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The worst sin of all is unbelief. It is the only sin that will keep people from heaven. God would have forgiven Hitler if he repented and asked to be saved.

I've mentioned this before, Jeffery Dahmer accepted Christ before being murdered in prison. I find that awsome. The despicable horrible crimes he committed were forgiven by the Lord and he was saved. That same day as he was ushered into heaven by the angels, others were thrown into hell who may have devoted their entire lives to charities, good works, etc. they did not need to be saved they thought, they were good enough. Nothing unclean can be in the presence of God. Only the blood of Christ can make it possible to be in His presence.

Paul M, Rapture Ready 95 Comments [3/24/2008 5:27:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Archaeopath

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That's fucking sick. You condemn people who may have done nothing but good work, but allow a convicted murderer into heaven. If that were even true, I wouldn't give worship to such a disgusting deity.

3/24/2008 5:34:28 AM

Crazy Fundie

Works don't matter? You're LAZY, Paul M. - lazy and pathetic.

3/24/2008 5:38:52 AM

Grand Archblasphemer of York

You find it "awesome" that the worst, most immoral people to exist in our society are granted eternal salvation by saying the magic words? And that far more exemplary people, more moral individuals, will burn for Hell forever for not saying those magic words?

Axe-murderers for Jesus!

3/24/2008 5:41:19 AM


Hitler for Jesus!

3/24/2008 5:42:39 AM


This isn't a religion...it's politics. You get heaven if you vote for our side. You get hell if you don't.

Fuck that shit.

3/24/2008 5:50:48 AM


So Jeffery Dahmer gets to go to heaven, and Gandhi burns in hell. Wow.

3/24/2008 5:59:03 AM


Crazy Fundie, you've hit the nail on the head imo. In 25 years of trying to understand the fundie mindset, I've come to the conclusion that at the core of every 'Krrristian', is a bone chilling intellectual LAZINESS that I cannot begin to fathom. That, and stupidity, but the laziness comes first.

3/24/2008 6:00:19 AM


This is just... disgusting.

3/24/2008 6:00:52 AM


So Jeffery Dahmer and Hitler get in because they've accepted Christ

Ghandi and Albert Einstein are in hell because they didn't accept Christ.

Given the choice I'd rather be in hell.

3/24/2008 6:08:13 AM

Mattural Selection

And yet more evidence that your god is a cunt.

Everything I hear about this god of yours makes him out to be someone that you would not want anything to do with. He does evil, evil things, and you fundies vilify him. You LOVE him. How? Why? I just don't understand.

3/24/2008 6:23:15 AM

Deep Search

That's 'awesome?' Yeeaaaahh... That's one of the reasons why the concept of Christianity makes me ill.

Not believing in something illogical sends you to hell, no matter what. But if you believe, no matter how many horrible, awful, disgusting things you've done, you get to go to heaven. Sounds like a lot of bullshit... Oh, wait. Thankfully, it is.

3/24/2008 6:26:01 AM


Usually when I try to point out the insanity of the concept of a "loving" God sending people to hell for not believing I get this answer:
"God never sends anyone to hell. You choose to go to hell by not accepting Christ."

To me, that's like the same as walking up to someone and say "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1,000. What is it?" So then the person takes a guess and of course it's not the correct number so then you pull out a gun and shoot them in the head. When later asked why you murdered this person you reply "Oh, I didn't kill him. He chose to die by not choosing the correct number".

3/24/2008 7:10:48 AM

Sweet Violet

What you've just posted is a recipe for the downfall of humanity: don't bother to help your fellow man, do good works, live a virtuous life, be a good example because you are going to hell unless you are a believer; do as much evil as you wish, rape children, kill and eat your homosexual lovers, commit genocide, and you'll go to heaven if you repent on your deathbed, after a life of sin and evil-doing.

So, in a nutshell, what whatever you want for a long as you want, but make sure to repent seconds before you croak and you're home free. Now, THAT is what I call real evil.

3/24/2008 7:13:12 AM


So what about all the victims of Hitler and Dahmer?

I don't know if Hitler personally killed anyone, but he indirectly caused AT LEAST the six (or so) million dead Jews. Probably much more. Did anyone ever ask them to accept Jesus as their savior? I doubt it. Therefore they all apparently went to hell.

And Dahmer was a violent murderer who committed homosexual acts and mutilations on his victims, who mostly were kids. Oh wait... we are talking about fundies here, so because the victims had (forced) gay sex before they were killed, they were obviously gays and they went to hell!

Isn't fundie mindset wonderful?

3/24/2008 7:27:49 AM


Dahmer's forcibly sodomizing, torturing and eating the angels now.

3/24/2008 8:27:57 AM


Which is one of the primary problems with xtianity. That you can get away with anything, as long as you believe that your faith will save you.

3/24/2008 8:43:42 AM


I don't want to bathe in ANYONE'S blood- just the thought of it makes me ill.

Besides, one of the things in blood (although in small quantities) is URINE. If you get blood on you, there is a small amount of urine in it. EEEEEeeeeeewwwwww!!!!

Go bathe in piss all you want, bible humper- I'll pass, thank you very much.

3/24/2008 8:55:23 AM


You know, you need a bullet lobotomy.

3/24/2008 8:56:28 AM

german atheist

you're a psychopath.

edit: sorry, I overlooked "Archaeopath" is just the submitter's name. But my verdict still stands, it's just not that witty anymore :-)

3/24/2008 9:18:13 AM

So, why following the ten commandments and posting them on the public areas?. Moreover, why would anyone join such a religion?, for which sins did Jesus die, if the only one which prevents us to go to heaven is one?

3/24/2008 10:01:20 AM


you think it's awesome that your religion admits the most horrible criminals in history to paradise and tosses genuinely good people into Hell to burn for eternity? I think I'd rather go to Hell just to be in good company.

3/24/2008 10:11:07 AM


Wow, is this a Godwin record?


3/24/2008 10:38:49 AM

Lt. Fred

Faith without works lives!

3/24/2008 10:44:56 AM

Princess Rot

Look on the bright side guys! At least Hell will be full of cool people while Heaven will be full of murderers and tyrants.

And because it had to said:

Blood for the blood god!
Skulls for the skull throne!

3/24/2008 10:48:09 AM


Why would anyone want to be in heaven with psychopaths when they could be in hell with some of the greatest humans that ever lived?

What kind of god hands out rewards and punishments based on nothing but whether or not you sucked up to him? "You gruesomely murdered dozens of innocent boys, but now you say you're sorry and you believe in me? The horrors you inflicted on your fellow humans don't matter to me in the least. Come on in!"

3/24/2008 11:11:31 AM

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