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Foids can't be incel

JFL femcels is not a thing. CEL STANDS FOR CELIBATE. Fucking celibate. Name yourself something else you losers

That's what I have thought. Why don't they create a new term for themselves? Or I thought that, until someone reminded me "Men are the inventors, women are the leeches."

They literally cuda just made a sub for single women with single women "problems" instead of hijacking what the incels have created, whilst not even being fucking CELIBATE AND truly ALONE

Women are stupid & retarded and only know how to leech off popularity of other people & groups. They will always try to take the attention in towards themselves and until a bigger group comes with a worse name they will call themselves femcels.

"I have met plenty of men that get between 5-50 matches. I have 2600 matches. I don't know if this is embarrassingly low." Hahaha! I never realized foids were this stupid until I found this sub!

And she’ll deny men have it harder in dating

A handicapped, disease ridden, drooling, mentally degraded dog looks less stupid compared to these femcels

She just skips over that, even if her 90% thing is legit, that leaves ALMOST THREE HUNDRED POTENTIAL PARTNERS. And that's an ugly girl.

Women literally, unironically, without exaggeration, CANNOT comprehend male loneliness

they can have shit like hundreds of tinder matches, talking to dozens of guys, and they STILL won't count it because of this or that reason

Female rationalization is MIND BOGGLING

Complain 90% of men on dating apps only want sex, while only wanting the most attractive men themselves and would cheat on their life partner for Chad at the drop of a hat.

Also she's fucking stupid as tinder was only ever intended to be a hookup app, it's just idiots like her treating it as a dating platform because they flock like sheep to whatever the popular thing is and try and twist into something that works for them.

A bit like how on every other MMO one time people developed the catchphrase "Go back to World of Warcraft", because they'd just want the same thing, but different.

There may not have even been any point to her post, it might just be her humble bragging about her matches.

2591 matches. That doesnt even include the guys she swiped left on, who swiped right on her. JFL. Meanwhile, the only time i ever get matches on tinder is if i change preferences to men.

This is not even funny anymore. I want her to fucking die.

Various incels, r/Braincels 3 Comments [3/13/2019 4:56:38 PM]
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3/14/2019 3:01:22 AM

So her specifically mentioning that she has absolutely no interest in just being a "pump and dump" booty call doesn't clue you in? Nor her awareness that men like you swipe right on anything with a vagina saying you'll stick your dick in it (pulse sometimes optional) with absolutely no other concerns because you'll figure out personality later, if at all? You don't think that will skew the numbers a bit? And within that remaining 10% whose to say those men are anywhere in her area or don't have something in their profiles that just scream "serial killer" in the subtext?

Instead you automatically assume she wasn't doing the exact same thing, swiping right on every man, and just accuse her of being "picky" something you all take offense to when it's an accusation leveled against you... or somehow twist observations that don't remotely mean that into being "picky" because frankly you don't have any real grasp on what words mean.

Overall rather than being "a slut riding the cock carousel" as you're always ranting about these women are planning to sleep with exactly one person in their lifetimes. The thing you jackasses want, but don't seem to register the fear of being used for sex then just left in a ditch somewhere which makes her used goods in your eyes. Hell, they're that without having sex. You're even more fucking unpleasable than you want to make them out to be.

3/14/2019 2:04:24 PM

Doubting Thomas

I think it's about time we lock incels and femcels in a room together and either let them fight it out to the last person standing or have a great big orgy. Either way, society wins.

3/15/2019 6:50:56 AM

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