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The traditional theory that two atoms/ matter/ electrons collided together and caused a enormous explosion. Due to this explosion dust was created that the began to settle around the universe. It was spun into action with the right chemistry to create the sun, then dust collected in balls and got caught within the gravitational pull of the sun and became what we know of as our planets... This is known as the Big Bang theory, brought about by Charles Darwin, who invented the rest of the theory of evolution.

Lyle, Christian Forums 13 Comments [1/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Don't you just love it when the amazingly ignorant blind try to lead the amazingly ignorant blind?

3/7/2006 1:58:04 AM


Oh wow - just wow. Darwin did that too? I thought it was a Russian physicist 100 years later analysing red shift. Silly me. It makes so much more sense pre relativity using the ships sextant on the Beagle.

A lot of 'dust' claims seem to end up being attributed back to Kent Hovind.

3/7/2006 3:56:57 AM


9/13/2006 11:10:02 PM

David D.G.

Huh?!? The universe was created from the collision of two atoms/matter/electrons?!? And this theory was promoted by Darwin as part of the theory of evolution?!? Egad!

Good grief, this post is so wrong, it is beyond wrong; it is just stupefyingly inane, with scarcely a true (or even coherent) concept expressed in it. On a fundometer scale of 1 to 5, it deserves at least a 9!

~David D.G.

9/13/2006 11:14:50 PM


Learn what you are arguing against before you argue against it. I can't guarantee that you won't look like a fool anyway, but you'll certainly look like less of a fool.

9/14/2006 12:29:04 AM


No, Darwin has nothing to do with the Big Bang
The idea of evolution was around long before Darwin.

4/25/2009 8:53:42 AM

(((Billy))) The Atheist

I've noticed that among a certain group of theists (generally the fundogelical types), anything they do not like or do not understand (or (most often) conflicts with their fantasy-world world view) is immediately credited to Charles Darwin. I have actually had a 'friend' claim that Darwin invented the idea of gay marriage. Face palm. Walk away.

If, before the Big Bang, the 'universe' consisted of a quantum potentiality, where did these two atoms come from, Lyle? Uranus?

4/25/2009 9:16:43 AM



11/10/2009 10:25:48 AM

Caustic Gnostic

Uranus is right.

11/10/2009 10:29:38 AM



11/10/2009 10:44:52 AM


How stupid can they get? I knew better than this by the age of nine.

Come on, Lyle, all you have to do is pick up a book occasionally. It won't hurt. No, not that damn bible!

11/10/2009 11:08:40 AM


I will admit to being relatively ignorant on this subject, in all honesty. I do know this much: matter + antimatter = kaboom!

3/20/2010 6:03:10 PM


What the...I, I, I can't...I don't even...*bursts into tears*

3/13/2012 11:53:42 AM

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