the law? And then acted in accord with that viewpoint. I wonder what happened to him? Oh yes. He was impeached and should have gone to jail, only the next president, a Satanic Democrat, gave him a presidential pardon... Carter, you idiot!

There's a lot I'd like to say, only 'expletive deleted'!

8/21/2011 9:19:52 AM

rubber chicken

It's the 'thanks for giving what you can ' line that sums this one up for me.
Just another fraudster fleecing the stupid.

8/21/2011 9:32:19 AM

Why is telling people that "it gets better" and helping them to understand that suicide is not the answer a bad thing? Would you rather them all kill themselves you disgusting piece excuse of a human?

Regarding the part in the bold:

Yes I can see Washington telling school children it's okay to own slaves, after all he was a slave owner himself. I'll never understand the Reagan worship of conservatives. After all, debt increased under Reagan, the "trickle down economics" failed spectacularly, and he committed high treason in the infamous Iran Contra Affair.


@ Xotan:
You're wrong, it was Gerald Ford (a Republican) who pardoned Nixon after becoming President due to the fact that he was VP when Nixon resigned, not Carter.

8/21/2011 9:34:49 AM


Fuck off, asshole! These videos are aimed at gay teens in an effort to prevent them from considering suicide as an option. I don't care what you believe or how much you hate gays (that you've never fucking even met), preferring that gays commit suicide all because of your ideology and bigotry passes the moral event horizon and makes you a complete monster. You have no business interacting with other adults who are far more mentally mature than you.

8/21/2011 9:39:34 AM


Clearly a closet case.

8/21/2011 9:39:48 AM

What'd I Do

I can imagine this guy sitting on the end of a bed, letting out a sigh as a single tear slides down his cheek for all those in Washington who "[hate] Christians and [their] values."

Then I can imagine him putting on his hood and grabbing his noose, and getting back to the lynching.

8/21/2011 10:06:45 AM

Brendan Rizzo

How dare you compare Reagan to Washington. This is an outrage. At this rate, I am beginning to think that, if the Tea Party gets any more power, the coming decades will claim the year 1980 and the election of Reagan as the beginning of the end of American democracy.

And the It Gets Better videos are meant to tell those of the LGBT orientations that they should not kill themselves, because bullying lets up after school ends, and there are many non-heterosexuals who have gone on to live productive and successful lives. You are actually arguing against a series of anti-suicide videos, Mr. Perkins? My God...

8/21/2011 10:11:40 AM


The "It Gets Better" videos are aimed at children who are LGBT or simply perceived as such who are being ruthlessly bullied to the point where they are at risk of KILLING THEMSELVES! President Obama and Dan Savage are against young people being bullied to death! I want to believe that you just don't understand this fact, because if you do and think that the teenagers should be left to be victimized until they end their own lives, I'm ashamed to share a species with you. Stop hiding behind religion to spread your hate like that makes you the good guy!

8/21/2011 10:13:16 AM


He is against the "It gets better" project?

That practically means he is pro-bullying!

Can someone explain why homosexuality is "immoral" again?

EDIT: @ RaisedByHorses

You DO know that at that point, the main segregationists were the bad half of the Democratic Party called the "Dixiecrats", right?

8/21/2011 10:29:03 AM

Could you imagine Reagan, Washington or whoever encouraging bullying?, I thought it was considered inmoral but, in any case, since bullying blacks was not considered inmoral until well in the eighties, I guess you see no problem.

8/21/2011 10:39:56 AM


So encouraging gay people to kill themselves is a Christian value now?

And you wonder why you guys are deemed a hate group?

8/21/2011 10:45:35 AM


Last time I checked the President was supposed to act on behalf of all segments of the US population not just the heterosexual ones. And while Mr Perkins and his group of sycophantic supplicants may consider homosexuality "immoral" there is an equally large and growing segment of the population that buy into and indeed reject that backward and outdated view. Contrary to Perkins assertion, there is nothing about the "It Gets Better" campaign or the Obama's contribution to it that is intended or can even be construed as intending to "recruit" children into any kind of lifestyle. It is a message of hope for those who have suffered abuse, both physical and emotional from those who espouse the very same beliefs and sentiments as Perkins and the FRC.

8/21/2011 10:53:13 AM


I am literally raging so hard at this. I am shaking, my teeth are clenching, and I am resisting the powerful urge to drive my fist into the computer screen. Anyone who endorses this is a sick person who needs to be sterilised.

8/21/2011 10:55:49 AM

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