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Almost 60 years on, it seems this whole integration thing still isn’t playing with a lot of White people. Nasty reality keeps intruding. A news article from NBC Philadelphia reports: “More than 60 campers from Northeast Philadelphia were turned away from a private swim club and left to wonder if their race was the reason. ‘I heard this lady, she was like, ‘Uh, what are all these black kids doing here?’ She’s like, ‘I’m scared they might do something to my child,’ ‘ said camper Dymire Baylor.”

And young black teenagers would never ever pull off bathing suit tops or fondle young half-naked White girls in the pool or try to drown a White boy? Oh, perish the thought!

"Jeff Davis", White Civil Rights 21 Comments [8/3/2009 12:34:39 PM]
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Submitted By: M Pattis

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1. Are all black people male?
2. There's probably white teenagers who would do that.
3. And 99.9% of black teenagers wouldn't either.

8/3/2009 1:43:32 PM

Nathan the Wise

Wasn't Jeff Davis that lame fake President who ran like a jackrabbit when the Union army advanced on Richmond? Some role model he was.

8/3/2009 2:55:54 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Whats with the very graphic and explicit fantasy about teenagers fondling Davis? Not related to David J. Stewart are we by any chance?

8/3/2009 5:54:11 PM

Dr. Funkenstein

Oh, 88...you troll, you.

8/3/2009 7:14:08 PM

"And young black teenagers would never ever pull off bathing suit tops or fondle young half-naked White girls in the pool or try to drown a White boy?"

You would be right on that one if you weren't being so sarcastic. When was the last time you saw black kids doing that to white kids?

8/3/2009 9:28:50 PM


Because we all know that white boys don't do any of that shit.

Anyway the issue was that they had already booked the time with the pool.

8/3/2009 9:32:49 PM


I suspect a troll.

8/3/2009 10:30:10 PM


The age old tired white racist mantra of, "OUR WHITE WOMENZ, LETS Protict them!!!"

Seems they need protection from you! Since you've conjured up this convuluted notion of fondled white women and drowning white children.

FBI might want to pay this fantasy would-be racist a visit, possibly be a serial killer.

8/3/2009 11:30:51 PM


You know you love it, Jeff.

8/4/2009 1:39:13 AM


I'm sure there are some young black teenagers who would pull off bathing suit tops or try to fondle half-naked girls in the pool. You have yet to demonstrate that this diferentiates them from young white teenagers in any way.

8/5/2009 9:44:05 AM


Why the hell is white capitalized?

8/5/2009 1:54:33 PM


"And young black teenagers would never ever pull off bathing suit tops or fondle young half-naked White girls in the pool or try to drown a White boy?"

Um, no, actually. Fuckhead.

And "more than 60?" I don't remember seeing that number mentioned in CNN's articles.

If that was the case, then maybe they were asked to leave due to crowding and safety issues associated with having that many people in a confined place like a public swimming pool.

8/5/2009 2:01:13 PM

The Watcher

Well, I'm a white boy and I regularly sexually molest a black girl. Of course, she's my girlfriend and she wants me to...

8/6/2009 8:38:05 AM

So, the mere fact of blacks existing is an attack on your "civil rights". Go to live in Siberia, then.

8/7/2009 8:17:36 AM


I'm sure there are some black people that would do that. I'm sure there are probably just as many white people that would do that too.

8/7/2009 2:04:53 PM


@ #1002098:

There are non-whites in Siberia, too. I, for one, don't think he'd be too happy after knowing this fact.

Maybe living in the vacuum of space would do the trick?

8/8/2009 6:03:10 PM


Several years back, some high school boys got in hot water for raping a mentally retarded girl. They were also worshiped at their school, pretty much given free rein because they were star athletes. One was known for masturbating in class and making sure the girls could see.

The color of the boys' skin? White. Funny how the one who wasn't involved and had the guts to do the right thing and speak up was...a black boy. The location for this drama? New Jersey, USA.

8/9/2009 8:57:56 PM

the dog

So good white boys never attack rape assault or harass women.

Only Bad Black kids do that kind of thing !

Heck I was a white kid and I used to fondle white girls breasts !

I am a white old man now and still would given a chance :-)

8/15/2009 5:33:01 AM


And young white teenagers would never pull bathing suit tops off half-naked girls, or get together and beat the shit out of anybody they consider different from them...

4/6/2010 3:07:35 PM

a fish

Not cool, "Jeff Davis". My brother was drowned by a black group of public pool marauders.

4/11/2010 9:45:19 PM


But no young white teenagers would ever try to do such a thing, am I right?

2/28/2011 8:16:28 PM

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