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[Gwyneth Paltrow: what’s wrong with second graders learning about homosexuality?]

Ole Gwen is a hypocrite. She’s married to a guy but is in full support of homo “rights”. If she supported it in that manner, she would divorce her hubby and get involved in a lesbo relationship. Live the life, baby. Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk. See how much she likes it then.

NCC-1701, Free Republic 116 Comments [6/17/2011 3:21:34 AM]
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you have developmental issues, don't you? because really, one needn't be homosexual (or lesbian if you must define by gender) in order to believe that one's children need to learn about life's realities. or to support the equal rights of all human beings. idiot.

6/17/2011 3:29:27 AM


Do you support the troops? Go out and fucking fight with them hypocrite. Do you support the Republican party? Go fucking join them and be a politician you hypocrite. Do you support the local police? Join the force you fucking hypocrite. Do you think blacks should have equal rights? Go be Black you fucking hypocrite. Do you support the vatican's celibate unmarried priest policy?

Okay... now I'm just rage-venting. I've said it before and I'll be saying it until I die: What the hell constitutes logic to these people? I can support marriage and family without a wife and kids of my own, I can support equal rights without being Gay/Black/Jewish/Female/Handicapped or any combination of the above, and I can support Gay marriage without compromising my previous beliefs as contrary to some opinions they aren't mutually exclusive.

6/17/2011 3:36:43 AM

Doctor Whom

Individual liberty: You're doing it wrong.

6/17/2011 3:47:02 AM


Captain, I'm detecting large amounts of fail in this poster.

6/17/2011 3:55:20 AM

Percy Q. Shunn


I don't think that's how the ghey works.

6/17/2011 4:06:30 AM


What the hell?!?

It's almost as if they have no real arguments to justify their bigotry and are just spewing out the first thing that comes to mind....

6/17/2011 4:12:24 AM


I have no interest whatsoever in sports. Should I then hate everyone engaged in some kind of sport, call for their expusion from normal society and for sports to become illegal?

Nope, I just live and let live; if others want to do something as boring as play soccer, what's it to me?

6/17/2011 4:15:55 AM


NCC-1701, you need to initiate the self destruct sequence now.

6/17/2011 4:18:42 AM


Oh for the love of fuck.

I think we may have just broken through the bottom of the barrel with this fresh stupidity.

6/17/2011 4:19:45 AM


Fuckin' equality, how does that work? No, seriously, NCC-1701 wants to know.

6/17/2011 4:20:04 AM

Alice Bluegown

Hey, if you want to fantasise about Gwyneth Paltrow in a lesbian relationship, then fine - I might even join you. That doesn't mean it has to happen in real life...

6/17/2011 4:23:49 AM

The Watcher

This is the conservative mindset folks: they're incapable of understanding why anyone would support something that doesn't benefit them personally.

6/17/2011 4:32:17 AM

Higgs Boson

I imagine that Venn Diagrams are considered blasphemous by this individual, since they promote the heretical notion that two different entities can have characteristics that overlap.

6/17/2011 4:34:42 AM

That may be the dumbest thing I've seen on here this year.

6/17/2011 4:42:47 AM


It's hypocrite, not hippocrite.

6/17/2011 4:47:09 AM


Wait, only gays are allowed to be supporters of gay rights now? WTF?

6/17/2011 4:55:23 AM


I married a woman and I fully support Gay rights. Who'd a thought that makes me a Hypocrite. I also support equal rights, for women, race and people of different religions (and no religion). Yet I'm neither female, black or religious. That must make me the biggest hypocrite in history. Oh well I can live with that.

Gwyneth Paltrow has just gone way up in my estimation. Good for her!

6/17/2011 5:13:13 AM

That's right. Because Chuck Heston actually was black by marching with the Civil Rights Movement in the '60s. He simply forgot.

6/17/2011 5:13:30 AM

Raised by Horses

"What’s wrong with grade schoolers learning about the American Civil War?"

You are a hypocrite. You're living in the present time, but are in full support of "accurate history". If you really supported it in that manner, you would invent a time machine, go back to Gettysburg in 1863 and die proudly in battle. Live the life, baby. Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk. See how much you like it then.

6/17/2011 5:18:43 AM


a straight person defending homosexual rights? the horror!

6/17/2011 5:21:10 AM


@ whatever

I'd make some smug, witty remark about the OP obviously not using the real word as their definition of it is unrecognizable prompting me to throw it back in their face with horrible spelling and the indecipherable new meaning... but truthfully my spelling and grammar have just gone to shit in recent years.

No worries. If my flaws aren't identified I'll never realize they exist. You're not being an asshole about it so there's no danger of offending me.

6/17/2011 5:29:37 AM


I fail to see the hypocrisy.

6/17/2011 5:31:40 AM

Vermicious Knid

Regardless of topic, this whole trend of giving a shit what Gwyneth Paltrow has to say needs to end.

6/17/2011 5:38:18 AM


Did anyone one else check out the other comments? Scroll down and you'll see dead claiming "Liberals are absolutely obsessed with sexualizing children.
I don't know why this is, but I can't imagine any motivations that are actually good for the children themselves. "

Must be opposite day, because last time I checked, slutting little girls up and parading them around for fun and profit is a popular contest in the red states.

6/17/2011 5:41:29 AM

arctic knight

Ole Gwen is a hypocrite. She’s white but is in full support of blacks. If she supported it in that manner, she would become black and get involved in a black life. Live the life, baby. Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk. See how much she likes it then. (fixed)

And how dare you tarnish the good name of the USS Enterprise.

6/17/2011 5:42:00 AM

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