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Please remember that Obama is a "usurper" and will soon be tried in the Court for this. A usurper is not considered to be a legitimate president and therefore, cannot be impeached.


turalura, RR 56 Comments [11/2/2009 12:03:44 AM]
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Fat chance. Obama is 1. A natural born citizen of the US and 2. was legitimately elected president by a majority both in the popular vote and the electoral college, unlike a certain other President I could name.

In the words of every single character on South Park, suck my balls.

11/2/2009 12:06:58 AM

Renaissance Blonde

I'd love to see you go, but I doubt I'd be that lucky.

11/2/2009 12:09:33 AM


Dude, do you self medicate with crack?

11/2/2009 12:35:39 AM


I know you guys are mad that King Bush got usurped by the darkie, but what really happened was that Bush was an elected official and his term ended and Obama was voted in instead. Weird how democracy works, huh? I guess you'd prefer a feudal state so you can submit yourself to your ruler.

11/2/2009 12:49:49 AM


These people are so obviously racist, it ain't even funny.

11/2/2009 12:51:04 AM

Jack Bauer

How soon?

Which court?

11/2/2009 1:01:52 AM


@ Valheru, I really don't see what's racist about this otherwise ridiculous post.

11/2/2009 1:03:01 AM


Oh hi, turalura, two fails in quick succession! I look forward to more of your contributions as you find your voice.

11/2/2009 1:15:35 AM



verb (used with object)
1. to seize and hold (a position, office, power, etc.) by force or without legal right.


Legal US citizen, of age for office, and elected by the electoral college (and for what it's worth, the popular vote.)

Unless the will of the US people is force, then I see no correlation. But then again I'm not crazy.

11/2/2009 1:32:11 AM


I personally recommend you to pick up a dictionary and see what that word means.

11/2/2009 1:32:29 AM

Cthulhu's Quill

Dream on nutjob

11/2/2009 1:42:34 AM


I think that your deffinition of usurper has no bases in reality whatsoever.

11/2/2009 1:46:31 AM

Usurper? He was voted into office by the majority of the American population.

11/2/2009 1:52:08 AM


Well, in contrast to the last election when Bush won, there was no doubt about the legitimacy of the election which brought Obama to power.
So, if you want to try Obama, you should first and foremost try Bush ;)

11/2/2009 2:39:52 AM


campbunny, the racism has to do with this: in 2008, two men were running for president. one of them was born in the US, the other was not. but because the one who was born in the US doesn't look "american" enough, and has an "unamerican" name, while the one born outside the US was white and had a properly anglophone name, these racist idiots get it backwards and call the American-born man a foreigner.

11/2/2009 2:44:44 AM

David B.

"Please remember that Obama is a "usurper""

Hardly, since he was personally appointed by God to lead your fine country (Romans 13). You however will be punished with damnation for your evil, God-hating ways.

Wait, let me guess, the whole bible is the literal truth, but some bits are more literal than others.

11/2/2009 3:40:58 AM


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does.

11/2/2009 3:53:02 AM


You guys called those who simply protested against Bush's war traitors and wanted them jailed, but you think refusing to recognize the legitimacy of a democratically-elected President is just fine?

11/2/2009 4:25:14 AM


I seem to recall that your boy Bush usurped an election in his time....

11/2/2009 4:27:43 AM


Please remember that Obama is a "usurper" and will soon be tried in the Court for this.

Oh, for fuck's sake. How is Obama a "usurper"? He won the election.

Tried in court? For what?

11/2/2009 4:45:08 AM


Keep dreaming, it's how most of us made it through the Bush presidency.

11/2/2009 5:12:11 AM


*Sigh* Vindicative politics as usual. Since he is a Democrat, conservatives hate him and say that he isn't really an American born citizen so they can have their party's canidates in office. In the years prior to the Obama administration it was pretty much the same thing only the roles were reversed.

11/2/2009 5:50:31 AM

Doubting Thomas

An "usurper" who won the election with 53% of the vote and 365 electoral votes, and who is a natural-born U.S. citizen. Yeah, he should be removed from office.

11/2/2009 6:08:35 AM

Night Jaguar

"really don't see what's racist about this otherwise ridiculous post."

This sort of incredible irrationality has one simple answer. I mean, do you honestly think this level of craziness would have occurred if a white man was elected?

It's like Bill Maher said. These people want to use one word to describe Obama (begins with 'N'), but they can't use that word so they use every other word in the book: Muslim, Communist, Marxist, fascist, terrorist, Nazi, atheist, socialist, usurper.

Of course Obama has to deny the obvious. Calling racists racists would be seen as "playing the race card" and that would be bad. But he's smart enough to know what it is. Don't be surprised if years after he is gone from office he'll be more honest about it.

11/2/2009 6:17:03 AM


Obama's going to be tried in court?

Perhaps by the same judges who've thrown out every last one of the "birther" lawsuits? Maybe by the judge who got so fed up with Orly Taitz's blend of lunacy and idiocy that he slammed her with a $20K fine?

11/2/2009 7:15:17 AM

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