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Stop Funding Hate: Great to see that Center Parcs is now trending in the UK! Unsurprisingly, the trolls are now out in force with all the abuse & venom we've come to expect - but let's keep it polite & friendly and set a different tone by refusing to respond in kind! #LoveNotHate

Martin Yirrell: Homosexuality isn't about love, it's about lust.

Nathan: What are you basing that on?

Martin Yirrell: Love never causes another to sin, homosexual activity is sin, thus homosexual activity is only about lust.

Martin Yirrell, Twitter 11 Comments [3/14/2019 5:30:27 PM]
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There's no point in arguing with someone that is this far gone.

3/14/2019 6:25:58 PM


So you work backwards to get the result you want? Self-serving twaddle, aka a lie. But that's pretty much the usual way Christians work the system. They'd hate to be bothered with facts.

3/14/2019 7:07:00 PM


Centre Parcs? Butlins has annual 'Spring Harvest' conventions for Christians: at the behest of the late Sir Billy Butlin, who was a devout Church of England Christian.

But unlike you Fartin, Sir Billy is still loved: because he fostered the same attitude in his holiday camps: staff and visitors alike.

There have been Redcoats - those who generated that atmosphere of Love for the holidaymakers there - who became famous celebrities who were gay after all.

3/14/2019 11:18:21 PM


By the way, love CAN cause someone to sin (and even in the bible it does so a few times). So even from such a skewed religious view your argument is illogical. Once again a fundie who would be more honest if he just said "Because I said so!" and who goes on to redefine words to suit his needs.

Oh and homosexuality has the same relationship to love as heterosexuality does. I know that from personal experience.

3/14/2019 11:24:09 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

If I were an idiot, I'd say all the fundies and sexists who believe that there's no point to marriage if the wife has the right to say no indicate that's actually us heteros who are all about lust, not love.
Fortunately, I am not an idiot.

3/15/2019 1:19:03 AM


Martin Yirrell: "Love never causes another to sin, homosexual activity is sin, thus homosexual activity is only about lust."

Someone Else: "Why is homosexual activity sin?"

MY: "Because God says it is!"

SE: "What is He basing that on?"

MY: "HE doesn't have to explain himself to us!! He lays down His Law, we obey His Law! End. Of. Story!"

3/15/2019 3:32:56 AM

Happy Atheist

He argues it is a sin because it causes lust, not love.

He argues it causes lust, not love because it is a sin.

And the snake continues to eat its own tail.

3/15/2019 3:51:52 AM

Christianity causes retarded behavior, thus Christianity is only about being retarded.

3/15/2019 5:29:09 AM

Doubting Thomas

Martin Yirrell: Love never causes another to sin

What about all those heterosexual couples who have premarital sex?

3/15/2019 6:00:07 AM


What about falling in love with someone besides your wife? Pretty sure adultery is a sin.

What about loving another God more than JC? Pretty sure the Bible calls that one idolatry.

How about falling in love with a bunch of women; marrying them all; and then bringing their Gods into the Temple? Preeeety sure that's why God got pissed at Solomon.

Ooh, ooh, what about seeing a woman, DEMANDING that her people marry her to you; then going on a killing spree when they try to marry you to someone else? Wait, that one is totally ok?

My point is, the bible is all about people doing awful things for love. So this argument is complete bullshit even from a Biblical perspective.

3/15/2019 3:34:16 PM


@LoveHurts: If you look at Martin Yirrell's other qoutes, or his qoutes as "Martin" under Premier or Archbishop Cranmer, you will see not only does Martin have a deliberately dishonest view of what the Bible actually says, his view of love is alien to the very concept.

Sociopath's have a better understanding of love than he does.

Point is, pointing such things out to Martin to his face is a moot effort. You have a better chance giving Chris Chan genuine mental health and social advice.

3/15/2019 4:59:20 PM

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