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CASE: A son or daughter either curses or strikes his father or his mother.

VERDICT: The son or daughter should be put to death. (Leviticus 20:9).

Robert T Lee, Ten Commandments.org: Justice Watch 47 Comments [6/9/2007 6:33:13 PM]
Fundie Index: 12

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It's Robert T Lee. His verdict is useless anyway. Ignore.

6/9/2007 6:35:08 PM

Old Viking

Robert is competing for the title "Fundy Father of the Year."

6/9/2007 6:43:27 PM


Fortunately, we have better, non-religious courts that settle cases like this.

6/9/2007 6:44:54 PM


I actually like this guy. He's very consistent in applying OT law.

6/9/2007 6:45:06 PM

Anonymous Coward

Ewww, using Java to display ugly scrolling text...

6/9/2007 7:08:32 PM


In Robert Lee's perect world everyone's dead except for him.

6/9/2007 7:11:56 PM


Robbie, the world population would quickly drop to zero. Everyone at some point in their childhood has "cursed" one of his parents.

6/9/2007 7:25:26 PM


You call that justice?

6/9/2007 7:28:01 PM


Papabear, please don't call him that.

6/9/2007 7:33:17 PM


Robert T[he Pharisee] Lee,

Leviticus ain't Christian, dingledorf!

6/9/2007 7:35:14 PM

The Watcher

Another good reason to ignore the Bible.

6/9/2007 8:22:16 PM


Robbie -- From now on I shall refer to him only as Shithead.

6/9/2007 8:23:28 PM


From his Registry:


Comments: Do you actually think that YOU would be allowed to live in the theocracy that you wish to create? I suggest you visit Afganistan before you advocate a government based on religion. I sincerly doubt that you would have the guts to face the carnage of genocide or civil war that would result from theocracy. In short, I would be VERY careful for what you wish for... You may be horribly suprised by what you recieve. ]

His response:

Robert T. Lee's RESPONSE: Yes, I am prepared to face the carnage of DEATH WORTHY criminals.

6/9/2007 8:31:26 PM


Old Viking: More like Sick Fuck of the Year. Which reminds me, can we nominate this guy for 'Evil Motherfucker of the Month'?

Praetyre: Good point, at least he isn't picking and choosing who to condemn, which is something many Fundies don't often do.

Robert, sweetie, did you know that Jesus was basically against stoning people? (John 8: The Woman Caught In Adultery) Read your own damn Bible, you psychotic dipshit.

6/9/2007 9:03:33 PM

whatever happened to "sticks and stones?"

6/9/2007 10:22:24 PM


#266446: I don't know. "Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will make me use them"?

6/10/2007 2:09:32 AM


Damn, I would have died like 1,000,000 times when I were 15 B<

6/10/2007 5:29:33 AM

Doctor Whom

Good point, Praetyre. The typical response from fundies, if they're aware of that verse at all, is to say in effect that if it isn't about homosexuality, then it must be "an old ceremonial law" that "was nailed to the Cross."

6/10/2007 9:13:44 AM


CASE: A man works on the Sabbath.

VERDICT: The man should be taken outside the town and stoned to death. (Num. 15:32-36)

6/10/2007 11:18:34 AM


I hope Robert's house catches fire on a sunday! Firefighters would be working on the Sabbath then!

6/10/2007 1:24:41 PM

Of course, you never heard of proportional sentence or you bother to define curse or striking. Moreover, you have no provision in case the parent is the abuser.

6/10/2007 3:45:21 PM


So, how many times have you said "Jesus" out loud?

6/10/2007 4:59:29 PM


Your bible also demands stoning anyone who does anything that could even remotely considered 'work' on the Sabbath (like picking up sticks).

So, Robert... have you ever made a sandwich on Sunday? If so, well, go stand under a landslide. God's rules, you know.

6/11/2007 11:11:21 AM

It's funny, because this guy does not precisely a comprehensive reading. In other statement, he envisions the case of adultery and sentences that if a married woman has sex with a man who is not her husband and a man has sex with a woman who is not her wife, they should be put to death. Of course, he forgets two little details:
a)at the time the ten commandments were written, adultery was only committed by the married woman. Married men hadn't to worry as long as the other woman was not married(prostitution plays a prominent role in the Bible).
b)Jesus forgave an adultress who was going to be stoned, so barring that type of punishment.
Read better your Bible and acquire some literacy skills, for that matter(the two may be interconnected)

6/11/2007 2:38:21 PM


God must not have known very much about teenagers when he made that rule.

6/11/2007 9:02:02 PM

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