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Regarding the new abortion law passed recently in Victoria: "The Bill is an unprecedented attack on the freedom to hold and exercise fundamental religious beliefs."

Archbishop Hart, Herald Sun Article 43 Comments [10/27/2008 7:35:12 PM]
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What many people defending freedom of religion don't seem to be getting, is that it ALSO APPLIES TO OTHER PEOPLE. You can not force your beliefs on other people, that is exactly what freedom of religion means.

10/27/2008 7:36:37 PM

The L

"Allowing other people to have freedoms I don't personally plan to use, is persecution!"

10/27/2008 7:38:59 PM


And what that might be?

10/27/2008 7:41:55 PM


No one is requiring YOU to have an abortion and that's where YOUR free exercise of YOUR religious beliefs ends. Shut up and sit down.

10/27/2008 7:53:10 PM


The only way that would be true is if your beliefs included commiting violence against those who have abortions. If tha is true, then I wish for more such attacks on your religion.

10/27/2008 7:58:19 PM


Archbishop Hart, take it to court, but be prepared to present evidence for your god that will be accepted into a trial. Can you do that? If not, STFU!

10/27/2008 8:00:45 PM


"The Bill is an unprecedented attack on the freedom to hold and exercise fundamental religious beliefs."

Maybe we should rephrase it to make it correct:
"The Bill is an unprecedented attack on the freedom of christian fundamentalists to force their fundamentalist beliefs onto others."

10/27/2008 8:01:04 PM


So a sexless old fart in a fancy dress and funny hat cannot deal with the real world. That's just too fucking bad, innit?

10/27/2008 8:02:58 PM

Old Viking

It's an attack on your freedom to compel others to observe your belief.

10/27/2008 8:05:54 PM

Doctor Whom

You really don't see the difference between protecting someone else's freedom and denying yours, do you?

10/27/2008 8:12:46 PM

Shhhhh, The closet is good

How is it stopping you from excercising (sp?) your religion?

10/27/2008 8:23:13 PM


Why? Does it say that abortions are mandatory? Or does your religion say everyone in the goddamn universe can't have an abortion even if they aren't part of your religion?

10/27/2008 8:23:25 PM



And, I assumed that abortian was already legal in Australia; does the bill have some kind of larger provision for it?

10/27/2008 8:50:25 PM


According to the article, the bill's opponents claim it would require all hospitals that provide maternity and emergency services to provide abortion services -- even if the Hospital in question is run by Catholics.

This is why Archbishop Hart is saying the bill is an attack on religious freedom.

10/27/2008 8:54:53 PM

Quantum Mechanic

What an asshole.

10/27/2008 8:56:37 PM

Dog's Best Friend

...because everyone will be forced to have an abortion?....

me no understand

10/27/2008 8:58:00 PM


This is a great argument for not allowing hospitals to have a religious affiliation if they are funded by the state.

10/27/2008 9:12:08 PM

Mr. Universalist

If he has to pay for it, he's right

10/27/2008 9:15:43 PM


It sounds like it's an attack on the freedom you never actually had to exercise your own beliefs all over unsuspecting other people.

10/27/2008 9:18:20 PM

Princess Rot

They left out the last part:

"The Bill is an unprecedented attack on the freedom to hold and exercise fundamental religious beliefs over the bodies of our wimmenz."

10/27/2008 9:18:36 PM


So the only way you can freely practice your religion is if you can blithely and wantonly force it on everyone around you?

10/27/2008 9:18:44 PM


For those non-Aussies, I believe the Bill was about doctors with anti-abortion views having to now actually refer their patients to other doctors if they are wanting a termination.
This means that the Catholic-run hospitals lose patients to the non-religious clinics/hospitals which will cost them lots of money - which is what they are really whining about.

Abortion has been legally available in Victoria for decades.

10/27/2008 9:18:46 PM

God Is Real Unless Declared Integer

Yay religious newspeak for 'losing money'

10/27/2008 9:54:58 PM


Do you even know what freedom of religion is?

10/27/2008 10:20:44 PM


Oh Mister Archbishop? You foisting your 'every sperm is sacred' and 'embryos are 'life'' infringes on my religions beliefs, so go pound sand, okbai!

10/27/2008 10:22:46 PM

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