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Why do we allow subhuman scum to exist here in These Great United States of America? We should exterminate any and all vermin who utter a wiff of a syllable of a word of a sentence extolling anything positive about communism and the like. And for you free speechers, its akin to yelling fire in a blind persons nursing home or a movie theater if you like!!
We could eliminate 95% of our problems here in the U.S. if it wer'nt for the dregs of society dragging us down with useless cry baby bullshit.
First lets start with anyone who votes democRATic; i.e. the most ignorant around us, democRATs, race card victims, looney loser lieberals and anybody that they deem victim status; i.e. gays, most coloreds, the envirnoment, mother earth, women, who sit on the most powerful entity in the world (its in their pants people)!!!
But alas I dream of a utopia of which this world will never relize. Or Will It?!!!

Joek Loth, Moonbattery 122 Comments [3/25/2011 3:15:00 AM]
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The Jamo

"But alas I dream of a utopia of which this world will never relize. Or Will It?!!!"

No, it won't. Now crawl back under that rock there, take your outdated stereotypes with you and shut the fuck up.

3/25/2011 3:19:42 AM


Joek, why do you hate America so much?

3/25/2011 3:21:41 AM


We could eliminate 95% of our problems here in the U.S. if it wer'nt for the dregs of society dragging us down with useless cry baby bullshit.


3/25/2011 3:23:40 AM


Do these people get together every Sunday to sit around a table over some waffles and discuss ways to scare the ever-loving shit out of everyone? It seems that way.

3/25/2011 3:28:32 AM


To be more exact, you'd eliminate 100% of all of America's problems within one generation if you exterminated all of the women.

Mainly because there wouldn't be a next generation to have any problems.

3/25/2011 3:29:56 AM


Didn't your demi-god Dumbya Bush say "Dictatorships, why can't we have one of those?"? You seem to agree with him here.
It's hard to comment on this one, whithout making a Godwin. You're not alone dreaming of that utopia, let's leave it at that...

You want to get rid of the environment and women? Best of luck trying to live on after that, stupid.

3/25/2011 3:34:27 AM


There's nothing more American than advocating for the mass murder of all those who disagree with you!

3/25/2011 3:35:17 AM


Subhuman? Is there some hidden antiSemitism trying to get out here?

3/25/2011 3:40:27 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

3/25/2011 3:40:33 AM

Horus IX

A two for one! Just needs some type of illuminati crap in it and it would be a trifecta!

Also, Bring it ass clown! I'm democrat and I'll kill anyone that tries to fuck with my freedom, my human rights, my life, or my motha-fuckin' money!

3/25/2011 3:42:52 AM

Your utopia sounds like a fucking nightmare. Keep it.

3/25/2011 3:44:06 AM


Your dream would swiftly become your nightmare the moment you realize in the sort of world you describe you would not be the one 'exterminating vermin' nor the one in power. In the sort of world you describe, where apparently people need only speak their minds to be deserving of death, you would quickly find yourself on the wrong end of the gun for whatever little thing the actual people in power don't like about you.

Thankfully, and perhaps not so thankfully, none of that will come to pass. Instead, you will most likely remain a simpleton blissfully unaware of just how terrible his supposed utopia would be.

3/25/2011 3:44:45 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

That sounds batshit insane even for Moonbatshittery!

Maybe you'd find some soulmates over on Stormfront!

3/25/2011 3:54:20 AM

Katherine Lorraine

Racist - check. Sexist - check. Homophobic - check. Libertarian capitalist - check. I don't even know what he's talking about exterminating the environment and Mother Earth. That's just silly, unless... he's Looten Plunder!

Quick, someone call the Planeteers!

3/25/2011 3:59:47 AM


In amongst the list of people this guy wants to murder, he also mentions the environment o_O

Fucking nutjob wants to destroy the earth, just so he can have his utopia.

3/25/2011 4:03:12 AM

Mr Blur

Just an ignorant moron, nothing to see here.

3/25/2011 4:03:44 AM


Thank the FSM that the Constitution (you no doubt hate so much) is designed to protect the rest of us from the likes of you...

May you be touched by his noodlie appendages ... AAARRRGGHHH

3/25/2011 4:09:19 AM


"We could eliminate 95% of our problems here in the U.S. if it wer'nt for the dregs of society dragging us down with useless cry baby bullshit."

-You mean someone like you?

3/25/2011 4:16:45 AM


Ok, right then

* kill 'em all and you will see, things won't get better and you are still the same sore loser as now.
* you'll have to look for new victims, so that you can blame them for your still miserable life (again).

3/25/2011 4:30:44 AM


*patpat* oh honey, YOU (and those like you) are the dregs of society.

3/25/2011 4:31:02 AM


Your "Utopia" sounds like my hell.

3/25/2011 4:54:36 AM


And what, exactly, is un-American about wanting to ensure that everyone gets his or her fair shot without allowing the super-rich to take advantage of everyone and everything?

3/25/2011 4:58:33 AM


I have a VERY hard time believing this is real. This goes beyond fundie and into supervillain territory. I mean he says he wants to kill the environment and the Earth ffs and lists about 90% of the population as targets for extermination and then calls it a utopia. The only thing he lacks is a secret lair and a costume.

3/25/2011 5:05:34 AM


Your hatred of free speech makes me want to shove a hand grenade up your fat ass.

3/25/2011 5:06:41 AM


I've never seen so much impotent, ineffectual rage from more unthinking xenophobes and borderline psychotics than at that site.
This one seems to want to eradicate not only everyone who isn't a white male, but also the earth itself. I can guess what his "utopia" would look like.

3/25/2011 5:10:40 AM

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