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You consider this [pointing out environmental limits on population size] viable in a serious discussion? It seems merely an untenable way to side step the population issue. I am not impressed.

_Darth_Brooks_, Jedi Council Forums 3 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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They call me V

Ok, lemme see if I go this right. Fundies say that old-earth = TetrabillionridiculouslyhighnumberIpulledoutofmyass and a half humans alive today, because of the explosive population growth in modern times apparantly have been constant, while people with an actual brain in their skull says that population of pretty much any species will regulate itself due to the effects of overpopulation, namely lack of resources, diseases and so on. And this is not viable? WTF? Fundie debate tactics ftl :s

1/8/2008 9:47:15 AM

Quantum Mechanic

"I am not impressed."

You will be when you're starving to death,

10/8/2012 11:27:59 AM

stick 500 people in a gymnasium with one large pot of dirt, and all the vegetable seeds they want. Leys see them feed themselves.

10/8/2012 9:28:51 PM

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