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(Do atheists confront other religions besides Christianity?)

No, not at all in fact, atheist openly sponsor Muslims and their hatred of America; see: liberal.

100knight, rapture ready 88 Comments [5/3/2009 12:17:05 AM]
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Now we need that Fundie Word Redefinition Project...

5/3/2009 12:20:26 AM

Thinking Allowed

Wrong. If atheists openly sponsored muslims and their hatred of the America, they they would not be atheists.

5/3/2009 12:21:42 AM


Lieing for Jesus again are we?

By the way which "atheist" were you lieing about anyway?

5/3/2009 12:29:47 AM


Is this a repost? Coulda sworn I saw this one yesterday.

5/3/2009 12:30:35 AM


Liars spout nonsense without regard for the facts. See: Raptard.

5/3/2009 12:34:19 AM


Yeah, riiight...

Btw: Mohammed was a child molester and you don't have the slightest clue about liberalism.


5/3/2009 12:37:51 AM


You forgot the part where we run NAMBLA and stomp on infants.

5/3/2009 1:19:09 AM


atheists dont' sponsor religions, dipshit.

5/3/2009 1:28:30 AM

Speaking as an atheist, I'll put it record that I hold fundies of all denominations in equal contempt, Christians, Muslims, Mormons, the whole lot of them. All of them delusional and bat-shit insane to a man.

Except of course for the ones who don't actually believe any of the rubbish they spout and are just doing it for the lulz and the tithes (and somehow I suspect that's most of them).

5/3/2009 1:59:48 AM


I have yet to see a Muslim tract left on my front door, I have yet to have a Muslim get up in my face and tell me I'm going to burn in hell for not believing the same things they do. No Muslim has ever told me that I need to "get right" with Mohammed. No Muslim has ever asked me if I read the Koran, then launched into a lengthy lecture regardless of the answer I give.

In fact, the handful of Muslims I've known on a personal level have never once brought up their religion with me. I don't agree with Islam any more than I agree with Christianity, but my policy has always been simple: If you expect me to respect your beliefs, I expect you to show me the same courtesy.

Oh, and trying to learn about different beliefs and cultures is not "sponsoring", it's called educating yourself; see: open-mindedness.

5/3/2009 2:07:08 AM

Pule Thamex

Silly pratt. Take your useless God and shove it up a Muslim's arse. Actually, shove all Gods, including your own tosser, and other infantile, evil non-entities and flush them down the pan where they belong.

5/3/2009 2:11:06 AM

Muslims in America don't have very loud mouths compared to Christians.

5/3/2009 2:18:23 AM


"See liberal"
Where exactly? What book to find that definition?
P.s. Not all atheists are liberals, not all liberals are atheists. Thought you should know :)

5/3/2009 2:25:46 AM



5/3/2009 2:26:50 AM



Thats what I've been asking!

5/3/2009 2:49:21 AM


Your persecution complex is showing.

I know Muslims and they don't piss me off nearly as much as you tards do. My Muslim friends actually LAUGH at the stupid things you say.

5/3/2009 2:58:02 AM


We don't pick our targets by religion, but by how retarded the target is.

5/3/2009 3:04:57 AM


Cite your sources, asshole.

5/3/2009 3:41:43 AM


Wrong. I am an atheist who opposes Islam. Why, because I live in a Muslim country.

The interesting thing is, taht fundies here accuse us of collaborating with Christians and furthering their agendas.

No matter what country you're from, fundies will be fundies.

5/3/2009 3:50:32 AM

Higgs Boson

Sam Harris devoted the majority of The End of Faith to arguing that Islam was the greatest threat to civilisation that currently exists.

Christopher Hitchens is in absolute agreement on this issue and spent many pages criticising Islam in God is Not Great.

Theo Van Gogh was murdered in the streets of Amsterdam for his criticism of Islam.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali rarely, if ever, criticises faiths other than Islam.

Salman Rushdie's life has been essentially curtailed because of the publication of the Satanic Verses.

Kurt Westergaard's cartoon's in the Jyllands Posten caused the Danish Cartoon Controversy.

Lars Vilks inspired similar outrage for his depiction of Muhammed as a dog.

These people are all atheists. The criticism f Islam that comes from religious sources appears to be completely ineffectual.

All you are doing 100knight is trying to justify the Pavlovian response you feel when you think about atheists - that they can only be considered as morally degenerate and sub-human - by MAKING SHIT UP about them. You are simply lying through your teeth about some of your fellow human beings so that you can perpetuate yet more of the difficulties we are going through in the world, presumably because you find it gratifying to think that you are superior. Absolutely pathetic!

5/3/2009 4:05:40 AM

Higgs Boson

Oh, and I forgot Geert Wilders.

5/3/2009 4:08:33 AM


If atheists don't want to live under your system of batshit insanity, they surely don't want to trade it for one that is even more intolerant, violent and hateful.

You people aren't even making sense any more.

5/3/2009 4:14:24 AM



5/3/2009 4:28:26 AM


Pat Condell has never made a video attacking Islam. Not one.

Desertphile has never once referred to Scientology as a "crime syndicate".

Nope, we're all about bashing Christians.

5/3/2009 4:35:32 AM

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