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"One nation under god"
do you know what it is?
thats right - America.
so you have no place in one nation under god, you have a place in one nation under satan or ocullt biology LOL

Evans, PhysOrg 54 Comments [6/16/2008 10:00:17 PM]
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6/16/2008 10:06:16 PM

Quantum Mechanic


6/16/2008 10:07:02 PM


Random LOL Man strikes again.

6/16/2008 10:07:42 PM


One nation under god,,,,,, but who said it was YOUR god, Evans?

6/16/2008 10:08:16 PM


Actually, the intent was more "One nation, under fear of Commies".

6/16/2008 10:10:38 PM


Guess any American who lived before the 1950s didn't matter. Like, say, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington,...

6/16/2008 10:18:10 PM


I have had a place in this nation for almost 41 years. I still do. My nation is not one based on fundie stupidity thought. We just have to tolerate fundies because there is this pesky little thing we have called freedom of religion.

6/16/2008 10:19:16 PM


One nation under god"
do you know what it is?

A fascistic theocracy? A living nightmare? I know, I know! It's "A slice of my own personal Hell"!

so you have no place in one nation under god...

Your mom would miss me.

...you have a place in one nation under satan or ocullt biology LOL

My favorite place is "inside your wife". Would you pass me the handi-wipes please?

6/16/2008 10:25:53 PM


Iran and Saudi Arabia are pretty much "under" the same "god" as you claim us to be.

Do you think...?

6/16/2008 10:29:49 PM


What's one nation under god? Pretty much any country whose leaders decided to pander to the ignorant as a way of dodging real problems.

6/16/2008 10:40:33 PM


I think it's trying to be clever...

6/16/2008 10:45:52 PM


""One nation under god"
do you know what it is?
thats right - America.
so you have no place in one nation under god, you have a place in one nation under satan or ocullt biology LOL"

"LOL" indeed.

6/16/2008 10:46:14 PM


One nation, under the sky.

That's all it is - deal with it.

And what the hell is occult biology??

6/16/2008 10:53:53 PM


McCarthy, kid.

6/16/2008 11:07:13 PM


From "The Pledge of Allegiance: A short history":

Francis Bellamy (1855 - 1931), a Baptist minister, wrote the original Pledge in August 1892.... His original Pledge read as follows: 'I pledge allegiance to my Flag and (to*) the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.'

...In 1954, Congress after a campaign by the Knights of Columbus, added the words, 'under God,' to the Pledge. The Pledge was now both a patriotic oath and a public prayer.

Here is the link.
Learn something.

6/16/2008 11:08:32 PM


I don't get it, why doesn't PhysOrg simply ban this fool.

6/16/2008 11:09:24 PM


The LOL at the end kind of took the steam out of it.

6/16/2008 11:15:43 PM

Old Viking

And that god is ... Quetzalcoatl!

6/16/2008 11:27:52 PM

Lefty Link

Well, I guess everyone who existed before 1954 is screwed.

6/16/2008 11:43:03 PM


No, it's not Quetzocoatl.

It's Cthulhu.

6/16/2008 11:47:29 PM

Sheik yer Bouti


They don't ban him because ot is better to be knowldedgable about stupid people with seditious ideas.

6/17/2008 12:25:26 AM


ToT, bitch. Plus separation of church and state, the 'under god' is just useless patriotism added during one of our wars.

6/17/2008 12:28:08 AM


Occult biology is never taught in public school.

There are two potential meanings of the word occult here.

One is "involving, using or dealing with that which is magical, mystical or supernatural". I defy you to find anything in Biology that is "magical, mystical or supernatural". Go the fuck on.

Another is "secret, hidden or esoteric", which, if it's taught in public schools, is BY DEFINITION untrue. So you fail there, too.

Oh, wait, there's another definition: "beyond ordinary understanding". If the level of understanding displayed by you and your ilk is what passes for ordinary, I fear for the future of this planet.

6/17/2008 12:36:58 AM

Marty McFly

This sounds similar to what George HW Bush once said. With statements like these, is it really any wonder that some people are fighting to get "under God" taken out of the pledge?

6/17/2008 12:51:46 AM


So a bunch of anti-communist McCarthy-ite paranoids in the fifties add "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance and that means God suddenly likes America the best? Read Matthew 6 to see Jesus' attitude toward public displays of piety.

6/17/2008 1:05:22 AM

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