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Therefore as long as the church is here, we will fight and we will win. Until we are taken at the rapture, we are the final authority over morality.

PeterSung, Rapture Ready 57 Comments [5/19/2008 12:35:02 AM]
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Submitted By: KatAutumn

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No you won't and no you're not. Your arrogance makes me want to act all the more amorally and immorally now and the church won't stop me if I do.

5/19/2008 12:37:06 AM


1. You can keep your church. As long as I can keep my Buddhist temple.

2. Your idea of morality was obsolete 1700 years ago. Get with the times.

5/19/2008 12:37:42 AM


Your morality as stated in your holy text is below most criminals.

5/19/2008 12:38:47 AM



5/19/2008 12:41:05 AM

Moon Wolfhowl


5/19/2008 12:48:02 AM


I can't help but read that as "We are the final authority over morality, EVEN BEFORE GOD!"

5/19/2008 12:50:42 AM


That makes about as much sense as saying that physicists are the final authority over gravity...(read: it doesn't. Not unless physicists can actually rewrite gravity's essence, and I'm not talking about on paper)

5/19/2008 12:52:51 AM


Morals? What Morals?

5/19/2008 12:58:30 AM


I have a problem with authority. Good thing for you that you really aren't one.

5/19/2008 1:02:08 AM


"we are the final authority over morality."

Based on one of the most immoral works of fiction I've ever known? And over your own god? You're suffering from a bad case of unwarranted self-importance, Pete.

5/19/2008 1:03:37 AM

Terry Stroud

"the church?"
Which one? There is loads of competition for that final authority thing. Death Match? Winner takes all? We pick science and technology for our team.

5/19/2008 1:05:10 AM


Oh, stop living in your own little world.

5/19/2008 1:05:18 AM


Prove your assertions.

5/19/2008 1:05:21 AM

Mattural Selection

@ Terry Stroud: I pick logic and reason for our team too.

5/19/2008 1:07:37 AM


Final authority over whom?

5/19/2008 1:08:03 AM


No you're not, next.

5/19/2008 1:14:08 AM


Oh, HELL, no. No, no, NO. Neither you nor your little invisible friend have ANY authority over MY morality.

5/19/2008 1:27:02 AM


What a blasphemer.

5/19/2008 1:37:34 AM

Allegory for Jesus

Yes...you are the final authority over morality....damn shame that you and your church are so bad at living up to your own standards, but so good at condemning every one else for being up to snuff in the arbitrary sectors of human life where you haven't completely faltered. You guys have got a nice racket.

5/19/2008 1:44:25 AM


@Terry Stroud: Even if by taking all the technology and science and reducing our competitors back to weapons more in concert with their supposed morals, we would probably lose. We are vastly out numbered and divided after all. It would be about a 4:1 ratio.

You may say, "But Demonaphia! They will be caught up fighting amongst themselves!" Perhaps, but if they have any intelligence at all whatsoever, they will correctly discern us as the biggest threat and team up against us. We might win though. Maybe. Either way, I doubt we'll have to worry about it. So long as we don't erupt into total armageddon, we will win, as we are slowly rising in the tolls.

5/19/2008 1:57:33 AM


Authority on morality?!

*holds up a bible*

Haven't read this thing, have you?

5/19/2008 2:05:31 AM


5/19/2008 2:08:15 AM


Rather full of ourselves, aren't we?

5/19/2008 2:16:15 AM


lulz no u isn't.

5/19/2008 2:33:01 AM


approximate FTW!

5/19/2008 2:34:23 AM

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