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Homosexuals are narcissistic perverts, railling against God, afraid to be involved with members of the opposite sex, as God and Nature intended. I feel disdain for you, certainly not 'hate'. If you don't respect someone's chosen life style, it doesn't mean you 'hate' them. After all, it takes RESPECT to love or to hate.

Waileka, Advocate 39 Comments [6/5/2008 1:15:38 PM]
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You've got that right. Remind all your fundie friends that to love or hate takes respect first - the next time they want to claim that atheists hate god, hate christians, hate the bible, etc.

6/5/2008 1:29:13 PM


Oh yes, someone who would have sex with a member of the same sex for the sole reason of pissing off a God who'll send them to a place of eternal torture is afraid of having sex with members of the opposite sex.

6/5/2008 1:29:39 PM


You are an idiot. As if someone would choose to be gay, and expose themselves to a lifetme of ridicule.

For fuck sake.

6/5/2008 1:32:40 PM


Nothing new.

6/5/2008 1:34:16 PM


"Homosexuals are narcissistic perverts"

says the guy who has magically reached the level of perfection that he knows the will of god and is overly interested in everyone else's sex life.

6/5/2008 1:40:39 PM


You always respect people you hate?

6/5/2008 1:56:22 PM


Such respect you have.

6/5/2008 2:18:20 PM


Fundies, redefining words for their Godly needs!

However, this is something we've seen a lot here. Come on fundies! Give us something more original! Show us the depth of your devotion by coming up with your own bullshit for once.

6/5/2008 2:22:46 PM


So, when somebody goes fag-bashing, they’re doing it out of respect?

When the Nazi killed the Jews during the holocaust…they were respecting them?

I think you need to consider your position more thoroughly.

6/5/2008 2:39:20 PM


Calling someone a *narcissistic pervert* is pretty much a hateful thing to say. I love you in spite of your hate, but I don't respect you because of your hate. Did you see what I did there? Maybe the homosexuals are only railing against bigots? Maybe they do love god, but they hate xian hypocrites? Maybe they just want to be left the heck alone? Though I'm down the chickies, I would rather be a homo than spout the stupidity and hatred I see from so many xians these days.

6/5/2008 2:53:34 PM

David D.G.

"After all, it takes RESPECT to love or to hate."

I respectfully disagree.

~David D.G.

6/5/2008 3:12:57 PM


Apparently nobody informed this nimrod that exist homosexual animals, as well as humans... Idiot.

6/5/2008 3:19:29 PM

Princess Rot

I wasn't aware that to hate someone, you respect them first. I guess you could say it might be a bizarre mixture of fascination and contempt, such as fundies seem to have for gays, since they can't seem to stop talking about them.

6/5/2008 3:42:10 PM


Homosexuals are narcissistic perverts,

- an opinion. Citation please.

railling against God,

- this gay man is indifferent to non-existence.

afraid to be involved with members of the opposite sex,

- as the old tag (mutatis mutandis) would have it: some of my best friends are women. I respect and admire women, not least because they have to deal with assholes like Waileka.

as God and Nature intended.

- proof of esistence of god required or this is meaningless.

- I didn't ask to be gay; I initially didn't want to be gay, but there is no cure, and praying (in more stupid days of believing) to your non-existent god achieved zilch. Not even comfort and peace of mind. The penny finally dropped. Religion is a con trick for fools to be taken in by. Nature made me who and what I am. So STFU.

I feel disdain for you,

- Feel entirely free. It only reinforces your ignorance and that give me a certain malign satisfaction.

certainly not 'hate'.

- What! I don't merit your hatred? How disappointing.

If you don't respect someone's chosen life style, it doesn't mean you 'hate' them.

- Meaningless verbiage.

After all, it takes RESPECT to love or to hate.

- Then I suppose you are in some Limbo state.

6/5/2008 4:04:57 PM


It does not take respect to hate. Like, watch this.

*Kicks a hobo*

6/5/2008 5:15:59 PM


Hey bigot, I'm not afraid of the opposite sex, I'm simply not attracted to it. Why can't you idiots get that through your thick skulls?! I bet you're the type that says "I'm not racist, but..." and then precedes to spew racist hate as well.

(That's the second time I've gotten to use the "I'm not racist" line today! Yay me!)

6/5/2008 5:27:17 PM

Milking the Catz

"as God and Nature intended"

Which ever God you worship is irrelevant to reality, however do you realize homosexuality is definately present in nature?

Dumbass bigot.

6/5/2008 5:32:00 PM


Homosexuals are narcissistic perverts...
Just where do you get narcissism from...?

...railling against God...
I got no beef with him. I have serious doubts if he really has an issue with me. It's dimbulbs like you that seem to get their panties in a bunch over it.

...afraid to be involved with members of the opposite sex...
Not afraid. Just zero interest or desire.

...as God and Nature intended.
Okay let's walk through this. God is omnipotent. NOTHING can happen without God's allowance. Thus, if God didn't want something, it wouldn't happen. Thus, God can't have that big of an issue with homosexuality. And as for nature...it occurs ALL THE TIME in nature. Try again.

I feel disdain for you, certainly not 'hate'.
How very Christian.

If you don't respect someone's chosen life style, it doesn't mean you 'hate' them.
No, but once you start pontificating on how reprehensible they are, and how they are vile and contemptible, it kinda teeters into that territory.

After all, it takes RESPECT to love or to hate.
*shrugs* Fine. Ducky. Have a nice day.

6/5/2008 5:33:00 PM


as God and Nature intended.

God doesn't exist and nature, being nonsentient, cannot "intend" anything.

6/5/2008 5:45:31 PM


Nature doesn't intend anything.

6/5/2008 6:02:52 PM


I, respectfully, think you're a dickhead.

6/5/2008 6:05:28 PM


It takes respect to hate? Funny, I don't respect you, but...

6/5/2008 6:28:44 PM

Old Viking

"You always hurt the one you love ..."

6/5/2008 6:45:37 PM

Love and respect are not always intertwined, but neither are hate and respect. You don't always respect people that you hate, as you have amply shown by your hateful argument.

6/5/2008 7:30:22 PM

Lefty Link

Well, I have no respect for you.

6/5/2008 7:43:04 PM

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