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JFL all the copers saying they’d rather be born rich than attractive. Being attractive is far superior in every single way. If you are an ugly but rich motherfucker, sure you will have foids all over your dick but your subconscious knows that they only want you for your money, and it will be difficult to find true happiness in a relationship. However, a lower class but highly attractive person will easily be able to become wealthy, through modeling, acting, business, etc., while maintaining the benefits of having foids loving you for who you are. At least that’s my take in the matter.

JudenPeterstein69, r/Braincels 2 Comments [4/15/2019 8:17:09 AM]
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Pharaoh Bastethotep

Is that name supposed to be a "clever" antisemitic play on Jordan Peterson, who apparently is not pseudoscientific enough for him? Preposterous! Everyone knows that Jordan Peterson is actually a disguised lobster!

4/15/2019 12:54:55 PM

Just Along For The Ride

So you long for a woman to love you for who you are, but you call us all foids. Somehow I don't think money or looks are your problem.

4/15/2019 11:56:08 PM

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