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[Mexico City approves gay marriage]

I don't think it will get challenged...at all

The times are getting darker faster. and it is only going to get worse. I heard a preacher the last couple of days saying if we all would turn from our sins and repent then God would turn his coming wrath from us, I don't believe that they entire world would turn from this great SIN that they are commiting and just stop, and say I am sorry, and except Christ, I truly believe that we have gone beyond that point, with God.... abortion alone is so sickening, then you add homesexuality and all of the other religions and false God's in the mix, and well and then we have the soon to come trib. I wish all would turn, and recieve his loving grace.

4Godisjust , RR 42 Comments [1/27/2010 10:31:44 AM]
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Yeah, you're right. So just go ahead and leave. Hunker down in your Jebus-bunker and mutter prayers until you die. Futile, but it'll keep you from pestering the rest of us.

1/27/2010 10:33:05 AM


Doesn't sound like a loving god. And isn't wrath a sin?

1/27/2010 10:39:56 AM

Dr. Shill

It's the lack of fundie grammar thta has me worried about the end of the world.

1/27/2010 10:51:18 AM

Doctor Whom

In that case, why didn't the end times occur under the pre-Constantine Roman Empire? You know, just as the inerrant Bible repeatedly said they would.

1/27/2010 10:51:38 AM


Rapturite cries like a big baby, part 61576238756728.

1/27/2010 10:59:18 AM


I've tried before before to picture all the gay PhDs, MDs, historians, psychiatrists, ministers I know saying "I've decided to stop my wicked homosexual sin and become a raptard," but it's a stretch.

1/27/2010 11:01:14 AM

Doubting Thomas

You know, even if we did outlaw abortion, somehow make gay people not be gay, make everyone worship Jesus and believe in a rapture, not have "sinful" sex, and vote Republican, we would still have natural disasters occurring at the same frequency in the same places they do today. And Jesus' return would still never occur but everyone would be saying that it is going to happen any day now. The only difference is that life wouldn't be any fun at all.

1/27/2010 11:11:29 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

Rainbows mean god is having gay sex.

1/27/2010 11:14:31 AM

Big Jilm

Well, you're going to Hell for changing God's word. Jesus died for everyone's sins. The end. Unless your saying the central belief of your religion is untrue? Jesus already took the wrap for everyone's sins.

1/27/2010 11:21:16 AM


People are allowed to be happy, our stranglehold on another minority is being pulled away, women are allowed to make choices for themselves, we aren't allowed to burn down other religions' churches, we aren't being pandered to...dark, dark times...

1/27/2010 11:24:22 AM


I see many walled 'Communes In Christ' coming. Or what militias call Home Base.

1/27/2010 11:35:18 AM


Two-thirds of the world excepts Christ now.

1/27/2010 12:08:24 PM

Zeus Almighty

Yes! Soon, very soon, either the wrath of gawd will be upon us evile librul, homo-gay, latte-sipping, recycling, Prius-driving, Muslim Devil worshippers ... Or else he'll do the same thing he's done for millions of years -- absolutely nothing.

1/27/2010 12:08:52 PM


What? To me it seems the times are getting brighter. Each morning the sun goes up a little bit sooner, and each evening it sets a little bit later. And it's only getting better, until Summer Solstice, when we will be dancing round a giant phallus symbol, eat herring and drink snaps. And have lots an lots of sex out in nature. (Nah, just kidding, not in nature.)

Hey, as we are (probably) only going to live once, why not have fun doing it?

1/27/2010 12:19:20 PM


Things are changing! WAH WAH WAH!!

1/27/2010 1:05:23 PM

Table Rock

if we all would turn from our sins and repent then God would turn his coming wrath from us

Doesn't this go against your core belief? I thought you and the rest of RR are waiting to jump for joy when god gets all wrathy on the world.

1/27/2010 1:31:08 PM


If change and sin makes god so angry, then why did he create it in the first place?

1/27/2010 1:34:52 PM


God likes abortion.

The people of Samaria must bear their guilt, because they have rebelled against their God. They will fall by the sword: their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open.
— Hosea 13:16

You will destroy their descendants from the earth, their posterity from mankind.
— Psalm 21:10

Even from birth the wicked go astray; from the womb they are wayward and speak lies. Like a slug melting away as it moves along, like a stillborn child, may they not see the sun.
— Psalm 58:3, 8

E’phraim’s glory shall fly away like a bird — no birth, no pregnancy, no conception! Even if they bring up children, I will bereave them till none is left. Woe to them when I depart from them!
— Hosea 9:11-12, RSV

Give them, O LORD — what wilt thou give? Give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts. E’phraim is stricken, their root is dried up, they shall bear no fruit. Even though they bring forth, I will slay their beloved children.
— Hosea 9:14, 16, RSV

1/27/2010 1:59:37 PM



1/27/2010 2:57:01 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Sorry, but your imaginary friend still doesn't exist.

1/27/2010 3:01:17 PM

caustic gnostic

Where are all the Chimerae? We can't have a decent Dribbulation without a buncha half-human monsters and shit.

1/27/2010 3:14:59 PM


I "except" Christ everyday of my life, as well as Jehovah/YHWH, and Allah, and Odin, and Zeus, and Vishnu, and...
By the way, which is it you want? The lord Jeebus to come tomorrow or not? I would think the overwhelming amount of sin in the world would be a good thing if it accelerates Armageddon for you retards.

1/27/2010 3:41:30 PM

But apparently all of your fundy idols cheating on their wives is A-OK with God, and won't contribute to the coming trib, eh?

Just checking, since you people never list any of those sins as incitements for God's wrath upon the world.

1/27/2010 4:12:15 PM

You know Aristotle said the same thing, right?

Also, fuck you. At least I can honestly say that my beliefs are peaceful and the fundies of my beliefs tend to be more of a danger to themselves than to others.

1/27/2010 4:38:50 PM


Okay, point out a time in history when humans weren't suffering from "god's wrath"...

There has always and will always be war, famine and pestilence.

1/27/2010 5:46:10 PM

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