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Compared to white girls, and especially black girls, other than IQ, I think Chinese girls benefit from delayed puberty AND strict parents.

I had white friends and classmates who were super "boy crazy" in highschool, whereas for me, the feelings didn't arrive till college, I have various cousins of both genders that didn't date till they were in college, or afterwards!

So..while it might be feasible for East Asian girls to study hard, graduate early, and start her career before marriage and kids...for white girls who get boy crazy so soon, rather than fight nature*, it might actually be better to support the white girls in finding a husband (parents, don't even let losers meet her), starting a family (teach her home economics, budgeting, investing in stocks), AND THEN the career begins when their kids are in school.

Especially since white women and white people in general like to "follow their dream" versus studying and working what their parents tell them - that kind of stuff takes more time. So it makes more sense for white girl to marry a white boy straight out of highschool while he starts working right away, trades, etc, then figure out a lifelong career that requires a huge time and money commitment.

* nature: "Age at menopause was later among Japanese-American women than among women of other racial or ethnic groups analyzed in the SWAN sample"


It's All So Tiresome, American Renaissance 4 Comments [4/14/2019 6:32:27 AM]
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You make it sound like Asians aren't people, or something.
Trust me, we've all had 'feelings' at some point...

But the more important thing is that you need to be responsible.

4/14/2019 3:42:50 PM


I have various cousins of both genders that didn't date till they were in college, or afterwards!

I love how she is saying this in comparison to her white friends starting to date in high school. Since this was posted on AmRen, the all-white audience on that site is apparently supposed to be shocked by the prospect of somebody starting to date so "late", because apparently white people are supposed to be sex maniacs or something? I know all nations and ethnicities have stereotypes of others and we should be appalled at all of them equally, but it's just hilarious when somebody is stereotyping my group with something I never imagined I'd hear.

Maybe it's just my everyday, multi-hour lurking of incel forums starting to get at me, but I can't shake the feeling that it would be hilarious to see this woman try to debate one of them. A person who believes white people are above-average sexual and start early as a rule vs a white guy who's never gonna get any? Fucking LOL.

4/14/2019 4:55:56 PM


Well, at least it proves that incels and white supremacists are quite connected.

Most people I know about my age aren't interested in that sort of thing. They want to make their life better. If there is something they're interested in, it's money.

4/14/2019 8:36:08 PM


Spoken like someone who has no sense of the economics of living on your own,nevermind raising a family.

4/15/2019 7:52:56 AM

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