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Slut Privilege: Stupid Bitch Gets Probation for Triple Manslaughter

A completely different set of laws exists for women. This is just the reality. They have all of the benefits of being a man, but none of the responsibilities.

They can just kill people, and literally nothing happens to them.


Zoe Reardon, 19, will serve three years’ probation and 240 hours of community service for killing three pedestrians with her vehicle in 2017.

Kaitlin Hunt, 28, her daughter 3-month-old Riley Hunt, and 61-year-old family friend Kathy Deming died after being hit by Reardon’s jeep on September 9, 2017. The baby died that day, while both of the women survived just a matter of days longer before they too perished.

Reardon’s defense claims it was not a case of distracted driving, with Reardon herself insisting she never saw the group crossing the road in front of her. The victims’ families, however, refuse to accept that answer. “It’s ridiculous to say they walked out in front of you. That didn’t happen, and you know it didn’t happen,” said Deming’s widower Mike during his impact statement.

And while the defense pushed for the most severe possible punishment, Reardon will be allowed to continue as a student in Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and Judge Alan Jordan will allow her to check in with a Texas probation officer during her time there.

“You’re pretty young,” Jordan said to Reardon during sentencing. “You’ve got a lifetime ahead of you. I expect this is something you’re going to have a hard time dealing with the rest of your life.”

It’s just unbelievable, the way we let these whores just do absolutely whatever they want, and never suffer any consequences whatsoever.

You know they get away with most things, but then you think “okay, this bitch killed three people including a baby, they’re going to have to do something to her.”

But nope.

The same group that is believed, no matter what they say, if they accuse you of anything, is 100% above the law, and is allowed to do whatever they want, including just killing people on the street at random.

The Jews have turned women into a type of super-class that is completely untouchable. And all they do – the single thing that they do – is destroy.

No one can point to any one benefit that “liberating” women has brought society. Not one. Nothing, at all. Every aspect of this program has been entirely negative.

But every single day, we are told we need more of it – which just means “even less consequences.”

There are feminists out there thinking “why should she have to have probation? This is pure sexism, suggesting that she deserves to have any form of responsibility for her behavior whatsoever – even if it is merely symbolic.”

Women must be beaten, they must be raped and they must be locked in cages.

We don’t have any other choice.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 6 Comments [3/14/2019 5:31:09 PM]
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He has one tiny good point: This is far, far too light a sentence.

Otherwise, this is a batshit evil rant.

3/14/2019 10:59:57 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Nazicels must be beaten, they must be castrated and they must be locked in cages.


Of course, that line is rather telling. If you simply believed that women are a threat that must contained, just putting them in cages would be enough; no beatings or rape necessary. But no, you are an evil sadistic psychopath who actively hates women; you don't want to keep them from doing harm, you want to hurt them.

3/15/2019 4:14:20 AM

Doubting Thomas

Um, killing someone in a traffic accident is a far cry from murdering someone. The fact that it was a traffic accident is the reason she got such a light sentence, not because she set out to deliberately kill someone. While I agree that the sentence is too lenient, it's just a common trend of fatal vehicle/pedestrian and vehicle/bicycle accidents, from what I've been reading on the cycling forum I frequent. The sentences tend to all be fairly light, regardless of the gender of the driver.

3/15/2019 6:46:41 AM


Can you quote these imaginary feminists, thinking she shouldn't even get probation, because she's a female?

Can you quote the place where the judge says she gets this sentence based on HER GENDER, not any other consideration?

Can you point to a court case where a 19 year old male in the exact same situation, with the same judge, got a drastically different sentence?

I mean, really, is the bigotry in the system or is it all in you? The bit about how this justifies beating and raping all women makes me suspect it's not the court system...

3/15/2019 9:10:51 AM


Being on the run from a court case must be getting to you, Andy 'Jailbat Lover' Anglin.

The colour of the particular jailbait you love is why so many of your own ilk want to get at you: with their SS daggers.

There are some things in life one simply can't get away with. Then there's the rest of humanity who would never think of doing such things in the first place.

3/15/2019 4:05:19 PM


"Da j00z did it"... So that totally wretched Nazi Creature actually cries about "pure sexism" (muh "misandry" lols) while pronouncing "beating and rape" for women. Hope this miserable creature will be locked up behind bars for its mass of hate-speech and possible involvements on various hate-driven incidences 4 good.

"Nazicels must be beaten, they must be castrated and they must be locked in cages. "

hah I think, that creature doesn't even deserve that pleasurable act of femme fatal-ish sadist act of love! >;) Just throw it behind bars and lock it up, Creature hasn't done anything useful for society than being a lying far-right terrorism enabling nutjob. It's a classic case of toxic masculine psychopathy.

It's time to throw the masculine genderrole into the trash.

3/15/2019 8:11:57 PM

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