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(From an anti-porn protest website)

"A recent survey shows 85 percent of rapes and molestation are reenactments of a porn video/DVD. This means every time someone buys a smut video/DVD there is an 85 percent chance that sale will eventually result in a rape or molestation of a child."

The Uniontown Protesters, War-line.org 161 Comments [5/7/2009 4:05:46 PM]
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....-guiltily closes gamesofdesire.com and lookes around-

5/7/2009 7:16:42 AM

Old Viking

A recent survey shows that unidentified surveys are unreliable and unpersuasive.

5/7/2009 4:10:22 PM


Surveys show that 75% of statistics are made up.

EDIT: Darn, Old Viking pretty much beat me to it...

5/7/2009 4:11:17 PM

Tracer Bullet

"A recent survey shows 85 percent of rapes and molestation are reenactments of a porn video/DVD."... just like 85 of people running, or swimming, are reenactments of some sport transmission, 90% of people cooking are reenacments of a program in the Food Chanel,...

As the second part, I will not even bother with "statistics doesn't work that way". Just will say that, considering the size of the porn industry, if your number was even remotelly close to reality, there would be no virgin older than 5 y.o. in the world.

Last but not least, GO LEARN SOMETHING

5/7/2009 4:15:06 PM


Adding in "Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. Forfty percent of people know that." - Homer Simpson

5/7/2009 4:15:12 PM

Newton's Bitch

Maths fail. Even if these figures were correct, which I seriously doubt, 85% of A being caused by B does not equate to 85% of B causing A

5/7/2009 4:15:47 PM


Even if the stats were true, correlation doesn't imply cause. There are only so many ways to have sex. It would be surprising if a rape was done so uniquely that the method had never been depicted in some porn video or another.

5/7/2009 4:21:55 PM


If failure had density, we would be looking at a black hole.

And, just for the record, how did this survey work?

Survey giver "So, ma'am, have you watched any pornographic videos in the past week?"

Survey taker "Uhhh..."

Survey giver "Have you raped or molested anyone in the past week?"

5/7/2009 4:23:58 PM


Speaking for myself, porn has never made me want to rape anyone. However, ridiculous comments like this DO make me want to rape someone, namely, Uniontown Protestors, rectally, with a cluebat.

5/7/2009 4:25:08 PM


There's a 99.9% chance that you're making shit up

5/7/2009 4:26:38 PM

Doctor Whom

Bullshit statistics + glaring non sequitur = fail.

5/7/2009 4:28:51 PM

Wow. These people take pictures of the porn store employees, then post them on their page. For "public safety", of course. Assholes.

5/7/2009 4:35:46 PM

Zeus Almighty

Yeah, 'cause nobody was ever raped before video recording technology was developed.

5/7/2009 4:37:46 PM

Rat of Steel

"Correlation implies causation" fallacy FTL!

5/7/2009 4:39:24 PM


Maths fail. Please read some books.

5/7/2009 4:41:06 PM

that's NOT how statistics work!
read: Bay's Theorem
my head hurts

5/7/2009 4:41:49 PM

Science is Green

They're too busy burning said books

5/7/2009 4:43:15 PM


5/7/2009 4:53:03 PM


<i>Rat of Steel

"Correlation implies causation" fallacy FTL!

5/7/2009 4:39:24 PM </i>

Damn, beaten to the punch again.

5/7/2009 4:58:22 PM


But what about demons?

5/7/2009 5:04:02 PM


...I might need to go stab my ex-roommate in the face then, because that man bought more porn than anyone I've ever seen.

Edit: I just looked at that page... and the "God Bluss You" to Tammie made me rotfl.

5/7/2009 5:05:36 PM


It's 100% certain that you made this shit up.

Not to mention the logic is tortured and the math is ridiculous.

5/7/2009 5:07:12 PM


Hey guys! I just realized that I can follow the words "a recent survey shows" with anything I want and people will believe me, even if it doesn't make sense and I don't know how statistics even work! Hurray!

5/7/2009 5:07:37 PM



Let's pretend that those statistics are true, and not the result of your recent diarrhea.

Now let us compare.

It is a fact that 100% of human caused deaths are caused by humans. This means that every time there is a human, there is a 100% chance that he will cause a human caused death.

Do you see why you sound so stupid now?

5/7/2009 5:07:56 PM



5/7/2009 5:08:55 PM

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