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no no no! an athiest can NOT be a good person for where did they get their values..from an aztec god who demanded human sacrifice..or a left wing nazi god who blamed the jews for every wrong,or a commie leader who demanded all concessions as in Yalta thus placing some 750million innocent christians in the tender hands of good ole Joe (thats whay FDR called him) hands and thus some 43 million were murdered! no..one who believes in only ones self cannot be deemed ..good...only like a bachelor who has no wife and children..what does he know about life anyway?..there is no goodness in a athiestic culture...cuba,china etc..please I am double parked and this is pure nonsense....only Jesus brought goodness into this stupid bleak cruel world....Let us all pray that this marxist anti-semitic muslim coming into the white house will live for his entire first term,,to prove once and for all that marxism is nonsense..just a gang exploiting people..let us pray that he lives and changes to see the light...signals are being sent that ..well...again please join me in prayer for this young man and for America..and of course for humanity..Nino

Nino, http://forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=296898&page=3 59 Comments [1/5/2009 2:52:06 PM]
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Anna Ghislaine

Why would an athEIst (why can't these fundies learn to spell it right?) follow the moral values of an Aztec GOD? Do fundies even know what atheist means?

1/5/2009 2:57:55 PM


"please I am double parked and this is pure nonsense" The hell?

1/5/2009 3:01:54 PM



1/5/2009 3:04:02 PM


Moral compass. We have it.

1/5/2009 3:11:16 PM

Pule Thamex

You silly ninny.

1/5/2009 3:11:33 PM


For the final time, "atheist" does not simply mean "not Christian". And "left-wing nazi"? What?

Seriously, this starts out stupid and then just goes downhill. Baffling.

1/5/2009 3:13:28 PM


sorry Nino, I'm gonna have to make a citizen's arrest on the grounds of ellipses abuse. I'm sure the Dumbass Police will be along shortly as well.

1/5/2009 3:15:53 PM


Disenfranchise yourself on the grounds of being an idiot. Please.

1/5/2009 3:25:24 PM


Is double parked the new euphemism for monumentally stupid?

1/5/2009 3:27:41 PM

Percy Q. Shun

Is "double parked" webspeak for retarded moron?

1/5/2009 3:34:00 PM


You know, Nino, you should really try to spend more than five seconds on a post so that it makes some sort of sense. Then again, maybe in this case it's best to hurry so that you can go move your car before it gets in the way of an ambulance or causes an accident or something.

1/5/2009 3:34:04 PM


Take your meds, dude.

1/5/2009 3:36:02 PM

Jaces Ci

fuck jesus

1/5/2009 3:36:59 PM


An atheist would NOT get their values from a god they don't believe in. Such as Quetzcoatl. And Hitler was a Christian. And from my experiences, Christians are far less a good people than atheists. Probably because they aren't as accountable for their actions and can ask forgiveness where an atheist is accountable to themselves.

1/5/2009 3:37:26 PM


Hey I get I and E mixed up too, I'm dyslexic.

As for this post, FAIL.

1/5/2009 3:43:07 PM

Rat of Steel

First of all, capital letters are always, always, always used on the first word of each sentence. Please keep that in mind, for it makes posts much easier to read and understand.

Secondly, you're wrong at the very beginning, in several ways:

"An athiest can NOT be a good person, for where did they get their values."

It's properly spelled "atheist". An atheist can, in fact, be a good person without believing in an invisible uber-parent; I've personally known quite a few such people. They get their values from the same place all sane people get their values: humans are social creatures, who have had many centuries to improve the human experience based on the natural (as in NOT supernatural) premise that harmony is almost always better for the survival of the human race than disharmony.

The rest of your post is a huge pile of rambling nonsense. Please, Nino, try harder next time to stick to one topic long enough to at least have a chance at making a point.


"Ha! 'Invisible uber-parent'. I'm gonna use that."

*smiles* By all means, please do so.

1/5/2009 3:43:44 PM

Average Guy

Just spotted a Godwin nestling near the top.

1/5/2009 3:55:23 PM


You know it amazes me how many fundies parrot the same stupid sentiments even though the shit they say is all fail and they have been repeatedly shown by folks exactly how and why it is fail and yet new fundietards keep making the same fucking arguments. At any time do these people ever, I don't know, try to actually learn about something before opening their yaps about it?

Wait a minute. I forgot who I was talking about for a moment. Nevermind.

1/5/2009 3:57:00 PM

Doctor Whom

I'll have the word salad with bullshit dressing, please.

1/5/2009 4:02:21 PM

Ronni Bom

god who demanded human sacrifice
He killed everybody but noah. Killed innocent children. Slaughtering people for nothing..
Left wing nazi god who blamed the jews for every wrong
Nazi = Left wing? since when.. God? Was Hitler a god?
there is no goodness in a athiestic culture...cuba,china etc
Denmark, Sweden..
please I am double parked
That sounds kinda kinky. Like double penetration
To prove once and for all that marxism is nonsense..just a gang exploiting people
Because christians never exploited people... wait...

1/5/2009 4:06:15 PM


Nino, another mentally retarded consumer of bronze age mythology!

1/5/2009 4:06:38 PM


@ Rat of Steel

Ha! "Invisible uber-parent". I'm gonna use that.

1/5/2009 4:09:20 PM

Atheists worship Hitler and atheists worship Stalin are old hat, but atheists worshipping Huitzilopochtli? That's a new one, I guess...

1/5/2009 4:16:38 PM

What the hell is atheistic culture?

1/5/2009 5:37:47 PM

Aztecs were NO ATHEISTS if they followed a god, point number one. Point number two, Hitler was a Christian and, later, a Pagan, so no atheists. And three, Stalin trained to be a priest and there have been attempts to canonise him.
And bachelor with no wife and children?. Let me see, doesn't St Paul qualify for that traits?. Just wondering.

1/5/2009 5:50:13 PM

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