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My point is that the vast majority of cripples use their crippled status to gain an advantage over everyone else (Example: Casey Martin). That is why I distrust cripples in general. It isn't that a cripple couldn't earn my trust; it would just be more difficult for him than an able bodied individual.

Sambo83, BlizzForums 27 Comments [4/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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are you a Nazi guy or think that God is a stupid man from Idaho or Minesota or corn cow and nothing else like you?

8/14/2006 7:04:52 PM

David D.G.

Regarding Casey Martin: No, that's not an example of gaining an advantage over anybody; it's an example of compensating for a disability and getting equality with his fellow players -- leveling the playing field, to mix a metaphor from a different sport into a golf setting. It's not like he requested using a different equipment for actually PLAYING the sport, such as anything to help him shoot straighter or farther; he just needed help to get from one hole to the next without exhausting himself. That's just transportation, dude. As for finding that worthy of distrusting all disabled people, all I can say is that is quite a ludicrously hostile overreaction.

Oh, and for the record, the term \"cripple,\" while not technically incorrect, has been considered tacky and offensive for at least 50 years now. However, even my paraplegic late companion thought the term \"differently abled\" was a bit of an overreach for political correctness; settle for \"disabled,\" or even just come up to \"handicapped,\" and we'll call it square on that point.

~David D.G.

8/14/2006 7:57:51 PM


You're a horrible person.

3/25/2007 1:47:33 PM


You're blaming the handicapped because you suck at golf?

3/25/2007 3:00:08 PM


I can't help but wonder how Sambo83 feels about people with mental handicaps.

3/25/2007 3:18:02 PM

Matty The Red

Fuck You

3/25/2007 3:21:45 PM


Lucky, lucky disabled people! Getting all the advantages over people who can WALK!
What a dick.

3/26/2007 8:17:29 PM


Fuck you and the horse you rode in on you prick! I wouldn't normally wish quadrapelegia on anybody, but in this case....may you become a quadrapelegic.

3/26/2007 8:21:21 PM


form: Crippletron!
(see this week's Family Guy)

3/26/2007 8:50:29 PM


This guy truly is one chromosome away from being pond scum.

4/17/2007 3:50:37 AM

Mr Blur

If you ever come near me, I'll run over you in my fucking wheelchair.

I'm only physically crippled, whereas you are emotionally crippled.

3/9/2008 8:46:37 AM


Dr. Gregory House would like to have a word with you.

3/9/2008 10:12:26 AM


I think his use of the ugly word "crippled" already says a lot about him. He's probably an underachiever in all his fields of endeavour and couldn't even compete with someone "disabled" in some way.

3/9/2008 10:33:42 AM

Philbert McAdamia

Damn, talk about kicking a guy when he's down . . . yeah, those crips and gimps - taking advantage of all us normies, huh. Look at that big faker Steven Hawking - even gave him (prolly them Libruls, ugh) cool little gizmo to ride around on, shit, it even does all his TALKING for him the lazy bastard.
Sambo, betcha don't hate reetards this much 'cause ya ARE one.

3/9/2008 12:13:46 PM


Another fat American who can't get funding for a motorized chair?

3/9/2008 3:01:40 PM


"It isn't that a cripple couldn't earn my trust; it would just be more difficult for him than an able bodied individual."
Oh, so for you his/her physical impotence is not bad enough, so you'll just give them another handicap?

3/30/2008 10:43:37 PM

I guess Jesus was quite the sucker then, healing a handicapped man when it was just so obvious that the guy was faking it.

To slander those who are already disabled requires a special degree of callousness and indecency. Congratulations, you have reached a new low for humanity.

3/30/2008 11:58:12 PM

God Is Real Unless Declared Integer

Fundie, maybe not. Asshole? Definitely!

7/19/2008 10:12:48 PM

Dr. Shrinker

Yeah, heaven knows Jesus wouldn't have had anything to do with "cripples."

12/1/2008 8:16:01 PM


"Cripple"? who the hell says "cripple" anymore?

Also, I hope you get hit by a car and spend the rest of your pathetic life in a wheelchair. That would be ever so karmic.

12/1/2008 8:22:34 PM


This is why I distrust bigoted shitheads in general.

12/1/2008 8:28:37 PM


An awful human being, but, where is the fundie?

12/1/2008 8:39:47 PM


wow.. one of my famous quotes.. who runs this site anyhow? :)

First, I'd like to say that I'm no longer a "fundie." I've seen the light, and am now mostly atheist (I still wonder if some god being etc may have created the universe and life to begin with, but I don't accept the Christian god.) I believe that indoctrinating a child into a religion is child abuse, and my new crusade is fighting for racial equality. The negro (and to a lesser extent: mexican) oppression of white Americans is out of control. Now on to the point by point. :)

David D.G.: Cripples don't get special rules so they can compete in sports. An athletic event requires athletic ability. If the PGA changed the rules to allow all golfers to have a golf cart, I'd have no problem with it. Unfortunately, as the PGA well knows, if that many golfers all used a golf cart, it would damage the course which would be unfair to everyone.

Also, thank you for your advice on how to use the English language. Believe me, it is much appreciated, and after careful consideration, I decided that I still prefer the term "cripple."

Sanechick: Thanks for asking! I believe that a mother who allows a mentally handicapped baby to be born should bear the full financial responsibility for keeping it out of society's way. For those mental handicaps that don't surface until adulthood, such as homosexuality, I believe science should pursue a treatment; we should treat gaylords compassionately, but no one should try to pretend that their disease is normal.

Parallax: lol, sorry but fictional characters don't frighten me.

Thanks for playing.

12/15/2008 11:56:42 AM

Big Fat Mojo


12/15/2008 12:47:13 PM

Kevin Klaw


Hey, don't bad-mouth Minnesota! We're tolerand and liberal up here!

Or, if you must, at least have the brain function to spell the state's name correctly.

4/17/2009 2:28:53 PM

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