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...I am very, very pleased to share with you that I have been completely delivered from Bipolar Affective Disorder! PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!!

I do not believe in mere coincidence. But I do believe in Divine Appointment. I believe that when I joined this Forum it was by Design and Divine Appointment. The time had come... I have been off of medications for this for some time now -about 2+ months. I went to see my psychiatrist the other day and when I told her that I stopped the medications she really surprised me! She said: "GOOD!!!"

Godschild, Ministering Deliverance 39 Comments [9/15/2008 5:53:26 AM]
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Submitted By: fritistat

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Did she say this in a trembling and scared voice? Did she also whisper "Don't hurt me." Just asking.

9/15/2008 6:40:28 AM


"Good," said the doctor. "I'm happy to hear that," as she Casually reaches for the phone and calls security.

9/15/2008 7:29:34 AM

Waiting for God

Easy isn't it!

To make predictions fit after the fact.

I'm bipolar, I decided to join a forum, I'm now off of medicines, ergo, must be because I joined the forum. The forum MUST have the power of healing, therefore must be divinely inspired. God MUST be present there, because I am now off the drugs.

The mythical creator of everything, everywhere, chooses to lead you to a forum and then heal you when it won't heal the sick, injured, diseased or unlucky all over the world.

You arrogrant fuckwit.

9/15/2008 8:32:02 AM


Next week Godschild will have one of her worst depressions yet.

9/15/2008 9:21:09 AM


She probably bullied the doctor into prescribing the meds in the first place.

9/15/2008 9:40:17 AM


Actually guys, a belief in God in psychiatric disorders can be pivotal in helping strengthening resilience to psychological stress. Hence by believing in God it could've easily cured her bipolar as the condition is psychological, not physical.

It can be explained in neurochemistry, but I won't explain it, I have no information from a neurochemical point of view, only psychological.

9/15/2008 10:28:15 AM


Off meds!

9/15/2008 10:28:37 AM

Mr Smith

You read about stories like this in the newspaper. They are often accompanied by the headline "Recently Released Psychiatric Patient Stabs 3 In Elevator"

9/15/2008 10:48:20 AM


Er, I'd rather wait several more months to see. Psych meds take fiendishly long time to wear off. Not to mention the placebo effect (reversed, in this case, but still).

@ Mitch: god is a placebo?

9/15/2008 11:00:32 AM


Not exactly, its a psychological state, the belief in God gives the person resilience when dealing with psychological stress involved in bipolar, since its a psychological disorder, it could be considered treatment. It would be exactly the same as having loving family support.

Of course in all things psychological (especially personality disorders) there is a large amount of ifs and buts because psychology is not real good at using scientific method effectively.

9/15/2008 11:08:23 AM


Damn.. you're gonna be insufferable when you come down from this high and get all miserable again.

9/15/2008 11:09:51 AM


"GOOD!!!" (backs away slowly)

God does not work like that. He does not make appointments. You have to go through three receptionists. And they are not in the least interested in you.

Joining this forum has made you clinically insane.You should keep taking the medication, for all our sakes.


9/15/2008 11:35:34 AM

Mister Spak

But you're still a delusional fundie.

9/15/2008 12:01:32 PM


Your shrink actually said;

Good! Just what we need, another lunatic off her meds and running wild in the streets.

9/15/2008 12:30:44 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"I stopped the medications"

You'll wake up in jail again soon.

9/15/2008 12:33:59 PM


Bipolar Affective Disorder?

B. A. D.?

You were delivered from BAD by God?


9/15/2008 12:39:54 PM

So... you took medication... your disorder stopped... and God comes into this where, exactly?

9/15/2008 1:26:42 PM


As someone who was raised by by an evil sadistic bastard who also happened to be bipolar it sounds like you went off your meds and went into a manic upswing.... enjoy the crash that will come afterwards, see if you still don't need your meds then...

9/15/2008 8:35:23 PM

Old Viking

@Mitch: Bipolar is psychological, not physical? There's no chemical imbalance in the brain that causes it or aggravates it? Geez, I wish my son had known that. Maybe he wouldn't have blown his brains out.

9/15/2008 9:04:34 PM


...when I told her that I stopped the medications she really surprised me! She said: "GOOD!!!"

She probably wanted to switch your treatment plan to paranoid schizophrenia.

9/15/2008 9:30:56 PM


You forgot to mention the rest of your psychiatrist's quote: "god what the fuck are you thinking?!?!?!?!?!?"

9/15/2008 10:24:43 PM


@ Mitch : Bipolar disorder is so NOT a psychological disorder. It's a chemical imbalance, mitigated (maybe) by physical changes to the brain. It's not something you can just deal with and get over.

9/15/2008 10:26:31 PM


@ Sisyphus, yes, those chemical changes can be altered by thought processes because all your thoughts are, is electrochemical potential reactions releasing chemicals across a synapses.

In other words, every mental illness according to you could be considered physical, as it always has to do with 'brain wiring' and chemical imbalances of neuroreceptors. That's just not the termonology that people in the profession use (most). Now, different thoughts alter chemical transmitters which are recepted in the brain - I'll let you figure the rest.

And its a point of view on whether God is a placebo or not, since it depends on whether he exists or not to believe in.

9/15/2008 11:04:57 PM


This will end well.

9/15/2008 11:35:13 PM


Ride that sine wave, sister...

9/15/2008 11:55:08 PM

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